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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 1, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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google employees walk out en masse - protesting the compan right now at 11:00, google employees walking out en masse protesting the company's protection of a former executive accused of sexual misconduct. workers in london hand new york have already left their desk and within minutes we're expecting a large walkout here in the bay area. live pictures from nbc bay area sky ranger overhead. you're already seeing people walking out of google's doors. good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. nbc bay area's bob riddell is live at google headquarters are
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there. >> reporter: employees that organize these walkouts plan them to take place at 11:10 local time at their offices throughout the world, including here at mountianview and in sunnyvale and san bruno and san francisco should be leaving their cubes within the next ten minutes. the workers are protesting what they called the culture of complicity and dismissiveness and support for perpetrator accused of sexual harassment and abuse here at google. this comes after a "new york times" report last week that accuses the search engine giant of not only not firing a top executive accused of sexual misconduct but paying him a $90 million exit package and praising him on the way out. protesters are demanding that google do five things to change their ways here at the company. they want the company to commit to end inequity in pay and
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opportunity. they want google to disclose to the public the number of harassment claims here at the company, how many victims and accused people have left and what their packages were. they want to improve the process for reporting sexual misconduct, and finally they would like to elevate the chief diversity officer to report directly to the ceo and that also would allow the ceo to make recommendations directly to the board of directors. looking back out here live, we do see a number of employees out here on the quad. it's not clear though if these are employees getting ready to participate in the walkout or going to and from their offices or taking an early lunch. they are planning the walkouts to take place at 11:10. bob reddell, nbc bay area news. >> this is really happening all over the globe. >> this is unique for tech and for corporate america as all,
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that we're not going to take it in this me, too movement and all these people walking out. so we have video from all over of these visible protests. let's start in england. this was in london. this happened at 11:10 uk time, so as bob mentioned this will happen all over the world as it becomes 11:10 a.m. over to ireland where dub lick is the european headquarters. each walkout taking place at 11:10. new york city happened a bit early our time and overflowing the local park there. the ceo approves of this demonstration, and as bob mentioned this started after a "new york times" article revealed the inventor of android, andy rubin, had been dismissed from google but given a huge payout. rubin denies any misconduct. he was up of a number of people who were dismissed or resigned who but again got big bonuses or exit packages. now, those lists that bob was
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talking about, that list of demands, my understanding with the people i've talked to high up at google, that last one that the chief diversity officer will report directly to the ceo could happen as soon as today, and they are certainly examining the other ones. >> you know what's interesting though is look at the crowd of people walking out. it's not just women. it's not men. there's a lot of diversity within the group itself, and i think that says a lot. it's fantastic. like we said, it's just a very unique demonstration of something that silicon valley has started to come to grips with. >> rilgtght, exactly. we'll continue to follow this developing story as well and bring you another live report when the walkout does happen. you can also download our nbc bay area app to get alert on your smartphone. >> right here, dramatic scene of the streets of san jose. side shows taking over roads and crowds gathering and noise filling otherwise quiet streets.
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now this is at this road and i-880. san jose police as well as santa clara county heard chatter that the drivers were going to flood san jose and shut down the freeways. chp managed to keep the freeways open and drivers took to the city streets instead. over on highway 87 a crash there. santa clara sheriff's deputies caught up with a suspected show driver who was trying to flee. that driver was arrested. and at oakland road and highway 101 another arrest. san jose police directed officers and those deputies on the street as they spotted the activity from helicopters above. the communities around the bay area really are battling these side shows. you may recall just a few weeks ago we actually showed you these right here, large ceramic discs that contra costa county will use to narrow some of the troubled intersections. well, it was a nice night
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for halloween trick-or-treaters. maybe not the side shows out there, and you know, what the nice weather will continue as we take a live look outside from san francisco. this is our camera on top of sutro tower giving you a beautiful look at the bay. so it's the first day of november, but it's not feeling it, at least that fall feeling in the air. temperatures for the start of november for us are actually pretty warm. >> very warm for the bay area, and it's already starting to warm up in some spots. look at san francisco at 67 degrees, and we're at 73 in san jose, and livermore right now is 76 degrees. so as we get a live look outside in san jose, you can see that filtered sunshine and still some very warm weather. as we head over to willow glen, we're going to be in the upper 70s so what's normal? 69 degrees. we're already well above that right now and we're going to have some warm weather as we head into the west of the
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reasoning -- into the rest of the evening. 76 and 70 in san francisco. more on the weather coming up in the full forecast. >> well, a developing story to tell you about as the city and community start to heal the alleged pittsburgh synagogue shooter entered a plea of not guilty. robert bowers showing no sign of emotion as he read each of the 44 charges read against him. nbc's ron mo nbc's ron mott is outside the courthouse. >> reporter: robert bowers pled not guilty after being indicted wednesday on 44 counts, including 11 counts for murder, murder charges that could result in the death penalty, and when asked if he understand that death could be the result upon a possible conviction he answered yes. now, prosecutors have sought the death penalty against the 46-year-old bowers. that final decision will come from attorney general jeff session.
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bowers has been described by neighbors as quiet and unremarkable but online federal authorities allege he was far more vocal and angry, reportedly posting anti-semitic messages and other hate speech including a passage shortly before the saturday massacre that said i'm going in. searches of his vehicle and apartment were conducted and he used an assault rifle and three handguns in the shooting. funerals continue today and tomorrow for victims who ranged in age from 54 to 97. bowers also faces charges here in the commonwealth, a multitude of charges, i should say. the state has decided to postpone its prosecution until the federal case ends which could be ears if the death penalty is sought. ron mott, nbc news, pittsburgh. the 49ers will host the raiders tonight in the battle of the bay. given the intense rivalry among fans and problems in the past, both police and 49ers organizations sending a message to all fans just don't do it.
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santa clara police will deploy extra officers, including undercover officers. they don't want fights in the stands. levi stadium outfitted with 800 surveillance cameras so police can monitor any problems. >> if you're there to cause trouble, you'll never know where there's a police officer nearby that's watching your actions and ready to take action. >> reporter: usually a handful of bad actors that cause, you know, problems for everybody, but we're looking for you, and we'll be prepared for you if you're going to be one of those folks, but we would really prefer you just come in and have a good time and make good choices. >> police are not allowing anyone to wear masks such as darth vader that you commonly see in the black hole rooting section. even though the game is sold out, tickets are still available through resale websites. within the last hour we found tickets for about $100 on stubhub. well, as cigarette smoking continues to decline the new trend of ecigarettes is growing with young americans. we've done plenty of reporting on this. one of the most popular e cig
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brands is juul. cynthia mcfadden look in their long-term impact. >> we've fully acknowledged they are using this product, and it's not acceptable. >> reporter: isn't it irresponsible to put a product out there for adults or anybody else to purchase if you don't know the long-term effects? >> i think the context is critically important. >> reporter: and all i'm asking you is whether you have a product that you can tell me 30 years from now won't be killing people from something else. >> there's growing scientific evidence that there's less intoxicants from e-rig sets than regular cigarettes. >> live pictures from sky ranger there over google headquarters in mountianview as the staged walkiot was set to take place any moment now. now a lot of the workers there in google are planning to walk
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out. this is against top executives who received payouts there, large payouts, that we've already seen walkouts in london and new york and then here right now in mountianview. a lot of employees set to walk out. we're seeing a diverse group of employees that are standing together against a lot of the pop executives receiving payouts as they were faced with accusations of sexual assault. bob reddell will have more coming up at 11:30. >> coming up, a halloween scare. three kids shot in south bay. where they were that has a lot of parents worried. and a brand-new plane drops out of the sky. investigators are baffled. clues investigators found off the coast of indonesia that will hopefully help solve the mystery. you could save energy
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by living off the grid.
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the walkouts have started. this is nbc sky ranger overhead on its way back to google headquarters this morning. this are planned walkouts happening across the world. we've already seen them overseas in london's google headquarters there. what they are doing is there are employees that are protesting a payout of some top google executives who are believed to be paid out after sexual misconduct allegations. we'll continue to monitor this and will have a live report from the scene later this morning. in our top stories, a search for a gunman who shot and injured three young people in south san jose. it the happened about 10:00 last night outside san jose's seven trees community center. juveniles were hanging out when someone walked up, fired and took off. non-suffered life-threatening injuries, and right now police do not think the shooting is gang-related, but it's still under investigation. homeless living in rvs, parking on city streets, it is certainly a growing problem across the bay area. happening today, oakland launching a new state parking
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program to try to curb the issue. the city council is planning on spending $8.6 million to create four new parking areas that will provide social services in a new location. the money will help build three new tough shed cabin facilities. pg&e says there's no plan to reimburse customers for recent power outages. the utilities purposefully shut power out due to extreme fire danger. that move, however, affected some 60,000 customers, and in some cases power only returned three days later. pg&e turned in a new report to regulators saying nearly 150 customers demanded reimbursement. that was mostly for spoiled food. a developing story. the crashed jet airliner was recovered from the java sea today and that's crucial to determine what caused the plane
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to plunge into the sea earlier this week killing all 189 people on board. bill neely reports. >> reporter: deep underwater amid aircraft debris divers make a crucial breakthrough. surfacing with the flight data recorder, a key to this deadly mystery. right now they are searching for the second black box, the cockpit voice recorder. onshore officials from the u.s. and from the plane-maker boeing inspect debris looking for answers. for families it's a deeply personal search, among the bags and shoes, some of them children's shoes, for clues to how their loved ones died. one missing passenger sent this haunting video to his wife as he and others walked the jetway, climbing the aircraft's steps and his boarding pass for seat 24b. search teams now believe they have found the fuselage. sonar detecting 100 feet down on the seabed an object 72 feet
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long. underwater microphones hearing the pings from the flight recorders. from these, investigators can work out why a brand-new plane suddenly plunged, crashing 13 minutes after takeoff. dozens of body bags have already been brought ashore. the airline's technical directors have been fired. the big question is was it preventable mechanical failure and the reason why everyone on board died. >> the first few months of any new plane's life was among most vulnerable. this one was only delivered in august, but it will take another few months before the data from that flight recorder can yield those critical answers. bill neely, nbc news, london. >> and there you have it, the opening bell at the new york stock exchange where stocks actually traded higher today to start off november offer comments from president trump indicating potential progress in
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the u.s.-china trade relations of the right now the dow is up 180 points. happening today, can you start catching non-stop flight from silicon valley to carlsbad in san diego county. a california pacific airlines will start offering that service out of mineta san jose international airport. flights can vary there. now you can actually find some tickets. i know we looked on them and found some for $99 each way. can you bring two checked bags and a small carry on for free. halloween is over but it's so much fun to take a look back. check out these photos sent to us on social media. to see all the photos head to our website. look at that firefighter. what a cutie. >> is where you'll find a lot of them. a lot of people sent me photos so i appreciate it. it's fun. >> it is cool. >> a lot of parents and kids talking about they really
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enjoyed the weather they had yesterday. >> it was so warm. >> nice to be out and enjoy. >> wasn't the year to dress like a big brown bear or something. >> right. >> you didn't need all of that, and then we're still going to have very warm weather as we head into the rest of the day. maybe even make it a beach day. yes, this is november 1st, and we're talking about upper 60s, that's ocean beach. here's a look at downtown san jose right now with all of that sunshine and our temperatures going up. we're at 73 degrees right now in san jose and 71 in fairfield and upper 60s for oakland and san francisco. look at that, half moon bay is 77 degrees. really starting to warm up. when you compare that to where we were yesterday at this time, the coastal areas are warming up the most, so maybe that's what you would like to do today especially if you have the day off. it will be a nice day there. now, as you make your way out the door for the afternoon, on your way to diridon station in
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sap jose, in the mid-70s and eventually peaking in the low 80s today and santa cruz looking nice throughout the afternoon. does cool off quickly. we'll be in the upper 60s and heading to the south bay. a look at our highs for this afternoon. 79 degrees will be the high in cupertino and livermore is 82 degrees. in the low 80s in palo alto and looking at some low 730s in daly city. the mission district is reaching 73 degrees and some mid-80s for napa today. then if you're going to the raiders and 49ers game at levi stadium it's going to be nice. you can wear your football jersey and not have to put a jacket on top of it. it will be in the upper 70s, cooling down to the lower 70s by the end of the game. we do have a large area of high pressure that's steering the rain and even a lot of those thicker clouds farther north. now, we're still getting many so
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of the higher level clouds moving into the bay area giving us filtered sunshine and then we have an onshore flow and through the month of november it looks like we're staying warm. i'm looking in the computer models for the next three weeks. well above normal temperatures and below average rain and that's exactly what we're seeing and as we go through the next several days we're looking at highs in the upper 70s and lower 80s. now, we'll talk more about that and what's ahead is coming up in the next microclimate forecast. marcus and laura. >> thanks, kari. we return to nbc bay area sky ranger live at google headquarters this morning where you see the mass of employees walking out at google headquarters. >> yeah. this is something that we've been waiting for them to actually take part in that walkout. we've already seen the walkouts happen in london hand new york, and many of them are walking out because they are walking out against many of those top executives receiving big payouts
11:22 am
after allegations of sexual assault. hundreds of thousands of employees standing together of diverse backgrounds waiting to participate in the protest. >> not only women walking out but men walking out as well. it's over the sexual misconduct allegations and, you know, kind of the golden parachute payouts for some of their top executives. we'll continue to monitor this. bob reddell is there on the ground as well and we'll join him for a live coming up within this newscast. right now we're just five days away until election day. the race for governor certainly tightening up. a look at certain polls and a look at how proposition 1 is doing. >> thousands traveling in the caravan are getting closer to the u.s.-mexico border that. group is still about 900 miles away. president trump is preparing to send between 10,000 and 15,000 u.s. troops to the border. he's set to speak on that issue
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at 1:15 this afternoon. nbc will air that special report. dramatic new video showing a failed russian rocket launch. that will happened earlier this month. the rocket was taking the crew to the international space station until it malfunctioned 90 seconds into the launch forcing the crew to abort. more news after the break.
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here are the facts.leading attacks against prop c. the city's chief economist says prop c will "reduce homelessness" by creating affordable housing, expanding mental-health services, and providing clean restrooms and safe shelters with independent oversight, open books, and strict accountability measures to make sure every penny goes to solving our homeless crisis. vote yes on c. endorsed by the democratic party, nancy pelosi, and dianne feinstein.
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check out this video he shared... he writes quote ...pitching a
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home video to bob saget. nbc's bob reddell throwing it back this thursday. this is video he shared pitching a home video to bob saget. watch the full video bobnbc. he's quite the card, that one. >> the candidates in the governor's race are making a final push for your vote as many people start heading to the poll early. republican john cox is making several stops including one in vallejo. this is something that we've been following. democrat gavin newsom's team is working on a virtual text bank there, and this morning an all new and final cal poll ahead of the election showers nuwsom in the lead and cox is trailing behind with 40%, and in the race for senate incumbent dianne feinstein is leading over her opponent kevin deleone. feinstein has 45% support to deleone's 36%. both are democrats. we are keeping a close eye
11:27 am
on the ballot measures that will determine the future of california. this morning an all new and final cal poll shows two high-profile ballot measures are trailing. 40% of likely voters say they will vote for prop six 6, the gas tax repeal measure. 56% of voters oppose prop 6. the measure would repeal a 12-cent gas tax and increase in vehicle registration that was approved last year to fund road repairs. proposition 10, a measure aimed at regulating rent statewide, 35% are in support and 60% oppose that measure. if passed the measure would establish rent control authorities within communities. >> coming up, google walkouts going on right now. a new chopper from the video right there. we'll take a live report. >> and remembering giant legend willy mccovey passing away. the way he's being honored. i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message.
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"look what she's accomplished... she authored the ban on assault weapons... pushed the desert protection act through congress, and steered billions of federal dollars to california projects such as subway construction and wildfire restoration." "she... played an important role in fighting off ...trump's efforts to kill the affordable care act." california news papers endorse dianne feinstein for us senate. california values senator dianne feinstein
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well, right now, these are looks from bay area sky ranger flying over google headquarters there as a walkout is set to take place this. walkout is against many of the top executives who have received payouts, large payouts after allegations of sexual assault. nbc bay area's bob reddell is live there at the google headquarters in mountianview. >> reporter: for the past 30 minutes employees have been steadily streaming in here to the main quad at google headquarters in mountianview. they are easily numbering into the thousands. this is like an organized walkout put together by employees throughout all the campuses, many of the campuses around the world and the plan was to do it at 11:10 local time. if you look towards the right, you can see the mass of people.
11:31 am
seen how the company has handled sexual misconduct and sexual harassment claims and there's people with a bullhorn chanting some things but it's very hard to hear over the helicopter and we're quite a way away. sky ranger gives you a sense of how large the gathering is. workers are protesting what they call, quote, the culture of complicity, dismissiveness and support for people accused of sexual harassment and abuse at the search engine giant. google was accused of not only not firing a top executive accused of sexual misconduct but paying him a $90 million exit project and praising him on the way out. the majority would not speak to the media but there were a three did. >> it's important that people
11:32 am
care about the representation of women because women are, unfortunately, not recognized in engineering at the moment now. >> reporter: protesters are demanding that google do five things. they would like to have the company end -- forced arbitration. they want equal pay and opportunity and want the chief diversity officer to be elevated to c.o.o. and make recommendations to the board of directors. the google ceo did, according to cnbc in ma memo, said his managers aware of the activities, and employees would have, quote, that they succeeded. there's hundreds and thousands
11:33 am
heading to the quad here with signs and bullhorns. reporting live here in mountianview, bob reddell. >> overhead there were people writing in chalk on the sidewalk, it's not okay, google and time's up. and now to the loss of a bay-area legend. this morning the memorial growing at his feet. we're talking about willy mccovey, the statue of him there outside of at&t park. a tribute now to his life and a place of solace in his death. the giants hall of famer died yesterday at the age of 80. willy mccovey and his legacy entrenched baseball and, of course, the bay area. >> played his game in 1980 and still relevant and revere to this day.
11:34 am
tara mcsweeney with a look back of willy mccoveys. >> reporter: mccovey came up to the san francisco giants in 1969 and was an instant superstar, rookie of the year, most valuable player in 1969, more than 500 career home runs. dina seahand brought beads and candles to the statute at mccovey cove and brought her broken heart. >> he was a gentleman and a great baseball player and when you fall in someone when you're little and watch them grow old, yeah. >> reporter: mccovey, the legend, praised by legends. >> and i used to sit in section nine, the family section at candlestick, and right field was open to the parking lot and we used to wait for mccovey to get up. we would line up in the aisle because we knew he would hit a home run. >> reporter: mccovey was a giant for almost his two-decade career and spent two decades in the organization as a senior
11:35 am
adviser. since 1980 the giants have awarded the willy mac award for the players who best dispolice the leadership and character that matched his career. >> he had a love for the franchise and for his teammates and for the community. >> the city of san francisco paying tribute to the giants icon by turning other icons orange, the scoreboard at at&t showing his long retired number 44, and back in mccovey cove the realization that time waits for no one, not even willy mccovey. >> my dad passed away when he was 80 and it's like the same era. my dad. these were his heroes. >> giants say a public celebration of willy's life is being planned. fans who wish to off their condolences can send a letter to
11:36 am
the giants organization. >> students and staff called 911 and they held a suspect down until deputies arrive after many thought it was a halloween bring. >> i heard screaming, thought it was a halloween related thing. >> the woman was taken to a trauma station and she's in stable condition right now. >> yesterday this was a deadly -- it brought traffic to a standstill. two drivers who died have now been identified. an empty tour bus slammed into
11:37 am
cars. >> the other driver who died was 41 years old and authorities say his car was pushed into a ups big rig. so far the bus company is not commenting on the investigation. the chp does not believe drug or although was vut. know the city parking lot was littered with broken lean. they took valuables and hopped into a getaway car so if you know anything about these robberies please call los gatos police. ready for winter's full force and just in time? state water officials say the $1.1 billion repair to the
11:38 am
orville dam are under way and will be complete by the beginning of winter. it's been two years since the dam filled during heavy rains prompting fears of a catastrophic water release and flooding in a nearby town. the crews worked around the clock. the head uniier khowst out. the president of the college is standing by his decision on the hoy ted >> reporter: this morning a stunning reversal. >> d.j. durkin has been fired from his job at the university of maryland. >> a shock coming after a shock sneer the university of maryland firing embattled head coach d.j. durkin one day after he was reinstated. the family of the young
11:39 am
offensive lineman who died of heat stroke last spring said it's about time. >> the right thing was done but this should have been done a right thing. if -- jordan collapsed. staff failed to follow emergency protocols and he died two weeks later. >> my heart is broken. >> reporter: the conditioning coach resigned and head coach durkin was suspended. the school said they accepted full moral and legal responsibility. >> i said to the family, the opportunity -- then on tuesday the board of respect. as durkin returned to the
11:40 am
practice field wednesday, anger and outrage swept the campus and the state. several players walked out of a team meeting with durkin. state lawmakers demanded accountability promising an investigation into the board's motive. the governor was deeply troubled and late wednesday the president wallace lowe stood up to the board and fired durkin himself writing this is as difficult decision and the right one for our entire university. >> tom costello reporting there. no comment from the report. .low, who -- said he will spent the his term and prioritize -- spent his term and prioritize
11:41 am
measures for the community. >> does the word slipping mean anything to you when it comes to riding b.a.r.t.? it terms out that the practice is making for some unappealing commute conditions. a woman recently snapped photos of cushions flipped over. drug addicts are flipping the seats over looking for unused drugs or money. b.a.r.t. leaders say they are working hard to improve conditions in part through more police and screening crew. >> the new study from virginia tech showed new parents used ride share vehicles and a new website has been created to help parents understand the car seat laws in each state.
11:42 am
find a link to that on our website, >> we're officially in november, been in fall, but it still feels like summer. >> like november, so the calendar says. >> we are not feeling that as we take a live look out side and our temperatures. many we'll talk about that and all of our mike climate coming up.
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here are the facts.leading attacks against prop c. the city's chief economist says prop c will "reduce homelessness" by creating affordable housing, expanding mental-health services, and providing clean restrooms and safe shelters with independent oversight, open books, and strict accountability measures to make sure every penny goes to solving our homeless crisis. vote yes on c. endorsed by the democratic party, nancy pelosi, and dianne feinstein.
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calistoga family )s fight with their home insurance company. they asked consumer nbc bay area responds to a
11:45 am
calistoga family's fight with their insurance company. >> they asked chris chmura to help them get the money they need to rebuild. >> reporter: good morning. this family like so many others lost their home in the north bay wildfires. a year later madonna day and her daughter louise are ready for construct to shop. they say they have shopped around for a contractor and gotten a detailed bid but their lot is empty because the insurance company is dragging out the process of paying their claim. >> you spend years paying for their insurance and then to have to battle for rebuilding, that's cruel. >> reporter: we contacted the insurance company for the couple. coming up at 11:00, we'll show you the calculation inside their homeowner's policy that they believe was off by more than $1 million. many other fire victims are
11:46 am
facing the shame shortfall, we'll explain why and we'll be walk you through the two easy steps that you should take today so you don't end up in their same predictment. send us your consumer stories, or visit us nbc bay area can't come. i'll tell you. later at sock. a daily dose of inspiration given to students through fruit. every day the lunch ladies write a positive message on the fruit. >> there you go. >> reporter: it's everything. it's everything here at school. everyone here is just lovely and sweet and kind and we promote kind necessary. >> the lunch ladies are look at other ways for student to get a daily dose of inspiration and
11:47 am
for their they will as well. >> not a lot of money but a little bit of your time to brighten their day. >> i do that with my kids and they are thinking about me and then they do it for me, too. >> you're doing something right. >> there are times. >> feels like summer. >> they are wearing shorts to school on the 1st day of november, and it will stay like this a lot. from san francisco, all clear skies and we have an offshore wind flow which -- if you've been out there. they are made of ice crystals and there's cirrus clouds continuing as we go throughout the day. look at our temperatures now, 71 in fairfield and santa rosa and
11:48 am
70 in half moon bay. in palo alto it's 74 degrees. livermore is feeling the biggest warmup at this hour and now at 76 degrees. let's lade over to walnut creek. our highs there will reach up to 84 degrees. it will be at that high temperature at 3:00 in the afternoon. we're starting to get ideas and thinking about swimming and things like that. it will be nice for whatever you have planned to get outside, and it will be in the low 80s for east san jose. gilroy is one of the warmer temperatures as well reaching 85 degrees today, and then we're also looking at a light northwesterly wind for the east bay. martinez will be up to 82 degrees and 80 in fremont. upper 70s for half moon bay. adjust the numbers up as we see the temperatures warm up quickly and palo alto looking at the lower 80s. 6 degrees in the marina area and mission district reaching 73 degrees and low 80s and also
11:49 am
extending closer to the close. we have a football game tonight. if you're not going to the game. it will be in the upper 730s and mostly sunny skies. kickoff is at 5:20. i'll be watching it from the comfort of my. it's not going to move as we go through next week. a lot of that rain is moving farther off to the north, and this may be the type of weather setup that creates some very dry conditions to continue into the month of november. a lot of the models are saying that we'll have warmer than normal temperatures and below normal rain and snow for this area. not really good news but i'll keep you up to date on everything going on.
11:50 am
i'm at kari hall weather and i posted pictures of my kids on halloween. trying to get a good picture of them. hope you had a good time. highs into the mid-80s going into the weekend. set our clocks back at 2:00 a.m. sunday morning. more on the alerts and the reminders to set your clock back. you'll hear that back. >> we gain an hour of sleep show, right? >> unless you're a mom. >> that's all you have to tell me. >> i gain an hour of sleep. you won't. >> right. enjoy it, will you. >> i will. >> thanks. coming up, the way a fishing crew came to the attention of this crew. proposition 11 solves two issues.
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first, it continues to pay paramedics while we're on break. second, it ensures the closest ambulance can respond if you call 9-1-1. vote yes on 11.
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proposition 11 "a common sense solution" to protect public safety. it ensures the closest ambulance remains on-call during paid breaks "so that they can respond immediately when needed." vote yes on 11.
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-bishop mcgrath hospitalized. just into our newsroom, the diocese of san jose bishop patrick mcgraw has been hospitalized. we're finding this out after a fall. he suffered the fracture of a disc in his back. he's been hospitalized. it's not known if surgery will be happening or whether he'll be out. right now the diocese is just asking for prayers. well, a member of the central coast fishing crew says that he and his friends were able to save a massive hump-backed whale entangled in a rope. that effort to save the whale was all caught on video. the rescue could have been dangerous. >> jump on the whale right now and cut it?
11:54 am
>> these men were trying to set a whale free. >> the rope was attached to the sea floor and attached to his back. >> right there, right there. >> and then his tail whipped up. >> people trying to get in the water and last year we lost one of our responders who was on the front of the boat and the whale's tail came up and hit him in the boat. >> reporter: justin is with noaa and said their whale professional crews never get in the water with the area. there's a lot of concern for both human safety and safety for the animal. >> this happened several weeks ago. >> did you get it? yeah! >> but the scientists tell us from noaa because professional
11:55 am
crews were not able to examine the whale they don't know if all the rope or netting was cut away. >> that is amazing. he's lucky, so lucky. >> yeah. >> that tail could probably break every bone in his body. >> no kidding. we'll be right back. . plus: this massive migrant carvan is heading to the u-s border. the moves an east bay business is making to help those seeking asylum. tomorrow from 4:30 to 7.
11:56 am
11:57 am
thanks so much for joining us. a final check of our weather. >> had some really warm weather. it's going to stick around for the next several days even as we fall back this weekend. >> are you sure it's not november? >> i don't know. tomorrow is friday.
11:58 am
we know that for sure. see you tomorrow morning. >> hi.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> hello. >> do you remember me? >> no, i'm sorry. >> i was in here yesterday. you wouldn't wait on me. >> oh. >> you work on commission, right? >> yes. >> big mistake. big. huge. i have to go shopping now. hnchts we know every wo . >> we all know every word. we all do. we continue to celebrate the decade when julia became a household name, but somebody here has never seen "pretty woman". >> that's what you call a call t.


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