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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 2, 2018 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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>> you get a vote and you get a vote, and you get a vote! >> the queen of talk brings her massive star power to georgia's race for governor to energize the base and get out the vote with just four days before election day. >> nobody paid for me to come here. nobody even asked me to come here. i paid for myself, and i approve this message. [ cheers and applause ] >> i'd like to remind stacy and oprah and will ferrell, i'm kind f a big deal, too. channels anchorman's ron burgundy for the republican candidate. >> to president trump who is taking his hardline approach on immigration to the next level.
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>> anybody throwing stones, rocks, we will consider that a firearm. >> to what seems like an epidemic, a horrible week for school bus stops, with four heart breaking accidents that have left five children dead. >> google employees openly revolting about the company's treatment of women stage a massive walkout. >> to superstar gymnast simone biles making history with a fourth all around world title. >> and the extremely rare central park duck that's got top billing, as we head into the weekend. "early today" starts right now. happy friday. i'm melissa rehberger. >> and i'm marlie hall. this morning it's a battle ground blitz. both sides bringing out the big guns with just four days left until the midterms. in georgia, oprah winfrey stumped for the democratic gubernatorial candidate while president trump hit the road for missouri. he is in full campaign mode with nine more stops scheduled before the polls open, including two later today. the president is going all-in on
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illegal immigration, while also turning up the heat on democrats. >> the democrat agenda is the agenda of the extreme far left. they've gone crazy, folks. they've gone totally loco. republicans are the party of all americans. >> despite the tough words, democrats aren't shying away from the fight. nbc's kristen welker has the latest on oprah's trip to atlanta. >> you get a vote! and you get a vote! and you get a vote! >> reporter: the o factor. oprah winfrey electrifying voters in georgia for democrat stacey abrams, knocking on doors. >> hi, oprah! >> reporter: hosting a pair of town halls supporting abrams who could become the country's first female african-american governor. >> nobody paid for me to come here. nobody even asked me to come here. i paid for myself, and i approve this message. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> reporter: quickly dismissing the question on everyone's mind. is her visit a sign she's thinking about running for president? >> i'm not here because i'm making some grandstand because i'm thinking about running myself. i don't want to run. >> reporter: instead, oprah putting the focus on abrams. >> i said, stacy, this is oprah. she said, girl, let me pullover the side of the road. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and on turning out the vote, reminding the audience of a painful past. >> for anybody here who has an ancestor who didn't have the right to vote, and you are choosing not to vote, wherehis country, you are dishonoring your family. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: do you see her as someone who helps you energize specifically women voters, voters of color? >> i think that oprah energizes everyone. >> reporter: winfrey's visit comes as abrams is locked in a razor-tight race with republican brian kemp. democrats accusing abrams' opponent of using his office,
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secretary of state, to purge thousands of minorities from the voting rolls. kemp has vehemently denied any voter suppression. the vice-president stumping for him. >> i'd like to remind stacy and oprah and will ferrell, i'm kind of a big deal, too. >> reporter: oprah usually stays on the political sidelines. endorsing barack obama in 2007 and hillary clinton in 2016. still, oprah didn't miss a chance to take a not so subtle swipe at the trump-era politics of division. >> and i know it's easy for a lot of people to feel that you have no power against those injustices. but this is what i'm here to tell you. this land was made for you and me. [ cheers and applause ] >> this land was made for you and me. that's not just a song. that's the truth. >> reporter: hoping that message will help make history. kristen welker, nbc news, decatur, georgia.
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>> president trump's heated immigration rhetoric is now the target of two federal lawsuits. both were filed on behalf of migrants and alleged the trump administration is violating the rights of asylum seekers by aiming to block the caravan from entering the u.s. meanwhile, the department of homeland security released a fact sheet about the caravan overnight, which includes a number of alarming claims. citing mexican and guatemala officials nearly 300 people in the caravan have violent criminal records including known gang membership. a claim president trump seemingly hinted at during his rally in missouri. >> these are tough people. these are not angels. these are not little angels. these are tough people. and when we're not letting them into our country. they're not coming in illegally. [ cheers and applause ] >> nbc's blayne alexander joins us from d.c. with the latest. blayne, immigration certainly looks like the republican's midterm strategy, doesn't it?
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>> reporter: melissa, that is certainly what president trump is trying to bring to the forefront. keep in mind, president trump himself is not even on the ballot this election cycle. but yet he's crisscrossing the country, making himself and immigration a central issue. and in recent days, we've seen him announce or at least float the possibilities of making several policy changes. first, he talked yesterday before leaving for that campaign rally, he spoke at the white house and talked about plans to sign an executive order that would essentially make it more difficult for immigrants to seek asylum. saying unless they come to legal ports of entry at the border, they would be turned away and denied asylum. now, that's one thing he says he plans to sign next week. the other, of course, he's been talking about is revoking birthright citizenship. it is something that he doubled down on during that rally last night. take a look. >> democrats want to continue giving automatic birthright citizenship to every child born to an illegal alien, even if
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they've been on our soil for a mere matter of seconds. because of this crazy, lunatic policy that we can end -- that we can end. >> reporter: now, keep in mind that is something that is protected by the constitution, melissa. so, if the president were to go after that and try and do something to change that right or take away that right, it would likely face a lot of legal challenges ahead. back to you. >> blayne, thank you. >> a texas officer is in critical condition this morning after a four-hour standoff with a sex offender. it started at a dollar general in la grange just west of houston. officers approached a man for failing to register as a sex offender when they tried to arrest him, he resisted, so they tased him. that's when he pulled out a knife, cutting one officer in the hand and fleeing to a nearby hotel. he then barricaded himself inside and shot at police, injuring one. after four hours, the suspect was arrested. >> it has been a horrible week at school bus stops in this country with a series of
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tragedies involving children on their way to school. there were two more accidents on thursday, bringing it to four crashes that have left five children dead just this week. here's nbc's kristen dahlgren. >> oh, lord have mercy. >> reporter: terror at a school bus stop in tampa. >> i didn't know which kid to help because there were so many laying on the ground. >> reporter: witnesses say a speeding car slammed into five children and two a sultdults, lg one child in critical condition. the driver now in custody. one at four school bus stops in just days. in central pennsylvania, a 7-year-old killed in a hit and run. the driver never even stopping to help. while in mississippi, this man is now charged with aggravated assault after a 9-year-old was struck and killed. and in indiana, a community is mourning three siblings killed this week crossing the road on their waybus. that driver also facing charges. some 25 million students nationwide ride a school bus, but experts say getting on and off can be the most dangerous
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time. especially this time of year, right before morning. so reflective clothing or back packs can help, and teach children to line up away from the driver will stop. a deadly lesson learned the hard way for so many this week. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, new york. >> newly released dashcam footage shows the dramatic moments when milwaukee police rescued a toddler from a burning car. police initially tried to pull the car over for a routine traffic stop last week. but instead, the driver led them on a high-speed chase through a residential neighborhood. the car eventually crashed into a tree, catching on fire, as police caught up to it. officers broke the windows to try to rescue the passengers and that's when they discovered the child. >> there's a baby in there. >> good samaritans helped the officers pull a 2-year-old out of the back. she suffered a broken leg and
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bruised lung. the girl's mother who was driving was also rescued. but sadly a third person died. one person has been charged. >> one halloween costume got a thumbs up from a former first lady. we told you about 3-year-old parker curry in march when her awe struck reaction to michelle's portrait in washington went viral. yesterday mrs. obama tweeted, you nailed it, little parker. i love t. >> she sure did. kidney stones didn't stop the world's greatest gymnast simone biles from making history. she won her fourth all around title at the world gym nasa ticks championship in qatar and is the first female gymnast to do so. she did get off to a rough start, though, falling twice on vault and balance beam, but her routines were so difficult that she still had a lead over japan's may morikami. after her win biles apologized to fans on twitter for giving them a heart attack. >> with a kidney stone, by the way. >> yeah, she's so good and.
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>> super human. >> let's talk about the travel forecast. because of heavy rain in areas of the northeast and mid-atlantic, we start this morning it's mainly northern new england dealing with a little bit of rain. we watched the rain baek out around charlotte heading towards raleigh for the evening commute. this evening if you have plans in washington, d.c., philly or new york, it's going to be a heavy soaking rain moving into southern portions of new england. keep that in mind for yourheast. down through the southeast and florida we'll deal with showers and thunderstorms as the cold front tries to move in. now let's go to the battle of the bay in california. we're talking niners versus raiders. quarterback nick mull enz. who? nick mullens. he delivered one of the most productive debut games in nfl history. mullens threw for 262 151.9 pa
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rating. that's way higher than anyone else usually does. the undrafted southern miss rookie got a congratulatory call from fellow alum brett favre. the niners easily won 34-3. >> all right, thank you. just ahead, why canada's pot supply has gone up in smoke. and thanks to post malone, krokz are better now. the rapper gives a rock star treatment to the shoe brand. ♪ ♪ you... keep doing you. we'll take care of medicare part d. each prescription, and with free one-on-one pharmacy support, we've filled over 2 billion prescriptions and counting. stop by walgreens and save today. walgreens. trusted since 1901.
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they look comfortable. >> they sure do. canada has already burned through its supply. the pot shortage does not stem from production issues but a result of slow licensing procedures. quebec closed its government-run shops three days this week and online stores can't fill their orders. the canadian government said 300 people have added to speeds up the licensing and get back to a high supply. >> well, there was a massive walkout across the country and around the world at one of america's most prominent companies. google employees revolting over the treatment of women, including the handling of workplace sexual harassment. we get more now from nbc's jo ling kent. >> reporter: thousands of google employees told their bosses, time's up. >> we demand structural change in the name of transparency, accountability, and equity. >> we're walking out toport women and to protest the way this company has handled sexual harassment. >> reporter: the protests follow a "the new york times" report
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that google gave android creator andy rubin a $90 million package to leave after a sexual misconduct allegation. rubin denies the allegation and calls the report of his compensation a wild exaggeration. >> why did you walk out? >> well, i walked out because i think it's not acceptable for a lot of upper management to let this kind of thing go. >> reporter: google ceo sen darcy pachai said 48 employees have been fired for sexual harassment in the last two years. 13 of them senior managers. >> moments like this show that we didn't always get it right, and so we are committed to doing better. >> reporter: google employees making it clear, respect and safety are not things they should have to search for. jo ling kent, nbc news, los angeles. >> well, just ahead, a fire exchange between the summer's hottest couple. why ariana grande had a problem with pete davidson joking about their break up. with a
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♪ don't tell me not to fly, i got to if someone takes a spin it's me and not you ♪ who told you you're allowed to rain on my parade ♪ >> just an average day. the legendary barbara streissand singing karaoke with james gordon. they belted out "no more tears" and the way we were. >> got to love the classics. now that halloween is over, starbucks is already getting into the holiday spirit. the coffeein annual holiday cup than usual. the four festive designs will be available in stores today, and
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limited ving spirit, starbucks edition reusable red cup with the purchase of any holiday drink, but just for today. >> singer ariana grande is slamming her ex, pete davidson after he took a jab at their broken engagement and snl promo. >> i'm jonah hill and i'm hosting saturday night live with musical guests maggie rogers. >> hey, maggie, i'm pete. >> hi, pete. >> do you want to get married? >> no. >> 0-3. >> she did not appreciate that joke. made at her expense, and now deleted tweet, ariana grande wrote for somebody who hates hate, you sure love clinging to it. the two met on saturday night live and started dating back in may but called it quits earlier this month. they were engaged for just four months. >> well, he's a comedian. about it. >> sure. >> well, just ahead, the colorful mystery visitor, folks in new york city are flocking to see.
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today." you can catch us in the morning or set your dvr and watch any time. for now, i'll send it back to you, marlie and melissa, and we'll see you on sunday morning. >> all right, willie, see you then. even i kricringe when i watch o videos of markey mark. >> we start this weekend warm and cools off as we go through it. areas in the northeast, this is a peak weekend after viewing those beautiful leaves. sunday by far will be the best day to hopefully they'll remain on the trees after all the rain in the next 24 hours. next 24 hours. we'll be right bac $200, even $400 creams. and that's not all. olay regenerist gives you visible results in just 28 days. made with our b3 complex to strengthen skin and keep all that hydration in. beautiful skin doesn't have to cost a fortune.
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>> i'm so disappointed at you. [ laughter ] [ crying ] >> what happened? >> no!i'so sad. no! >> that is just mean. >> i love these videos every year. a little mean, but so funny. >> well, what started out with a few sightings in new york city has turned into something of an obsession. it's so unique, even hardened new yorkers are flocking to see it. and the question many people are asking, what's it doing here? here's nbc's harry smith. >> reporter: it is the talk of the town. >> this is so cool. look at how beautiful it is. >> reporter: a singular sensation. >> never in my life did i ever
4:27 am
think i'd see one in central park. >> reporter: dare we say a bird deserving of top billing. >> it doesn't look real. it looks like somebody painted a rubber ducky. >> reporter: the new manhattani park is a mandarin duck, a bird usually found in asia. >> he's right down there in that little nook. and he is a sight to see. how it got here is a mystery. local zoos have said, not ours is he lost? was he stolen? might this be an example of fowl play? new yorkers are just happy he's here. has the duck lived up to expectation? >> absolutely. i mean, the colors on that thing, the details, it looks like a made-up duck. >> reporter: and why he came, examine if he'll stay are questions this bird has thus far been able to, a hem, duck. harry smith, nbc news, new york. >> he is beautiful. well, music is set to dominate the box office this weekend. ♪ ♪
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>> bohemian rhapsody star's queen frontman freddy mercury and fans of the nut cracker, disney's adaptation starring keira knightley, helen mirren and kinzler i floyd. tyler perry's nobody fool, also starring whoopi goldberg. that one looks really funny. >> yes, it does. thank you for watching "early today." i'm melissa rehberger. >> and i'm marlie hall. don't forget to follow us on instagram for throughout the morning. the news continues right here. have a great weekend. ad lib livn
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francisco and the autos. xwoork to you. taking a live look outside in san francisco right there and you can see the transamerica
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pyramid. beautiful way to start your friday morning. thank you for starting your day with us on "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. let's get straight to the forecast with kari. >> it's another warm day. we start out with clear skies. sunshine at noon. as you make your way out the door in san jose, we're in the upper 60s later this morning, but it continues to heat up from there. we're talking about 80s across the bay area. more on that coming up. mike, you've got one freeway cle


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