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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 3, 2018 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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we're getting the clear and beautiful skies, and we're also getting winds and dry conditions. right now in san francisco, it's about 57 degrees. the temperatures waking up in the 40s and the 50s. the temperature trend is still trending above normal. basically what that means is that we're running a few degrees below what we're typically supposed to be around this time of year. san jose, 54 degrees. nice, clear skies. wind speeds in san jose, not really a factor. but it's will the hillside area in the mountain tops that we're concerned about. temperatures will go up, and we're going to get drier out there which is why a red flag warning is in place for the north bay mountains and the east bay hills. this is going to remain in effect through tomorrow morning. we're already seeing gusty conditions in the mt. dably range. the -- diablo range. the winds will drop, tapering off. i'll tell you about that coming up in 15 minutes. >> see you in 15. thanks.
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we begin with breaking news this morning out of oakland where northbound lanes are shut down on interstate 880 after a driver crashed into a steel beam that was supporting the new 23rd after overpass. it happened around 4:00 this morning. the beam came crashing down on to the woman's car and fell across all lanes of northbound 880 as you see. the driver was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries we're told. 880 is closed for about a mile from high street to 23rd avenue. the which says it could be closed all day until 4:00 p.m. while crews work to clear the beam and all the debris. drivers are being diverted at 23rd avenue. are you encouraged to take 580 as an alternate route. a high school music fundraiser was forced to evacuate because of a fire. it ignited around 6:00 last night on the roof of the administration building at caster valley high. students and parents were across campus for a fundraiser and were evacuated as a precaution. no word on how it started or the
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extent of the damage. classes will resume on monday. millions of people have already vote. this weekend is the final push for everyone else. president trump and former president obama are both on the campaign trail stumping for their respective party. here at home, there are plenty of volunteers trying to rock the vote. as we report, a lot is on the line. >> reporter: early voters fill nearly every available booth at city hall in san francisco. 93,000 ballots are already cast. some voters say they feel a sense of urgency. >> i did my research. i knew exactly what i was going to do. i wanted to get in early. >> people have to have more passion about care being democracy. >> reporter: candidates for governor are on the campaign trail working to energize voters and gain support. democrat gavin newsom was shaking hands with democrats, while john cox was talking with workers at a crane rental
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company. voters are also hearing from volunteers at phone banks. >> been calling and been texting. >> reporter: at the nancy pelosi red-to-blue s.f. headquarters people are calling voters in swing districts urging hem to vote democrat. some are hearing from pelosi's daughter. >> by call information to swing districts and asking people to vote for democrats, to take back the house. >> reporter: they're hoping for a blue wave. a plan president trump is campaigning against. >> blue wave would call a crime wave, very simple. and a red wave equals jobs and security. >> reporter: as the final push to election day ramps up, it's all about getting voters to the ballot box. san francisco and other bay-area counties will be open for early voting all weekend. jean ellie, nbc bay area news. there are a number of issues on the ballot and a lot at stake on tuesday. log in to our website for a look
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at proposition c which would tax companies and use that money to address homelessness in san francisco. to learn more about prop c and others, be sure to visit our website, our election night coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. on tuesday. we'll be bringing you results and analysis all night long. stay here. if you encounter any problems at the polls, we want to hear about it. nbc bay area is teaming up with pro-publica to track any issues with this election. if you spot a problem, call us toll free at 1-833-622-5688. that's 133-nbc-kntv. or go to our website, the fbi is investigating a second suspicious package sent to bay area billionaire and democratic supporter tom steyer. this package, just like the first, was intercepted at a
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postal facility in burlingame. bomb technicians recovered the package thursday night. this is the same facility where a pipe bomb package was found addressed to steyer last friday. we're told this one looked similar in appearance to more than a dozen others recently sent to high-profile democrats and adversaries of president trump. the suspect, cesar sayoc jr., has been arrested. the latest package will be examined and compared. they're turning their grief into hope. jewish people from around the world are coming together for their first sabbath after 11 people were killed last saturday at a synagogue in pittsburgh. the solidarity was present at temple sinai in oakland last night. security was tight. guards were checking bags at the door. people from all faiths were invited to attend services to remember all the victims killed in that deadly pittsburgh massacre. >> we'll say their names before we do our mourners prayer, a prayer we say in mourning but is actually a prayer about finding strength. i think that's really what is so
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important about our community gathering tonight. >> more interfaith services will take place in the bay area this weekend. we have new details about a sexual assault investigation on the peninsula. a teenager says three men forced her into a van and sexually assaulted her. she says she was standing in front of her home in east palo alto early yesterday morning when the van pulled up. the men drove her to an unidentified location, assaulted her, and pushed her out of the van. investigators believe this was a random attack and are only saying the van was black. a rare shooting now in a normally quiet and upscale part of the bay area. it happened in broad daylight around 1:30 yesterday afternoon on highway 9 near saratoga. a driver tells police someone shot at him. paramedics rushed him to the hospital. we're told he is going to be okay. saratoga is los gatos road between greenwood and quito
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westbound reopened soon after that shooting. just shy of 7:07. much more ahead on "today in the bay." taking a knee during the national anthem, not a player but surely by now you have already a cheerleader did it. the image generating a lot of reaction across the country. plus, a special tribute to one of the bay area's favorite nannies. how robin williams was remembered on the 25th anniversary of "mrs. doubtfire." i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message.
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"look what she's accomplished... she authored the ban on assault weapons... pushed the desert protection act through congress, and steered billions of federal dollars to california projects such as subway construction and wildfire restoration." "she... played an important role in fighting off ...trump's efforts to kill the affordable care act." california news papers endorse dianne feinstein for us senate. california values senator dianne feinstein
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california news papers endorse dianne feinstein for us senate. ♪ ♪ ♪ the holidays begin here at the disneyland resort. welcome back. 7:09. look at the twinkling lights on the golden gate bridge. it is completely clear as we look from our camera across to marin and the headlands. unfortunately with the beautiful view comes bad news. we're in the middle of a red flag warning for the north bay mountains and east bay hills. elevated fire danger as we
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experience high winds and hot temperatures today. plenty of support and plenty of sharp criticism for one 49ers cheerleader. just like colin kaepernick before her, she took a kn-- a ke during the national anthem. >> reporter: we've been told the cheerleader has done this before. she's received thousands of responses, both in support of and critical of the cheerleader. the images have been re-tweeted thousands of times on social media. they show an unidentified 49ers cheerleader kneeling during the national anthem. >> i think it's disrespect because the flag isn't for whatever they're trying to represent. >> everybody has a reason and a chance to voice their opinion. i feel she used that. i don't think anythingness wrong with that. -- anything was wrong with that. >> reporter: the replies on twitter ranged from support to criticism to vile insults.
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it was colin kaepernick who took a knee in 2016 in protest of wha what he called police brutality. players said they were supportive of the beliefs. >> i don't know about the cheerleader who took a knee. i don't have a thought about that. >> reporter: former 49ers' owner, eddie debartolo, recently said how he would feel if he was still running a team. >> they're going to show respect, and there will be no hiding in locker rooms and no kneeling. >> reporter: this was not the first game where a 49ers cheerleader has kneeled in protest. this is now a second picture of another cheerleader who kneeled during the national anthem in 2017 in a game against the cowboys. we're at levi stadium in santa clara, nbc bay area news. it is 7:11. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, can you believe it has been 25 years since "mrs. doubtfire" was released? we'll take you to a special
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tribute that happened last night honoring robin williams, former bay area resident. talk about clear skies -- look at this beautiful shot of san francisco as we begin to wake up on this saturday morning. i am tracking elevated fire danger and a red flag warning. who's affected? i'll have that coming up.
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kira klapper. fremont.. welcome back it is 7:14 on this saturday morning. november 3rd. a live look in fremont. good morning to you. clear skies, looks like a beautiful start to the day. temperatures will reach the 80s. we are in the midst of a red flag warning. elevated fire danger throughout the day today until early tomorrow morning because of high winds and temperatures. right there where you saw the tesla factory, more legal complexities for tesla now. the feds served a subpoena to the electric carmaker yesterday. the justice department is investigating the palo alto-based company, tesla says that fbi agents want information about production forecasts for
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the model three. reports have suggested tesla may have misled investors about how many model threes it would produce. that car has been key to the company's growth. temps says it is cooperating with the fed. it's a new school way of thinking. electric school buses may be the new wave of the future. a new report from the environmental researchers says electric buses not only don't pollute the air, they could also save money in the long run. researchers say the prices of electric buses have dropped, and the buses can go farther on one charge. >> those grants, the money in the markets, and the huge demand by school districts is driving the cost curve in the right direction, and it's driving the performance curve in the right direction, as well. >> electric school buses cost about $120,000 more than a regular school bus. researchers say over the life of the bus, the school will save nearly $200,000. it's no secret the latino
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community is underrepresented in the tech industry. a first-of-its-kind summit in oakland is aiming to change that. the k-4 center in oakland organized the latinx in tech summit. nearly 300 people showed up to meet web designers, investors, and entrepreneurs. organizers say the goal was to inspire the latin communities to become tech leaders. >> now more than ever, latinos are super important. their voice matters. that we need to represent in all aspects and especially in tech right now. >> the conference wrapped up yesterday. our parent company, comcast, was a proud sponsor. can you believe it -- 25 years ago this month, "mrs. doubtfire" sit the theaters. the alameda international film festival streamed the movie that was shot in san francisco. three of the actors who appeared were there. you may remember them from the make-up scene and the final dinner scene. last night they were honoring
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the film and their beloved co-actor, robin williams. >> i didn't know when the cameras were rolling and when they weren't because robin improvised so much. so he would do this scene as scripted, and then he would just go. and i would -- are we working now, or is he making us laugh? >> the film festival runs through tomorrow. an actor there played a bartender and says he still gets residual paychecks, and it buys him a new set of tires every year. >> wow. >> i was in a disney movie once, and i get like a one-cent paycheck every three months. no new tires for me. >> residuals are resaid aisles, satellite. >> -- residuals, right? >> better than nothing. and we have the good and the bad in the forecast. >> we're going to get clear skies because of the offshore flow. that's the good news. the bad news from that is that the offshore flow is going to increase the winds and dry us out. and that, of course, brings elevated fire danger. now right now in san francisco, look at this beautiful shot. we've got the clear skies, we've
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got 57 degrees right now. and we're expecting the clear skies to stick around all through the afternoon. this is what it looks like in san jose. it's about 54 degrees. and as we begin to welcome all of the sunshine, we're going to not only warm up into some nice, comfortable temperatures, we're also going to dry out. this is the reason why -- we've got this offshore flow that's coming in. we've got the ridge of high pressure. and it's going to make us warm and toasty, and it's kicking up the winds already. some of the hiptop areas -- hilltop areas, gusting upwards of 30 miles per hour. while we're under a red flag warning through today and into tomorrow. let's talk about some of the wind speeds in terms of the next couple of hours. by about 10:30, if you notice, up in the mountain tops, santa rosa, we still keep upwards of 20-plus miles per hour. but everywhere else, it's not going to feel as windy. if you're not in the hilltop area, you might not notice the breezy-to-windy conditions in through the afternoon. they begin to taper off by 11:00. but they're keeping that fire
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danger in place through tomorrow morning. just as a safety precaution as we head into the overnight hours. the humidity levels will drop, and that's why we're keeping the red flag warning in place. northeasterly winds, 15 to 30 miles per hour. hills above 1,000 feet, expect to see the lowest humidity for the north bay mountains and the east bay hills. for the highlighted areas. that red flag warning is expected to remain. let's talk about your daytime highs for today as you head out the door. we are still above normal. it's fall, but the temperatures are still creeping into the summer-like temperatures, especially for concord. nearing the 90s. can you believe it? 88 degrees. livermore, 86. san jose, 83. in through oakland, 78. san francisco, in the upper 60s. now over the next secretary of days, we -- next seven days, we have a couple of things to keep in mind not just for the weather but also fall back one hour. if you're going to bed, change the clocks and fall back one hour. we gain an hour of sleep at 2:00 a.m. on sunday. 66 degrees as we head in toward monday, 65. election day, we will have
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fantastic weather for you to head out and vote. your voice counts. as we head in toward the inland temperatures, 83 degrees on sunday. and then monday and tuesday, we'll keep the 80s. by wednesday and into thursday, we begin to see a decrease in temperatures. staying in the upper 70s, but still on the warmer side. that high fire danger remains through today. i hope everybody gets a chance to go out and enjoy this beautiful sunshine. carry kira? >> hope they get to. thanks. ahead. she calls it a bolt of lightning.... and turned it into millions of dollars for local chaties. ri
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you could save energy by living off the grid. completely.
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or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california. to halloween. but what about charity? most people think about costumes and candy when it comes to halloween. what about charities? there is one group of women in the south bay for whom halloween is all about charity. and they have raised millions of dollars as a result.
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"today in the bay" with more. >> reporter: cheryl bailey knows people who have done some amazing charity work overseas, helping some of the world's poorest. but her calling came to her as a bit of a surprise. it involved helping close to home and involved of all things hats. for any pastor or priest who takes to the pulpit each week and wonder if anyone is listening, wonders if their words are enough to make a difference, well, this story is for them. >> this is the story that all pastors should know -- that they can touch one person's heart, they can make a difference through their words. >> reporter: bailey says her story begins more than a decade ago. sitting in a pew at saratoga federated church, when the pastor's message about charity hit her like a bolt of lightning. >> his message was, stop waiting for that time to be right.
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and do something now in your own back yard. i know there's a picture because i've seen it. >> reporter: cheryl, who was already expecting a group of friends over to decorate witches' hats for halloween the next day, immediately turned their craft project into a charitable event, asking for donations to san jose's heritage home, a shelter for pregnant, homeless women. >> all the sudden, clothes started showing up, cribs started showing up, strollers. you can't believe what showed up on my front lawn. >> reporter: that was just the beginning. for her latest wonderful witchy women event -- >> hi! so glad you're here! >> reporter: -- cheryl welcomed 500 women for lunch. the attraction -- >> it's the hats. >> reporter: the hats are certainly something. a conversation starter and friendly competition that gives the annual october event its halloween theme. >> if i can just get your attention for a second -- >> reporter: cheryl believes there is something more at work here.
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something she felt in that church pugh. >> people really do have compassion for others in their own area. >> and a compassion backed by generosity. for a variety of south bay women's and children's charities, cheryl and her team have raised close to $3 million over the years. and in the process, turned at least one pastor's words into some very valuable action. the wonderful witchy women event every year picked through south bay charities to serve. one is always heritage home, but the other two change each year. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, a vote for the record books. find out how california has made voter history ahead of the upcoming midterm election. plus, as the 49ers and raiders fought on the gridiron, their fans spot in the stands.
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what santa clara police are saying about the arrests they made on thursday.
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good saturday morning, november 3rd, 7:28. here's a live look outside. gorgeous as we look from emeryville toward san francisco. blue and cotton candy pink skies on this last day of daylight saving time. so some of us get to enjoy an hour more sleep tonight. i think people like me who have a baby, they don't get the memo about that. that it's 6:00 a.m. instead of 7:00 a.m. thank you very much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. we have the microclimate forecast. it's gorgeous. >> it is. as you said, we're falling back one hour. at 2:00 a.m. tomorrow. get that over with tomorrow. you know, your iphones and all the electric stuff updates on its own. >> it's always the stove and
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microwave. >> sometimes i'm guilty of leaving it that way for a while before changing it. 54 in san jose. 48 in oakland. and our microclimate highs for today, pretty warm, especially through the interior valleys. now we've got these -- this night outdoor flow. it's clearing our skies out beautifully. however, it's drying us out significantly, and it's also kicking up the winds which is why we have elevated high fire danger in through tomorrow morning. now highs in san jose will be in the low 80s at about 83 degrees. oakland, 78. sfrand, upper 60s -- san francisco, upper 60s. there's a red flag warning in place. i will have a complete breakdown of that, how gusty we're expected to get, the wind timeline coming up in about 15 minutes. >> all right. we look forward to that. thanks. we start right now this half hour with breaking news out of oakland where northbound lanes are shut down on interstate 880 after a driver crashed into a
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steel beam supporting the overpass. the beam came crashing down on to the woman's car and fell across all lanes of northbound 880. the driver was transported to the hospital. miraculously, non-life-threatening injuries. 880 is closed for about a mile from high street to 23rd avenue. the which says it could be closed all day until 4:00 p.m. there is a live look right now. our crews are there. you see -- which and caltrans are out working to -- which and caltrans are out working to clear the beam. it looks like more than one beam has fallen across all lanes of 880. all that debris that came down with it. the woman's car is still there. all that the which told us now is it's a female driver from hayward, and she is expected to be okay. drivers hoping to head to that area are being diverted at 23rd avenue. the which tells us to encourage people to take 580 as an alternate route because, again, the roadway could be closed until 4:00 this afternoon.
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in other news, a parking lot full of people watched a cargo up in flames in fremont yesterday. this is actually different video. this is in the south bay where lanes of southbound 880 are back open this morning after a massive fire believed to have been started by people in a homeless encampment. it had to be shut down causing a back up that stretched for miles. crews were able to get their handle on the flames. no injuries were reported. residents tell us they're frustrated because the threat of fires there is constant. >> this has happened so many times. when i moved in here five years ago, within the first week we had three major fires. >> all we ask is that caltrans maintain that land so that when homeless people are back there, they don't start a fire and endanger ourselves, our children, our pets, our homes. >> a parking lot -- pardon me, neighbors shared photos of the debris they often find in the field between their homes and
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interstate 880. they say that the homeless encampment, that people living there, leave it in their yards. they say they don't feel the city or caltrans is doing enough to help them. now we'll get to this story. in fremont, shoppers are okay, but the owner of the car that went up in flames is a little despondent. to the right of the red car are the burnt remains of a classic. it was a 1955 porsche spider like james dean's. no word on why it burst into flames. now to decision 2018. california's secretary of state has announced a record number of registered voters for democrats and republicans and everyone in between. there's a lot on the line. it's not just about tuesday's midterm elections. it's happening now. here's "today in the bay" with more from santa clara county. >> reporter: in santa clara
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county, the registrar of voters says that more than 300 workers are working tone 14 hours a day, opening mail ballots, checking them, and sorting them. they are also operating this 50-foot machine. it separates the mail ballots by precincts and checks for signatures. >> we have hit a record number of voter registrations for santa clara county with over 886,000. >> reporter: santa clara isn't alone. the by state of california has seen a record number of voters registering. nearly 20 million people, roughly 78% of the state's eligible voters. >> the highest percentage heading into a midterm election in nearly 70 years. >> as we say in spanish -- [ speaking spanish ] our vote is our voice. >> reporter: that's exactly why holly pickett came by the registrar today to vote early. >> if you don't vote, you don't have a voice. you know, we all need a voice in
7:34 am
order to make things better in our world. >> reporter: santa clara county estimates turnout could be as high as 70%. if you haven't even registered yet, it's not too late. you can conditionally register to vote at any early voting location or here at the registrar of voters' office. and you'll be able to cast a ballot at the same time. >> come out and vote. the thing to do. all you got to do is come to it. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> and with the midterms just three days away, the candidates are making closing arguments with voters. president trump has made what he calls a border invasion. his rallying cry. his target is asylum seekers walking across mexico. but yesterday in florida, former president barack obama called it a fear tactic. >> they're even taking our brave troops away from their families for a political stunt at the
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border. >> president trump had good news for the crowds at his campaign stops in west virginia and indiana yesterday. employers added a quarter million jobs in october. unemployment stayed at a five-decade low of 3.7%. our election night coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. on tuesday. we'll be bringing you results and analysis all night long. be sure to stick with us here at nbc bay area. if you encounter a problemy t polls, we do want to hear about it. nbc bay area is teaming up with pro-publica to track any issues this election. if you spot a problem, call us. it's toll free, 1-833-622-5688. that is 833-nbc-kntv. or head to our website, more than 30 earthquakes rocked the south bay yesterday. you see the moment these liquor store customers felt one in hollister. that quake was the strongest,
7:36 am
measuring a 4.1 magnitude. the orange on this map shows the quake's swarm was centered south of hollister. the people in morgan hill and gilroy also felt the jolt. luckily no reports of damage, nor injuries. we are getting some new numbers from santa clara police after the 49ers/raiders game on thursday at levi stadium. we have one of several videos of fans fighting. these videos have surfaced following the game. in all, police arrested 32 people. among those arrested, steve guardotto. he and two others were arrested for assault. another 29 arrests are classified as drunk in public. 7:36. ahead on "today in the bay," the warriors are off to a fast start. we'll show you which grammy-winning singer sat next to the team owner during last night's game at oracle arena. in.
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maybe even the country. so who showed up at the warriors game at oracle last
7:39 am
welcome back. the hottest court side ticket in town may be the hottest in the country. who showed up at oracle last night? take a look. sitting next to the owner, the one and only alicia keys. warriors and timberwolves, this was a tight game. in the final minutes, alfonso mckinney took over, here with the slam. he played in germany, mexico, and the d league before the warriors gave him a shot. i heard the security guard's cousin. this time with the three-pointer -- the warriors beat the timberwolves 116-99. the doves improved to 9-1 on the season. 7:39. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, we investigate landlord as -- landlords accused of a scheme to kick out rernts. what's on video. the sunshine already making itself known. look at san jose right now. we have mild temperatures ahead. some spots will still be warm, and we're drying out, i'll talk
7:40 am
about the warning coming up.
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just shy of 7:42. we want to show this live look at 880 and oakland where multiple steel beams have fallen across the road way, causing a mile closure of 880 at 23rd avenue. if you're going to the area, you're urged to use 580 instead. a woman this morning, which tells us, hit one of the steel beams causing them to fall across the roadway. we're told she is expected to survive. let's send it over for a look at the microclimate forecast. >> it's a lovely start. look at that gorgeous shot overlooking the golden gate bridge off of our tower camera. san francisco right now, beautiful, clear skies, and we're going to keep these clear skies thanks to nice onshore flow. and as this begins to creep on in, it already has started to kick up the winds in the hilltop areas. it's going to dry us out.
7:43 am
as far as your current temperatures as you head out this morning, it's about 57 degrees right now. in san francisco, look at this beautiful shot, as well. in san jose, it's about 54 degrees right now. temperatures waking up in the 40s and the 50s. but it's the afternoon temperatures that you're really going to notice. you're not really getting much of a fall-like feel here. the weekend is going to be drying out today and into tomorrow. thanks to the ridge of high pressure, we're going to warm up, and it's going to pick up in terms of the winds. not everybody's going to see the windy conditions. it's mainly going to be in the higher elevation areas in the hilltop and the mountaintops on above 1,000 feet. the northeasterly winds have already started to kick up. and we're expected to keep this red flag warning in place for the north bay mountains and the east bay hills through tomorrow morning. gusts upwards of 50, 60 miles per hour, with relatively low humidity. drying out and not really recovering overnight. which is what's going to bring the highest concern for elevated fire danger. let's talk about the temperatures because today is
7:44 am
going to be a beautiful day. we'll have mostly clear skies. a little warm out there. in san jose, predicted high of about 83 degrees. east san jose, 84. and check out these upper 80s through the interior valleys. a place like oakland and high ward is going to top out into the upper 70s, low 80s. check out through the concord area. talking 88 degrees. the potential of inching toward the 90s is still very much there as this high pressure continues to dominate and then redwood city, upper 70s. 79. san mateo, 76. in the city, expect upper 60s. you might get a little of the breeze through san francisco, as well. as far as the north bay goes, we're talking upper to mid 80s. santa rosa, 85. ukai a86. even through novato and napa, upper 80s in the forecast. over the next secretary ven day have things to keep in mind. not just the weather but the weather will affect the plans. let's talk about today and into tomorrow. we're going to see those temperatures in the 60s. don't forget to fall back one hour which basically means
7:45 am
before you go to bed tonight, anything that doesn't update, digital stuff like your phone and stuff, bring it back one hour. you'll get an extra hour's sleep for tomorrow. tuesday, big election day. the weather's going to be fantastic. no excuse ton head to the polls -- not to head to the polls because we're tracking plenty of sunshine through the start of the workweek. >> great weather to vote. 7:45. ahead, landlords accused of a bizarre scheme to kick out renters. this is happening in oakland. we'll tell you why tuesday's midterm election could change the law for the tenants. we investigate next.
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super computers. an up-close look at the bay area technology being used to protect the country (and.. fight cancer! an up-close look at the bay area technology being used to protect the country and fight cancer. >> plus, why some kanye west local fans are fed up. i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message.
7:47 am
"look what she's accomplished... she authored the ban on assault weapons... pushed the desert protection act through congress, and steered billions of federal dollars to california projects such as subway construction and wildfire restoration." "she... played an important role in fighting off ...trump's efforts to kill the affordable care act." california news papers endorse dianne feinstein for us senate. california values senator dianne feinstein
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are going to extreme -- and all about the money. many landlords in the bay area are going to extreme and sometimes bizarre lengths to try to evict their rent-controlled tenants on. tuesday, voters in oakland will get the chance to close what some are calling a loophole that could potentially open the door to fraud. lawmakers have actually cited our own reporting as proof of the abuse. senior investigative reporters are back on the story. >> reporter: here in oakland, rent prices have shot up nearly 20% in just the past three years. there is a huge financial incentive for landlords to replace longtime tenants with new ones willing to pay a lot more in rent. now some landlords are being accused of taking unusual and possibly even illegal steps to kick out renters.
7:49 am
april thomas and ben allen have lived in their oakland home for four years. they pay about $1,000 a month for their rent-controlled apartment, but the landlord want them out. >> even a smaller place than this would be twice what we're paying. >> reporter: landlords who own duplexes or triplexes in oakland and live there are legally allowed to evict everyone else in the building for no reason. that's what ben and april's land sloird trying to do -- landlord is trying to do, except the couple says there's one problem. >> our landlord doesn't live here. he's never lived here. he would have alreadiey needed live here before he issued the notice. and he didn't even start trying to make the appearance of living here until at least a week later. >> reporter: what makes you convinced he's not living here? >> we put up a surveillance camera. >> reporter: the married, self-taught private eyes have recorded over 3,000 hours the past four months to see how often the landlord stays there. >> we have continuous footage that shows him coming by once or twice a week, staying for a few
7:50 am
hours, and then leaving again. >> reporter: the couple even keeps a running log of when the landlord is home and when he isn't. how often is his driveway empty? >> his driveway is empty almost all of the time. >> the parking space is not occupied. >> reporter: april and ben started keeping tabs after receiving their eviction notice and say the landlord only came by the house 11 of the next 50 days. for the landlord to legally evict renters without cause, that home must be his principal residence. oakland law doesn't actually define what that means. >> i just don't think he spends enough time here to justify the claim of primary residency. if that's his primary residency, he has a tough life. because what does he do the rest of the time? >> reporter: to learn more, we set out on a stakeout. we started at 5:00 a.m. in front of the the triplex. our investigative unit spotted the landlord, donald woodard jr., here at this three-bedroom home near the oakland hills
7:51 am
three days in a row. we finally got a shot of the landlord coming out of his house. property records show woodard owns the home with his wife. we found his truck parked here and even saw him wheeling garbage cans back to the house. the house he says he doesn't actually live in. he didn't respond to our interview requests. mr. woodard? we showed up at his triplex. we're investigative unit. >> yeah. yeah. >> reporter: nice to meet you. how are you? do you live here full time? >> i'm here now. i'm here every day. >> reporter: is this your main home? >> yes. >> reporter: it is? >> yes. >> reporter: if this is your main home, why are you taking out trash at another home that you own? >> taking out trash? oh, because i actually own the home -- i want to make sure there's no trash there, right. so my main thing is that i want to make sure that all the properties i do own i still live here. i've been living here for -- almost four months. >> reporter: at first, he said he moved into the triplex because of marital problems. >> no, me and my wife are going
7:52 am
through things now. >> reporter: on facebook, his wife described him as someone i live with. and poked fun about who's washing the dishes at home. woodard told us he moved to be closer to his sick father. >> where i was living before, it's pretty far. need to be closer to him. >> reporter: driving from the triplex to his father's home in berkeley isn't that much closer. compared to his other home, it's only about a five-mile difference. woodard's family issues may explain why he decided to move, but why is he evicting everyone else in his building? >> i have no clue -- >> reporter: is this where you were living fundamental time when you gave them -- full time when you gave them the evisions notice? >> i -- eviction notice? >> i believe i was. at the end of the day, i can't confirm anything now. >> we're in a housing crisis. resi >> reporter: erin bernstein is in charge of the oakland civil rights division. >> any neighborhood where you see an increase in property values, you're going to have a perverse incentive on behalf of landlords to try to scam the
7:53 am
system. >> reporter: while the abuse may be widespread, the city attorney's office has only ever sued one landlord for try fog get away with it. do you understand why some might not be so hopeful? >> i think once they see the results in this case, they will maybe see where some of the hope comes from. our office will put a big dent in the behavior. >> this is the apartment upstairs that our landlord is pretending to live in. >> reporter: april and ben eventually hinted to their landlord they have evidence proving he doesn't live here. they say soon after, the landlord started spending a lot more time at the triplex, coming by just about every day. he also served the renters a brand-new eviction notice. do you think the city is doing enough to keep watch over this? >> they're not really do anything at all. >> reporter: april and ben could be kicked out of their home any day now. their neighbors, a family of four, being evicted, too. april works at a nonprofit. ben is in grad school. if evicted, they say they probably won't be able to stay in the bay area.
7:54 am
>> we don't really have anywhere else to go in oakland. it's a crisis. this is a housing emergency. >> reporter: voters here in oakland will get the chance to decide whether landlords who live in their own duplexes or triplexes should be allowed to evict renters without cause. that issue known as measure y is on the ballot next tuesday. >> if you have a story for our investigative unit, give us a call, 888-996-tips. or visit our website, we'll be right back. re ahead ony in the bay. coming up. coming up.
7:55 am
here are the facts.leading attacks against prop c. the city's chief economist says prop c will "reduce homelessness" by creating affordable housing, expanding mental-health services, and providing clean restrooms and safe shelters with independent oversight, open books, and strict accountability measures to make sure every penny goes to solving our homeless crisis. vote yes on c. endorsed by the democratic party, nancy pelosi, and dianne feinstein.
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"clear the shelters" segment. with our friends from pets in need. ma welcome back. time for "clear the shelter" featuring our friends from pets in need. we made a last live-minute decision that turned out not to be a good decision. i brought a little extra pup oh, and he's getting these ones riled up. we have removed him from the
7:57 am
situation. >> hi. >> here with terrier mixes. different ages? >> yes. able is 6 months old and annie is a year and a half. >> they almost loom the opposite. >> yeah -- look the opposite. >> yeah. >> will they both grow? >> yes. she's full grown. >> she's full grown. >> he'll grow. he'll grow a little bit more. >> a little bit more. homes that people are active, have space for the dogs to run around. that kind of thing? >> i don't know but a whole lot of space. i think she's more selective. i think possibly maybe not with small children. >> okay. >> yet. i don't know. him -- i think anybody. although he kind of got excited. >> i know. i know. there's a third dog that is the cutest little thing. i'll take pictures of him and put it on the instagram and twitter. he got them riled up. i don't know. let's look at that. >> they're available for adoption.
7:58 am
you can check out pets in need if you'd like to find out more about able and annie. we're also here to talk about the crocker memorial fund. we've talked about it before. but for any viewer who doesn't know, could you describe it? >> yeah. this fund was started by one of our longtime board members who actually knew or founders. and it was named after her dog, crockett. and -- >> sorry, i said crocker. crockett. >> that's okay. and it is a fund for low-income seniors and -- in san mateo and santa clara counties. it helps with vet expenses for -- [ animal sounds ] >> -- the dog is back. sorry for the sounds. you have applications for low-income seniors who want to adopt animals. they can apply to be part of your fund? >> they don't have to be adopted. it can be anyone who has animals -- >> from somewhere else. >> so sweet. to find out more, go to petsin
7:59 am thanks for joining us. >> thank you. n - and all day, oy area dot com. i )ll see you back here tomorro. .e a great morning! ha symbol you know you're
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