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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 7, 2018 6:00pm-6:58pm PST

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many democrats have dubbed california the state resistance, and with the democrats now in control of the house, there's a lot of attention on the confrontational relationship between the presiden speaker of the house, nancy pelosi. robert handa joins us live with a look at how the president and house leader addressed that issue in duelling news conferences. pelosi is firm but took a tempered tone. >> reporter: that's right and you know there was a feeling of relief at the santa clara county democratic party headquarters, especially when democrats regain the control of the house but acknowledge checks and balances lead to conflicts. even though nancy pelosi led the democrats celebration, she was cautious about gloating. >> we have a responsibility to honor our oversight responsibilities and the path we
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will go down. >> reporter: the president adopted a mostly diplomatic tone tweeting pelosi deserves to be speaker of the house. >> i really respected what nancy said last night about bipartisan and getting together and uniting. >> pelosi is the right person to lead telling us by phone, she's tough and focussed. >> she doesn't have to like the people she works with, but she does have to keep her eye on the ball, which she always does. >> reporter: bill james, chair of the santa clara county democratic party says the president's history makes it difficult. >> folks find him objectionable from the racism and race baiting and the immigrant bashing, these are folks who are part of our coalition. we value them, and we represent them and stand for them. >> reporter: san jose state university political science chair melinda jackson says she expects pelosi and the president to be combative and called his congratulatory message real.
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>> i think he respects her as a politician, and appreciates a good opponent. >> reporter: but professor says that will only go so far because democrats are pushing for bipartisanship and more investigations i pnt trump, and the president says you can't do both. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. did you see this fiery post midterm news conference at the white house as the president insulted and berated a white house correspondent. now we're learning the trump administration is suspending the press access of cnn white house reporter jim acosta. the president called acosta a rude, terrible person after acosta asked a question about the immigrant caravan in mexico. during the exchange, an intern that went to grab microphone away from acosta, but acosta didn't let go of it. the white house released a statement about an hour ago saying acosta's white house
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credentials are being suspended until further notice. the statement called his behavior unacceptable and went on to say, we will not tolerate a reporter placing his hands on a young woman trying to do her job. acosta has called that accusation a lie. back here at home, san francisco voters decided on a measure that had attention of people around the bay area and the tech community, all about taxing big companies to fund the homeless. voters approved prop c, but tonight opponents tell us the funds may never make it. nbc bay area krista smith is in the cityeltion drama. >> we spoke with say they agree that addressing homelessness really needs to be a top priority in san francisco, but they differ from there, and even in city hall there's some uncertainty about when the money created from prop c might actually be available to use. todaor london breed visited
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the city's newest center designed to help the city's homeless, and fielded questions about what happens with prop c, a measure voters passed and she opposed. >> my goal is to bring all of our stake holders together, those who were for and against a measure for the purposes of moving san francisco forward. >> reporter: she pointed out steps the city has taken and goals, like a thousand more shelter beds. >> i couldn't be happier. >> reporter: prop c's biggest backer, sales force ceo marc benioff talked about moving forward despite potential k challenges. >> the people have spoken. it's a 60% landslide victory. the reality is the city needs to go ahead and implement proposition crr the city's controller said they have no plans to spend prop c fends pending the outcome of a legal
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dispute. opponents expect a court win will nullify the decision. >> it's unlikely the city oomis >> reporter: supporters say it may take time but prop c could change the face of homelessness. >> this is a phenomenal game changer for san francisco. >> reporter: executive director of the coalition on homelessness. >> if we get sued on this, we are ready for that, and we're really confident we're going to be able to prevail. it will delay the money being released. >> reporter: now, the legal challenge we're talking about stems back to a different june ballot measure, but the controller's office is saying until that is resolved, they can collect tax money from prop c but not distribute it just yet. reporting live in san francisco one of the longest tenured sheriffs in the state is staying in power. laurie smith is headed to a 6th term as sheriff of santa clara county. her challenger and former undersheriff formally con seeded
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this afternoon, hirokawa says he will continue to advocate for reforms to make jails and the community safer. our political analyst, dr. larry g g gursten will give us his biggest take aways, joining us in 25 minutes. president trump has fired attorney general jeff sessions and that has rattled critics who fear it's an attempt to sink the mueller investigation. sessions, as you know, had a contentious relationship with california. the state sued the justice department dozens ofpen warfaren march when sessions called out oakland's mayor libby schaaf, claiming she defy immigration law. schaaf warned the firing may not change the contentious dynamic with california. >> i wish i could be excited about his removal. obviously he is not fond of me,
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except that i have no confidence that his replacement will be any better. >> now, of course we will have more on who's taking over for the attorney general coming up in half an hour. our other top story this evening, we are under a micro climate weather alert. this is the concern tonight. you're seeing here fire danger. this fire near canyon middle school near castro valley, threatened a lot of homes before crews controlled it this afternoon. jeff ranieri is tracking a red flag warning expected to go into effect. what do we know, and how dangerous are our conditions? >> this is a lot the red flag warnings we have had in the past. also parts of the south bay. population centers are not expecting as gusty winds. that's why it's not in effect for downtown santa rosa, san francisco or san jose. occasional wind gusts, a thousand feet and above.
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now, while everybody is not going to get gusty winds, the one thing the bay area will have is extreme low humidity. there's a lot of colors on it. you can see areas in orange. that's humidity at 30% and below. that's very dry air. notice the zones in red for the north bay, east bay and also for the south bay. that's humidity at 15% and below. the closer that number goes to zero, the dryer the air is. so all of the bay area under this very dry breeze tomorrow, and of course that gust in the hills. you want to report any kind of suspicious activity. we know a lot of you know this. it's good information to remember. no outdoor burning and no neigh. i'm back with a brand new update and how we're going for the rainfall season and if we're in a drought at all. now that red flag warning that jeff is talking about has thousands of people bracing for potential blackouts, because pg&e is warning it may cut power
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to reduce fire risks tomorrow. jodi hernandez joins us from napa county, the planned black out led to problems, people didn't have power restored for days, jodi. >> reporter: that's right. people here in the small town of anguen, say some people lost entire freezers of food the last time pg&e turned the power on. they have been flocking to the town's only hardware store as they prepare for a possible round two. >> they all sold out very quickly. people bought two or three at a time. >> reporter: flashlights are flying off the shelves at this napa county hardware store as people stock up for a possible pg and e power shut down. >> they're coming in, they bought a bunch of batteries knowing what was going to happen. >> reporter: they say they notified 75,000 customers in nine northern california companies that they may need to
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proactively turn off the power starting tomorrow morning. >> pg&e could turn off power fr the safety of our customers. >> reporter: a red flag power warning hits in tonight, dry conditions have firefighters gearing up. pg&e says turning off the power may be the safest option. >> this is not a decision that we would take lightly. this is a decision of last resort. >> reporter: just last month, pg&e turned off power to 60,000 customers, leaving some businesses in the dark for two days. people hope they don't have to deal with lights out once again. >> give me a break. just gn'think it was necessary. >> the first thought was oh, no, not again. >> reporter: now, pg&e says their analysts are closely monitoring the situation but they say they might not be able to make a definitive call until the very early hours of the morning. they are estimating sometime
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between four and 8:00 a.m., possibly later. they say they will be sending out text message alerts and e-mail alerts early in the morning. reporting live in napa county. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. now in the south bay, a possible arson, and it led to two women being trapped in a burning building. firefighters pulled both women from their second story apartments on manker avenue in san jose near the 280, 880 interchange. you can look at video here. investigators are trying to determine if this fire is linked to a domestic disturbance this morning. explosion just moments before the flames. >> there is a man who was just yelling, like screaming at the top of his lungs and i just heard the female and the male just arguing, arguing, and then i heard explosion. >> one man has been hospitalized with serious injuries and at least nine people were displaced. up next, record voter
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turnout for a midterm election. the bay area county that was still accepting ballots two hours after the polls closed. people gave millions of dollars after the north bay fires. one year later, where did that money go. i'm consumer investigator, chris chmura, we'll meet some real live recipients next. [ phone rings ] what?!
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council has just 13 votes separating well, how about this for a close call, and yes, every vote counts.
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the race for san jose city council has just 13 votes separating these two candidates, tam nguyen is currently ahead of maya esparza. they are still counting by mail and provisional ballots. it appears eight wasn't enough to get the voting down in san jose. at the county registrars office, theyepting ballots after 10:00 p.m. the county saw record enrollment, followed by a crush of conditional voters. you can see the line stretching out the door and around the registrars building for most of the day. the last conditional voter handed in herb ballot at 10:55 p.m. >> it's rewarding for us to have the people come out and exercise their right to vote. people stuck it out and made sure they got their conditional voter registration provisional ballot, and they were here to cast it. >> everyone wanted their voices to be heard. a total of 270,000 ballots are
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still uncounted in santa clara county. more than 885,000 people registered to vote in that county alone. this time last year, donations were pouring than 30 million bucks. one of our questions is where's that money. let's bring in that consumer investigator, chris chmura, what did you find? >> good evening, if you think i'm here to tell you that all of that money was squandered, i'm not for once. we followed the money, and we asked to meet real life recipients. well, we found real life fire victims, plusions that helped them. >> charity isn't something the harrison family ever needed. >> we were never ones to ever have to put a hand out or to need that, thank goodness. >> but that changed when the october fire storm swept down aaron drive. >> it was awful. >> the harrison's home and
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everything inside burned. >> and when we left because of where we are, we just kept thinking, we'll be back tomorrow. so we really took nothing. >> so they had nothing. but within a few days, they say they received help from the north bay fire relief fund. >> just to buy, you know, a little bit more clothing somewh and know that you're going to be fine, and it's a little thing but it really is a big thing. >> brent martinez is ceo of redwood credit union. it and its partners took in contributions from 41,000 donors in all 53 states and 23 countries. >> i didn't realize we were going to raise $32 million and it was going to be so successful. we reviewed a report the fund produced showing it gave me than 6,500 people an average of about $3,000 each to cover
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immediate expenses. later the fund provided back-to-school supplies for students. organizers say administrative costs were zero. the credit union covered the overhead. >> every dollar that was donated went to help the people that were impacted by the fire. >> the money didn't all go directly to individuals, the fund gave a million dollars to small businesses that were impacted by the fires, plus another 942,000 to support temporary housing, health and dental care. the remaining 9 1/2 million bent to five dozen nonprofits. this is one example of how nonprofits used donations, a shed, why a shed? >> that's a great question. >> kevin cox's group, the hope crisis response network calls these sheds of hope. empty lots, sheds are the first place to store some belongings. the first sign of reconstruction, the first indication of normalcy. >> that building is the sign of hope. it's the opportunity to see, you
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know what, i've got started. >> cox says his group gathered more than a thousand volunteers to build more than a hundred sheds for fire victims and it would not have been possible without a grant from the fire relief fund. >> that was truly amazing to be a part of. >> the fund says a panel of people who knows the community's needs reviewed each nonprofit request and later required spending reports to make sure donations went to help the fire victims like the harrisons. >> miles and jen are energized about rebuilding, optimistic about the future, and humbled by the outpou help that will forever be part of their past. >> just unbelievable. >> the north bay fire relief fund is now closed but others are still raising money via the online web site go fund me. yeah, there are some people still making donations. go fund me doesn't usually vet to you to figure out
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whether they are telling the truth. it created a special page dedicated to the north bay fires. go fund me says the people here have been verified. they are real and your donations are going to genuine victims, not scammers. if you have something for us to check out, let us know, 888-996-tips or online at >> that's a huge relief because that really gives you pause when you go on the site to figure out whether or not you should be giving or not. >> the fact of the matter is it's all on us. c we have to are telling the truth, but this is one exception, a good exception, because a lot of people out there really are still struggling. >> jeff ranieri is with us, talking about fire danger in the other bay area. >> this is the 6th red flag fire warning in the past month, really putting everybody on edge in the north bay. we are under this micro climate weather alert right now.
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we want to be very specific on who is under this fire warning. it's similar to the last several we've had. it's isolated areas in the northeast and the south bay. it's for hills at a thousand feet and above. that's where we could see occasional gusts of 20 to 40 miles per hour. this begins at 10:00 p.m. tonight, lasts until 7:00 a.m. on friday. i do want you to notice that a lot of highly populated areas at sea level are n warning. many of us will not be feeling those extremely gusty winds. up in the hills, we do expect those occasional gusts and that's why we are under this. despite the fact if you get any wind or not tomorrow, the other thing we have been tracking is how dry we are. we did get rainfall to start the season on october 1st. we haven't seen anything since then. we're now running a deficit of anything from about 1 to rely no mope over e bay area, the next seven days in our forecast. the question we're asked a lot is what about the drought.
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we are back in drought across california. more of a moderate to severe drought in southern california. we're in the lowest level here. you can see this area of shaded yellow across the northeast and the south bay, what they term abnormally dry. we're at the beginning stages of that drought. temperatures tomorrow are going to be warm. upper 70s and low 80s from the east bay to the north bay, also the south bay, notice san francisco at 73. at look at what winter could bring us in terms of rainfall. >> see you then. from criminal to crash victims, the flashy new video that chp hopes will convince drivers that they really shouldn't run from the police. headquarters.
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this is a story we )ve been following for a few days. a tragic accident near google headquarters, this is a story we have been following for a few days. tonight we have confirmed a shuttle bus ran over a google employee. a small memorial has popped up near google's mountain view campus emily hong was hit. the crash happened monday night at the intersection of
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charleston and huff. police say hong was walking when that shuttle bus hit her. today a google spokesperson telling us hong worked in the google finance organization and was beloved by her coworkers. this one is crazy, a chp helicopter capturing a car chase in the east bay that ended with the driver sasng into the water. it happened monday, alameda county sheriffs deputies and chp officers were chasing the driver of the bmw when they lost control on northbound 880 and 66th avenue in oakland. you can see the car ended up in the water. when it appeared, the suspect was not going to surrender. a chp officer went into the water and got him. up next, resigning at the request of the president, essentially forced out, jeff sessions is out as attorney general. what does it mean for the russia investigation? our political analyst, larry gursten joins us next. plus. you are a rude, terrible
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person. >> a combative news conference that lasted for more than an hour. president trump's mixed message following the midterm elections. i am a family man.
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my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. jeff sessions is forced to resign as attorney general. right now at 6:30, political fireworks in washington. jeff sessions forced to resign as attorney general and president trump holding combative news conference. . one day after the election shook up the beltway, things are getting heated. >> the landscape of congress is changing and so is the trump administration. janelle wang joining us with what has been a fiery day. >> president trump fired up,
6:30 pm
slamming a cnn reporter, and late this afternoon, we have reporter, jim te house has now acosta, from the white house. the white house claims acosta put his hands on a white house intern as she tried to take the microphone away. acosta calls it a lie. many twists on this day after the midterm elections. after an election where his party lost control of the house, president trump still calling the night a win. >> i thought it was a very close to complete victory. >> republicans increasing their control of the senate, picking up three more seats, the president attributing that to his aggressive campaigning. >> history really will see what a good job we did in the final couple of weeks. >> but as for the house flipping from red to blue, that's on outgoing republicans, he says, taking down a list of those who did not embrace his agenda and lost. >> mia love gave me no love, and she lost, too bad. >> the president speaking with
6:31 pm
reporters during a lengthy news conference. >> mr. president, i have one other question if i make ask on the russia investigation. are you con'mcerned not concern anything with the russia investigation because it's a hoax. that's enough, put down the mic. >> suggesting he only needs to negotiate with house democrats to get a deal and send the legislation over to a gop senate for a slam dunk. >> it really could be a beautiful bipartisan type of situation. >> reporter: even extending this olive branch to the likely lepelosi, but saying he would consider it a war like posture if the democrats use the new house majority to investigate him. pelosi responding. >> we see a need to go forward, we will. >> reporter: saying democrats will not go looking for a fight. >> well, not only did democrats gain some ground in the house, so did women. some are calling it a pink wave.
6:32 pm
right now, women hold 84 of the 435 seats, but after last night, they picked up some more seats. they picked up another eleven at least, so it's 95, and they could add three more after all the ballots are counted. a good night for women. check out this layout, you can see it's still dominated by men. women hold less than a quarter. the winners including 29-year-old alexandria ocasio, and the first native american women and muslim woman elected last night. both tennessee and arizona will have their first female senators. >> a lot happening. now, the shake up of the white house comes as no surprise. the timing did catch a lot of people off guard. the president fired attorney general jeff sessions. sessions submitted his letter of resignation. you can see it here. it started by saying quote, at
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your question,request, i am suby resignation. he walked out of the justice department as staff members greeting him with applause. democrats immediately expressing concern over the status of the mueller investigation into russian involvement in the 2016 election. >> any attorney general, whether this one or another one, should not be able to interfere with the mueller investigation in any way. they should not be able to end it. they should not be able to limit it. >> reporter: matthew whittaker is now the acting attorney i a during the bush administration, most recently he was sessions chief of staff. >> let's bring our political analyst, larry gersten to talk about it, is it really a surprise he asked for his resignation the day the democrats took over the house. >> he couldn't wait. i wouldn't be surprised if it was 8:01 last night he picked up the phone. this leads to a series of issues and questions about what happens next. first of all, whittaker himself
6:34 pm
may be tainted. if you have gone into his history, he's issued a series of statements about how the mueller investigation has gone too far. >> including an article. >> the question is does he need sn't recuse himself, there are other questions. for example, he doesn't have to fire robert mueller, all he has to do is cut back his budget. all he has to do is saying i don't want you going in this direction or that direction. mueller must get approved before he goes in any direction. there's a multitude of ways mueller can be hampered to the point that he's totally ineffective. that's the kind of thing people are going to be watching in the days to come gl people talking about the his -- to come. >> people talking about the histrionics, and some parameters, rules of engagement here. >> i think they can work together. the question is how much does each of them really want to work
6:35 pm
together. democrats have a problem. they can't get too cozy with republicans. they're the other side. if they do, they put themselves in jeopardy for 2020. republicans have a problem, the president has a problem too, he can't get too cozy. on the other hand, when he runs for reelection, should he choose to do so, president trump has to show something. infrastructure is begging for some kind of deal. it's a natural. the question is will the president move on infrastructure without saying i want the money for the wall, without saying, i want the immigrants stopped from coming all together. we don't know. this is new territory. this is the first time the democrats are at the table. we just don't know how the table is going to work. >> how much of as it on the president's part to continue to take on the press, especially like he did today for jim acosta. >> yes, the republicans picked up a couple of seats in the senate, they lost the house. they lost the house. in fairness, this was no big surprise.
6:36 pm
the average gain for an off year election, we have talked about this, is 30 seats, what did the democrats pick up, 34, 35, but still, it stains the president. it stains the president after all th campaigning he's done in recent weeks, and so yes, he's deflecting. he doesn't want to talk about the democratic gains and now the real opposition. he wants to talk about anything that can get him the audience and the public away from that and on to him. >> thank you, larry for your insight. well, governor blown is celebrating a midterm e -- brown is celebrating a long-term election, pleased that californians voted against lowering taxes, voting down the gas tax increase which was on the ballot. >> look, this is about building for the future. just think about what you're paying. they don't want to say, well, what are you buying? we're buying the future, we're buying safety, buying bridge overpasses, holding up in an earthquake. >> governor brown defended the gas tax in his top priority in
6:37 pm
this election. republicans led the effort to repeal that measure. >> and what about our water, a measure that would have given the state's water, infrastructure an update was rejected by voters. prop 3 called for the state to authorize $9 billion in bonds to cover water and environmental projects. supporters say it would have helped guard against the impact of future drought conditions but critics argue it's simply too costly for taxpayers. >> i'm not sure this was the perfect bond for what we needed in this state. but as a whole, i think the state kind of lost out. water is absolutely a place where we need more investment, and we're going to have to do it one way or another. >> prop 3 was shot down. back in june, voters did pass a $4 billion park and water bond. 2/3 of that money will go toward projects to improve state forests, beaches and parks. well, marc benioff asked the
6:38 pm
questions, and elon musk answers nvsation between the tech titans that could possibly lead to change in san francisco. bris
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6:40 pm
we )ve learned it started accidentally. the fire broke out th follow up on that fire in brisbane. we learned it did start accidentally. the fire broke out at the recology recycling centert ng it sent smoke in the air and forced nearby visitation middle contained and no one is hurt. could elon musk be doing it here in the bay area, the next big dig. the idea started with a twitter exchange between musk and sales force billionaire, marc benioff. he tweeted this video that his boring company does in los angeles. benoff responded asking elon musk if he could build something similar in the bay area. musk responded with sure, we can do it. no further comments. giants mascot lucille
6:41 pm
breaking the ice for the holiday ice rink. the opening ceremony included a skating demonstration. i think that's brian boytano, a fan of the annual tradition. >> everybody loves coming here to celebrate the holiday season. they like going shopping and skating, they like seeing the tree. it's turned into an iconic post. >> it's a great spot, even though it's 80 degrees outside it foleels like. open through january 21st. we need to get out there and skate with brian. >> i'm totally getting out there. i'm doing my hamel camel for brian. >> i actually can't do it. sort of a modified hammel camel. . i do a version.
6:42 pm
>> i got to see it. it's going to feel like florida outside if you're going to the skating rink the next couple of days. plus, details on this red flag fire warning that's gripping a lot of northern california. she is the first oakland mayor to get a second term since jerry brown. what's libby schaaf's top priority. we'll fine out next. throom you e needs a makeover. let a professional rebath design consultant help craft the look you want. call 925-233-6471 and save $1000 off your complete bathroom remodel
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but the woman running some new faces will be joining oakland city council next year but the woman running city hall is staying in power. incumbent mayor libby schaaf is the projected winner in oakland's mayoral race. >> some fear the affordable oakland they remember will be long gone in four years. joili us now from city hall. >> reporter: mayor libby schaaf is the first oakland mayor since jerry brown to win a second term and she says that continuity and that stability here at city hall is going to help her get tangible results, especially
6:45 pm
when it comes to tackling the city's homeless crisis. the votes are coming in, and it looks like incumbent oakland mayor libby schaaf is here to stay. >> when i come into the second term and look forward to the work ahead, it is with an eye to the need to obliterate the disparities that plague our city. >> reporter: those disparities come into full focus here at the st. vincent depaul homeless center. the mayor said she picked the shelter to hold her post election press conference because it serves as a reminder there's a lot of work to be done to tackle the city's homeless crisis. >> with another four years, i believe i can be far more effective. >> i think we got the shaft. >> reporter: the oakland tough slogan did not work on voters like audrey rut ledge who argue the top shed communities are not permanent solutions for the city's homeless.
6:46 pm
>> maybe there's somewhere in the city she did a positive job. on my beat, she didn't. >> reporter: three more camps are coming to oakland, bringing the total to six. someone else who's not a fan, one of the new names to join oakland city council next year, district two's nicky fortunato bas. >> i don't think they are. i think we have to look at public land for public good as the number one solution. >> reporter: the mayor says she's considering making staffing changes during her second term but that will no include changes at the top of oakland police department. she says she's very pleased with the police chief, anne kirkpatrick. i'm melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, melissa. a seal pup in the bay area may have the chance to go back into the wild. this is the pup. check her out. her name is choko. rescuers in humboldt county found him four months ago, ma
6:47 pm
malnourished and all alone. but he needed more seals, so they moved him to the salsalito center, and they hopefully will release him back into wild. that's choko. >> i like his little whiskers there. >> giving a little wave. he was great. >> buckled up a little. >> thanks for helping me. >> jeff is back with us now talking about our warm weather as we inch towards a big day tomorrow at at&t park with the willie mccovey memorial. >> it will be beautiful, temperatures in the 70s, but the side effect of the heat is going to be the fire danger adds we br you into micro climate forecast. it is for isolated spots in the bay area. we'll show you that in a second. i did want to start off with something we talked about in the 5:00 show. that's why we're goingee more wind build in. high pressure bringing the warm air. we have had that all week long. the new thing that's happening is this area of low pressure is
6:48 pm
sneaking down the backside of california and developing across southern nevada. when you get high pressure and low pressure together, you get wind created. air flows from high pressure to low pressure, so it's going to help to drag the dryer wind across northern california and also turn it a little bit here out to sea. it's an east, nea it has been certainly again. we would like rainfall to help us out. it's not going to happen, not over the next seven days. a thousand feet and above for the northeast and parts of the south bay with occasional gusts of 20 to 40 miles per hour. a lot of lower elevations will get winds tomorrow. it's just not going to be as gusty. many of us will not be getting the 40 to 50 miles per hour gusts. it's for the danger in the hills. as the dryer wind builds in, it will start us off with mostly clear skies.
6:49 pm
when the wind kicks up, could feel like the upper 30s. maybe a slight windchill, again, in the upper 30s. san francisco, fog free and 49. you'll also need the jacket here in the north bay as we'll be dropping down to 42. another surge in temperatures dryer breeze in thels to warm t. that's why we're good for 80 in morgan hl. 79 in san jose. 75 in cupertino. the east bay, head over the hills, back to inland valleys, also 82 in concord. notice the coastline, my forecast tomorrow has it going up to 70 at half-moon bay with a slight offshore breeze. it's a dryer wind, it's a reverse of the ocean breeze so that's why you're going to warm up. 70s returning in san francisco so if you're heading to at&t park, as raj mentioned, expect low to mid-70s. the north bay will be warm. 78 santa rosa, also 76 in mill less wind building in by days.
6:50 pm
the wind calms down for the inland valleys by saturday's forecast. beautiful weekend coming our way with sunshine. i would like to see some rain falling here. it's just not going to happen the next seven days. for the bay area, right now, this means average to possibly below average rainfall as we move right into your winter forecast. we're watching maybe some activity near us by thanksgiving but too early to tell on that. >> that's coming quick. >> we always want a moist turkey. >> put it in the rain. thanks, jeff. the giants have a new boss and he might be reshaping this franchise, asap. we're going to hear from farhan zaidi next. [ phone rings ] what?! ready for christmas? no, it's way too early to be annoyed by christmas. you just need some holiday spirit! that's it! this feud just went mobile. with xfinity xfi you get the best wifi experience at home.
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here's what's next on extra, inside simon's $24 million estate. oprah unwraps her favorite things for 2018. don't feel intimidated but he's a smart guy. science degree from mit, economics from cal, and now he's the new president of baseball f. he's not trying very hard. >> what does he have that we don't have? >> a lot. >> that means he's the zaidi is rebuilding the giants and he says any deal is possible, even trading away mad bump. here's colin resch at the
6:54 pm
>>ou know, we wanted farhan to come in and really, you know, put together the blueprint, and we know what the record's been the last two years. we wanted to, you know, change as quickly as possible. >> bear went on to admit how quick things could change is unknown, thus the reasoning on the five-year deal. the hiring of zaidi signifies the plunge into the pool that is the current state of major league baseball, got his ph.d. from cal in tlerch. he's -- 2011. he's a number guy. >> it's a tough game to manage. it's tough to manage dealing wi 59-41 strategy series. it's not my goal to armchair manage. i want somebody who feels empowered to make those
6:55 pm
decisions and want to be able to talk through strategies and the roster, and everything that comes with running a team on a day-to-day basis. >> the roster, what will it look like for opening day, and will madison bum gartner be on the team, he's set to hit free agency after next season. >> he's been a seminole pillar of this franchise for a long time, and that carries a lot of weight, and at the same time, you know, this is kind of day one for me. i'm eager to get opinions from a wide range of people on what they think makes sense in terms of a broader direction, and i think where we are, everything's got to be on the table in terms of how we move this team and roster forward. >> reporter: translation,untouc. at at&t park in san ci no one in zaidi was getting his ph.d. at cal, called the oakland a's and said i want to work for you, they hired him. 32,000 bucks a year.
6:56 pm
>> look where he is now. >> thanks for joining us. we'll see you at 11:00. >> bye bye.
6:57 pm
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