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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 8, 2018 11:00pm-11:33pm PST

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small town of paradise -- is geting wiped out. tonight as we speak the small town of paradise is getting wiped out. hospital, church and school. this is new video of the fire's fury. hundreds of homes burned and thousands of people on the move. >> approximately 24,000 residents, majorityt their fireho the bay if
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cult and dangerous night for firefighters as well. primary mission now is saving lives. >> video painting a heartbreaking picture of the situation northeast of us. unclear how many homes and businesses have been lost. hope is all evacuees are making it out safely. started 6:30 this morning east of chico and exploded, triggering a mass evacuation and terror for people. 15,000 threatened. cheryl hurd from paradise. i've spoken to aot of people in bay area worried about family member paradise. >> reporter: they are. and what you're looking at used to be a home.
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used to be entire neighborhood. and it's burned to the ground. as you can see, winds are picking up, shifting and there's no containment in sight. paradise is burning. >> went from zero to nuclear very, very fast. >> reporter: raging through the sierra foothills. started around 6:30 this morning. >> red flag warnings, low rh, low humidity, high winds and terrain, all bone dry. >> reporter: almost everything burningground. >> elderly populace up here. mo bned. explosions all day. >> reporter: danger is everywhere. power lines are down. firefighters doing what they can to keep what is standing from burning as they rescue people
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trapped in homes. >> i don't know if whole town is burned down. numbers in hundreds if not thousands. >> reporter: homes and businesses burn, people have been ordered to evacuate. >> took us 3 1/2 hours to get down the hill between the fire and black smoke and ashes. >> reporter: some leaving cars behind, jumping into cars with strangers to get out. >> had a friend drive by us on skyway and we were yelling through the cars. he was like oh, i saw your house. how is it? on fire. >> this is a very dramatic fire. and unfortunately it's the new people gave me their addresses to check on their onc h i i won't be able to until tomorrow. tonight is all about homes are
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burned, businesses have burnt. but two firefighters have be injured. reporting live in paradise. nbc bay area news. >> paradise lost. homes, businesses. oakland firefighters tweeted before and after pictures. bottom picture what they saw, a mcdonald's destroyed. local cruise are there as well. alameda posted this picture. within past hour, san francisco is sendingteam. san jose and santa clara also have crews in the zone. >> direct impact on the bay area. view from space of all the smoke, satellite photo, blowing southwest toward us. smothered for hours. view from the san jose foothills as sun set this evening. thick layer of haze has
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triggered air quality alert. especially dangerous in the north bay. >> just a light brown haze everywhere. just a cloud over the whole valley. >> we are under a smoke advisory. jeff what do you see for our air quality? >> looks smoky heading to tomorrow. also a fix, location on what we're seeing with the fire. cheryl hurd in live report with all the devastation, damage in paradise. likely seeing a similar situation in maggalia and pulga as well. new evacuations in parts of chico and durham. not as windy tomorrow but could still get up to 25 miles an hour. in the bay area it's all about the smoke. seen the plumes moving down, see it here in the satellite loop.
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color. very unhealthy. not as bad for contra costa and alameda county but we'll have more tips in about 15 minutes. another breaking story at this hour. fast-moving brush fire in n newberry park area. scorched around 10,000 acres since this afternoon. mandatory evacuations. highway 101 expected to remain closed overnight. 30 miles east cruise are working to contain another fire, woolsey fire, charred when 2,000 acres, and evacuations are under way there as well. other top story, nation is grieving with the community of
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thousand oaks. senseless loss of lives after mass shooting at popular bar. tonight several candlelight vigils and then funeral arrangements will be discussed. elena housley, pepperdine university, her life taken. killed ten people in the country western bar. marine combat veteran who turned the gun on himself. damian trujillo, what stands out tonight? >> reporter: it's the same vigil you get from all the other tragedies. i covered one in oregon in 2015, same sense of loss from the communities. very tragic. crime scene behind me remains under heavy guard.
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road is next to highway 101 and exits are closed. block everybody off from the area as the community comes to grips with the tragedy. >> may you be prevalent tonight and may you be see seen in the community. >> reporter: prayer and vigil. thousands to honor the victims of the latest tragedy. >> known to be one of the safety cities. >> reporter: belief shattered by a lone gunman. 20-year-old ian david long, marine corps veteran believed to be suffering from ptsd. opened fire with a hand gun with extended clip killing a dozen people cebrating college night. among the dead, sergeant ron helus, he ran into the club to save lives, only to lose his own
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with many college students. this woman says she witnessed police arrive to tell her neighbor that her brother was among the dead. >> our strength comes through you, we'll get through this. >> reporter: tonight the community has a lot of questions. why did it happen in city supposed to be safe? why did nobody know that long could be capable of such a tragedy? the fbi tonight is still looking for a motive in this shooting. live in thousand oaks. nbc bay area news. the young woman from napa had just started pepperdine university this fall. you can imagine her friends and family are horrified and saddened by this tragic death. hundreds gathered at her high school for emotional memorial. their pain has to feel
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incomprehensible to them. >> reporter: it's overwhelming, shooting of elena housley has shocked, stunned and saddened this community, her community in napa. flag at her old high school at half mast. family, friends and even her congressman came here to grieve together. ♪ on your heart >> reporter: singing through tears, vintage high school students lead the memorial. the pepperdine college es killed in thousand oaks. >> always had biggest smile onc outstanding student and supporter of everyone's dream. >> reporter: thodsed the s played last year. holding one another, crying for young woman with promising
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future ahead. >> an athlete who never stopped trying. a student who never stopped studying, a leader who never stopped connecting to everyone around here. >> reporter: school community is heartbroken but planning to rally around her brother, freshman, and mother, who is teacher on campus. >> one more tragic loss because of senseless violence. >> reporter: hopeful that progress can be made on gun violence legislation, more personal than ever. knows housley's father and donated supplies to gun violence prevention event in june. >> tragic tribute in south bay as well. mayor of campbell requested the lights be turned off. and governor has ordered flags
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at half state across the state. next, fired up and demanding action. message a couple of thousand protesters have for president trump this evening. also -- >> things that happened while i was there, knew everything wasn't legit. >> whistleblower speaks out, we investigate, next. fire warning until 7:00 a.m. smoke forecast in just a few minutes. so, let's talk about conference calls. there's always a certain amount of fumbling.
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11:14 pm still on the road tonight after causi a bay area towing company with a history of safety violations is still on the road tonight even after causing death of a young mom. >> a whistleblower has stepped forward saying the company is putting workers and public in danger. vicky nguyen. >> told me he can't understand why regulators allow irvine auto towing to stay in business. history of cheating workers out of wages and ignoring safety
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issues. as of april 20th, permit was suspended. for that number. were you aware of that? >> i know nothing about that. >> things that happened while i was there, just knew everything wasn't legit. >> reached out after seeing our reports revealinas still in bus even after suspended permit to tow cars. this car became unhitched, rolling and killing woman as she repaired a water main in san francisco. >> just cost somebody their life. >> started working in late august jump starting cars. saw red flags from the start. >> watched vehicle after vehicle be serviced in the yard by handymen who just looking up
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stuff on youtube and piecing things together. >> after three weeks on the job he said he quit when company refused to pay him for all his hour. >> never filled out a w-2, first weeks there, worked four days without pay. >> company has a history of not paying its workers. last year the state issued a $4.8 million fine for cheating dispatchers, drivers and mechanics out of hard-earned wages. more than a year later state says not collected a penny of that fine to repay employees. fwo forced to work overtime without overtime pay. awayen did you say enough is your business license? >> if you're asking if there's a double standard, i have to say yes. >> labor attorney represents
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victims of wage theft across the state. >> steal your wallet, criminal charges and go to jail. employers repeatedly rip off wages of hard-working families and aren't charged criminally. >> represented two irvine towing workers. company settled. said should arrow a bond to do business or put a lien on property when commit wage theft. puts people in dangere get on the road and get in more accidents. >> told you aut list of safety violations, hiring unlicensed drivers and operating without insurance. owners never returned our calls. asked the state labor division why haven't gone after the company. declined to interview but says hard work is being done to
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collect the wages. >> still operating same way. >> back in school and looking to start new career but still wanted to speak out on safety issue affecting workers and public. >> state knows about it, doesn't do anything about it. i addition to the labor commissioner, chp, sfpd and cal osha tell us they have ongoing investigations look into the company. but none of that has slowed it down. we'll stay on the story. >> whistleblower did reach out to us. if you want to connect 1-888-996-tips. exploding fire has decimated the town of paradise. live picture of what is left of one neighborhood there. flames still very much a part and no houses standing. talking about businesses
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destroyed, homes destroyed. could be hundreds, maybe a thousand at this point. not sure of the number at this point. thousands of people have been evacuated, two firefighters injured. going to be a long night on the fire lines as crews attempt to get containment. bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> let's take you into the microclimate weather right now. many of you, including myself, have family up there and concerned with what is happening right now. a look at where the fire is and forecast of the tomorrow. situation we saw in paradise from cheryl hurd earlier is probably going to be similar in
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magalia and pulga as fire started here and raced down the higher elevations. getting closer to parts of southern chico and durham, new evacuations there. if you know anyone who lives in these areas,ak o that and tunede information. tomorrow's forecast, gusts about 25 miles per ho humit sh. a twi reports. smoke in bay areas this is a smoke forecast model. key at top of the screen. orange to red is thicker smoke. forecast model. fire is right there and tomorrow it's showing us that smoke is expected to stay there across the bay area and possibly ash throughout the bay.
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don't expect a super blue sky tomorrow. because of the smoke, tips. limit outdoor exposure is number one way to help out. ac on recirculate in the car, get manual pou breathe easier. n-95 mask. bring pets inside. they're impacted by smoke. hazy. cold in the 40s. south bay to tri-valley. simple on the for coastline, 60s. wind forecast showses breezy by sunday. on and off smoke into next monday, no rain over next seven days. inland valleys, 70s next week. look at forecast on thursday. notation there, may get rainfall around thanksgiving. we'll keep a close eye on that.
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great reminder for all of us to have bag to go. family in chico i talked to were doing that if asked to evacuate. >> are they okay? where are they going? >> they're fine, just staying alert. if they have to go, they're dems have a message for president trump one day after he forced attorney general jeff sessions to resign. happening now, dublin is getti getting ikea. located along 580 and hacienda drive. critics fear will bring in problems, including traffic. back in a moment. the fire threa the bay area after a dangerous combination of high winds and dry conditions. we )ll be tracking any problems overnight. and kari has your exclusive forecast for all the big events this weekend. tomorrow morning from
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and save $1000 off your complete bathroom remodel general jeff sessions was asked to resign -- thousands of ♪ nobody is above the law a day after attorney general jeff sessions was forced to resign, hundreds c mueller's in. demonstrators fear that newly appointed attorney general will try to end the russian hacking probe. in san jose thousand gathered in city hall plaza. message to the president, no one is above the law. >> christine blasey ford says she's still being harassed. accused the now justice of sexual assault in high school.
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kavanaugh denies it. still getting threats, lost privacy and needs security 24/7 for herself and family. goodbye for willie mccovey. at&t park remember the hall of famer. feared hitter on the field but humble and kind off of it.0 yea. >> a nice celebration of his life today. next, bad night for the wourz. tell you what happened to steph curry. stay with us. (toni vo) 'twas the night before christmas,
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a devastating wildfire that continues to rage out of final update out of butte county. devastating night. fire destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses in paradise east of chico. thousands of people have had to evacuate that town and surrounding towns. videos posted by families on the move, surrounded by flames as they try to make it out. many wondering how they can help, figure out how to help the victims. hope center in orville is taking
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donations. warm socks, coats needed for elderly residents, primarily the town made up of elderly. >> not as windy tomorrow. >> we'll update throughout the night and morning program at 4:30 a.m. thanks for joining us. >> bye-bye. cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- emma stone, bridget everett,


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