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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 9, 2018 4:30am-4:58am PST

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overnight breaking news at 4:30, destructive wildfires exploding overnight across the state, from the north to the south, emergency evacuations, as flames fueled by strong winds demolish homes. >> my home was across the street. i woke up, and my house was full of smoke, and i walked out of the house, and there was fire all the way around my very, very fast. >> our team monitoring updates minute by minute, as they come in. we'll give you the very latest. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington.
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we'll get to that breaking news in just a second, but first, we're tracking a red microclimate weather alert here in the bay area. kari has been talking about that, it's not looking good. >> it's not looking good because we've had strong winds and low humidity. we know we have a lot of dry fuels. we are going to continue to see that red flag warning continue for the next few hours, and then we'll see if it gets extended by the national weather service, but all these areas shaded in red are still dealing with some high wind gusts and elevations above 1,000 feet, may see any flames spreading quickly. we also have smoke lingering across the bay area, from the camp fire up in butte county, that is blowing into especially the north bay, east bay and the peninsula, unhealthy air quality today. make sure that you are aware of that, and that smoke advisory continues through 10:00 p.m., s as we head over to mikeroads. >> the roads are very calm. you're following the wind advisory, affects from the fire to the north and of course that
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particulate matter, themoke and ashd e. the roadways are moving smoothly. no problems in my department as far as what's going on early morning. there is out of the north bay, cocoa county. farther north you go, the more you'll smell it and feel it as far as what you're looking at t bridge and bay bridge, moving smoothly into and across san francisco. live look of the san mateo bridge shows you clear traffic. under the lights there's a little of typical fog but it's not fog. it's that pollution coming down out of the north bay fires. we're back to you. >> there's so much going on, on this friday morning, our breaking news, tracking actually three major wildfires across our state. in southern california, 75,000 homes were evacuated after a fire in l.a. and counties exploded overnight, this is near thousand oaks. this is a situation developing really by the minute. we'll get to the fire burning in northern california's butte county in just a moment as well.
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>> first southern california, with the incredible video coming in right bay's" kris sanchez is tracking all of that development for us. >> you mentioned the 75,000 homes under mandatory evacuation orders, and already some of those homes have burned to the ground. we want to show you how fast that fire is just consuming those homes. you could see several homes on fire here in this video, but you can also see in the middle of your screen, all of the emergency personnel who were there on the ground trying to prevent this very thing. the helicopter reporter was talking about how strong and erratic the winds were, justbufd the same time. down on the ground the same winds kept changing re >> rene, i think we back to themoment. guys, give us a few moments. >> so you can see the blowing embers, you can see the trees that are lighting on fire, bushes catching fire because of the embers as well. firefighters are in a defensive position. they are not aiming for
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containment. they are just going from spot to spot, trying to keep other structures from catching fire. take a listen to what is also happening on the ground. so those little explosions sound like fireworks. they're not fireworks. that is the sound of transformers that are catching fire and then of course they are creating their own fire threat as well. all of this happening on the ground. we know that many homes are already destroyed, but as you saw from that helicopter video, there are flames just popping up everywhere because those winds are so strong, and erratic. so kari's forecast is definitely critical, the firefighters are watching for that situation as well. now, we had one firefighter who said these things take a while e homes are, but then once they get there, they burn really fast, so anybody who is ever under mandatory evacuation orderst if you're under voluntary evacuation orders, probably good advice as well, that's
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applicable to us here in northern california as well. >> exactly. it shows how quickly things can change. you into ed to move. thanks a lot, kris. 4:35 for you right now. in northern california, butte county, the entire town of paradise is under evacuation. so far, hundreds of those homes have burned, and we're talking about big structures here, the hospitals, church and schools have been destroyed. this monster fire showing no signs of slowing down, this started at 6:30 yesterday morning, this is east of chico, and exploded, triggering a mass evacuation, and really terrifying those people having to escape their homes. >> the fire got here so fast, the warning process, we just couldn't get to people fast enough. multiple people had to take shelter inside ofui in their homes until firefighters could get to them. >> this is the camp have the bay," we are following other news this morning as well. disney working on a streaming service, when it will launch.
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>> and we're tracking breaking news, two wildfires burning in southern california, and another in northern california. more on that right after the break.
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good morning, i'm frank holland from cnbc global headquarters. here are ard a mixed day yesterday. the s&p snapped a three-day win streak, dragged lower by energy stocks, while the nasdaq fell a half percent. the dow managed to settle slightly higher and notched a four-day win streak. today we'll get data on u.s.
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producer prices. more store closures for sears. the company announcing an additional 40 locations set to close early next year, including two in california. the latest round of closures are an addition to the 142 that sears announced when it filed for bankruptcy last month. at that point, about 700 sears and kmart stores were in operation. cnbc sources say sears is trying to finalize the loan for emergency financing, after previous talks stalled. and disney is releasing more details about its streaming service, announcing it will be called disney and itel enterta previously said it would pull all of its movies from netflix in 2019 as it builds the rival product. disney has seen success with its sportscenter streaming service espn plus, which gained more than 1 million paid subscribers in its first five months. and those are your cnbc business headli headlines. laura and marcus, back over to you. >> thank you, frank. >> it's 4:40 now. coming up next on "today in the
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bay," we are tracking some major wildfires that are burning, both in northern and southern california. and you can see and smell the smoke as you head out the door, as we look at the headlights that, is not fog, that is smoke, and we're going to have to breathe that in, as we field some cool temperatures this morning, but it will be warming up today. we'll talk about the temperatures and what else to expect, coming up next. you can see the bay bridge from emeryville looks fine. twinkling. there's a lot of stuff in the air, you can't make anything beyond the closer buildings. we'll talk about what you'll see as far as your drive goes, coming up.
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welcome back to "today in the bay." we are covering breaking news on this friday morning. two massive fires burning in southern california, one is the woolsey fire, where 8,000 acres have already been consumed. there's zero percent containment on this one. look at what firefighters are up against, at least 30,000 homes are threatened, and look at those palm fronds there, the way the wind is blowing as well, forcing a lot of these embers along, forcing this fire to spread. >> we know there is a mandatory evacuation, that order is south of 101 freeway in hidden hills l. county, still looking at the massive fires. we're also covering the butte county fire just north of us there, another fire just joined, no sign of slowing down right now. >> that's right, the butte one is in butte county, they're calling it the camp fire. when you walk out the door here
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in the bay area, that's the one you may notice the smell of smoke in the air. in fact, we're in that red fire alert right now. >> and we do still have the winds coming in from the northeast, so think if we have a fire that's north of us, it's going to be blowing that smoke into the bay area, and that's what we've seen over the past i'd say about 18 hours, so as we look at our fire danger, it still continues for the bay area. hopefully we don't get any new wildfires burning, but we do still have critical conditions, with some low humidity and some gusty winds for our bay area hills. air quality isn't healthy from the north bay down to the peninsula. it's also drifting through the south bay, but it's moderate, so if you do have breathing everyone, es and breathing it starts to make you feel a little bit nauseous, and the smell can be really strong, sopr recirculate, close those windows. if you have an n95 mask, wear
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that today, and also stay hydrated today, and bring the pets inside. the smoke advisory continues through 9:00, and we will still see the drifts of smoke, and we're even still seeing the radar picking up on the flames and the thick plumes of smoke that is just to the east of chico and also just north of paradise, and those areas that have been evacuated. the weather conditions in those areas still very cool temperatures and very dry, and dropping downo degrees during the morning hours, but look at the relative humidity, that's also a very important factor of this. it's only at about 16%, with those winds coming in from the northeast. we are still going to have some very low humidity throughout the rest of the morning, and dropping down into the single digits over the next few hours. as we go into the rest of the day, humidity levels coming up slightly as we start to see the winds calming down as well. very light winds this morning, as you head out, at least for most of us in the well populated areas, but you canee the smoke, as we look at the
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headlights coming down in san rafael, headed toward san francisco. our high temperatures today headed into the upper 70s. it will be slightly cooler in spots, and that smoke actually acts as kind of a blanket over the bay area, and it doesn't allow our temperatures to get as warm as we've seen recently, so our temperatures coming down a few more degrees. if you need something to help keep you warm this morning, maybe a scarf, and this could act as also a little something to put over your nose and your mouth, if you get irritated by that smoke, also some jeans omfortable as our temperatures reach into the mid-70s. it will be breezy but winds will calm down as we go throughout the day, and highs reaching into the mid-70s throughout the seven-day forecast. still staying well above normal, as far as temperatures, and no rain on the way.ase head over t been tracking the morning commute. >> yes, kari, and very calm locally. the roadways, no fullsu last couple of weeks, very calm drive right now. we're very fortunate, over here in the santa cruz mountains 17
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no delays. 101 to or from the south county it's fine here. 101 closer to ventura county, keep in mind that is an evacuation south of 101 because of the fire down there, and that may affect your drive later on, so monitor that traffic, and we will let you know if we hear about any closures into southern california. no problems over here, cocoa county to the bay bridge easy drive. out in the bay no problems. kari talked about the fire to the north in butte county, that is not affecting i-5, but it is directly to the north of sacramento,e is san rafael and w of that smoke in the air. back to you. >> thanks, the fire fires, the hill fire and the in southern california, two woolsey fire, one 8,000 acres burned, the other 10,000 burned, just a massive take-on for the fire department and as well as many of the people living there. >> we join our sister station knbc in southern california. this is a look at people evacuating right now. >> reporter: how is it looking up there? >> it's crazy. there's flames everywhere. it's complete chaos, we're all
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in shock, especially after last night's shooting, this is the last thing we need in this town. >> reporter: no doubt about that. your neighbors heading out as well? >> all pretty much out of there, a couple people trying to stick it out, but other than that, they've taken off. th what happens. you decided to leave. >> yes. at this point, it's just flames are right outside the homes, time to get out of there. >> reporter: how long have you been living in this mms. >> um-hum. >> reporter: what did you manage to take? a see a couple of duffle bags. bags the back and suitcase in the trunk, belongings, in computer and tha it. >> reporter: where are you headed? >> my friend's house the other side of thousandsafer there. >> thank y . >> reporter: thank you, appreciate it. some folks have been evacuated, going to friend's house,
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relative's house and they've had to leave as well from that location. lot of places in the area, a lot of hotels, motels are completely woo booked and even those hotels and motels are being evacuated, so people are still trying to figure out exactly where they are headed to, but i want to have my photographer just go ahead and pan over here to these flames, again right above this hillside here on morrow road. we're making our way up to lang eanch elementary, and because, again, we just saw that t alrdy leaving, he worried, not taking any risks, any chances, packing up what they can. we still see a gentleman we were talking to, loading his mini van and trailer, still taking a couple of items out, but again, very crucial, fire officials telling us that people try to
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leave their homes. we know it's a difficult situation, but if they do head out, they're able to get in, and try to save as much property as they possibly can. so that is the situation out here, adrian and kathy. we'll keep an eye on it. circle. morrow circle is just west of the 23, north of the 101 freeway, again, we were making our way up to lang ranch elementary, and then this is what we saw along the way, and we just had to stop by and talk to folks, see how they were doing, see how they're managing the situation. >> we're watching our sister station knbc in southern california. you see the panic really, where people are being forced to evacuate all throughout the night. at least 75,000 evacuations have taken place. this is a combination of the woolsey fire in ventura county and the hills fire in l.a. county. >> we're going to continue, much more of the coverage on the fooiwild fires ahead. next, "nbc bay area responds."
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help in either language 888-996-tips, in english or 844-408-4848 in spanish. i hope you have a great weekend. >> are the will, thanks, chris. still breezy and smoky. here is a live look at 880 in fremont. our temperatures start out with some mid-40s and head to the mid-60s. we're also still under a red flag warning. more on that, and our wind forecast coming up. and the san mateo bridge clear for the drive, but kari has talked about that smoke in the air, look at those lights. lights along the bridge showing you the glow. we'lloads, coming up. and we are seeing california ablaze. there are three fires burning right now, one in butte county. you'll smell the smoke as you walk out the door. small town of paradise getting really wiped out by these flames. and also two other fires burning in southern california, l.a. county, ventura county as well. we've got full coverage coming up, including a live report. rip
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north to south. as homes burn to the breaking news, explosions across the state from north to south, homes burning to the ground, people just rushing out, trying to get to safety. >> i witnessed the burn up here. it has just been like armageddon up here. >> said oh, my god, this is terrible. this is, yes, it's out of control. >> and our team is live on the
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evacuations under way right now. we're also monitoring the impact of all the smoke we have right here at home. good morning, and thank you for joining us. i'm wheremarcus washington. >> and i'm the fires in a moment. first the red flag warning in effect for the last few days in the bay area. >> we have two more hours left of the critical fire conditions, and then we'll see if the national weather service will extend it or allow it to expire. this includes all of these areas shaded in red, where we do have those elevations above 1,000 feet, that have been experiencing some really gusty winds, and because of the camp fire in butte county farther to the north, and that smoke being pushed into the bay area, we have some unhealthy air quality from the north bay to the east bay and the peninsula, and the south bay seeing some moderate air quality, so that smoke advisory continues until 10:00 tonight. you should limit your time
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outside, and put your air conditioning on recirculate. also, if you have an n95 mask, you should wear that today, and stay hydrated. that will maybe help keep you from becoming asickthat feeling the pets inside. we'll talk more about that. s we head over to mike, i roadways. >> my department is moving smoothly and calmly. we have a disabled vehicle 238 just off the castro valley y, and out of lanes, from what i understand. cocoa county coming out of the north bay just fine as well. farther north from this map, 99 headed through chico, that will be affected by the butte county fire camp fire kari talked about. i'll talk about the effect of another fire in the southland on highway 101. back to you. back to breaking news, several massive fires burning ac ross the state. >> in southern california, 75,000 homes are evacuated, that's a combination of and l.acoun.
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two fires that are burning there, but we have been watching woolseyn a in ven that is in , there is zero percent containme containment. the second fire is called the hill fire, it is in l.a. county and up


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