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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 12, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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now. >> the goal tonight, trying to contain the flames before they hit the oroville dam. >> we do expect these numbers to change after we get the briefing from cal fire in a few mips. 113,000 acres burned, 180 square miles. 25% contained. more than 6,000 homes destroyed, another 260 businesses are gone. the death toll remains at 29. that's expected to rise, because there are so many people still reported missing. three firefighters have also been injured. we've also learned within the past 15 minutes that president trump has officially signed off on that disaster declaration for butte county and the area affected by the wildfires burning in southern california as well. >> let's give you a live look at the silver dollar fair grounds.
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we'll bring you the updates throughout our newscast. but let's begin with sam brock near oroville for us, sam? >> reporter: the flames, as you mentioned, jumped lake oravilov. we are standing on this particular road, bloomer hill road. the fire line is two miles down this way. they told me it was too dangerous, so we ended up here instead. what you are looking at now are strike teams carrying out a lot of the brush and fuel, trees and breaking it all down to create multiple lines of containment in the event that they're all needed. flames continue to fester on this heil side in the area of
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pulga, 20 or 30 miles from the town of paradise, prompting helicopters to circle and deploy fire detar dants. you are say you are one of the lucky ones, why do you say that? >> because i'm alive. very [ bleep ] simple. i'm alive. up in paradise, concal, people got fried. burnt in their cars, burnt in their houses. i'm alive and i'm lucky. >> reporter: he watched his three homes and mechanic shop become fuel for the fire. the butte county lifer now lives in his winnebago. on the other side of the evacuation zone, just north of lake oroville, national strike teams dig up fuel, fighting time. >> the fires that jumped lake oroville. we are building containment lines to hold it back. what we are doing is building a
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fuel break and giving a little bit more breathing time so the primary lines can work. if they don't, we have these to fall back on. >> reporter: the goal at this point is preserving life and property with thousands already displaced. >> that was sam brock reporting. let's now send it over to butte county where we're expecting updated numbers from fire officials, including cal fire. you see this live news conference is about to begin. in fact, here's one of the officials addressing the podium right now. let's listen in for new numbers from butte county. >> operational section chief. to start off with, operational, overall operational update, we had a good day today, although we did have some areas of the fire that were active, we able to get a lot of work done. starting in the big bar mountain area, that would be on the southeast side of the feather river drainage.
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that area of the fire did continue to spread towards the bear ranch com towers. we were successful getting fixed-wing aircraft up there to try to hold it in check. we have been able to move dozers up there and open up roads and try to connect the dots. down in the big ben area, the fire did continue to spread into big ben. we were able to make good progress. over in the bloomer hill area, that spot that did spot over to the bloomer -- berry creek. that did continue to slowly move toward the south. we have been successful getting dozers and working over that slopover to try to contain it. moving to the cherokee side. we did have that spot yesterday on the cherokee side. it's a little over a thousand acres now. we able to gain an anchor point and are working dozers and hang crews around that, trying to tie
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it back into the river. we have had minimal spread today on that section. we had a lot of work today in the town of paradise, magalia. we are still finds a lot of hot areas. coming down to the santos ranch area, we've made progress. last night we did have about a 70-acre spot that we were able to contain and get around today and continue pushing up from hell town toward nimshu. >> we did get important information we're learning from the fire officials there on site. it's 117,000 total acres burned.
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the fire is now 30% contained. so, for the past 24 hours, we had 25% containment, now it's at 30% containment. 5,0 52,000 people evacuated, 6,000 homes destroyed. we will pass on any additional information we get throughout the newscast. >> let's show you how much the camp fire grew over the weekend and put into context what we just heard from cal fire. this yellow portion is the burn area from yesterday. the red portions we're seeing here on the northeast and south is where the burn areas formed this morning. you heard the cal fire guy say they were able to make progress with some dozers and some hand tools. you can see, it's along this area here. and as sam showed us, heading down toward oroville is where they've been having some problems. he talked about magalia and
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paradise, hotspots, but they have this area a little more contained. these red areas are the ones of concern. but you are hearing from cal fire that they are making progress here in being able to attack the fire. >> so many people are still unaccounted for. but keep in mind, many could simply be at hotels or shelters and have yet to check in with family and friends. search and rescue teams are working round the clock none theless. jodi her nan d jodi hernandez joins us. we're here at the skyway mobile home park where searchers go through this once bustling neighborhood. cadafr dogs alerted several times, but we do not have confirmation if they located any more victims. >> this has been classified as the most destructive fire in the
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history of california and regrettably, it's probably going to result in the most deadly fire. >> reporter: cadaver dogs are scouring what's left of people's homes and neighborhoods, looking for victims of the destructive camp fire. >> we are going wherever we have a lead or suspect there might be human remains. >> reporter: one of those areas, the skyway mobile home park in paradise. firefighters are doing the heavy lifting. clearing the debris so forensic teams can get in. three teams of highly-specialized anthropologists have joined ten search and rescue teams to find victims. >> by some of the work the firefighters are doing allows the search and rescue teams to come in and make sure we don't have any remains here of people who were unable to escape the fire. >> reporter: more than 200 people remain missing tonight. they are working hard to get answers for their families. >> first and foremost, we want to make sure that the families and anyone that is still missing
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that we can get them closure and get this community back on its feet. >> it looks like a war zone up here. cars lined up along the road that people had to abandon. >> reporter: the owner of the only super market is blown away and can't brief helieve his sto still standing and can't stop thinking of those missing. >> keep them in your prayers, that's about all you can do. >> reporter: jodi hernandez. nbc bay area news. all the smoke from the camp fire is obviously making for ongoing poor quality. this is what it looked like up and down the bay area this afternoon. still just really hazy outside. bad weekend conditions turning into a bad workweek. we begin with jeff ranieri. the million dollar question is, when are we going to start to see some of this haze and smoke dissipate? >> you know, i don't really think we'll have a definitive
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change in the forecast, maybe until sunday or monday's forecast. that's based on a larger weather pattern shift that could be coming our way, overall, as we head through the next five days we may see subtle differences, but we may see smoke across the bay area. be prepared for the entire workweek. we had another stream of smoke right there. it's just continuing to stream here across the bay area. we'll get a look at the pollution right now. this is the particulate matter or pm. it makes it hard to breathe, make your eyes irritated. the red color is unhealthy and down here in san jose is orange, unhealthy for sensitive groups. no matter where you go you are looking at unhealthy air. near the bay and the coast.
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very unhealthy air. we've been talking about this. limit your outdoor exposure. keep your car ac on recirculate, get an n95 mask and take care of those pets, too. let's bring in marianne favro, live at levi stadium. despite doctors recommending people should stay indoors, we're talking tens of thousands of people coming out for tonight's niners game. there doesn't seem to be a lot of concern or at least they're willing to take the chance. >> reporter: you're right. we talked to a pulmonologist and he said you should definitely stay indoors when the air is bad like it is here at levi stadium, especially if you have a heart condition or respiratory problems. but we also talked to a lot of fans who are right now inside at the game, and they say they prefer to tough it out. you expect to see barbecue smoke and tailgating parties, but
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today fans got an extra dose of smoke blowing in from a massive fire in butte county. marcy neilson says it made her throat sore, but she has no intention of leaving. >> you know, i'm going to be here come hell or high water. i don't think i'm too concerned. >> reporter: but doctors don't recommend toughing it out in bad air. >> it's like being around a bus or something else belching out smokeout its exhaust. >> reporter: dr. hugh harris says the tiny particles from the smoke can take a toll on your body, especially if you have respiratory or heart problems. >> it's mostly going to be respiratory problems, coughing, tightness their chest. very long term exposure would be hazardous to heart health. >> reporter: from wearing masks on the job to changing habits. five consecutive spare the air days are taking a toll. >> it's making my eyes and nose
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irritated. >> reporter: dr. harris recommends people with respiratory problems invest in an n-95 mask which does a better job of keeping smaller particles if t in the smokeout of your lungs. extra oxygen will be on the sidelines for both teams during tonight's game. and there is no relief in sight. a spare the air alert is in effect until friday, this coming friday. also, several bay area high schools' sports teams have canceled competitions and had to reschedule for later this week because of the bad air. that includes tennis, football and cross country. reporting live in santa clara, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. coming up, if you want to help those who have lost everything in the fire, do it wisely. we'll show you how to find the right organizations to give to.
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plus more problems for the lime scooters. the reason why some are pulled right off the streets. electric
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popular across the bay area. here )s the latest there are more concerns about those electric scooters that are so popular across the bay area. here's the latest issue. some of those scooters could break in two while you're riding them. the lime company is in the midst
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of a global recall. nbc bay area shows you why the riders are worried. >> reporter: we're at the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station where lime has set up these scooters for commuters. they're very popular. this is the last one left. i was told by a source at lime a few hours ago that all the potentially dangerous scooters have been removed, although the company hasn't officially announced that yet. they are also taking steps to try to restore consumer confidence. the fastest growing electric scooter line is moving fast to ease public concerns. the san francisco-based company provides scooters made by several other companies and is getti getting rid of the ones used by a chinese company after reports those scooters can break in two. some riders ask, whose fault is it? >> wear and tear, stop and go, stop and go, but how much time are they spending in checking these scooters? >> reporter: a lime contractor told us a lot.
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don lou wallen was inspecting. >> they line them up and retrieve them. >> reporter: lime sent us a statement saying safety is their highest priority saying okai scooters were replaced immediately. the company is also working with the consumer product safety commission because reportedly, some okai scooters broke apart under normal riding conditions, a lime contractor says he sees a lot of abnormal riding. >> i've seen people crash, double up on scooters, try to do tricks off the sidewalk. >> reporter: now, again, i have been told that lime, all the potentially risky scooters have been replaced and everyone who has seen these ones still here, they have all been inspected. i've also been told that the
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safer replacement scooters won't be in place until the start of 2019. live in oakland, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you, robert. poor air quality is blamed for low turnout at some veterans services. mark matthews joins us live from san francisco, and mark, a lot of people were even thinking maybe they shouldn't have held them. but a lot of these vets say no, they had to be there. >> reporter: as you know, memorial day is a very big deal here at the presidio. but on this veteran's holiday, the korean war veterans were actually encouraged by the presidio trust to cancel their event. the korean war veterans association says they were told that the air was too smoky today to put out foiledilding chairs flags, so veteran danny
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weissberger stood up. >> one of my guys was missing. i went back up the hill to get him. he'd been badly wounded. put him on my back to carry him down the hill. >> reporter: he describes mortar fire chasing him as he ran. >> one went off between my feet. blew me down the hill a ways, killed my partner. long story short, they sent me home with one leg and retired me out of the marine corps in 1953. >> reporter: he came home to milpitas, won three terms as mayor in the '60s and '70s. >> i'm counseling those guys on how to settle down, face what's happened and get back into life. >> reporter: for him, the korean wash was t war was a beginning of a life of service. >> maybe short changed us a little bit, but we're here. that's the important thing.
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we're here to remember our buddies, our friends in the past. we're here to commemorate veterans day and celebrate, and by god, that's what we're going to do. >> those who have not been through the experience just can't understand what it is like. but being here with those who know, i can tell you, it's a humbling experience. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> that's dignity and such respect. >> we have a big appreciation on this veteran's day for all the veterans. for a moment it seemed like it was getting a little better, and then blanketed. >> we're going to see that situation replicate itself all the way through friday. you may see what looks to be a little bit of clearing and then here comes more wave of smoke to the bay area. it's just the way the wind is blowing. we'll have more on the air quality in a second, but i want to update you on both of the large fires, the campfi fire an
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the woolsley fire. winds have been fairly light. they're only at six miles per hour now. and it's primarily blown a lot of the fire back on itself. but we have seen some development toward oroville. containment numbers are up to about 30%. tomorrow winds not that gusty, out of the west at four miles per hour. we'll head to southern california, and this is where it is an absolutely horrific situation the next couple days. not only has all of these areas burned, but we are looking at another round of gusty winds. new red plflag fire warning unt wednesday. can you see gusts of 35. tomorrow we could see winds up to around 29 miles per hour. back here in the bay area, worst
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air quality for the north bay. anyone by the bay and the coast, very unhealthy, and then in the unhealthy category for inland and south bay. limit your utdooutdoor exposure. the only thing that would help would be a change in weather. we'll be back in a few minutes with more news.
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well, there has been so much devastation. as you know, we've been down this road before. many of the fire victims to our north and south will need our help. >> we look into how money will be spent if people decide to give. and a lot of people are giving, and we want it to go in the right direction. >> absolutely. i did what a lot of people do when you see a disaster on tv and you want to figure out how to donate. i went online. when you search camp fire donations or woolsley fire
6:27 pm
donations on google, it pops up with a yes donate button. where does that go? it turns out, the center for disaster philanthropy. maybe you want to give locally and for immediate needs. i've got two options. the north valley community foundation. it's collecting donations for camp fire victims. more than $700,000 so far. down to the south, the ventura county foundation is taking dou donations for woolsley fire victims. dozens of families themselves are asking for money on go fund me. one family raising more than $25,000 in three days. caution here, though. gofundme does not vet all the
6:28 pm
requests on its site. try to make a personal connection before you donate there. one fiennal note. donations on go fund me are not tax-deductible. so please give carefully. we'll post some links on our website, i checked in with the salvation army. it's collecting money and 100% of donations will go to wildfire relief. >> you just want to know. you want to be safe. >> you don't want to give it to somebody who is not going to do the right thing. up next, our coverage on the fire in butte county continues. cal fire released new numbers on the destruction and where they are in this firefight.
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try my all-american made with 100% ribeye beef fresh spring mix, and provolone cheese on a potato bun. it's a burger as american as bald eagles. i get it, i'm bald. fast food's first and only ribeye burgers are back, america. try them today. right now at 6:30, the most destructive fire in california history, chewing up more land and sadly, claiming more lives. the fight continues tonight on the front lines of the camp fire. communities around lake oroville are also seeing that massive fire approach them. and fire officials are providing an update right now. we have the latest numbers, and they are not good. >> we just got this within these last 15 and 20 minutes. 117,000 acres burned. the fire is now 30% contained. 52,000 people remain evacuated. and here's the most sobering update for you.
6:32 pm
the death toll has risen to 42. that's 13 more than just yesterday. and sadly, there are still dozens of people that are unaccounted for. but right now that death toll is at 42 people. >> sam brock joins us live again from bloomer road and near oroville as well. fill us in on what's happening. >> reporter: yeah, obviously heartbreaking numbers that you just filled us in on, jessica. right now we are at berry creek, the name of this neighborhood, 40 miles east of paradise where this originated. as you mentioned. there is a lot of activity. federal strike teams clearing away the brush and trees. the biggest event that has happened the last 12 or 20 hours is the wind has died down. they have shifted. which means this is now a terrain-fueled fire. the concern, jessica and raj, as i talk over the sound of this is that all of this dry fuel is going to allow the fire to move
6:33 pm
southeast above lake oroville into the big bend and brush creek and berry creek area where i am right now. >> hey, sam, while you're there, have you talked to the crews first hand, and are they optimistic about ha thwhat they do in the next 12 to 24 hours? >> reporter: yes, i have asked for a reaction for the numbers that we just received. they are pleased to hear containment has jumped from 25% to 30%. doesn't sound like a huge number. but the fire expanded, right? it went from 113, to 117,000 total acres. despite that the fire increased in size, it's a good sign. and they are trying multiple areas of containment. there's three or four other backup lines that will be there to stop the spread of the flames. >> one of the biggest concerns for people out there is the number that we're seeing, the death toll rise. but there are still a significant number of people unaccounted for.
6:34 pm
and that's a primary concern for a lot of people, where are my loved ones, what is the prime a move to figure out who is missing and who may have perished? >> reporter: it is so difficult to say at this point how many people are ultimately going to be discovered in this heartbreaking process. what i can tell you, jessica and raj, is at 7:30 tonight. right after this, there's going to and oroville community center meeting where folks can come together and find out ways to get in touch with the folks on the ground level in the trenches and see if they can connect with family members. we do know as you mentioned there's an ability to reach out, a hotline can you call, but as to where it stands with my individual family, that's information we're still waiting for tonight. >> thank you very much, sam. the san francisco museum of modern art which is one of the places that offered refuge from
6:35 pm
the smoky air. >> we love being able to provide free spaces for our community. with the air quality outside being as bad as it is, we want to give a little bit more opportunity in the museum than most people would normally expect. >> and you've seen it. there's been an uptick, 25% in the number of visitors. let's take you way up high. let's show you satellite image from nasa which shows paradise wildfire as you can see from space. the smoke that came toward the bay area is so apparent. jeff ranieri is tracking the smoky conditions and will be back with us in about 15 minutes. tell us a little more about what we can expect. >> much of this is so political. president trump has weighed in about our fires, and it's prompting some anger. several fire officials have come forward to condemn the president's tweets over the weekend which blamed the fires on forest management. the president also threatened to
6:36 pm
withhold federal funds. let's bring in larry gerston who joins us now. tell us where the president was accurate in terms about there is a debate about forest management and perhaps this isn't the time. >> there may be a debate about forest management, but who's managing? scott wiener came up with this data earlier today. 57% of forest lands in california are owned by the federal government. the state owns 2.2%. most of these fires have started on forest lands because that's where all the land is. if you want to talk about forest management, sure, let's have that conversation. but the folks managing federal lands are the ones trump should be pointing to instead of pointing at the state of california. >> now governor newsom who has been acting governor during their tithis time says this isn't the time to talk about it. you don't want to be berated at
6:37 pm
this point. >> there's so much to this tete-a-tete between president trump and the state of california. the things the president is saying are not true. they're lies. politifact expounds that the president lies close to 70% of the time, "washington post," 3,000 lies. and it comes to this, we have 42 deaths, thousands of homes destroyed. careers and everything people look forward to, retirement gone. and this is what happens, the finger point bei finger pointing gets blamed. it's not a good thing. >> not very presidential. >> what newsom is trying to do is set the record straight and offer that empathy. let's forget about the partisanship. >> is it on governor newsom to set the record straight? because then all of a sudden he's playing the president's
6:38 pm
game now. >> he has to set the record straight. if you don't do it, people are likely to take, for the truth, what the president says. yes, it's unfortunate to go back and forth like a ping-pong game. if you don't answer it, it goes unanswered. and that's a bigger problem for people trying to get the truth out. but in this case, it's part of a larger problem that california has had and will continue to have with the president, over how to manage the state's resources. what to do about clean water. auto emissions. all of these things and more. the attorney general, becerra's already been part of 50 suits. gavin newsom, you saw in his campaign commercials. he's not going to lie down and take this from the president of the united states. so we're going to see more, not less of that angst between the president and california. and unfortunately, a lot of lives are lost in the struggle. >> that's very sad. thank you, larry. give up the echo recordings. the demand a judge is making to amazon in a murder case. r speako
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does, you know people ask okay. if you own one of those amazon echoes, you know people ask it all sorts of things. now there's a new one. alex alexa, can you help solve a murder? prosecutors believe a man who committed a crime recorded the act on an amazon device. amazon said on friday it would not release customer information without a legal demand. fast forward to today where a judge ruled that investigators can examine those recordings. a comic book legend has died. fans of the marvel universe are remembering stan lee. he's survived by some of his most popular creations, the incredible hulk. spiderman and ironman. he published his first work in 1941 in the captain america comics. his creation have spun off into
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several novels, tv shows, cartoons and movies. what an incredible life he has lived. >> i loved the incredible hulk. remember when he used to say, don't make me angry, you won't like me when i'm angry. >> it's amazing how creative he has been. he's been honored by several presidents as well. jeff ranieri is back. he is talking about the air quality. is there any hope on the horizon? >> what we need is a big change in the weather pattern. that would mean rainfall and some sort of shift in the pacific. there's rainfall within the next 14 days. we'll pin point when that could really help to clear out the air coming up in a few minutes. and we'll tell you how you can make a difference in our food drive, coming up. means a l
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6:44 pm
we )re able to help so m well, this is an annual program that means so much to us, because we're able to help so many needy families with your help as well across the bay area. we're teaming up with safe way
6:45 pm
again this year to feed the need. >> and the need is greater this year as it is every year this time of year. we are joined from pleasant hill. there i amgen. it's double seeing me. i'm with cesar from telemundo! >> that looks great. >> reporter: a woman of many talents. these are the smiling faces, but you are going to see these smiling faces. these are our wonderful volunteers to bring their together to donate a bag of groceries. for $10, you can really make a difference in someone's life. every year we do this. but here to talk a little more about how important the volunteers are is nancy. tell us about this. you do it every year. >> we have done this for 14 years in partnership with nbc and are super excited to be coming back another year. >> reporter: i want to talk about justin and his friends. all these smiling faces that you
6:46 pm
saw, these guys are in high school but chose to be out here volunteering. you're part of the key club. >> key club is the world's largest student-led organization. we do a lot of service in the community. but one of the main things that really diversifies key club from other clubs is we have a big social part of it. we have a lot of fun when we are doing these. over 4,000 people around the bay area from key club volunteering. >> you saw they coordinated a dance and everything. these guys were probably on instagram, snapchat. the more you can spread the word, the better. they're making it really easy. you can find those white slips at the register. any amount of donation can really help. we will be kicking out all the talent and you can find that info at our website. >> it's so exciting. you take that tear sheet, take it to the registers, get a baggs
6:47 pm
-- bag of groceries and help those in need. >> i will be in presideleasanto. >> come out to various safe way locations. you'll see a lot of our anchors, reporters, producers and staff members. >> come see me. i'll take your money. >> really, just as importantly, the smoke. >> smoke, smoke, smoke. everybody wants to know, when is this going to be cleared out. we're locked with the spomoke t next five days. i'm going to detail it coming up in the seven-day forecast. i want to start off with an inside look at what we track when it comes to air quality, called particulate matter. you've seen a lot of graphics that are highlighting unhealthy or good air quality or hazardous
6:48 pm
depending on where you look on the map. it's all based on the scale. 0-50 is good. 301-500 is hazardous. we are currently in the range of 101-300. 101 trips over and causes a spare the air alert, which we're very familiar with, but there are some parts of the bay area that are very unhealthy, approaching the hazardous category. we think the very unhealthy levels would be in the north bay, also the coast. you have to limit outdoor exposure. don't forget to put that air conditioning button on your car to recirculate. make sure you have it engaged. it really makes a big difference when you're driving around the bay area. it will be unhealthy for inland, east bay. this is in effect until 11:00 p.m. friday. this is not just a one-day thing. it's likely for the entire workweek. this is the reason why.
6:49 pm
let's bring you to the smoke modeling data. you can see the camp fire right here. just the way the winds are going to be blowing, it's likely to bring the smoke through friday. all of this red color is the smoke that we will continue to deal with. we'll talk more about a change in my seven-day forecast. but i want to move things into what we can expect for tomorrow. obviously hazy to start. it's feeling strange outside. not only do we have the haze, but we have the super cold temperatures. you had to get that extra blanket out. maybe put the heaters on, down to 39 peninsula, 44. south bay at 43. we have isolated frost in interior valleys. it doesn't warm up a lot. since we're limited in sunshine. temperatures will be struggling to get out of the 60s. a lot of upper 60s for the bay
6:50 pm
area. 71 in san jose. so upper 60s, low 70s for tomorrow with the smoke staying put. my extended forecast does show possibly a change in the weather pattern by next monday. that's what we need to clear out the air. san francisco's temps will stay in the 60 the next several days. the change would be the jet stream, the storm track, getting closer to the bay area. that might actually bring us some rainfall. look there at the top of the screen. can you see the 21st through the 25th, we may get some rainfall in here. that would be good enough to give us ocean sea breeze and help the firefighters and help us in the bay area breathe a little easier. next week we could have marked improvement. >> right over thanksgiving, but we will take it happily. a difficult situation off the field. colin resch chats with one of the a's top players who grew nun pleasanton. [ phone rings ] what?!
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it was one of the most emotional stories of the seen in baseball. steven pascotty losing his mother to als but going on to have a career year.
6:54 pm
>> we caught up with the stanford alum at a place that means a lot to him, pebble beach. >> reporter: just over a month after the a's imagine skal season ended. steven piscotty found himself at pebble beach. he was here with former sharks to help hype next year's u.s. open. as for this year, it was one he'll never forget, for its good and its bad. >> it was a pretty chaotic scene, and like you were saying, pretty low lows but also some pretty nice highs. looking back, it was an exhausting year. but towards the end, it was just a lot of fun, and getting to the playoffs with my hometown team, what more could you ask for? so it was a special season. i know my mom was watching. >> a nice ovation from the fans here. >> we thought about the fact
6:55 pm
that, let's say the cardinals don't make the trade with the a's. you don't get to spend that time with your mom. and you're not here today. >> yeah. my world honestly was turned upside down, i think for the better. being at home with my mom and being able to help. there was a lot of stuff that needed to be done and to not be there and think about, like i can't even imagine. so grateful for that opportunity. >> turns out, that opportunity was rooted here. he became an a on these grounds. >> funny story. i played pebble beach last year and was traded. got the call i was traded on this course. >> really? >> it's got the stress on me in that way. had an a's doctor come all the way out here to do my physical to make sure i was good to go. >> how did you play? >> i was terrible. i was so rattled. i think i shot over 100 or
6:56 pm
something like that. but it was a lot of fun. and a special memory for sure. >> at pebble beach, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> he is a hometown guy and we are happy for him. is there any progress to one of the biggest problems in san francisco in mayor london breed promised a cleaner city within three months of her taking office. we walk the streets to find out if she's made good on that pledge. >> from cleaner streets to cleaner air. >> we'll have to wait a while for that to come to the bay area. we may not see a change in the weather pattern until sunday or monday. until then we have a smoke advisory until friday. worst air quality, north bay. limit your exposure throughout the bay area. >> it's alarming to see that graphic. very unhealthy. it impacts a lot of us here. >> it takes ten, 15 minutes outside and you can really feel it. so stay inside.
6:57 pm
>> thanks for joining us at 6:00. have a great evening. >> see you at1:00.
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"extra" ♪ now on "extra." >> welcome to my home in malibu. >> gerard butler's home burned to the ground. camille grammer, robin thicke among the thousands who lost everythi everything. >> it is going north. >> their diaries as the california wildfires rage on wildfire we're at the fire zone, incredible survivor stories and the people pitching in to help. >> any little bit helps. >> michelle obama's cold war to melania trump. >> has she reached out to you? >> no. >> bomb shells fm


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