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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 14, 2018 5:00am-5:51am PST

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rig truck there, a u.p.s. truck is on fire in the north bay. concerned about any fires in the area so we're tracking this. we have a reporter heading up there as well. north 101 remains closed at railroad avenue. take railroad toward old redwood highway north, heading upnt out. the rest of your commute shows an easy drive, no problems, just that roadwork at lark off of southbound 17. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 5:00 right now. developing this morning, the camp fire burning out of control in butte county. it is now the deadliest fire in state history, claiming 48 lives. dozens are still missing. flames have charred 130,000 acres. the fire itself is the size of san jose and nearly all of palo alto combined. it is just 35% contained. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live from paradise, and pete, some high-profile officials on the
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local and central levels will be in town looking at that damage. >> reporter: that's right, good morning to you, marcus. number of officials, including california governor jerry brown will be here to sur in paradise. this is the first time here this morning. you can see this damage behind me, this is just a sample of some of the things they're going to see when they tour butte thee left behind from this deadly camp fire. we know that as i mentioned, california governor jerry brown will be here. he'll be joined by u.s.secret o zinke. zinke canceled a trip to asia to come to california and look at the damage. california has secured a presidential major disaster declaration for the state of california, so that's going to help with the recovery efforts, and as these top officials come to town in butte county, you have search and rescue teams continuing to workn butte county, searching for the
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more than 200 people that are still missing. >> i want you to understand we'll do everything we possibly can to diligently search for the remains, but this is a very difficult task. >> reporter: unfna there are fo accused of setting filooting. we take you back out here live, you have to thank the first responders for the work on the front lines. in the next half hour firefighters evacuating patients out of a hospital. we'll have that story in the next half hour. live in paradise, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> they were all up against so much. thank you, pete. we'll check back with you in 30 minutes. in southern california, three fires are burning right now. overnight, a new brush fire broke out in san bernardino
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county. the sierra fire is currently at 20 acres. 80 miles west, the woolsey fire acres there. it is 40% contained right now. two people, sadly, have died in that fire. the hill fire is also burning nearby t is 4,500cr containment. now to our other top story this hour, both parties on capit capitol hill picking their leaders tooed. will san francisco's nancy pelosi once again become house speak speaker? >> tracie potts is live in looking at some challenges as the new members come not only to find their way around. ka toll hi capitol hill but to dece congre. >> congratulations! >> reporter: more than 100 new members of congress are in
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washington this week. >> very exciting obviously. >> reporter: some, like mitt romney, not quite ready to take on hot button issues like the new acting attorney general. >> that's really a very important question, and i'm yet. >> reporter: others hopping right in the middle of it. new york's alexandria ocasio cortez joined a climate change demonstration at nancy pelosi's office. >> this is our solidarity. >> reporter: new members are voting on leadership this week, including nancy pelosi as house speaker. >> americans voted in record numbers to deliver an unambiguous message, they wanted change. >> reporter: tonight, republicans will hear from their tracie potts, nbc news, back. >> reporter: butovernment shutd. washington. >> 5:04. new thistate working homelessness among students. over 13% of students have been forced to live on the streets in
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the last year. according to the sjsu homeless alliance, out of 33,000 students, this means 4,300 impacted by that issue. the group is now calling on the university's president to take action. they're requesting the college add more beds to dorms for students to stay at no cost and add more safe parking lots. over at stanford university, the university wants to grow by 2 million square feet over the next two decades or so, but a boom in stanford's population ublic also mean a populatio schools. today, palo alto unified will consider how to get stanford to pitch in and actually share toward educating. kris sanchez joins us from palo alto the district wants. >> reporter: a lot of students, too little for stanford, perhaps as many as 1,400 that could end
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up in palo alto public schools. this is something they're trying wha kind of developments the c allows. the county is right now figuring out the details of the general plan for stanford's development, but even on the low end, 275 students could have an impact on palo alto public schools. right now, the county is finalizing that general use permit and a vote could come early next year, so right now, palo alto unified is trying to figure out what to do with those students and how they would add to the population of asking of stanford four acres of land for an elementary school on or near the sand hill quarry road corridor, plus funds for t paid in property taxes if their education fund that woustanford housing wasn't tax exempt. this is jus of the discussion for stanford's expansion b in palo alto and the discussion will happen 6:30 at the district's headquarters, which is on churchill avenue.
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in palo alto, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> a lot to consider there. thanks, kris. 5:07. on the court, the warriors said they're all about the strength in numbers but how strong is the team, now that there's bad blood brewing. >> you may remember that draymond green got suspended after that scuffle with k.d. on nd several names we can't say on television and challenged durant about the upcoming free agency. as for last night, the warriors beat the atlanta hawks 110-103. k.d. said once he took the court, all of his focus was on basketball. he ended up with 29 points. green is set to join thoton for. >> let's hope they put the tensions aside. they have to be at peace. >> or not, that could be used as energy to score more points, who knows? >> shocking, kari. >> it's been several days since wildfire smoke and you may not be taking the extra precautions that we did first, early on when
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the wildfire first started, so you want to make sure you're limiting your time outside, turning the ac in the car on recirculate and wearing your mask if you'll be outside for long periods of time and drink plenty of water and don't leave your pets outside. as you get the kids up and ready for school this morning in the tri valley, look at how cool it will be in livermore once again. you need a warm jacket with the temperatures dropping down into the upper 30s as you're headed to school,ut it will be in the upper 60s mike, what's up with the traffic microclimates coming up. update. overall, green sensors all over the bay, a nice easy drive. it is travelhe overturned double trailer u.p.s. truck there, the fire there. we hear there may be one lane opening soon, which means they must have the fire out, because if they have a tow truck there trying to right that rig that was on fire, that would not be a good idea. north, will you slow around railroad avenue, a light flow of
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traffic, it's counter commute i issue and we have a fire in the north bay that we're concerned about, so we're tracking that. now, most of our commute focuses here. novato south to the golden gate bridge and that is fine. no problems there and east shore freeway, the carquinez bridge down to the bay bridge, you're at speed, same thing for the rest of cocoa county, walnut creek interchange, concord no problems. live look shows you how light the traffic is, this is soouis, that's how light the af. back to you. coming up, new items coming to a grocery store near you. the meats and veggies won't look a lot different than what we're used to. it's what's under the skin that you need to know about. your retirement funds continue to move lower with the market, but a golden statue in space, ahead in business and tech. scott, we can benefit from this, powerful women uniting there. coming up at 5:25, >> i see my high school, i think that's mom's tower.
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i still call it the sears tower. i don't know what the name is now.
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good wednesday morning. it is 5:13. still unhealthy air quality today, and as we start out with these chilly temperatures in fremont, we'll be at 41 degrees at 7:00, and then 52 degrees at 10:00. your noon temperature 63. we will only see some slight improvement in our air quality headed toward the end of the week. more on that, and our rain chances, coming up in about five minutes. and our live volume of traffic respectable, moving at speed across the span. no problems on the peninsula. we'll check out what's going on for the rest of your commute coming up. and a happy wednesday. glad you're with us. stocks continue to drift lower. this is microscope after that lion air crash.
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some asking if boeing had passed important information about the new design of the airplanes on to the pilots. stepping away from the beleaguered bank under pressure from regulators. starbucks laying off 5% of its business staff. this will not affect stores and the people who make your coffee but it is the first notable layoff of a big corporation we've heard about in quite some time. markets watching brexit. the prime minister meeting with her government as we speak, going after a draft agreement to leave the eu. one key factor will be ireland. ireland, of course, is its own country, and it's going to stay in the eu. northern ireland is part of the united kingdom, and will leave the eu, which means there's going to be some kind o border be> look at this, this is an a e art will load a statue spacex rocket scheduled to be launched on monday, and then a robert lncill shoot the small robert lawrence jr., the first
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african-american astronaut. now, he never made it into space. he was killed in a jet training accident back in 1967, but we understand that statue will be launched on monday, along with another art project, a reflector you should be able to see from down on earth, which is cool, we're getting to the point where we're shooting art into space. >> that is. >> it's amazing. . >> it's not littering. >> a nice tribute to him, too. >> thanks, scott. when you're headed to the store, get ready for the first batch of food made from genetically edited plants and animals. they're expected in grocery won't brown, cows that ms don't need de-horning and pigs immune to virus. it's not clear how the government will regulate these foods. >> that's an the dmv? i know you do. you can go to the library now, the central park library in santa clara now has dmv kiosks.
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people can use them to renew their car registration. some safeways have this service as well. you can find them in san jose, cupertino, fremont and menlo park. a follow-up on the hunt for celebrity look-alike thief. you may remember the story a few weeks ago. resembled actor rested a david schwimmer, also known as ross from the nbc hit series "friends." the man was caught on security camera stealing beer from a business england. last month people released a photo and asked for the public's help. yesterday police announced they finally made an arrest. last month schwimmer jokingly tweeted about the photo saying "officers, i swear it wasn't me, i was in new york." he was doing his own re-enactment there. people took to twitter saying it looks just like him. >> i'm surprised it took this long to capture that dude. >> someone's like, that's my
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friend. this morning t is chi, it is c and smoky. yesterday we had clouds that rolled by. now the clouds are moving through southern california. to the north of us, there is another wave of thinner. we're not going to see as much of the cloud cover today, and then ourshe smoke from the camp fire moves into the bay area, coming in from the north. we still have that northerly wind that blows offshore. that's the reason why we can see the worst of the air quality, the most unhealthy for a lot of the north bay. these dots are sensors where they measurequality. it temperatures, it is so cold in the north bay again this morning, we drop down below freezing in santa rosa and in fairfield. napa just a couple of degrees above freezing, and we're in the upper 30s in the tri valley this morning, as you get ready to head out the door. in san jose, it's going to be in the low 40s, as you make your
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way to diridon station. make sure you're bundled up and as we go throughout the day, it's going to warm up, at noon lit our time outside because of all of the smoke, and then as you make your way to the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station, low 40s there in oakl and staying in the 60 parts of the north bay as well as the south county, and as you check out the vetemperatures over the next fe ouis head out this morning. good hair day, it's really dry out there, and if you run over with the flat iron, you're good for the day. but then we talk about the changes as we go into early next week. the jet stream has been so far north, but by next week, we'll see the jet stream, this is the flow of the upper level winds that carry the storm systems, it moves right over the bay area, so still looks pretty good that we could see some rain starting on tuesday, continuing through
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thanksgiving. and then our temperatures are going to be still fairly warm for this time of year. we should be in about the mid-60s. we're going to be in the low 70s for tomorrow as well as friday, and then the weekend, some hopefully improved air quality as we see a shift in the wind, and then our rainhe forecast early next week. mike, you're still tracking that one traffic alert. >> just that one. it is an issue for the north bay, anywhere south of the going going and bay bridges we're looking just fine. smaller crashes reported, one over here, getting out of sunol and toward fremont. waiting for chp to arrive and the one over there getting closer toward the bay bridge. i'll bring you an update as we get more information over the next few minutes. up here, we're tracking the sll reported closed as you're approaching railroad avenue headed up toward rohnert park and santa . the is at double rig that's overturned there, blocking the lanes. chp says as soon as they can right that rig they can clear that one lane which will restore traffic flow but you can get off
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at railroad and go old redwood hiwa a problem i eas shore, thee toll plaza, we have a smaller crash orthopedic over there and we'll check in on that. so far, the drive times just a little build here, a little more slowing as you get over toward the berkeley curve and through richmond. back to you. >> thank you, mooike. coming up, there's congressional races here in california that are too close to call, but democrats are gaining ground. we'll break down the races next. and a lot of you are asking how to help the fire victims across our state. nbc bay area's kris sanchez says the butte county humane society is asking for donations. follow kris on twitter for a list of items needed and where you can drop them off. now to ou
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coverage, and the final 5:23 for you right now. to our decision 2018 coverage, and the final ballot counting under way. >> in california's central valley a big upset as a democrat beats a four-term republican. first-time candidate josh harder defeats jeff denham following an updated count. harder said he would push for universal health care in congress. two other house racesmocr katie a 261-vote lead over republican representative mimi walters. she had been the trailing incumbent. and in the 39th district, in orange county, gil cisneros tightened the gap with young kim. superta senate.
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hundreds of evacuated animals are still waiting for their owners affected by the woolsey fire. number of the pets and livestock have been displaced. many of the animals are in shelters and waiting to be identified and claimed. volunteers say the animals are finally starting to settle in. their first few nights were difficult for the pets. >> first couple days, you could just hear horses constantly calling, the roosters at nighttime are crowing. roosters don't crow at night. >> the same situation also playing out in butte county. no word on how many horses, dogs and cats just waiclaid. > former first lady michelle obama kicked off her bookrnfrey. mrs. obama received an ovation and oprah spoke highly of the new book which she recently added to her book club. >> i have to say that from the first page of this book until the last, you did it. you brought , you
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allowed us to see in. >> the two discussed the book which focuses on the experiences that have shaped the former first lady's life. >> they tell you, you can order anything, and they listen very carefully because everybody listens to every word that the president says, and i used to tell barack, don't say you want something, because then we'll have like thousands of it. >> michelle obama's tour will move on to other big cities, including los angeles, new york er up. gnghey have all the coming, big event, nbc bay area they have a big unveil that's the "today" show puts on as well. it will be fun to see. this is a look when they were bringing in the tree itself. look how much work that must take to do that. they've got a brand new star that's going to go on the top, 9'4", half as tall as a giraffe. 3 million swarovski crystals t will be lit in two weeks, so it
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will be fun to see. >> it will be cool to put the star on top. >> hope it doesn't tilt. coming up, going above and beyond as crews continue county. we get more we have a couple story coming up next, a live report from paradise. plus, the search for a father and 49ers fan who wentig. >> he wouldn't have just disappeared and not called. >> up next, the last time he was seen. and still ahead, pressure from students and staff forcing uc berkeley to remove a name associated with the university for more than 100 years. what is prompting that change coming up for you at 5:45. and a live look at highway 101 in palo alto. mike will join us next with a look at the morning commute. and kari has our forecast, what's in the works? "today in the bay" continues next.
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alfway through the work week. a very good wednesday morning. i had to stop and think, it's wednesday. already half way through the work week. live look outside at the beautiful bay bridge. it's a cool start. maybe start with layers and take them off as the day progresses. we'll check the forecast with kari coming up in a moment. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. let's get to kari right now a look at the forecast. kari? >> it starts out cool, just as you said and it's also still at dublin camera this morning through the headlights, it's going to be a day with unhealthy
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air quality especially for the north ba peninsula, and then for the inland east bay and the south bay, it's going to be through friday night. we are looking at temperatures today starting off very chilly and reaching into the upper 60s in dublin today. look at our microclimate shows we'll mostly see some 60s today. not a wide range in temperatures, just cool to start, and then a little bit milder for the rest of the day. mike, you're tracking a few slower commutes. >> the first one the bay bridge toll plaza, that's expected. this affects the highest volume of people coming through this area now, slowing and backing up as you get onto the span, but that means better the slowing across the bay bridge span and with the traffic held up at the toll plaza, being metered of course we have a lighter flow at speed across the span. farther north qatadi, highway
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101 we'll update the crash in a few minutes. southbound 680 speeds are back as the crash is over on the shoulder at mission northyo >> thanks, mike. the death toll from the camp fire is now 48. dozens of people still missing. those flames have charred 130,000 acres, turning homes and buildings into rubble. in total nearly 9,000 structures have been destroyed. the fire is just 35% contained. today the governor and white house officials will visit the burn zones. from firefighters to the front lines to first responders rushing into the flames to save lives, the stories of heroism, they're showing the human factor in this fire. >> it is amazing. "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live in paradise. this shows you how people really come together in dire situations. >> reporter: yes, that's right. good morning to you, laura and marcus. of course, we have to thank our first responders for all the hard work they do, especially getting folks out of harm's way here, trying to evacuate the camp fire. just looking at some of the
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damage here behind me, had to be some scary moments for folks video, this is dash cam video that we're getting from calfire. woman trying to get trying to wheel away in her wheelchair. thankfully a firefighter is there, gets out of the car. you can see on that dash cam video and helps drive her to safety. later on the "today" show, we'll hear another story from firefighters who had to evacuate patients from a hospital, after an ambulance caught fire at an exit route in the area. here is a clip from the "today" show interview that will air later this morning. >> -- crew here in the ambulance crew, the patients, the nurses and the pediatrician, we refuged them in the house, basically i told them we'll ride the fire out here and we need to protect this home. th access the garage and move the patients through the garage through a doggie door and wch was very valuable. >> reporter: amazing work by
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those firefighters. as you mention county, more tha likely touring this area in paradise to survey the damage and also meet with many residents that were affected by all of this, and he's going to be joinedyofcials including a n federal official. i'll tell you who that will be, in the next hour. we're live in paradise, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, pete. in the meantime, at the other end of the state, a new fast-moving brush fire is erupting threatening homes in san bernardino county. it's the sierra fire currently at 20 acres after starting just after 9:00 last night. 80 miles west the woolsey fire burned more than 97,000 acres. it is 40% contained. two peop h destroye back. >> the fire was over there. we could see the flames, i mean, i don't know, i was a little doubtful. >> the hill fire is also burning nearby. it is 4,500 acres an,0 under investigation. >> officers say 33-year-old ian
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his girlfriend said they were visiting the bay area with their two children. stadium. she says powers went to the bathroom in the fourth quarter and never came back. she tried texting and calling him and waited for him by their car, but he never showed up. >> he never got a chance to talk to us, like after we made it back to the hotel, didn't know where me and the kids were, he wouldn't have just disappeared and not called. >> levi's staff is helping police by giving them surveillance video. 5:36 right now. we have more details on a recent antioch shooting. man accused of shooting an antioch police officer in the head pleaded the neighbors called police saying the suspect was threatening them with a gun. when police arrived at that suspect's home, the man opened the door and immediately fired ered bb gun. police say that one officer was struck in the head and suffered minor injuries. that man barricaded himself inside, and the standoff unfolded. the suspect peacefully surrendered after several hours.
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he is now being held on a $245,000 bail, and will return to court in two weeks. it is 5:37 right now. across the country and in the bay area, hate crimes are on the rise. according to a new fbi report, in 2017, they rose 17% compared to the previous year. in san francisco alone 43 hate crimes were reported last year. they we as gender happy this morning and for good reason. >> joe thornton scored his 400th career goal last night, and to top it off, it was a game-winning goal.t the predators 5-4.juo joe the 1l history to hit 400 goals and 1,000 assists. mike, pretty good player. >> not bad, i think they'll last a little while. >> he's got a career in the hockey thing. >> promising young man. down here in san jose, no problems down in the south bay
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or the peninsula. the crash at fremont we saw the sensors clear as the crash cleared to the shoulder, just about north of mission. we'll take you to the north bay, where we have the continued traffic alert. now chp said they're going to try to open that fast lane quickly, but that was a half hour ago. still closed all lanes northbound 101 forced off the ar o old twisters up there, looks just fine. lway. cruising on to the weekend. >> does look nice, ando. it looks like we should see some better air quality for parts of the bay area, so let's get a look at what's going on. our saturday forecast will be cool, and still at times some drifts of smoke for parts of the bay area. mostly in the 60s, weather we're seeing will continue the cool mornings and also nice and mild afternoons. we're looking at some low 60s for the coast and upper 60s for the inland valleys.
5:36 am
and the meet in the street light parade will be happening this saturday. i know it was moved from last saturday, because of the air quality, so it's this weekend, in castro valley, and the party starts at about 3:00, and the u. if you'reoing to be >> sounds good, tha smigrant ca movi through mexico now just steps away from california. how it's trying to get past the border and the difficulties a group of gays and lesbians inside are facing. plus a california man is killed in a popular mexican resort city. new this morning, why the family is asking for the fbi to get involved in their son's murder. and in washington, new calls for civility in politics. we'll take a look. and you have to see this to believe it. this is one that we're actually saying only in florida. would you think the driver is pulled over for what he did to his car, but no, we'll tell you why he got a ticket. you're watching "today in the bay."
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time to get up and get moving. right now it's 5:43, and we still have the smoky skies over the bay area. this is a live look at 101 in san jose. before you head out the door, we're going to east to the neighborhood of evergreen at 43 degrees. another chilly start, but it does warm up much above our normal high temperature. we'll talk about our air quality and the weekend forecast coming up in about fiveouthund picking up in volume. i'm tracking the traffic alert farther north and we should have some live pictures coming for you in a few minutes. new for you this morning, a southern california family is demanding answers after their son was found dead in a popular
5:40 am
resort city of playa del carmen, mexico. >> he was killed during a robbery last week. according to reports, the suspects took off with his iphone, and shoes. meyer was in mexico with friends for a birthday party. he ended up in a park away from the tourist area. they believe the the impact it have to tourism. >> we really want the fbi involved in the investigation of our son's death. we just feel that it's a sham and they're trying to cover it up. >> the candlelight vigil was held monday night. local man is in custody in connection to meyer's death. in august, the state department updated its mexico travel school is rging tourists to changing the name of several places and things due to racist ties.
5:41 am
the name boalt after lawyer john boalt has been sprinkled throughout berkeley university for 100 years. this has been attached to more than 100 organizations, public forums and positions related to the law school. yesterday the dean announced he's removing the name due to complaints that boalt was racist. the name has been removed from some areas of the university. the dean says the infamous boalt hall will not be renamed any time soon, as it is a lengthy process. right now, a group ofe step california/mexico border. 350 people are seeking asylum. another group of gay, lesbian and transgender people broke away, after claiming they were being deprived of food and water. they say it's discrimination. due ras, guatemala and nicaragua. harder to border entry by closing four vehicle lanes. today defense secretary jim mattis will visit the border of
5:42 am
texas there today to check on the progress of the security measures being taken there. this is of the near 5,800 troop. 1,000 of them are stationed in the lone star state. the cost for the border mission is still unknown but secretary mattis says the public will be updated in the coming weeks. the white house will respond to a cnn lawsuit today. >> scott mcgrew, cnn suing the trump administration after it banned jim acosta from the white house. >> the white house has aew hours, marcus, to respond to that suit. you know the story by now. n a whiou fused to ims acosta hand over the microphone during the strange white house press conference last week. you can watch the video and decide if the white house is describing that accurately. the judge says the administration has to respond by 7:00 a.m. our time, and then there's going to be a hearing this afternoon. president trump has named a former general as the next
5:43 am
ambassador to saudi arabia. you've heard his name before, general john abizaid was in charge of one of our wars. he'll have to be confirmed by the senate. we haven't had an ambassad baba saudi arabia has been a problem. we don't have an ambassador to south korea, honduras, iceland to name a few. we were talking on monday the appearance of republican congressman-elect dan crenshaw apologymemb for making fun of e patch. crenshaw lost his eye in battle and his gracious acceptance of the apology and what he said next to the audience is really worth watching, if you haven't seen it. i bring it up because the congressman-elect has written an op-ed in this morning's "washington post" where he continues to call for maturity and understanding in politics by both parties. he writes "many of our ultimate
5:44 am
goals, economic prosperity, better health care and same. we just don't share the same vision on how to achieve them." he calls for people to be less outraged about everything, writing about the moment he first heard about the "snl" joke. he said, was i outraged? i have literally been shot at before and i wasn't outraged, so why start now? i'll make a link to that op-ed in "the washington post" this morning on twitter, so that you can read it. it is so refreshing in these times. you'll find me on twitte twitter @scottmcgrew. >> thanks a lot, scott. i don't know if we'll find you traveling back in time like this guy. ok dressed up like fred flintstone. he was speeding through a neighborhood called meadow bedrock until the sheriff pulled him over. >> he took a picture, so you go i have me a ticket and then you want to get in my car to take a picture. that's what happened there. >> you wouldn't let him? >> maybe if he took the ticket away or if it was a warning ticket.
5:45 am
>> there you go. >> if it was a warning ticket, i'd say gladly. >> wow. >> but i don't know, mike. kari? >> you can't leave thers it is o cold. you need shoes and all that stuff. it's smoky out there. we're talking about air quality and look at the numbers. these are the measurements of the air particles that are floating through the drifts of smoke coming through, and then you can see where it is the most unhealthy, but all of this is not good for anyone being outside, and we are seeg highes city of san francisco right now. we do have those measurements in san rafael, and also in santa rosa in the 170 range. we talk about those numbers and what it means, and anything that's anywhere from 151 to 200 is considered unhealthy, and that's what we are seeing right now. so it's still not good to be outsid
5:46 am
ime. temperatures that are very cold this morning. some of us dipped below freezing like where we are out the door. elsewher w temperatures in the 40s and as needing a big coat as we head you make your way to the fremont warm springs parb.a.r.t. statio it makes it into the mid-60s by noon. we will be warming up fast with our temperatures reaching into the upper 60s and low 70s today. as you're getting dressed, make sure you are dressed appropriately for the widege te. jacket for the early hours and light long sleeves for the rest of the day. the northerly winds bring in smoke to the bay area and doesn't look like it changes until about saturday. that's when we will have a weak disturbance moving in that brings in more of a southerly wind and we'll see that continuing into early next week. so i'm thinking that for the weekend, our air quality will be better and then the rain get somes headed into the rain just in time for
5:47 am
thanksgiving. we'll be very thankful for that. as we look at our temperatures for the inland valleys, some upper 60s and lowtillontinues i forecast, and then looking at san francisco, more of the same, even cooler for the weekend. we'll talk more about that and, mike you have would it two-problems north of the bay bridge. >>ththbs up. the bay bridge toll plaza we know the metering lights are on, not a problem, but there is a cupoa county west highway 4, we've seen the build out of pittsburg in through bay point and now we have one lane blocked west highway 4 at solano avenue that's right near the 242 interchange. there is a crash blocking one lane. that adds to the slowing into concord and there may be a fender bender off the transition. i'll track the updates as well. speed sensors are improving because one of your three lanes is open now at the crash scene. they moved the crash scene up to where it is north of redwood highway, we had the double rig with the fire, it overturned on its side.
5:48 am
we have pictures coming into the newsroom. i should bet the top of disable at the high-rise. look at the slow drive on the flat section right now. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:52. next, and all new this hour, the brand new picture of the royal family, including our first real look at the youngest addition, prince louis. the big milestone they're celebrating. first, banned from disney. man who brought his trump 2020 flag on to splash mountain. first, happening now, more problems and delays for the recount in palm beach county, florida, this morning. supervisor of election says the old machines are overheating because they're having to run 24 hours a day to mee t deadline, causing the tallies to be off. so after 175,000 ballots were recounted, they have to do it all over again. more news right after this break. 5:53. a lot of you are asking hoo
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5:56 for you right now. this morning, a lot of people asking questions, how they can help the victims across the state from the fires. nbc bay area's kris sanchez saying the butte county humane society is asking for dough nages. to find out how you can donate, go to her twitter feed @krisnbc. in southern california, lady gaga is doing her part to help those impacted byd t coffee to many of the evacuees are staying and encouraging her followers to do something for someone else,
5:52 am
no matter how small. lady gaga was forced to evacuate her own malibu home last friday due to flames. disney world bans a man for waving trump banners on the rides. he was kicked out of the park after he waved a trump 2020 flag on the zplash mountain. he also waved "keep america great" sign on one of the roller coasters as well. the man says he hoped that photo would go viral and support the president's campaign, but instead, he was forbidden from all disney parks as a result of that stunt. disney spokesperson explained in the statement the issue was not with the views. says this is the second time he has been told not to display those signs. the man says he plans to fight the ban in court. >> it's 5:57 right sfo,no will be packed with thanksgiving travelers. tsa is predicting recordaking travel. l sterday the agency's leader ff at all our airports. we have additional kthe teams
5:53 am
and mentioned new technology that passengers will see as they go through airports around the country. we have new x-ray technology, new credential authentication technology and new conveyor belt technology. >> airlines are planning for 30.6 million people to travel between november 16th and the 27th. 2017 saw 29 million travelers during that same period. a famous game show is bringing back its iconic briefcases and arkle appeared ol or no deal" returns in december to the bay area. it's been ten years since the last episode was made. howieandel is back as host and producers have spent months recruiting a new batch of models. >> the models themselves are there because ultimately, even though i'm driving you through the news10,000 people have already applied to be a
5:54 am
contestant. you can watch it on our sister station, cnbc. happening today, prince charles turns 70. >> and to celebrate the royal family publishing new family photos. take a look. you can see prince george there sitting on charles' lap, the future heir to the throne. little charlotte sitting next to camilla. on the left, kate middleton holding baby louie. meghan markle, prince harry and william are there now. at 6:00, coming together.t today, some high-profile leaders head to the fire zone, as police target looters and continue to comb that rubble for bodies. plus, madam speaker, will nancy pelosi get back her power in washington? the key decision this morning. and all new for you this for anyone who drives across the bridge every day. so that's a lot of people.
5:55 am
"today in the bay" continues right now. good morning to you on this wednesday. thank you for starting your day with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. another cool start to our morning, kari. will it warm up by day's end? >> it will warm up throughout the day but the next several mornings we start out with 30s and 40s and see our highs into the upper 60s and we have a lot of smoke across the bay area. live look outside i moderate and that smoke alert peninsula. e of the south bay will be continues through friday night. here is a look at our highs for
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