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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 15, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PST

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. good thursday morning to you. 4:30 as we take a live look out on fremont. that's a clear shot to me. better than we've seen days past. thank you for starting your day with us on "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. let's get a check of the forecast. >> it feels cold this morning, and we'll see that this morning. the air quality is unhealthy and the smoke alert continues through friday night.
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as we head into ever. green we'll be in the low 40s as you step out the door and 60s by this afternoon. and, mike, you're looking for blips? >> yes, because pretty much everything is green on the map. overnight closures on the 880 overnight. old bridge there, we had the northbound side was blocked. just in the last few minutes in the construction area we heard about a crash as well. we're watching for updates on injuries. hopefully no one injured in that crash and hopefully they can clear that in time to clear the construction work as well. the bay bridge toll plaza, no backup. it's a smooth drive through the maze. continuing with our
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microclimate. this is a picture from noaa. >> the cal state system in the area closing all campuses. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live in san jose with the latest for us. >> reporter: hi there. it's being to be a couple quiet days at san jose state. you can see the haze hanging around the lights and over parts of the campus if you look in the right way. the cal state east bay also canceled classes. they tweeted out all activities are canceled. that includes work. san jose state will be closed day and tomorrow. san francisco university shutting down at 5:00 yesterday evening and saying they will remain shut down until saturday. my babysitter is a san jose student and she's worried about falling behind. the student wellness center
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handed out 200 masks alone on campus. they have more on order. they'll continue to hand those out for free through friday. students get an e-mail last night saying the air quality is so bad, they should stay indoors and away from the smoke. you might be wondering, how bad is it, really? some doctors are keeping people in the hospital who are well enough to go home as a precaution. >> in 20 years, some of my physicians afraid to discharge some patients because the outside air was more dangerous than the air inside the hospital. >> while san jose state has more masks on order, they're on short supply. just a reminder here, this is the kind of mask you want. this is an n-95. it has the filter on front. just a regular surgical mask is not going to do the trick. by the way, this is not a substitute for staying inside. this is if you have to go
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outside for a little while. not suitable for children or not suitable for men with beards because you can't get it sealed on properly. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> diplomat know about that with the beards. the bay area destruction is adding up. today marking one week since the camp fire broke out. the death toll remains at 56. more than 10,000 structures have burned. the fire is just 35% contained. this morning stories of survival are emerging from the fire zone. one involves a family. >> as nbc bay area reports, they used a canoe to do it. >> reporter: it burnt up through
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here. on thursday morning the flames were just feet away from peggy and pete's home. >> if we're going to live out here, we have to be able to take care of ourselves. >> these are the hoses. >> reporter: they got to work, mini army of 13 people with sprinkles and common sense and a stranger alerted them that there was a situation happening. >> people are suffering from hypothermia on the island. we got the canoe. >> reporter: they went from firefighter to caretaker mode in a second. >> bruno, the elderly man was feeble and suffering. we just laid him on our couch. covered him up with blankets and stripped off his wet clothes, you know, got him warmer. >> reporter: even the youngest member of the family, peggy's
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14-year-old grandson stepped up to help. he surveyed the houses that made it and those that are gone and posted an unofficial list to facebook. >> i'm grateful i was able to do something for the community. >> people rise to the occasion and do what you need to do in order to take care of folks. >> peggy says bruno got to medical attention and the next day and is doing well. the family now is feeding and taking care of their neighbor's animals. to the south where two wildfires are burning in l.a. and ventura counties. the death toll there stands at three. the woolsey fire has burned over 98,000 acres. it's 52% contained. nearly 500 homes and structures are gone. the hillside fire is 96% contained. the l.a. sheriff's says restrictions in malibu are being lifted. 4:36 right now. coming up on "today in the bay,"
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the name bloomingdale's comes with a bit of prestige. they are giving your shopping experience a new lift. . taking a live look at the transamerica shot there. still a very smokey scene for us this morning. kari will have a look at what we can expect weatherwise in a bit.
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good morning. i'm kate rogers at cnbc's global headquarters. wall street could start in the red following yesterday's session. apple continues to weigh on tech stocks after two analysts made negative comments about weaker iphone sales. today's watch list, unemployment, retail sales and earnings from walmart. bloomingdales will start selling electronics and appliances for the first time. necessity are teaming up with lg which will have a store inside a store in bloomingdale's flagship shop in manhattan. the move comes as more retailers
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are teaming up with name brands to compete this holiday season as one-time giants like sears closed their doors. uber has launched a new rewards programs offering riders perks for using the service. it's available in just a handful of cities. it will roll out to everyone else in it is coming months. you can earn points on rides and you can use them to unlock discounts on future rides. >> i guess if you use it all the time, it's a great option for you. >> thanks for telling us about it. coming up on "today in the bay," another cold start to our morning, kari. >> cold start with a lot of smoke lingering over the bay area. here's a live look outside as you get ready to step out the door. we'll talk about the air quality for the weekend and rain chances coming up next.
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getting excited about rain chances. we're looking at a smooth drive for the north bay. we show that glow, the haze from the smoke. we'll talk about a couple crashes still on the blotter even at this early hour. oakland
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a very good thursday morning. taking a live look outside in the east bay overlooking oakland this morning. folks getting up -- what? mike is mumbling.
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>> i'll talk about those brake lights. >> he'll talk about those brake lights. he's keeping track of everything. 4:45 right now. tragedy from the camp fire still far from playing out in the butte county. this is including everyone, including the oakland raiders as they prepare for their next game on sunday. in alameda the air quality index reached an unhealthy 168. the head coach there, jon gruden, actually does not believe it's impacting the team's performance. >> i really don't think it has affected very much. i think maybe a couple players on our team sunday had some oxygen issues. but none that really inhibited their ability to go out and play. i just hope the fires end soon. >> unlike last sunday's game when the raiders hosted san diego at the coliseum, this weekend the game is on the road in arizona.
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>> you would think they would reschedule the game or something because these athletes are worth so much money. >> but so is the fan money. >> that's true. the game itself. >> they brought oxygen into the niners game. >> they did. >> it's good this weekend's game is away. we're still dealing with the thick plumes of smoke. you said we were in the 160 range. we walk out the door to numbers unhealthy, especially in the tri-valley, in the pleasanton it's 103. 232 in emeryville. the levels are very high. a spare the air day, we see levels at about 101 to so. unhealthy is 151. 200, we're seeing very unhealthy numbers this morning. and at times it's approaching the hazardous levels.
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it's really bad to be outside for long periods of time. as we look at what's happening, everything is all clear in terms of clouds, but we still do have the thick smoeblg. as we open it up, i wanted to show you what's on the way as we head into next week. we're already starting to see this storm system shaping up. that could help clear things out and give us rain going into the middle of next week. it's so cold and dry out there. we're below freezing in santa rosa and we're approaching the freezing mark. a lot of our north bay counties and even into the tri-valley, it's 33 right now in san martin. we're just 1 degree above freezing. still looking at upper 60s for most of our microclimates.
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dress in layers. a hat and scarf will help keep you warm for the early morning hours and then we're tracking the storm system that we'll be approaching heading into the middle of next week. let's see how this plays out on the computer models. we're looking at southerly winds starting to kick in as the storm system approaches. that will help clear out some of the smoke going into the end of the weekend, early next week. the first wave of rain may come through as early as next tuesday, another wave on friday and possibly a third wave of rain coming through on saturday. our models still all over the place with how much rain we'll see. it looks like we'll see at least maybe up to an inch but it's still very far out and things may change between now and then. here's another computer model, the gfs model, and a lot concentrated over the north bay. i'll be hammering out the details on that as we get a little closer.
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i was hoping for some improvement, but it looks like it gets pushed back into the beginning of next week. looking at san francisco, some cool temperatures continuing over the next seven days. mike, you're tracking two crashes and a closure. >> sounds like a lot of drama but not a whole lot. the peninsula is where i'll talk about the first crash. that was going on a little while ago. the tow truck arrived so i was worried about slowing. north 101 past the sfo exit. i've seen slowing over the last seven or eight minutes. we have the tow truck on scene. she shou should be on the shoulder. 880 at 23 we have that fender-bender which has cloered from the chp. there's slowing as you approach 23rd. we saw the backup at the coliseum as you're heading up towards high street. typically when things back up
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that badly, it's because they're moving crews and removing the cones. we see some speed sensors moving north of 23rd. i think they may be in the process of clearing that closure overnight at 23rd. that's typical for a friday. there's contra costa county, new report, something close to the toll plaza. we'll double check that. the live camera shows you the cash lanes are backed up because we don't have the cash takers for this side of the bridge. we have that haze in had the air we've continued to see with the smoke. >> thank you very much, mike. 4:50. the private funeral for napa's elana housley is today. >> she was the youngest of the 12 victims killed last week during the bar shooting in thousand oaks. a celebration of life will take place at vintage high school at noon on sunday. her family is asking those who attend wear bright colors. in southern california, loved ones will say tlir goheir good-
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victim ron helus. his widow spoke out about the loss. >> it's hard. but he died doing what he would have wanted to do. and he's in a better place. >> helus was killed responding to the shooting at the borderline bar and grill. he's hailed as a hero. lethe migrant caravan has reached the u.s./mexico border. police say they were on hand to make sure things did not get out of hand while some residents do not want them there. others did welcome the group, bringing food, water and clothing. the state cashing in on
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recreational marijuana sales. more than $93 million in tax revenue is collected from the beginning of july to the end of october. california department of fax and fee administration just released the numbers. they are projecting the marijuana tax would generate $630 million this year. new this morning, the man who once gave the world rebel yell can now sing the national anthem and call it his own. >> billy idol. at the age of 62 the former brit is sworn in as a u.s. citizen. there was no white wedding. more like red, white and blue one. we're pretty sure for the party, idol was actually not dancing with himself. all those songs there. >> i got ya. coming next on "today in the bay," big changes for the statue of liberty today. the torch is going to a new
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home. we'll tell you where it's going and why. when you leave a car repair shop, you don't have to wonder if they did the work they were supposed to. the state will inspect your car for free after you've had auto body work done. the inspector will compare your invoice to the work that was done. if they find a discrepancy, that can trigger an official complaint or even an investigation. you can sign up for your free inspection online. we put a link on our website, it's under the consumer resources section. you can also call us with your consumer complaints. the number is 888-996-tips. first happening now, a winter storm is fastly moving and furiously across the state of missouri. forecasters are calling for up to 7 inches of snow in st. louis. that wintry weather is expected to continue throughout the morning and continue into the weekend. we'll have more news for you right hire after the break. chec
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new video shows a navy frigate almost underwater after colliding with an oil tanker off the norweg take a look at this video showing a navy frigate last week. eight navy members were injured. the norwegian military is working to save that ship by strengthening it with wire. happening today a little before 1:00 p.m., spacex is set to send a new rocket into orbit. that launch takes place at nasa's kennedy space center in florida. the falcon 9 rocket will send two communication satellites
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into orbit. one is expected to give h.a.m. radio signals across the world. the statue of liberty will be placed inside a new statue of liberty museum which will open to the public next may. it will be aimed at celebrating the statue's history. a crew of 15 people are expected to transport those 3600 pound torch to the museum. 4:57. another check of the forecast with kari. another cool start. >> it's been really cold in parts of the bay area. here's a live look outside in san jose. before you head out, know it's only in the 40s this morning. but it will be very nice this afternoon, reaching the low 70s. we'll talk about our air quality that's been really bad. more on that and rain chances coming up next. we are looking at the air quality. the haze at the san mateo bridge, no problem as far as the flow of traffic across 92. i'll show you where we had that
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jam up in oakland and how things have changed. plus another problem for survivors of the camp fire. the reason they're getting sick. o
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bridge. welcome to thursday morning. let's take a live look outside this time. by the san mateo bridge. mike's keeping his eye on that morning commute.
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another cool start to our day. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. kari, another cold start. >> another cold start, another mild day. we can't even get out there and enjoy it because it's been so smokey. here's a live look at dublin right now. you can see the smoke that's with us as we start out on this thursday. it's going to be cold. look at these numbers. 37 degrees as you step out the door around the tri-valley. and then heading into the mid-60s by noon. a look at all of our microclimates show we'll be in the upper 60s and low 70s like yesterday. we'll talk about the incoming rain coming up. mike, you have a new look at oakland. >> i do. we saw all those taillights, brake lights at high street. you see flashing lights here. those crews have cleared from northbound 880. quick recovery throug t


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