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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 15, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai. we're keeping an eye on that news conference expected to begin shortly in butte county, but we want to begin in the bay area with the unhealthy air quality. purple area, northern california has the worst air in the world at this hour. monday t among the dozens of schools that have canceled classes, contra costa, alameda, marin and san francisco counties. no word yet from santa clara county. you can see which schools and colleges are closed right there on our ticker on the bottom of your screen. they took cable cars off the street this is afternoon. sfmta has bus shuttles running in their place. we begin with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. you've been talking about waiting for this wind to come in and start moving the smoke away. >> we still do think that's going to happen. we are definitely going to have to wait for a while for that to
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move in. i want to focus on what we're dealing with. we have wind that continues to blow it into the bay area. it's light and keeping at that stagnant. we've seen days and days of this residual smoke continuing to stack up across the bay area. that's why it's so bad right now. there are a lot of colors on this map, but you want to focus in on the purple. that is very unhealthy. that's a good part of the north bay, down the entire san francisco peninsula and parts of the east bay. these areas of red, that's also considered to be unhealthy. so you have to limit your outdoor suppose usual tonight. the smoke advisory is now in effect until next tuesday's forecast. i do not see a we head into tomorrow. you can see the smoke storm ranger is picking up from sunol and pleasanton. it's bouncing off the particles in the sphere, aatmosphere, and
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what we're breathing. so unhealthy area as we track your friday forecast. thank you, jeff. >> please leave the building -- >> the snapchat video shows smoke alarms going off at uc berkley. that fire is about 150 miles away, but this is how bad our smoke is. within the past 45 minutes, cal has canceled classes for tomorrow as well. among the big questions tonight, what happens to the big game against stanford scheduled for saturday? cheryl hurd joins us on campus where this was supposed to be one of the biggest weekends of the year, cheryl. >> reporter: that's right, raj. as you can see, students are clearing out as word is spreading that classes have been canceled tomorrow. we're hearing cheers off and on as we stand here. now campus is empty now, but earlier today, it was packed, in the plaza, half of the students
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as you can see heesre wearing masks. half going without. they were giving away masks earlier today, but that quickly ran out. we received social media video alarges as y alarms as you heard earlier in the broadcast. i spoke with one student inside evans hall when the smoke alarge went off. >> felt uncomfortable. it's not good to be outside breathing air you know is bad. >> reporter: very quickly, the basketball game scheduled for tonight has been canceled. but the big game, everyone's wondering about that. it was scheduled oday between cal and sanford here on cal's campus. the administration telling us tonight and faculty and students that a decision on that will be made closerehey're hopi air quality will improve. po berkley's campus, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. after this week of mounting
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smoky conditions, schools across the bay area pulled the plug this afternoon on class, announcing they're closing tomorrow. a lot of parents in the tri valley getting robocalls and e-mails from school saying don't show up tomorrow. >> reporter: absolutely. a lot of families concerned, jessica. we've seen a lot of people here walking around all day wearing masks and helping their kids put them on, too. as the air here gets more and more dirty. in livermore today, parents and children stopped by the lizzie fountain for protection from all this, hazy skies and polluted air at a veryth east bay. >> i do landscaping. i have some, i'm going to give these to my kids. >> reporter: scott haggerty's been handing out free masks since monday. livermore schools have stayed
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open this week, following government guidelines and keeping students indoors. >> we've kept all of our students in before school, at recess, at lunch, and the parents come right after school to pick them up. there's been no outdoor activity, no outdoor pe. >> reporter: but conditions have gotten so bad even that is no longer good enough. all schools in alameda county will now be closed on friday. mean whieshl meanwhile, students gathered signatures on a move petition. the university agreed, canceling classes today and tomorrow. we have a full list of bay area schools and colleges that have canceled classes running at the bottom of your screen. you can also find that list on our website, reporting live in livermore, anousha rasta, nbc bay area
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nahs. nasa satellites are picking up the images from space. this time lapse started the day before the fire. so last wednesday, and it goes through this morning. you can see that smoke every day, blanketing the bay area. nbc's robert handa joins us in the south bay from the campus of santa clara university, one of the many universities dealing with this hazard. >> reporter: that's right. we're in the midst of the santa clara university campus which is now filled with smoky area and devoid of students. we can all tell just how hazy it looked today. and that's what university cabinet members saw this morning. so they met at 7:30. by 8:30 decided to call off classes today and tomorrow for the sake of students and staff. students we talked to were relieved. >> the air quality is really bad, so if we inhale that oxygen, it will be harmful for our health. >> it's kind of a really bad
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idea to be outside. i can't really do much. have to say inside all day, and all classes are canceled. >> we had some early morning classes. we informed the students as quickly as we could so no students would go to later class the. >> how about for yourself? are you feeling the smoky air? >> you can't help but look around and you can't help but se see the impact. >> reporter: robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> as that fire just rolls on, we look at how much of paradise has been demolished. drone video shows entire neighborhoods leveled. it's eerily reminiscent of the drone video we saw ach lafter l year's north bay fires in coffey park. president trump will be in
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california on saturday. we do noeknow he'll visit with victims of the fire. he has visited california only once since taking office, and that was to review border wall prote prototypes. >> all of this started exactly one week ago. we are directly linked to this fire. right now that news conference is taking place in butte county. here are the latest numbers. 140,000 acres burned, 40% containment. nearly 9,000 homes have been destroyed as the fire reaches this one-week point. the death toll stands at 56, but the number of missing persons has jumped to 300. that's the big change. the death toll could be rising. we'll find out probably in the next 15 minutes from the sheriff of butte county. in the meantime, we're hearing amazing survival. a disabled woman who escaped the
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flames, you see her there, wheeling herself through her neighborhood that's ablaze with a dog on her lap and then a firefighter happened to drive by. >> we meet that woman and the firefig firefighter who rescued her. jodi hernandez is live with the exclusive interview. jodi? >> reporter: raj, this story is truly incredible. that woman fleed the flames on this road, not in a car, not on foot, but in a wheelchair, surrounded by homes on fire. she was convinced she was going to die. >> it is the most awful thing i have ever experienced in my life. i thought i was going to die. i really did. >> reporter: helen thomas says she didn't think she'd ever make it out of the camp fire alive. the 62-year-old stroke victim was home alone when the fire
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broke out. she says she threw her wheelchair down her front steps and on hands and knees got out of the house. >> and then i crawled the rest of the way. >> reporter: she crawled and somehow got into her wheelchair. and with her poodle on her lap, wheeled herself more than a block. >> she was coming down the streit. she said houses was burning around her, power lines was coming down. >> reporter: she made it to a main road where cal fire's scott mcclain spotted her. >> there's this elderly gal in a wheelchair. look closer. there's a puppy in her lap and her purse is hanging on the back. and i do not know to this day how she got down to pence road alive. >> reporter: mcclain put her in his truck and drove her to safety. tonight her family says it's nothing short of a miracle. >> i can't tell him enough how much i'm freightfgrateful for w done of being there. >> reporter: helen says she
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prayed to get to see her husband of 40 years one more time. >> i just wanted to tell him how many -- how much i loved him and how good he has been to me. and i didn't think i was going to get the chance to tell him. >> reporter: in butte county, jodi hear nhernandez. >> we are continuing to monitor that press conference. we'll provide another update after the break. what we need is a change in wind. also get some rainfall in here. we do have both of those on the way in the forecast. i'll show you when it arrives to clear out the smoke. it's coming up in seven minutes.
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a live look across a very smokey we want to get back to our micro climate weather alerts. this is a live look across a very smoky san francisco. that is not fog. that is smoke. now, if you're a student anywhere in the bay area, there's a good chance you don't have school tomorrow. districts across the region have canceled classes along with most of our colleges and universities. >> we are continuing to monitor that news conference in butte county. they've been updating us on where the situation stands. this is what we've learned so far. the size and the containment, they remain the same. 141,000 acres burned, 40%
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contained. some new numbers. more homes destroyed though. the current number is 9700. yesterday it was 8700. 290 businesses destroyed. also coming out of this news conference there is positive news. the health care clinics in chico and corning are being opened. the death toll stands at 56 tonight. we are awaiting for the sheriff to come forward and give some more information to see if that has changed or if more people have been identified. the number of missing, though, from yesterday has gone up significantly. unaccounted for people now stand at 300. >> our investigative unit has been reviewing records of the power line that might have sparked that fire in butte county. that power line has had problems. here's our reporter jaxon van derbeken. >> reporter: this is one small section of the high-power
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transiti transition line. the 115,000-volt line snakes through the national forest land along a treacherous part of the feather river canyon. parts of the high-power line system date back to the early 1900s, but we learn they only recently not the go ahead to upgrade some of the old support towers. we reviewed state records and found back in 2013 pg a&e notifd that they needed to put in new towers had collapsed during a storm. the high power line was temporarily suspended from wooden poles. this all happened started. the area where pg&e acknowledged in its own aerial survey of the fire scene, one of its massive support towers is damaged and
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burned. >> five transition towers made out of steel all collapse at the same time? >> reporter: an attorney is suing pg&e over the fire and wonders about the latest problem, given the mass failure back in 2012. >> it's the same vintage as those five? or a new one or a replacement of those five? something that we're looking into. >> reporter: we reached out to pg&e to find out whether the tower investigated in the fire was a new one. but the utility did not respond to our questions citing the current investigation. a few minutes ago we showed you the dramatic drone video over paradise. we have different angles to show you. it is dramatic, and it really shows the devastation. >> that town, that wooded town is so beautiful. so many retirees are there. and some victims were those retirees. let's bring in janelle.
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>> it's a view of the destruction we have never seen before. this is paradise, a strip mall off one of the main roads, clark road. this used to be a safe way, a verizon store and a papa murphy's off clark road. it's one of the main thu thoroughfares like i mentioned. everything is gone. you can see shelves melted in the rubble. the entire shopping center just gutted. just a shell of the building standing. this capture's what's left of pine grove mobile home park. the only home that seems to have survived. about 80 mobile homes were in this park which was built in 1972. and across the street another neighborhood behind the kmart store in paradise in the country oak drive area. maybe a couple filing cabinets here, a bathtub do you knwn the.
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it's heartbreaking to see people's homes and belongings as piles of debris and ash. cars charred in what used to be garages of these homes. this is on don ridge court. many telling nbc bay area paradise is still home, and they will rebuild. raj? >> it is a beautiful area. there are signs of life. firefighters from american canyon spotted, that's a bear. american canyon fire department is just one of many local teams fighting this deadliest fire in our state's history. he made it out, and he may have been the last man out of video posted to facebook by a man named brian andrews. he shot that video as he was escaping. he says he left after everybody elsevacuated. the video as you can see, shows house after house, building after building engulfed. now he says he's leaving. the fire trucks a going past him wit firefighters rushing
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in. he's going out. they're coming in. >> that is incredible. jeff ranieri is back with us. in theory, oh, maybe not. we'll get to jeff in just a moment. the fire has made the air so bad that google says searches for smoke masks are the highest in history. there are a lot of them seen today in the city. folks watching the demolition of the old burger king building. >> i looked online and saw that the area quality was poor. i came prepared with a mask. >> you have to keep your house closed up and you have soot all over your deck and car and everything. that's the way it is. >> it's smart to get one of those masks. cal state east bay tweeting that all activities are canceled. san jose state closed today and tomorrow, even online classes are canceled. san francisco state shut down at 5:00 p.m. last night.
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for most schools, this is the last day of school, tomorrow would have been the last day of school before you went to the thanksgiving break, but they're closing early, kind of the cumulative effect of having so many days with bad air. >> these particles, 30 times smaller than a hair follicle. it's so easy to get into your lungs. it takes ten to 15 minutes and you start to feel at that, even if you don't have respiratory problems. the thing that i did this week, you may want to think about doing is change the filter in your heating e system. you can get a filter at the home depot or the lowe's or whatnot. that will help to filter out smoke particles. it expsive. but check on that filter, pop it down and replace that. you can see the smoke on our camera. that is what we've been dealing
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with all day wrong. we know all of you have seen it. temperatures will be dropping into the cold 40s as you move into tomorrow morning. also have storm ranger out. our mobile doppler radar. it can detect smoke. it's portable. we've moved it to get a good sample of the particles. right back here towards livermore, all of that is what the radar is picking up that we are breathing. no change tomorrow. here's the fire. here's the bay area. all of that red color. that's all the smoke that's going to continue to move right here. we think unhealthy air will stay with us right through monday. but here's the good news. a change in the wind by tuesday. we'll talk spend some time ton in about eight minutes. right now we're going to break and will be back after their.
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to handle, some of the fire evacuees staying in shelters --
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well, as if the fire wasn't enough to handle, some of the fire evacuees staying in shelters now face a health concern, a quickly-spreading norovirus. >> the health department has diagnosed active cases at all four shelters. that means more than 140 evacuees have contracted the highly contagious illness. >> you have people living together and animals living together with the people. and they do various things as well. so you have a lot of things going on at once. >> it's yucky. the health department saysre re fire very, very quickly. up next at 6:30 we expect to hear from the sheriff of butte county. we will go live to that region to get an update on the fire, see f see if the death toll has risen and how many people are unaccounted for.
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explosive force from an unexpected place and at an unexpected time. some drivers want their cars and maybe even yours recalled immediately. we investigate. next. worst air quality in the w
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we remain in a microclimate right now at 6:30, among the worst air quality in the world. we remain in a micro climate weather alert. dozens of schools across the region shutting down campuses tomorrow. >> you can see if your school is
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on the les ist by looking at th bottom of the screen. jeff, to hear that we have some of the worst air quality in the world is unnerving. >> it is when you think about how some spots have horrible air quality. take a look at this live camera at san francisco. we've been showing it. it looks like fog, but that is all of the smoke particles that is currently moving in throughout the bay area. anyone who went outside knows exactly what we're talking about. we have storm ranger scanning right now. there is so much smoke particleparticle in the area. you can see right here, that is the smoke particles that's in the sfooeatmosphere right now. tomorrow, it is easy to remember. unhealthy no matter where you go, from the east bay to the south bay. what would change this, what would clear out the smoke? it's a change in the wind. you see tomorrow, friday, 7:00
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p.m., a northerly wind still bringing down smoke from the fire. we have to go all the way to tuesday to get a wind of about 10 miles per hour that would begin to help. then by next wednesday, gusts by 29 miles per hour out of the west-southwest, that would be good enough to clear out the smoke. also, rainfall still in the forecast. we're back in about 15 minutes with an update on the rain. again, help on the way, we just have to wait until next week. thank you, jeff. we have just been briefed by the sheriff of butte county. this is his nightly briefing. it is difficult to digest. >> the death toll has sadly risen to 63. that's more people. the number of people unaccounted for, that number has jumped dramatic lay dramatically to 631.
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in the midst of all this negative news, we have a few positive updates, highway 32 is being reopened and clinics in chico and corning also being reopened. >> the good news, rain is in the forecast for next week. but the rainsa goi is going to y difficult tor tfor the families camping out in tents and cars. >> we go to that walmart that's been turned into a tent city. what options do we have for people to put them indoors? >> reporter: they don't have a lot of options. that's why they're here. butte county officials didn't organize this. this happened when a couple people decided to park their cars here at this walmart parking lot. one week later it has morphed, it has ballooned into this. 300 people staying here
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overnight where they can get a free hot meal and pick through clothing donations. they have no clothes. they only left their homes with the clothes on their back. i spoke to a community organizer who helped put this all together, and he says this is no longer manageable. this is becoming a full-blown humanitarian crisis. like the pioneers that settled in paradise over a century ago, this crew from the green party of california got to work. they raised two tents. one for displaced fire victims to wash their hands, another for them to keep warm. done, you cannot rely on the bureaucracy of the state. >> reporter: but hundreds of fire victims were called on to vacate this refugee settlement by sunday afternoon. >> where are they going to go? fema hasn't set up any mass
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places to house people. >> reporter: frustration towards fema and say the officials is boiling over. >> you got one job, fema, one job, that's to house these people in a crisis. >> reporter: we spotted two fema officials surveying the crowd. tomorrow officials are opening up a local assistance center in chico to help the thousands who lost their homes sign up for federal disaster assistance. >> i don't want to leave the people who are depending on me right now, so fema, please come in. >> reporter: we've got a bit of good news. there is a new shelter here in butte county open today. it is at the butte fairgrounds in gridly, 200 bids a -- beds are available, but unfortunately, that is just not enough. >> we will follow their journey and where they can go in these nefx several days. our coverage continues on our
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website. you can watch the drone video of the fire zone and check the list of school closures here in the bay area at okay. let's switch gears here. nbc bay area responds to some drivers who feel that their cars have a safety issue and should be recalled. >> let's bring in chris camora with an unusual warning. >> they're voicing concerns about the headrest. here's something interesting. did you know headrests can do something like that? right there. some drivers say theirs forcefully smack them in the back of the headit warning. a few have wound up in the emergency room. >> i love the car. it's a nice car. >> reporter: shawn alger's suv is fully loaded but he recently customized the headrest. >> put a nice little bungee on here so it can't come apart.
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>> reporter: come apart is what he say it is did while driving to work one morning. it just burst open. >> all of a sudden i felt like i got hit in the back of the head. i freaked out. i looked back, there's nobody back there, no cars behind me. >> reporter: here's another angle as a mechanic's computer triggers the headrest. >> started to feel nauseous, had a headache. had a concussion. >> reporter: shawn has company. >> it hurt really bad. >> reporter: laura bacca told our response team in los angeles that she was parked in her 2014 town & country van when the spo open. >> i was sitting there with my phone and i suddenly got hit i have hard in the back of the head and it pushed my completely forward. >> reporter: we searched the database and found thousands of jeep and dodge drivers telling
6:37 pm
similar stories. why would a headrest open up like that? some of them are actually designed to in an accident. through crash tests, they developed the active head restraint. the front part snaps out a few inches to stop your head from moving in an accident. >> what we believe is the plastic is deteriorating over time. >> reporter: attorney stewart tally is suing chrysler over the headrest and points to a tiny plastic bracket inside. he believes one side of this can wear out and shatter spontaneously, propelling the spring-loaded headrest into the driver's head. shawn's owner's manual says do not drive with a deployed headrest. it must be reset by an authorized driver immediately. but his couldn't be reset, it
6:38 pm
had to be replaced. and jeep made him pay for it despite his warranty. so why the bungee around his new headrest? it's the same design as the old one. we traced the headrest and found they're made by a german auto supply company named grammer. they wouldn't comment but chrysler sent us a statement saying they meet or exceed all federal safety requirements. they monitor their vehicles in the field, responding accordingly. customer is paramount at fiat-chrysler u.s. >> it's a mat protect other people who don't know this can happen to them. >> we asked the national highway traffic safety association if it investigated the complaints, but we did not receive a response. we'll keep on them. >> do we have any idea how many of these headrests are out there? >> the lawyer thinks it's millions, but we really don't know. >> okay. >> that's a big number.
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let us know if you have had a headrest problem of your own. you can call chris at 1-888-996-tips. well, up next, should there be another trans bay rail crossing for b.a.r.t.? the talk's happening now, and when we might be able to see become a reality. it all about tr
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. a warning tonight from san jose state university. it's all about those popular scooters. campus police say four to six juveniles attacked and robbed a student yesterday. they took the victim's cell phone before taking off on electricity scooters. two of the suspects were arrested but officers are still looking for the other suspect. the victim by the way did not suffer any serious injuries. changes could be on the way for b.a.r.t., big changes. there's talk about another trans bay tube. it would double capacity across the bay, helping cut back on train crowd.
6:42 pm
the goal to build this in about ten years. good news for crab lovers ahead of the holiday season. dungeness crab season has begun, yay. 30 million tons of crab will be pulled from the bay area waters over the next three months. it had to be delayed because of toxicity in waters for the crab. >> you can get the heavier sweaters out. it should help to clear the smokeout. we are stuck with the worst air quality in the world. all that purple, that's really unhealthy. you should really be indoors. we're going to show you the wind and the rain that would change this for us in a few minutes. th? plus, the great escape. how did three prisoners make it out of alcatraz more than 50 years ago. the new effort to preserve
6:43 pm
evidence in that case. the ;latee
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fire in butte clounty. - death within the hour, we have received the latest numbers from the fire in butte county. the death toll has risen to 63 people. 631 people are unaccounted for. yesterday it was about 100 people. it is now 631 unaccounted for. a big chunk of those people are senior citizens. 40% containment on this fire. nearly 10,000 homes have been destroyed. an infamous piece of alcatraz history has been preserved thanks to technology. >> those decoy heads made by the trio of inmates who staged that prison escape have been recreated by the fbi. here's christie smith. >> there was a smokestack that they shimmied down the rooftop. >> reporter: john cantwell knows the a to z of the escape by three men in 1962. the decoy heads in their cells
6:46 pm
prompt questions from visitors. >> we did have a tv problem in the cells. i'm hopeful maybe we can have these in the cells. >> to do 3d scanning they took a lot of photographs. >> reporter: they've recreate the decoy heads that were used. the originals are too fragile. >> they are really the industrial light and magic of the fbi. what you see today is a result of their hard work. >> it will come back to the archives until we can work with the interpretive staff of the island on how best to present them. >> reporter: basically everything t cells right now is a replica of what was here at the time. but what is real is the hole they escaped through. from the other side of men's cells, holes leading the way out. >> there are still valid warrants in the system. >> reporter: if allieive, morri
6:47 pm
would be 92. >> the rock has its own fan club. >> reporter: in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> you can never get tired of going to alcatraz. i think i've done the tour seven times. i could give the tour. i love going to alcatraz. so spooky. >> i'm going with you next time. >> you don't need the heads. >> there's that jail cell where they have the best view ever. they have it cut out. >> i think of clint eastwood when i see that. >> i spent the night in alcatraz. >> ooh. >> take it away. >> we do, of course, have the unhealthy smoke across the bay area, but we are looking at some changes in the next seven days. there's a little positive news, we will just have to wait for it. we know where the smoke is coming from but why?
6:48 pm
why has the smoke stayed in about the same spot in the past five to six days. we have high pressure that's moved in. this is the science behind everything. and high pressure is compressing air. it's like a big shoe that's stomping its foot right down to the surface, taking all of that smoke and squishing it right down here across the bay area. so it really can't go anywhere. we have light winds, it's creating stagnant conditions. and as long as high pressure stays put through this weekend we don't see a massive change in the air quality. the other thing that's interesting here is we're seeing fog develop at the immediate coastline. it's getting a little messy. not everything you see smoke. you can see it moving near point reyes. we're going to tint continue to monitor this. now we do have storm ranger scanning. and the remarkable thing about storm ranger, it's only one in the bay area. six of them in the united states. it's able to pick up the smoke particles. there's so much of it it bounci
6:49 pm
the smoke particles. from pleasanton through sunol and livermore. so we are going to be stuck with unhealthy air all across the bay area tomorrow with our smoke alert in effect again until tuesday. be ready for another day of that as you move through tomorrow morning. not much in the way of sun. cold temperatures, 30s and 40s from the tri valley to south bay and the coldest average at 38. probably need a light jacket even into the afternoon with 60s from san francisco to napa, to antioch and san jose at 68. extended forecast keeps 60s in san diego through the next seven days. on the inland forecast we'll be unhealthy with this smoke through next monday. then the change we're banking on. by next tuesday and wednesday, the winds will begin to shift. eventually, we'll get rain in here. let's bring into the wind first.
6:50 pm
that's the thing that's going to help with the smoke here as we head into next week. it will be more of a southwest wind at 10 miles per hour. once we hit wednesday, gusts of 29 miles per hour coming out of the west would help to push all of this smoke out of the gay ba area. still looking at rainfall from the 23rd to the 25th. early indications, a half inch of rainfall possibly more through that time frame. just what everybody will need on thanksgiving as we come together and help our family members up north and hopefully get a break on this smoke and help for the firefighters. >> it could be a special thanksgiving thanksgiving in helping out our neighbors. this one could be a little dicey, if you can handle the smoke, you can head to at&t park, the home of the giants. colin resch will tell you why. [ phone rings ] what?! ready for christmas? no, it's way too early to be annoyed by christmas.
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then i need to get if i'm into character. santa, ♪ ho ho ho this is christmas, baby ♪ [ groans ] dude, how many candy canes did you eat? [ mumbles ] that's hurtful. okay. as the world turns. for the soap opera that continues with the warriors, today draymond green talked about his confrontation with kevin durant. >> it's kind of a mess. he didn't apologize, but he said the whole incident would make the warriors stronger.
6:54 pm
the warriors in are houston. green making a statement before practice that lasted a couple minutes. he didn't take any questions about what exactly went down between he and kd on monday night, but he made it very clear, he isn't going to change who he is. >> i play, i wear my emotions on my sleeve. i play with that emotion. sometimes it gets the best of me. and, you know, it doesn't work to my favor. i'm going to live with that. >> kd is a free agent after this see season. and the warriors are hoping all this bad blood won't affect his decision to stay in oakland. shall we talk about golf? >> they have top crush as well. >> here's colin resch. >> i'm aiming for a car. now, before my boss freaks out, it does have bubble protection, i'm thinking i'm in the clear.
6:55 pm
if you've never experienced the top golf, what a venue for an introduction. the home of the giants sunday night. >> a lot of people don't have a top golf venue yet. so it's really cool to give people that experience of what it would be like when we do make it there but also have a really awesome experience on top of that, hitting golf balls in these iconic stadiums. when have you ever hit a golf ball here at at&t park. >> derrick had never played golf anywhere. >> i'm really excited to get out here and practice my swing. in my head i was tiger woods, but i'm more charles barkley. >> would you have ever thought that your introduction to golf would be at at&t park? >> never. never. but it's nice. it's different. i enjoy it a lot. so i mean, i have dreams of hitting it over into mccovey cove, but maybe in time.
6:56 pm
>> gee hi lee played professional for three years. you can tell bit swing. >> you walk out to the concourse. you'll se you'll see the concession stand, and the premium ticket holders can take advantage of this. they can come early. hit a few shots to warm up. they can finish up their tee time and come here and play a game. >> tee times are booked friday and saturday, but there are a few slots open on sunday. it is set to open in san jose late next year. colin resch, nbc bay area. >> that's smoke, that's not fogs the particles sinking down to the surface. >> that's going to do it for us here at >> we'll see you at1:00, bye-bye. now on extra.
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she's having a boy. >> oh my gosh. willie. it's a willie. >> letting the news slip as she rules the cma awards in 11 different outfits. the painful marriage secret behind the song that made trisha cry. >> i did see trisha tear up. >> extra in nashville with the country couples, the fashions, and the moment you didn't see. >> entertainer of the year. >> se me that. >> michelle obama's crazy costco run with ellen. >> put this medicine on. >> the question she dared to ask the former first lady on the hot se


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