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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 16, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PST

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to find child care. here is a look across the united states. here is the map. according to the site purple air, california is in bad shape. you can see the purple region there, parts of the mimidwest a. also on the global air quality map among the worst spots is the bay area. there is a spot in africa and a india and new delhi horrible air quality. there are many layers to the story, including the nightly briefing that started in butte county. let's begin here in studio with our forecast. jeff and jessica. >> thank you very much. let's talk about the situation outside because it seems like early in the morning it looks clearer. then as the day progress it is gets dense again. >> we get a little bit of a break in the morning and then in the afternoon when things heat up a little bit of heating of the day. it cooks the pollutants in the
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speier and th-- the atmosphere. we bant want we are on day nine of it. we have high pressure across northern california and that's the primary reason. let's get a closer profile of what high pressure is doing to keep this smoke at the surface. the number one thing high pressure does, it brings dry, sinking, warm air and a light wind. it creates a lid over the bay area. think of a pot. you put the lid on. none of that steam can escape. the second thing is a cool layer of air near the surface. tha air sinks, so that's smoke down to the ground level. so again two things really interacting to keep this smoke across the bay area. we have had light winds. it's made it very stagnant and that's why we are in the situation we are in right now. all of the purple very unhealthy air for the bay area. that's for a good section of the north bay, san francisco peninsula, and the east bay with a smoke advisory in effect until next tuesday.
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once we hit next tuesday, we do have some changes. we have been talking about them. that definitely would be helping us out in this weather situation. >> if we don't get any rain and we don't get any wind, you are saying that lid will stay on that pot and we could stay in theory in these conditions for even another week? >> yes, that's a great point. if the wayne and t-- rain and wind forecast does in the come through, we could definitely stie stay in this. the certainty of rainfall next week is 50% chance. i think by next tuesday and wednesday we would see the wind come in and that would help us out. >> we also need that fire to die dune. >> and both of those thi w help. we will see that rain coming along with it. next tuesday through friday, big changes to help the smoke clear out. >> thank you, jeff. the hottest selling item across the bay area, those masks.
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thousands of people across the region wearing them. this was the long line on the cal campus. students waiting to get a free mask from one of the students. as we mentioned, the big game tomorrow in berkeley has been postponed. that's the tip of the iceberg. >> we are outside the stadium. i can tell you that the area here, the disappointment is palpable. so many fans come in from all over the country just for the big game. >> reporter: the matchup is legendary. stanford versus cal for more than 120 years. it was canceled only during world wars i and ii, postponed only after the jfk assassination. now it is being postponed again. this time because of the smoke from the butte county wildfires. >> so much of the big game experience includes the parties and tailgates beforehand.
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friends and families and what they do after the games. we thought to have everybody exposed for that long of a time just didn't make sense. it's not who we are. it just wasn't the right thing to do. >> very disappointed. >> reporter: an alum and big fan of the big game, he flew out from new york for it. >> i have been back east almost 30 years, and i have seen -- well, i have been to 17 straight -- or 18 straight big games now. so, you know, it's, you know, i don't want to miss it. >> reporter: this group of family and friends from l.a. is pretty disappointed, too. >> i am super pumped. >> we had so many activities planned for tomorrow. it's just how life goes. >> reporter: it is how life is going for dozens of sporting events in the bay area. stanford women's soccer was moved south to salinas as was palo alto's game. there is a new date set.
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december 1st. >> it was canceled. within 30 minutes we had flights back up for the december 1st date. >> so that big game is postponed. however, there will be still be a big game in a couple of weeks from now, december 1st. if you have tickets to tomorrow's big game, you can use the same tickets december 1st. stanford at cal at memorial stadium. on the east coast they are used to snow days. today we had a smoke day. lots of kids across the bay area stayed home because many school districts canceled classes. that included schools in alameda, contra costa, and marin. most schools in santa clar county sls a call i should say, with superintendents. low-income eed school was communities where children, child care is tough and nutrition would be a big issue if the schools were closed for
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kids. >> the access to shelter, access to indoor air quality, access to meals, many families depend on school breakfast and school lunch as part of their nutritional al planning. >> how do we get our most vulnerable populations access to indoor airspace? we can keep the schools open. >> reporter: now, several families did pull kids from school today and there was no penalty for that. they felt that under the conditions, they really wanted to keep their kids home where they felt it was a little safer. well, the smoke is taking a toll on san francisco's hottest commodity. we are talking about tourism. cable cars have been halted. boat trips to alcatraz staying onshore. they have been canceled. and hotels getting a lot of cancellations as well. christie smith with this big impact. >> reporter: that's right. you u cable car turnaround
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but not today. that's because they are not running. what you do see is people walking by very quickly, many with a respirator mask on. the air here very unhealthy. at alcatraz landing workers wore masks under hazy smoke-filled skies exchangie the change of plans to tourists. >> there was no line or anything. so i just kind of walked over to the ticket office and i said, i have tickets for today. do i get in line over there? they are like, today has been canceled. >> reporter: ticket holders were notified by email or text and offered a refund. and a big cruise as an alternative. >> it's about 3,500 people. it's unfortunate because this is the start of a busy week for tourism in san francisco and the rest of the bay area and all of the businesses are impacted. >> reporter: some hotels are
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reporting cancellations. on the street, a tourist favorite, the cable cars, didn't run. there were shuttles and muni offered free rides and masks for workers. non-essential employees could work from home. >> extending the hours of rec centers and libraries. >> reporter: the mayor spoke about what the city doing because of the air quality. the city has not seen a surge in 911 calls or people showing up at hospitals with complications. >> from a health perspective, the most important thing is the size of the particles. the tinier the particles, the deeper into the lungs gets. that's whey it's important to stay indoors. >> reporter: audrey garza wears a respirator lately. >> i can't get all the smoke out of my house. >> reporter: now, what i did hear from ssfta late this afternoon is that the cable cars won't be running this weekend as well. i also heard from the folks at alcatraz cruises. they say the boats won't be
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going out to alceekeatraz as we refund. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. are you looking for a safe place to breathe fresh filtered air? we posted a list of the safe air locations right there on our website. you can find it at well, nine days in and the camp fire still rages on. the butte county sheriff is giving his nightly briefing as we speak. let's give you the numbers that we have so far. 146,000 acres burned. the fire is now 50% contained. so there is a little bit of relief there. sadly, the death toll is 63. we atingre for whi comes a litt bit later in the evening. and at last count there were still 631 people unaccounted for. flames have destroyed more than 9,000 homes. again, i just want to stress that those numbers could change as this news conference
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progresses. now, all week long many fir victims have been sleeping in their cars and their tents, and they have been asking, where is the calgary? where is fema? today they got an answer. fema opened a disaster recovery center in chico. melissa colorado took a tour of that center. she joins us from chico. nine days in, that's a lot of time to wait when you are sleeping in a tent. >> reporter: hours and hours these folks have been waiting on the lines at this fema recovery center. originally, fema had a smaller location in oroville. this center in cheek ico is big. i askedem long is this center going to be open for? she said indefinitely. it's like walking into a giant california dmv office. >> the line is so long.
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>> reporter: almost overnight this former sears store in chico has transformed into fema's disaster recovery center. a place where cash-strapped camp fire victims can sign up for help. >> get people down here. it makes it convenient for them. we want to be as convenient as possible for the survivors. >> reporter: almost impossible when you consider the 7,600 families who lost their homes and the tens of thousands more who had to evacuated. cynthia johnson lost her mobile home and has been sleeping in a shelter ever since. she lost her personal documents in the fire and managed to register with the dmv today. >> i $250 to get a card, which is a lot to me. cal fire. >> reporter: not everyone is satisfied with the federal response, much less president trump's critical tweets directed at california. and fema says today alone more than 500 fire victims, they have
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registered with fema to try get that federal assistance. melissa colorado, up next at for many of us to stay indoors. whatfreoing to try to stay healthy. lots of questions about these masks and some bad information out there. i'm con stumer investigator chris cam or owe. we will clear it up next. i will have the air quality forecast as we head into the weekend. plus, rain chances in the forecast. when that could return. it's coming up in about six minutes. but this intense smoke s
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something new for many of us. we have dealt with the rain and heat. this intense smoke is new for many of us. those who work outside it poses a serious health risk. jodi hernandez is in contra costa county for us. what kind of options do people have outside? >> reporter: people are wearing masks and trying to limit their time outside. i tell you, the air in contra costa county has been in the very unhealthy range all day. everybody is feeling it, especially those who have to work in it. >> i have a business, so we have to be here. >> reporter: lily gonzalez is serving up tacos and burritos like she does every day. but she is dealing with more than the smoke from her grill.
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>> it's really bad. >> reporter: as the smoke from the camp fire has reached the very unhealthy level in contra costa county, people who work outdoors are really feeling it. >> higher aqi here. it has a particulate level that is the equivalent of smoke ago pack or two of cigarettes a day. >> reporter: the doctor says it's best to stay indoors. but if you must work outside, he says wearing a mask could help. if you choose not to, you might feel throat and eye irritation, but he says you likely won't experience long-term impacts. >> for a one or two week exposure, that's essential roadwork must continue, but they are doing their best to keep workers and contractors safe. while we didn't see anyone wearing masks, they are encouraged to do so. that's not all.
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>> that they are rotated so no one has to spend too much time being exposed to the smoke. >> reporter: gonzalez and her co-worker are keeping their masks on. with families to feed, staying at home is not an option. >> we are hoping everything clears up for our safety. fortunately, the unhealthy levels are aren't expected to last that much longer. >> sometimes you just can't help it. you have to go outside. so if you do this weekend, you just kind of need to be prepared and you need to be properly protected. >> chris is here. we are doing some show-and-tell with the n-95. is that correct? >> exactly. that's what it needs to say. that's not a brand name. that is a specification. it means this mask and others like it will block 95% of the
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particles that are in the air from getting into your lungs. so it's exactly what you need to let the oxygen in and keep the smoke out. once you have one these, by the way, don't throw it away. we have heard folks say the n-95s are only good for eight hours. that is not true. 3 m, which makes some of these masks, told us today you can reuse these. here's what it said. people should stop using their masks only if it gets dirty, damaged, or if it's difficult to breathe through. they say it's spelled out in the directions. so if you buy one, please read them. let's take about how to keep up to date on air quality. several preapps and websites will do this. this is the spare the air bay area app. it tracks conditions had real time. it lets you set up alerts. it's run by the bay area air quality management district. there is also the epa now air now app. this is for quality ratings from
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the federal government. it use a color scale to show you conditions by zip code. the sayoc ar you can see we would be in green or yellow usually. when you have seen in the newscast throughout the day, you can compare these air quality readings around the world with purple this is set up by science tiss in a grassroots effort. each dot represents an air monitoring station around the state and around the globe. you can compare all of them and hopefully we will see more yellow and green on the map. please, jeff, fell us. >> there is your cue. it is definitely going to be coming our way. that is the good news here. we are still confident as we head through the next couple of days we will eventually see that shift in the weather. let's get to it. it's like it is when we have rainfall out here. i want to continue to show the air quality right now map across the bay area so you can get a fix of what it is like right
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this second if you are headed out the door. a lot of purple here for parts of the north bay, san francisco peninsula, and through the east bay as well. that is very unhealthy. then in the unhealthy category, san jose and napa and areas to the north. you can see all of the smoke. this is not fog. it has that grayish color. the smoke particles floating around. 58 in san francisco. as we head into tomorrow morning temperatures dropping down to colder 40s with that smoke staying put. no big change in the air quality tomorrow. here is the camp fire and this is a smoke model beta here. you can see the plumes of smoke still reaching the san francisco bay area. so very unhealthy for most of the bay, north bay, peninsula, east bay likely hovering in the unhealthy category for south bay. all in all, no matter where you go in the bay area, remember
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those tips we talked about. limiting outdoorxpose and check the a/c filter at your house. if it's turning on with the furnace or venting orphaning inside your house, make sure that changed and cleaned out. i just did mine. it had a lot of smoke particles in it. we want relief. where is it on the seven-day forecast? next deuce we get the ocean breeze starting to return. that's going to help us. then by next wednesday, thursday, and friday remember looking at rain returning. we are going to talk more about those rain chances, how much we could get next week. that's coming up at 6:48 tonight. see you then. we'll be right back after the break. > well, as we've been tel
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you, we are in a microclimate health alert. unhealthy air sticking around the whole weekend. it's been a very, very bad day. we are talking about the air quality and the smoky images
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that we are seeing in real time and through social media as well. >> they have been the worst days so far since that fire started last week and it seems like it's worse in some areas. our nbc bay area news team, digital team, reporters, photographers, they are getting images from all parts of the bay area capturing the smoke and hazy skies. our producer captured this time lapse video from nasa. when the fire started, and then the smoke just smothering the bay area as the week continues. so she tweeted that photo. chris jewett, one of our photographers, he did some before and after shots from monday to today. friday. you can't even see and make out the background. this was monday. already pretty smoky at the san francisco skyline. today you can't even see those san francisco buildings. so really bad air quality. this is market street lacking at the ferry building. on monday there. today you can't see the ferry building anymore. garvin thomas, a reporter, he shhi today. of times.
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this is the bay bridge. you are supposed to see san francisco, but you can't make out one building. our meteorologist showed some of the air quality numbers from last year when we had those ferocious north bay fires in napa and sonoma. you can see it was all in the purple area. the rest of the babay area fare well. the north bay, unlike the bay area and the butte county fire now where many ever us are in purple, including the chico area. last from our vicky, she took off on a quick flight. look how bad the conditions are. the hazy conditions causing flight delays, especially in sfo right now. >> thank you. still to come at 6:30, how do they track that bad air? we will take you inside the operations center where air quality workers are keeping close tabs on that smoke and
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rating it for us. within the fast few minutes the sheriff of butte county has released for us the latest numbers. the death toll and the number of people unaccounted for, we will have that for you next. right no:
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poor air quality across the bay area. the smoke is not going away anytime soon. at 6:30, poor air quality across the bay area. that smoke just sitting on the bay area and not going away any time soon. >> let's get it our chief meteorologist jeff better
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nearry. we have an active six days head of us? >> that is everything that everyone wants. getting this rainfall in here and some changes in the forecast. just in case you missed it a few minutes ago, we want to let you know tomorrow is going to be very unhealthy for the north bay, peninsula, east bay, southbound in the unhealthy range. you have to remember those tips we have been talking about, we have been posting on facebook, also on twitter. head there and you will get full coverage on that. i want to move things into the change that would help us out with the smoke. it's not going to get here on saturday. you can see the wind would be coming from the north and the east. so that's going to keep the smoke over the bay area. let's look at sunday. we are still looking at a drier wind from the north and east, keeping smoke moving in from th there on monday. we b tuesday, look at this, it's more of a southwesterly breeze that would import some cooling ocean air,
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that's great news, to help the process of cleaning this smoke out. check this out. by next wednesday evening we could see wind gusts of 20 to 36 miles per hour pulling in that ocean breeze. not only text tuesday and wednesday do we get the wind, but rain chances ahead. we will detail the rain chances coming up at 648 tonight. how much we could get the next couple days next week. that's at 6:48. the bay area air quality management district is actively tracking the conditions. turns out there is a war room of sorts. the war room is staffed with meteorologists like jeff, who keep a close eye on the satellite images. the worst spot today according to them, san pablo in contra costa county. there are four things we can all do, they say, to stay safe. >> first, you want to not burn any wood. so if you have a fireplace, you want to come to a halt with that. secondly, carpool.
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third, i would say take public transportation. and three, our fourth, rather, stay indoors to prevent any health effects from the smoke. >> the air quality advisory is holding through tuesday. the school closures we told you about made a sudden change of schedules for the kids, and especially for the parents who may have had to work. robert honda went around fremont and alameda county today looking for places where some families took refuge. >> reporter: peace and quiet was not necessarily what families were looking for when they found out there would be no classes today. they told us anything is better than being outside, so they just rolled with it. the smoky air closed schools this alameda county today and gave people time off to spare. in fremont, the closures meant an unexpected weekday daytime boost pfor businesses, providin
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families a respite from bad air and boredom. >> the reaction is relief they are not outside in the smoke. at the same time, what do we do with them inside for a whole day? i was surprised because i didn't know the smoke would be that bad, and i didn't think it was going to mean that we couldn't go to school. >> reporter: third grader grace was in the surprised. >> i was coughing a lot and i don't like the smoke. like it sort of made me sneeze. >> reporter: are you grad to la out of school? >> yeah. >> reporter: grace's mom is a teacher. >> it's been a little crazy. yeah. >> reporter: anything that will be difficult to make up? >> so i think i have about nine conferences that i have to make upcoming back from the break. >> reporter: we saw many families taking refuge at movie theaters as well as malls. for businesses, the smoke is a double edged impact
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>> sometimes it's gotten so bad that it's driving people in. other times they are afraid to come in. >> reporter: so far the novelty of an unexpected tay off worn off yet. families say schedules will be difficult to jug the longer the -- juggle the longer the smoke lingers. the game we mentioned earlier is on hold. among the hundreds of sporting events postponed or canceled, tomorrow's rivalry game between cal and stanford, it was supposed to be at memorial stadium in berkeley. today on the cal campus no classes, but what's this? a lin o that on facebook he woud hanng them out for free. hundreds of students then lined up early to get one. >> it happened so fast. you know, it just makes me wish i bought more masks. i see an opportunity for businesses to step up, specifically those creating masks to donate to the community
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and be a part of a relief effort. >> rudy says he used his mom's credit card to buy the masks. taking donations for the masks. he plans to send all the money that he got from the donations to help with the fire relief efforts. we are tracking the cancellations of events across the bay area this weekend. the big game. and even muir woods. but there is much more that you can see and do. go to our website and this is the most difficult part of this newscast. the sheriff of butte county gave his nightly briefing on the camp fire. it's not good. we have got some new numbers. we have justeahat search and rescue crews recovered the remains of eight more people. that brings the death toll now to a staggering 71. and over 1,000 people remain unaccounted for. now, we need to caution this and couch this a little bit because the sheriff says it doesn't mean
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1,000 people are missing. it means they may be listed twice. the names may be misspelled on a list. in any case, they have to try to identify these one th1,000 peop. the fire has burning for a week now. it is 50% contained. flames have scorched 146,000 acres and more than 9,000 homes are destroyed. >> the reason that i put this information out there without refining the data or going through that is because, as i told you in the past, i can't let perfection get in the way of progress. >> firefighters are hoping the po of rain next week will help them with this firefight so they can get a stronger handle on it. >> we continue to monitor that news conference hnappeni chico. we are streaming it online on our website we will also post a recap on the website after this news conference wraps up. okay. thieves are going after the down payments for virtually every
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home sale in california. >> they are taking advantage of a security flaw to steal your money. we first reported this problem growing. haired from more victims? >> we have. it is not getting better. it's getting worse. we talked with five bay area families who have lost tens of thousands of dollars. imagine that. it just vanishes like that. maria in napa, she put done $85,000 but scammers intercepted her payment through an email scheme and it's gone. the banks and her agent told her to call the fbi, but she didn't get any help at all. >> when i talked to the fbi i said, what are you going to do about it? they said there is nothing we can do. we get allegations like this all the time. >> yeah. all the time. maria wants to know why nobody seems to be doing anything to stop the scam. we started digging around and
6:38 pm
made some surprising discoveries. coming up tonight at 11:00 join us. we will show you some repeated warning signs that are being being ignored by thousands of bay area real estate agents. if you lost money to fraud in real estate, we would like to hear from you. all us. 888-996-tips or tell us online at of you want to be anonymous, that's good. see you tonight at 11:00. >> it impacts a lot of people. thank you. still to come w he need your help to feed the need. we will show you how you can me team this weekend. we will be out in force-you can help us. an unusual officer invo
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shooting ) in san jose. an unusual officer-involved shooting in san jose. police officers responded to a domestic violence call on a wednesday evening on nikette way
6:41 pm
in south san jose. a woman said 51-year-old mark spencer physically assaulted her. it turned in an all night stand-off that ended thursday when police shot tear gas under the house where spencer was finding. he was found unresponsive and died at the hospital. the coroner is trying to determine the exact cause of death. >> we have information that the individual may have been on narcotics or amphetamines or other substances that may have actually led to this rather than the tear gas itself. >> it is tear gas which qualifies as an officer-involved shooting. a san jose family looking for a place to live after a fire burned down their home this morning. a neighbor shot that video on their cell phone. the fire started after 1:00 in the morning on martin avenue in san jose near the sap center. the flames started outside the house and spread into the house. at this point we don't know if anyone was injured. jeff is back with us. usually this time of year we would be talking about next
6:42 pm
thursday. we are just talking about tomorrow, and if we can breathe any better. >> and air quality is still going to be really unhealthy for a lot of the bay area. we will get to next week, including thanksgiving, and we are going to talk more about these rain chances moving on in. i will have details coming up in about 15 minutes. and it's that time to help feed the need. for $10, how you can make a difference and how all of these volunteers are also making a difference in our community coming up.and it makes a real
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difference...for lower incomes families. $10...goes a long way. we do this every year and it makes a real difference. ten bucks goes a long way. >> tomorrow we will be at various safeway stores across the bay area collecting donations and you can help us. live from the rivertafeway in santa clara. hi! >> reporter: hi. that's right. we said $10 and this is how $10 is going to go.
6:45 pm
you will find slips at the registers. these little white slips. for just $10 they get a bag full of groceries like the ones you see here. proteins, spaghetti, toasted oath oats and it previeds nice warm comfort meals for a home that needs it. none of this would be possible with our wonderful volunteers. we have got parents, kids, everybody comes out and joins us. here to tell us more about the amazing volunteers is kimberly from the junior league of san jose. >> everiay year we bring out 12 130 membersunioleague of san jose. this is right in our wheelhouse. we love promoting volunteerism, we are all about improving the community. we have been partnering with nbc bay area and safeway for over ten years. our volunteers will be in various locations throughout the city. we will have members at los gatos as well as almaden, san r
6:46 pm
carlos, hamilton and in the rivermark riverma riverma rivermark and santa clear clinton administration air. >> reporter: thank you. we will be here tomorrow morning helping hand out slips. but raj, i can't leave without mention th ing th-- without mentioning tha baby. he has been a great helper. he is going to get you guys to come over and donate. he waved. do you like that? he was a star in our telemundo live shot. he has us all hooked up here. >> that is the cutest baby with the best hair do in the bay area. >> thank you. the paib is tbaby is the way to money. >> we will be at the downtown los gatos area. >> i will be in pleasanton. come and see me.
6:47 pm
my babies won't be there. i will be there. feed the need at the food drive tomorrow. we will be all over the place. please check it out. another chance to make a difference. the annual toy dri. the police partnering with walgreens. they are looking for toys of any kind for girls and boys. last year they selected 9,000 toys. the goal this year is to beat last year's numbers. >> this is a time when we need to come together and in the weather of what's going on, so many challenges going on, i really think that the joy of having a toy is something that all these really -- these kids want and need. >> you've got to get toys for the kids. you can drop off the toys at any san francisco walgreens until december 14th. what a great way to do it. back to our safeway drive los alamos with we look forward to it. it will be good to be
6:48 pm
indoors? a safe place to be. safeway? >> come inside and help us with those donations. let's bring you into the microclimate forecast tonight. we are under a microclimate weather alert because, of course, of this bad air quality. we have a brand new update for you right now. hazardous air is now being detected over tracy. that's where you have to stay indoors. all of these areas in purple, that's where it is very unhealthy tonight. right there through most of the north bay, san francisco peninsula, and through the east bay with our smoke advise ory lext here is another way to look at it. check out this graphic. ticl a human hair, okay? that we're breathing in out there if you don't wear a mask or limit outdoor exposure are 30 times smaller than a human hair. you can see how that's easy to get collected in your lungs. that's why you feel it after 15 to 20 minutes of being outside. where do we go into tomorrow's
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forecast? very unhealthy for the north peninsula and east bay. it will be unhealthy for the south bay. remember all the tips we have been providing on, facebook, twitter. tomorrow morning temperatures in the 30s to 40s with that smoke lingering around. we are going to be down to a chilly 38 in the tri-valley. also down to 37 for the north bay. san francisco right there at 42. my afternoon temperatures don't warm up a whole lot. still jacket weather for some of you. 64 san francisco, 59 in half moon bay and upper 60s through concord and 66 in san jose. we want some change. my extended forecast still has it. by next tuesday, ocean breeze starts to move in. that begins the process of helping us out. then by next wednesday, look at this, probably the best news in the seven-day forecast in a long time. rain chances it at 67%
6:50 pm
possibility wednesday, thursday, friday. that is really good. at least looking like we will get some rainfall. it looks wet for thanksgiving, and this will be great news for us. same changes for those inland valleys. that ocean breeze moves in once we hit next tuesday. then rain chances next wednesday, thursday, and friday. now, early rainfall coming in, what you will be able to see as we get closer, fine-tuned totals. what i'm seeing right now, what we would be good for next wednesday, thursday, friday is a half-inch here for the bay area. there is the possibility to potentially get more than that, but i am hedging, i don't want to go too far out on that at least just yet. everybody is so extremely sensitive with the smoke around. that is the best that we can do on the rain chances right now. really anything, even .05 inch, that would be enough to get the smoke particles out. >> make for a nice thanksgiving. >> thanks, jeff. tomorrow's big game between
6:51 pm
cal and stanford has been postponed as well as all the high school football playoffs. some of them actually moved to salinas. colin has more from memorial stadium. [ phone rings ] what?! ready for christmas? no, it's way too early to be annoyed by christmas. you just need some holiday spirit! that's it! this feud just went mobile. with xfinity xfi you get the best wifi experience at home. and with xfinity mobile, you get the best wireless coverage for your phone.'re about to find out! you don't even know where i live... hello! see the grinch in theaters by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he.
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then i need to get if i'm into character. santa, ♪ ho ho ho this is christmas, baby ♪ [ groans ] dude, how many candy canes did you eat? [ mumbles ] that's hurtful. but they )ve never had to deal /
6:54 pm
th hard to believe they have been doing it 120 years and never had to deal with this issue of smoke. >> a long standing history here. the big game has been postponed. it was a late scratch impacting cal and stanford, and thousands of alumni. here is colin resch at cal. >> reporter: the writing was on the wall when cal canceled their men's basketball game last night. smoke from the camp fire in butte county an unsafe level. no surprise today when cal and the pac-12 decided to postpone tomorrow's game for two weeks. >> i would like to say it was a no-brainer. i didn't get any gray hair because of it. tth. i think it's the right call to make based on all of the information that we could gather. all of the trends. all of the environmental data. but we couldn't have said that yesterday because there was enough ambiguity in what was going to happen with the air that we had to wait until today.
6:55 pm
with that we have decided to delay the game, not cancel, but delay the game. we will play the game on 1 december. our plan is to have a noon kick. >> was levi stadium a thought? >> it was certainly -- everything was on table, but we looked at air quality everywhere. it just wasn't any place that local where it was a significant improvement. so, yeah, as it turned out this became probably on thursday our best option. >> reporter: i mentioned the cancellation of the basketball game last night. usf has canceled its men's basketball game tonight against arizona state on hilltop while stanford, their men's hoops team did the same. vander videoer's -- vanderveer has canceled against ohio state. the women's soccer team in stanford in a ncaa tournament
6:56 pm
has been moved to salinas. >> thank you. between the colleges and the youth sports there are literally thousands of games canceled. one game not canceled, san jose state football will play tomorrow against nevada. it's not a 2:00 p.m. kickoff. it's now a noon kickoff. so a slight ajust. there. >> does that make a difference? >> i don't think so at this point. we will have to look at it closely. >> they are getting in it. >> that's their call. our forecast tomorrow very unhealthy. we are going to see this fluctuate through the next several days. the best news is that as we hit next week, we have got rain coming our way next wednesday, thursday, friday. >> we we need it. >> let's go bowling. let's go to the movie. thanks for joining us. have a great evening. >> see you at 11:00.
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>> now on "extra." new details on the mysterious death of his long time love at the age of 47. her close friend kimora simmons in tears. what happened. >> cardiac arrest. >> then, our fifavorite memorie with the beautiful model and actres lost video from kim and diddy's baby shower. new scenes of devasta camille grammer revealing what's left of her house.


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