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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 19, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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area. a live look ou breaking right now at 11:00, unhealthy air quality covering the bay area. a live look outside. cameras in emeryville, san bruno, fremont and dublin showing just how bad it is out there. but there is some good news on the horizon. good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. the air outside not so bad as it was this weekend. but still very unhealthy. let's go to meteorologist kari hall. and kari, this may be good or bad for some people, but there is rain in the forecast. >> there is rain in the forecast, still a couple of days away, but we are talking about these levels of particulate matter in the air. that's coming from the wildfire smoke around butte county area, drifting into the bay area. and where we're seeing it the
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worst right now in parts of the east bay and concord, the levels are at 274. elsewhere, we're looking at levels below 200. so what does that mean? we see the unhealthy air quality, and the reds, and it's going to be basically very unhealthy to be out there, especially in the east bay. but that's where we have seen some really high numbers over the past few days, and notice that our numbers are starting to come down. and so as we look at what's happening here as far as our weather setup, there is a weak disturbance farther to the south that may be mixing out our winds just a bit, but also some clouds overhead. this is the storm system that will come in on wednesday and bring us some rain and help improve our air quality. and out ahead of that, we're starting to see our winds shift. so they're coming north and blowing off shore, but as we go into the day tomorrow, looking at the time line as we go into the day our south and east bay may have more of a southerly
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wind and that's going to help improve our air quality. but then as we go into wednesday, we all have a southerly wind that will be pretty brisk, picking up to about 25 to 30 miles per hour. that's also when the rain will be here. we'll talk more about the rain, how much and sierra snow coming up in the full microclimate forecast. >> kari, you were talking about that air quality. experts telling people to stay inside if you can. i want you to take a look at this live camera here from our sutro tower and you can barely see anything in the background there. nbc bay area's kris sanchez is where students are angry that class is still in session. kris? >> reporter: the air quality is noticeably better today here than last week, but there are a lot of students who say it's still bad enough that classes should be cancelled. >> i think it would be good to cancel classes, especially for those coming into the san jose area. >> reporter: that student hasn't signed this petition yet, but tens of thousands of others have, urging san jose state
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administration to change their stand. you can see the haze hanging in the air over at the san jose state/nevada and some fans opted to stay inside. thursday and friday, classes were cancelled and the university handed out masks and urged students and staff to avoid going outside. this week the advice stands, but the classes are in session. san jose state's statement on the petition drive reads in part, we truly respect the thoughtful perspectives that were shared by many sjfu students and other university community members. decisions to close a campus are never made lightly. we have made the decision to close as the air quality index levels were approaching the very unhealthy, above 200 range. since that time, the levels have dropped markedly. this student says he thinks the air quality is better than last week. and he thinks the administration is doing the right thing in resuming classes. >> to me, i don't think it's that bad. plus, most of the time you're going to be indoors for the class. >> if the air quality gets
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worse, maybe. it looks okay right now. >> reporter: classes are cancelled today at uc berkeley, santa clara university, san francisco state and at st. mary's. some local school districts also have cancellations, but that is an ongoing list that we're updating for you at you can check it out there. in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. much of the smoke is coming from the camp fire burning north of the bay area in butte county. the fire is now 151,000 acres, 66% contained. flames have destroyed nearly 16,000 structures. the death toll, sadly, now at 77. at least 1,000 others are still unaccounted for. search teams are taking on the grim task of looking through all that charred landscape, trying to look for any remains. the mission is taking on new urgency as the rain is forecasted for that area. as pete suratos reports, the rain could put evacuees at a temporary tent village in chico at risk. >> reporter: yeah, that's right,
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guys. look, we're standing on the outskirts of that walmart parking lot here in chico, and as you can see here, there's still quite a number of tents set up in this area. now, the big problem with the area you're looking at is that it is prone to flooding. and that's why the city of chico, as well as walmart, are encouraging people to relocate. this walmart parking lot in chico is becoming a meeting spot for those looking to lend a helping hand. >> i came down yesterday. we're trying to see what is the situation here. who is really getting in and out of shelters. and what is the situation for housing. >> reporter: as well as for those who lost it all. >> it's hard for me to leave the mountain. i know too many people. the first night i was crying all night coming up ask down this parking lot. >> reporter: but with the expected rainfall, this temporary tent encampment which has turned into a home will become an issue. a city official tells me by phone they do not plan on forcing people to leave, but are encouraging them to do so, since this area has a history of flooding. the decision is ultimately up to
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walmart, with the manager telling me off camera, they too are encouraging people to go to a safer location. >> but my daughter, she's suffering. she really is. >> reporter: kimmie machado is now in a tent with her 19-month-old daughter. she says a family member will pick up her daughter and take her to arizona. as far as relocating to a shelter due to the weather, she has heire has her reservations. >> i don't know how to get out of a shelter. i don't have a car. >> reporter: this is not a mandatory evacuation. city officials say they are encouraging folks to relocate. in fact, they mentioned the past few days they have offered free gas cards and they have mentioned there's a bus line that actually could take folks to these shelters. as you can see, with the tents set up, folks are willing to see what happens with this weather coming in, in a couple of days. in chico, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> those poor people can't get a break. thank you so much. take a look at this video just into our news room.
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this is also from the fire zone. firefighters rescuing a deer. watch as the crews eventually cut the antlers free, allowing it to run off safely. the team posted that video to social media saying they found the deer entangled in a power line. >> there you go. you're good, buddy. down in southern california, firefighters are gaining the upper hand on the woolsey fire. it is now more than 96,000 acres and 94% contained. many homeowners in los angeles and ventura counties are returning to ash and rubble. more than 1,500 structures were destroyed. three people died during the woolsey fire, including two people found in a car and one in the rubble of a burned out home. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. a small community in contra costa county reeling over the news that a 16-year-old girl was killed in a house fire over the weekend. nbc bay area's bob redell joins us live where the girl attended school and where her classmates are meeting with grief counselors.
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this is in orinda, right, bob? >> reporter: correct, laura. i did speak with a spokesperson for the local fire district which tells us that orinda has got a few tough weeks and months ahead of them as this small community tries to cope with the death of this 16-year-old girl who attended school here, as you mentioned in orinda. i also caught up with the orinda police chief, who confirmed that her name was lutza garro. even though school is out for thanksgiving, the school did have grief counselors on campus this morning to help students cope with her death. as you can see, there were a number of kids who showed up hugging and consoling each other. the principal tells us that waiting until classes resume next week would have been too long a wait. lutza was killed when her family home caught fire around 4:00 yesterday morning. it's actually just a few blocks away from the campus here. her friend and her friend's mom were staying with her since her own parents were out of town. the friend and the mom, they were hurt, but they are expected to be okay. they got out. a firefighter also suffered
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burns, but has since been released from the hospital. lutza was active in the latin club, she ran for the cross-country team, and left quite an impression, not only on her friends, but with the principal of mere monte high. what was she like? >> she was a student who lived big. a lot of impact. dynamic. kind. thoughtful. she'll be greatly missed. >> she was really, really kind. just a very nice, humble person. and it's really hard to see someone like that go. you've known them for so long, you've grown up with them from elementary school on. and someone, you know, you see every day passing through the halls. and it's hard, you know, knowing that you are no longer going to see that face any more. >> reporter: the fire district is still trying to determine the cause of the fire. i want to show you a couple of
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pictures just sent to us by the department. these are leather helmets of two firefighters who entered the home where lutza died. you can see how badly burned these helmets are. this happened because the fire flashed over. that's when you have a buildup of combustible gases that ignite suddenly, raising the temperature from a couple hundred degrees to over 1,000 in an instant. that's how one firefighter ended up with burns on his ears and shoulders, and they were in the home at the time, trying to find her and to perform a rescue. so the courage and bravery of these men and women who fight fires. students are trying to plan a vigil for lutza, trying to do something after thanksgiving, over the weekend. that has not been firmed up yet. there is also a go fund me page. i just checked the latest numbers on that. there has been over $75,000 raised for lutza's family. that's within roughly the past 24 hours. it just gives you a sense, yes, of how supportive this community is, how tight knit they are in support of this family.
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reporting live here in orinda, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> wow, that's grown $25,000 since our morning show. that's amazing. nice to see that support. they must be going through so much. thank you, bob. s. that's the opening bell. boy, they were off and they were down. dow jones dropping at least 500 points. apple, amazon, facebook sharply falling this morning. apple leading the tech shares lower after reports the company has cut production orders for new iphones. so a tough day on wall street so far this morning. following a hotly contested race, we finally know who will be california's next superintendent. state assemblyman tony thurmond from the east bay is celebrating his big win. he's speaking right now. as you can see. this is live pictures for you there. thurmond is an advocate for traditional public schools. he beat out charter school supporter marshall tuck, who
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called thurmond to concede this weekend and congratulate him. thurmond will be the first african-american superintendent of public instruction in more than four decades. president trump defending a statement he made on fox news on sunday. he said u.s. forces should have caught osama bin laden sooner. >> trump's criticism was directed at a man in charge of that mission, scott. >> that's right. william mccraven, retired u.s. navy admiral, former navy s.e.a.l., who oversaw the mission who killed osama bin laden. since retiring, mccraven has been critical of president trump, saying trump's attacks on the media are the most dangerous threat to democracy in his lifetime. trump was asked about that on fox news and responded this way. >> he's a hillary clinton backer. and an obama backer. and frankly -- >> a navy s.e.a.l. >> it would have been nice if we got osama bin laden a lot sooner. >> that's riled a number of important people in washington who rushed to mccraven's defense.
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mccraven himself says he stands by his contention that trump's attacks on the media are an attack on america, and points out he was not a hillary clinton supporter. after the strong reaction to the statement, president trump has now started to back away from his attack on mccraven, changing the time line, tweeting this morning, of course, we should have captured osama bin laden long before we did. i pointed him out in my book, just before the attack on the world trade center. well, let's fact-check that. trump does mention bin laden in his book, "the america we deserve," which was published in the year 2000. but only as a passing reference, saying bin laden is a shadowy figure. now, just moments ago, robert o'neill, the navy s.e.a.l. operator who claims to have been the person who actually shot bin laden, spoke out defending his s.e.a.l. team, saying the effort to capture or kill bin laden was a bipartisan effort. also let's clarify, it was the cia's job to find bin laden. that took years. once they did, the s.e.a.l. team
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was sent in very quickly thereafter. marcus? >> all right, scott. interesting stuff. all right. well, the holiday shopping season is here, so have you set aside that money to purchase those gifts? coming up, we are going to tell you the amount men are expected to outspend women. >> that's okay. plus, it's already started. the rush to get to thanksgiving dinner. the crazy number of people that will be taking to the skies this year. according to a new survey -
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roughly listen total this one. new at 11:00, men will be the pick spenders this holiday season. according to a survey, roughly 30% of men say they plan to fork out more than $750 during november and december. that's compared to 25% of women. but get this. part of the reason for the jump is that men are buying more for themselves. >> oh. >> than they have in the past. plus, electronics, which appeal more to men, tend to be some of the most discounted items on black friday and cybermonday. so -- happy shopping for yourself.
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>> thank you. all right. so we've talked about christmas. let's go to thanksgiving, which is first, anyway. if you're going to hit the road this thanksgiving, you might be able to save money to buy more gifts, i guess you could say. that sounds like good news, doesn't it? this is coming from aaa. prices at the pump falling. the average price of regular unleaded dropped 12 cents over the past two weeks to $2.72. we all know here in the bay area, gas is much higher than that. the average in san francisco is $3.82. in oakland, it's $3.69 and in san jose, a little bit cheaper, $3.67. analysts say falling oil prices are the main reason for the decline. let's look at sfo. the holiday travel season has already started. experts forecasting the roads and airports will be packed with more travelers in more than a decade. >> 58 million travelers going 50 miles or more this year. here's nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: ready or not, the
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great american get-away is kicking into high gear. the vast majority of us, 48 million people, clogging the nation's roads. nearly 5% more high travelers than last year, fueled by falling gas prices. the national average for unleaded $2.63 a gallon, down 20 cents in a month. bob schultz is driving the family from chicago to michigan. >> any money you can save getting gas somewhere outside the city will definitely contribute to the amount of presents we're able to buy. >> reporter: meanwhile, big crowds in the nation's airports. a record 30 million passengers expected through the tuesday after thanksgiving. airlines adding 158,000 seats per day. as the military opens up normally closed air space to commercial traffic this week. >> we're using midway and hoping we can brave the crowds that aren't usually there. >> no drinks in your bag, miss. >> reporter: on the ground, the tsa is expecting to stream 2.5 million passengers each day.
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on duty, 80 new k-9 teams. remember, limit your liquids and gels to 3 ounces. coats, shoes and belts off, laptops out, unless you're precheck. and no marijuana. it may be legal where you live, but it's still a federal offense. >> we will have additional transportation security officers at the very beginning of the lanes to help people that might not be frequent travelers. >> reporter: the busiest travel days in the air, this wednesday, and then sunday as everyone tries to fly home at once. but the busiest travel days on the roads, today through wednesday, and again sunday. so gas up, pack up and let the fun begin. >> ooh. that's what we'll call it. fun. maybe you're just staying right here. >> some of us are. some of us aren't. either way, if you're here, we have to deal with that weather and some rain is going to be in the forecast. >> rain, snow. it's going to cause a lot of issues for people trying to drive and fly, as well. here is a look at that unhealthy air quality that's been causing even delays at the airports
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around san francisco. and you can see, looking from our view from our camera on the sutro tower camera. and this is a look at our air quality, very unhealthy again today. only some slight improvements, but still we've had such a long amount of time being exposed to this wildfire smoke that you do want to make sure you're still taking all those extra precautions as we did over the weekend and last week. spare the air alert continues through tomorrow. here's a live look outside in san jose right now. they're getting it all set up for christmas in the park throughout the rest of the afternoon we'll see those high temperatures reaching into the upper 60s. and normally it's about 63 degrees for the high, so we're still warmer than where we should be. and as we get a look at stormranger, this is our mobile doppler radar, we had it powered up and ready to track this storm set to move in on wednesday. as of now, there's this weak disturbance bringing some high clouds into the bay area, but overall, things are looking pretty good here as we get ready
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for that rain that will be here on wednesday. and we can see where it is on the satellite imagery as it moves closer. let's talk about the timing, because at 7:00 on wednesday, we'll start to see those scattered showers moving in. and it will be off and on, at times getting heavier as we go into the afternoon with some breezy winds. and this will once again cause a lot of people to be delayed from reaching their destinations on wednesday into thursday. and then here we are on thursday morning, still some lingering showers. but tapering off. but that little break doesn't last that long, because the next round of rain moves in late thursday night into early friday morning. and it looks like that round of rain will be heavier and continuing through friday. here's a look at what one computer model is showing in terms of how much rain we could see over the next seven days, and it's showing that the rainfall totals will be at about an inch and a quarter for much of the peninsula, san francisco, parts of the east bay. the north bay reaching over an inch and then check out ukiah
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reaching possibly 3 and almost 3.5 inches of rain. so this will be a pretty significant rainfall while the sierra sees the rain changing over to snow between wednesday night and thursday. and the possibility of getting over 2 feet of rain above 6500 feet. so we will be tracking all of that and that's going to definitely slow you down heading in that direction. but this rain definitely a welcome sight that will improve our air quality, especially starting on wednesday. we'll talk more about that rain coming up a little bit later, marcus and laura. >> looking forward to that, kari. coming up also this week, black friday. some of the hottest sales are already on. the places you need to shop if you're a little obsessed with getting the best deal. but first, happening now, a colorado father is being sentenced to life in prison. this is after pleading guilty to murdering his pregnant wife and two children. a judge is ordering christopher watts to serve three life terms in prison without the possibility of parole.
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and a massive volcano is erupting in guatemala. it's shooting plumes of lava from its summit. thousands of people are being evacuated. more news after the break. this little home of mine,
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♪ i'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
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"feeding the need". we posted photos on all our social media p well, we spent the weekend feeding those in need with the feed the need program. we posted photos on all of our
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social media pages. so far more than 21,000 bags have been donated. and you still have time to give to help a lot of families here in the bay area. just go to your local safeway and give what you can. >> all the way to december 25th. after you give, it's a perfect time to shop. thanksgiving week officially marking the start of the holiday shopping season, although some have started early. >> yeah, these long lines, crazy crowds. >> black friday is so infamous with those long lines. and major sales, as well. >> yeah. but today many stores have slashed those prices. so should you still wait to buy those items you've been eyeing? or should you just get to shopping right away? nbc's jo ling kent now on what you need to know before you buy. >> the amazon black friday sale. >> reporter: the ads are everywhere. black friday deals popping up for most major retailers. some of those discounts available right now. >> really? it's not even black friday yet. >> beat the black friday rush. >> reporter: when should you
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make your move? experts say it depends on what you want to buy. >> oh, oh, oh! >> reporter: when it comes to some of the hottest toys this season, act fast. while stores like target, walmart and amazon are carrying more toys than ever this year, retail experts say inventory could still be an issue, since toys"r"us closed their doors. popup shops like toy city are also here for the holidays, but their goal is to sell out before they move out, which means customers need to jump on those must-have items early. >> it's a catch-22, because the deals are going to be closer in december, but you don't know if the hot toys are still going to be available then. ♪ >> reporter: if you've been eyeing a new tv, black friday is still the day for deals on electronics with discounts reaching up to 70% off. it's one of the best times to buy name brand tvs like samsung, sharp, lg and toshiba. the savings apply to many smaller electronics, too, with good deals on smart speakers like google home, amazon echo
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and sonos. black friday is also a rare time to get discounts on apple products, like ipads and the newest iphone. if it's close, it may be worth the wait. discounts up to 60% off on apparel can be found closer to christmas when retailers are desperate to unload inventory like coats, pajamas and warm winter sets. that applies online and in stores. >> i'm here at the mall today to check things out in person. >> reporter: according to pwc, half of consumers will do their shopping in stores. the rest will turn to tech to make those holiday purchases. if you're someone who is counting on cybermonday, experts say keep an eye out for deals leading up to the big day. but here's the biggest take-away. >> never check out, especially over cyber weekend, without a free shipping code. >> good advice. coming up, we go back to the fire zone. and there's new danger on the horizon. a look at the damage left behind and what is next for the already devastated community. progress a
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wildfires burning across california. firefighters are making some progress against the deadly wildfires burning across california, but flames from the camp fire in the north are still spreading. the total death toll rose again on sunday. >> now at least 80 people have been confirmed dead and nearly 1,000 more remain missing or unaccounted for. nbc's steve patterson reports. >> reporter: in paradise, more heartbreak. >> we have nothing left. we have nowhere to go. no one knows what to do. we're all living minute by minute out here. >> reporter: search crews still digging for any sign of nearly 1,000 residents listed missing. a painfully slow process that gets more difficult with each passing day. rain is forecast later this week, which raises the possibility of mudslides and makes searches even more difficult, though it could help contain the fire. >> we'll get through it, because we're going to get through it together. >> reporter: so many still desperately hoping to find friends and family. >> you have reached the voicemail box --
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>> that's all i get. >> let us know you're okay, buddy. >> reporter: just over one year ago, susan lost her home in another disastrous northern california fire that destroyed entire neighborhoods in santa rosa. >> the hills behind our house were just glowing with fire. i could see the flames shooting up into the sky. we left with the clothes on our back. >> reporter: she and her husband fled to paradise, then decided that's where they should stay. but only five months later, fire struck again. >> we knew we were moving to a fire area, but we didn't think so soon. kind of like getting struck by lightning twice. >> reporter: with the fire still burning, the holidays will be bittersweet. >> this will be the first year that i haven't had thanksgiving with my mom. >> reporter: this weekend, president trump toured the devastation, pledging full federal support for recovery. >> we've never seen anything like this. >> reporter: but the president also facing criticism for suggesting more could have been done to prevent the fires. >> you look at other countries
11:33 am
where they do it differently, and they spend a lot of time on raking and cleaning and doing things. and they don't have any problem. and what it is, it's a very small problem. >> reporter: his visit met with skepticism from some -- >> actions speak louder than words. >> reporter: -- and relief from others. >> i'm very glad he's here. and we're very grateful for anything that can be done. >> poor people. steve patterson reporting. pg&e facing criticism of preliminary reports over power outages the morning the camp fire started. the woolsey fire expected to be fully contained by thanksgiving after rain expected later in the week. the mudslides could mean another disaster for southern california. we'll keep our eyes on that. the search and rescue dog from menlo park fire district is recovering after being hurt in the fire zone. k-9 george cut his leg yesterday while looking through that rubble there just outside paradise. his partner quickly helped,
11:34 am
bandaged him up. george is part of a 45-member te team. one sad story. so many pets separated from loved ones. some have arrived in the bay area. san francisco spca trying to reunite about 30 cats and dogs with their owners in butte county. in eight cases, they have been successful. some of the pets did have to be treated for burns, however. one dog who has yet to be reunited is one called bernie. he's been cleaned up after firefighters found him. he was covered in dirt and soot. but look at that, after the grime came off, a white dog. if his family doesn't come forward, the firefighter plans to adopt him. in the south bay, san jose police are investigating a double homicide on the city's south side. officers found a man and woman shot inside a home on pineland avenue. this is early yesterday morning. it's just a couple blocks away from santa teresa high school.
11:35 am
the man was taken to the hospital where he later died. police say there are no outstanding suspects and they're also not releasing a motive. a developing story now. president trump says a full report on the death of journalist jamal khashoggi will be issued today or tomorrow, despite the cia concluding that saudis crown prince mohamed bin salman ordered the killing. >> reporter: president trump says a full report will be issued today or tomorrow. but the cia has already concluded the crown prince ordered the hit. president trump called that finding very premature. >> i'm president. i have to take a lot of things into consideration. >> reporter: there's also a tape of khashoggi's murder, a key piece of evidence that president trump says he's not going to listen to. turkey now claiming the saudis may have taken khashoggi's dismembered corpse out of the country in luggage. gruesome details as evidence mounts, the saudi crown prince was behind the murder of an innocent journalist.
11:36 am
a claim the saudis continue to deny. sara harmon, nbc news, london. happening today, a federal judge in san francisco is scheduled to hear arguments to block president trump's recent order banning asylum for undocumented immigrants. he signed that order ten days ago. it blocks immigrants from applying for asylum if they enter the u.s. illegally. and immigrant supporters believe he signed it specifically in response to the migrant caravan. the aclu is leading the legal challenge. outpouring of support for the migrant caravan now at the u.s./mexico border in tijuana. volunteers this weekend packed cars with donations to families. among the donated items, toilet paper, blankets, just essentials. the caravan has sparked political tension on both sides of the border. but for many volunteers who were once immigrants, this is a way for them to pay it forward. >> i feel a big connection, and i feel the empathy.
11:37 am
when i came to the united states, when i came to tee wann tijuana, i had people welcome me and i want to do the same for them. >> since monday, about 6,000 central american migrants have arrived near the border. two of the nation's biggest drugstores are caught in the crosshairs. the florida attorney general has now added cvs and walgreens to a lawsuit alleging they helped fuel the opioid crisis. nbc's kerry sanders has the story. >> reporter: this morning, florida is suing the nation's two largest drugstores, accusing them of helping create the state's devastating opioid crisis. florida's republican attorney general, pam bondi, adding cvs and walgreens to a lawsuit she first filed in may. among those initially named in the suit, purdue phrma, the maker of oxycontin plus opioid manufacturers and distributors. the amended complaint alleges both walgreens and cvs sold and
11:38 am
shipped unreasonable quantities of opioids into florida. bondi claiming the pharmacy giants failed to stop suspicious orders of opioids they received. a cvs spokesman tells nbc news in part, the lawsuit is without merritt, a merit, and the company complies with all federal and state laws for dispensing of controlled substance prescriptions, adding, we also have stringent policies to prevent abuse. walgreens says it does not comment on pending lawsuits. the suit claims since 2006 walgreens dispensed billions of opioid doses from its florida retail pharmacies and cvs, some 700 million doses between 2006 and 2014. in recent years, according to the cdc, opioid-related deaths hitting an all-time high. in 2016, every single day, more than 115 americans died from opioid overdoses. in florida, 15 deaths a day.
11:39 am
kerry sanders, nbc news, fort lauderdale. a lot of nfl talk this morning. unfortunately, centered around a serious injury suffered by one-time 49ers star quarterback. if you didn't see alex smith's injury yesterday, we're showing it to you here. blurred, of course. he broke his tibia and fibula when he was sacked there. you could tell immediately it was something bad. smith had emergency surgery last night. he is out for the rest of the season. the other things fans are talking about, though, is the frequent incidents between smith's injury and the one-time quarterback, joe theismann. theismann never played again when he broke those same two bones on a gruesome sack by lawrence taylor. that injury happened 33 years ago to the day and theismann happened to be in the stadium for yesterday's game. >> strange coincidence there. horrible traffic accident 16 years ago changed the life of a
11:40 am
young girl, but it isn't weakening her will. officer mcguire responded to the accident in contra costa county and quickly gave a little girl life-saving treatment before she was airlifted to the hospital. now more than a decade and a half later the girl named christine went looking for officer mcguire so she could thank him. >> yeah. i always said, there has -- every year on the anniversary of my crash, i would think, there's -- it just makes me smile. >> isn't that cool? she found him, just to thank him. by the way, christine is now a biological science major, she is transferring to cal state east bay. that's a great picture. i love it. >> nice to see. all right, coming up, i look at this forecast. kari, we are not in the clear yet. just look at this picture behind you. >> yeah, palo alto looking pretty smoky, and the smoke just lingers. as we look at our temperatures,
11:41 am
we'll be in the mid 60s and then looking at our temperatures dropping off into the upper 50s tonight. another cold one on the way. we'll talk about our incoming rain coming up next. max, what do you wanna do today? ♪ [ car honk ] no idea huh? i got one. let's steal christmas in style.
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sacred heart in santa clara county is working to he with just days until the thanksgiving holiday, sacred heart in santa clara county working to help those in need. >> volunteers were up early putting together the thanksgiving food boxes, which will start being distributed today. it includes turkey. the group plans to help more than 4,000 families with those boxes. >> our holiday food box is valued at approximately $100. and for a lot of members in our community, this actually helps them save money this holiday season. and that money can go towards other costs like the high cost of rent. >> the agency has more than 2,000 turkeys, but is still shy of their goal of more than 4,000 turkeys. you can help by dropping off a turkey any time between today
11:45 am
and wednesday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. the agency's donation station is located at 1st and alma street in san jose. you can also donate online if you don't have time to get there. we have posted a link on our website, happening today or maybe in this case not happening today, a trip to the oakland zoo. that's due to the continued fire-related poor air quality. the zoo has been closed for the past few days as workers keep an eye on the animals. happy hollows zoo in san jose also closed, although san francisco's zoo opened at 10:00 a.m. this morning. >> if you go, be mindful of the air quality. >> yeah, and the kids have been cooped up inside. it is tough out there. thankfully, we will have improvements over the next few days. that's a look at the view over emeryville. you can see the thick smoke that has not gone anywhere, because our winds haven't been strong enough to mix that smoke out or
11:46 am
move it away from the bay area. and then we look at these numbers that are still unhealthy. a lot of reds here showing those numbers over 100. measuring in the unhealthy category as we measure how much particulate matter that's harmful to you when you breathe it in. that's what we are seeing out there right now. look at concord. that number way up, 274. so the winds bringing it into that area, and then just sticking around. so we've seen some very poor air quality in spots as a result of our topography here in the bay area. and then when we see these levels over 100, the bay area air quality management district issues a spare the air, and on unhealthy days, it's anywhere from 151 to 200. that's mostly what we are seeing today. last week it was in the very unhealthy category all across the bay area. we're seeing some minor improvements here, and tomorrow we transition to some better air quality once those winds start to pick up ahead of a storm system.
11:47 am
so we've got stormranger, our mobile doppler radar, ready to pick up on this next storm, and track that rain as it moves in. we have a very weak disturbance farther south of us. you can see those clouds spinning down there around southern california, some of those high clouds moving into the bay area. but this is the rain. it's still well to the west of us. and making its progress closer to the bay area. and it's going to be here early on wednesday morning. so let's talk about the timing. here we are at 7:00 wednesday morning, big travel day. and there's some scattered light showers moving in. and the rain may get heavier at times as we see it continuing into wednesday night off and on throughout the day. and then going into thanksgiving, the rain starts to taper off as we start to see a few more breaks here and there. a and then by thursday afternoon, it dries out for a little while, but then moves right back in. another round of heavier rain moving north to south on thursday night into friday. and that rain continues
11:48 am
throughout the day on friday into early saturday morning. one computer model, this is the gsf showing how much rain we could see and the potential is getting close to an inch of rain in san jose. that's pretty significant. we may not get that much rain, because we always get rain shadowed here. but we are looking at some rainfall totals that could reach over an inch, maybe an inch and a quarter, across much of the bay area. and then much higher rainfall totals farther to the north. for the sierra, the rain changes over to snow, starting out wednesday night into thursday with some pretty high totals here. and for the first snowfall of the season, that is looking amazing. we are going to see the rain bringing in also some cooler temperatures by the end of the week, and then by the weekend, there will be a few more breaks, but still more rain in the forecast next week. and, of course, we'll be tracking all of that. so more details on that to come, laura and marcus. >> thanks so much, kari. coming up, combining
11:49 am
weddings with weed. the new trend you might see the next time you're invited to someone's special day.
11:50 am
11:51 am
no doubt about it, planning a wedding can be stressful with flowers, cake, dresses and more. but now there's a new trend to think about. marijuana. >> yeah. still illegal on the federal level, but some are adding pot to their parties and it's a big business. here is nbc's gadi schwartz. >> it is why we are here today. to celebrate their love. >> reporter: to put it blunt ely, this is not your typical wedding. >> you may now smoke with the bride. >> reporter: but they have always shared a love of weed. >> did you guys smoke on your first date? >> of course. >> yeah. >> reporter: it was love at first toke? >> exactly.
11:52 am
love at first toke. >> reporter: now they have invited family to join in on their wedding day. >> we have the most amazing setup. having marijuana someliers. it's a luxury experience. >> reporter: legal weed means big money. a $23 billion american market projected by 2022. add that to more than $70 billion annually and marijuana marriages seem like a match made in, well, california, colorado and oregon and several other states that allow recreational pot. it's a whole new business model for a wedding planner who calls himself the flower daddy. >> it's not just that people smoke marijuana at a wedding like this. you're talking about decorating the wedding. >> absolutely. there's cannabis in the flowers and altar and in the bouquets and in the groom's boot near.
11:53 am
>> reporter: for jackie, this is a massive business opportunity. >> a lot of times people think you're going to be stoned sitting on the couch. it's much more than that. >> what type of cannabis do you like? >> reporter: her company specializes in lux weed events and coordinates a ride home. an alternative jeff and serena see to alcohol. you see marijuana kind of as wine. >> yeah, of course. >> reporter: and some of their guests agree. >> i haven't had any alcohol yet. i probably won't. >> reporter: and as more states look to legalize an industry worth billions, the chances of seeing more weddings like this are getting pretty high. gadi schwartz, nbc news, los angeles. >> interesting trend. >> very much so. hmmm. we'll be right back. >> yes. ♪ this little home of mine,
11:54 am
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11:55 am
kari dissects the new computer models overnight to get you ready. plus: our consumer team bags a solution for.. a bay area woman..whose designer purse wasn )t holding up as promised. tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7.
11:56 am
something you have to see. police in truckee helping reunite a mother bear with something you have to see to believe. police in truckee helping reunite a mother bear with her cub after it got stuck in a dumpster. i want you to take a look at it. >> remember, i'm a friend. there you go, baby. go to mama. >> yeah, the mama bear and cub were rummaging through a dumpster when the lid fell, trapping the baby inside. people nearby saw the mom trying to free the baby cub, called police friday, who came to the rescue. how many bears in that area. >> all right. get to mom and now get to the weather. >> yeah. a lot of people may be getting to the sierra, too, wanting to check out truckee.
11:57 am
we are going to have some snow coming through over the next couple of days. it looks like that rain changes over to snow in the sierra late wednesday night into thursday. here we're going to see that rain arriving by wednesday morning. that's a big travel day, but it's also great news to help us with the wildfire fight and improving our air quality here in the bay area. >> yeah, that should really help. this last weekend, we spent feeding the needy. we posted photos on our social media pages. so far, more than 21,000 bags have been donated. you still have time to give. head over to your local safeway, give what you can. the drive goes on until december 25th. yeah. >> super easy. all you have to do is grab a tear sheet. >> $1 to $10. >> go out and give. our next newscast is at about 5:00, but we'll be here tomorrow for midday and "today in the bay" at 4:30 a.m.
11:58 am
>> join us every day and make it a thing. >> make it a thing.
11:59 am
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♪ when i comeñr through ♪ ñ i need a girl like yo♪ yeah, yeah, yeah. no, no, no? the pressure is on. willñi maroon 5 play at the sup bowl or not? we are back from new york. scott and i made it back. natalie is on assign. today for the "today" show. >> which i saw that kit had the hands up here. bring it down. >> scott tells me, auntie,ñi brg i live rightlp here. you take it right here. >> right here. who'sñr calling? who's calling? >>xdai


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