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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 20, 2018 4:30am-4:59am PST

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effect. ad lib live right now at 4:30, a microclimate weather alert in effect on our tuesday morning as we take a live look outside at san francisco. you can make out the buildings a little bit better. it's still smoky and rough out there. one change today, cable cars back in service. the cars were pulled off the streets late last week due to all the smoke. didn't want riders out there. good morning a t and i'm marcus. let's look at what we can expect outside. >> it's better in spots, not in san francisco. you can see with the view the smoke is still really bad and unhealthy for the north bay, the bay and the coast as well as the
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inland east bay. the usg stands for unhealthy for sensitive groups, if you have asthma, children and the elderly, it's still bad. the wind direction is bringing the smoke from the camp fire directly into parts of the bay area, and then we're watching the approaching storm that will bring a change in all of this. i'll track it as far as the timing and how much, that's coming up in a few minutes. mike, you were tracking a crash, but no closure? >> the no closure part means no closure for the nimitz around 23rd overnight, as we've often seen the last couple of weeks full closures, not tonight. we have a crash over here. contra costa county to the north is looking fine, a smooth drive out fine. eastbound, counter your morning commute we have a crash reported righttasahara. i scanned 180, no crashes in the
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lane, so that's good news. there may be something going on closer to el charo. i don't see anything on the live shot and no slowing shows up on the sensors. be careful from dublin headed into livermore. back to you. the much needed rain headed our way is a cause for tbutte county, it could be a problem for the evacuees living in tents. here is the latest. the death toll is now at 79. at least 699 others still missing. over 151,000 acres have burned. the fire is now 70% filing by te is raising new questions about what may have started the camp fire along with where the fire started. pg&e now says that therer the s the fire. it previously disclosed a malfunctioning equipment line. now, it's talking about a 12,000
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volt circuit outage in the nearby town of concal. we don't know if one or both of those incidents triggered the fire, and it's possible the fire started from another source, the cdf is still investigating. new this morning, the white house so far not responding to a judge's ruling late last night blocking president trump's asylum ban. two weeks ago the president ordered undocumented immigrants crossing the border illegally would be ineligible for asylum. that order came as a direct response to the migrant caravan now amassing at the u.s./mexico border. last night the white house ruled the white house cannot arbitrarily rewrite arbitration laws. at the border, thousands of treaded home from the u.s./mexico line. >> as caravans are migrants begin tos tracie potts is in washington and a new court order making it easier for them to get into the u.s. >> reporter: a federal judge says migrants must be allowed to
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request asylum no matter where they enter the u.s., striking down president trump's order. >> he doesn't understand behind every one of them there's a family. they've got aspirations, they've made sacrifices, they are separated. >> reporter: the decision comes as caravans from central america begin to pile up at the border. the government closed one of the busiest ports of entry to install new barriers. now troops president trump sent to meet those kacaravans are beg sent home, beginning this week. >> sent the troops to the border to try to influence the midter: looking at this saying it feels like, was there a point to this? >> reporter: the pent gone says barriers, barriers to permit the border patrol to maintain support, excuse me, maintain control over the ports of entry.
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>> reporter: ports now crowded with individuals and families many say they're fleeing violence back home. homeland security says as of monday, 107 people who crossed into the united states illegally since president trump's order are requesting asylum. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. 4:35 right now. this morning, a loss altos man behind bars accused of stalking an old classmate on facebook. -y multiple facebook files. he'd send the female victims sexually violent and threatening messages. this morning, police hope you can recognize a man starting a fire in san francisco. this is surveillance video taken early sunday morningt tenderloi. the owners say the man walked to the back of the store, opened rolls of toilet paper, lit them on fire and took off. >> he did it once and again and
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again. this time nobody got killed, nobody got hurt. next time somebody might die or it might burn the whole building. >>,ers were able to quickly contain the fire. if you recognize the man, call san francisco police. now to our decision 2018 coverage this morning, it appears san jose has a new councilwoman, maya esparza. tam nguyen the incumbent has called her to concede the distr. esparza has 53% of the vote. coming up, a crackdown on facebook's and instagram's likes and profiles. plus we heard about the best time to buy groceries, airline tickets, but now there is a best date to buy a home. stick around to find out what that date is to purchase that that date is to purchase that american dream.
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good morning, i'm frank holland at cnbc global headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street could see more losses at the opening bell today following yesterday's big sell-off. the dow closing down nearly 400 points, while the nasdaq dropped more than 3%. the move was sparked by a downturn in tech stocks, such as apple and facebook. shares of the biggest tech names, facebook, amazon, apple, netflix and google all down about 20% from their highs over the past year. on today's watch list, a report on housing starts and earnings from target and lowe's. instagram is cracking down on the use of third party apps to boost a user's popularity
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with what they are calling fake likes, fake follows and fake comments. the company says that violates its policies and is taking a number of steps, including removing those likes and follows and prompting people to stop that behavior. instagram says if users continue to violate the rules, it could limit their access to certain features. this one is a shocker for a lot of people. new data for prospective home buyers. the best day to buy is not sometime during the spring but actually the day after christmas. that's according to an analysis of home and condo sales over the past five years. it shows buyers who closed on december 26th got the biggest discounts below full market value more than any other day of the year. the second best day to buy december 7th, followed by december 4th. i think that's a shocker for a lot of people. lot of us have been told springtime is when you should buy. >> that's when you see the most activity, a lot of people thinking about moving and summer. >> this would be a perfect gift, frank, so thank you in advance. >> gosh, frank, we'll lay out
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the welcome mat. >> i'm always looking out for you, black friday, tomorrow, i'll get it for you, marcus, 26 we're going to close. >> you see california home prices, frank? >> see, that's a good brother for you. that's my fraternity brother there. thanks, frank. >> you got it. >> he's a good sport. 4:41, coming up next on "today in the bay," kari hall tracking the rain that is headed our way. >> yes, really excited about the rain, and the improved air quality that will be heading our way. here is a live look outside in palo alto. everything is nice and clear as you get ready to head out. cool start, and it will be a mostly sunny day. we'll talk about when that rain next. and we'll look here the other side of the bay, oakland 880 and traffic flows smoothly but oakland by the coliseum. we'll show you what else is going on, farther north, we do have a new crash. jose.
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and good tuesday morning to you. asur way an jose, as people are getting started with the day. the time now 4:44. strap on the skates. starting tonight, you can hit the ice in san ceremony will be held for the downtown rink on market street. it is the 23rd year for the holiday attraction. over 60,000 skaters expected to hit the ice. the rink will stay open until january 27th. gold medal winner kristie yamaguchi will be attending the event. mike inouye will also be
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emceeing the ceremony, starts at 6:00 a.m. >> kristie is only a champion of the entire world so they made my picture much bigger. >> that's always a great event. >> it is. it's a lot of fun. gabby will be there from telemundo and the one who manages the rink, above 70 and the puddles form. >> california skating. >> it's a great skate, wear short sleeves. >> you'll be able to do that. >> yebut that comes along with som rain and we really welcome that rain, but it's going to help improve our air quality. ths is right now, as still some drifts of smoke come in. it's very unhealthy for concord, as well as san francisco. unhealthy for the rest of the bay area, and we're going to see those numbers starting to decrease, and then we look at those numbers, and this is a measure of their particulate matter in the air.
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151 to 200, it's unhealthy. we've still got a few in this range, but we are going to help improve that air quality, thanks to some rain. it's still a cold morning as you get ready to head out the door. our temperatures below freezing in fairfield. it's just above freezing in napa, as well as santa rosa, and then most of the bay area you're walking out the door to temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s, and then here's a look at storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar, that's the red scan there. we can move it around the bay area if we to, as the storm approaches, as we go into the day tomorrow, but it's getting closer, and we are seeing that rain just about to make its way onto the pacific northwestern coast. out qualified watch qualifi flash flood watch for lake county, mendocino county, farther to the north near redding because we'll have heavy rainfall in the burn scar areas
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and the sierra, there is a winter storm watch in effect, and this is because in elevations above 6,500 feet we could see over a foot of snow. big travel impact, it starts out tomorrow with some spotty showers that will be here by tomorrow morning, and the rain will be at times, so we're looking at the rain continuing to move through as we go throughout the day tomorrow. some pockets of heavy rain and there will be a little bit more of a break going into thanksgiving. another round of rain moves in thursday night into friday, and this one may be a little bit heavier, that will continue into well. so our rainfall totals still looking on point, as we've seen several runs of computer models showing that we are the b rain, much higher as you head farther to the north, with reaching about 3 1/2 inches of rain. we look at for the sierra once again some pretty high rate of snowfall totals for the higher elevations. lake level is not going to see
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much of that snow. and then we're looking at here in the bay area, our inland valleys reaching into the upper 60s. we'll bring it down to the upper 50s on black friday, and then for the weekend, we're going to see those highs in the low 60s, as the rain moves out for a little while in san francisco. smoke today, but showers tomorrow. and mike, you are still tracking that crash on the east shore freeway. > got a little more detail so where the camera was near tasahara no slowing. i i think they'll completely clear that from the incident report in the next few as well. this is seeing slowing on the upper east shore freeway coming down toward highway 4 at willow some sort of car fire. the person was out of their vehicle, report said that person was putting the fire out and they were walking around the other side, that will be a big distraction. it sounds like the fire will be a smoking vehicle, if not just a vehicle blocking that slow lane. be careful. folks coming off the carquinez bridge, and headed down the
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upper east shore freeway will see that slowing. you need to watch out for the folks on the right side. once you pass through richmond, you're fine getting toward the bay bridge and the maze. the rest of contra costa county moves smoothly. highway 4 no slowing out of antioch just yet. the berkeley curve over toward the bay bridge and coming over here through the maze and off of 580, a smooth drive, a light drive and you can also see some of the city lights farther south, but that smoke as kari said is still an issue, as far as the breathing conditions today. palo alto on the other side of the bay a clear view, 101 no problems as far as this drive along the peninsula between san francisco and silicon valley. back to you. >> thank o a new country, where the person you love starts abusing you. there is something called the violence against women act, and it's designed to protect immigrants who marry americans who become abusive. >> as investigative reporter liz wagner reports, some are falsely claiming abuse so they can stay in the u.s.
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>> the law allows foreign spouses facing domestic abuse to request legal status in the u.s. without their american partner ever knowing. some new husbands are telling nbc stations across the country they believe their wives are making false allegations of abuse to take advantage of immigration benefits. we spoke with a sonoma county man who thought he met the love of his life in ukraine. he says soon after they tied the knot here in the u.s., she wanted nothing to do with him, except for his bank account, and something else. >> okay, i've heard of this. >> reporter: heard of what? >> i have friends who have married foreigners and they say you got to be careful because things change especially just like that, suddenly, it's oh, they just wanted a green card. >> reporter: he filed for divorce, but later learned his ex-wife cited abuse on a petition to stay in the u.s. immigrant rights advocates say the law the violence against women act offers critical protection to vulnerable victims. the sonoma man denies he ever
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abused his wife but the immigration system doesn't let him defend himself. coming up tonight at 11:00, we'll show you why thousands of other americans might be in the same boat. that's tonight at 11:00 on "nbc bay area news." see you then. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give them a call, 888-996-tips or logon to our website, 4:51 right now. thanksgiving is just a few days away and some charity groups say they still need turkey donations. >> glide in san francisco will make lunch for 1,300 people, there's also the december grocery bag giveaway. there are not enough turkeys right now to meet that need. >> giving this year seems to be a little bit behind last year. i think a lot of the focus, and it should be, is on the victims of the fire in northern california >> if you want to help, there is more you can do. information on how you can
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donate or volunteer, head over to our website, >> glide helps so many people year-round. 4:52, coming up next, "nbc bay area responds." >> a luxury bag breaks down shortlft fixed. i'm consumer investigator "nbc bay area responds" next. but first, happening now, a health alert for people in japan. nearly 150 people have contracted rubella or german measles in a week. this year, rubella patients rose more than 2,000 for the first time since 2013. the infections are spreading from tokyo to other parts of the country, when women are infected with early stages of pregnancy, ladies are likely to suffer visual, hearing or heart disorders. more news for you right after the break. this little home of mine,
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giants tickets for next season go on sale today! and good tuesday morning for you. live look at at&t park. hey, did you know giants tickets for next season go on sale today? >> single season tickets. >> yep, starting at 10:00 this morning. >> get the calendar out, plan our day. when are you going to sing again? >> that's a good question. that's the tickets you want to buy right there. 4:55 for you right now. nbc bayer responds toe a san joignepurse wasn't holding up to its promise. >> consumer investigator chris chmura bagged a solution for you. >> good morning, lydia got a nice mother's day gift, a michael kors purse. few months later the handles and straps looked like that, fraying
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all over the place. here is a closer look at it. she took it to a michael kors store, customer service told her replacement parts weren't available. lydia tossed the handbag in a closet and forgot about it, until she saw one of our responds reports here and thought maybe we could get better results and we did. after we got in touch with michael kors, the company called lydia and sent her replacement handles. there they are, looks good as new. for her trouble the company gave lydia a $100 gift card. michael representative told me "we are happy that we were able to satisfactorily able to resolve this issue with the customer." we encourage you to take just 15 seconds to fill out that product registration card and send it in. you might need it someday. call us any time, the number is 888-996-tips or visit
4:57 am >> thanks a lot, chris. coming up, kari has a look at what we can expect this morning as we head out the door. >> still smoky and cold this morning, in walnut creek upper 30s as you head out. we'll be in the low 60s later today and we'll talk about when the rain arrives, coming up next. and we'll also track where the traffic arrives. the san mateo bridge right now looks great, no problems westbound with the tail lights underneath the haze. we'll track a crash in the east bay coming up. plus camp fire survivors bracing for the rain. all the victims have not been found and another problem on the horizon. look at how authorities are preparing for the storm. back to
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northern californ right now at 5:00, the calm before back-to-back storms rolling into northern california. both systems will dump rain here in the bay area, and also in the vulnerable fire zones in butte county. we have team coverage coming up for you straight ahead. good morning and thank you for starting your morning with us here on "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we want to check in with kari right now, with a look at our forecast today. another cold start, but yeah, enjoy today, tomorrow finally the rain will be coming? >> it will be coming in early in the morning. we are going to see some of the showers starting to develop by early tomorrow morning, which is of course a big travel day across the bay area. as we take a look at what we are seeing right now, the bad air
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quality remains, taking a live look outside over san francisco, still unhealthy for much of the north bay, the bay and the coast, as well as the inland east bay. it's unhealthy for sensitive reathing problems, asthma, things like that, it's still going to be tough for you. we can see the storm approaching as it continues to move closer to the bay area. once again, scattered showers will start out tomorrow morning and may be heavy at times. we'll talk more about the timing coming up, as we head over to mike, some interesting info on the >> looking o her toward the upper east shore freeway coming off of the carquinez bridge, and just as you get to willow, i talked about a crashre


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