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tv   Today  NBC  November 20, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PST

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of the bay very smooth. >> thank you very much. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we leave with you a live look outside, oh, really need the smoke to clear out of the area. live look over san jose, back in half an hour with a local news update. >> back here at 11:00 with more news and weather. thanks for starting your day with us. good morning. search for answers. a shooting at a chicago hospital leaves four dead including the gunman. the city reeling this morning crediting first responders for stopping a rampage that could have been much worse. >> those officers that resnded today saved a lot of lives. >> officials now looking at the gunman's history for clues into what is behind the deadly attack. e-mail chain reaction. ivanka trump fights back against growing controversy over her use of personal e-mail to conduct government business despite her father's frequent and very
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public criticism of hillary clinton. >> she should be in jail for what she did with her e-mail. >> the white house saying it's not the same but others calling it the height of hypocrisy. turkey trot. tens of millions of americans on the move this week for the busiest holiday in 12 years. making matters worse, a deep freeze on the way. al will have the forecast and what the bitter cold could mean for the holiday and the big parade. those stories plus fire and rain. relief in california comes with a new threat. wicked good weed. massachusetts opens its doors to the first marijuana shops on the east coast. and monday night mayhem. >> in stride! wow! touchdown rams! >> football fans still reeling this morning after a record-setting performance between the rams and the chiefs. today tuesday, november 20th,
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2018. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and welcome to "today." thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning. big travel day. people on the road. thanksgiving is knocking at the door. >> it is. and hopefully it's knocking with a scarf and hat and gloves because it's going to a cold one in a lot of the country. al's forecast just ahead. we're going to get to the deadly shooting at a chicago hospital. four people dead including an emergency room doctor, a hospital worker, and a police officer. as we're learning more about the gunman who terrorized an entire neighborhood during that. kathy park joins us live from chicago with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. witnesses both inside and outside the hospital describe a chaotic scene as a scramble to get to safety as shots rang out. it started with a verbal confrontation inside the
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hospital parking lot. chaos on chicago's south side. the terrifying moments captured on camera when a gunman suddenly opened fire unleashing mayhem at mercy hospital. bystanders sent scrambling for cover. >> the shots was coming so strong, so closely. i thought i was going to be hit by a bullet. >> reporter: as first responders ran toward the danger. >> we have several people shot inside and outside of the hospital. and we have an officer shot. >> reporter: the deadly shooting kill two who worked at the hospital and officer jimenez, a married father of three. the suspect, 32-year-old juan lopez also deceased. >> it's unclear right now whether it's by police gunfire or if it was self-inflicted wound. >> reporter: police say the violence erupted in the parking
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lot where he and his girlfriend had gotten into an argument. witnesses say he pulled out a handgun shooting her multiple times. >> the gentleman shot three times in her chest. once she fell to the ground, he stood over her and shot three more times. >> reporter: he then ran in the hospital where he shot officer jimenez and a first year pharmacy resident he did not know. >> poor woman got off an elevator. had nothing to do with nothing and he shot her. >> reporter: this morning chicago police returning to work without one of their own calling the shooter cowardly on social media. >> this tears at the soul of our city. >> reporter: law enforcement and public safety officials holding a procession late monday night honoring the hero who made the ultimate sacrifice protecting that city now reeling from tragedy. and there are reports out there saying the motive behind the shooting was over a broken engagement. however, nbc is waiting to
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confirm that information. hoda, savannah? >> all right. thank you so much. first daughter ivanka trump is finding herself in the hot seat this morning for using her personal e-mail address to send hundreds of messages discussing government business. kristen welker has the story. kristen, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi. good morning to you. this morning the white house is on defense amid those revelations ivanka trump used personal e-mail for government business. now, according to "the washington post" which broke the story, she said she was unaware there were rules preventing that. still this morning democrats are demanding answers particularly after candidate trump called for hillary clinton to be locked up over similar behavior. this morning the first daughter under fire after "the washington post" reported ivanka trump sent hundreds of e-mails last year to white house aides, cap net officials using a personal account.
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those showing a domain for ivivanka trump. some dating back to 2017 before she became an official employee. a spokesperson for ms. trump telling nbc news, ms. trump sometimes used her private account almost always for logistics and scheduling concerning her family. and ms. trump's spokesperson stressed her use of private e-mail was different than that of hillary clinton saying she did not create a private server in her house or office. there was never classified information transmitted. overnight republican allies came to her defense. >> but i don't think it rises to the level of what we talked about with hillary clinton. >> reporter: the top democrat on the house oversight committee is signaling he'll investigate including whether trump violated the federal records act which requires all white house communications to be preserved using official government e-mail. the liberal watch dog group american oversight brought all
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of this to light by requesting trump's e-mails. >> it's hypocrisy. it's some of the most blatant hypocrisy in the years of the trump administration. >> lock her up is right. >> reporter: on the campaign trail, president trump blasted hillary clinton for using a private e-mail server. >> i think she's pathetic. i think she should be in jail for what she did with her e-mails, okay? she should be in jail. >> reporter: monday's revelation prompting this simple two-word response from hillary clinton's spokesperson. oh, ivanka. >> so where does this go from here? are democrats talking about an investigation? >> reporter: well, they are, savannah. and the bottom line is democrats are going to be in control of the house of representatives next year, so it's very likely that's going to happen. a spokeswoman for democratic congressman elijah cummings who is expected to become chair of the house oversight committee tells nbc news it's fair to say they will investigate these allegations against ivanka trump. but it's not just ivanka.
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last year there were revelations jared kushner also used a private account to respond with fellow staffers. so expect all of that to come under a microscope when the new congress convenes. >> all right. kristen welker at the white house, thank you. meantime, the holiday travel rush is well underway. it's set to be one of the busiest of all time. roads and airports in the nation already packed while multiple storms are brewing from coast to coast. we do have everything you need to know before you head out for the holiday. we'll begin with al's forecast. hey, al. good morning. >> morning, guys. got a lot going on. let's start with tomorrow. lake-effect snow in the northeast. we've got a flood threat out west. airports pretty decent although delays possible at boston, houston, new york airports. and out west a real mess. and we're looking at the roads i i-5, i-80 cleveland to boston could be a problem. we're also looking at heavy rain through parts of the pacific northwest and into california. we're going to see those heavy rains moving into the burn scar
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area. winter storm watches, flood watches, rock slides, mud slides possible. anywhere from 2 to 3 inches of rain up around paradise. thanksgiving day, bitterly cold here in the northeast. we've got heavy rain in the pacific northwest. airport delays boston and new york. also seattle, portland, san francisco, salt lake. highways from basically the rockies to the west will be a big problem as well. and the cold in the northeast is going to be bitter. widespread record lows likely. windchills 0 in boston, 7 in new york. daytime highs will bottom out 10 to 30 degrees below average. and then sunday we're looking at a new storm firing up in the upper midwest and also into parts of the midwest. we're looking at seattle and new york airports, delays also for minneapolis, chicago, st. louis, boston. so you may have big problems trying to get home especially on the roads in the midwest from minneapolis all the way down to new orleans. guys? >> all right, al. you said it.
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you can expect a lot of company if you are on the move this week. the holiday rush is expected to be the busiest in more than a decade. tom costello is in the thick of it already. he's hitting the roads outside of washington. good morning. >> reporter: we're on i-495 in the beltway. we're in virginia right now. we have a chopper shot. just so you can see where we are, we put a big "t" for tom on the tom of the suv here. we are headed out of the d.c. area. maybe we'll make it to miami by the end of the week. i don't know. let's look at the reasons the roads are so crowded. it's gas prices. gas prices right now are averaging $2.62 a gallon. that's down 24 cents in a month. san francisco the most expensive gas right now. $3.83 a gallon. and lowest, monroe, louisiana. $2 a gallon right now. take a look at the cities that will have the worst thanksgiving commutes today. we've got boston and seattle and atlanta in the afternoon.
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washington, d.c. up until 7:00. new york they say 6:00 to 8:00 tonight. the cities with the worst thanksgiving commutes tomorrow are going to be the following. san francisco, chicago, l.a. all are going to be tough cities tomorrow. we are also covering the nation's airports. on the left we've got a shot of detroit's airport. on the right, jfk. and the bumper to bumper traffic getting into jfk. we're expecting 2.5 million people to fly today alone. and as al mentioned, the weather is the big variable. pack your belongings carefully. leave the marijuana at home. it doesn't matter what city you're from, what state you're from. it's a federal offense. and try to arrive early. you're going to need all the extra time you can get. take a look at the live -- the live misery map. we right now have a pretty good situation. the airports, the airlines reporting minimal delays. we have a little bit of red, a little delay up in the northeast. but at the moment, pretty smooth
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sailing going on. and finally i do want to make a point about amtrak. we are looking at the possibility of the heaviest thanksgiving travel period ever for amtrak. that would make it the heaviest travel week ever. last year three quarters of a million people traveled on amtrak just this week alone we're expecting record ridership. back out live now on i-495 in the beltway in virginia. i would make the point, we've got pretty smooth sailing here. can you see out the front camera of our vehicle? if you look to our opposing traffic, it is bumper to bumper if you're going northbound on the beltway. in other words, around d.c. towards maryland, they are bumper to bumper not moving. southbound free sailing. so we're out of here. we'll see you guys later. >> i think that means don't go to work in washington. head south for miami. that's a good recommendation. thank you so much. >> craig joins us now with another big story we've been following. >> we have been following this one. good morning. it is a crime that has shocked
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the nation. the colorado man who pled guilty to murdering his young family now sentenced to three life sentences. monday in court, an emotional and dramatic showdown where he faced his wife's family and his own. miguel almaguer has the latest. >> i have no idea who gave you the right to take their lives. >> reporter: chris watts never looked at his in-laws as they addressed him in court. >> i trusted you to take care of them, not kill them. >> reporter: the confessed colorado killer given three life sentences for the murders of 3-year-old celeste, 4-year-old bella, and his pregnant wife shenan. >> they also trtrusted you. the heartless monster and then you take them out like trash. you disgust me. >> reporter: apologizing through his attorney -- >> he is devastated by all of th this. >> reporter: -- watts never spoke in court.
7:14 am
watts only seems emotional when his own mother spoke directly to him. >> we love you. and we forgive you, son. >> i didn't sense any remorse in him at all. he cried because he knows he's going to prison forever. >> reporter: confirming a motive for the murders for the first time, the district attorney says watts wanted to start a new life with his girlfriend who told the denver post she didn't know he was married. then worked with police after watts went public with this plea. >> i want her back so back. i want those kids back so bad. >> reporter: in court, horrific new revelations. >> you don't annihilate your family and throw them away like garbage. >> reporter: after days of texting trying to save her marriage, according to the autopsy report, she was strangled. daughters were smothered. >> imagine the horror in bella's mind as her father took her last breaths away. >> reporter: the da calls the murders cold, calculated, and cunning.
7:15 am
the girls were dumped in oil tanks. shenan in a shallow grave. >> our daughter loved you with all her heart. your daughters loved you to the moon and back. >> reporter: this morning, a case closed, but for many closure may never come. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. >> the district attorney says he believes that chris watts will never reveal the full details of how or why he killed his family. he went on to say this case is going to haunt the folk who is worked on it probably for the rest of their lives. >> understandably. it hurts to hear those details. it really does. thanks, craig. meantime, massachusetts is set to make history today and a lot of money. the first legal marijuana shops on the east coast opening their doors to the public just hours from now. nbc's stephanie gosk is there. she's getting an early look at what's being called the green rush. hey, steph. good morning. >> reporter: hey, hoda.
7:16 am
you know, you can see this line. it actually loops all the way around the parking lot. it is not nice out here. i don't know what this is. i think it's sleet, but it's really, really cold. this is one of two shops opening today in massachusetts selling marijuana for recreational use for the first time. all you need is a driver's license that proves you're 21 years old and you can buy it. just like a six pack of beer. overnight, they lined up. >> i've been waiting a long time for this. >> reporter: the first legal recreational pot for sale east of the mississippi. >> i got here at 12:30 in the morning. right after i got out of work. i was super excited all night long. i thought first thing i have to do is come down. i wanted to be part of history. >> reporter: two shops start selling marijuana today with more expected to get approval in the coming weeks. there has been little if any resistance in north hampton. >> the talk and the buzz has been going on for awhile now. >> reporter: a small new england college town that says it is ready for the crowds.
7:17 am
>> everyone is really excited about it. it's supposed to bring a lot of new people to north hampton. maybe people who haven't been here before. >> reporter: massachusetts is one of ten states that voted to legalize marijuana for so-called adult use. 33 allow medicinal marijuana. the economic gains, indisputable. a projected $215 million in state revenue within the first two years. with sales in the billions. massachusetts waited two years to open retail stores. >> i think the biggest challenge is just trying to get it right. there's no road map here. plus this is a controversial issue. >> reporter: one concern? shortages. last summer in nevada, the governor actually endorsed emergency efforts when it looked like demand was overwhelming supply. >> because we passed the law so fast or implemented it so fast, we didn't have a distributor up and running. >> reporter: in north hampton, they say they have enough. and it comes any way you like it. >> it's been a long time coming and i think people are really excited to be able to come into
7:18 am
a regulated setting and buy cannabis. >> reporter: first in line this morning is the mayor. >> i want to support new businesses in our community especially ones that are going to be creating jobs. >> reporter: he says he's eyeing the chocolate bar prompting some helpful advice. >> mayor, we ask if you do consume it, go low and slow. >> reporter: to be fair to the mayor, he says he's not going to try it. he's going to hold onto that chocolate bar as a piece of history, hoda. >> but it's legal in massachusetts, but it is still a federal crime to possess marijuana, right? >> reporter: that's right. the federal government classifies it as a schedule 1 drug. they don't recognize the medicinal purposes and say it's likely to be abused. but now you have states from coast to coast that have legalized the recreational use of the drug. and overwhelmbly 63% of americans want it legal nationwide. >> all right. steph, thank you. to football now.
7:19 am
if you didn't stay up late last night -- did you stay up for this one? >> no. >> we missed a good one. the los angeles rams hosting the kansas city chiefs in what a lot of people are calling a super bowl preview. both coming into the game 9-1. the best records in the nfl. and it lived up to the hype in every way. it was a seesaw battle. several lead changes throughout the night. get this. the rams and the chiefs scored a combined 14 touchdowns. 105 points on the board. that's a monday night football record. in the end, though, it was jared goff with a 40-yard touchdown pass to gerald everett. here it comes. there's jared goff dropping back. 40-yard bomb. that would prove to be the game winner. the rams win it 54-51. no defense in los angeles last night. no defense. >> wow. i love it. >> how could that be a super bowl preview without the saints in it? it's weird. anyway. >> there's still time. there's still time. >> hi, mr. roker. >> i see craig going to that nbc pregame show. >> really?
7:20 am
>> i do. >> you're trying to get me away? >> let's look at your weather. we are looking at abundant sunshine out west. storm watches as we get along the west coast. and another storm system coming back into the northern plains. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. still unhealthy air quality. the worst in the concord area,
7:21 am
the best in san jose. we're starting out with smoky conditions, live look over the south bay, looking a little bit clear there as we start to see the atmosphere mixing out, as this storm system approaches. it will bring us some rain starting out tomorrow morning, with some scattered showers by 8:00, and still some off and on rain throughout the day, this will be the first of two rounds moving in by the end of the week. et. and layer up for the thanksgiving day parade. coming up, monica lewinsky's parents open up in a rare interview about the bizarre encounter with then-president bill clinton and the scandal that would come to define their daughter's life. and new insight into an international mystery. remember the suspected health attacks against u.s. diplomats. well, a mother is speaking out for the first time. this is an exclusive interview. about the devastating consequences. what happened to her and her daughter. first, this is "today" on nbc. consequences. what happened to her and her daughter. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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just ahead, keir simmons
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and get joy - with $15 kohl's cash for every $50 spent! save 25% or more on select nike, adidas, converse and under armour!... and get more kohl's cash for you! give joy, get joy - at kohl's. sto a very good morning to you. it is 7:26, i'm laura garcia. we're keeping a close eye on the stock market this morning. at times during the first hour of trading the dow has been down more than 580 points, right now hovering at about 475, it follows a 400-point sell-off yesterday and 3% drop for the nasdaq. new concerns for people in butte county in the wake of the massive camp fire. the first in a series of storms should arrive by tomorrow. by the end of the week, they're worried about several inches of rain, with fears it could trigger mudslides. as of this morning, there are 79 confirmed fire-related deaths, with about 700 people now listed as missing. also headed toward the bay
7:27 am
area the storm should finally clear out some of the smoke. >> it's still pretty thick. live look in san francisco as you get ready to head out, by tomorrow morning, the rain arrives, with some scattered showers that may be a little bit heavy at times. this will have a huge impact on travel. the roads may be slick. the rain will be off and on throughout the day tomorrow, then tapering off in time for thanksgiving. another round of rain moving in late thursday night into early friday, that will be with us into the start of the weekend, as we see more rounds of rain, a little bit heavier on friday. let's get an update on the morning commute now, we head over to mike. >> it's light, kari. as we imagine the tuesday before thanksgiving, we have some folks headed through the silicon valley to get to work, maybe the last meeting before vacation. south 880 at stephenson boulevard we have a crash which may be blocking your fast lanes. couple different situations reported. jumping up to the north bay, west 80 at manuel campos a jam and crash, had a traffic alert
7:28 am
earlier and there is the smoke in the sky. when you see the peninsula, this is why things are so smooth, traffic is lighter all over the bay. thank you, another update in half an hour. see you then.
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7:30, tuesday morning, the 20th of november, 2018. these turkeys are living their best life. that's the national thanksgiving turkey and his alternate. they are known to their friends as peas and carrots. they are enjoying a little down time living the life because they will be pardoned later today in the rose garden. this is a hilarious presidential tradition. and the president and first lady, the trumps, will do it today. >> after they get pardoned, you know where they go? >> where do they go? >> they go to virginia tech and g gobblers rest exhibit. >> it's amazing.
7:31 am
>> peas and carrots, congratulations to you. let's get to a check of today's headlines on this tuesday. a pair of storms headed for northern california. they could help and hinder firefighting efforts in that state. heavy downpours are forecasted for the area, beginning tomorrow morning. that could help prevent the flames from spreading. but it could trigger flooding and mudslides. the camp fire has led to the deaths of at least 79 people so far. another 700 people are still unaccounted for. the fire has destroyed nearly 12,000 homes. a federal judge has temporarily blocked the trump administration from refusing asylum to immigrants who cross the southern border illegally. earlier this month, the president issued a proclamation that said anybody who crossed the border illegally would be ineligible for asylum. that came in response to the migrant caravans coming to the
7:32 am
border. groups sued that u.s. law allows someone to seek asylum regardless of how they enter this country. 300 migrants are in tijuana, mexico, across the border from san diego. there were several people inside this pizza shop when an suv comes crashing through the glass. it happened at a little caesars in lake city. there's no word on why the driver jumped the curb. she was charged with careless driving. also this morning, we're getting a different perspective, a new one on that affair between monica lewinsky and bill clinton. lewinsky's parents are detailing how things unfolded between the former white house intern and the former president. it's all for the a&e docu-series. kate snow is following this. >> reporter: last night was the second of three nights of the new docu-series. and in addition to a lot of the
7:33 am
details about ken starr's investigation, it dives deep into the relationship with linda tripp and the family's first meeting with the president of the united states. >> she said, monica was in trouble. did i know anything about her and the president. and i said, i don't know anything. what are you talking about? >> reporter: monica lewinsky's parents speaking out in rare interviews, detailing they realized that their daughter was entangled in something dangerous. >> this was terrible trouble. >> reporter: months before, lewinsky's father and stepmother met the president in the oval office. their encounter shown in footage unearthed by a&e. her dad admitting, it seemed a bit odd. >> he was friendly and familiar with us. that felt somewhat strange. but we accepted it. >> you stand here, dad, okay? mom, you come over here. >> the family photo, orchestrated by the president, ending with a lingering touch.
7:34 am
at that point, lewinsky says, she and president clinton were already in a relationship. but it was a rollercoaster. when clinton later tried to end things, she says she threatened to tell her parents. >> he started yelling at me, like, it is illegal to threaten the president of the united states of america. he was so angry. and i started to cry. >> reporter: she did not follow through. instead, she confided in linda tripp. >> i don't know if you can call it a friendship. it was a perceived friendship. >> reporter: a confidant who went on to betray lewinsky by recording their phone calls and led federal investigators to lewinsky by wearing a wire. the two were later questioned by the independent counsel's team. >> they tried to usher linda into this other room. and i insisted on her staying. and i also was angry. and i felt she shouldn't get to just walk into another room and not have to see what she's done. >> reporter: during that interview, lewinsky says she was terrified. >> i kept asking, could i call
7:35 am
my mom? they kept saying no. i said, i'm leaning towards not cooperating. he said, you should know, we're also planning on prosecuting your mom for the things that you said she did on the tape. >> reporter: investigators eventually allowed her to make the call. her mother rushed down to d.c. >> we were both very, very frightened. monica was distraught. she kept repeating, i just want to die. i just want to die. you know, i stayed by her side. >> reporter: lewinsky's mother said she hugged her daughter and told her everything would be all right. but she said, as she did that, she wasn't sure. lewinsky has said it took years to come to terms with all that happened. the clintons, guys, have had no comment about the docu-series. >> thank you. let's switch gears and head to mr. roker and the talking cog in.
7:36 am
it's 16 in minneapolis with a wind chill of 4. 22 in chicago, 22 in syracuse. denver, 18 degrees. tomorrow morning, feels like 19 in cleveland and st. louis will feel like 29 degrees. thanksgiving morning, look how cold it is. 11 in caribou, new york city 7. a windchill of 22 in minneapolis. boston's thanksgiving day, coldest high temperature since 1921. new york city with a high in the 20s. only three other years with highs in the 20s. and d.c. will have their coldest thanksgiving in 20 years. yeah. good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. still smoky outside today and getting ready for our first widespread significant rain of the season, moving in tomorrow, and we'll see scattered showers starting out early in the day, as you make travel plans, make sure you allow some extra time to get to where you're going. on thanksgiving, there will be a slight chance of rain and then another round of some heavier rain in the forecast for friday.
7:37 am
that rain moves out on saturday. we should have some dry conditions through early next week. >> and that's your latest weather. guys? >> thank you, al. coming up, an absolutely breath ttaking journey, as keir simmons travels way outside his comfort zone to see wild animals up close and in person. plus, a heart woarmer for you. two childhood cancer survivors who reunited later in life. and then, supermodels paint their feet. chrissy teigen with her latest confession. first, nbc investigates the devastating attacks on diplomats in cuba and china. the mother of one affected american speaks out when you've crossed fruit of the loom off your list, you know your holiday shopping is complete. it's time to celebrate. [♪ ]
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♪ ♪t's on. investigates. an international mystery that's left american diplomats with unexplained, mysterious brain injuries from an unknown weapon. >> it happened first in cuba and china, too. andrea mitchell is here with the latest on what possibly happened and a possible suspect. >> it is such a mystery.
7:43 am
good morning to you. as of today, 26 embassy staffers in cuba and one in china have confirmed what the u.s. government calls health acacs. now, a mother is speaking out for the very first time in this nbc news exclusive. last year, catherine werner, a diplomat in shine inchina, told parents she was experiencing strange sounds and sensations in her apartment. her health was declining rapidly. >> a shell of what she was. >> reporter: her mother, laura hughes, was so alarmed, she booked a flight to china. >> you know there's something wrong with your children. and there was something wrong with catherine. >> reporter: she tried to replace the air filters and buying imported food. nothing helped. and laura said she started feeling it, too. >> we heard a high-pitched sound in catherine's bedroom and a low pulsing sound in the living room. our heads would pulse.
7:44 am
it would feel like you would want to regurgitate. instantly fatigued. >> reporter: laura has developed visual problems, including sensitivity to light, which is why she is wearing dark glasses today. it's similar to what diplomats in cuba reported feeling. as mother and daughter struggled, their dogs began acting strangely. >> they would be shivering under the bed. they would vomit blood. they didn't want to go back into the apartment after long walks. they would run down the hallway and stop just where the living room begins and just sit there. and their heads would move simultaneously. we were so scared, we didn't know what could they possibly be looking at?
7:45 am
>> reporter: after three months, laura, unable to tolerate it any longer, headed back to the u.s. three weeks later, the state department medevacked catherine out of china. >> the doctors diagnosedd catherine with traumatic trabra injury. >> there are things that are identified in their mris and c.a.t. scans showing traumatic brain injury that shouldn't be there, for people that have never had concussions. >> reporter: the state department brought in outside experts. their findings, the victims seem to suffer from a new type of brain network disorder. who or what caused it, a mystery. >> the united states government is still not sure who or what is responsible for those health attacks. >> reporter: leaving laura hughes and others in the dark. >> i, too, have been diagnosed by the same doctors at the v.a.
7:46 am
hospital in philadelphia with traumatic brain injury. >> reporter: 16 were evacuated after reporting sounds or symptoms. other than catherine, the u.s. says none of them are confirmed cases. some people have suggested that maybe it's psychosematic, mass hysteria. >> science doesn't lie. they have been working hard and long on us. there is no way to fake this. >> reporter: have they told you or catherine if this is permanent damage? >> yes. it looks like it. >> reporter: the nih is now studying the syndrome. but laura is calling on the state department to do more. >> i do not believe that our military or our diplomats are safe because this weapon system is creating havoc. >> reporter: do you worry this could happen to other diplomats
7:47 am
in other countries? >> that's why i'm here. that is why i'm here. >> reporter: hughes is speaking out. she says, her daughter and the other diplomats cannot speak out without fear of losing their jobs. many told nbc they think the government is downplaying what happened. the state department says it took quick and decisive action after confirming the case in china and is providing employees with the best medical care back here in the u.s. >> you hear from a mother and daughter and it's convincing. and you hear about the pets and you think, what is causing this? what kind of weapon could they be using? >> they're investigating. the strange sounds pointed to a sonic weapon. but an fbi report this year ruled that out. now, u.s. officials are telling nbc news they are considering the possibility of an elect electromagnetic weapon, that could cause brain damage. >> when you think about her saying it's likely permanent, she is wearing the glasses because the light bothers her. >> and the other diplomats and
7:48 am
the military out there. >> great reporting. coming up, how close is too close to experience the raw power of nature. a filmmaker from nat geo shows us how the sausage is you're headed down the highway when the guy in front slams on his brakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. how mature of them! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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7:57 am
we will see some of those scattered showers linger throughout the day, at times the pockets of rain may be a little bit heavy. we should see rain tapering off on thanksgiving, and then another round of some heavier rain starting late thursday night and off and on throughout the day on friday. the second round of rain will linger into early saturday morning. so our forecast shows that our temperatures will be cooling off. air quality improving, as we get the rain starting early tomorrow morning. let's get an update on the commute from mike. >> kari, we're looking over here toward the big shot of the bay and you see that overall things are looking really good especially given that it's a tuesday. south 880 still very slow, right around dacoda, the dumbarton bridge and earlier crash looks like it's active on the shoulder and distraction and slowing out of union city. slow westbound highway 4 into concord. second crash around willow pass road, nothing major. we're tracking that and the north bay a standard for the day is smooth but smoky.
7:58 am
back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, more jitters on wall street, as stocks endure another day in the red, at time the dow has been down close to 600 points. you can see right there now it is down 300 points there. so the nasdaq has been off more than 2% following a 3% drop yesterday, but right now, both the dow and nasdaq are off their session lows. firefighters just updated the camp fire. it is 70% contained. 79 people are confirmed dead with a series of storms on the way, there are concerns about the potential mudslides. more news coming up in 30 minutes. live team coverage as t
7:59 am
first significant rain of the season moves in while you sleep! plus: several airline complaints arise during busy travel thanksgiving. the tips to tackle trouble in the moment. today in the bay. tomorrow from 4:30 to 7.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, on the move. tens of millions are gearing up for what could be the busiest holiday travel day in years. and the forecast, not looking so hot. how could the plunging temperatures affect your travel? al has your latest forecast and what you need to know before you hit the roads. ♪ plus, close encounters. >> the hippo turns your canoe over. >> we're going into the wild with a documentary filmmaker that shows us the power of nature and the animals that roam the earth. how close is too close?
8:01 am
>> there's an elephant walking up now. >> there it is. and cooking for a good cause. al is teaming up with eight celebrity chefs, for a surprise for the deserving first responders at the front lines of the california wildfires. we're giving thanks for them. today, november 20th, 2018. ♪ >> from dallas, texas. >> storm lake, iowa. >> and the villages, florida. >> shop small this saturday. ♪ >> happy birthday to my daddy in texas. i love you, daddy. >> from hudson middle school. >> in austin, texas. >> we pulled an all-nighter to be on "today." >> welcome back to "today." we appreciate you being with us
8:02 am
on this tuesday morning. some folks out there will be in the macy's parade, taking it in. >> that's good. we will have to bundle up. we've been talking about it so much. al will have the thanksgiving forecast. it will be a cold one for a lot of us. >> how about the rehearsal? >> it was good. >> we have a busy morning. we're getting right to your news at 8:00. the turkey will be hot but your guests may need thawing out as the thanksgiving deep freeze is coming in. let us know what's we're looking at. >> wednesday, airport delays, boston, new york, houston, airports. out west, because of the heavy rain and snow. especially for our friends in northern california, it will help the wildfires but it's going to make a mess as far as the mudslides and such. in fact, we're talking about winter storm watches, flood watches mudslide watches and rock slides, as well. airport delays on thanksgiving day, boston and new york. out west, into the rockies. into the pacific northwest. the roads out west the rockies into the northwest, that's going
8:03 am
to be the big problem. airport delays on sunday. you may have trouble getting home from your thanksgiving holiday. delays in seattle and the new york airports. but also because of a new storm firing up in the midsection of the country, into the upper midwest, from minneapolis, kansas city, down to new orleans, the roads will be a mess. also, though, things clear out out west. and in the northeast, we're probably going to see a lot of problems, due to wet weather, windy conditions and some snow in the upper elevations. guys? >> al, thank you. top house democrat elijah cummings is vowing to investigate ivanka trump's use of a personal e-mail account for official government business. "the washington post" is reporting that ivanka trump sent hundreds of messages to white house aides, cabinet officials and for business. a spoking peespokesperson says d her private e-mail account for
8:04 am
logistics and scheduling her family. they stress she did not create a private server in her house or office. there has been a sharp drop in the number of people unaccounted for in the california wildfire zones. but now, crews are bracing for a drastic change in weather conditions there. steve patterson is in the fire-ravaged town of paradise. good morning. >> reporter: craig, rain is on the way. in this case, it's a double-edged sword. it's likely to help firefighters trying to contain the flames on the front lines and may hinder crews here that are digging through the delicate wreckage, with so many looking for answers in their lost loved ones. they're faced with a grim task. search crews combing through the ruins of paradise, hoping to bring closure to families of the missing. >> if we can check in on that area, we can at least rest clear that we got the people out. >> reporter: while the death toll continues to rise, the number of people unaccounted for
8:05 am
has dropped, now fewer than 700. >> it's been tough on everybody. >> reporter: the butte county sheriff says not everyone on the list is among the dead. >> the public has to understand that the data is not refined and we may have fluctuation going up and down. >> reporter: right now, with thousands displaced, emergency workers are preparing for another challenge, winter weather. two storms are forecast to roll in this week, bringing 3 to 5 inches of rain through friday. it could help finish off the fire but could trigger dangerous rockslides and debris in the burn zone. >> what is it like to see this? >> it's emotional. >> reporter: dave responded in the first few hours. >> it's hard. >> reporter: he brought us to see the remains of his sister's home. she and her son barely made it out, but they are alive, thanks to her brother's warning, drop everything and get out. >> you can see the complete devastation around here and how hot it burned through here. i don't think they would have made it out. i really don't.
8:06 am
>> reporter: smith says the tragedy has brought his family together, something to be thankful for on this holiday amid so much loss. you think about that sometimes? >> i think about it all the time. >> reporter: we know hundreds of people sleeping in tents on the streets after their homes were burned on the ground. there's an effort to get them into shelters before that rain hits. but it is a monumental task for those providing aid. savannah? >> steve patterson, thank you. thousands of cruise ship passengers who thought they would be in the caribbean are headed back to miami. "the norwegian jade" went out of florida for a ten-day trip. stops in barbados and st. lucia. but three days in, the trip was canceled because of a mechanical problem. norwegian said they were trying to fly passengers back to miami. they were promised a full refund and a free future cruise. now, a cruise through hoda's "boost." >> let's go. we know about the terrible twos.
8:07 am
your little angel decides to test every limit. one dad took it in stride when this 2-year-old refused to get up off of the driveway. just plops herself on the ground. she wants a reaction. so, look what dad did. he literally bends down and picks her up by her jacket. >> like a third shopping bag. >> she does stuff like that. >> he's done that before. >> carried her up the stairs. >> he's like expressionless. >> he's done that before. >> he's not mad. not upset. like, let's go. that's parenting goals right there. just ahead, the bride wore pink. why people are swooning over mandy moore's low-key backyard wedding. also, we have some of the best chefs in the country right here this morning. we're going to tell you what they're doing for a very good cause this thanksgiving. that's after these messages. some things just go together.
8:08 am
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being in love is an amazing thing. being in love with your best friend is everything. the ever us two stone collection. one diamond for your best friend, one for your true love. for the one woman who's both. ever us, with new designs exclusively at kay. we are back now. 8:12. this morning we have a new installment of today in the wild. >> that's right. once again our own keir simmons takes us along for the ride on a really close encounter with nature featuring really amazing animals as well. good morning. >> hey there, you three lovely people. we spend 24 hours with two national geographic filmmakers, when i say 24 hours i mean even overnight as sleeping surrounded by predators and wait until you see the drama that unfolded around us. brave is not a word brant would
8:13 am
use, but he lives outside in a land full of danger. >> these guys. >> yeah. >> the vultures are here. >> for months at a time. >> this is your home. we are in your living room. >> i mean, it's not a bad place, is it? you can go back to london, if you want. i'm staying here. >> i'm pretty stunned how close we are to them. >> botswana is very unique, i think, in southern africa because the lack of hunting for so long, the interaction with animals is much closer, much more intense. >> we traveled thousands of miles to the delta in botswana to get up close and personal with raw nature. brad and a nat geo filmmaker grew up in this unique wilderness, people call him a real life mogli. he spent two years filming his
8:14 am
latest documentary. >> at his heart lies the arcovango delta, it creates a wildlife paradise like no other on earth. >> when the rains come, everything changes. the lions see their hunting ground submerged, this lone hippo makes his move before they can pounce. to watch these amazing shots brad has even sent hiem underwater swimming with hippos and crocodiles. hippos essential to creating the waterways that make up the arcovango delta. underwater not even crocodiles there to challenge them and they are fierce as brad was recently reminded. >> the hippo turned your canoe over. >> turned the boat upside down. >> he has a tattoo for every close encounter. >> every time i have nearly died, big croc incident, then
8:15 am
elephant traveling at night and elephant hit the vehicle. >> but close encounters are what brad lives for. together with his assistant alex he has been following this pack of wild dogs for years. >> as soon as they get on the move and start hunting they will be very difficult to find, keep up with. >> and soon the drama is all around us. >> what just happened? >> they have been trailing, obviously you can pick up food from these dogs and they're getting fed up. >> so just attack it. >> as the sun goes down we look for a place to sleep. outside and into the wind. >> so that any sound travels on the wind. >> so even when you're sleeping you're planning your next day, you're listening. >> 90% of the work that we do with lions is driven by what we hear at night. >> it's really good. >> fed and watered, it's time for some advice. >> what do i need to know?
8:16 am
>> torch mainly. just blind them. they don't really want to eat us. >> that's good to know. snakes, spiders? >> that's why i sleep on top. >> you sleep up there and i sleep down here. >> yeah. >> okay. great. >> and as the stars rise in the southern sky, the delta predators go on the prowl. a roll call of four-legged killers. >> what animals were there last night? >> big male lion doing the territorial march up and down past us, a hyena a couple of times last night. there must be a leopard. >> brad calls them friends. >> we were bush children. i really mentally have a problem and i will fight it as long as i can. >> charging a pride of lions rather than shooting at them, his wife coming to the rescue. >> 30 seconds later one of those lions would have had me. >> despite the dangers, this the only life brad has ever wanted.
8:17 am
>> there's an elephant walking up behind you. >> oh, there it is. >> as a new day dawns in the animal paradise they call the delta. >> wow. >> doesn't it take a certain kind of person to risk their life to understand animals better? we want to let you know more about what else we have coming up in this series. "today" has produced these reports, some including exclusive previews from nat geo specials which has paid for some production costs. i got so wild in that filming i had forgotten to shave. >> there were all those lions and hyenas and you were sleeping like a baby, never even opened your eyes. >> i did wake up a few times. >> i'm sure you did. the photography, by the way, is amazing. just amazing. >> amazing. >> thanks, keir. >> let's go over to al and get a check of the weather.
8:18 am
>> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by kay jewelers, for all the moments, for love, forever. >> really excited about what we've got to announce in just a little bit, but first let's tell you about your weather for today. snowy northern new england, interior sections of the northeast, abundant sunshine in the midsections of the country. the other area we're watching in northern california. winter storm watches and flood watches as well including the burn areas so that is going to be something of concern. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> that incoming rain will help wash out some of this smog we're seeing that's been lingering for almost a couple of weeks now. here's a look outside in dublin. it gets here starting early tomorrow morning, by about 8:00 to 9:00. at times throughout the day, there will be some pockets of heavy rain and gusty wind. we'll see rain taper off between wednesday night and thursday. still some spotty light showers. another round of rain will be moving in late thursday night
8:19 am
and continuing through friday. weather, craig? >> in a one wears an apron like al. sheinelle jones in for "pop start." >> first up, mandy moore. the star got married over the weekend. she said i do to long-time boyfriend, taylor goldsmith, a musician. they've been dating since 2015. the bride wore a pink dress. the nuptials took place in moore's home, as soon in this video, five minutes before moore walked down the aisle, her fiance was playing the piano. congratulations to the newlyweds. up next, last night, jimmy kimmel aired his fourth annual charity special. many stars came on the show to support the cause, including kristen bell, and will ferrell. and bono made an appearance and teamed up with pharrell to perform "stayin' alive."
8:20 am
♪ it's all right it's okay ♪ ♪ i live to fight another day we can try ♪ ♪ to understand the new york time's affect on man ♪ ♪ whether you're a brother whether you're a mother ♪ ♪ stayin' alive stayin' alive ♪ ♪ feel the city breaking everybody shaking ♪ ♪ stayin' alive stayin' alive ♪ >> you like it? >> i like it. >> the show raised money for aids. and chrissy teigen helped ellen degeneres co-host her show. but things got off to a weird start when chrissy teigen talked about the distaste of her own feet. >> you have a thing about feet? >> i have horrible feet. don't look at them. >> why would you say that? >> i don't know. i say the wrong thing all the time, ellen. john said, if i die -- this is a terrible story already.
8:21 am
>> john says, if you die -- >> all he has to do in the morgue, instead of lifting up the sheet on the face, he'll do it the other way. he can tell by my feet. he'll be like, yep, that's her. >> what do you say to that? more of chrissy's co-hosting adventures with ellen. check local listings. let's turn back to california, where we are trying to create some good in what's been a really hard time for that area and its residents and its first responders. >> our west coast anchor, natalie morales, is in l.a. with more on that. hey, natalie. >> reporter: good morning to you. the numbers, as you know, they are staggering. over the last two weeks, the woolsey and the camp fires have con fumed more than 300,000 acres, destroyed 12,000 homes and taken at least 80 lives. for firefighters charged with saving homes and lives, the trauma of such tragedy can be so
8:22 am
severe, but even more so if you're a victim yourself. the fires have been catastrophic. the losses, overwhelming. for nearly two weeks, more than 8,000 fire personnel have fought to save property and lives. >> there's no words, really. you know, it brings tears to my eyes. you know, just unbelievable what they do. >> reporter: day and night, often with their own homes and family in peril, they battle historic flames to help others. >> we thankful for local law enforcement, firefighters and everybody who takes it on themselves to help people and put themselves in harm's way to save everybody's life. we owe a tremendous amount of gratitude. >> reporter: gratitude and support. >> beauty will rise out of the ashes. and, yeah, we lost everything. now, it's time to make it a community again. >> reporter: these fires have cost firefighters more than most. over 50 of them have lost their
8:23 am
homes, as well. now, both saviors and victims. >> i've always been on this side for 20 years, on the fire department, watching other people's homes burn down. when it's your home and you have to deal with that emotion, it's a different side. >> reporter: as the holidays draw near and the fires still burn, firefighters are forced to persevere, while dealing with the flames and their own sense of loss. >> to see the number of them out there fighting the fire, knowing their homes were lost, it's unbelievable. >> reporter: and they've done it so well. there's really no words to describe the heroism, the sacrifice, what each of these families are going through. we're so grateful for the first responders and all they do, al. we want to do a little something for them, right? >> that's right. you're going to be joining me, too, natalie. we're going to do our part. i'm going to be flying to northern california, to help lift the spirits of the men and women fighting the fires, to serve them a delicious meal for thanksgiving. we have eight chefs working
8:24 am
side-by-side. we have matt abdue of big bleaker. why is it important to go out there? >> food was about love and being able to put a smile on somebody's face. we can go out and cook some food and put a smile on a face, that's something we can do. >> and the man behind tupelo honey restaurants, eric. what's the deal? >> for us, we have 1,350 employees that sometimes feel helpless. for me, it's an opportunity to represent them and give them an opportunity to do some good. >> thank you so much. always order's a alehadra. >> food is the love language. it nourishes the soul. >> and aaron bluedorn from the final table on netflix. you're joining us. >> this is great. to bring everyone around the table. we are able to do that.
8:25 am
>> jordan adino. >> i'm from california. i live in new york now. i want to give back to my home state. this is the best way to do it. >> the host of "slice," yvette rios is here. >> i brought my love language this time of year. i have kids. i want to show them what it means to give back during the holidays. i want to be a role model for them. >> kevin spraga of fitler club. >> this is an opportunity to give back to somebody else. i'm a blessed individual. >> and we have, chef roxanne spruance. >> so happy to be here. i think it's believable to give somebody a break from all of the hard work they're doing. >> we're getting ready to round everybody up. >> what's the plan? >> we're getting on a plane. the friends at netjets are going to get us out there. we're going to feed he's folks and from great surprises for them. then, we're coming right back. >> back and forth in a day? >> yep.
8:26 am
>> thank you netjets. >> i know. no middle seat on netjets. i love it. >> no problem for these guys. i had hungarian dinner last night. a live look at the san francisco good morning. it's 8:26. a live look at san francisco's sky like and you can see the haze still in the air. this will be the last day for bay area air quality. the first in the series of storms arrive tomorrow. that pushed out all that smoke. medical examiners now confirming the body found near the marina. authorities say he drowned there. police are not saying how he wound up there. let's look at your morning
8:27 am
commute. >> especially for a tuesday, we have had no major problems after the 7:30 time here. through san jose, still slow, but very height. we had recovery after a couple of crashes near 880. slowing through berkeley. indicates the 50s. backup only in the lanes at the toll plaza but metering lights still on. clear roads but skies are the ones that need to clear out. >> another local news update in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
good morning, everybody. hi, everyone. it's 8:30 now, tuesday morning, 20th of november, 2018. this is a crowd that deserves some camera time and some love. they are fired up. they are ready. guys, this isn't just any crowd. come with me over here quick. >> where are you going? >> over here. raise your hand -- okay. raise your hand if you are performing in the thanksgiving day parade on thursday. [ cheers ] these are just some of the dancers. where are you from? >> i'm from montana. >> where are you from, honey?
8:31 am
>> the villages, florida. >> you're dancing on thursday? >> yes, ma'am. >> are you ready? >> yes. >> are you going to be bundled up? >> kinda. >> not really. are you excited? where are you from? >> i'm from the villages, florida, as well. >> awesome. it's not going to be florida weather. you're the spirit of the parade. we're so happy to have you. thank you for being here. >> so polite. >> we'll see you thursday. >> isn't that cute? >> yes, ma'am. yes, ma'am. >> we got a group back here going to be in the parade, too. right, y'all? coming up, marlo thomas is back with a love story that's absolutely guaranteed to pull at your heart strings. then, your thanksgiving table is getting an upgrade with side dishes so unbelievable, you'll say what turkey? and by what turkey, i'm not referring to bobby flay. he's here. he's here to helps spice up our own holiday favorites. >> you'll hear about it later, though. >> i'm sure i will.
8:32 am
speaking of home cooking, my mother is going to join us in the third hour of "today." she's going to share our family dressing recipe. sheinelle, your dad is also here. >> your dad's here? >> what is he making? >> he's making collard greens. >> let's check the weather before you jet off. >> let's show you first of all, for thanksgiving day, it will be rough. it will be cold and windy. i think we're going to be right on the cusp of having some issues with the balloons. 22 degrees, parade start. but the windchills will be in the 20s, the teens, i should say. and by the time santa hits herald square, it will be 25 degrees. heavy rain in northern california, the pacific northwest. mountain snows in the rockies. gusty winds and frigid conditions in new england. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of it the woods. >> take a look outside in
8:33 am
san francisco, there will be some improvements as we watch the rain, giving us some much needed downpours. this comes on a busy travel day as you get ready to head out. make sure you're planning for a longer time to travel. we'll see a little bit of sprinkling into thanksgiving, then another round on friday. >> shop small on "today" is created with our sponsor, american express. shop small saturday is november 24th. get up, get out and shop small. >> our other favorite holiday just around the corner, small business saturday. great reminder to shop local stores that make our community special. it's coming up this weekend. this morning, we invited three local small businesses from our new york community, to set up shop here on the plaza, as we check them out. first of all, i have bought these cards because i love them.
8:34 am
beth and amy, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. good morning. >> i first saw your shop in hudson, new york. it's handmade stuff. what are the things you're really excited about? >> we're really excited about our custom stationery. it's hand-done. it can be customized for anyone's tastes. it's great for you for personal use, to give as a gift, whatever your interests are. we actually made you stationery. >> thank you. you think people are writing more? doing more analog writing? >> we do. there's a backlash. e-mail is not personal. and you know, in the store, we say you can delete an e-mail but you can burn a letter. >> much more satisfying. thank you. ladies, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> now, coming up, we have sam buffa, running fellow barber. in williamsburg and in san
8:35 am
francisco. >> that's right. >> there's something satisfying about getting a straight edge shave. >> for sure. that's one of the best things you can do for the holiday season. >> and also, some great shaving products. grooming products. >> we have our own line of fellow barber products that you can get in our shops or visit us online. >> all right. that's literally getting a close shave. very nice. how does that feel? >> excellent. >> he's very chill right now. and let's end up here -- pronounce your bakery. i don't want to screw it up. you make some amazing baked goods. >> thank you. we are a bakery that takes all of your memories and puts it into pastries. imagine your favorite brownie as a child or something you experience on holiday. we take those memories and put them into some of the best things you've ever eaten. we would love you to try this. >> what is this? >> it's oats, caramel, pecans,
8:36 am
all rolled up together. you can get your own piece of new york. we ship nationwide. everyone gets to try us at home. >> that's fantastic. >> thank you so much. >> you can go to for more information on small business saturday. sheinelle is inside with even more small business goodness in the orange room. >> we're working with american express to get ready for small business saturday. our viewers are sharing their favorite small business finds. kari ann says any of the shops on third street in geneva, illinois. and susan picked, everything scrapbook and stamps in lake worth, florida, saying they have a wonderful selection of scrapbooking and mixed media supplies and the best staff. you can share your small business stores using #shopsmall. just ahead, marlo thomas is sharing a love story with an unlikely beginning. two people that both beat childhood cancer and then found
8:37 am
their paths crossing again. first,
8:38 am
8:39 am
we're back with our "thanks & giving" series, showcasing the amazing work being done at st. jude's children reach hospital. >> so many young lives are saved and new journeys begin. lifelong relationships can form there. and this is an awesome story. jenna bush hager had a touching tale of second chances. >> reporter: sometimes destiny is as clear as a crisp, fall day. >> there is this depth and ease to our relationship that came right away. >> reporter: and sometimes, it's a whole lot more mysterious. for joel, the journey began in tennessee, as a boy bursting with energy. >> swimming, basketball, soccer, some of the sports i play.
8:40 am
>> reporter: at the age of 7, around christmastime, his parents noticed that joel stopped using his right arm. >> there was a tumor in my right shoulder. >> reporter: a shattering diagnosis. they rushed to memphis for treatment. >> a couple days later, left for st. jude. we pulled up here. that's when everything changed. >> reporter: everything changed just as suddenly for lindsay wilkerson, a young girl a few hundred miles away in rural, mississippi. >> i was 10 years old when i was diagnosed with leukemia. hearing i had cancer, i was terrified. >> when you're told that your child has cancer, time stops. >> my parents were checking their bank account. they were going to put our house on the market, to sell everything, to hopefully be able to provide me with the care that can save my life. >> reporter: like joel, lindsay's family sought care at the st. jude children's research hospital, where an emotional and financial burden was lifted. >> they reminded my parents that
8:41 am
at st. jude's, we don't have to worry about money. it's taken care of. >> reporter: they underwent intense, grueling treatment. joel's arm was amputated. lindsay got three years of chemotherapy. >> i remember meeting lindsay for the first time. >> i thought he was incredibly smart and very funny. >> reporter: a deep connection began between the two young cancer survivors. but their paths diverged after they left st. jude's. lindsay went to memphis. >> since the age of 10, i had known that there was nowhere else i wanted to be. >> reporter: turns out, that's where joel ended up, too, working in the video production unit. >> i always liked her. life circumstances had changed for both of us. i think i just skipped the step from, i always liked you, to saying, i love you. >> he turned to me and he said, i love you. and i knew it immediately. i loved him, too. i have loved and admired him all
8:42 am
my life. >> reporter: the place that saved them, inspired them and ultimately united them, an obvious choice to say, i do. >> to be able to walk down the aisle to my best friend and the love of my life, joel, on the grounds of this place, was hallowed. >> the best day of my life was our wedding day. >> reporter: now, husband and wife, they're both part of the st. jude life program, a unique research study tracking childhood cancer survivors. >> we'll look at that and compare their changes over time and other people who were treated similarly. >> reporter: together, they're raising lindsay's two children from a previous marriage. >> it has been the most loving and incredible experience of my life, to have this family now. it's a gift i never thought i would get. >> reporter: for joel and lindsay, they say what cancer stole from them is insignificant, considering the joyous gifts it brought.
8:43 am
>> we're living our happily ever after. >> it brought us to each other. not only the person i love the most, but my best friend. >> i love you. >> i love you, too. >> maybe one of our favorite stories ever. marlo thomas joins us. she's the national outreach director for st. jude. there's no accidents. no those two were always meant to be together. this life program is so fascinating. >> for the rest of their lives. to see what they're doing through. the psycho, social, the medical, what happens as they go through life. and it helps us improve the programs for the people that come after them. >> it shows how much they love st. jude. here, they went through cancer as little kids. you can see people saying, i don't want to think about that time of my life. they end up working for st. jude and they find each other. >> we have many people. we have hunurses and dr. jason schwartz who was on the show one time. they've been through war.
8:44 am
these kids have been through a war, the most difficult time of their lives. now, the patients who come after them, see there's hope. there's hope after. there's a life after. and all the things that they went through, now, you know, the children can see that. >> one of the things you mention in the spot and i think it bears repeating, people that go to st. jude's, they don't pay a dime. >> that's right. that's why we're here. that's what we do. >> saying to hoda, you see the little kids who had cancer. if not for the research of st. jude's, we might not see them as adults. >> what could be better than a life program for that. coming up next, chef bobby flay is here. we'll share some of our favorite thanksgiving dishes with him. and he says he can make them even better. >> don't tell nancy guthrie that. >>
8:45 am
8:46 am
we're back, 8:46 with "today
8:47 am
food." since thanksgiving is just two days away, chef bobby flay is here to take our favorite turkey day dishes to the next level. he's got that coming up. first, this is what we had to say about the thanksgiving sides we cannot live without. >> one of my favorite thanksgiving dishes was broccoli casserole. my mom made it every year and we loved it so much. i think she used frozen broccoli and cheese whiz and rice. >> one of my favorite dishes is stuffing. not my mom's stuffing. not my grandmother's stuffing, stuffing from the store that's already made. you just stick that in the oven, warm it up and pour gravy over it. >> there's a dish my mom would make, called sweet potato poon. she would forget about the dish and the marshmallows were burning. >> mom's mac and cheese. milk, butter, all the things
8:48 am
that lead you to an early grave. it's fantastic, in moderation. >> craig had five drinks before that shot. >> on a bender. >> bobby, you're going to upgrade our mom's favorites. >> this is a very daunting segment. the way not to get invited back to the "today" show is tell you guys how to mess with your favorites. >> our mom's favorites. >> i loved broccoli casserole. >> you said it had some rice and onions and cheese wiz and velveeta. it was really good. >> i make a quick cream sauce. >> is that cheese sauce? >> it's going to be cheese sauce. it's flour and butter and milk. and you put in good melting cheese, monterey jack or a fontina. >> what about a gouda? >> anything that melts well. you take the sauce and pour it over the broccoli. broccoli is the vehicle. we just wants the cheese sauce.
8:49 am
>> it's not really a casserole. >> i'm going to put this in the oven and let this get nice and brown. it's going to bake. craig is going after it. you want to taste the broccoli. you can steam it or blanch it and pour the cheese over. >> it's really good. >> you're not going to offend any mom in this recipe right here. this is the stuffing that you go to the store and it's already made. >> if you really want to, you take the day-old bread you have in your house, vegetables and chicken stock and throw it in the aoven and you have stuffing. there's lots of good store-bought stuffings. i want to enchance ithance it a bit. mushrooms are fantastic for the fall and thanksgiving. i saute garlic and thyme. and take the gravy from the turkey and you're making a
8:50 am
mushroom gravy. pour it over the stuffing. it will bring more moisture back to the stuffing. >> and dump it right over? >> and i put fresh thyme over there, as well. >> it's killer. >> you can say you made the stuffing. that's it. >> you can say you made it. >> exactly. >> bobby flay, my mom's mac and cheese, it's legendary. 18 sticks of butter, whole milk, evaporated milk, six cheeses. it's the kind of meal you don't want to eat on a regular basis. >> i had the hardest time with this one. a great mac and cheese is hard to beat. and my guess is your family's mac and cheese is hard to beat. however, i do want to do one thing to it. in any of my food, flavor and texture are just as important. i make some bread crumbs for my mac and cheese. you can make your mom's mac and cheese or your grandma's. i take some bread crumbs and
8:51 am
garlic. and i put them in the food processor and pour them on top. you get the crunch with the creamy mac and cheese. what do you think? >> that's good. >> it's a little something extra in there. >> i like the crunch. i like the crunch a lot. >> is this al roker's -- >> sweet potato poon. >> pie. >> he does. >> yes. i'm on it. here's the thing, a lot of times -- >> have you made sweet potato poon before? >> stop saying it, craig. >> you're not really listening to me. >> we are. >> you'll see a lot of toasted marshmallows on it. i find it to be incredibly sweet. just like the mac and cheese, i want a little crunch. things that go with sweet potatoes, pecans, butter, brown sugar and a little cream. like pralines.
8:52 am
>> i thought it was pralines. >> you could not wait to correct me. >> you're a famous chef. i thought i'm saying it wrong. >> just because i'm a famous chef doesn't mean i'm going to speak english. >> i'm going to pour the pay le pralines on top. >> i love it. >> lots of crunchiness to thanksgiving. >> this is al roker's sweet p potato poon. >> nobody knows. let's ask the universe? is it pralines or pralines. >> what's your go-to for thanksgiving? what is the legendary thanksgiving dish? >> it's probably my brussels sprouts with pomegranates and walnuts. and i do a cheese sauce in the middle of the well. this year it's going to be gorgonzola. you take a little potatoes and
8:53 am
cheese sauce. very low in calories. >> to learn more about his thanksgiving secrets, bobby is going to host the fourth hour with hoda. >> yes, you are. >> we'll be right back. th
8:54 am
8:55 am
okay, bobby. you're sticking around. i'm about to join savannah and craig across the street for the third hour of "today." we have an all-star collection of chefs here toi )m - -...
8:56 am
in the last hour medical good morning. 8:56. i'm marcus washington. in the last00 medical examiners confirming the body found near the marina is that of a washington state fan, last seen at the 49ers game. police are calling the drowning an accident. a life look at the skyline in san francisco. all of that haze in the air.
8:57 am
meteorologist kari hall is telling us this will be the last day of poor air quality. the first the series of storms starts tomorrow. in butte county, there are concerns the same storm may trigger mudslides. about 700 people now listed as missing. our kris sanchez is speaking with officials in butt county. you can actually go to our home pain for the latest math showing fire damage and containment. stocks this morning are in the midst of another sell-off. it's down about 369. the nasdaq is down nearly 1% after a 3% drop yesterday. live
8:58 am
first significant rain of the season moves in while you sleep! plus: several airline complaints arise during busy travel thanksgiving. the tips to tackle trouble in the moment. today in the bay. tomorrow from 4:30 to 7.
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live from studio 6a, this is "today." [ applause ] >> oh, good tuesday morning, everyone. craig melvin here. we have savannah guthrie, we have sheinelle jones, we have jenna bush hager. thanksgiving, two days away, believe it or not. this morning, we're going to talk a lot about food and a lot about family. you better be on your best behavior. >> why is that? >> your father, front row. >> sitting next to your mother. >> it's mom. she usually doesn't wear that hat. i can't believe someone talked her into wearing that on national television. >> it's


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