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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 21, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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most of it now in the central valley. i want to get you a view of regular radar. and what you see is not much happening across the peninsula. we will put on storm ranger, it gives you a live signal and it is closer to the ground. you can see what wasn't showing on regular radar is on storm radar. rain continuing into 5:25 tonight rainfall throughoutthe some rainfall that dublin to 5:. we will talk more about a flood watch to the north. plus, details on what could be a thanksgiving evening storm as
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well. >> storm ranger giving us a better view. thank you, jeff. >> not what uyou want to see is rain flooding the roadways. this is at paul avenue. cal transworkers knee deep in water. sam brock is joining us. >> reporter: i think they are happy that they can breathe again. that is one. typically, when you have red roads and pre holiday travel, talking about millions of people leaving home, that would be an equation for a nightmare on the road. 280 is fairly cleared up as the rain has stopped momentarily. we did see ponding and road closures. people are grateful that the rain has come in and the smoke is out. 24 hours ago, blue skies and a
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wave of white clouds pave the way for today's first storm system of the season. a soggy affair that meant more than just umbrella and raincoats for san franciscans for some, the rainfall symbolizes freedom. >> even though the air quality is not perfect right now, still a lot better than it has been. i took the opportunity to get out and moving again. >> reporter: moving in on possible drain clogs. >> make sure there is not a lot of debris leaves. clean it out. >> reporter: the department offers free sandbags. missing flood barriers at trouble spots on follow som.
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not to mention the missionary of power poles that detached. >> out of power at that moment. >> reporter: and power was restored there within about three hours but not before businesses had to close their doors for lunch before the holiday. in the south bay slick roads as well. dealing with crashes and spinouts. highway 17 traditionally trouble spot. this accident south of los gatos. tweeting out this photo along with a simple reminder. plan ahead and slow down and don't drive distracted. if you are flying out of town or
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expecting loved ones, you know the drill. a lot of delays. flights out of sfo are delayed about two and a half hours. 21 flights so far have been canceled. sjc much better. mixed emotions in butte county. bringing a whole set of problems. for eevacuees. the fire 80% contained. 81 people have been killed. but many more are still unaccounted for. people who survived say they have so much to be thankful for. jodi hernandez is live with
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their story out in paradise. >> reporter: as you can see it is raining hard here in paradise. the search hasn't stopped. those who have survived the disaster say they are not focused on their losses tonight but on all they still have. >> she is amazing. she is such a good baby. >> reporter: you are looking at six-day old baby gab briela. when the fire hit paradise, they barely made it out. after dropping off their boys in chico, stacy and her husband got home just in time to get their pets and drive out. >> embers flying into our car. the wind whipping us around. it was terrifying. >> reporter: with contractions kicking in, givens managed to
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escaped. >> at the same time we left so many people behind them and wondering how many people of those made it behind us. >> reporter: searchers are braving the harshest of conditions to find the remains of those still missing. >> the weather makes the work more difficult and more grueling trying to get this done. slippery ground, rough terrain. >> reporter: though her house is gone, she is grateful her family is okay. including baby gabriela. >> i know. i thought of that. just wait until you get older, we have a story to tell you. >> reporter: and there are so many survival stories. but again, still a lot of people missing. despite the rain, the search will continue even through thanksgiving. reporting live in paradise.
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i am jodi hernandez. a cat who survived the fire and showed up out of the blue during jodi's report. >> reporter: he is hungry, we gave him some sandwich and some water. >> jodi and our photographer put the cat in the truck and took it to the chico hospital. its nickname is campy. and he is in stable condition. he is eating and drinking. and he does not have a micro chip so the search is on for his owners. you can learn more about cnimale guess who, a surprise
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visitor. arnold schwarzenegger wanted to let firefighters he is thankful for their work. >> they are true heroes. i play heroes in movies, but they are movies. those are the true heroes. >> he is donating $100,000 to the firefighter fund. investigators know who killed this young woman in palo alto back in 1973. nbc bay area robert handa. >> reporter: sheriff's investigators say dna technology was the turning point along with persistent. there isn't much left at the
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crime scene where much of the 1973 murder investigation took place of 21-year-old leslie per love. they found her body strangled under a tree nearby. but the killer never found. >> it is extremely difficult to revive and pursue a cold case. there are people who are no longer to be interviewed or spoken with. >> reporter: what was left of the crime scene was the killer's dna investigators. 74-year-old john arnold. >> we actually are now able to
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look at the family to try to identify the suspect. >> when i spoke with the family members, you know, they were relieved that we finally found somebody that was involved in this case that was satisfying for me. >> reporter: now, investigators are still trying to determine if or how the suspect knew the victim. previous rape and murder convictions, he is expected to be in court on monday. >> thank you, robert. oakland catholic diocese. today the church moved the release date to next january to survivors could be informed. last month a minnesota law firm went public identifying priests.
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>> the head of the fda says the tainted lettuce is likely associated with end of season harvest. a 32 people have gotten sick in 11 states and canada from the e. coli outbreak. telling everyone not to eat the romaine. a scathing report about facebook leadership in the "new york times." why he says he will not be making any changes at the top. also nfl star and former cal quarterback aaron rodgers is donating a million dollars to the victims of the fire in butte county. we do have rain across the
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peninsula. check it out. the details in these storms that are happening in the peninsula. we are tracking a second possibly stronger storm that is coming up in six minutes. facebo
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speaking out he is not backing down or steppingdown. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg
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speaking out publicly. in an interview with cnn, he says coo cheryl sandberg's job is safe as well. >> you are not stepping down as chairman. >> that is not the plan. >> would anything change that? >> eventually over time. i am not going to be doing this forever. but i certainly am not currently thinking that makes sense. >> zuckerberg could do what other companies have done which is decide the duties between c o oo and the chairman. continuing our coverage of the campfire, green bay quarterback aaron rodgers who is chico native is donating $1 million to help fire victims.
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>> on top of what i am contributing, state farm will donate $1 up to 1 million for every retweet of this post. >> if you would like to share his post to help raise money, you can find the link to roger's tweet on our website working 247 in butte county, volunteers. today show surprised crews. and many of the crews lost thei >> fortunate enough to be off duty that day which is a rarity. i was able to get my family out. we made it out with our lives and our dog's lives. >> "the today show" served meals
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to responders and their families. if you would like to help, join nbc bay area and telemundo for a fun razor. november 27 from 6:00 a.m. to search p.m. go to >> so many ways to help. average thanksgiving turkey will cost you about 25 bucks at least. for many people across the bay area that is too much money. >> donors, volunteers and viewers stepped up to help hundreds of family in oakland. >> reporter: organizers of this turkey give away was expecting trucks of turkeys. but the trucks were diverted to
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feed the victims. people in oakland are trading their breathing masks for ponchos. and when truck loads of turkeys diverted to chico instead of the church in west oakland, the mormon church and a company called california waste solutions stepped up to fill the void. 600 families filled their shopping carts with a free turkey and all groceries you would need for a thanksgiving meal. >> that was good. >> reporter: speaking of good, sometimes the internet is capable of doing some good. takedon of emeryville. scrolling through twitter and -- >> i thought gosh, what is stopping me.
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>> reporter: don raced to the nearest target and bought as much turkeys that he can carry over to the church. they are now accepting donations. we will have full information on i am melissa colorado nbc bay area news. >> best holiday of the year. people step up. >> and we have our drive going on at safeway. let'sring in jeff ranieri now. i don't know whether to give you a high-5 or hug you. >> we can do a fist bump for now. enjoying the fact that there is no smoke across the bay area. this will bring flood concern in northern california, but we will get to that. it is nice to soak in the fact
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that we are not seeing smoke. after 14 days of smoke and unhealthy air, it is amazing to go outside and be able to breathe. in san francisco, 60 degrees. let's take you to storm ranger. and the bulk of the heaviest rainfall has moved into the central valley. i think we will be on alert tonight for hit and miss rain in the forecast that keeps the roy slick. pockets of rain in the peninsula. the wettest commute right now is from morgan hill to gilroy. likely staying wet for the next one to two hours. very spotty near concord and right back through livermore as well. let's go ahead and get you a wider view of what we are tracking. so many moving parts. but the biggest thing if you are getting in the car tonight or
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tomorrow, we have a flash flood wash up. one and a half to 4 inches of rain expected. and anywhere from eight to ten levels of snow starting at 6,000 feet. a second storm is arriving thanksgiving night into friday. so tonight into tomorrow morning scattered rain in the forecast. a break into the rain tonight through thursday. as we move through thursday evening, into friday, we will keep the most consistent rain chances across the north bay. the totals with the thursday night to friday storm do look higher. we are going at about a quarter to an inch down in the south bay. most of the bay area will be a half inch to a quarter of an
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inch. this pink magenta color in the north bay. that is where totals could surpass 1.5 to 2 inches. my extended forecast gets us a break. maybe more rain early next week. again it is going to be nice and colds here across the bay area compared to where we have been lately. more coming up at 6:00. >> jeff said he woke up and was smiling. >> so good. up next, the bay area thanksgiving tradition, dungeonness crap. this little home of mine,
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♪ i'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
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unit, a video, showing san was it excessive force or
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justified? avideo showing san francisco police using force. >> reporter: our investigation found that the video we received was shot in a walmart parking lot off story road in san jose last july. the video is short. three seconds in, we see a san jose police officer throw a suspect to the ground and begin punching him in the face. but before our viewer started rolling, we were able to show videos that showed what led up to the struggle. >> this officer went over to the top in my view.
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>> reporter: why something different is seen in the video. that is in my full report later tonight at 11. >> to clarify that, it is san jose police. for turkey and pumpkin pie, for some it is all about dung genness crab. crab is a lot less work, right, than turkey sometimes. back in a moment. i am a family man. i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools
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that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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city wants to make - tonight at 6:00, should there be a permanent ban on pot businesses? the bold move. that story and more coming up at 6:00. unexpected visitor at done nor pass. he was chased out by police officers. this happened over the weekend. the videos that been shared. >> man, i have snow out there. >> it is cold. >> he wanted candy bar and sodas. thanks for joining us. kate snow is next.
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tonight, deep freeze. a brutal arctic blast bringing record cold this thanksgiving. chaos on the rails. a travel nightmare creating massive crowds. millions taking to the roads and skies for the busiest travel in over a decade. >> i'll be getting here real quick, i hope. it will be all over with. a deadly start to the rush on a major bridge. snow and high winds causing headaches. airports totally packed. how will the weather impact tomorrow's big parade? al roker is tracking it all. trump versus roberts. why the president earned a rare public infernofl. one hero catching a baos


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