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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 23, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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get you out the door, if you're trying to score some deals, a live look at the radar though, grab that umbrella if you're headed out the door. nbc bay area ish are issuing a microclimate alert for the entire viewing area. lot of rain in the area. we put extra gas in our storm ranger, something you'll only see here on nbc bay area. thanks for joining us on black friday. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington has the day off. no day off for, actually day off for kari, no day off for you. >> no day off for weather. it's one of the days where it's going to feel like it's not raining in your neighborhood but that doesn't mean the rain is not going to make it into your neighborhood. let me give you an idea of what's going on. santa rosa and novato, the red scan is our storm ranger scanning, showers through oakland and south san francisco area.
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as far as the south bay goes, that area looks like it will not catch any rain. the cool thing, storm ranger can scan ahead, timing out when you can expect to see some rain and here it is, by about 5:39, the system is rather slow moving, santa clara will start getting some showers by about 5:47, san jose could start expecting some of the showers as well and by about 5:57, you can expect to see some heavier showers near the willow glen area, so definitely not in the clear, that rain in the south bay, although the south bay has seen the lowest of the rain totals but i'll go more into that in a bit. >> you show the radar activity, that doesn't mean the roads are soaking wet but they'll be slick, at least damp at the least. the road weather index doesn't show any problems. there is a little bit of fog behind that nbc over there. the rest of your commute, it's an easy drive, light volume of traffic around the bay. north 880 at haganberger, crash in the left lanes, but we don't
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see slowing traveling up through san leandro and a live look shows us how light the traffic is north by the coliseum. let's continue our live team coverage of the storm and some of the ponding on the roads. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos is standing by in fremont. you drove across the bay this morning. what are you experiencing? >> reporter: good morning to you, scott and laura. not much rain is coming counsel he -- down from fremont. we see cars driving by, maybe head ted out to do shopping may. this of in fremont off of 880 southbound, where there was some rain in the area. in fact, there was reports of flooding at some point a few short hours ago but that since cleared up. want to show you this is off of 101 north in san rafael, this is from last night. there was a heavy amount of rain there. of course the area is prone to flooding at least when we're covering a lot of rain there, causing visibility issues for drivers in the area last night.
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so we're keeping an eye on the rain as it comes down this morning. we got a chance to speak to drivers in milpitas dealing with the incoming rainy conditions. >> we came from richmond, california, right now. it was so scary. it was scary because the freeway was covered in rain and there was like at one point he was driving and the water just splashed all over us, kind of blinded him. >> as soon as it starts raining people act like they don't know how to drive. there are car accidents everywhere. i don't know, it's just bad. >> reporter: take you guys back out here live, you see drivers driving along mowery avenue. roads are slick because it was raining not too long ago. we'll monitor conditions and provide updates throughout the morning. we're live in fremont, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, pete. this has been the rain we wanted locally. it hasn't been terribly heavy
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and rain we need . -- needed. >> it rolls on through and seems like it comes down, that's what we'll see all day because of the storm system but the higher elevations can still expect to see some higher rain totals. so let's go over some of those rain totals right now. it looks like my graphics do not seem to want to advance, but i can tell you this, the ben loman area saw upwards of two inches. santa rosa just a little over an inch and near the san jose area a typical spot where we don't get much rain, a little close to a quarter of an inch and still expect to see more rain in the next couple hours. we're expecting a couple more inches overall but not heavy downpours all day long. expect periods where it starts raining, so for all the folks headed out to black friday take an umbrella. you might get bad drizzle. the burn scars are an issue we have to look out for. >> that's when the rain will hit those areas. >> storm ranger gives you an idea of the incoming system, so
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you could see right now san jose is not getting any rain but at about 5:47 expect to see some showers. about 5:57, willow glen can expect to see rain again. >> that's our unique ability of the storm ranger that really can track the incoming rain and also gets it down to street level so we can really catch a better glimpse of the rain down to really, i can name the corner addresses of people's homes. >> you know when to run out and get your mail and run back in. >> that's right. so overall, though, it's going to be one of those wet days on and off all day long. >> vianey, thank you. >> thanks a lot. vianey mentioned people out there shopping. lot of people are doing it today. it is after all black friday. >> the showers aren't stopping those people from going, trudging through the rain. maybe they have to go buy an umbrella. damian trujillo is live at the popular san francisco premium outlets. how was your drive out there?
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sometimes the roads there get clogged up. >> reporter: well the roads were a little slick, but it was fine, not a lot of rain coming up from san jose into livermore. i tell you what, i feel like i'm in las vegas. we got here at 4:00 this morning in livermore and there were hordes of people walking up and down the premium outlets with eight or nine bags, they've been shopping all morning. the christmas tree is out here at the livermore outlets, the san francisco outlets in livermore and it's been lit up and people have been taking selfies and groupies and all kinds of other pictures. these folks, the malls have been open all night last night, and into this morning. folks have been out here since midnight, you said? >> yes. >> reporter: what got you up at midnight saying i want to go shopping? >> we thought it would be empty at the time that we came, but we were wrong. it was like full. >> reporter: and you bought three things? >> yes, from three different stores. >> reporter: was it worth it to
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get up at midnight. it's 5:00 now. was it worth it? >> yes, it was worth it because i got a lot of sales. yes, i did. >> reporter: you came from where? >> from stockton. >> reporter: from stockton to livermore just to come shopping at the outlets. >> yes. >> reporter: are you going to sleep all day friday or continue shopping? >> no, i'll continue shopping. >> reporter: you'll get this from a lot of folks at the premium outlets. the mall closes at 10:00 tonight. they're sending people where else to park because there is no parking. pack your patience and make sure you come with plenty of time because there will be long lines you said inside? >> yes. >> reporter: a lot of long lines and make sure that you pack your wallet as well because there's a lot of bargains to be had here. >> that's what i was going to say to you. >> reporter: 32 days until christmas so there's a lot of days to shop before then, yes. >> you know that nice purse over
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at troy birch your wife, monica, might want, you can get a break from the live shot and go shopping. >> reporter: no! >> thanks, damian. rain means snow in the sierra. there's a lot of fresh powder for the lake tahoe ski resorts. visibility is bad i-80 near kingvale. mandatory chains required demean nyack and donner summit. >> download our nbc bay area app. it's all in the palm of your hand, free and exclusive, only on the nbc bay area app. north of the bay area, in butte county, the rain certainly complicating the search for victim's remains. hundreds of people are still missing following the camp fire. sadly, search teams found the remains of another person, bringing that death toll to 84. flames have scorched more than 153,000 acres.
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the fire is now, however, 95% contained. we'll get a look at the new devastation in that area. this, in fact, is drone video that captured by a team of drone pilots, including some from fire departments across the bay area. they've been flying in neighborhoods above paradise, mapping out some of the destruction there, just street by street. this is a look along clark road, one of the main roads through paradise, and as you can see, homes, businesses, they're just gone. we put an interactive map on our website. you can see it at happening today, the federal government set to release a major report on climate change called volume two of the national climate assessment. climate central, which is a group of scientists and journalists says it expects volume two to once again warn that the earth is warming, humans are the cause and the already serious impacts like our wildfires are only going to get
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worse. the new report should also have more of a regional focus as demand rises for more local information on risks and consequences. congress mandated in the late '80s that this assessment be made. it's prepared every four years by the nation's top scientists from more than a dozen agencies >> it is 5:10 and turning to politics now, president trump is on vacation this morning but not skipping a second helping of controversy this thanksgiving. he's doubling down on a new feud with the chief justice of the supreme court. kristen welker has the story. >> reporter: i'm kristen welker n west palm beach with the president, who gave thanks to members of the military. >> it's an honor to be with all of you.. >> you are things quickly turned political as mr. trump escalated his war of words with the judiciary and chief justice of the supreme court john roberts. >> i like him, i respect him, but i think we have to use some common sense. >> reporter: it all started when the president slammed san
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francisco's ninth circuit judge as an obama judge earlier this week for halting his attempts to crack down on those seeking asylum along the border, prompting roberts to counter, telling the associated press, "we do not have obama judges or trump judges, bush judges or clinton judges." president trump then fired back in a series of tweets, including this morning, "justice roberts can say what he wants. our great law enforcement professionals must be allowed to do their job." stoking more controversy over saudi arabia, today, contradicting his own cia which assessed with a high degree of certainty that the saudi crowned prince ordered the killing of "washington post" columnist jamal cha chsho khashoggi. and the president ignoring mounting bipartisan calls to hold the saudis responsible and to punish them. >> i hate the coverup and the
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crowned prince hates it more than i do. >> kristen welker reporting there. let's lighten the mood, less politics, maybe some classic tree lighting, what do you think? >> fair enough. >> put you in the holiday spirit, there you go. it's going to be happening tonight at 5:30, macy's 29th annual great tree lighting ceremony union street in san francisco. >> 43,000 twinkling l.e.d. energy efficient lights and shining ornaments and mike inouye will join santa claus will light up the big tree in san jose for the christmas in the park tree lighting. >> flip the big switch, mike. it's a big switch, he's saying. so will the weather cooperate? let's check in with vianey. lot of people like to head out to the tree lighting. keep the umbrella handy? >> it might not be pouring but a chance of seeing on and off again showers so an umbrella and a jacket your best bet.
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our storm ranger mobile doppler radar is showcasing the moisture. lot of it over the petaluma area but the moisture trailing behind it is going to keep us on and off in terms of showers all day long. we have a couple of areas we're not seeing as much rain. the heaviest rain centered over santa rosa, but there's still a concern as you can imagine, flash flood watches are in place for the burn areas due to the potential for debris flow near the car fire, camp fire and the mendocino complex area. let's get a check of the roads with mike. at least it's not pouring rain in a lot of the bay area >> that's right, we transferred over from your map, vianey, to my map. the same data, we share the data traffic and weather systems vianey shows you the radar. lot of activity around the bay but i showed you the road and weather conditions. pete will tell you more of the road conditions. 680 southbound there's a disabled rig there in your middle lane so watch out for that and the rest of the bay a
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smooth drive. this vehicle cleared from the bay bridge westbound. coming up next on "today in the bay" on wall street, it's a half day of trading. >> we'll tell you why the dow is set to open lower and how it's impacting some of silicon valley's biggest tech companies. plus a new way for to you shop for deals this black friday from the palm of your hands.
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it's 5:16 right now. if you're heading out today, definitely make sure to be prepared, because we are
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expecting rain to linger all day long. we've got showers moving through petaluma, down through san francisco. showers are light right now, but we are expecting the system to continue to move from north to south. i'll have a look at timing plus a look at the current snow totals in the alpine areas coming up. >> that's right, skiing. right here a high-rise at the san mateo bridge, it's moving just fine. you see the damp roadways, though. watching for slicker conditions and i'll point out what's going on, on the peninsula, coming up. >> thanks so much. it's 4:26. what would you pack for a trip to hawaii, bathing suit, maybe some sunscreen? >> not for a redwood city woman. she recently returned to her hometown on the island of kauai with something much more heavier and meaningful. garvin thomas has this morning's "bay area proud." >> that's a good picture. >> reporter: when when may rose mennard looks back on her life, distance plays a big role. >> that's the line wrabrary.
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>> reporter: not only did she settle thousands of miles from her small hometown in hawaii, the journey from humble beginnings to a successful career in silicon valley sometimes feels farther. >> i grew up in kikaha, on the west side of kauai, and it's a town that today's trends we call it marginalized. we were always poor but back then being poor was just a way of life for us, growing up on a plantation. >> reporter: but while poverty is in may rose's past, a recent trip back homemade her realize it isn't for those living in keikaha today. in 1992, hurricane iniki devastated kauai, and while much of the island has come back all the way, kekaha and its elementary school have not. >> when i went home, and this is 20 years later, they still had
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two shelves left in the library. i was shocked to see, after so many years they had not put the books back. i wanted to give back and didn't know how but the simplest thing that came to mind, let's start with the books, let's fill this library. >> working with a friend, may rose started spreading the word, asking for book donations, hoping maybe for 500. lemonade stand brought in a few but then things grew bigger and bigger, until may rose had collected ten times what she had dreamed of. >> over 5,000. >> reporter: and just last month, those 5,000 books completed a 2500 mile journey from the book shelves and basements of the bay area to the hands of some very grateful children in hawaii. may rose says though this is just the first of much work she plans to do to help the students of kekaha, helping make their journey to success seem not so far. >> it's this golden thread of
5:20 am
connection that's just happen g happening. it's something that i've never felt, and it feels good. it's meaningful. >> fwar vgarvin's stories are a welcome but that is phenomenal. >> nice to see. the museum of ice cream getting into the holiday spirit as well, unveiling a new interactive experience called tinkmas, the head of christmas. it will include a glowing pink forecast of christmas trees, holiday tunes and treats. pinkmas will run from today until december 20th. you can get your tickets online. i took the kids to the ice cream museum, super cute. nice theme there. want to check in, the markets have a half day today. kate rogers live at cnbc headquarters this morning. kate? >> hey there again. it's a half day for traders. the markets are closing at 1:00 p.m. eastern.
5:21 am
on wednesday, the dow erased the 200-point gain to finish down about one point as shares of apple came under pressure. trading volume is expected to be loaded. many people are away of course for the holiday weekend. the holiday shopping season is expected to be strong for online sales and thanksgiving got off to a flying start. adobe which tracks e-commerce said as of 5:00 p.m. yesterday $1.75 billion was spent online, up 23% from last year. adobe expects thanks giving sales to hit a record $3.5 billion and shopify says at the peak on thursday, retailers on the network generated more than $250,000 in sales per minute. stores are also offering shoppers new ways to make getting in and out even faster. walmart has a feature on its mobile app to make it easier for to you find an item's exact location in the store. kohl's mobile app will let customers take photos of items anywhere, several check out on the spot right in the aisles. back over to you. >> that's always convenient.
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thanks a lot. >> kate, thank you.
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62 in san jose. we're going to stick to upper 50s and 60s in san francisco. look at this beautiful shot, a live shot of how squaw creek lake ta show looks. we have christmas lights up and going and this is the latest report, so far at the bay, 18 inches. they saw six inches fall overnight. they've only got two groomed runs and certain amount of trails open. check that out, toward saturday we'll catch a couple more showers through the area as well as a few a.m. showers here locally, but by about 4:00, 5:00 a.m. we'll see a lot of that rain begin to finally taper off before we welcome the sight of more rain next tuesday. so don't bother washing your car at all, not even a little bit. right, mike? >> i think that is all year-round, thank you, vianey. we had rain falling down and you see the road weather index, along the coast and the north bay, where it's registering, a lot of weather conditions, damper around the roadways over
5:24 am
here north of rio vista, looking at puddling and ponding. that's the conditions the weather data translate to on the roadways. contra costa county moves nicely, the crash on the bay bridge cleared and so did this in the last couple of seconds, northbound 880, the crash did clear at haganberger so that should be an easy drive. south 680 a hazard, some debris in the roadway in the middle of the roadway. looks like the speeds are starting to improve so i'll say maybe that traffic break caused a little slowing and now it's moving much more smoothly. the rest of the bay looks great but again the damp conditions, wet conditions at times. let's take a live look, ethan, our photographer is driving around, it's not bad. light traffic northbound through san mateo area out of palo alto, and no puddling right here but we'll continue to track, you see the droplets on the windshield. guys, back to you. >> with that in mind, coming up, we are going to continue to track the rain all morning with the help of nbc bay area storm ranger scanning the skies. plus --
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>> 'tis the season to be buying, and returning merchandise. and that doesn't always end so well. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds," next.
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thanks to jodi, covergirl has created trublend matte made foundation. it's transfer resistant, so it stays on you. and nothing else. new trublend matte made foundation, in 40 shades. from covergirl. new trublend matte made foundation, in 40 shades. ♪thisi'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time,
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♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪ 4:26 right now. nbc bay area responds to a lot of viewers who have trouble returning merchandise. >> we asked consumer
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investigator chris chmura for a quick refresher. >> we are not kidding around when we say we respond to lots of return hassles. we helped julie in oakland, andrew in sunnyvale, erin in san francisco, julie in san jose, jim in napa, greg in san mateo, lots of others. here's the thing. even though most stores have return policies, they are not written into state law. in fact, the attorney general says don't assume a store will allow you to return an item if you change your mind. all right, let's do some q&a real quick here. can a store charge a restocking fee? the answer is yes. can they only allow exchanges not refunds? also yes. can they give you store credit instead of cash? yes. and can they require you to have an original receipt for a refund? also yes. you see a trend there? you need to figure out the return policy before you swipe your credit card. some stores will loosen their return policies around the
5:29 am
holidays but not all and they don't have to. so please, check the rules. they should be posted in writing at the service desk, or printed on the back of your receipt. if you have trouble, let us know, go to or call us 888-996-tips. >> good advice, thank you, chris. coming up next, much needed rain rolling through parts of the bay area. >> this morning, vianey arana is tracking what is set to head our way as far as the rainfall totals. a minute-by-minute forecast is next. this is not a bed.
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microclimate weather alert. this morning, right now at 5:30, nbc bay area issuing a microclimate weather alert. the roads are wet. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza approach, in thecorner ann the right. we have teams in the stores to help you prepare for black friday, if you want to get out the door. if not, just sit back, relax, maybe have a cup of coffee. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington has the day off, as does kari, but vianey is at the controls of the radar, and she's got a lot to find. >> if you're going to be staying out, what you're not worried about today. if you're inside, this is the moisture that's trekking in already. you can see it right here in san francisco. let's zoom in using our own storm ranger. what's going on now, the system is very slow moving. eight kind of stalling a little bit over the north bay and as it begins to trek down southward,
5:33 am
south of the golden gate bridge, that's when we'll start to see it, but again, it's very slow and not heavy extreme downpours. it's more like showers moving in through san francisco right now. we've got some showers going in through the monterey area as well and as far as your temperatures go, look how beautiful san jose looks right now. don't worry, san jose, you're on top to get some rain by about 6:00/7:00 a.m. you'll notice showers in the san jose area. mike, how are the roads? >> they'remostly clear. the bay bridge toll plaza, we usually see metering lights and the like, but this is post thanksgiving friday, so very light, no metering lights. over here the parking lot, you see the puddling going on and much more traffic in other parking lots for shopping, the shopping areas. be careful, be polite. the contra costa county area no problems. we see slowing this just popped up eastbound 580. i'll check that through oakland. there might be something else going on so i'll scan the chp reports and this hazard looks like it has been cleared but just after someone hit it, south
5:34 am
680 and andrade. back to you. >> 4:26 right now. we want to continue our weather alert team coverage. >> pete suratos is out on the roads. pete, we had some freeway closures mike was mentioning some of that, last night into this morning, and you were out there driving. did you experience any slick spots? >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. yes, did experience some slick spots when i was driving up here to this area. obviously it's not raining in fremont right now but you still got the slick roads we're seeing behind us right now. we want to show you some video, we were talking about the problem you just mentioned there was flooding on southbound 880. you can see the rain coming down in that area, that flooding took place i'd say a few hours ago but it has sense cleared up but still, you got a lot of slick freeways, a lot of slick roads for folks hitting the roads this morning. i want to show you video, a good amount of rain coming down off of 101 north in san rafael. that area is prone to flooding. lot of times we're covering the rain in that area. you can see the heavy rain
5:35 am
coming down in that video as people are going shopping, kind of dealing with the rain as they're going shopping in that area. we got a chance to speak to drivers off of mallory avenue in fremont to see how they're dealing with the rainy conditions. >> it's kind of scary but sometimes busy. >> it's more but we need to drive with safety, i will be working today in the morning. >> reporter: safety first? >> oh, yes, safety, any time. >> reporter: safety first there, guys. taking you back out to mallory avenue, no rain coming down but slick roads because of the rain that came down earlier. we will keep an eye on conditions and have updates in the in ex-hour. we're live in fremont, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, pete. if it you're not o ar you'r indoors to shop, you're one of the millions headed to the stores to score deals. >> damian trujillo is at the san
5:36 am
francisco premium outlets. you were talking to people who thank came out there since midnight? >> reporter: where did you send me? it's 5:30 a.m., feels like it's 5:30 p.m. we're at the food court here. people are eating like it's 5:30, corn dogs and hamburgers and chicken tenders and chow mein, the pastrami sandwiches, people taking a break from busy shopping because the outlets have been opened since last night and they're going to be open until tonight, right? >> hello, how are you? >> reporter: are you having a good time. >> all right. >> reporter: what time did you get here? not the appropriate language to use out here in the mall. >> since 12:00 to get good deals on clothes. >> reporter: are those deals to be had? >> somewhat. i've only got four or five things but a good amount. >> reporter: whose idea was it, let me bring the family out at midnight on thanksgiving night.
5:37 am
>> it's kind of a tradition. me and my brother always do it and our mom comes, too. >> reporter: are you surprised at the crowds and what they're eating? you are eating a pastrami sandwich. >> i'm always hungry. >> reporter: you'll get that a lot here -- thank you very much -- at the preet yum outlets in livermore. the folks have been here like these folks since midnight and out here, they're shopping, there's a lull in the rainfall right now so it's not raining outside, but they are taking a break here and going to go back out and spend all that money on all these big bargains and big deals they'll be having out here. >> earlier, laura said you should go out and get your wife a purse. i'd like a corn dog if that would be possible. >> reporter: you know, it smells good right now. smelling the pastrami and the chow mein and the corn dogs sound good. >> boys will be good and women will love to shop. >> they like purses, yeah. >> thanks a lot. all right, weather and traffic together.
5:38 am
so rainy out there, slick roads, but still not keeping people away, mike. >> exactly. look, the roadways are great. damian is over here right there. 580 will start to back up. we've seen this happen before on black friday, where folks approaching the exit there, remember damian talked about the san francisco premium outlets in livermore, over here off of 580, there will be slowing around tasahara and north livermore and el charo. the rest of the bay there's a little green registering on the road weather index. they're damp at the least, still slick at the offramps, be careful getting to the bay bridge. slowing for 580 cleared without incident. whatever it was, a slower moving truck, one truck at this time could mess up our averages. >> yes, i was behind one of those this morning. >> question talk about weekend weather but for some people it's been the weekend for quite some time. for us t starts tomorrow. >> for tus it starts tomorrow. >> we're not coming in tomorrow.
5:39 am
>> i come in tomorrow. but if you're headed back to work tomorrow, i have great news. there's going to be a lot more warming and we're also going to see clearing, but we're still going to keep the chance of seeing morning showers really before 10:00 a.m. after 10:00 a.m. we should be completely in the clear and things should dry out. because of the chance of seeing scattered showers early on i am going to leave it on the forecast. temperatures remain in the 60s through sunday. santa cruz not a lot of people are headed to the beach but we live in california it would not surprise me. as far as your saturday forecast for the coast, way and bay and temps in the 60s. saturday's forecast, lingering showers. it's not going to rain all day saturday. today is our rainy day, early a.m. saturday morning, after 10:00 a.m. you should be fine. any outdoor plans or party saturday evening into sunday you should be okay. sunday we dry out completely, a ridge of high pressure begins to dominate in the forecast, and the temperatures remain in the
5:40 am
60s, so we're going to get a nice combination of some mostly clear skies, with just a couple of lingering clouds here and there. expect some breezy conditions along the coast tonight but overall we've got a fantastic weekend ahead. so let us know as always what you're doing but hey, at least the rain is moving out and it cleared out our amazing air quality we have right now, which is always great. i'll send it back to you. >> thanks. coming up, flames engulfing an east bay mobile home park overnight. quick emergency response to help the family inside. plus shots rick out during the busy shopping rush inside a mall in america's south. what investigators say led up to the deadly shooting.
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5:43 am
yes, we're still tracking the rain. it is 5:43 right now. headed out the door, staying at home right now in san francisco 55. we've got the cloud cover out there, but in san jose, it doesn't look like much, but san jose don't worry, that rain isn't far off and we are expecting showers to trek southward with showers expected all day long, so it's going to be one of the cloudy days to sit at home cozy. if you head to work be safe on the roads. i'll break down the latest storm totals from the past 24 hours coming up next. >> there are folks out and about, this is 880 through oakland past the coliseum. light flow and damp roadways. that's good lighting. we'll check it out, back to you.
5:44 am
>> thanks so much, vianey and mike. 4:26. developing now on this black friday a mall in alabama is shut down following a deadly shooting. >> kira klapper is here with more on the investigation under way. >> here's what we know right now. the gunman is dead and two others, including a 12-year-old girl, are hurt. police say the shooting happened after a fight broke out between two teens inside alabama's largest enclosed mall in hoover, alabama, just outside birmingham. one of the teens pulled out a gun and shot the other. if i'm clear how the 12-year-old girl was shot, police believe she was trying to run away and was hit. when police responded, an officer shot and killed the shooting suspect. witnesses told our nbc affiliate they heard two rounds of gunshots. >> we are just getting into old navy, and we heard the gunshots go off, so we started running, and -- >> reporter: how many gunshots did you hear? >> at least five the first time and he started shooting again
5:45 am
and three. >> she got caught in the rush, she got pushed into the people and pushed into another and then the guy started firing the second time, and so i couldn't get to her, she didn't have a phone, and it was just sad. >> the two teens are still in the hospital this morning. the 12-year-old girl is described as alert, conscious and talking. we want to note that shopping was cut short at this same mall last thanksgiving when fights also broke out. one person was treated for minor injuries during that time. this morning, we will be monitoring updates as they come in and bring you any new information throughout the morning including what led to this shooting. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much for the latest there. quarter to 6:00 right now, to contra costa county, a new video to show you this morning, showing flames ripping through a mobile home. fire crews were called to the concord mobile home park last night to try to put out that fire. firefighters were able to eventually get it under control, and luckily, no one was hurt. we still don't know how that
5:46 am
fire started. a wine country wildfire survivor spent thanksgiving putting up the christmas tree at one of the main intersections in paradise. >> a little sign of hope. much of the town destroyed in the camp fire. ronny duvall is from the coffey park neighborhood in santa rosa, that one completely obliterated. he and other government workers traveled to butte county yesterday. >> what a nice thing to do, and what a great effort by everyone. >> and he probably really knows -- >> understands. >> -- understands that loss, because of course coffey park was completely overcome by the flames. it was all gone, but look at that, a little sign of hope, sign of cheer amongst all that devastation. it's nice to see the good. >> people coming together. >> there we go. we're in the season of holiday cheer now. >> we are. one thing we have to look out for is the burn scars so the flash flood watches are in place. >> let's talk about that. we are getting more rain and we've been talking about the concern of all that flooding up there. >> there is a flash flood watch
5:47 am
in place for the car fire area, the camp fire area, along with the mendocino complex area and basically what a flash flood watch pretty much means is that the danger of possible debris flow, mud flow definitely exists especially if the system continues to kind of stall out over the north bay. i want to show you with the satellite radar looks, we've got this system coming in, plenty of moisture. let's see where the showers are. these showers are exactly what they sound like, showers. nice and light, not heavy downpours at the moment right now through san francisco. san jose not really catching any of that action, down through hollister. santa cruz not really catching the action either. through monthry a couple of spotty showers here and there and right now in san francisco, this is what it looks like outside. your temperatures as you head out the door about 55 degrees. in san jose, you could see we can't see much, it's a little dark but still dry in san jose. we dry out a lull bit, got a chance to get a break, and our models are doing something interesting. they're kind of creating a break between mid morning and about
5:48 am
5:00 p.m. tonight. so between that time line, it seems like we're going to slow down with any showers at all and the showers will make their return by about 6:00 p.m., and then from that point forward, carrying on through 5:30 in the morning. as far as your temperatures go, 50 degrees in the ukiah area, upper 50s. low 60s through oakland. 61 degrees, and tahoe and snowboarders are excited for the snow. the latest tahoe report at the base 18 inches and they only have a limited amount of groomed runs, only two trails in squaw valley, one in alpine meadows. ben lonond just over two and a half inches and san francisco coming in half an inch. san jose with some of the lowest totals, nearly a quarter but not quite. over the next seven days we'll dry out saturday night into sunday, monday as well and the
5:49 am
next system moves in on tuesday. mike? you talk about the fresh snow in the sierra. remember take the chains i-80 and highway 50 have chain requirements getting to north or south shore. looking at the golden gate bridge, and you see the wet roadways, that could mean slick conditions. an easy drive as far as the number of cars across the span. crash reported south of the waldo or robin williams tunnel, headed toward san francisco so be careful. it sounds like everything is off to the shoulder. i'll continue to track that. the rest of the bay shows an easy, light drive. all of the sensors are green. no backup at the bay bridge, no metering lights there. live look ethan our photographer left san francisco and traveling south on 101. you could see, i'll get out of its way, a little shaky there traveling south. we have slick roadways, you see the sheen but he's going at the limit. the droplets on the windshield notice as well as the folks leaving a lot of space. ethan is driving very safely as he should, because he's on tv. look at that.
5:50 am
that's what you can find if you are driving in ethan's van. >> here is a piece of advice, drive every time like you're driving on television. >> exactly. next a story sure to make you feel bay area proud. hair of high schoolers working to solve a big problem facing california. we'll tell you about their innovative idea to prevent wildfires. first to the most trending video on youtube this hour. the first trailer of "the lion king" live action remake roaring back to live. disney debuted it thanksgiving day, shows the iconic images from the 1994 movie and the voice of james earl jones who will reprise his the mufasa boys, the narrator of the flick. "the lion king" expected to hit the big screen in july. stick around. 5:50 right now.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
at 5:53, nbc bay area microclimate weather alert and a shoo shopping alert, as people get into the showers and look for bargains. the traffic not too bad but the radar showing a lot of rain coming in. in the east bay, the wet weather caused part of a roof to collapse at joanne fabrics and crafts in dublin. rain could be seen pouring through the roof, soaking the fabric, flooding the aisles.
5:54 am
employees are thankful nobody was in the store at the time. no word on when it will be reopened. download our free nbc bay area app, you'll get access to our radar including the real time data we get from nbc bay area storm ranger in the palm of your hands, it's free and exclusive, only on the nbc bay area app. we've seen it all year, destructive wildfires threatening homes and lives in california. >> but what if there is a way to stop them from happening that's more than the dream of two south bay teenagers, it's something they've been working on for years. garvin thomas shares their story in this morning's "bay area proud." >> reporter: faced with something as powerful as an out of control wildfire, it is easy to feel powerless to do anything about it. >> we used to have the learning rate of -- >> reporter: but not it turns out if you are these high school seniors aditya sha and sunj
5:55 am
sunjin sha, no relation to each other, by the way. they are two students with a passion for engineering and the desire to do good. >> why don't we have a proactive measure that can prevent this destruction from happening? >> reporter: the answer to that question is what aditya is carrying in his hands. for the past two and a half years, these two have been working on a smart wildfire sensor. the idea very simply put is to use photography to determine just how much fuel for a wildfire, like dry grass or dead trees, there is in a certain location and combine it with wind, temperature and humidity to pinpoint where a wildfire is most likely to happen. >> we thought why not use the technology that we have in our generation in order to solve something that terrifies people so frequently. >> reporter: the prototype that
5:56 am
aditya and sunjana have been working on in this cupertino park uses a stationary camera, but their idea, they hope, is about to reach new heights, by using drones and machine learning they anticipate to be able to cover huge swathes of territory, something impossible using the current manual methods. their work is so promising cal fire's research and development branch has been in touch and aditya recently made a presentation at google whose technology is keen to the effort. >> it feels satisfying to know the number of lives you're actually helping. that's what's the fun part about it, knowing that we make a difference. >> nice to see the difference being made there. remember this classic? everybody wants to sing "you're a mean one, mr. grinch." the beloved reviled christmas crumudgeon heads to hooville at
5:57 am
8:00 p.m., the classic is right here on nbc bay area. "trolls holiday" will follow, so a little bit of the old with the new. for showing christmas cartoons, that means thanksgiving is over. turning to christmas, if you haven't already. >> that's right, 36 million americans will take part in some white elephant gift exchange. i've never heard of this, some people call it dirty santa. >> is it an east coast thing? >> midwest thing. tell us something on twitter, of course it's white elephant. >> online retailer zulily wanted to know how everyone felt about the recent trends. 35% say what they love most of white elephant is spending time with friends and family. 24% in it for the gifts. 24% say their favorite part is walking away with something unexpected and americans are spending $22 billion. >> i did that white elephant with the neighbors a couple years ago. it was a lot of bottles of booze. >> that's pretty popular.
5:58 am
ornaments, candles. >> booze. >> you name it. i'm moving to your neighborhood. it's 5:57 right now, that clock is wrong. coming up next, nbc bay area issued a microclimate weather alert for this black friday. >> we'll track that storm, a rainy black friday set to follow a wet thanksgiving night. you are looking at radar from nbc's bay area's storm ranger. we put that out when we need to in the storm, wherever it needs to go. it's mobile, it's the most accurate look at what's happening in the skies. your minute-by-minute forecast in moments. on the ground, we're watching the roadways, flooding problems overnight from the peninsula to the east bay. mike's been pouring through some of that real time traffic data for us. and soggy shoppers, the wet weather not stopping them from swiping their credit cards. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> let the spending begin, i
5:59 am
suppose. quite the cheer. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i hope you had a great thanksgiving as well. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington is still celebrating thanksgiving. he has the day off today as does kari. but vianey is manning the radar. >> yes, and it's kind of an interesting pattern that i'm noticing in the models. even though we're expecting on and off again showers there's an interesting break in the rain between mid morning and the evening hours. i'll go over that in a bit. i want to showcase what storm ranger is showing us right now. let me zoom in and see who is seeing rain and who is not. right now, concord is fairly dry, danville is fairly dry. if i zoom in closer toward the hayward livermore area, where all of the folks are at the outlets, not seeing a lot of rain right now, but we can expect rain shortly. in san jose the south bay let's look at the time track. you could see how slow this system is moving. right now it looks like san jose is not expecting any rain until about 6:48, palo alto 6:24, 6:05
6:00 am
in san mateo. about 6:15 in redwood city, so we'll keep monitoring this, because again, there's an interesting change and i want to discuss that with you, but first, we send things over to mike. >> we have a traffic alert, vianey, the only real issue because of slicker roadways. we warn folks to be careful. most of the bay shows you the easy speed sensors. it's the north bay, coming southbound 101, things are really jamming up. it called for a traffic break, and also some slowing. you only have your fast lane open right now south 101 south of the robin williams tunnel. this will back stuff up and slow folks coming down to the golden gate bridge. chp we talked to them, my buddy sean at news desk, chp doesn't think it will take long. it's not a major crash but they have to tull it from the weeds and dirt on the side and clear. that's why they have all but one lane blocked. use caution. slick conditions around the area, slow down and i advise you doing whatever


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