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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 23, 2018 11:00pm-11:33pm PST

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dozens of people aboard a commuter ferry. good evening and thank yo a frightening ride home for dozens of people aboard a commuter ferry. thanks for joining us. i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm garvin thomas. a ferry barreled a doc this morning sending people on the pier running. investigators want to know what caused the crash and some passengers have a joins us wit this developing story. >> reporter: that ferry was
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arriving from larkspur. it was supposed to stop at that landing dock but bounce offend and came heading straight toward the ferry building dock. you can see where it landed. breaking concrete apart on impact. panic at the ferry building in san francisco as people on the dock watch a golden gate ferry motor toward the crowd on the promenade. >> there was no indication we were in trouble. we just noticed that we kind of bounced off the first part of the dock and then kept going. and we thought, oh, no, it's going in way too fast. >> reporter: anders said it sounded like something was wrong with the engine. >> it sounded like it was in neutral because he was revving it and it didn't seem like he was doing anything. he says most of the 53 people on board were seated when the ferry slammed into the concrete. a golden gate bridge district spokesperson says two people
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were treat forward minor injuries and released. people eating lunch say it sounded like a massive car crash. >> it started speeding in very ic and you could hear it in the restaurant and everyone immediately stood up. >> reporter: it left the dock and railing damaged and ripped two holes in the front of the vessel. >> i'll be looking at the maintenance logs of the vessel, of the navigation equipment. >> reporter: the u.s. coast guard will be interviewing the five crew members and looking at equipment on board to figure out what happened. you are looking at the damaged ferry right now. those are not lights on the outside of the boat. that's light shining through the ga gashes, the holes in the boat caused by the impact. it will be towed to larksburg tomorrow. those crew members will be tested for drugs and alcohol. the bridge district says that captain has been with them for four years. >> thank you, jean. a situation that could have been
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much worse. the rain, a lot of traveling this week. if you've been on the road, you know it's been hard to move through what often felt like a deluge. this is video of some of that rain. lots of windshield wipers. taken southbound 680 near freemont about an hour ago. rob maeda joins us. what are we looking at for the next few days? >> a very active, stormy pattern around the bay area. right now still some light rain. san jose, 59 degrees. temperatures running mild. a lot of moisture in the air. the doppler radar showing you those showers near downtown san jose. more substantial showers actually here around the castro valley and hayward. moderate rain at times and isolated showers moving off to the south of san francisco. the trend has been slowly trending drier but still between now and tomorrow morning, about 0.15 inch of rain falling. brief break. check out what's over my shoulder here. a series of storms stacking up. nt progressively stronger as
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storm could impact the end of the holiday weekend. that's coming up in 12 minutes. coming up in 10 minutes, snowfall in yosemite. all that as powder that dusted glacier point. more on the sierra snow and what it means if you're headed on the mountains or trying to head home this weekend. some new and wild video out of vallejo. a home there surrounded by flames tonight on fairmont avenue. it's about three hours ago. firefighters were able to put out the flamesust inutes. fortunately, no one was hurt. crews are still on the scene as we speak investigating, looking for a cause. some anxious moments for steph curry today. his car was hit by two different vehicles in a span of minutes. nbc bay area's tom jenson is live outside oracle arena where
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the golden state warriors took on the portland trail blazer. steph is sidelined from an unrelated injury and he is fortunate h wasn't hurt more today. >> reporter: yes, very fortunate. he's going to be okay. but a high-profile accident like this one really does bring attention to these slick roads and just how quickly drivers can lose control. steph curry's porsche is banged up, but the perennial all-star and two-time league mvp is no worse for the wear after walking away from this crash this morning on highway 24. a wreck that had fans concerned after pictures and video spread across media but who had faith steph would be just fine. >> he's a man of steel. >> they said he was okay. i felt good about it but not good he got in a crash. >> reporter: curry was driving from his home to the oakland training facility just after 9:00 a.m. when a silver lexus
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lost control and struck his porsche. as he stood in the median awaiting help, another car ran into the back of his empty vehicle. he was sidelined by a groin injury causing some worries the injury may have been reaggravated in the wreck. coach kerr was ready to clear the air. >> he's fine. he was a little shaken up like anybody would be getting into a car accident, but thankfully nobody was hurt and steph is doing fine. i think he has another car he can drive, too. he's going to be okay. >> his father dell cur rry was the scene shortly after the crash and he assured melissa ok. curry was also quick to reassure his fans that he came out unscathed. taking time for selfies with a few of the responding chp officers. fortunately curry and the other
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drivers are okay. there doesn't appear to be any injuries with any of the drivers or passengers in any of the vehicles. and as far as the warriors go, they'll be happy to get curry back on the floor as soon as they can. before tonight's win against the trail blazers, they'd lost six games in a row without him. live in oakland, tom jenson, nbc bay area news. some much-needed rainfall in butte county is helping firefighters battling the camp fire. containment is now at 95%. but that wet weather is making it tough for crews searching for human remains. sifting through dirt and soot has turned into digging through mud. crews did not recover any remains today. the death toll stands at 84 with 475 people still unaccounted for. flames have scorched more than 153,000 acres and destroyed more than 13,000 homes. evacuees, though, wish the downpour had come much sooner. >> i really wish it would have come before the fire and we probably wouldn't have lost all of our homes. >> so far no reports of any mud
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slides or flooding in that burn zone. new at 11:00 -- police are calling it a miracle. the cupertino man rescued after plummeting off a hillside. he was reported missing last night after he never came back to his home. san mateo county sheriff's deputies searched woodside road and skyline boulevard into the early morning. once the sun came up, they noticed a tree with damaged dark and behind it was the man's car upside down at the bottom of a 30-foot drop. deputies quickly rescued the man, and he's been taken to the hospital. his family says they are grateful for the first responders who saved his life. people in an east san jose neighborhood are back in their homes after they were forced to evacuate by a nearby shootout with police. police say a man opened fire at san jose officers and then barricaded himself inside a house. at least one officer fired back hitting the suspect. he was arrested with nonlife threatening injuries. the chief plans to release more
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details at a news conference on monday. take a look at these photos. do you recognize this van? walnut creek police are asking for help identifying a man who stole a boy's cell phone. police say a man got out of the van and grabbed him. the man took the boy's cell phone and got away. police are asking you call if you know anything about the car or the crime. the white house released a new report today detailing how global warming is getting worse. more than a dozen government agencies wrote the report. it says the earth's climate is changing already seeing the south. they added climate change will cost the u.s. billions by the century. climate experts say doing something could help our nation's economy. >> solving climate change will actually create jobs. and in fact, it will create jobs in areas where the u.s. is a leader.
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so it builds on the u.s. economy. >> the report predicts unless action is taken, weather extremes will only intensify. nancy pelosi is taking on the president's push to get his military transgender ban before the supreme court. in july 2017, president trump proposed reversing an obama-era policy allowing transgender members to openly serve in the military. so far district courts have blocked the ban from taking effect. he asked the high court to take over the case skipping ove the appeals process. pelosi called it bigoted and vowed to continue to fight it. ahead -- a shopping surprise. a little boy taking a nap left in the store. the explanation being given by his parents tonight. and let there be light. a holiday tradition kicking off in the south bay. how a family out of paradise --
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and something else that could be dealing with weatherwise. patchy fog setting up with light rain around san francisco. that's the way saturday begins as more storms are on the way. a look at that and the timeline in our seven-day forecast when we come right back.
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skiing ... lousy for driving. this is what it looked like for people on th snow in the sierra. great for skiing, lousy for driving. rain and snow making for dangerous driving conditions. nbc bay area. >> reporter: this isterstate 80. wed for the whole week but who knows. a lot of people from the bay area are heading to the mountains hoping to enjoy all the new snow. a fresh blanket of powder has fallen but reaching it has been
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a challenge. >> nobody knows how to drive in the storms yet so it will take time. that's all right. we just have patience. >> reporter: those who didn't pack a lot of patience pulled over at the first sign of snow. enough for a little sledding and snowballs was all some needed before turning around and heading home. traffic is finally moving along interstate 80 tonight but as you can see, it's wet and it is slick. it's raining where we are but it's snowing at the higher elevations. again, if you are heading this way, give yourself plenty of time. in the sierra, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. you either think these people are crazy or right now you're wondering just how cheap are those tvs. the folks at this -- in this video you're seeing were at a walmart in south carolina. here in the bay area we had our own crowds. milpitas.hat it looked like at definitely a lot of people but
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believe it or not people say the crowds seemed smaller than usual and there weren't as many of those big door buster deals that often bring out the masses. >> i think those days of having the $99 tvs, it's not -- it's a thing of the past. >> and many shoppers decided to skip the malls altogether and shop at home or from their phone. according to a report by adobe analytics, online sales totalled $3.7 billion on thanksgiving. that's up 28% from a year ago. if you missed your chance at thy just around the corner. how did they forget quincy? sheriff's deputies in ohio found this toddler sleeping by himself in a store just after midnight. investigators say he went to jcpenney with his family last night for black friday shopping. the family says they split up on the way home and that each group thought the other one had quincy. turns out no one had quincy, and no one knew that quincy was missing until they actually saw
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the post on social media. 3, 2, 1! light it up! >> a bittersweet holiday to remember for a family that survived the camp fire in paradise. the smith family lost everything they had in that blaze. tonight, though, they helped santa light the christmas tree in san jose and got the gift of community support. >> bay area was at the event and talks with the family. >> reporter: the smith family says this trip to san jose is a very welcomed break from what has become a very hectic november. they are very happy to be part of the festivities. as santa rhodes in on a fire truck, the smiths came out on stage. just before about being speciasts here. >> it's quite nice of them to invite us. this is really of paradise because the main
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road in and out was jammed with fire, it took hours to get out traffic. they haven't been able to return since, but know they don't have much to return to. >> all our homes are gone. there's nothing there. people have gone out and taken pictures and looked at them for us. >> reporter: they lost three homes in the fire and have been staying with friends in chico. on stage tonight, surrounded by the celebration of christmas in the park, they were able to forget about the devastation for the night. >> 3, 2, 1! >> for me, i feel like it's a real big honor for the entire family to be here to be able to represent our communy. special his fellow residents of paradise. >> have hope. have in the park is collecting donations to help paradise survivors rebuild. 25% of all those donations are going to go to the smith family. in san jose, sergio qantana. we're going to try to give out a little hope. along with the united way, we'll
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be hosting an all-day telethon. we'll be answering your calls next tuesday from 6:00 in the morning to 7:00 at night. and all the money will go to fire victims to help them find housing and to help them cover some other costs as well. if you want more information on how you can call in go to we're all going to be here manning the phones. you can call her all of us will be participating throughout the day. >> while we're talking about black friday shopping, cybermoney and all the money going to be spent, set aside a few dollars. >> that would be really important. so what's our hopefully tuesday. >> we'll be watching rain coming in on tuesday. speaking of issues related to the fire danger, it has been since april 6th, since most of the bay area saw an inch of rain. we began with air pollution from the smoke and wildfire. look at those totals jumping up thanks to the last two to three days. rainfall deficit now one to two
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inches in the bay area making a decent recovery in the last three days and that seven-day forecast shows we could recover completely in terms of the lost rainfall by the end of next week. it's muggy outside. temperatures close to 60. not far off. the high temperatures we have today. and our storm ranger doppler radar picking up a few pockets of shower around san francisco. mi rising up northwesterly.ops. south bay and east bay hills overnight as we head towards tomorrow morning, 50s for most places to start. and look out for patchy fog next couple nifts andmorn. outside right now. the only difference, though, we should see sunshine taking over towards the mid to late afternoon hours. so tomorrow morning, may pick up another 0.1 inch of rain for most of the bay area around the south bay and east bay hills. through the day, notice how the numbers don't move a whole lot. showers for the first part of the day. you can see here through the
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morning, especially the south bay, the cloud cover, too. and by the afternoon begin to see partly cloudy skies. showers begin to shut down which transition us into the drier pattern we're expecting here sunday into monday. high pressure could see patchy fog. that could slow the travel commute he night monday. next storm will arrive on tuesday. similar system that we had. thursday, more wind and a colder storm. look at that. thursday, that's storm number to. storm three comes rolling in late friday into saturday which has a one, two, three punch setting up as we begin the month of december. so holiday forecast now will trend drier sunday into monday. the rain making a comeback tuesday. the third storm hanging off the side of the map friday night into e pac-12 championship comeo town, too. we'll be watching that closely. that looks dry but the saturday storm, stay tuned. some models trying to put two to
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three foot of snow in the sierra and a few inches of rain for the north bay. watch that closely as we go through next week. >> rob, thank you very much. still to come, he's after the acm but would-be thieves made off with cash that didn't belong to him. >> and we have jimmy. >> justin timberlake is here. it's a great show. stay tuned. chicago bears coach "mike ditka" was in the hospital this week. the chicago sun-times reports doctors treated mike ditka was in the hospital this week. the chicago sun times reports doctors treated him for some kind of heart condition. it's unclear if he's still in the hospital tonight. ditka had a heart attack while coaching the bears in 1988 and a mini stroke in 2012. we're back with more news after the break. it )s not over yet.
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we )re preparing you for )cyber monday ) deals! plus- did your thanksgiving week include air travel trouble? the way you can get your airline )s attention with one quick note to washington! today in the bay.
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one russian thief. check out ther theft in progress captured on it's a case of cash karma for one russian thief. catch out the theft in progress. the robber shatters the atm and then grabs that tray with a bunch of bills. what he didn't know was those bills weren't real. rather, fake money put in the bank in case of theft. the man later arrested charged with campaign targeting fraud at gas stations. the most likely place thieves used to install card skimmers was atms. improved technology has forced them to target gas pumps now instead. the crooks place an illegal card reader on the pump. when the card is inserted they get access to the account. the secret service crackdown began yesterday and already some
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200 skimming devices have been seized preventing about $6 million in fraud. you won't be without romaine for long. new information about where you'll be getting the lettuce in the coming weeks. florida and arizona will be harvesting their lettuce crop next and romaine should be in supermarkets soon. the cdc sent out a warning to throw out romaine lettuce after an e. coli outbreak. 32 people in 11 states got sick. it will let shoppers know when the new lettuce is okay to buy. we've got warriors and sharks highlights. plus a stanford grad named tiger. maybe you've heard of him playing a tourney with $9 million on the line. sports is next. returned to the
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getting blown out by okc on the golden state warriors returned to the court after getting blown out by oklahoma city wednesday night. in the second quarter, warriors went on a 35-13 run against the portland trail blazers. kevin durant with the and one slam over jake. warriors were in complete control of the game winning 125-97. the san jose sharks got off to a fast start against the
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vancouver canucks. the defenseman erik karlsson got his second goal of the season. the sharks had a 3-0 lead. thornton got his 750th assist since joining the team. the sharks went on to win the game, 4-0. today was the day. tiger woods versus phil mickelson. after months of build-up, the two went head-to-head for 18 holes. arguably the two best golfers of the generation. pga tour wins b. on the 22nd and fourth playoff hole, phil mickelson sank the birdie putt to win the $9 million price. close but no cigar for tiger. a warming holiday gesture for those in butte county impacted by the camp fire. we'll share it with you in a moment. i am a family man. i am a techie dad.
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i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast.
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spent thanksgiving putting up a christmas tree at one of the mai finally tonight, a wine country wildfire survivor spent thanksgiving putting up a christmas tree at one of the main intersections in paradise. >> as you know, much of the town was destroyed in the camp fire. duval, along with some sonoma
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county government workers travelled to butte county yesterday to spread a little holiday cheer. >> you can burn an entire neighborhood to the ground, but you can't take our christmas spirit. holiday spirit. >> workers also flagged down chp intersection of ed put tree skyway and neal road. >> generosity from one survivor to a group of others paying it forward. >> rob, one last quick look at what the weekend ahead is like. >> still deal with the showers. left over from the storm that will carry through the first half of tomorrow. sunday, monday, a dry break. and then the first of three storms coming on in. one on tuesday. wednesday, odds are later in the afternoon we'll see light rain moving into the north bay. thursday, wind and rain. and the strongest storm, stay tuned, possibly next friday night and saturday. could be talking about feet of snow in the sierra and a lot of rain making up for all the rain we've missed out on. >> good news for the snow pack.
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>> drive safely. we'll see you. bye-bye. have a good weekend. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >>ck steveeller center in the h of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- justin timberlake,


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