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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 26, 2018 6:00am-6:58am PST

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wet week ahead, rainy season really here. the two storms set to arrive in the coming days, after last week's much needed release. carpool lanes coming, new detail on a story of the push to make your next trip in and out of san francisco faster. have you started shopping yet? six hours of cyber monday have already come and gone! at 6:15, a look at how much money americans are set to spend, and at 6:45, we go inside an amazon warehouse working to get you your orders. "today in the bay" continues right now. double clicking with daddy there. good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'mttay off. as laura said, it is going to be a cold day ahead. >> it starts out cold and we'll start to see more clouds moving in as the temperatures go up just a little bit. we're going to have one more dry day before that rain arrives. we can see it on storm ranger and the satellite imagery
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showing clouds approaching as the storm system moves closer from the north. live look outside in san jose, we're awaiting sunrise and right about 57 minutes away and we're going to see some chilly temperatures to start out, a mix of sun and clouds, headed into the mid-60s today. we'll talk about the timing of the rain coming up. mike, you have a new problem in the east bay. >> i do, first we were recovering from the crash and the big backup in berkeley around university where the arrow is nicely recovered. helped a little bit, because this crash is slowing things down a tad bit west 80 right at san pablo dam road. it sounds like all lanes should be cleared in the next couple of minutes. the upper east shore freeway very delicate. the metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. i haven't seen heavy traffic buildup for the last week, so this will be different for folks and the rest of the bay showing a light backup through hayward, pleasanton and san jose. this crash is not presenting any
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slowing. back to you. new this morning, at 6:01, plans to ease traffic jams on two of saways are getting a mor serious look and could include toll lanes, lexus lanes possibly on highway 101 and interstate 280 into the heart of the city. >> thom jensen is live in san francisco what an update on a story we told but this summer, we've been following it for some time. >> reporter: good morning, we are on the 18th street overpass just above i-280. one of the lanes, northbound lanes going into the city here on 280 could be one of those that gets the changers. planners will specifically look at about five miles southbound 101 from the 280 interchange to the county line. those are the southbound lanes, and then this, the last mile of 280, heading northbound toward the embarcadero into the city,
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they will examine both the use of carpool lanes and toll lanes or a combination of both. the county transportation authority board, which includes san francisco board of supervisor members approved $4 million in funding for the study just a few days ago. they'll consider carpool lanes for individuals with two or three or more passengers and also tolls. drivers told us this summer that something has to be done to end the traffic gridlock. >> that sounds good for me. >> i would like that, yes, because the traffic out here is ridiculous. it's crazy. all these accidents keep happening. >> i think it would help with the traffic most definitely. >> reporter: some supervisors and drivers said that they're concerned about creating toll lanes that are only used by people who can afford to pay those tolls but preliminary studies also suggest that carpool lanes alone might actually cause more congestion.
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it's estimated these stretches of highway between san francisco and the south bay will see an additional 100,000 new vehicles over the next 11-plus years. we're live in san francisco, thom jensen, "today in the bay." >> really interesting, thanks so much, thom. happening today, one former trump campaign adviser is going to jail while the campaign's former chairman makes his plea to stay out of jail. tracie potts is tracking it live om washington. good morning, tracie. >> hi there, good morning. good morning, everyone. remember george papadopoulos, a former trump campaign aide who admitted he had ties to russia and admitted he lied to the fbi t o this prison sentence and the judge said not happening. former trump campaign aide geor papadopoulos reports to prison today.
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he'll spend 14 days behind bars for lying to the fbi about trying to set up a meeting between the trump campaign and two russians who claimed to have damaging information about hillary clinton. also paul manafort asks a judge to go light on his sentence. manafort was convicted on eight counts of fraud and pleaded guilty to conspiracy, not related to the trump campaign, but the special counsel could use that to find out what manafort may know about any connections between trump and russia. >> he's going to lay out the facts. leave it to congress to decide whether that rises to the level of impeachable offense. >> there is sufficient evidence this president violated the constitution. >> reporter: the senate is still investigating. >> we're working on the collusion issue now. we're still calling witnesses. >> reporter: when democrats take over in january, they may invite fired fbi director james comey to testify in public.
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also, the president's lawyer, rudy giuliani, is now saying president trump may be willing to answer more questions in the russia investigation. remember all that back and forth whether he'd do a sit-down interview and he submitted the written responses last week. juligiuliani says if there are follow-up questions, they may answer them. back to you. >> tracie potts, thank you very much. a new report putting pressure on san francisco's archdiocese to name clergy tied to sexual abuse. according to "the examiner" since 1990, there were nine accusations of sexual abuse by minors invol com pnt on the report, but previously promised to release the names of the accused clergy members by the end of this month. it's not clear if it plans to follow through on that promise. >> 6:06. >
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the chp says it looks a lot worse than it was. an suv caught fire after crashing on northbound 880 in san lorenzo a little after midnight. good news here, the driver was not hurt but the chp says the driver was arrested. officers did not explain the reason why. we expect to learn more about shots fired by a police officer in san jose in friday on a home on barrow court. police say a man opened fire at officers and then barricaded himself inside a house. at least one officer fired back, hitting the suspect. officers arrested the man, took him to the hospital. he's expected to be okay. chief eddie garcia plans to release more details at a news conference at noon today and we'll have more when that happens. happening today, two white house members visit the camp fire burn zone. the secretary of agriculture, sonny perdue and interior secretary ryan zinke will tour some of the damage in paradise. they'll meet with community leaders and camp fire survivors. last week's rain gave firefighters that boost they
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needed to completely surround the fire. the number of confirmed deaths now stands at 85, with just under 300 people still unaccounted for. it's hard not to be touched by the tragic camp fire. we want to help in any way possible. not just relief agencies asking for donations, san jose's windmill springs elementary is among the latest to help, launching a spare change collection through december 14th to assist students and teachers in paradise. give them your spare change and after that, tune in tomorrow. we'll host an all-day telethon along with telemundo 48 and the united way, answering your calls from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. the money goes to fire victims to help them find housing and cover other courts. for more information you can go to right now, it's 6:08. we have some chilly temperatures as you get ready to step out the door. santa rosa we're down to a
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little bit warmer in san francisco, where it's 51. 46 right now in san jose, and 42 in livermore. so time to get the kids up and ready, back to school today, and livermore, it will be 42 degrees, as you walk to school, a chilly start, and a warm jacket, and it will reach into the mid-60s today. we're tracking that round of rain, that will be here tomorrow. i'll talk more about that in a few minutes. mike, you have a new crash this time in the tri valley. >> i do, kari, a slower drive pleasanton southbound 680, sunol boulevard, a crash blocking the fast lane. we see the traffic coming off of the dub lib interchange, a smooth drive nonetheless for most of the area. we're tracking pleasanton southbound 680. over here, we see the build 680 south through walnut creek and coming off of highway 4, nothing unusual there. crash still reported west 80 at san pablo dam road. looks like everything is off to the shoulder, judging by the speed sensors and the fact we've
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had no major problems. westbound across the san mateo bridge, the build mucsmoothly. next on "today in the bay," apple heads to the supreme court. today's case that could impact your next app store purchase. plus a lot of companies not having holiday office parties this year. the movement behind the trend experts say is not the economy. i just want to spread love and pass activity as much as possible back to my fans who deserve it. >> at 6:25, the oakland native trying to back "the voice" getting ready to sing again. her message to fans before she takes the stage tonight. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good monday morning. the time is 6:13. s with we take a live look in prooe mon fremont, 880, chilly temperature, clear skies. we'll be at 46 degrees at 8:00 and heading into the mid-60s today. we'll see the clouds rolling in, ahead of our rain. we'll talk about the timing coming up in less than five minutes. >> after that first burst of traffic, 101 is smoothing out here north of 680/280 interchange. we'll show you the bigger look at the south bay, when it shows up.
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good morning, silicon valley. i'm frank holland here at cnbc global on big tech stocks cameer the dow, the nasdaq and the s&p 500 all had their worst thanksgiving week since 2011, and the dow had its worst performance on a black friday since 2010. on the watch list this week, reports on housing, consumer confidence and third quarter gdp. apple is going before the supreme court to defend the way it sells apps against claims by consumers it's unfairly dominating the market. apple is seeking to end an anti-trust lawsuit that could force the iphone maker to cut the to% commission it charges developers as apps whose products are sold exclusively through the company's app store. apple says it doesn't own the apps or sell them, but the lawsuit claims apple has a lot of control over the process, including a requirement that prices end in 99 cents. consumers may click thr e b
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retail experts say electronics are big items on cyber monday as stores offer better deals on laptops, game consoles and other devices than they do on black friday itself. and those are your cnbc business headlines. back over to you. >> all right, happy shopping, frank. another hit this morning for the recently fired ceo of nissan. mitsubishi board members removed carlos ghosn from his role as chairman, this comes in the wake of nissan firing him last week, after an arrest for alleged financial misconduct. mitsubishi, nissan and renault all share a global alliance, so for now, mitsubishi's current ceo will serve as the carmaker's interim chairman. ghosn is still chairman and ceo at renault. when times are good, u.s. companies often decide to splurge with an office holiday party. >> if your company is skipping festivities this year, turns out you're not alone. low employment and until recently stocks riding all-time highs, economic conditions are ripe to celebrate, but experts say only about 65% of all
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companies will do so this year. the reason has less to do with money than legal liability that's grown out of sexual misconduct scandals and the me too movement. >> companies are worried about potential lawsuits stemming from inappropriate behavior that happens typically at holiday parties, when it's afterhours, when there's alcohol flowing. >> some companies are still going ahead with the office holiday party, deciding instead to simply cut out the alcohol. no dancing on tables this year. >> you cut the i can still dance on the table. >> you can still cut a rug. >> you can dance, if you want to. >> oh, my gosh. all right, let's get a look at the forecast. >> it's cool this morning. you may be dancing just trying to stay warm out there, as you head to the train platform it's mostly clear. we're seeing some fog rolling
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into san francisco right now. here is a look at the beautiful view, as we get closer to sunrise, but these clouds are starting to approach from the north and this is ahead of our next storm system that will bring us some rain as we go into the next couple of days. we'll have a couple of rounds of rain. the first one moves in tomorrow, starts in the north bay, then moves to the south, then we'll have a stronger storm with some heavier rain between wednesday night and thursday morning, and at that time, the winds may be gusty. we may also have some heavy mountain rain and a little bit ofieow, andhe causing some issues for the coast. as you get ready this morning, extra squirt of hair spray will keep it nice and smooth for you today. it's starting out humid, but will dry out into the afternoon, as the clouds start to move in, and then here we are tomorrow morning at 9:00, and we start to see that rain moving in from santa rosa on northward, and then as we go into the afternoon, it moves into the east bay, thepeninsula, as well as the south bay with some scattered light showers, so rain starts to taper off on tomorrow
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night, and then on wednesday we'll see another storm system approaching, once again, this one will be heavier, moving in late in the evening, and then continuing throughout the early hours on thursday. friday is looking dry at this point, as we start to see the clouds clearing out. so with those two storm systems moving in, we're looking at the possibility of up to a half of an inch of rain in the south bay. three-quarters of an inch, up to an inch in parts of the east bay, and then the higher amounts up to an inch or more is what we'll see in the north bay. for the sierra, if you have plans to go there throughout the week, this will start out as rain, as it will be a warmer storm and then taper off as snow, and we're looking at anywhere from about four to nine inches of snow. so once again, we have several storm systems moving in, and then the strongest one will be on wednesday into thursday. friday is looking good for your weekend plans. there wi showers on saturday. so here is a look at the way the week pans out. pretty much the only dry days
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will be today and friday and the other days we'll have some rain at some point. heading over to mike, you're starting out with what's happening in the south bay. >> we saw the slowing kick in for san jose. we're talking about more folks coming back to work and those who were eager to get to the office, they are there now and looking at lighter than normal flow again. remember, from now actually the second week in november all the way to the end of the year, folks tend to slide later into the day and the afternoon and evenings kick in. the evening commute will be an issue through the end of the year because folks are traveling across town. over here a light volume through the dublin interchange. this crash at sunol for south 680, the commute direction, the last report i got the fast lane was blocked and no updates from chp, but no other problems either. chp crews headed out there right now. little slowing through hayward, no problem there. the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on. here is oakland, traveling north with the tail lights. the headlights look like there's a lot of traffic, it's about the same as the northbound side, so the headlights are blurring in a
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little bit right now for that view. meanwhile holding steady right about a half hour from highway 4 through the bay bridge toll plaza, where we show a slowing through berkeley and san pablo dam road, the crash is over on the shoulder and that's better news over there. look at this view from emeryville, we can see the clouds and the fog creep through, so the traffic flows smoothly but you will get caught with a patch or two as you get into the city. back to you. >> mike, we continue to cover breaking news about the border. less than a day after agencies tear gassed migrants trying to get across in from mexico. at 6:30, we'll tell you about president trump's bold declaration. if you're ever feeling ignored by an airline after a sour experience, consider filing a complaint with the u.s. department of transportation. when you gripe there, the airlines are required to respond to the government, and you. lot of times, airlines then settle the dispute right then. other times, the feds step in and open an investigation.
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we put a link to the complaint form on our website, look under the heading "consumer resources." if you have a consumer complaint, you can call us. the number is 888-996-tips. here's to the stair takers, breakfast makers,
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step counters, outdoor explorers, faith restorers, appointment keepers, fantastic creatures. farmer's market goers, cholesterol lowerers cell phone silencers. the new lease on lifers, and the positive thinkers. here's to you all that see every day as an opportunity to thrive your way.
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tracelcome back. it's 6:24. berkeley police are trying to track down a man suspected of sexually assaulting a woman in her own home. it happened on blake street,
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2400 blake street. the man broke into the home shortly before 6:00 yesterday morning, assaulted the woman and then stole some of her belongings before eventually running away. a body was recovered off the coast of pacifica early yesterday morning. a fisherman in a boat just off linda mar beach spotted the body floating in the water.g peon re along the pacifica coast. no word on the body's identity. a land swap deal allowing for the eventual widening of a busy south bay road. council members want to widen branham lane to improve safety but first they have to approve a land swap with santa clara county for a strip of land. the vote is scheduled for tomorrow. if the deal gets done, the city can start work to secure funding. 6:25. if you know the mpsf speaker series it's tough to get. this weekend's featured speaker, former vice president joe biden. he's hosting engagements over the next four days at san rafael, oakland, san mateo and
6:25 am
then back in san rafael. each engagement already sold out. an oakland native moving ahead on "the voice" after being saved by america last week. ♪ she returns to the stage tonight. she's inspired by her fans on youtube. she has over 200,000 subscribers. justice and i want to spread the love back to them. i want them to hear the song that i sing next week and be like, that was for me, thank you. i love you so mu thank you for this, and i just want to spread the love and pass activity as much as possible back to my fans, who deserve it. >> getting emotional there, too. you can watch "the voice" here on nbc tonight at 8:00, followed by "manifest" at 10:00 and "nbc bay area news" at 11:00 p.m. here is the stories we're working on for the next half hour in "today in the bay," fast
6:26 am
moving developments at the border, including a big announcement from president trump overnight. the chaos down south and what it means for people trying to come into america. and all new at 6:45, an historic if controversial achievement. the first gene edited baby, the disease scientists claim a pair of newborns will never have to > hailed as arit here in the ba area. that story you won't want to miss. you're watching "today in the you're watching "today in the bay.
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the welcome to monday morning. it's 6:30. taking a live look outside in contra costa county, this is danville. it's a cool start to our morning across the bay area. change in the works as well. we'll see rain come in, but not today. enjoy today. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. marcus has the day off. kari is watching the cold temperatures. >> we're starting out with upper 30s in the knnorth bay, a clear start for now as we take a live look in dublin, we'll start to see the clouds moving in as the rain approaches from the north, so we do still have one more dry day, but as we talk about the timing of the rain, by tomorrow morning, during that early, let's say later commute hour for the morning, we'll see those showers moving into parts of the north bay, and then the rest of the bay area seeing it by the evening commute. so we'll talk more about the timing and mike, it's a beautiful start to this report.
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>> yes, look at me. no, i'm kidding, not me. it's the beautiful sunrise as we face east. this is the richmond side. we have a nice smooth backup as well. this is not that bad coming off the east shorend more than we saw last week but not as bad as it could be there, concord, more slowing through bay point. the rest of the bay moves nicely, a crash in sunol out of. breaking news, chaos at the border. hundreds of migrants stormed the border trying to get into the u.s. to seek asylum. the border is open but the political back-and-forth continues to ramp up. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live from the newsroom with the president's response this morning. kris? >> we know the president is responding. we now know that 42 people were arrested on the u.s. side of the border, and the last three hours, president trump tweeted
6:31 am
this morning they are not coming into the usa. "we will close the border permanently will need be. congress, fund the wall! ." he wrote "migrants, many of whom are stone cold criminals." this is a picture captured of a mother with little girls, one not wearing shoes, one of 500 trying to rush the port of entry after they were denied entry to the u.s. to seek asylum. it is not illegal to enter the u.s. to claim asylum. the crossing was shut down by mexican federal police on one side and u.s. customs and border protection agents on used tear . union denounced the action the american civil liberties writing "under no circumstances should customs and border patrol be using the tear gas on children. the show of violence is outrageous and inhumane." in the last hour and a half, the chief border patrol agent for san diego said 42 people were
6:32 am
arrested, including eight women and some children, which for some folks on the san diego side feels like a war stone. >> the group breached a couple sections of that, actually tore down one small section, started to rush across and that's another time they started assaulting our agents. we were able to hold them back using riot techniques. >> does it feel like a say w z they will arrest and deport anybody who rushed that border crossing violently. president trump calling for them to be deported as well, but the mayor of tijuana is calling this a humanitarian crisis and is calling for the united nations to get involved. laura? scott? >> one we'll continue to watch. three young people are in custody accused of leading police on a chase in a carjacked vehicle. martinez police posted these photos of the car on al hambra avenue yesterday afternoon. officers tried to stop it after realizing it had been stolen
6:33 am
last week. the car struck a curb, when officers were able to safely arrest the three juveniles inside without incident. >> it is 6:33. san francisco is trying to stop the record-high number of car break-ins. a state senator is pushing new ways to fight it. state senator scott weiner along with san francisco district attorney are introducing the bill aimed to close a loophole that allows some car burglars to escape consequences. our investigative team found out there were nearly 30,000 break-ins in san francisco last year. in san jose, an alleged hit-and-run driver accuseed of killing a woman is behind bars. police say it's thanks to good samaritans. 50-year-old woman was crossing the expressway when ubaldo munoz hit her and drove off. the accident happened saturday night. two other drivers followed munoz's truck and blocked him in until police could arrive, it marked san jose's 19th deadly pedestrian crash this year. >> 6:34.
6:34 am
49ers head coach kyle shanahan will hold his regular post game conference at levis but this time he'll have more to talk about than the latest game. shanahan will no doubt be asked about the releasing of reuben foster. authorities in tampa arrested foster at a hotel there saturday night. he's accused of domestic violence. niners' gm john lynch did not specifically address the latest accusations against foster but explained the team's rationale for cutting him. >> nobody's bigger than the team, and as talented a player as he was, as many positive steps he was making, we felt this was the best decision to make. >> in february, the same woman claimed foster struck her in los gatos. she later recanted saying she made it up to ruin his career. eventually those charges were dropped. >> 6:35. a quick-thinking boy helped save lives as a north bay assisted living facility. a fire broke out late last night at magnolia manor in healdsburg.
6:35 am
a 10-year-old boy saw the fire, called 911, got his mom, the two helped everyone get out safely. six seniors were living there at the time. >> called it in, called 911, got his mom, and were able to evacuate all the residents, so very quickly, so up to the young man, carlos, very good, and very smart. so really made a difference. >> those are the great stories we like to tell. the care center sustained extensive damage. an investigation into how the fire started is under way. 6:36 right now. golden gate ferry will operate on its normal schedule today. crash happened friday when a ferry crashed into a dock at the ferry building. two of the 53 people on board were hurt. the investigation continues to determine what even caused that crash. we've been tracking reports, no delays reported for the ferry
6:36 am
so far. as you said, that continues to be the case so that's good stuff for folks coming over the bay over the water. on the roadways, we see more traffic than last week, but not a major concern right now. the south bay just in ernest starting the san jose build from northbound. recovery mode southbound 680 toward sunol boulevard the earlier crash out of the lanes and we're back into the 50s through pleasanton, good news from the dublin interchange down to sunol boulevard. more traffic across 92, funneling across this and the dumbarton bridge as well. this is seeing much more traffic flow, as well as look at this, this is our view from emeryville, no problems, the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza, but the clouds, we can see the city lights. >> right there, just like the strip in the middle. >> exactly. >> it's hovering. >> find out if the sun will burn that off this morning. >> we'll see the sun for a little while today, ahead of our we'll have seval rounds of
6:37 am
rain moving in this week, and then as we go toward the weekend, saturday is looking wet, and then sunday the rain will be tapering off. as we look at san francisco in the forecast, it's also going to be turning chilly with upper 50s. i love this look at our live view of squaw valley this morning, as the sun rises. you can see that's fallen and we're going to see some more snow as we go into the weekend. by friday, that's your best day to travel there, before that snow starts falling on saturday, and then it will be wrapping up on sunday. we will see some cool temperatures for our coastal areas, with half moon bay only reaching 57 throughout the weekend, and some rain on saturday. we'll talk about the rain that's going to be here tomorrow, that's coming up in about three minutes. >> thank you, kari. 6:38 right now. coming up next, new details on possible new carpool lanes in the bay area. the push to make your next trip to san francisco quicker, if you aren't alone. all new at 6:55, a bear
6:38 am
walks into a chp office and that's not the start of a joke. the officers' reaction to this guy letting himself in. plus today is set to be the biggest shopping day in human history. the big retailers that experts say may have the best deals on toys for kids. >> in fact, retail stocks are doing quite well this morning, taking a live look at the big board. dow industrials up a big 261 points. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:41, as you get ready to head out around the bay, we'll start to see temperatures that will be cool, warming up throughout the kay. live look at fremont, we'll be at 46 degrees, headed up to 64 at 2:00 today. more clouds moving in as well, and rain tomorrow. more on that in less than five minutes. i got this lined up. there is the view of the golden gate bridge. this looks great, but i got updates, a possible traffic break across the bay bridge, another issue between oakland and san francisco. we'll bring you the latest. i'll get detail is coming up. plans to ease traffic jams on two of san francisco's busiest highways getting a look. this is a live look at san francisco. you can see the fog we've been talking about. the plan will include something we've seen more of recently, toll lanes on 101 and interstate 80 through the heart of the city. >> "today in the bay's" t"''s"
6:42 am
jensen is live with a story we've been following this summer. >> reporter: good morning. in the summer there were first talks and we're moving a step further with $4 million in funding, now becoming available to really take a good scientific look at this, and this will take place over the next couple of years. right now, we are on the 18th street overpass at i-280, just above the northbound lanes, where there could be some changes specifically planners will look at about five miles of highway 101 southbound from the 280 interchange to the county lines, and they'll also research converting this, the last mile of 280 heading northbound from here as people drive into the city towards the embarcadero at the king street exit. they could add one carpool lane or toll lane on either or both stretches, depending on what they learned, or a combination of both. the county transportation authority board approved the research funding, following months of debate and preliminary
6:43 am
studies, just a few days ago, adding a pay-to-use option has been unpopular with some supervisors and drivers who said they're concerned about creating traffic lanes that are only used by people who can afford to pay those tolls, but the studies also suggested carpool lanes only might actually cause more congestion. now as we come back live, they will have to come up with some solutions no doubt, because it is estimated that over the next 11-plus years, there will be an additional 100,000-plus vehicles on these two highways between the city and the south bay. we're live in san francisco, thom jensen, "today in the bay." >> interesting to follow, thanks, thom. >> 6:44. northern california deputies mourning one of their own last killed last night in the line of duty. the deputy died when his car struck a utility pole. he was on his way to assist in a
6:44 am
car chase. the crash happened in riverbank, five miles north of modesto. he served as deputy for 19 years. our investigative unit reported government leaders are trying to make sure california's emergency alert systems are efficient and helpful. meet nea barbara to discuss emergency alerts. that hearing will discuss lessons learned from recent fires as well figure out ways to improve the system. the camp fire in butte county is finally contained but sadly trying to account for those killed and the missing is still only getting started. as it stands, there are 85 confirmed deaths, close to 300 others still unaccounted for. from colorado, companies assisting in the grim task of identifying discovered human remains. the company uses rapid dna testing. c.o.o. jim davis says he reached out to the butte county sheriff's office, offering to
6:45 am
help, but the job is difficult for everyone. >> for somebody to come in and give a dna sample, they're making a decision about what can analyze the dna samples, which can then help identify the says his company's technology victims. if you want to help camp fire victims, tune in tomorrow. we're hosting an all-day telethon, along with telemundo 48 and united way. we'll be answering your calls from 6:00 in the morning to 7:00 at night. the money will go to fire victims to help them find housing and cover other costs. for more information, head to >> 6:46. new this morning, a chinese researcher is claiming what would be a first in human genetics, but so far skeptics finding it hard to believe. researcher says a chinese couple recently gave birth to twin girls with edited genes. he says their dna was purposely altered to include a trait that allows them to resist hiv infection. so far, there's been no
6:46 am
confirmation of his claims. in the united states, scientists are prohibited from altering dna. happening now, cyber monday shopping und expect a lot of lost productivity at work. >> at warehouses for big retailers, workers are shipping away. here's jo ling kent in southern california. >> reporter: happy cyber monday, it is busy in eastvale, california, at an amazon fulfillment center. the boxes and the deals are already flying out the door. coming up on the "today" show, we'll talk about why today may end up being a record cyber monday for retailers across the board, where you can find the best deals, and what you need to know to protect yourself, as you go online and shop. they want to make it easy, but you got to make sure your payments are safe and secure. >> you'll find expanded shelves across a number of retailers, in particular, we would highlight walmart, target, and five below as going after the toys business a >> reportellhacoming up this morning on the "today"
6:47 am
show. >> jo ling kent reporting from eastvale, down in southern california. watch her full report at7:15 after "today in the bay." >> looking at the live cameras, the amount of fog out there, probably affecting traffic. >> a little bit. >> probably affecting weather as well. >> looks good though this morning, as we start out, last day of dry weather but it's chilly as you get ready to step out the door. let's look at the quick fingersg reaching across san francisco. not all of the city is blanketed by fog, it is spotty. in the south bay, time to get the kids up and ready for school. san jose's temperatures will start out at about 46 degrees, as you're walking or driving to school. we'll see partly cloudy skies throughout the day and by the time the last school bell rings, we'll be in the mid-60s. here is a look at sunrise over the south bay, looking beautiful, but as you're getting
6:48 am
dressed this morning, make sure you have the layers on. it is going to be chilly out there, with some 40s, we've had upper 30s. well this is the storm system that will be approaching as we head into tomorrow. we have storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar parked on san bruno mountain ready to track the storm as it moves in. today once again we'll see the clouds moving in, and then the rain starts to pour tomorrow. it starts out in the north bay, moves to the south. we'll have a stronger storm moving in between wednesday night and thursday, and at that time, we may see some gusty winds, and some heavy mountain rains and changing over to snow in the sierra, and that surf will be quite high for the coastal areas. as we look at how much rain we could see with these two systems moving in this week, we're looking at the possibility of rain totals and the south bay at about half of an inch. three-quarters to an inch in parts of the east bay and the north bay over an inch of rain. sierra snow will start to be quite light because we're going
6:49 am
to see this initially beginning as rain, changing over to snow, as it tapers off, so about four to nine inches and as we go into the week, we will have a couple of dry days that will be today and friday. the rest of the week at some point we'll have a chance of rain. we'll talk more about that, but mike, you're tracking the issue on the bay bridge. >> on the span itself. the toll plaza metering lights were on in time and we had a gradual fill-in on the oakland side. we don't have a major problem out of the maze. eastbound getting out of san francisco we see slowing here. the report came in originally treasure island, a disabled vehicle there, perhaps a crash that shows up on our maps. what our friends at waze reported, we have all of our the slowing is, just getting over toward treasure island, likely that's where they're addressing the issue, even as we speak. this comes us from m1275speedy. if you're on the traffic app
6:50 am
don't put "speedy" in there, because the chp might be watching this. back out to the maps that is the only unusual slowing and the commute direction in toward san francisco unusually smooth out of san pablo, toward the berkeley curve. about 35 minutes now. slowing here for highway 4 and also lafayette, orinda toward the caldecott but no problems. your commute shapes up lighter. heavier than last week, but lighter than a typical monday, we see that now through the end of the year because we're sliding into the later parts of the day. back to you. >> thank you very much. it's 6:51. >> hundreds are hurt in iran after a strong earthquake in the western part of the country. at least 760 people are being treated. people in baghdad, about 175 miles away, also felt it. next on "today in the bay," a quick look at the top stories, including a high-tech case goes before the supreme court.
6:51 am
today's major case involving apple, that could impact your next app store purchase. plus, battle at the border, continued coverage of breaking news we've watched unfo all morning. president trump's new threat overnight after a day of tear gas and violence, as migrants dash to the u.s. we're back in just two minutes.
6:52 am
6:53 am
here are the top stories on today welcome back to you. before you head out the door, here are the top stories on>> b made it across the border near san diego are now under arrest on the u.s. side, according to
6:54 am
the chief agent for san diego. the border patrol in mexico's crossing for hours, push thchildren, after some migrants threw rocks. >> if they were truly asylum seekers they would have walked up with their hands up and surrendered, and that did not take place. >> earlier this morning, president trump tweeted they are not coming into the usa. we will close the border permanently if need be. kor congress, fund the wall! . our coverage continues in ten minutes with a brand new report from the white house, expect that at 7:06 on the "today" show. an early morning crash, the chp says this looks worse than it was. an suv caught fire after crashing on northbound 880 in san lorenzo a little after midnight. good news here, the driver was not hurt but the chp says the driver was arrested. officers did not explain the reason why.
6:55 am
apple goes before the supreme court today, seeking to end an anti-trust lawsu 30% commission from app developers. apple says it doesn't own the apps or sell them, but the lawsuit claims apple has a lot of control over that process, including the requirement that prices end in 99. a new report indicates nearly 70 san francisco high-rises may be vulnerable in the event of a major earthquake. according to "the chronicle" the list includes 68 of the city's tallest structures, all completed before 1989, all so-called structural skeletons assembled with now outdated welding techniques. inspections are being done to determine the potential danger. >> i hours we expect to learn more about an officer-involved shooting in san jose. it happened friday atom at least one o officers arrested the man, took
6:56 am
with knob-life-threatening injuries. jeff eddie garcia plans to release more details at a news conference at noon. if you've taken b.a.r.t. lately you may notice rides are getti getting quieter as the agency repairs the train's steel wheels. b.a.r.t. began shaving about two millimeters of metal off of every wheel in its fleet two years ago. the project is nearly complete, and as "the chronicle" is reporting, noise complaints have dropped 73%. b.a.r.t. says it will save about $2 million a year with the tapered wheels. leader also look at whether or not to tweak a program launched 18 months ago to settle housing rental disputes. the residential rent review program includes a series of coordinated steps to mediate disputes. each one of the two dozen or so cases reviewed have all been successfully resolved. councilmembers will hear public comment, perhaps make some recommendations as well.
6:57 am
happening today, nasa set to make a landing on mars, first in six years. >> today's landing kicks off a two-year mission for a craft called "insight" tasked with studying the evolution of terrestrial planets. it will study the deep interior of the red planet. today in oakland the space and science center will host a live stream at 11:00. now we're going to show you new video, an intruder, quite the bear, entering a california highway patrol facility in butte county. the bear appears to peek inside, walks in, checks out the vending machines there, animal control officers gave him quite a scare on saturday. eventually the bear just walked out on his own, followed by two armed officers, at a distance, though. but he went his merry, little way. >> just checking in. >> didn't find the porridge.
6:58 am
>> everybody's probably back to work today, maybe bringing leftovers in, and putting them around the office. >> i don't know, it's been a few days. >> we've still got them. >> check your weather as you get out the door. >> as you get out the door, it's cold again and we are going to see a mix of sun and clouds today. inland valleys reaching into the mid-60s. rain returns tomorrow, and we'll see that off and on throughout much of the week, and even the weekend. in san francisco, expect highs in the low 60s. >> can't complain. need that rain. mike's been tracking a crash on the bay bridge itself. >> on the span, it's counter commute but we have an unusu commute, folks returning to work around the bay, not as heavy as we often see, but definitely more than last week eastbound 80 getting out of san francisco, a crash is being removed from the bridge as we speak. doesn't look like a major problem, better news, westbound is okay. >> we'll have a local news update in half an hour at 7:25. >> we'll be back here at 11:00 as well. we will see you then.
6:59 am
good morning. getting nowhere fast. dangerous winter storms creating post-thanksgiving havoc on the roads and at airports. overnight, a snow emergency declared for parts of the midwest, highways lit erred with crashes. thousands of flights canceled or delayed and, wait for it, there's more treacherous travel on the way for millions in the northeast today. al has the very latest. trouble at the border. u.s. agents fire tear gas at hundreds of migrants trying to rush into this country illegally. the busy border crossing near san diego shut down. this morning what's next in the growing crisis. demanding answers, a
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