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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 26, 2018 11:00pm-11:33pm PST

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and beyond. our live radar shows a series of storms gaining momentum and heading toward the bay area. check your wipers and clear your gutters. for many of us, the rain arrives tomorrow morning. need. let )s get right to chief here )s a great way to keep
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track of the incoming rain: our free nbc bay area app... its specific to your microclimate and your mor accurate that your stanrdstri ae border... this story stands out. an oakland nurse, deported to mexico last year. tonight, she )s one step closer to being reunited with
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her four children here in the bay area. maria mendoza sanchez could be home for christmas. nbc bay area )s terry mcsweeney is in oakland w/ her immigration story. terry? the immigration debate is heating
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up, and president trump is warning of two shutdowns.
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one, a permanent shutdown of the u-s mexico border -- near san diego, after chaotic clashes over the weekend between migrants and border agents. you )re looking at new video tonight of san ysidr clashes over the weekend betweep migrants and border agents. you're looking at new video tonight, conditions are calm right now. the second proposed shutdown of the government in washington if $5 billion is not secured for the president's long promised border wall. the president could use his veto power to partly close down the s progress but no peace tonight, the list of unaccounted people stands at 203 at the camp fire in butte county. messages from loved ones are cw still being posted on boards at shelters like that one in chico. cheryl, i know you spoke to butte county sheriff about the pain staking work they're doing to try to clear this backlog of
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203 people. >> reporter: that's right. he says it's getting more and more difficult to identify bone fragments found in debris. it's tough to do and not easy to talk about, especially if you're the sheriff in this county. >> i don't have an answer. >> reporter: the sheriff and coroner have had the task of reporting the number of dead in this devastating camp fire. tonight, it wasn't any easier. >> the remains that we are now recovering often times are remains that havebe leaving just bone and fragments. >> reporter: the number of human remains stands at 88. search teams go to various parts of paradise daily. searching for remains, the
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sheriff says there is a possibility some remains may never be found. >> i would say it is within the realm of possibility, yeah. unfortunate, but it's within the realm of possibility. >> reporter: and there's a possibility more of the miswilling be found alive. that number has dropped to 203. authorities are hoping people are safe, and they haven't been taken off the list. mean while, people are still living in shelters, having to move to a different location. >> we don't want to go to gridly, but we don't have any choice in the matter. >> reporter: and the slim for the people who live in this area, and that gridly te filling up, as people prepare for the storm that's shlated fo- storm.- cheryl hurd, nbc bay area of wnl >> we keep hearing about it, there's so many fire victims that are unsure what the future holds. that's why tomorrow we're s
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hosting an all-day fund-raiser for them mon ey walong with our station and the united way. we'll be answering your calls from 6:00 in the morning tomati0 in the've i evening. if you want more information, go to s now ou it's been two months since christine blazy ford testified s in congress against judge brett kavanaugh. she's now out of the headlines but hasn't returned to her homec in palo alto. dr. ford says she's still dealing withish measurable n elle joins us in palo alto hs where neighbors p and supporter are just hoping she'll come jean? >>ep supporters here at city hall and in dr. t forward, a decision she's describing as terrifying and causing her family lots of stress. >> my number one hope is she can
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move home. >> reporter: she hasn't seen her neighbor since september. that's when dr. ford testified at then supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh's senate confirmation hearing, telling the judiciary committee kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in high school. kavanaugh denied her claims and is now a supreme court justice. dr. ford is not feeling safe enough to return home. in a recent go fund me page update, the palo alto mother says donations from thousands of supporters are a god send, writing your donations have allowed us to take reasonable steps to protect ourselves against frightening threats, including physical protection and security for me and my family, and podoko started the thank you notes, and they are pouring in. >> all over ages writing her with hov and support. >> reporter: dr. ford wrote, i'm in awe of the many who have written me to share their
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similar life experiences. and now have bravely shared their experience with friends and family, many for the first time. ford closed the go fund me page, which raised more than $600,000, and thanked supporters. the mayor says when dr. ford is ready, she plans to welcome her home with a proclamation. >> everything she has done has been not only brave and courageous, but certainly is a brand new path for women to follow. >> reporter: now, tonight, the major says the timing of that proclamation is up to dr. ford. more than 14,000 peo donated to her go found me page. reporting live, jean elle, nbc bay area news.e fa >> thank you, jean. did hecipris break hison plc former trump campaign chairman paul manafort could now be muel facing life iner prison. in court today, prosecutors e w mueller investigation. his attorneys contend manafort v
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believes he was telling the truth. prosecutors say they'll now draw up a sentencing recommendation for the judge and outline what u evidence they have that manaforn lied.d. just in, a sketch palo alto police want you to see. they say a man who looks like xg attacked and robbed a man walking on a bike path near appo downtown palo alto on friday night. he was texting someone when three men approached him, one of them knocked him to the ground and repeatedly punched him in the face. the suspect stole the victim's iphone and ear pods and took ll rash of home burglaries over th thanksgiving weekend. investigators say in most of th cases, the homes did not have security alarms and the burglars broke in through a rear sliding glass door or window.outbr up next, checking the labelu on yours. romaine lettuce. what we learned about the source of that efx co. coli outbreak. plus --
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>> my plastic surgeon never spoke to me, nobody. >> a new warning about a deadly cancer that could be linked to certain breast implants. storm range on doppler radar, helping to track this storm system. we'll let you know how much rain on tuesday and details on three more storms after it. an elderlyo
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> some tense moments on board an alaska airlines flight. an elderly woman went into cardiac arrest two hours into a flight from seattle to hawaii, forcing an emergency landing at fo. flight attendants jumped into action along with a cardiac nurse and retired firefighter on board. they use at defibrillator to help stabilize her. she was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. troubling graffiti in the east bay. buildings, cars, and a church
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tagged with hate speech over the thanksgiving weekend. surveillance photos released this afternoon show the suspect. you see him there. this was in downtown antioch. more than 20 buildings were defaced, including a church where swastikas were painted on. some of it is safe to eat. the fda is saying only certain types of romaine lettuce should be avoided in the midst of the efx co e. coli outbreak. lettuce appears to be from the central coast. lettuce from elsewhere and labeled as such should be okay. if you don't know where your romaine lettuce came from, don't eat it. the exact source of the contamination is still unclear. 43 people have gotten sick in 12 states. almost 500,000 women in the u.s. get them yearly, but there's alarming news about breast implants. there's new evidence a particular implant could be link told a deadly cancer, that has
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women and the medical community taking another look at the procedure. for three excruciating years, michelle suffered from painful swelling around her breast and constant fatigue. >> i probably went to the doctor six times, nothing was working. >> she suspected the breast implant she got 20 years ago, but the mammograms came back normal. she had them removed any way. >> my scar capsule was fuel of disease. >> reporter: she was diagnosed with a cancer of the immune system linked to breast implants called alcl, first identified by the fda in 2011, now new fears it's an emerging risk. did you think this could be cancer in >> no, never, never. my plastic surgeon didn't bring it up to me, nobody. >> reporter: the fda has 414 reported cases of alcl, and it
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believes it's caused at least nine deaths. they consider it rare, with odds as low as 1 in 30,000 women at risk. but an nbc news investigation with the international consortium of journalists found data from other countries suggesting the risk could be as high as 1 in 10,000 or even 1 in a thousand. the main concern is with textured implants, set to remain firmly in place, more than smooth implants. plastic surgeon swanson, researcher and author of two textbooks, believes the latest evidence shows textured implants should be banned. >> if you have found an alternative that is safe, why would you not recommend that device. >> reporter: me she ever knew she had textured implants until removed. one implant manufacturer tells
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nbc news the safety is supported by a large number of published studies. another maker, mentor, saying "this cancer is very rare, and'9" fully supports ongoing research to further scientific research." she's now on a mission to warn others, and thousands are joining her facebook group for more information. >> there's not enough medical doctors familiar with this. >> the french government is urging surgens to stop using those textured implants, th fda will meet over the concerns of the safety. a winter storm in the west is wreaking havoc for travelers trying to get home. thousands of flights were delayed or canceled today, including flights out of sfo and sjc. the storm unfortunately isn't letting up. it's headed to the northeast with threats of heavy snow and flooding. >> and we have our own set of storms coming in.
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jeff ranieri joins us now. we'll see some of the effects of this tomorrow. >> tomorrow it will kick up this series of storms heading to the bay area over the next six days. get comfortable, take a close look at this. you got the glasses on, move a little closer to the tv, and you can see what we're talking about here. again, four different systems the next six days. we have that first one arriving for tuesday. another chance on wednesday. i've highlighted the one on thursday, due to the fact that this could have the heavier rainfalls. we'll see another chance once we hit saturday. i want you to know about the atmospheric river, this constant stream of rainfall in the atmosphere. again, that's pointed just to the stout outh of the bay area. if we see this move closer to us, it could amplify the totals. i'll let you know as we get closer to the storms moving in. but active week moving in.
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a look at the radar right now. it is dry from santa rosa to san jose. you can see green showing up. no rainfall just yet. so as we move into tomorrow morning, i think 95% of us will have dry conditions to start, we'll have the clouds, temperatures in the 50s from the south bay to the trivalley. a slight chance we may get a hit and miss shower, a spotty chance in san francisco. the better chance through the morning tomorrow will go through the north bay and you'll need a jacket. future cast will show us here at 9:30 morning. a chance of rainfall, still to the bulk of middletown. the new update has the timing slowing down a little bit. once we hit the afternoon at 3:00, everybody should have a little rainfall to develop. then spotty showers through
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tomorrow night. it's not a big storm system you'll see. find your city. look at the key at the top and you can see a lot of san francisco down to san jose in this blue-to-green color. that's a tenth to a quarter inch. so we get the first system moving in tomorrow. and then i have laid out the totals for the rest of the week, just to make it easy for you. you can see on wednesday. a quarter to three quarters of an inch on thursday with some wind, so that could be the heavier storm. a break on friday and then on saturday, up to a half an inch. make your plans to clean it up and enjoy it outside once we hit sunday. for the inland valleys, some sweater weather in place. upper 50s and mid 60s. if you're not here but going to tahoe, a quick look at my extended forecast here in lake
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tahoe, snow, the next couple of days. 6,000 feet, definitely looking at about 6 to 12 inches of snow. 7,000 feet, 1 to two feet of snow. >> wow! >> if you're going this weekend, sunday is going to be an amazing day to get out there. >> epic, epic. thanks, jeff. coming up, a closer look at that close call for steph curry. ha >> and we have jimmy. hey, t tonight. >> and stevie robinson. it's a great show. don't change the channel! happening now is apple's app store a monopoly? that's a question the supreme court will decide. the court heard arguments today whether the 30% commission that apple takes from all app store purchases is lawful.
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apple is urging the court to throw out the case saying they are merely serving as a marketplace for others to sell their products. back in a moment. changes to my latest storm approaches. plus: a bay area family )s batte with a life insurance company. we help them get a hundred thousand dollars! today in the bay. tomorrow morning. 4:30 to 7.
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remaining... if you wanna a good deal on this )cyber monday ) better get you a remaining if you want a good deal on this cyber monday. according to san jose's adobe, americans will spend nearly $8 billion today. this is amazon's fulfillment where they are work i work i work iing overtime. nearly half of consumering like ordering online, but plan on picking them up at a store near them. the extent of the damage is
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unknown after that crash in san francisco. it was caught on camera. golden gate ferry is still assessing the damage. two of the 53 people on board were hurt. investigators are still trying to figure out what led to that crash, and the repairs are now in the works. stek waph curry walked awaym that car crash video. take a look at that arrow. this was posted by tmz. curry's black porsche and another car crashing up against the divider on highway 24, just coming out of the tunnel. could have been terrible. a few minutes later, his car was hit again. but thankfully he was not inside the car. you can see the damage there, though. he was standing in the median waiting for chp officers. >> with all that rain and everything, he's so fortunate.
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>> it's going to be wet again this week. back in a moment.
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here's to the stair takers, breakfast makers, step counters, outdoor explorers, faith restorers, appointment keepers, fantastic creatures. farmer's market goers, cholesterol lowerers cell phone silencers. the new lease on lifers, and the positive thinkers. here's to you all that see every day as an opportunity to thrive your way.
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warriors tonight. before the game -- they announced that steph curry is good news all around for the
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warriors. they announced ted cr is steph healthy. >> warriors hosting the magic. he's healthy. he's missed the last ten games but looking healthy on the bench there. the warriors were down by 18 points in the third quarter, but hate in the fourth, it was all k.d. the loudestre. crowd of the season. k.d. had 49 points, including that three-pointer, that dagger in the final seconds. the warriors beat the magic 116-110 and improve to 15-7 on the season. giants fans could be saying goodbye to mad dubum. the president of operations has contacted several teams about the possibility of trading bumgarner.
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trading him could get the giants some top prospects. he's free throw agent after next season. >> that's kind of sad. back with more in a moment. i am a family man. i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simp,
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oakland native, lynnea
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moorer, wowed the crowd a finally tonight, a second shot at being a star. the oakland native wowed the crowd tonight on "the voice." ♪ >> she sounds great. she was officially voted off, but judge kelly clarkson put her back on her team and nicknamed her the comeback kid. >> it's such a benefit to be on here, because i can do whatever key and arrangement i want. so it was awesome. >> will she move on from the top 11? tune in tomorrow night at 8:00 for the voting results. >> she's good. smooth, too. >> look at kelly clarkson, loves her. >> we're rooting for the comeback kid. before we go, jeff ranieri is back with us. maybe in the morning we'll be okay, but come tomorrow afternoon it could hit us.
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>> 9:30 in the morning, best chance of rain in the north bay. about 2:00, the rain moves to the south. it's one of four storms this week, we think the heaviest rain will get here on thursday. >> thanks for joining us tonight. have a great day tomorrow. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." guests -- glenn close,


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