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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 29, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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face to fly. next. first the devastating fired now flash flooding. right now at 11:00, a 1-2 punch. first the devastating fire and now this. flash flooding. there are mandatory evacuations this evening in butte county. heavy rain is causing big problems in the bay area and in the fire zone. >> fire survivors are once again finding themselves in danger. this time from water and they're racing to get out again. cheryl, how much more can these
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poor folks take? >> i know. i don't know if anyone has the answer to that question but believe it or not, this entire street was flooded just about an hour ago. and much of the water covered my boots. as you can see, the water is gone. evacuation warnings and orders are still in effect. this area just can't catch a break. >> the national guard keeping watch on honey run road located eight miles west of paradise. >> numerous road closures. >> time is something many people didn't think. cal fire i know what the butte county fire department releasing these pictures of massive flooding and the boats used in at least ten water rescues. >> some of the rescues we have, the vehicle was swept into the water or swept off the roadway. where crews had to go in and get them back to safety.
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>> safety is on the minds of every single person in the fire zone. the the deadly fire forcing thousands to evacuate earlier this month. now this deluge of rain forcing people to flee their homes again. some refusing to go this time. >> it's water. that's not a good thing. our little piece of property here is 24 inches above the flood line. >> it was up another six to eight inches. >> they are all packed and ready to go but decided to stay as the water recedes. >> we're monitoring this ditch alongside our property. we're monitoring this ditch. it has been higher toward the top. we would have been out of here. >> even though the water has receded in much of the area, these warnings are still in effect. so be careful out there. reporting live in durham. nbc bay area news. >> let's bring in our chief
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meteorologist, fire season to mud slide season. this is reality here. & and this could be the situation over the next one to two months with the very vulnerable ground. we still have a flash flood watch in effect through friday's forecast. the flash flood warning has been allowed to expire. that happened at 9:15. we are flying out here. that's the good news. another three quarters to one and a quarter inch saturday. this is going to be the focus of possibly more flooding issues. now back to the bay area. we got snapped hard with the storm system. two to four inches. concord, 1 in 7,700. close to an inch in san jose. we had a few spotty showers in the south bay. that's the last of the storm. that hit the bay area. but there is a brand new one chasing up. i'll have the timing in about 15 minutes. >> the rain and winds also left a bay area mess.
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power knocked out. lots of streets flooded and now the race is on and gearing up for the next storm. lots of people will be busy tomorrow cleaning up and then getting ready, too. >> exactly. that's because there is so many leaves and branches along the roadways just like this. we saw trees lose about 50% of their leaves just minutes before the down pours started sending homeowners and working into action. as pockets of rain continue soaking the south bay. some are still dealing with the aftermath of today's storm. >> in the middle of the night. the lights were out. when i turned them on, they were off. >> the rains leading to localized flooding. the weight was too heavy on the gym's roof in santa rosa leaking dozens of gals of water.
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and collapse mcdougal to the rain, the building officials say no one was hurt. clogged drains flooding overnight. caltrans crews in overdrive. here, full of debris in morgan hill. it backed up traffic to gilroy around noon. >> we cleared them as best we could. there are so many leaves and so much litter out there. it is very easy. >> tonight, leaves finally falling, scattering on to roads. backing up gutters. >> so if you don't get your gutters cleaned out once a year, you'll have problems. >> i'm booked solid. six days a week. >> busy in the aftermath for the people preparing for the next storm saturday.
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take a look. the snow is quickly piling up. this is what it looked like on i-80 in kingvale. it is slow. remember to bring your chains. if you're going to the south shore via highway 50, this is town of meyers. by saturday, the highest peaks in the tahoe area could get two to three feet of fresh powder. the snow, the rain and the weekend plans. it is a great way to stay up to date with the twitter feed. we want to warn you, the video you're about to see is upsetting. for some reason, two men were punching and kicking a woman repeatedly leaving her with multiple injuries. they eventually left before police arrived.
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the suspect turned himself in but the other suspect turned himself in less than an hour ago. all eyes on argentina. world leaders are arriving for the meeting of the world's largest economy. a private meeting between president trump and russian president vladimir putin suddenly was canceled and that cancellation came hours after the one time trump go-man michael cohen took a guilty plea. more on the potential. >> reporter: tonight president trump arrived in argentina to questions. why did he call off a meeting with vladimir putin when he seemed to be looking forward to it? >> i think it is a very good time to have the meeting. >> reporter: according to the white house, the president boarded air force one to fly to the g-20 summit spoflt to advisers, and then tweeted about
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an incident on sunday when russia seized three ukrainian ships in the black sea. >> whether it is a missed opportunity is secondary to the fact the president has found himself in deep trouble. >> reporter: the political analyst says we don't know whether he canceled because of the confrontation or because of michael cohen who pleaded guilty to congress just hours before. >> now we've heard the latest revelations about how trump had even promised putin a penalt hoe at the trump tower. the last thing trump needs is to look like he's having a love fest with putin. >> reporter: or was it a way to deflect from chines with china? >> i like the deal we have now. >> reporter: many hope the trade
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war compromise would come. >> these are the big three, china, the united states and russia. and it doesn't look like they're happy campers. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. governor newsom was touring a detention center in san diego. the governor-elect dmouft more of what he calls a humanitarian crisis at the border. >> my job is to bring people to the zpabl to discuss what can be legitimately called a humanitarian crisis. >> he said he plans to discuss the care vandas this weekend. authorities trying to track them down before they're used by anyone. someone broke into the agent's
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parked car and took several items including some weapons. the spokesperson said more about it. lost or stolen in the bay area over the last decade. if would you like to see more of those reports, and the danger it poses to you, go to our website, they almost didn't make it out live. body cam video as a group of nurses escape the flames. plus -- >> i'm hurt. walking around with a black eye. >> taken town by officers. what she is demanding from police tonight.
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storm team 4 ranger has more on the timing of the storm coming up. when nbc bay area detects dangerous weather heading toward your neighborhood. >> you'll get live updates every 30 minutes on tv. continuous coverage on social media and online. plus, weather warnings based on your location from the nbc bay area app. a butte county sheriff
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turned on his body camera -- as this is some chilling video we have just obtained. a butte county sheriff's deputy turned on his body camera as the flames whipped around him. you can see he was driving through paradise trying on find four nurses who needed help evacuating a hospital. his car broke down forcing him to get out and walk. he and the nurses eventually were rescued by firefighters driving by in a truck and bulldozer. >> they were able to get in. thankfully everyone was able to make it out safely.
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>> only nbc, a hayward woman said she was the victim of brutality. she said she was complying with police when the officer she says slammed her to the ground. tonight, she is facing criminal charges. as jodi hernandez tells us, the woman said it is the office here should be facing charges. >> i'm angry, i'm hurt. walking around with a black eye. >> the 19-year-old said she is traumatized by an unexpected encounter with police that has left her battered and bruised. >> i get so scared. >> two weeks ago, olvera and her friends got pulled over by police. they said they had a warrant for armed carjacking but she didn't know that. she said she got out with her hands up as directed but was scared. >> i said what's going on? i did say what the f is going
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on? >> she said an officer slamtd her head against the patrol car cutting her lip. when she spit out blood, she said the officer grabbed her again. >> he grabbed me from my hair. just against cement floor. >> a witness caught it all on camera. once on the ground injured, she said she instinctively began to struggle. >> i was in shock. i was already in pain. i have their knees in my back. >> we don't go out looking to hurt anyone. >> force isn't necessary, she says. >> the conclusion of the investigation, any impropriety, wrongdoing, the officers will be held accountable. >> olvera who bakes custom order cakes for laifg said she's never had a run-in with police and can't shake what happened. >> i want an apology.
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i want to you train your officers better. this cannot happen to anybody else. >> in hayward. nbc bay area news. an unexpected makeover for an historic san francisco hotel on mason street is about to become a transitional home for nearly 60 people currently living in shelters. the site was slated for upscale housing but that all changed when the sales force ceo stepped in funding $6 million for the project. a lot of questions and concerns about the proposed new ballpark. the artist renderings of the 34,000 seat, privately financed ballpark. >> i think it looks like a great way to revitalize the area.
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>> the a's said they plan to fix it. there is evidence one girl can make a difference. a young basketball player in napa noticed steph curry's basketball shoes didn't come in girl sizes so she would to him. sometimes super stars respond. >> she is getting ready for a new basketball season. the time of shoes she wanted didn't come in girl sizes. they were only offered for boys. so riley went straight to the course. >> steph curry. >> she means three-time winning
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steph curry. he has two daughters, one also named riley and that he hosts a girls basketball camp. he responded later with his own letter. >> i'm so surprised. he is such a busy person. i was not anything like that. >> curry tells riley that he spent the last two days talking to underarmor, the company said they are correcting this now. >> we taught her to use your voice to make a change. >> 67 curry promised to send her a curry 5 and curry 6. >> she always loved him but now she is an even bigger plan.
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>> she's going to be the coolest kid in school. >> autographed, too. >> she's going to be the biggest friend. >> two autographs. one in a page and then the other one too. we know we have the storm damage so you'll be happy to see tomorrow ranger and mobile radar is showing, we have cleared out from that wet weather. there is only a few showers across the south bay, higher elevations. again, this storm system is gone. i want to take you a second to show you how we're doing with the most recent storms. it is good news. we have two columns to look at.
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this is how much rainfall we've had since the rain season start october 1st. the second is my forecast. the good news for santa rosa, oakland, you're only a half inch to an inch away from being in a surplus. this is excellent news for keeping us out of a severe drought. 93% of normal. jose is looking fairly good. not quite as good inleyer. we're going to add to these numbers as we head into the four, leave the umbrella but take your jacket.
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also, east bay and north bay. once we hit 11:00, the new system lines up to the north. this is nowhere near the storms we just had. it will bring us scattered rain from 3:00:once we hit 1:00 p.m., he should we get back the rain on. possibly more rain eyrainiest. take a look the a next monday morning. we'll see the morning lows
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dropping down into the 30s. it will be chill y chilly and k umbrella handy. >> and a chilly night ahead. up next. and in paper i.d. needed to fly. >> and we have jimmy. the san jose state football program has received $2m donation from an alum. it will be used to help build a new state-of-the-ar happening now, the san jose football program has received a $2 million gift from a very happy and generous alum. it will be built to help the state-of-the-art central on the east side. it includes premium seating
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options. back in a moment plus: a bay area woman misses out on a hotel spa experience. her gift certificates were worthless. we get her money back. tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7.
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a. sexual misconduct allegations have brought down the democratic chairman. today he agreed to resign. male and female staffers have accused him of making sexually and police and it inappropriate comments at work. his decision to resign follows questions from governor newsom to step down. and being called the next generation of air travel, they rolled out facial recognition.
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passengers can show their face. it is the first biometric terminal in the u.s. college up next, detroit flights and then domestic flights within two years. a wild finish in toronto. and what kevin durant did after the game. finals preview tonight
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between the warriors and toronto raptors. the raptors have the best record in basketball... so tonight was a good test for the warriors. could it be? >> the raptors have the best record in basketball so tonight was a good test for the warriors. that takes you to the six. that means toronto. drake from toronto sitting courtside. less than ten seconds left in the game. kevin durant has the ball. it's a tied game. we're going to overtime. in o.t., danny green hits a three of his own. the warriors lose a couple tonight. 131-128. what happens after the game? there's k.d. there's drake. what do you think? he takes off his shirt right off his back. >> i'm sure.
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that's the final tonight for the warriors. >> richard sherman was a revered player. now he's going back to seattle. the niners take on the team. he said he's still a little upset. >> you just expect after you've done so much for a franchise that they wouldn't cut you where you hurt. >> kickoff, by the way, is at 1:00. [ phone rings ] what?! ready for christmas? no, it's way too early to be annoyed by christmas. you just need some holiday spirit! that's it! this feud just went mobile. with xfinity xfi you get the best wifi experience at home. and with xfinity mobile, you get the best wireless coverage for your phone.'re about to find out!
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you don't even know where i live... hello! see the grinch in theaters by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he.
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this is like winning the super bowl -- for chefs. take a look... imagine getting this phone call. it literally changed her life. >> like winning the super bowl for chefs. take a look. do you think they're excited? >> i think so. >> congratulations to domonique. she becomes the first u.s. chef in history to win the three michelin stars.
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that's big time. how much does it cost to eat at her restaurant? $335 a person! >> the bay area has the most michelin rated three star restaurants in the country with eight of them. among them, the french laundry, los gatos, and several others. >> we've got some dining to do. >> you've got to say it together. >> just throw that around. >> i'm going to stand next to you. >> thanks for joining us. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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