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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 30, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PST

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welcome to friday morning. make it through the day threw the weekend, a live look outside, looks quiet in this shot. when i was driving in, there was a lot of traffic on 101. >> two people. >> there's two people. you count them out there. >> one. >> someone's awake. we are, someone. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. let's get a check of what is going on with the weather with meteorologist kari hall. >> nice skies. we're done with the rain for a while. live look at palo alto the roads are drying out. staying on the cool side, upper 50s, with a mix of sun and
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clouds. storm ranger giving us a clean sweep, but i'm tracking the next storm system set to move in early tomorrow morning. we'll talk about the time line of that rain coming up. mike, you're starting out with a big rig at the bay bridge. >> which is not unusual, but this big rig reported to be a fedex big rig which has some mechanical difficulties. i haven't seen any problems with the vehicles we see on our live shot. we see other larger rigs but they just appeared and the lanes are moving. so we'll track that. i'll let you know if there's any big disturbance. there's a wind advisory from chp, as you cross the span here, you might get blown around a bit, the same thing goes for our eastbound and westbound bridges, we'll track that, but no major incidents, a smooth drive and the road weather index just like the radar, a lot drier. back to you. breaking news to tell you about this morning, if you are a starwood member, you want to listen up to this. potentially massive data breach that may include the theft of credit card information. marriott saying that someone accessed a database holding
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personal information for approximately 500 million guests. that hacker or hackers had access to the starwood network for some four years, with access to phone numbers, emails, password numbers as well. marriott cannot rule out the possibility credit card numbers were obtained. our pete suratos is digging deeper into this story and will have a live report coming up in the next hour. a live look outside, clear skies for now in dublin, but as kari hall has been telling us, another round of rain headed our way this weekend. and before the next storm hits, the race is on to clean up today. yesterday's storm hammered the bay area, leaving hundreds without power. gym's roof in santa rosa started leaking dozens of gallons of water due to the rain. on peralta and oakland a 30-foot portion of roof collapsed due to rain. we showed this during our midday show yesterday. building officials say a defective rain spout is to blame. luckily, no one was hurt. clogged drains also caused roads
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to flood in san jose. caltrans crews are in overdrive working to clear the debris. people in the butte county camp fire zone are being allowed to return home this morning, after they were evacuated yesterday due to heavy mudslides and flooding. >> "today in the bay"'s cheryl hurd has more on the fire survivors who once again found themselves in danger. >> reporter: the national guard keeping watch on honey run road, located eight miles west of paradise. >> we have numerous road closures based on the amount of precip we received in a short period of time. >> reporter: time is something many people didn't have. cal fire, along with the butte county fire department, releasing these pictures of massive flooding and the boats used in at least ten water rescues. >> some of the rescues that we had were a dynamic water rescue, where a vehicle was swept into the water or swept off the roadway, where crews had to get people out of the vehicles and
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back to safety. >> reporter: safety is on the mind of every single person in the fire zone. the deadly camp fire, forcing thousands to evacuate earlier this month, now this deluge of rain, forcing people to flee their homes again, some refusing to go this time >> this is water, that's not a good thing, but our little piece of property here is 24 inches above flood plain. >> there's six to eight inches -- >> reporter: dave and sharon and barbara are packed and ready to go but decided to stay as the water recedes. >> we're monitoring this ditch alongside of our property and this ditch. had it been higher towards the top, we would have definitely been out of here. >> hey guys! that person left. >> take a look there, that chilling, new video to show you
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there of butte county sheriff's deputy turned on his body camera as flames whipped around him. he was driving through paradise trying to find four nurses who needed help evacuating the hospital. his car broke down, forcing him to get out and then walk. he and the nurses eventually were rescued by firefighters driving about i in a truck and bulldozer. >> can we get in? yes! >> you can just hear their voices there. thankfully everyone who was in that video, the voices you could hear there, made it out safely. >> hard to think of what they were up against there. 4:35. happening today, a california couple accused of imprisoning 12 of their 13 children will appear in court. judge could set a trial date for 56-year-old david turpin, and his wife, 50-year-old louise
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turp turpin. the couple arrested after their 17-year-old daughter escaped their home in riverside and told 911 operators her two sisters were chained to their beds. >> 4:36 for you right now. sexual misconduct allegations brought down the chairin' ma of california's democratic party. last week, eric bauman announced he'd take a leave of absence for alcohol abuse treatment and other health issues. yesterday, he agreed to resign. he was accused of making sexually and explicit comments at work. his decision comes to resign comes from state leaders to step down. authorities not revealing the ages or immigration statuses of three people killed in a high speed crash at the border. it happened 40 miles east of san diego. the pickup truck that crashed was carrying 11 people, two in
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the cab, the rest lying down in the truck bed. they were ejected. border patrol agents say the driver took off after agents tried to pull the truck over. the chase played out in dangerous weather, but that's not what caused the driver to crash. >> after the spike strip, the vehicle went up a dirt rock embankme embankment, very steep. the vehicle went 20, 25 feet up that embankment and subsequently rolled over. >> three of the survivors suffered serious injuries. agents say the driver who survived is also a u.s. citizen. >> 4:37 for you right now. coming up on "today in the bay," at&t joining the streaming game. when the company plans to roll out its new service, and what it will feature. plus the federal government, what they're doing after a boxer and a deejay, what it has to do with them, what has floyd mayweather and d.j.khalib facing
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$1 million in penalties?
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good morning, i'm contessa brewer. here are today's top business headlines. wall street looks like it's getting set up for a negative open. dow futures are off 85 points. stocks closed lower yesterday as the likelihood of reaching a u.s./china trade teal declined. the dow fell 28 points and closed at 25,338. the nasdaq also broke a three-day winning streak, it closed 19 points lower at 7273, and today investors will watch
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closely the g20 summit in argentina and especially president trump's crucial meeting with chinese leader xi jinping, over the weekend. at&t is planning to offer three different versions of a new streaming service next year. the new service is a way for the telecom giant to capitalize on its acquisition of time warner. it will feature original movies and tv content from warner brothers, turner and hbo. at&t's new bundle also help the company compete on content with rivals like netflix and disney in the streaming arenarena. the federal government is cracking down on floyd mayweather and d.j. khalid to tell consumers to invest in cryptocurrencies. they pumped the initial coin offerings or as we call them icos without disclosing promotional payments they received in return. the two men settled without admitting or denying the claims
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but agreed to pay combined penalties totalling more than $750,000. the sec says its investigation is ongoing. marcus, laura, back to you guys. >> got to let people know when you're advertising. thank you. 4:42 right now. coming up on "today in the bay," we get a little break in the rain for now. >> yes, it's going to be cool to start, as we head toward concord we'll dip down to 49 degrees around sunrise, looking at the temperatures in the upper 50s later on this morning. we'll get a look at all of our microclimates and track the next storm, coming up. and our live look reflects the same thing kari is talking about, drier roads, very calm drive right now for this portion of 101. we'll talk about where there is a new crash in through san jose.
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and good friday morning to you. live look out in fremont, and yep, the people are on the road, ready to go, ared to get their weeke weekend started. maybe you're lucky enough to be at the sierra, a snow quickly piling up. lot of skiers and snowboarders headed to tahoe this weekend. i-80 and kingvale checking for chains is what they're doing. always keep them handy. this is the town of myers. by saturday, the highest peaks could get up to two to three feet of snow.
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building up our snowpack there, it's nice to see. i had a friend who recently moved up there, she's like, "i got to commute in this stuff?" you got to think ahead, too. >> not just there when you go for speed. >> exactly. >> we'll talk about that. i also have another live picture of the sierra. let's get out the door this morning around the bay area. live look outside in san jose, as the roads start to dry out. we're going to see the temperatures starting out cool, with some low 50s and only make it up to about 57 degrees today. so as you get started, getting dressed this morning, you do need to make sure that you've got a sweater, and we can ditch the boots today, maybe wear some dress shoes, just for today. we'll be pulling those rain boots back out early tomorrow morning. let's track the incoming rain that we're expecting, partly to mostly cloudy skies for today. there will be some times of sunshine, and for the north bay, i think we'll see more clouds there as the system approaches, and as we go into early tomorrow morning, we start to see the spotty showers moving in, but by the afternoon, all that is cleared, and this will be a
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quick-moving system. it will bring us the potential of a quarter to possibly close to a half of an inch in parts of the north bay, where ukiah could reach close to 0.6 of an inch of rain and more snow in the sierra. live look at squaw valley lit up with fresh snow on the ground, looks so beautiful this morning. if you will be going to the sierra this weakened, we showed you the road conditions and looking at for most of our resorts, kingvale up to another ten inches of snow, just this weekend. we have a couple more storm systems on the way, so this one will be moving in tomorrow. there is another one set to arrive on tuesday into wednesday, and that's going to bring us some additional rainfall. it's going to be very chilly as well. we're looking at a chance of showers tomorrow morning, and highs reaching 55 degrees and behind that cold front, it is definitely going to be cold early next week. morning temperatures in the 30s and low 40s. highs only in the mid-50s, and as that next round of rain moves in, we'll see highs in the low
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50s, not only for the inland irz -- areas but san francisco as well. we'll track the next rounds of rain. mike, you were talking about so far a couple of crashes. >> a couple smaller krs eer cra the roadway conditions are great. we did talk about the sierra enawe saw them checking for chains. still requirements for i-80 and highway 50. there's different weather over there, of course as you get toward the summit than here, so keep that in mind and check the highway conditions. i'll send out a link on twitter. the south bay north 87 close to the airport, a crash blocks your fast lane. no major injuries, shouldn't be a major problem. the speed sensors are holding up at the interchange itself, so we have a chp crew on scene to help. another crash here south 101 around wood side, this is at the off-ramp, a car went off the roadway into the dirt. no injuries there. smooth drive highway 84 the dumbarton bridge and the san mateo bridge, the live view
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shows you westbound. look how much space there is between the vehicles. this is great westbound for your commute direction. that will build later on during the day. being a friday, we'll see midday and afternoon traffic start to kick in friday evening, definitely an issue as far as travel through the cities, various cities and their commute in the evenings. here in the dublin interchange, moves nicely. no real problems, not a lot of slowing out of the altamont pass, but you have some slowing eastbound. crews still clearing from that area where we have the paving work around greenville. no delays for the rails. b.a.r.t. trains were delayed because of the conditions yesterday during the rainy weather, but this morning, everything is on schedule. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 4:49 for you right now. a dramatic rescue from the l.a. river yesterday. this is during heavy southern california rains. that storm triggered mudslides in some of those areas burned by the recent wildfires. people in some of those neighborhoods were evacuated, and parts of malibu will have some added cleanup this morning. that's in the same area hit hard
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by the woolsey fire. an unexpected makeover for historic san francisco hotel. the bristol hotel on mason street is about to become a transitional home for nearly 60 people currently living in shelters. the site was originally slated for upscale housing but all that changes when mark benihoff stepped in. he's been a strong supporter of housing the homeless. a lot of questions and concerns about the a's proposed ball park near jack london square, and now we have some answers. the team held an open house for the community. on display were artists' renderings of a 34,000 seat privately financed waterpark. it includes an elevated park with sloping rooftop garden. >> i think it looks like a great way to revitalize the area from total industrial to more mixed use, something that the whole commuter could be proud of. >> the a's plan to revitalize
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the current kocoliseum site, demolishing the stadium and turn that land into a housing and retail complex. proof one letter from one girl can make a big difference. ung why basketball player in napa noticed steph curry's basketball shoes didn't come in girl's sizes so she wrote to him, and sometimes superstars respond. >> here's "today in the bay" anisha rosta. >> reporter: this 9-year-old asked her dad for a new pair of shoes to play in school, but the specific type of shoe she wanted didn't come in girl sizes. they were only offered for boys. so riley went straight to the source. >> steph curry. >> reporter: she means three-time nba champion steph curry. riley wrote him a letter. in it she said "girls want to rock the curry 5s, too" and reminded him he has two daughters, too, one also named
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riley. the golden state warrior responded later with his own handwritten letter. >> and i was really happy it wasn't like a type. it was actually handwritten. so surprised, because he's such a busy person. i was not expecting anything like that. >> reporter: curry tells riley that he spent the last two days talking to under armour, the company that sponsors curry, and makes his shoes. the all-star said they had smaller shoe sizes labeled as boys on their website, but that they are correcting this now. >> we as parents have taught her, use your voice to make a change, and she is, and we couldn't be more proud of her. >> reporter: steph curry promised to send her a pair of curry 5s and curry 6s when they become available saying "i want to be sure you can wear my kicks proudly." riley always loved him but now she's a bigger fan. >> she is over the moon about this. >> reporter: "nbc bay area news." >> way to go, riley.
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>> i love it. isn't that great? >> i never thought about it. >> because you're not a little girl. >> this is true. coming up next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> she's got a gift card, but the company goes out of business. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, "nbc bay area responds," next. but first, happening now, a mistake at purdue university sends a clock calling from the bell tower there, crashing on the ground. that video was posted by a student who witnessed it earlier this week. you can actually see that clock being hoisted to the top of the tower, and then somehow being released. it appears to hit two workers in the house buckist bucket before below. thankfully no one was injured. we'll have more news for you right after the break. ♪ this little home of mine,
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sa 4:55. right now, nbc bay area responds to a san ramon woman who missed out on a hotel spa experience. >> she learned her gift certificates were worthless so she asked our consumer investigator chris chmura and his team for help getting her money back. >> susan plan aid spa day for herself and her sister at the lowe's regency hotel in san francisco. she bought two gift certificates totalling $150, but a few months later, that spa closed. she says she spent nearly a year trying to get a refund before she turned to us for help. we learned the regency didn't operate the spa. an independent company did, and we couldn't reach anyone at that company at all. but lowe's stepped up and sent susan a check for $150 anyway. lowe's said it understands the frustrations, and refunded the
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guest as a gesture of goodwill. keep this in mind for holiday shopping. in most cases, if you have a gift card for a company that goes out of business, you are out of luck. so don't sit on those gift cards. use them right away. if you run into gift certificate trouble, you can complain to the department of consumer affairs at the state. give us a call, 888-996-tips or visit >> thanks, chris. 4:57 for you. right now, coming up on "today in the bay," the breaking news to tell you about. driver is arrested while behind the wheel of a tesla. the strange way the chp had to get the car to stop. and we're seeing the roads drying out this morning, as we take a live look outside at 880 and fremont, as you get ready to step out the door, it's going to be cool. low 50s, only reaching the upper 50s today. we'll look at all of our microclimates come ing up next.
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there is a big story on the peninsula side, but not on the freeway. we'll hand it back to laura. >> the breaking news, marriott said it's been hacked. the data breach that's effected half a billion people. a live lof
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and just seconds before 5:00 now on this friday morning. taking a live look outside at san francisco's sky line there. beautiful start to the weekend. good morning. thanks for starting your morning here with us on "today in the
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bay." i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. everything got cleaned off from all of that rain. little bit of a break today. >> a little bit of a break and tomorrow morning we'll watch another system moving in, quickly, though, so you can still get out there for your saturday afternoon plans. look at storm ranger, mobile doppler radar, giving us a clean sweep this morning, before you step out the door. we're seeing a few clouds and once again the next storm system moving in from the pacific northwest will bring us some rain. we'll see mostly cloudy skies today. few peeks of sunshine here and there and especially for the north bay. we'll see the rain starting to move in later on tonight and sweeping through in the morning. we'll take a closer look at the time line coming up. mike, you're updating the two crashes. >> the two crashes from before. the first one, going down to one crash. the crash here by the san jose airport north 87, now cleared after a quick traffic break from taylor. we saw a little slowing about three minutes, and then it all cleared up. over here north 101, that moves


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