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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 2, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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road. the mayor, an avid cyclist said he'll be coming back home this evening and is eager to get back to work. >> i'm very grateful for everyone who has enabled me to be able to move on. i'm going to be working from home for a few days, i suspect, and then i'll be back at work next week doing the job i love at city hall. >> those who regularly bike in the area of the accident say it can be dangerous. >> you really have to make eye contact with each driver who is coming in from one of these side streets, precisely because they may be distracted or they simply may not see you. >> now the driver of the the san jose police department for failing to yield to another driver. nbc bay area news. n jose, we are learning that a second person was hit by new year's eve gunfire in the east bay, this one a tourist.
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a stray bullet hit him in the hand minutes after the clock struck midnight. it happened at a house party on the san leandro border. a stray bullet also hit a 6-year-old girl in the head. it was a similar situation. the girl was in the backyard during a family gathering in east oakland. she went to the hospital and is expected to be okay. police are offering a reward for information that could lead to the person who fired that shot. the man accused of killing a police officer in the central valley town of newman faced a judge today. a crowd showed up outside the modesto courthouse this afternoon to support the officer's family. corm ral ronil singh was shot at a traffic stop. the name we've been calling this suspect all along was actually an alias. robert. >> reporter: that's right. there were surprises and a lot of emotion here as the families of the fallen officer and the accused killer showed up for the suspect's first day in court. as you saw, tensions were
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running high inside and outside the courthouse. >> we're not here to cause any problems. >> hours before the court hearing started, the modesto courthouse was surrounded by groups including blue line wives. they waved signs demanding justice for ronil singh. the man accused of killing singh the morning after christmas during a dui stop was arrested in bakersfield two days later and scheduled to be officially charged today. as singh's family and friends arrived they were cheered. >> today they are going to face their son's murderer, her husband's murderer, their brother's murderer. as you're in that courtroom, we're out here in front of the courthouse. we have your back. >> cameras were not allowed inside, but the suspect shuffled into court heavily shackled. first it was revealed the suspect's name is actually paulo veerhan. the court proceedings were suspended until december 7th for
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a mental evaluation after his attorney expressed concern his client was not competent to stand trial. supporters expressed frustration at the legal system. >> i'm tired of it. i'm sick of seeing our officers be attacked on the streets when they're just out here trying to protect us. >> reporter: now, the singh family thanked law enforcement and the community for their support. the defendant's family declined to comment. coming up at 6:00, more on what's happening with the other people arrested for trying to help the suspect escape. live in mohammed aquib imra live. the family of a woman killed on christmas day is asking for charges to be filed against four san jose police officers. the fil of jennifer vasquez called the shooting an unjustified murder. the 24-year-old was allegedly driving a stolen car early christmas morning when she was shot and killed by police after they misidentified her as the suspect in a shooting. police admit they were chasing the wrong vehicle.
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san jose police chief eddie garcia said it would have turned out very differently if vasquez hadn't fled. police say at one point she tried to ram her car at a patrol car with officers standing nearby. the family's spokesperson read a letter addressed to the santa clara county district attorney. >> the family and community is requesting that your office file criminal charges against the officers who killed their daughter. >> all four officers had their body warn cameras activated and the footage will be released after an investigation. we now know that the body found in a livermore landfill new year's eve is that of a woman. sheriff's deputies are now trying to figure out where she died and how. the altamont landfill, investigators believe the body was discarded in another city and taken to livermore by a garbage crew. they are calling the death suspicious at this time. an accusation tonight that ac transit discriminates against
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employees who are pregnant or breast-feeding. those are the claims from a former bus driver from the east bay agency. she says carbon monoxide fumes made her sick when she was pregnant, and ac transit forced her to take unpaid leave. then in her lawsuit she claims when she came back to work, ac transit did not provide sufficient accommodations for breast-feeding her baby. her attorney says other women faced the same challenges. >> that's why she filed a class action, so she could change the company culture and change the policies there so no other mothers have to go through this hard and arduous situation she's been through. >> for its part, ac transit issued a statement asking the public to withhold judgment until it uncovers the circumstances that have led to the lawsuit. face-to-face for the first time since the shutdown began, this afternoon president trump met with democrats, including representative nancy pelosi to talk about the border wall. it is the main sticking point in getting a deal done to end this government shutdown. here's nbc's blayne alexander
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from washington. >> reporter: in his first cabinet meeting of 2019, president trump making it clear he is not backing down from his demand for border wall money. >> our southern border is like a sieve. it just pours through our southern border, and unless we're going to have physical barriers, it's never going to be able to be stopped. >> the president blaming democrats for a shutdown he once declared he would own today asked how long he's willing to keep the shutdown going? >> as long as it takes. i mean, look, i'm prepared. i think the people of the country think i'm right. >> reporter: this only hours before hosting leaders from both parties at the white house, but not a negotiation. instead, thealng it a border security briefing. in the end, more finger pointing. >> to have a temper tantrum, pound the table and say it's our way or we hurt all these people. we hope that won't happen. >> we're asking the president to open up government. we are giving him a republican path to do that.
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why would he not do it? >> reporter: this as the shutdown stretches into day 12, and it's getting messy. trash lining the national mall, smithsonian museum, national zoo all closed. even the panda cam gone dark. >> very upsetting that i drove all the way from miami. >> reporter: and for some 800,000 federal employees it's another day of living without the guarantee of their next paycheck. >> not knowing when you might get paid again is frustrating. >> reporter: that frustration aimed at washington, where common ground may prove even more elusive once democrats take house control tomorrow. among their top priorities, introduce a plan to reopen the government, one the white house and senate republicans have already dubbed a non-starter. blayne alexander nbc news washington. the "today" show is's -- on democrats take control of the
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house. you can see that tomorrow morning on "today". the government shutdown affecting national closed but remains partially open, and the visit not very pleasant for many. visitors are complaining about all the garbage and waste. staffing is limited and that means bathrooms aren't being cleared. yosemite has cleaned bathrooms and campgrounds in play areas. rangers will now be at a check point during the day at a south entrance, only admitting visitors with reservations. all others must enter using the western entrance. apple stock was halted after the company lowered its first quarter earnings outlook. trading stopped for the announcement. the stock price was down by 7%. in a letter to shareholders, ceo tim cook reported it would not meet initial revenue projections and blamed a weakening economy in china, specifically weaker iphone sales there, and other emerging markets.
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now, in spite of that, stocks kicked off the year on a positive note after plunging earlier. they managed to recover with a slight gain. the dow climbed 18, s&p up 3, and the nasdaq gained 30. still to come, fans are disappointed after they show up to steph curry's pop-up store. the misunderstanding over free concert tickets and what's being done to try and clear it up. plus, get paid toeoroe gistf for the weekend, that new update in about seven minutes. tonight h ranieri, i w we'll let you know how much rain
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curry" is finding himself in a rare position: he is a fan favorite, but tonight warriors star steph curry is finding himself in a rare position, the center of complaints. his pop-up store in downtown oakland is facing some criticism. the basketball star is hosting a star-studded party later this week. he invited fans to come to pick up tickets today, but as nbc bay area's melissa colorado tells us, confusion and anger set in for many fans. melissa, what happened? >> reporter: there have been t lots of miscommunication today. fans thought they were going to come to the store and leave with a pair of tickets. instead the store was closed. there's a handwritten note that says there will be no free tickets today. sorry. >> we're going to have a special
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performance, throwout party at the fox theater downtown oakland. >> it is the open invitation that went out to the 23.3 milli 23.3 million people that follow steph curry on instagram. >> ooh, steph, he done started a little fire. he's stirring this pot with that cute little insta message. >> the warriors point guard is hosting a free party at oakland's fox theater on friday saying he wants to celebrate hi mr. fab will be performing. >> pop-up store in downtown oakland, free tickets to the event. >> fans from antioch to modesto stood outside this pop-up store in downtown oakland on wednesday only to find out that the store was closed and employees were not giving out tickets. >> people are paying for parking to get here. they're coming from miles away. they brung their kids and family here. it's very disappointing. >> the chatter got to curry. the basketball star now says
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fans can stop by his oakland pop-up store tomorrow from noon to seven to pick up the free tickets. the basketball star tweeted, fans do not have to buy anything to receive free tickets. >> reporter: steph curry fans listen up. we just got a new update from under armour. a spokesperson says the first 225 people to be online tomorrow, doors open at noon, those first 225 people will be able to get a pair of tickets. this event is geared for high school students as well as college aged students. make sure you have a valid school i.d. handy. that's the latest here in oakland, i'm melissa colorado nbc bay area news. thanks for the update. the biggest trial in oakland's history is set to begin in a matter of months. two men are charged with involuntary manslaughter for their alleged role in the ghost ship warehouse fire and one of those men will be taking the stand. the attorney for derrick almena says his client will testify during the trial which is set to
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begin in april. the alameda supreme court judge trina thompson will preside over the trial. defense attorney tony sarah says his client has been waiting to share his version of events. >> he's very articulate. he's got a very high iq. he has a vocabulary that is interspersed with poetry, so i think he'll be a very able witness when he speaks on his own behalf. >> defense attorneys for alameda and max harris are also asking the alameda district attorney's office to arrest and prosecute 14 other people saying they played a role in the cause of this fire, including the owners of the warehouse and oakland fire officials. the next hearing is scheduled for january 18th. stealing from the stars, police say they've nabbed the thief who targeted celebrity homes over the past two years. the lapd says benjamin ackerman focused on high end homes by casing them at open houses.
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among the celebrities are usher and adam lambert. the 32-year-old was found with more than 2,000 items like jewelry, artwork, and clothing worth millions of dollars. >> this person is very sophisticated. in a lot of these cases we see tampered surveillance videos. we're still looking into that, that's still part of our ongoing in the crimes are committed in 2017 and 2018. ackerman is currently out on bail while the search for accomplices continues. one of the sounds of the '70s is silenced tonight. ♪ love, love will keep us together ♪ >> that captain and tennil song was number one for eight weeks in 1974. musician daryl dragon, she was with him when he died today from kidney failure. they stayed friends even after their 2014 divorce. more businesses are saying good-bye to california. the findings by a business
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advising firm found that 1,800 businesses left california in 2016. analysts behind the report say many california businesses are choosing to move operations to texas, nevada, and arizona. experts point to california's high corporate tax rate and legal red tape as possible reasons. if you love the water, your dream job may have jus the east brother light station needs an innkeeper. you may not recognize this tiny island, but it's local. it's in the middle of san pablo bay north of the rich mamond sa rafael bridge. the nonprofit will hire a couple. one of them needs to have a commercial boat operator's license to ferry guests to the island. the inn is open four days a week. cooking skills are alsothe pay is about $130,000 a year, but you'll live for free, free room and board. >> oh, man. >> i didn't even know that was there. >> i've seen it before. >> when i drive over the bridge, when you go north, you look to the right, and off in the distance you can see it out in
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the bay. and i've never been there in person. >> me either. i always thought who's out there. what's happening? >> you could stay there. it's a romantic get away. >> could see it clearly today. >> definitely clearly. the cold temperatures to start, we even had some 20s this'soing one for us as we get you into our microclimate forecast right now. a lot of us heading back to reality today. check it out on our oakland camera, 880, the traffic here in oakland is thick in both directions. i feel your pain, but you know, it's a new year. it sounds good, right? 2019, so let's go ahead and get a look, and we'll get you ready for tomorrow. 52 degrees right now. once we hit 11:00, we're down to 41 in oakland. here's a little shred of good news, not quite as cold as it has been. however, it's still going to be chilly. we're forecasting 35 in the tri valley, peninsula at 39.
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south bay 38. also, in the east bay you're dropping down to 37 for the average, san francisco 42 and the north bay at 34. a little cloud cover to start, but overall a lot of sunshine. temperatures are going to be warmer for the afternoon. i am putting some 60s in my forecast. you'll see right down here across the south bay, looks good for low 60s from east san jose down to gilroy, over to contra costa. 57 in livermore and 59 in fremont. the peninsula,hine not too much in the way of wind, 54 along the embarcadero, and 59 in napa. overall a beautiful day as we move through your thursday forecast. things are going to start to change once we hit friday. so make sure you soak up that sunshine tomorrow. let's take a look at the change we're talking about here, and you can see by 10:30 on friday, rainfall lines up. this is a good-sized storm system, a lot of rainfall with it, and right now it looks like
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we'll get a decent portion of this moving to the bay area. once we hit saturday, 7:00 a.m., that's our first round of widespread rainfall returning to the bay area. also snowfall for the sierra, and we'll likely keep that wet weather continuing into saturday afternoon. so here's how it plays outsen-d. we don't see rain return again until saturday. saturday looks like the wettest day in the forecast. we'll see a quarter to about 3/4 of an inch of rall bet for 3/4 of an inch would be the north bay. also at the immediate coastline, lesser amounts down towards san jose. a little bit of chance with rainfall on sunday. best bet would be in the morning hours. we should get some sun by the afternoon. a second round of wet weather next week on monday, tuesday, and wednesday could add up to an additional half inch to one inch of rain. we'll stay in the 50s here in san francisco, and it's going to be a mix of some 50s and also some 60s right here across the inland valley. i've been warning you about the sierra. if you're headed up to the higher elevations, we do have
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snow. it's going to stack up anywhere from ten to 20 inches. looks like a good dose of some wet weather once we hit saturday's forecast. we'll know more about those totals tomorrow. we're going to fine tune them, get them a little bit more nailed down for you. >> love to see that snow pack get higher and higher. >> it would be good. even though we've had some storms, we could certainly use some more. amazing images coming in from the edge of the solar system. nasa's latest successful mission next.
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here's to the stair takers, breakfast makers, step counters, outdoor explorers, faith restorers, appointment keepers, faer cholesterol lowerers cell phone silencers. the new lease on lifers, and the positive thinkers. here's to you all that see every day as an opportunity to thrive your way. the fire broke out in a van outside the old k-mart parking a fire left one person badly burned on the east bay. the fire broke out in a van outside the old kmart parking lot in antioch overnight.
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a homeless couple was using candles to keep warm, but the candles sparked the fire. the man got his female companion out of the van, but he was burned in the process. paramedics took him to the hospital. two people were critically hurt after a vacant building caught fire in san francisco. the fire started around 8:30 this morning on the second floor of a three-story building. nearby construction workers helped rescue one of the victims. the cause of this fire is under investigation. we are getting an up close look at a part of our solar system that was previously unimaginable. nasa's new horizon mission took these images of the kuiper belt object. it is the first detailed photos of the most distant object ever explored. scientists say it illuminates the process that built the planet four and a half billion years ago. people are raving about the latest netflix film bird box on social media. you may have seen memes and parodies of it. >> one of the latest spinoffs is the bird box challenge, just
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like the characters in the film, people are putting on blindfolds and documenting it. netflix says don't try this at home. the company's tweeted saying it's flattered by the film's attention but wants fans to stay safe. if you missed it on social media, here's what we're talking about. as you can see from the pictures, people are blindfolding themselves and yes, even their dog doing everydaysk. th oe b world they're just bringing us entertainment and laughs. >> yeah, you could get hurt. a 100-year-old woman wanted to check something off her bucket list, and santa clara police were able to help out. we'll show you when we come back. to cacth a tagger.
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the international effort that led to an arrest of a tonight at 6:00, to catch a tagger, the international effort that led to the arrest of a notorious graffiti bandit accused of leaving his mark on several b.a.r.t. trains. that story and more tonight. a 100-year-old woman checks off an item on her bucket list, and it's all thanks to santa clara police. she wanted the opportunity to meet police dogs and their handle handlers. the police department made her wish come true. marie got to meet the command staff and the dogs and even ride in a patrol car with the sirens on. police say it was a special day for them as well. >> oh, man. >> happy birthday. so cute. what a great birthday.
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>> look at that. >> got to start thinking about what i want for my 100th. >> oh, yes. >> a long time. >> only a half a century to go. >> a long way. >> a will tlot of time to think what you want. the weather forecast as you head through the next couple of days will be dry through at least thursday and friday. we do have rain returning on cha saturday. that's going to be the wetter day of the weekend, and potentially more rain next monday, tuesday, and wednesday. even though we've had storms, we can use every drop of this coming our way. >> thank you very much. >> thanks for joining us. "nightly news" with lester holt is next. >> we'll be back at 6:00. thanks. breaking news tonight, no deal, all the major players in the same room for the first time since the shutdown began two weeks ago. president trump prepared to let it go on. >> as long as it takes, i mean, look, i'm prepared. i think the people of the country think i'm right. >> neither side budging on the president's border wall demands after u.s. authorities
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fired tear gas at migrants allegedly throwing rocks at the border. war of words, president trump unleashes after mitt romney's scathing attack on him. disturbing video, children at a border shelter appeared to be kicked and shoved. dramatic call for help, a woman trapped, her car overturned in a watery ditch.


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