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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 3, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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speaker of the house. >> so help you god. congratulations madame speaker. >> reporter: it's the most diverse. more than 100 women, a new record. the congressional black caucus welcoming its biggest class ever. muslim and native american women joining in congress for first time. >> our democracy will be strengthened. >> reporter: in the senate, republicans increasing their majority by two seats wp the democrats taking house control the new congress means new headache for president trump making a surprise appearance in the white house briefing room. his very first time behind the podium and surrounded by border patrol officials to strengthen his case for a boardrder wall. >> i've never had so much support as i have in the last week over my stance for border security, for border control and for frankly the wall or the barrier. >> reporter: the government
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shutdown over that wall now in day 13th. >> we are diligent, diligent and persistent in trying to open up government. if anybody have any doubts that we're not doing a wall. >> reporter: and stressing democrats are not backing down. at this moment it does in the appear we're any closer to the end of that shutdown. house democrats tonight planning to introduce their idea to reopen the government but as of right now it doesn't appear it's going anywhere. president trump said he's not voting for it and senate republicans have made it clear if there's no support from the president it's not coming up for a vote in the senate. >> okay. thanks so much. >> nancy pelosi. pelosi. >> what's next? speaker pelosi grand daughter was there today. she became a twitter darling as
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she cheered for pelosi has speaker. later bella won the crowd over again as pelosi voted for herself. when all children joined the cho white house speaker it echoed back in 2007 when many children were by her side. what is next? they are working late. senate leader mitch mcconnell calls the bills non-starters because there's no money for the border wall. tomorrow they return to the white house for more discussions with president trump on border security. beyond that, democrats won the house on big promises to confront climate change, health care and immigration reform. we have obtained surveillance video of a hit and run in pleasanton. you'll see a woman walking in a crosswalk. you see her there. this is near the gateway shopping center. you see the truck turning left.
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turns right into that woman and hits her. thankfully she was not seriously injured. there he is. investigators say he did stop but provided false information. if you recognize him, you're urged to call pleasanton pd. a morning jog turned violent in east bay. a woman walking her dog who you can see here in this surveillance picture allegedly attacked a jogger. here is how it unfolded. police say one of her dogs attack eed a jogger. then the dog walker attacked the jogger, punching her several times and biting her on the arm. authorities are looking for that dog walker. there's good news for that 6-year-old girl in oakland. she was shot in the head by stray bullet at a new year's eve party but she is showing signs imprend it will tough the find the
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shooter without a key piece of evidence. >> reporter: police tell us the bullet is still lodged in that little girl's head. it's too risky to remove it. without that key piece of evidence it will be a whole lot tougher for oakland police to find be tern responsible. you'll recall the little girl and her father were at a new year's eve party in east oakland this week. the host of the party told us when the father noticed she had fallen in the backyard, he took her to the hospital only the find out she was shot by a stray bullet in the head. oakland police say doctors do not plan on removing the bullet from her head because it's too dangerous. >> it's going to be difficult because there are multiple activatio activations. we know a bullet can travel a great distance. she did speak a few words to the doctor. that's extremely reporter: pol
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little girl is in stable condition and is expected to recover. that can take some time given the extent of that injury. oakland police still have a $5,000 reward for anyone with information that can help lead to an arrest. that's the latest here. i'm melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. the search continues for drive who are hit a 14-year-old boy on his bike and dragged him for several blocks. it happened around noon yesterday. police say the boy was riding his bike to a bike shop. the teen's body was lodged underneath the vehicle for four blocks until he managed to free himself. the man and woman inside the car took off and abandoned the vehicle. oakland police will not specify if car was stolen. police say the teen is still in critical condition at highland hospital. we know the body found in a livermore land fill on new year's 'belong to a 23-year-old
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hayward woman. investigators believe the body was discarded in a garbage bin in another bin and transferred by a garbage grew. the woman had a hit of mental health and substance abuse issues. the death is no longer considered suspicious. today was the first snow packed survey of 2019. there's some mixed results here. the snow pack at the phillips station is below average but it's much better than this time last year. the warming pattern is consistent with what we have seen. we have been warmer than average for naua number of years. consistently since 2013. >> they are translating it. the department of water resources says global warming is our problem. the snow pack is crucial as you might snow since it supplies about 30% of our water needs. the question now what happens for rest of this rainy season and what's it looks like. let's bring in jeff ranier.
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we ask this a lot. where are we now and what's coming up in next few weeks for us? >> we're at about 69% of normal. not extremely bad but not also great. i think we'll make really good headway as we head throughout the next six days. let's show you why we'll see some marked improvement. i think incoming storm this weekend could push us above 80%. the higher elevation in this mi pink to light zone is about 24 to 30 inches. let's get you an update houn we're doing so far on the rainfall season across the bay area. mixed results here. 65 in oakland. 65 in san francisco. we're going to see these numbers boost up from our storm out here. that's moving close by 10:30 on
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friday can see by saturday morning some heavy rainfall lining up. details on a second and third round coming our way next week. it's coming out at 5:19 tonight. we're days away from the college football national championship. check out one of the latest additions. this morning we saw a chunk of san pedro square transformed sbo a football field. there's speculation that the championship game monday night might not be as well attended as one thought. ticket prices are dropping. >> reporter: fans are flying in to this airport. they better be ready to spend big. it kbould a reason wcould be a prices are so low. if you want a seat, it will cost
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you an arm and a leg to see it. say you want to book a room at one of the thoehotels for a two night stay. >> i see through the 8th, our hotel is sold out. >> reporter: as of thursday afternoon a representative on the phone told me they only have one room left to book and it's not cheap. >> it's $749 plus tax and fees. >> per night? >> per night. >> reporter: flights are pricey too. one round trip ticket from birmingham, alabama or greenville, south carolina will cost you at least $1,000. ticket prices to the college football playoff game are taking a dip. >> compare last year we are seeing roughly about 56% less on the ticket price. >> reporter: these teams have played in the national title game three of the past four
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years. some believe fatigue over the matchup coupled with the long trip a labama and clemson fans need to make could be droiving down demand. >> last year was driving it kind of an iconic matchup. >> reporter: most of the ticket buyers are from california. half of them hear in the bay area. reporting live, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. should be exciting on monday night. horrible day for apple and its investors. even if you doen don't own apple stock your bottom line probably took a hit today. warning about lower than expected iphone sales sent shares of apple down about 10%. it's worst single day lost in six years. apple ceo tim cook called for an all hands meeting at the headquarters to brief employees on the status of the company.
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he says the reason for the lower than expected sales can be found in china where the economy there is slowing down. >> the last two months in china it took downturn and big issue was consumer confidence. the way consumers looked about and felt about the tariffs impacting their future. >> apple dragged the rest of the market down with it. that's where every one in theory got impacted here. the dow dropping 660 points. coming up, why apple drop today isn't just all about china. we talked to a lot of people who say iphones are just too expensive. san francisco marks major milestone today. the remodel is complete. city leaders came out to see the new moscone center. the redesign adds about 20% more space which makes one of the largest convention center in the
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country. >> this is a world class facility for a world class city. it will make sure we are competitive for years to come with other cities. the hotel industry played an important part in helping to make this expansion possible. >> the center has new patios, plazas, public art and better access between buildbuildings. at 6:00, what the mayor is doing to drum up more bid and bring money to san francisco. mpl people willing to wait for hours to get free tickets to steph curry's big party. it comes one day after a mix up. driverless delivery. the project announced by door dash that will put more cars on bay area roadways. a lot of activity in the pacific. we're tracking rain. we'll let you know how much and which day will be the wettest.
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up. warriors fans flocked to steph curry )s pop-up store in oakland first the mix up and now the line up. warriors fans flocking to setep curry i curry's pop up store. tic tickets were free. did you get a ticket for tomorrow night's party?
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>> i was here way too late. you remember yesterday's mix up left a few hundred fans here really disappointed because they showed up and found out there were no tickets available. now a couple of hundred fans have tickets in hand and really pumped up for tomorrow night's party at the fox theater. some waited in line in downtown oakland since very early in the morning. >> number two. been here since 2:00 this morning. >> been here since 3:30 this morning. >> reporter: tickets to the friday night bash were gone in just 20 minutes. >> i'm going to go party with steph curry. >> i got my tickets. i can't worry about nobody else. >> reporter: curry announced the party to celebrate a decade in oakland on instagram. >> we're going to have a special performance, bash at the fox theater downtown oakland. >> reporter: hundreds of people stood outside waiting for
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tickets wednesday only to discover they won't be available until today. more disappointment after they were all gone today but nothing but positive vibes for the warriors number 30. >> he loves oakland and he's been with us for so long. >> i think that's great. it's great for the funt tcommun. >> reporter: steph curry promising live, local performances all night. he will be there himself. this is going to be one heck of a party tomorrow night at the fox theater. >> okay. thank, tom. the search is on for thooef who is robbed a store at the livermore outlet. two suspects stole several hand bags worth about $20,000 yesterday. they took off in a dark suv. if you recognize either of these men call police. a long running talk show is pulled off the air its famed
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host becomes the center of sexual misconduct claim. star talk is on hold after allegations surfaced against neil degrasse tyson. no need to tip the driver. food delivery service, door dash announced it will test food deliveries usinge inine inine i vehicles. it will be tested in san francisco. the first food delivery tests will begin in march. >> i'm a door dash customer. >> the car arrived. do you have to go get it? >> that's a good question. >> someone is supposed to bring it to your door.
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>> the door just opens. big question. >> i have to walk out of my house to get the food. what. looks like saturday morning we'll see the rainfall pick up for some wet weather this weekend and several more chances as we move into next week. let's take you under our forecast tonight. this is what everybody is talking about. rain chances ahead and it's all coming from this activity out here in the pacific. close to a look at storm ranger, shows it's currently dry from the north bay down to the south bay. no rainfall tonight. no rainfall tomorrow morning. we'll start to see some changes for that morning forecast. cloud cover increasing and not nearly as cold as it has been the past couple of mornings. we have been in the upper 20s and low 30s. tomorrow morning a lot better. we have widespread here. also 40s from the east bay to
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the north bay. get comfortable. we're going to go over the rain timeline. we'll take you through everything you need know about the weekend. if you have plans on saturday, pay extra special attention. friday, 10:00 at night. the storm system is out here offshore. you can see the wet weather negotiated with this. once we hit saturday morning, the main cold front with the storm system will start to push in. that will bring some heavier pockets to the coast. you can see it indicated by the yellow and the orange for the north bay and the coast. then that will continue into 8:00. 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 on saturday things really begin to pick up for us. then we think we could get isolated thunderstorms popping in into 2:00 p.m. into the afternoon. really looks wet from the morning hours through the afternoon on saturday. here is the thing. once we hit saturday night we'll get a break in the forecast. looks like the break will continue into sunday morning. then there's some more rainfall developing out here offshore.
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once we hit the afternoon on sunday into sunday evening we'll see another round of rainfall return. how much rainfall this weekend. let's get a look at the estimate. find your city on the map. generally we're at quarter to half inch for the lower elevations from the south bay up to about san francisco. higher elevations three quarters of an inch. go up to the north bay for more on that half inch to one inch range. not only the rain but also the wind. 20 to 40 miles an hour gusts. looks like saturday morning it would be the u.gustiest. this could take down more trees and power outages. we get a second chance on monday. we'll have the same rain forecast for inland valley and temperatures staying in the 50s. it does look wet on saturday. best chance would be from about 5:00 a.m. through about 3:00 many the afternoon.
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>> wow. like an exciting week. going to be busy. up next, just as many people are moving out of california as they are moving in. the number one reason why people are moving out and it's not the cost of living. stay with us.
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lands himself in jail. mountain view police say a transient named )alan jekyll ) broke into a couple )s an uninvited christmas guest lands himself innsnt broke insi couple's home and barricaded himself inside. they pushed the door open far enough to see the suspect inside. he ran from the apartment and caught by officers following a brief scuffle. police say he tried stabbing an officer. the officer's vest prevented any
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injury. nearly the same amount of people leaving california are also moving here. that's according to a study by united van lines. 54% of the people who are moving have decided to leave california to live in other states. about 45% are moving to california and here are the top reasons why. good jobs and then family and then retirement. >> very nice. tonight a new show with a local touch. the titan game features 64 people from across the country. among those competing is carla meranda. she was born in puerto rico and lives here in san francisco. it's hosted by the rock. you battle each other in variety of unique games. >> to get to this point it takes a lot of dead indication, a lot of discipline. a lot of taking care of your body. it's also a mental game. you have to have the right mind set to go through titan games.
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>> you like these shows. >> i do. >> what's the other one you like? >> american ninja warrior. >> you can watch carla compete in the titan games. dwayne johnson from hayward. it debuts at 8:00 p.m. a toddler helped nab some thieves. the california city tha
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launched an app to warn you tonight at 6:00, are you ready for the big one? we ask that quite of tten. the california city that launched an app to warn people ahead of time about an earthquake. the question is when we will have the app in the bay area. that's at 6:00. a couple of thieves were busted ands have a young boy to thank. the department posted this picture. he's named austin. he watched a eed as two men wal into the garage. he quickly told his mom who called the sheriff's department. they tracked the two men and arrested them. >> you leave my brother's bike alo alone. before we go, there it is. the rain is coming in. >> rain comes in on saturday.
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we got another chance on monday and next wednesday. one to two feet of snow this weekend. >> that's big. extra joining us here at 5:00. lester holt is next. tonight, t . tonight thehe major power shift in washington. nancy pelosi grabs the speaker's gavel again as the democrats seize control of the house. the new faces of congress, the most diverse in history including a record breaking number of women. and president trump making a surprise appearance in the white house briefing room amid his first taste of divid government. a massive plunge on wall street and ceo tim cook pointing the finger of blame at the president's trade war. as the soaring price of iphone part of the problem? espionage charges for an american being held in moscow. whatussians claim he was caught doing as speculation swirls it's a ruse to orchestrate a prisoner exchange. is this the


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