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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 4, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PST

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and a good friday morning to you. taking a live look out in san francisco there. not as clear as it was yesterday, but still, a beautiful shot there to start out our friday morning. thanks so much for starting your morning with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kira klapper in for laura garcia. mike inouye is tracking a huge backup on northbound 880. >> we'll get to you, vianey, in a second, because she has big changes but this is big right now. our photographer is stuck in the backup. flashi lht top of the88 approac boulevard, that's where you are forced off the freeway, but right now, no one isther one of our traffic cameras, the fremont
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truck scales that turns a little to the tesla, the manufacturing plant and car company, northbound. the flares put folks off the freeway. behind me coming into the screen you see northbound 880 completely stopped, heading north from about mission boulevard. now, we see the speed sensors change over the last couple of minutes, trying to get these folks to exit to mission, take 680 instead of 880 and get back over, you can also take fremont boulevard, warm springs boulevard and also dixon landing road and avoid the backup. it's a fluid situation as far as the cars in the backup but we know the closure will last for at least an hour. chp is on scene doing an investigation and what it sounds like is there was a pedestrian on the freeway. there's n coming out of milpitas and in closure for northbound 808 toward fremont. toward the rest of the bay, the rest of the commute moves smoothly, vianey,'ll send it ov
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developing today's weather. >> definitely a rough start on the roads out there. everybody, please be safe. right now, our current temperatures once again waking up to some 30s this morning for the north bay. 31 degrees in santa rosa, 37 in napa. we're actually running a few degrees warmer in other areas, including oakland and hayward, 40s right now. we have big changes ahead and we're already starting to notice that increase in cloud cover, that is the first sign of big changes to come in weather. so temperature trend we'll top out in the 50s, but i am tracking rain and this is going to be our first rainfall of the year, just in time for your weekend forecast. i'll have the details on that, coming up shortly. back to you. >> vianey, thanks. a shocking and frightening experience for a local nurse, while she was jogging on a popular east bay trail. she said she was attacked by this woman you see here. this is new video that could help investigators track her down. the nurse says it happened during her morning run, just a y. >> not only was she
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beaten, she says she was bitten by her attacker, who had two dogs. >> reporter: this is the bite mark the jogger showed police. >> it was pretty obvious those were not canine bites but rather human teeth. >> reporter: human teeth marks on the forearm of a woman who told east bay regional park police she had been bitten by a woman as she was finishing up her run thursday morning. >> in addition to the bite, there was also a certain amount of punching and kicking, when the dog owner had dragged this girl, stopped her on the track on the trail. >> reporter: this all happened around 10:00 a.m., when the woman claims she was running near oakland city stables on the goldenrod trail near skyline boulevard when she noticed two dogs and a woman. one of the dogs attempted to g.te her. the dog stopped. >> reporter: she continued running. on her way at this video,
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following her at a distance, trying to entice her to turn around, but that didn't work. police are investigating this as a violent response from a dog owner who took exception to her animal being pepper sprayed. elizabeth abram is at the stables daily with her horse viva. she says there is a problem with dogs off leash but this alleged attack is unbelievable. >> and obviously crazy that she bit her. that's just absurd and kind of scary behavior for a human. understandable for a dog, but not for a human. >> reporter: cheryl hurd, "today in the bay." this morning, a plea for help from investigators in the east bay. they've now identified the woman found in the altamont landfill on new year's eve, as 23-year-old karina banta. they want to know when she was last seen alive. the landfill is near marsh creek park, just outside of livermore. investigators believe banta wge
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bin in another city and transferred to the landfill by a garbage crew. the cause of her death is still unknown. > this is exclusive video of a november attack in the city's financial district. security guard dan jenson, you can see there, was putting barricades in place to block the state borders, as janson works, the group attacks him, knocking the 57-year-old to the ground. janson's family says a blow to the head with the skateboard has changed the avid fisherman's life forever. he needed emergency brain surgery and is now in a rehab facility where he's learning how to talk and walk once >>'t walk yet. he can't feed himself. he started to brush his own teeth, so that was a huge accomplishment. >> the san francisco district attorney's office says
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24-year-old jesse vieira it in dust difor assault with a deadly weapon. his attorney says he has video to prove vieira was not the aggressor. we look at our nation's capit capitol, where an historic new congress facing the same old problems. this morning they head back to the white house to negotiate a solution to the partial government shutdown. it is the latest attempt to break gridlock for president trump's demand for taxpayers to put payment on for a border wall. he'sing 's he nancy pelosi says immoral. >> this is not a wall between mexico andted ates that the president is creating here. it's a wall between reality and his constituents. >> now, last night, the new democratic house of representatives approved the plan to reopen the government,
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but with no money for the wall, republicans in the senate who passed something similar last fall refused to consider it. well, it took four years and $550 million, now the moscone center remodel is finished. >> san francisco leaders and hundreds of people turned out for the ribbon cutting yesterday morning. the redesign adds about 20% more space, making it one of the largest convention centers in the country. before the project, san francisco was at risk of losing conventions to cities with slicker and newer facilities. the is center has patios, pla z public art and better access beee finishing touches on an epic clash at levi's. the college football championship game monday night between alabama and clemson. sky ranger was overhead as crews painted the field late last night. santa clara and san jose this weekend are rolling out the red carpet. caltrans crews are already
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sprucing up roadways for the expected traffic, and the building up really kicks into gear later today, with the opening of the playoff fan central at the mcenery center. >> that will be fun. coming up on "today in the bay," general motors hits a major milestone in the electric car market, as it looks to compete with tesla. finding your next job may depend on location. we'll tell you the best cities in the country for employment. and taking a live look at the golden gate bridge, a beautiful sight there to start our friday morning. vianey will have a look at what you can expect with the weather, coming up in just a bit. 4:38. you'reatth bay."
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back with breaking news this morning. deadly accident shutting down northbound lanes of i-880. of course, we have a crew on the scene asking questions. it seems to have been al mean f commute this morning. we have a crew there on the scene. we'll have a live report coming up later this morning. good morning, i'm frank holland at cnbc global headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street will look to recover from yesterday's big losses. the dow closing down 660 points following a disappointing report on u.s. manufacturing and after apple cut its quarterly sales forecast for the first time in more than a decade.
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apple stocks dropping nearly 10%, its worst day in six years. on today's watch list, the monthly jobs report comes out before the opening bell. it is expected to show hiring picked up in december, with unemployment holding near a 49-year low. general motors is confirming it sold its 200,000th electric vehicle in the u.s. during the burs have until april 1st to nd take advantage of the full credit, which will then be cut in half a phased out next job may depend on your location. wallet hub is out with a list of the best cities to find new employment. they compared more than 180 u.s. cities, and they found scottsdale, arizona, is number one, with one of the highest median annual incomes, columbia, maryland, is second, followed by orlando, san francisco and colorado springs. those are your cnbc business headlines and marcus, i think you just started recently. sounds like you're doing pretty good. back over to you. >> not doing too badly.
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>> in the right place. >> thanks so much, frank. all right, 4:43 for you right now. up here on "today in the bay," vianey is tracking rain in our weekend forecast. >> oh, yeah. all things seem calm now but we'll notice an increase in cloud cover and we have a wet weekend ahead, but it's also going to get windy. i'm tracking latest hour-by-hour outlook with the details coming up. >> a serious situation in fremont, ttrea of light here stopped completely. this is northbound 88 boulevard. you see the tesla parking lot in the background. crews arrived on scene and we'll try to get you more detail right now. this freeway will not be open into the near future. we'll talk you around it and show you how big the backup is. plus they waited in line in the cold for hours. the dedicated warriors fans who got their hands on steph curry's golden tickets for tonight's big event.
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. welcome back. 4:46, a live look in richmond where the skies are clear and the roads open but don't be dpe received. we have a major closure on 808 in fremont to tell you about, a deadly crash involving a red peen. as always parents in our newsroom along with mom kira next to me, will tell you kids, always listen to your parents. >> yes!
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>> yes except this one boy in delaware. the boy was supposed to go to sleep at 10:00 p.m. tuesday night instead he showed up binge watching net flick. >> i saw smoke in my hallway and saw the fire. i started yelling for my mom, because she was asleep at the time. >> if he wasn't on the tv, if he was not awake, i don't know the outcome. oh, yeah, he didn't get grounded this time. >> this time. pfeiffer fighters say the fire started from a breaker box malfunction. the family is okay, however, as you saw there, sadly, the house is gone. the family pets did not make it out alive. that's the one time it's okay not to listen to your mom. >> always a good opportunity to remind everybody to check the battery in the smoke detector. >> they say whenever the time changes, to change the
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batteries. we're going to check in i think with you in a minute on this deadly accident closing 880, but first, an important update on the weather with vianey. you are forecasting some major changes. >> it's not my fault, guys. we need the rain, come on, let's get excited about the rain. >> we need the rain. >> right now in san jose, these are current temperatures. we still have some 30s out there. 38 degrees and pretty soon we're also going to have some cloud cover to go with it. let's take a look at your san jose temperature trend. once again, we'rerting out 0s until about 7:00 a.m., eventually climbing into the 40s and the rest of the0s. so the temperatures very similar to what you saw let's talk aboutime highs. we'll top out in the upper 50s. 57 degrees for concord. 55 for san francisco. 57 up through santa rosa. your bay area skies will start to get a lot of cloud cover into the afternoon, and then here it is, satellite radar showcasing
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the active pacific. we've already got some clouds starting to creep in, especially into the north bay, which is why we have our very own storm ranger up and standing, ready to track the incoming storm. let's get to the futurecast. this initial storm is set to make its arrival late overnight with the possibility of some showers overnight into the north bay and then early saturday morning, that heavy rain band understorms, that rain will hat then carry over into sunday on and oweet another system and 6: a.m., this is right in the middle of your morning co not to mention the amount of snowfall that is expected as well for the lake tahoe area. as far as estimated rain totals, possibly two to three inches for the coastal mountains. everywhere else sees a little over an inch and the windy conditions are expected to kick up, upwards of 35-plus miles per hour, with gusty winds potentially upwards of 60, which means we could be seeing some
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high wind advisories as early as tonight. all right, i know now everybody wants to get an update on the deadly crash, so let's get a check of that with mike. >> horrible news to start the morning for folks, but the huge impact on your freeway, you see the ambulance right here, our photographers arrived northbound 880, this ambulance and anything left of there closed on the freeway. to the right, the cars that are moving are exiting at fremont boulevard and freeway, a deadly crash, so we are following this. let me show you the shot from our traffic camera. you see the stream of headlights, this is northbound 880, there is the tesla parking lot, the iconic sign just outside of our shot. the folks are jammed up but starting to exit the freeway over there. folks getting on from warren are jammed up and there's no hope for them to get out of this until they exit back over the freeway. folks, if you are traveling north 880 out of mill pi taps
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through fremont, if you typically pass tesla on your right side, that means you're going north on 880, that is the area that's affected. the full closure of the nimitz is just north of fremont boulevard. warm spring boulevard, cushing, fremont boulevard will take you past the scene. warren and mission boulevard takes you over to 680. northbound 880 closed as you travel north into fremont out of milpit milpitas. everything else on the grid is clear but a deadly crash is of course going to affect folks. families are concerned about the people involved. we're getting more details. if we can share them with you, we will but some are gruesome. the closure for the nimitz is right there at fremont. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 4:51 for you right now. protesters for a time shut down the west oakland b.a.r.t. station last night. nbc bay area sky ranger flew over the site, where dozens are people marked one year since the deadly b.a.r.t. shooting there, not far from the station.
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b.a.r.t. police officer shooting there not too far from the station. you may remember the body camera footage from a b.a.r.t. police officer who shot and killed shaline tindall. it shows tindall armed with a gun fighting another person. it shows tindall reaching for the gun before the officers fired. prosecutors later cleared the officer. a follow-up to the story about a man asleep at the wheel of a moving tesla. the member of the los altos pleaded not guilty. alexander samath was asleep and drunk behind the wheel of his tesla, which was going about 70 miles an hour on 101 on the peninsula in november. investigators believe he was using the autopilot feature. tesla says that feature is not meant to replace the actual driver. he will return to court for a pretrial hearing in april. 4:53, and you know, it's really hard to believe, but steph curry has been wearing a
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warriors jersey for a decade now. >> yes, it's ten years, and to celebrate, he's throwing a big bash at fox theater tonight in oakland. fans stood in line for hours, two days in a row, to get tickets to the party and they say it was all party it. >> excited? >> yes. >> reporter: how come? >> because i get to meet steph curry. >> 225 of the lucky fans also will get to watch e40 and p.lo perform and they'll wat globally launch his new curry 6 shoes. coming up on "today in the bay" -- >> he spends about three grand on a refrigerator, then spends almost three years trying to just make it work. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, "nbc bay area responds," next. but first, happening now, thousands are stranded in southern thailand from a powerful tropical storm. rain, winds and surging seas are paralyzing some of the country's most popular tourist locations.
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the affected areas include phuket, and kosamui. 1962 was the last time a tropical storm made landfall in thailand, and this storm is rolling through at the height of the tourist season. we'll be back after this.
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robert kimball in brentwood mailed us a half inch envelope, all about that refrigerator right there, and a three-year-long back-and-forth with samsungayhe bought the refrigerator in 2014 but the ice maker was usele, producing slush, not ogged appointments us
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warranty, 20 of them. he figured a new refrigerator was the solution but samsung said no, so he mailed his case to us. we contacted samsung and robert says it offered him a full refund, more than three grand, so he could go out and buy a new refrigerator. the company didn't explain what happened with those 20-plus service calls, but samsung told us it will "carefully review mr. kimball's experience in an effort to constantly improve our processes." we think that's a key part of the resolution here. yes, speaking up time-consuming, but companies might not even know unless that have kinks to work out, customerse photos and documents just like robert did. should you hit a brick wall, you're trying to solve a consumer problem, maybe we can offer a boost. the number is 888-996-tips or online at
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4:58 for you right now. we want to go to mike inouye following breaking news on 880 with lanes shut down. >> the entire freeway is shut down. this is a live shot, a fire crew, ambulance, a deadly crash closes north 808. i'll show you the extend of the backup, where you do not want to go this morning. a traffic alert
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northbound 880 completely shut down. 5:00 for you this morning. traffic alert northbound 880
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completely shut down this morning. these are live pictures you can see, cars backed up there. mike inouye will have a look at that in just a bit. thanks for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kira klapper in for laura garcia. we get to the weather in a moment. mike, this is terrible news. >> we start with the worst of the news, the human factor. someone has been killed, northbound 880 is closed because of a deadly crash. you see the ambulance and fire crew, and our photographer is on scene trying to gather more details. gruesome details come into the newsroom. i'll share with you, a pedestrian has been killed on theew


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