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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 4, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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northbound 880 completely shut down. 5:00 for you this morning. traffic alert northbound 880 completely shut down this morning. these are live pictures you can see, cars backed up there. mike inouye will have a look at that in just a bit. thanks for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kira klapper in for laura garcia. we get to the weather in a moment. mike, this is terrible news. >> we start with the worst of the news, the human factor. someone has been killed, northbound 880 is closed because of a deadly crash. you see the ambulance and fire crew, and our photographer is on scene trying to gather more details. gruesome details come into the
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newsroom. i'll share with you, a pedestrian has been killed on the freeway northbound 808 just about where the tesla shop is. you see the background cars moving northbound, exiting at fremont boulevard. we'll show you on our fremont camera and give you a context. these folks are coming over on warren and on mission boulevard coming over from 680. you expect that to be smooth moving. it is not moving at all. joining on to northbound 880 you cannot move through this area, anywhere north of dixon landing road you want to avoid the nimitz and coming over from 680 is not a good option. warm springs boulevard will take you on surface streets as well as fremont boulevard and cushing as well, there is warren avenue. that gives you the context by the tesla plant. if you travel north on 880 and the tesla shot is on your right, that is the direction it is shut down. we expect a couple hours to be shut down. 068 is clear and so is the entire bay area. we'll follow the rest of the bay, but the deadly crash in
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fremont is our big news and we're also going to send it toward damian trujillo out there. >> reporter: we're about a half a mile south of where the accident happened. right now, it seems like they're pushing cars off of cushing boulevard because the slow lane seems to be moving. the emergency vehicle, the chp officers were not able to get through because drivers were going onto the curb of the side of the road to see if they could maneuver their way around and that prevented them, the police officers and emergency personnel from getting through to the scene to be able to direct traffic, and so that backed things up a bit. now it seems like they're again, pushing people off of cushing boulevard so they can clear the highway somewhat, but the highway itself remains closed at the point just north of cushing boulevard. this is a fatial hit-and-run ofa pedestrian on 880. what the pedestrian was doing on the highway at 880 at this time
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is not known. >> we sent out this push alert before 4:30 this morning. you may have woken up to it. download our nbc bay area app to get all the breaking news you need to know while you're sleeping. right now, we want to go to vianey arana in for kari to take a look at the forecast on this friday. 37, cold out there. >> 37, another morning of seeing 30s on the map. in fact, we're actually going to see these clear skies being taken over by a lot of cloud cover, because i am tracking big changes into the weekend. it's going to come in the form of rain, but the first sign of changing weather is always the cloud cover. we see the haze, and then the clouds come behind that. 10:00 a.m., 50 degrees. our temperatures topping out into the upper 50s for inland areas, and we're also expected to see a change in winds. we may be calm right now, but come tomorrow morning, we're talking about potential gusts of upwards of 35, maybe even 60 for the higher elevations. we'll send it back to you. >> thanks, vianey. in washington, it's a new
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day with an historic new congress facing the same old problems. congressional leaders head back to the white house to negotiate a solution to that government shutdown. it's now been three weeks. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live for us on capitol hill with the latest. tracie? >> hey, marcus, good morning, everyone. three weeks. now we have three and a half hours here in washington until the next attempt to try to end this shutdown. congressional leaders, democrats and republicans, head back to the white house today to see if they can work something out, but with the democrats and the president at odds over funding for the border wall, it's not clear where the negotiating begins. today's white house meeting is the latest attempt to break the gridlock over president trump's demand for taxpayers to put a downpayment on the border wall he said mexico would pay for. >> i have never had so much support as i have in the last
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week over my stance for border security. >> reporter: he's going head to head with new house speaker nancy pelosi, who refuses to pay for the wall. she says it's immoral. >> this is not a wall between mexico and the united states that the president is creating here. it's a wall between reality and his constituents. >> the deal is passed. >> reporter: last night, the new democratic house of representatives approved a plan to reopen the government, but with no money for the wall, republicans in the senate who passed something similar last fall now refuse to consider it. >> i would call it political theater, not productive lawmaking. >> reporter: right now, that wall is the only thing standing between 800,000 federal employees and their pay. >> 800,000 people who have been put at risk, who are worrying about whether they get a paycheck next week. >> reporter: president trump tweets "this is strictly
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politics by democrats, hoping to get an edge on the 2020 election." tracie potts, nbc news, washington. more details on the impact of the shutdown right here in the bay area. san francisco is fed up with trash at nearby landmarks. crews from public works department are now picking up that garbage at national parks. waste has been pile up in places like land's end for the past two weeks. that's when the national park service stopped clearing them and cleaning up that area because of the government shutdown. although the city is now stepping in to help, public works spokeswoman wants to remind visitors to pick up after yourselves. happening today, relatives are planning to gather for a man shot and killed by hayward police officers. in mid-november, police killed augustin gonzalez after a neighbor called 911. officers thought he was armed with a knife but later determined it was a razor blade. they also said he did not follow their orders and challenged them to kill him.
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family members plan to file a civil claim arguing officers made mistakes handling the situation. they plan to hold a vigil outside hayward city hall. first, he hits a woman with his truck, and then he lies about his identity to police officers. new details in the search for a wanted man in the east bay. police say he was driving this truck when he hit a pedestrian in the crosswalk, as you just saw there. it happened in pleasanton near the gateway shopping center, just before christmas. good news s the woman was not seriously hurt, but that man, he stuck around to talk to police. here is a closer look at him from a surveillance photo. police say everything seemed to check out at first, but then investigators found out it was all bogus. the investigators hope someone will recognize him and come forward with his real name. starting today, san francisco's search for a new fire chief ramps up, even as the rank and file issues with the selection process continue. now, the question is, who will replace chief white, who stepped
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down in october? today the commission holds a pivot ail meeting. "the examiner" reports tensions from the firefighters union which believes an experienced replacement can be found from within. the union believes the most worthy internal candidates are being ignored. new this morning, about a third of b.a.r.t. workers have a lot of explaining to do. they did not show up to work on christmas eve, nor on christmas day, according to "the "san francisco chronicle."" train agents and operators left stations unstaffed and unsecured because of this b.a.r.t. manager said police officers had to fill in. the managers warn a crackdown on worker attendance is on its way. happening today, steph curry celebrates ten years wearing the warriors jersey, and to celebrate, he's throwing a big bash at the fox theater in oakland tonight. fans stood in line for hours, not one but two days to get their hands on the tickets for the big party. they say it was well worth it. we'll get a chance to watch e40 and p. lo perform and see curry
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globally launch his curry 6 shoes. >> so much fun. work crews putting the finishing touches on what will be an epic college clash at levi's stadium. the college football championship game on monday night between alabama and clemson. our sky ranger was overhead as crews painted the field late last night. santa clara and san jose this weekend are rolling out the red carpets. caltrans crews already are sprucing up roadways for the expected traffic, and the buildup really kicks in later today, with the opening of playoff fan central at the mcenery center. >> oh, boy, start packing the ponchos. i want to you head out there but i don't want to you get soaking wet. the changing weather this weekend will be one that will maybe affect how you're going to be dressing. morning commute antioch right now 30 degrees, as you head out the door. once again, we're starting out very cold, but the north bay and even in through some portions of the tri valley and interior valleys will start to notice the
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increase in cloud cover earlier than the rest of the bay area, also along the coast. microclimate highs today top out into the 50s but it's going to be your last dry day before we see that rain move in late tonight into the north bay, and then early tomorrow throughout the entire bay area. it will be a wet commute tomorrow morning. let's get a check on the latest on that crash. mike? >> vianey, we have our shot from our photographer ethan, on the scene, showing the traffic approaching chp flares, this closure is northbound 880, all the lanes closed. you see folks lined up to get to the fremont cushing off-ramp. i moved the camera back, that shot that i just showed you, all the way back to mission, these folks are trying to get off of mission, but it looks like the backup is starting to clear. i think they're stopping folks traveling from 680 continue to the nimitz freeway. the traffic is starting to condense, as well as north of dixon landing road. i do not encourage to you take the nimitz because you are closed northbound 880 at fremont
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cushing boulevard. there is a crash in san jose, guys. back to you. >> thanks. coming up on "today in the bay," all of us our data was probably stolen in 2018. the digital resolution that experts say we all need to take to keep our information protected this year. it was another lousy day on the markets, just crushed. is this the new normal? plus, ahead at 5:25, the manhunt under way right now in texas, for a suspected gunman, wanted in connection to the deadly shooting of a little girl, and the sketch police want everyone to see. take a look. we'll be right back.
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right now, we are continuing to follow that breaking news, lane closures northbound 880 shut down because of a deadly hit-and-run accident there involving a pedestrian. damian trujillo is follow the story live at the scene. mike inouye is tracking the commute this morning. it's going to be a tough time for a lot of people traveling that path. >> it is, marcus. folks will see traffic flowing but you saw a person walking in front of the camera because the nimitz is closed. folks are investigating a deadly hit-and-run crash. the cars in the background are exiting the warm springs, sorry, exiting at fremont cushing. the backup includes folks coming into the area off of mission boulevard. northbound 880 is jammed milpitas in toward fremont. i'll have more on this crash as
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well as the crash in san jose, a car has flipped over on the freeway. we'll give you both of those, coming up. a very happy friday to you, and it's jobs friday. we'll get the latest from the labor department 5:30 our time. markets crushed yesterday on that bad news from apple. we're expecting a better day today, maybe 200 points positive on the dow on the open, because we got word from the chinese that american officials will travel to china to talk trade. it's telling, though, we didn't see that rise on the dow futures until the chinese confirmed what the american government had already said. washington's got a credibility problem. president trump tweeted "the united states treasury has taken in many billions of dollars from the tariffs and were charging china and other countries that have not treated us fairly. we are charging china" the president said. i have talked about this before.
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when a country puts tariffs on imports, that country's citizens pay the tariffs. let me be perfectly clear. we pay the tariff on chinese goods. this is not the first time the president has gotten this wrong. the billions in the treasury came from americans. general motors just announced it will soon reduce the tax credit for customers who are buying an electric car. they joined tesla, which made that announcement before christmas. they have to. the law caps the credit at 200,000 cars, so they're really victims of their own success. car companies and others are calling for washington to extend that credit to encourage more electric car sales. this sunday on my tv show "press here" i'll talk with industry experts about the law. >> there isn't a u.s. manufacturer right now, ford, gm, obviously tesla, that isn't supportive of this. >> so that's pascal romano. marcus and kira, reporter emmy hall is the latest to join our
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team of reporters. she is an automotive reporter bringing expertise about cars to the table so i'm excited to have her but she's also a race car driver, which makes her way cooler than anyone else on my show, including myself. here she is, racing through morocco, over the deserts in a rally she just won, a rally here in america as well. so super cool. tune in sunday morning. we'll talk about tax powelicy b also going to talk about race cars. >> she might be cooler than you, sorry. >> i am certain she's cooler than me. >> you have the best show, though. i always watch on sunday mornings. thanks, scott. >> thanks, scott. you know what? there's a high chance your personal data was stolen last year, especially considering what experts estimate billions of consumers were hit by breaches and cyber attacks. cyber experts have advice to protect yourself. update software on your phones and computers. second, change your passwords often.
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if you have a hard time remembering passwords get a password manager. third, avoid oversharing your life online. >> that's tough these days. >> use password two, sometimes three. >> abcdefg. >> 1234. don't do that! he shared it with the world. >> i guess don't hit "remind me tomorrow" on the updates every day. >> eventually you'll get locked out. >> here's one thing, get your umbrellas out and rainboots. it's a wet weekend ahead and the rain will carry over into the start of the work week, which will mean a monday morning commute that's messy. san francisco we have a pretty picture there. temperature, cold but we're running a few degrees warmer at this hour in some spots, including oakland and hayward and into the afternoon, we're certainly going to get an increase in cloud cover, that will be our first sign 41
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degrees by 9:00 a.m. in through concord. everywhere else we're topping out into the 50s so once again, the temperatures will be comfortable but cool, as we head in towards the afternoon. let's talk about the big changes ahead. we have satellite radar right now. you can see we have some clouds especially in through the north bay, starting to roll on in. we have an active pacific and our storm ranger will be busy this weekend, as we get ready to track that incoming rain. our mobile doppler radar will do a fantastic job of giving us the timing and the highest resolution data. let's take you to the futurecast. this rain is expected to move in overnight for the north bay, so the north bay has a good chance of seeing some showers, and then early morning saturday, that big cold front, the main storm out of this will start sweeping on through and that's when we'll see heavier pockets of rain, including major snowfall for the sierra. this is going to be our first storm of the season. behind this cold front, we're tracking gusty conditions, a chance of seeing thunderstorms and by monday 11:p.m., monday morning we'll get an additional system that will track on
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through. right now, the higher elevations expected to see the most of this with the coastal mountains between two to three inches. we have an update on how the roads are doing. mike, how is the situation out there? overall traffic flow is nicely, but this shot shows you what's going on for the nimitz, our photographer ethan is trying to get a better position, showing you the flares and the right side of the screen is nimitz northbound,'s he's standg on the nimitz freeway where you shouldn't, but he can. someone for some reason was on the freeway and a hit-and-run happened. that person was killed and we don't know anything else about that as far as the details go. the hit-and-run is being investigated, and these folks with the headlights are getting
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off of northbound 808 at fremont cushing. we'll show you our traffic cam are to give you context approaching northbound 880 coming up. the dark patch here would normally be lit up by a stream of headlights coming off of mission boulevard and joining on with the freeway. in the last few minutes that's completely blankd o lly blanked. they stopped the traffic passing warm springs boulevard and headed onto the freeway. the north shot off the left side is where tesla is and the cars are forced off the freeway once again. warm springs boulevard, fremont boulevard, you can get over there on either side of the freeway but do not use that portion of the nimitz. the rest of the bay looks really good, until you get to san jose, and north 87, just by the airport, approaching the merge with 101 and trimble, there is a crash, a car has overturned on the freeway, and we have two of your four lanes blocked and that is the jam. skyport you get on to city streets if that's where you're exiting, good. if not, you'll jog around to 101. back to you. thank you, mike.
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coming up on "today in the bay," we'll look at migrants stuck at the mexico/california border and clashing again with border patrol. >> kevin hart is speaking out for the first time since losing his gig as the host of the oscars. >> the flipside is, to any attack. >> speaking to the most famous lgbtq member ellen degeneres reveals she helped make hart get a comeback, and now she's getting backlash. a new sketch i
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track do 5:24 right now. developing this morning, a new sketch is out to help track down the killer of a 7-year-old texas girl. jasmine barnes died sunday in houston, when a gunman fired into a car, carrying the young gir girl, her mother and her two sisters. authorities released new
5:25 am
surveillance video of the red pickup truck, they believe the gunman was driving. family members think that shooting was a hate crime. >> he had enough time to know that it was a woman with kids in the car. >> a $100,000 reward is being offered. about 150 attempted to crawl under or climb over the fence illegally on new year's day, according to u.s. cuss doms and border protection.
5:26 am
migrants tried throwing rocks at agents while trying to escape, so in response, agents started spraying tear gas. most of the people then returned back to mexico. this comes after a u.s. judge temporarily suspended president trump's order to stop asylum for illegal immigrants. 5:26 right now. nbc's ellen degeneres now leading the charge for what many hope is a change of heart. now, that is to reconsider kevin hart there for the upcoming oscars. >> we are a huge group of people who love you, and want to see you host the oscars. [ cheers and applause ] >> to go through 40,000 tweets to get back to 2008, that's an attack. that's a malicious attack on my character. >> now, on today's "ellen" hart opens up about being chose on it host the oscars and backing out after backlash over old and insensitive tweets. ellen is a two-time oscar host
5:27 am
and says she called the academy to bridge the divide. catch kevin hart on "ellen" at 4:00 p.m. on nbc bay area. fans are calling last night's warriors games one of the most exciting of the season. the problem is the warriors wound up losing in the end. >> down to three, down to three, it's good! >> ugh. james harden's dramatic three-pointer from downtown gave houston a one-point win over the warriors at the oracle. this is the end of overtime after the warriors seemed to have the game won in regulation. final score 135-134. warriors star steph curry may have scored some points with nasa before the game, when he score his special edition moon landing curry 6s. you may remember curry had some people believing he doubted nasa ever landed on the moon. well, curry signed the shoes and is is auctioning them to raise money for bay area academic programs. i've become numb to the warriors
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blowing a 20-point lead been >> not me. coming up on "today in the bay," we have breaking news, a deadly hit-and-run in fremont, shuts down northbound 880. damian trujillo brings us a live report, next. and a final farewell. the funeral services happening this weekend for a fallen newman officer killed in the line of duty. plus, a live report on the search under way for a suspect wanted for attacking an east bay nurse jogging on a popular trail. (mom vo) it's easy to shrink
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northbound 8 5:30 for you right now. we follow breaking news, the traffic at a standstill, this is northbound 880, completely shut down, because of a deadly
5:31 am
hit-and-run pedestrian accident. we'll have more of that in just a second. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kira klapper in for laura garcia. we'll send it over to mike inouye with the latest on the deadly hit-and-run, closing down 880. >> i'll take you back to the same shot marcus talked about. the reason is traffic is moving when marcus said the freeway is closed, if you look at this closely, the freeway itself is closed. these few vehicles, including this big rig are getting past tesla. if you travel north on 880, the nimitz freeway out of milpitas and into fremont and tesla is usually on your right side, that is the direction that is closed. you're forced off of the freeway at fremont, cushing boulevard. the exit there is a mcdonald's and a gas station there. folks familiar with the area know as we look at the bay, things look great. as far as the bay bridge toll plaza there's no backup. northbound 808 is jammed up from dixon landing road, just north of there.
5:32 am
the last half hour we've seen traffic stop coming over from mission and i believe they're forcing traffic on to warm springs boulevard, which is one of your alternates. there is warren avenue on the other side. over the freeway, take fremont boulevard koord kato, cushing and the like. note the surface streets there. you get to auto mall parkway you can cut back over toward 808 itself if you need to. we have information on the scene, it sounds like a gruesome one. damian trujillo is out there. you confirmed it was a hit-and-run crash. >> reporter: we're here with sergeant ted montez of the chp hayward division. this was a hit-and-run, we think we have one of the drivers who may have struck the victim. >> there is a possible involved driver at a location away from here, he's standing by for us. we're sending units over to inspect his vehicle and to speak with him as well. the initial reports were, though, that he was a secondary vehicle that had struck the pedestrian that we have down
5:33 am
here. we're still unaware of the initial driver that struck this pedestrian. >> reporter: you have no idea what the victim was doing in the middle of the highway? >> none whatsoever. we had brief reports there was a pedestrian down in the roadway on the freeway here. >> reporter: last question, you're pushing cars off of cushing and back on to 880. >> we are. we're trying to alleviate traffic. we've been told the backlog is two miles at this point to the area of dixon landing. we're working with caltrans obviously, you can see the coroner just arrived on scene. we're in the final stages of cleaning up, documenting the scene and collecting physical evidence, and then we'll open the lanes back up. >> reporter: within the next hour? >> we're thinking the next hour, yes. >> reporter: thank you, sergeant, ted montez of the chp. we'll keep you updated throughout the morning. >> thank you for the update. we sent out this push alert before 4:30 this morning. you may have heard it while you were sleeping. download our nbc bay area app to get all the breaking news you need to know overnight. right now, we want to go to
5:34 am
vianey arana with a look at our weather for today on this friday. vianey, the temperatures tell it all, cold. >> yes, it's pretty cold out there. in fact, we're once again waking up to the 30s on the map. but we're a few degrees warmer at this hour yesterday in some parts of the bay area thanks to an increase in high clouds as we track that changing weather. 43 degrees in oakland right now. 42 in hayward, down through san jose 37. some of our chillier spots continue to be in the north bay as we head out the door, 31 degrees for santa rosa. now your temperature trend into the afternoon the most obvious thing you will notice will be how it's way cloudier today than what we've seen so far. our temperatures not a huge change there, we'll be topping out in those 50s and we will remain dry throughout the majority of the day, as we head in through the evening hours. the north bay will be the first one to start seeing some showers, with that incoming rain expected to really impact your weekend. i'll take you through that time line in a bit. we continue to follow a developing story in the east bay where police are looking for
5:35 am
this woman who attacked a jogger on a popular trail. "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live from oakland, where it all took place, and pete, the victim claims she was bitten by the other woman. >> reporter: yes, good morning to you, kira. quite a claim by this victim, saying the attacker bit her on the forearm. in fact, we want to show you the picture, this is the picture they showed police of that bite on her forearm, a pretty nasty bite when you look at it there. the information we're getting from the east bay regional parks police which is handling this investigation, is that the attack happened roughly around 10:30 a.m. they say the jogger was wrapping up a run here in oakland just off of skyline boulevard on the goldenrod trail near the riding stables, she notices a woman with two dogs. she claims one of the dogs tried to bite her, when she pepper sprayed the dog. it stopped the dog but apparently didn't stop the dog owner. >> in addition to the bite there was a certain amount of punching and kicking when the dog owner
5:36 am
had dragged this girl -- stopped her on the track, on the trail. >> reporter: here say description of that attacker, an 18 to 25-year-old female, five to six feet, medium build, blond and auburn colored hair and she had two dogs, a rottweiler mix and a yellow tan dog. this attacker could face aggravated assault charges. if you have any information, contact police. we're live here in oakland, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thanks, pete. 5:36 right now. happening today, a viewing for the stanislas county police officer shot and killed in the line of duty. several funeral services will be held tomorrow for newman police corporal ronil singh. he was shot and killed nine days ago during a traffic stop. suspect is now in custody, and authorities arrested gustavo arriaga three days after that shooting in central california.
5:37 am
investigators believe he is here illegally, and was trying to get back to his native mexico. a skateboarder accused of beating a san francisco security guard is expected in court later this morning. we have exclusive video of the november attack in the city's financial district. security guard dan janson was putting barricades in place to block the skateboarders. as janson works, you can see the group attacks him, knocking the 57-year-old to the ground. janson's family says a blow to the head with a skateboard has changed the avid fisherman's life forever. he needed emergency brain surgery and is now in a rehab facility where he's learning how to talk and walk. >> he can't walk yet. he can feed himself, and he started to brush his own teeth, so that was a huge, huge accomplishment. >> the san francisco district attorney's office says 24-year-old jesse gentlemen ree
5:38 am
r vieira is in custody with assault with a deadly weapon. he says he has proof to show he was not the aggressor. more snow is in the forecast for the sierra this weekend and maybe it will raise water levels in california. according to the first snowpack survey of 2019, levels are below average. the department of water resources is blaming global warming. however, it did say the snowpack is higher than last year at this same time. the increased amount is crucial, because that snow supplies about 30% of the water here in california. all right, i believe we'll send it over to mike now, with a check of the traffic. >> yes, kira, let's look at what we have. we have a fluid situation out there, so we had a couple of live cameras on the scene, they're moving around right now, but we still have our traffic camera. i just got off the phone with damian, i apologize that's why i was not able to talk that instant you came over to me. there's tesla, this is northbound 880, no traffic
5:39 am
flowing whatsoever. what happened is chp has just closed off the fremont cushing off-ramp, where folks were able to get out of the backup. no one is getting off the freeway northbound 880 at tesla. the coroner is on scene and they are gathering whatever evidence there may be off of the exit area as well. they had to sweep the entire freeway and now the off-ramp. once they get the evidence and complete the investigation and once the coroner gives the okay with the details that he or she needs, then they can start to clear the debris from the area, and then they can begin to reopen the nimitz. now, as damian just learned from the chp on the scene, they hope that can be over the next hour but we'll say the worst case we heard was 7:30, they were going to reopen. we're hoping for the next hour. meanwhile in san jose another crash north 87 jams things up past the airport approaching that 101 merge. i'll give you details coming up. the rest of the bay completely clear. >> i'm impressed, how well you did with running and talking at
5:40 am
the same time. you're not even out of breath right now. good job. we'll send it over to vianey who is in for kari. you say the weekend weather say wet one. >> get the umbrellas ready. headed up to lake ta show we have big changes that will impact the sierra. your saturday forecast, coast, bay and inland. saturday's going to be the arrival of our first system. it's going to come in the form of a cold front, that's going to kick up the winds so it's going to be windy. i wouldn't be surprised if they started issuingadvisories as early as tonight. as far as temperatures go, 54, 55, 57 for inland areas. you could see the rain as we head in toward sunday. we'll get the rain that carries over but sunday is on and off again. it will start to get heavy sunday evening but during the day we might get periods of pockets of rain here and there, but overall into monday as well. let's talk about squaw creek lake tahoe.
5:41 am
22 degrees. today is your best day to travel. here is what we're tracking, estimated snow, again, we're talking about the sierra snowpack, statewide at 67% so we're doing better than average. lake tahoe 80%. central average 68% and southern about 70%, and by this weekend, in through the first two storms, we could be tracking upwards of 18 inches of additional snowfall for the higher elevations. i'll send it back to you. >> wow, 18 inches. all right, vianey, thanks. coming up here on "today in the bay," the california city where u-haul trucks made more one-way trips than any other city in america. plus, senator dianne feinstein reveals her democratic pick for the 2020 presidential race. i've got a staggering jobs number for you. also, some maybe sign of progress in the government shutdown. all of that when "today in the bay" continues. deal talk!
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my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo, deal talk! comes with fries and a drink. all for just the change in your couch. what... mr. wigglesworth? i thought we lost you. kevin?! try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo. folks, we're looking at the closure right now, the full closure of northbound 880, approaching mission boulevard. the arrow shows you it is jammed solid up to fremont cushing. deadly crash investigation is going on. you see the live shot, tesla's parking lot in the background. if you travel north, tesla is over on your right for the nimitz, do not use that route this morning. we'll give you the alternates coming up. 5:44 right now. decorated navy s.e.a.l. facing
5:45 am
court-martial for charges in the death of a young isis fighter is due in court today. chief ed guard garriaga will appear before a judge in san diego for arraignment. the general is also charged with aggravated assault for shooting iraqi civilians. his lawyer is seeking to provide evidence that may lead to his acquittal. he faces life in prison if convicted. the president once again will meet with democrats today, trying to find a solution to end the government shutdown. >> scott mcgrew, there might be a tiny sign of progress. >> tiny side or maybe we're reading something into this, i don't know. it's hard to tell. president trump showed up unexpectedly in the white house briefing room, surrounded by members of a border patrol union, to renew his calls for border funding, but his language changed. take a listen. >> and also say a few words about the wall, about you can o call it a barrier, whatever you want but essentially we need
5:46 am
protection in our country. we're going to make it good. the people of our country want it. >> essentially we need protection. we're on day 14 of the government shutdown, maybe the president was signaling a compromise. thursday, the democrats passed a bill that would fund the government, get it reopened, but didn't include money for the wall, that's not going to fix the problem. the senate will never go for it but it will further pressure the president, who you remember said he would own the shutdown. >> you know what i'll say, yes, if we don't get what we want, one way or the other, whether it's through you, through a military, through anything you want to call, i will shut down the government. [ applause ] >> that's nancy pelosi taking the gavel and repeating history. she's the first and only woman to be speaker of the house. she was, of course, the first woman speaker of the house back when president george w. bush was president. speaker pelosi then swore in the 160th congress, the most diverse congress we've ever seen.
5:47 am
the youngest woman to serve, the first muslim women to serve, texas sent its first two latina members to congress. overall, record number of women elected to congress. short time ago, we got the latest job numbers showing the american economy added 312,000 jobs in december. you heard it right, 312,000. i had to check my records. i'm pretty sure that's the biggest number i've ever seen. we'll talk more about that, as we talk about business, coming up in about 30 minutes. in the meantime, i'm tweet being tweet being it. i'm @scottmcgrew on twitter. an early endorsement for president for dianne feinstein, she's endorsing joe biden as the democratic nominee for 2020. he has the experience and the drive and may have the best chance to defeat president trump. it's still very early in the race for president in 2020 and there's a lot to play out.
5:48 am
it may be a bit of a blow for california's junior senator kamala harris not receiving feinstein's endorsement. harris has not announced whether she intends to run, north has biden either. california's state capitol is the most popular spot to move, according to 2018 u-haul data. the company spokesperson says that u-haul trucks made more one-way trips to sacramento than any other city in america. sacramento is also a top destination for people in the bay area, according to real estate company red fin, people getting priced out of the bay area are finding refuge there in sacramento. >> the problem now is that they need more u-haul parking in sacramento, with the one-way trips. >> maybe i could get a job driving them back. >> i was just thinking that, you and me, marcus. >> help us out with that expensive rent in the bay area. >> eminent moving. >> because none of us have a truck, so we don't have a friend with a truck. we have to help each other out.
5:49 am
if you're moving this weekend, sorry, cover your boxes up, your cardboard boxes, because it's going to be a wet one. right now, your temperature trend starting out in the 30s once again and climbing into the 50s, topping out only into the upper 50s again, and an increase in cloud cover, the reason for that, here it is, satellite radar, you could see the increase in cloud cover, high clouds moving in already over portions of the north bay. we'll start to see those better when the sun comes up and this will signify or signal the arrival of the very first storm of the year, which is why we've got our storm ranger mobile doppler radar up and ready to go as the system makes its way in. this is the important time line i want to take you through. let's get right to it. 6:00 a.m., we're going to get the heavy line of storms, this is that cold front passing through, where the winds will get gusty, pockets of moderate to heavy rainfall. that will carry over until about 2:00, but we have plenty of moisture off the coast, you can see it on the map, a way to bring plenty of sierra snow. it's a cold enough storm to
5:50 am
generate good amounts of snowfall for the sierra. saturday at 10:00 p.m., we get pockets of rain but it won't be as widespread into early sunday morning as well. i think your best chance will be to start moving things out early sunday morning, if you have to move. 1:00, look at the moisture just behind that. we get another round of showers moving in at about 5:00, and look how heavy the rain gets in the north bay. tomorrow dinnertime into early monday morning for your travel commute, we'll get to see another round of heavy rain. estimated rain totals for saturday and sunday, coastal mountains two to three inches. the north bay one to two inches and everywhere else just a little under an inch. your hour-by-hour wind gusts also a big factor as the cold front passes through. santa rosa, san francisco, the strongest gusts expected to be early saturday morning and i want to take you quickly through the estimated snowpack, statewide at about 67% and tracking an additional possibly 18 to 20 more inches of snow for the sierra. it's going to be a wet weekend,
5:51 am
mike. >> yikes. we'll watch for the restart for the commute next week as well. even though the commute around the bay very light, this is one of your two really bad spots. northbound 880 is completely shut down. we still see absolutely no movement for any lanes, no one is exiting northbound 880 at fremont cushing boulevard. there is the tesla parking lot in the background. we'd normally see folks streaming in. look at that, they started to let folks over on mission boulevard once again. for a while there, chp and local traffic control were trying to get folks to take warm springs boulevard. north 880 closed because of a deadly crash, reported as a hit-and-run, because there was no one left at the scene to do the investigation. chp told us, told damian trujillo on scene they're investigating at least one vehicle that was reported or that reported themselves, i believe, nearby. they're checking out detail there is. northbound 880 completely jammed. do not attempt to enter over there from 680. use auto mall parkway that's clear north of there.
5:52 am
south on 680, use calaveras. traveling north on 880, tesla is on your right, that's the stretch we're talking about. north 87 the second spot we're following that started to move better, although chp has not given the all clear. the sensors started moving. the crash north 87 around 101 looks like there's improvement for that scene. the rest of the bay no problem. look at the bay bridge toll plaza, as we expect on a holiday week friday, no problem. back to you guys. >> thanks, mike. happening now, thousands are stranded in southern thailand from a powerful tropical storm. rain, wind, and surging seas are really paralyzing some of the country's most popular tourist locations. the affected areas include phuket, kaosamui. 1962 was the last time the tropical storm made landfall in thailand. the storm is rolling through at the height of the tourist season. still ahead and all new at this hour, you finally could meet the one. this weekend in particular,
5:53 am
where and when experts say all the single people will be looking. plus -- >> it builds a sense of community and changes our whole way of doing time. >> an inspiring story before you hit the road, how sports are bringing together bay area players and prisoners. you're watching "today in the bay." this is not a bed.
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welcome back. if you're looking for love this weekend may be the time you finally find the one. >> everyone is getting online, they set their new year's resolution 2019 and their intention is to meet someone this year. >> that is an dating expert you heard from. sunday is aparentally dating sunday. the big online dating sites say january 6th is the best day of the year to meet your moch. 50% to 85% more singles will log online to find love. >> very specific, sunday, january 6th, will you find love online. >> good luck to you. if a fast food breakfast is part of your morning routine -- >> a violent fight at a florida mcdonald's. it's shocking. customer attacks a worker and she punches back, more than 2 million people watched this
5:57 am
confrontation online. the worker says it started because the customer wanted a straw. she says the man started yelling because there were no straws at the drink station. well, he now faces battery charges. also new for you this morning, finding a new job may depend on location. >> wallet hub is out with the list of the best cities to find a new position. it compared more than 180 cities. scottsdale, arizona, is number one, with one of the highest median annual incomes. columbia, maryland, is number two, followed by orlando, san francisco, and colorado springs. did you hear this yet? san francisco-based door dash will test food deliveries with driverless cars. the food delivery service is partnering with general motors and its crews autonomous vehicle to develop a deliver i have service. it will be tested in san francisco in march. new this morning, yan emotional reminder of the power
5:58 am
of sports. >> the players and staff from san jose quakes went to san quentin state prison and played a pickup game with some inmates there. >> i've been to san quentin about seven years. when i first got here, there wasn't a soccer program. they had no goal or anything. so a lot of us men who play soccer decided that we put forward the effort to get goals and petition and try to get a soccer program going. when i get on the field and i start playing, everything else goes away. i become a human being again. >> it's touching there. i shared that on my twitter page as well as my facebook page. you can watch that, it's really touching. we've told you about the national parks and the irs. apparently the government shutdown may also mean fewer new beers. the agency in charge of approving labels and licenses is furloughed. normally approvals can take 7 to 30 days but now if you visit the
5:59 am
agency's website, there is a notice telling companies they can submit applications but they won't be reviewed until the shutdown is over. one midwestern brewer says his company is in waiting mode. >> the beers have been named. we figured out exactly what we're serving. we submitted at profthe approva. we're waiting to get kicked back with the approval state and that hasn't happened yet with the shutdown. >> really, what does this mean for you? beer lovers may have to wait longer for summer beers that brewers all over the country have planned. right now at 6:00, shutdown showdown, both sides digging in overnight, fighting over funding for a border wall. look at the big development we expect today. huge news for the economy, a whopper of a jobs report released just minutes ago, as wall street hopes to avoid another dismal day. and wet weekend, as people flock to the south bay for free concerts and family fun ahead of the college football title game, a look at when that rain is
6:00 am
expected to arrive. but we start "today in the bay" with a traffic alert, a deadly hit-and-run crash involving a pedestrian shutting down 880. good morning, i'm kira klapper in for laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. mike inouye is getting us up to speed on that problem there happening in fremont, mike. what is the latest? >> marcus and kira, we have still the full closure of the northbound side of 880, and as dametrujillo told us he's on scene there and saw chp close the off-ramp at fremont cushing providing the only equity for folks backed up, for only a mile approaching the tesla plant on the right side, that's how you know that'sed northbound direction of the nimitz. if that's what you take, do not take it this morning. looking at northbound 880, it is jammed up from dixon landing road, the build out of the south bay now, approaching mission. some folks were feeding off of mission. it stopped for a while, and then it looked like traffic was again allowed on mission, feeding into the backup. now, i've seen in the last


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