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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 5, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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good evening and thanks for joining us. i )m terry mcsweeney. at 11:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm anoushah rasta. one storm down, a second one on the way. while the wind was the main event across the bay area today, tomorrow rain takes over. >> let's take a look at the radar right now and how things are shaping up. you've got live team coverage for you. let's start with meteorologist rob mayeda who's tracking the incoming system. rob? >> yeah, as we watch sort of the leftovers of the first system still clearing the bay area right now you can see a few
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scattered showers, brief downpours still around the area around concord and a few more showers offshore but the focus tonight that the storm really has in southern california where flash flood watches and warnings have been up and just off to the west here comes that sunday storm which will once again bring up wind speeds around bay area. we'll see gusts in the afternoon at 45 miles per hour. but much more rain this time around. we'll be looking at the rain picking up right around midday lasting into the evening. for the mountain areas this could lead to some runoff issues as we show you the futurecast here, going from the morning just to early afternoon. this is about halfway through tomorrow's storm. and you can see how parts of the north bay could be looking at more than two inches of rain with a lot more than what we saw today, especially around the south bay. coming you we'll give you the full timeline hour by hour on that sunday forecast and a third storm which may pack a bigger punch in terms of high surf into the new week. we'll have a full look at that in the forecast coming up in 12 minutes sflp we'll check in with you then, rob. the wind and the rain led to
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a mess on the road. you're looking at new video of a dramatic crash in san francisco. nbc bay area's tom jensen is live along the embarcadero with what turned out to be a really tricky day for travelers and for first responders, tom. >> reporter: it really-d anoushah. serenity after the storm, and before that next wave of rain comes through tomorrow. but boy, you're right. earlier today it was really crazy. and that storm left all sorts of headaches in its wake across the bay area. in daly city tonight a driver on northbound interstate 280 discovered the hard way that water on the road plus high speeds are a dangerous combination. >> we're advising drivers to slow down, especially in inclement weather like this. >> he was rushed to a nearby hospital after he lost control, hit construction equipment, and then crashed through a guardrail, careening toward a busy street below the interstate. the windy conditions and high
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tides led to flooding on the embarcadero this morning, even closing pier 14 for a time. at san francisco international the weather led to nearly 500 delayed flights and more than 80 cancellations, even those passengers whose flights were on time found a residual effect, unusually long baggage and ticketing lines. >> i didn't think it was going to be this bad. yeah. hopefully we don't miss the flight. >> i've never seen a bag drop this long. this is a first. >> reporter: and in sonoma county saturated soils and strong winds led to a tree falling into a home. large limbs crashing through the roof and into one of the rooms. the owner told nbc bay area they were in the room minutes earlier but everyone got out of the house uninjured. so enjoying this peaceful scene out here tonight off the embarcadero, hopefully we will not have, especially in the north county like rob was talking about, where they're
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expecting that heavy rain in the fire areas, hopefully we will not have the sort of thing that they are seeing down south of us on the pch especially around ventura county tonight where the rain storms that came through there left a lot of mudslides down on the highway. a huge headache they're dealing with tonight. hopefully we'll avoid that tomorrow. we're live in san francisco, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thom, thank you. in santa rosa a lumber truck overturned on the todd road offram frp 101 southbound. the on and the off-ramps were closed while the cruise had to clear the scene. in mill valley at least two cars got stuck in the flooding at the manza investment ta park and ride. one driver tried to go through and realized it's a bad idea. take a look. caltrans tweeted these pictures. some cars were trapped when today's stormy weather proved too much for scorched hillsides near malibu. there are several mudslides
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covering both sides of the pacific coast highway in the woolsey fire burn area. a flash flood warning is also in effect there. it's a mess in the sierra tonight. chains are required as roads are icy and slippery. many drivers on 80 say they have been stuck for hours. crews attempting to plow the roads but the conditions caused some snow plows to spin out. be ready for the rain. it's coming. download our nbc bay area app and know what to expect tomorrow. it is free and you'll know the conditions throughout the day in your neighborhood. a heavily armed man shooting at random at a south bay gas station forcing police to open fire. this chaotic scene played out early this morning, terrifying people in normally quiet santa clara. now we've learned that the gunman had targeted another gas station. nbc bay area's marianne favro is live with the new developments. >> reporter: well, right now crews are boarding up the doors. gunfire erupted just before 6:00 this morning. the gunman fired at workers and
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customers inside the store, and police say he even fired at passing cars. >> shots fired inside. >> reporter: you can hear the gunfire. this cell phone video shot by customer arnold sanchez shows santa clara police firing into the rotten robbie convenience store on lafayette street. >> i saw people running out of the station and someone was screaming like there's a crazy guy shooting inside the store. >> reporter: that's when he captured this video. others described the terrifying moments they dropped to the ground to avoid being shot, including this woman who asked us not to show her face. >> gunfire started. someone told me get on the ground, stay low until they stop. is that's what we did. >> several officers descended on the gas station, shooting and killing the gunman, who was aiming at workers and customers. >> we are extremely fortunate that there are no injured civilians or officers. this person was shooting indiscriminately at passing
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motorists, at civilians in the parking lot as well as inside the store. >> reporter: the gunman is a 55-year-old san jose resident and long-time rotten robbie employee. police say earlier this morning he tried to burn down the cashier booth at this rotten robbie in cupertino where he worked. police say the suspect had several weapons including a handgun and rifle. but tonight they're still trying to determine a motive. the name of the victim has not been released. reporting live in santa clara, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> a troubling story. thank you, marianne. still no arrests for a triple homicide in oakland. we brought you this story as breaking news last night at 11:00. the shooting happened near center and 10th streets, just a few blocks away from the west oakland bart station. police have not released their names, but we do know how old they were. 21, 29, and 31 years old. this is believed to be gang-related, and it's the first
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triple homicide in oakland in more than two years. some very sad news out of cal tonight. the football team is mourning the loss of bryce turner. the sophomore cornerback died today following a medical emergency that happened while he was working out while visiting his family in southern california. cal's football coach justin wilcox kochlted on the tragedy, saying "no words can accurately describe the pain we feel in our hearts right now. we'll always remember bryce and how he impacted all of us with cal football." turner was 19 years old. an emotional farewell to a police officer killed in the line of duty in newman. corporal ronil singh was shot to death the day after christmas, and today friends, family, and fellow officers gathered in modesto to pay their respects. loved ones lined the procession route with blue ribbons and flags. thousands came out to say their good-byes. the emotional service was filled with laughs, tears, and memories
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of corporal singh. fellow officers described him as a hero. >> what a shining star of an example. he's the best of us. someone who came over here from another country, worked so hard to overcome so many obstacles. >> his family thanked officers for their determination in arresting the suspected gunman. singh was just 33 years old, leaves behind a wife and a five-month-old baby. well, tonight we are at the close of the 15th day of the partial government shutdown, and still no deal in sight. the two sides appear just as divide over funding for a border wall after a day of bipartisan meetings. the president was not a part of these meetings, but his acting chief of staff says he's willing to compromise about what kind of material the barrier is made of. speaker nancy pelosi says the house will start passing funding bills for all departments this coming week. two local members of congress took a stand against the shutdown. congresswoman jackie speier and congressman jared huffman were out at ocean beach at land's end
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in san francisco cleaning up trash. park service workers are furloughed during the shutdown and trash and debris has been piling up in the park. >> the stunt that the president has undertaken here is costing people money and anguish and lives and probably some health conditions as well. so we're out here today to make the point that the president's stunt's got to stop. >> reporter: the members of congress say they plan to deliver some of that trash to the white house. tomorrow on "meet the press" chuck todd is going to be talking to the acting white house chief of staff about the president's assertion that he's willing to compromise about a border wall. >> the president is going to secure the border with a barrier -- >> would he say it that way? is he comfortable saying no, not going to have the wall and by the way, mexico's never paying for it? >> you can see the full exchange tomorrow morning. "meet the press" airs at 8:00 a.m. right after "today in the bay." storm ranger mobile doppler
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radar still picking up some isolated showers tonight as one storm winds down on the satellite view. storm number 2 right on our doorstep. how it will impact your sunday plans coming up. plus the less than pleasant stay for guests of marriott. we're learning new information tonight about the private information that was stolen from millions of people. and who may be behind the data breach. and oh, it's going to be a historic night for sandra oh tomorrow at the golden globes. she speaks about being a pioneer for the asian-american community.
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the question isn't whether he should be impeached any more. he's the most corrupt president in american history. and we all know it. the question now is, how fast can we move past this president so we can build a more just and prosperous future? please, join the more than 6.5 million americans who are demanding action now. because there's nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people. together, we will make this happen. need to impeach is responsible for the content of this ad.
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new at 11:00, marriott's data breach didn't affect as many people as first reported, but the information stolen is especially troubling. marriott has announced that more than 5 million unencrypted passport numbers were stolen in november's data breach. along with travel itineraries. those behind the attack can use that information to track government and business executives and potentially spy on them. the attack is believed to have originated in china. it's been a year since california legalized recreational marijuana, and believe it or not, sales haven't lived up to expectations. state officials projected that the new law would bring in cannabis tax revenue, but a lot of that money hasn't rolled in yet. in the first half of 2018 the
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state brought in $84 million. that's less than half of what was estimated. the owner of bloom farm in the bay area blames strict regulations including expensive packaging requirements. but despite the slow year he's hopeful for the future. >> we're excited about this year. we've always been at the top of our game as far as executing our plans. but this year we now know what the rules are. >> he also says the state's added taxes make his product at least 35% more expensive, sending many customers to the black market. one research firm says california's marijuana black market grew by more than a billion dollars since its legalization. this has been a golden year for sandra oh. the "grey's anatomy" actress moved on to her own critically acclaimed series "killing eve" making history along the way. and tomorrow at the golden globes oh will mark yet another milestone. she talked to nbc's kathy park about it all.
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>> reporter: after more than 20 years in hollywood sandra oh will make history at the golden globes. >> it's a moment. i think it's a moment for change. yeah. >> reporter: becoming the first asian to host a major american awards show. oh will pull double duty. she's also a nominee for best actress for the series "killing eve." >> i know you're a psychopath. >> reporter: sharing hosting duties with andy samberg. oh wants to highlight hollywood's other diverse casts. >> from the "black panther" taping to the post table, to the crazy rich asians table. these are faces i believe many people have just been so starved to see. >> reporter: minorities make up less than 30% of the characters on screen in popular films. asians just over 6%. >> change is incremental. that it's not really kosher to keep propagating a cycle of predominantly white male movie talent. >> reporter: but movies like "crazy rich asians" starring a
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majority asian cast broke box office records and scored two golden globe nominations. at last year's emmys oh proved that evolving storyline hits home. >> are you so proud of your little girl? >> there's a certain type of pressure in the asian community. ultimately, my parents couldn't and didn't stop me from being who i am. and i'm eternally grateful for that. >> reporter: even our conversation a reflection of the change she champions. >> this experience right now for me is tremendous. you know, it makes me feel very, very, very happy because there's an immediate kinship here. i feel like i can feel change happening. because we're talking. >> reporter: a star setting the stage for the many shades of hollywood. kathy park, nbc news, los angeles. well, with the sandra oh and andy samberg co-hosting this
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year's show, things are bound to get a little unorthodox. >> yeah. take these glamour shots tweeted by the golden globes announcing the newest member -- yeah. this is the newest member of the security team. it's a hawk. that's right. they brought in a hawk to watch the skies over the red carpet, scare off any unwanted visitors. got to protect those expensive gowns and suits from pigeons and seagulls. yeah, this thing's no joke. those talons, ouch. >> the talons are going to come in handy knocking away those seagulls. you know what they're bringing. the golden globe awards airs tomorrow night on nbc bay area. the show airs live from the beverly hilton in l.a., and it starts at 5:00. >> it'll be great to just stay home, cuddle up with a blanket and watch it. >> we'll be watching a lot of rain here, maybe not getting into southern california as we walk the red carpet. it doesn't look like it will impact that. but for your plans locally, yeah, plan on some wind and rain as we head into the afternoon. right now there's the view
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across san francisco. a lot less wind than we saw earlier today, and not as cold tonight. how about 52 degrees? almost comfortable outside. after a few nights spent in the 30s and low 40s. high of 56. wind speeds have backed off. right now in dublin 47 degrees. we'll see temperatures eventually in the low 40s by morning and in san jose right now 50 degrees. wind out of the west-southwest coast at six miles per hour, and right now our storm ranger mobile doppler radar as quiet as it has been all day long. still a few isolated showers will come through overnight. so you may hear the sound of some brief downpours at times, but you can see how the coverage is dropping off right now as technically we're in between storms. you'll notice here off the coast all these clouds will kind of get their act together by tomorrow morning bringing some more rain starting off in the north bay. as early as sunrise. but if you've got any plans, you've got to get to the grocery store, try to do it before 9:00 in the morning because by
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lunchtime tomorrow winds will pick up and rain will follow. mostly cloudy skies for the day. watch the progression for the winds. these areas in purple showing you the wind gusts tomorrow, kind of in the same ballpark we saw today as those winds pick up out of the west-southwest. could see gusts close to 45 miles per hour again. in terms of rainfall, from 7:00 a.m. to noon doesn't look all that impressive pu the bigger totals will be here in the north bay. but really the main event rainfallwise, mid afternoon through late evening. unlike today that sustained rain should put us in the ballpark for two three inches in some of the wetter mountain areas including the santa cruz mountains and the north bay with the second storm that will be coming on in. hour by hour for you, 11:00 beginning to see the rain spread across the bay area. 5:00, that's probably the main event for the steadest and heaviest rain, but the second storm. and then by 11:00 things begin to calm down. notice the clearing in terms of showers heading into monday, and that should be good news for the national championship game out at levi's stadium. looks like now partly cloudy skies heading into monday
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evening, and that's the break. we'll see monday, then tuesday and wednesday praet pretty powerful-looking storm here that's going to bring some high surf to the coast. 20-foot-plus swells heading to the coast with some heavy rain at times. the forecast stays active once we get rid of the second storm for tomorrow. break comes on monday. high surf, high wind, big rain event coming in for wednesday. then another storm follows late friday into saturday. so these are strong storms. the good news is we're getting these breaks in between the kind of space-out runoff issues. as long as the storms follow that passport, we should be setting up pretty well to head toward next weekend making rainfall recoveries and building on the sierra snowpack which was just measured at 67%. as this pattern plays out, we could see that closer to 80% by next week. >> wow, by next week. the college football national championship two days away at levi's stadium but the festivities in full swing. good weather for the game. >> that's right.
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>> today was made media day. alabama running back harris is a standout running back. from antioch. trying to get as many friends and family to the game as he can. >> i'm going to get a limited amount of tickets. i give out most to my brothers and sisters. i'm trying to get some more, but it's hard right now. trying to focus on football. >> a lot of the visiting players, in-n-out burger. about 20 players from clemson went there last night right after the entire alabama offensive line went there. man, i'd like to know what the tabs were. one of them told us he ordered a four by four burger with four extra patties on the side. from double-doubles. to the dub nation. laura britt joins us after the break with highlights from tonight's thrilling, record-setting warriors game. this is not a bed.
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sleep number is ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with mattresses by j.d. power. it's the final days of the lowest prices of the season. the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299. ends sunday. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. laura britt here on the nbc sports bay area studios. the warriors and kings have had two epic showdowns so far this season and tonight we were treated to a third classic.
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let's get you out to golden one center for a look at all of the action. a lot of back and forth from long range for these two teams tonight. the teams combining for an nba record. 41 three-pointers. steph curry hit ten of the warriors' 21 three-pointers. buddy healed responsible for eight from long range for the sacramento kings. back and forth all night and late in the fourth here, kings up by one. curry drives for the bucket and one. the old-fashioned three-point play. he finished with 42 and the warriors beat the kings 127-123 the final in that one. let's get you over to the nfl playoffs. nfc wild card action between the cowboys and the seahawks. fourth quarter is where we're picking it up. dak prescott cutting up the middle for the score, and the cowboys win 24-22 the final in that one. they now move on to face either the saints or the rams. and the afc wild card game, the colts beat the texans today. they now move on to face the
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chiefs. that'll do it for sports. we'll be back with more news after the break. bluefin tuna inr
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a whopping three-million a huge catch. a giant bluefin tuna in japan sold for a whopping $3 million. for a fish. it was a 600-pound fish, a pacific bluefin tuna sold at tokyo's first auction of the year, claiming the title for most expensive fish. that's the guy who bought it, you saw him there, the president of a popular sushi chain bought it. serving it up at his restaurants today. and if you do the math, the costs break down to about 900 bucks per serving tore sushi. >> that must be some good tuna. >> the restaurant didn't charge that much. it says it will only be charging customers three bucks. he just wanted to buy, it own, it whatever. >> i don't understand the math there. >> and he owns a bunch of sushi stores. >> he's like i'm just going to -- >> he can do anything he wants. he's the king of sushi. >> if you have $3 million for a
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fish, you can do anything you want anyway. >> "saturday night live" is up next. we'll continue the fish discussion right here. >> have a good night.
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