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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  January 13, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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. this is a humanitarian crisis. >> a temper at that particular time rum by the president. >> enough is enough. >> i knew it was her the second she walked in the door. good morning. on sunday, january 13th, welcome to "sunday today." i'm willie geist. on the day 13 of the federal government political paralysis, the nation's capital could get
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10 inches of snow today. people are dead in the path from missouri to new jersey. dylan's forecast is in a moment. two new claims against president trump. the president fighting back overnight against published reports that he tried to conceal details of his meetings with russian president vladimir putin and another that the fbi open an investigation shortly after he became president to determine if he was working for the russians. a live report. plus chuck todd in a moment. and, later, a sunday sitdown with oscar winner natalie portman on reflecting our celebrity culture in her stunning new movie and her own experience with fame over 25 years in show business, including being a movie star while a student at harvard. >> i think i was really lucky to have been there before social media, actually facebook was invented when afs senii was a s mark zuckerberg at harvard so i
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was able to go about my business and not have it like documented. >> a sunday sit-down with nat portman and more later in the show. president trump is pushing back overnight over two eye opening reports. one the fbi led a counterintelligence investigation determine if the president was working for the russians and another he attempted to conceal details about his meetings with russian leader vladimir putin. nbc white house correspondent kelly o'donnell has more plus the latest on the government shutdown in its 23rd day. >> reporter: good morning. the president is reacting with frustration and ridicule aimed at former fbi official and two newspapers. it is about russia and while very often we talk about aspects that deal with the investigation and the trump campaign or campaign associates, this time,
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it is directly about allegations that deal with the president and his own conduct. >> are you now or have you ever worked for russia, mr. president? >> reporter: president trump dialed into fox news saturday night to defend himself against that explosive charge. >> reporter: the president did not answer directly but did attack a pair of stunning reports. first, "the new york times" writing, the fbi ran a counterintelligence investigation on the president, suspicious that he may have been working on behalf of russia defense american interests. and from "the washington post," allegations about the president's face time with
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vladimir putin. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> "the post" reports that former officials claim that the president was unusually secr secretive. >> i'm not keeping anything under wraps. i couldn't care less. >> reporter: president said he handled meetings with putin just like other leaders. but i meet with putin and they make a big deal. anybody could have listened to that meeting. that meeting is up for grabs. >> reporter: white house press secretary of state sanders called "the washington post" outrageously inaccurate. saturday, house intelligence chairman democrat schiff said the following. and this morning, the shutdown meets a snow day here in washington. president trump also saying that
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he likes the symbolism of the fact he has remained at the white house while members of congress have gone home each weekend. he says they must act responsibly. democrats continue to press that a border wall is ineffective and too expensive. speaker pelosi saying when the president acts, the house will respond. >> easy for me to say here in a warm studio but it is a beautiful image behind you of the snowy white house. thanks, kelly. while the washington political fight over the government shutdown drags down in a battle between the rich and the powerful, it is working people across the country who are bearing the brunt. government employees and contractors like janitors and cooks are among those spending the weekend without a paycheck. many of them working for free. nbc matt bradley has their story. >> reporter: this new york food pantry is welcoming some unexpected visitors. furloughed federal employees. >> for me the biggest thing was individuals that came in who said that, you know, i can't believe that i'm here. i used to volunteer. >> reporter: but you don't have to be employed by the government
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to feel the effects of the shutdown. beyond the 800,000 federal workers who aren't getting paid, more than 4 million contractors are also at risk. the longest shutdown in u.s. history is also disrupting industries far from capitol hill. an airport terminal in miami forced to close after tsa agents stayed home. some fda food inspections have stopped. and in wisconsin, the shutdown was a rude welcome home for mallory and her husband after their honeymoon. she suffers from diabetes and now pneumonia and had to cut back on her insulin shots. >> i love being a civil servant. this happens, it's a stab in the back. >> she is thinking of selling her job and may sell her belongings to make end's meet. a painful ending what was supposed to be a happily ever after. matt bradley, nbc news.
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>> chuck todd is nbc political director and the moderator of "meet the press." good morning. i want to talk about the shutdown in a moment. let's begin with the two reports. one in "the new york times" and one in "the washington post," even in the era of donald trump, jaw dropping. put those two together for me, chuck. what is most stunning to you if you take those separately and together even. "the new york times" saying the president was investigated by the fbi on the possibility that he was working for the russians against the national security of the united states of america. they didn't determine he was but the fact they initiated that tells you what? >> it tells you this. i think the fact is that we have -- i think partially this is the president's ability to frame the mueller investigation the way he wants to see it framed if nthat it's some sort of attempt to get him, right? it's been this perception he is somehow at the center of all of it. but in many ways, it's more have been a discovery.
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it's russia that is at the center of everything, right? and so through that prism, the fbi -- if you put yourself in the position of the fbi, for a decades, you've been investigating russian interference in domestic politics. then you're trying to figure out, wait a minute. why did the president of the united states want to end an investigation into russia? that is the suspicious. when the mueller took over the fbi's investigation, is this now part of that? the other part of it is the obstruction isn't separate. obstructing what was favor to the russian government. think about it. our own fbi and our own sitting president. >> the white house denies both reports. the president in kelly's piece calling them insulting and suggesting that the fbi launched this a as vindication because james comey, the fbi director,
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had been fire. the shutdown in day 23 and in america's record. the president says no wall, no deal. democrats say, well, no wall. where does that leave us, chuck? >> doesn't leave us anywhere near a solution here. congress left town for the weekend. i think that was politically a questionable decision. that said, on tuesday, perhaps them facing constituents face-to-face and hearing the stories firsthand make them want to crack. you brought up the abc poll and 2-1 blame trump. inside that poll, willie, a pleurality of democrats don't want democrats leaders compromised and a majority of republicans don't want to see the president to compromise. if that is what the leadership is seeing, right? that basically their own political bases want them to stick to their guns, we are going to be here a while. >> the majority is still against the wall in that poll but 42% of americans support the idea of the wall so see how that goes.
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>> 42% the president's job rating and support of the wall all of that is starting to converge into one. >> same group of people. real quick, chuck. feels like 2020 stepped into another gear. the race to be the democratic nominee. we have these two in the race and the mayor of san antonio. elizabeth warren in new hampshire and harris on a book tour this week and questions around joe biden and bernie sanders and michael bloomberg. the three b's i guess you could sum that up. >> if you're not ready to get in now, don't wait. you may not be able to get in. look. i think elizabeth warren really has sped up the process here. i think, yes, we call her exploring but she filed her papers. she got in. she is an active candidate. she just hasn't done the big announcement speech yet. i think that is speeding up everybody else. and i think we are going to have a weekly announcement now for
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the next probably six to eight weeks. >> a lot to talk about today and we will watch. tune in to watch "meet the press" and chuck and his guests senator ted cruz and tim kaine. dozens of car accidents are across the messed because of the snowstorm. people are affected today from missouri to new jersey. good news about wisconsin teenager jayme closs discovered alive on thursday nearly three months after abducted and her parents were killed. on saturday jayme's aunt posted a facebook page that jayme had a good night's sleep and the family will support her through the long road ahead. the 21-year-old suspect is set to appear in court tomorrow. authorities say he saw jayme's parents as, quote, a barrier to abducting her. the los angeles rams and the
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kansas city chiefs are one step away from the super bowl! last night in the divisional round of the nfl playoffs, the rams ran over the dallas cowboys by the score of 30-22. earlier, the chiefs did not let the snow slow them down with patrick mahomes leading kansas city to a 31-13 victory over the indianapolis colts! two more games today. first, the l.a. chargers against the new england patriots for the right to visit the chiefs. then it's the defending super bowl champion philadelphia eagles visiting the new orleans saints. now, as promised, the great dylan dryer is here with a check of the weather. >> outside of st. louis, they picked up 20 inches of snow. st. louis, itself, we have more than 10 inches of snow on the ground. we have about 4 or 5 in washington, d.c. the snow is going to continue all day long. it's snowing in cincinnati, too. so this is an expansive storm and affect the mid-atlantic today. that means pockets of heavy snow and it will continue to
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accumulate throughout the day and winding up overnight. 35 million people under a winter storm warning or advisory and that includes back into ohio and especially virginia and up into the washington, d.c. area. this will continue all day long. so if you are traveling in this area today, we are going to see that make a mess of the roads. we will see an additional perhaps 1 to 2 inches of snow in washington, d.c. we could end up another 4 to 6 and put >> and we're starting out dry, but mild. temperatures right now in the 40s. 45 degrees for san jose. hayward 48. we've still got some chilly 30s in livermore. as we head toward the afternoon, expect an increase in cloud cover and breezy conditions, as an incoming system is expected to bring some late night rain in through tonight for portions of the bay area. temperatures will be topping out in the upper 50s/low 60s tlu throughout the bay area with more rain on the way for monday.
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that is your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. ahead the highs and lows of the week including the hero bus driver who stopped to make a rescue and picked up an unexpected little passenger. and an endorsement deal for the 1-year-old baby who has become an international star, thanks to that big beautiful head of hair! later, the instagram effect. selfies and social media now making some tourist destinations too popular. >> it's not a natural wonder every time somebody puts g graffiti on it or climbs on it like this but it takes away from the next tourist who visits. >> it's coming up on "sunday today." our photo of the week as he with head to break. clemson star 19-year-old freshman quarterback trevor lawrence celebrating the tigers national championship victory over the top ranked alabama crimson tide. it's clemson's second national championship in the last three years.
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study every bite of frost. because caring for tiny things can make a mighty impact. ocean spray. act tiny. be mighty. farmer-owned since 1930. act tiny. be mighty. ♪ you guys hungry? ♪ ♪ ♪ dylan and i are ready to go to the highs and lows this morning. >> our first high is a bus driver who made a stop to pick
6:19 am
up a toddler. she saw a toddler walking barefoot acrolong the highway overpass wearing a diaper and onesie. security video shows arena pulling over and running across traffic to scoop up a crying baby before she walks into the intersection. oh my god. >> no. >> i am shaking. >> i am shaking she says as arena cradles the baby and calls for help. the passenger comes up to the front of the bus to give up her jacket to keep the baby warm. the baby was unharmed. she had been left outside by her mother. arena was given the milwaukee county transit system excellence award for her extraordinary act. i love seeing everybody coming together. >> it is weird to see weird things happening but it is easier to stay in your lane and this does not looked right and
6:20 am
she came into help. our first furlough goes to one man in arkansas. terry in a literal hold my beer moment grabbed the chain saw to make sure it fell some where else. his brother-in-law recorded the whole thing. >> terry said "hold my beer, i am going to cut this thing down," let's see what happens. terry, it is coming. oh, terry. on the upside that tree won't be falling on mom's house but the downside that truck is going to require some pricey work at the body shop. i like terry's initiative trying to save his mom's house. >> you are a sucker for accent. >> terry, hold my beer, that's our show. our next high goes to the baby who says i feel safe has the
6:21 am
single finest head of hair on this planet or any other. are you ready? >> it is baby choco. you may remember the japanese girl became a sensation after she was born a full set of magnificent hair. mom posted this photo on instagram and it went viral. she has her own page there with 365,000 followers. you know it would not belong before the rolling deal starts to roll in for her fame. that's right, baby chanco is a pantene model. go get that pantene cash, baby
6:22 am
chanco. >> pantene can't take credit with the volume. >> you are born with that. our final logos to a music vi o video, did you remember the woman that became a viral star when she was seen on television dunking her chicken tender on soda. she set off a heated national debate whether it was gross or genius. her name is alexa greenfield, she's getting a little mileage. she will introduce her own line of what she calls cola sauce so you can dip like she does. she put out a highly produced video of her song "chicken soda," here is that. ♪ i was dipping my chicken ♪ ♪ into miy soda and now they
6:23 am
think i am a freak ♪ ♪ take your chicken with our right and soda to the left ♪ ♪ and dip, dip, dip. . >> it is a full song and with the chicken dance. >> you would buy her cola sauce. >> coming up next the sunday sit down with natalie portman is now talking about a quarter of a century in the spotlight. harry smith marks the 20th anniversary of "the sopranos," dylan and i once again are ready to answer your questions on live tv, send us your best and weirdest on twitter, facebook or weirdest on twitter, facebook or instagram with the jardiance asked- and now you know. jardiance is the first type 2 diabetes pill
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here is a live look outside -- dublin good morning. it is your sunday. here is a live look outside at fall rolling in through dublin. lots of people out on the road to start their sunday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana is back with a look at our microclimate forecast. you were only gone for one day. >> i know. it's time for the next round of showers, current temperatures it is dry out there, temperatures ranging in the 40s but still a little cold in livermore at 38 degrees. san jose right now 45, san francisco 54, and our temperature trend into the afternoon will eventually climb into those upper 50s, low 60s.
6:27 am
we'll start to notice an increase in cloud cover into the afternoon. as far as the rain goes, it looks like as of right now, our best chance of seeing that rain will move in later tonight, so for the most part, your first half of today is going to be okay. you're going to be able to go outside and hang out, but as we head in toward the evening and monday morning, we get another round of showers in throughout the bay area on and off, and those breezy winds will begin to pick up. there is a beach hazard statement in effect along the coastline, so i'll of course go over that and as could you see the radar right there, we've already got some rain approaching southern california. if you're driving out of southern california, i'll also break that down for you, so you know what you can expect. >> lots to tune in for at 7:00. vianey, thanks. last night, thousands of people gathered to remember the young police officer ambushed and killed in davis. officer natalie corona may not have been with the davis police department for all that long, but she left a lasting impression. last night's memorial was an opportunity for people who knew natalie to talk about her dedication to the uniform, and
6:28 am
to celebrate a young woman who was passionate about everything she did. >> i'm wearing a pierce hat, because that's where she went to school. she was number 11. >> funeral services for officer corona will be held friday at the activities and recreation center at uc davis. the service is open to the public. meanwhile, we are learning about the gunman who killed the officer and what may have led to the violence. police say the gunman who shot and killed officer corona left this note behind inside his bedroom near the scene of the crime. "the davis police department has been hitting me with ultra sonic waves meant to keep dogs from barking." it goes on to say "i did my best to appease them, but they have continued for years and i can't live this way anymore." he signed it "citizen kevin limbaugh." here's more of what we learned about the 48-year-old. at one point he worked at the cache creigh casino in yolo county. he was arrested last september
6:29 am
and charged with battery with serious injury, but that charge was pleaded down to a misdemeanor because prosecutors said he had no criminal record. however, that conviction did prohibit limbaugh from owning a firearm. investigators are working to figure out how limbaugh managed to get two hand guns and multiple rounds of ammunition, which he used to carry out the deadly ambush. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," they are not letting the shutdown shut them out. dog walkers, come ing up with their own way to do their jobs at a popular beach, which happens to be closed. that plus all your top stories and weather coming up at 7:00. we hope you join us. in the meantime, back to "sunday tad."
6:30 am
. >> there is always an alternate. >> every dancer in the world wants a role. >> this is different. >> that's natalie portman in "black swan," a performance that earned her the academy award for best actress. this year will mark the 25th anniversary of portman's film debut. when at 13 years old she played "assassin," she's israeli born and american actress have lived through the ups and downs of a
6:31 am
four year career with a four year break to earn from whharva university. > we got together to talk about her life. >> natalie portman was a child star, yes but not the kind who got her start in the mickey mouse club. >> you went hard at a young age, you sort of skipped the disney years. >> that was kind of an accident. >> at 13 i was playing in "assassin." i was trying out for all these disney things. they were like this one is not chirpy. >> her latest movie is about as
6:32 am
far from disney as you can get. >> i am scared. >> portman plays seceleste who writes a song about the incident that made her a star that thrusts her in the dark side of celebrity. >> you get the moment of columbine effectively of schools shooting and we hear of 9/11 and terror attack, what does the movie want to say about the time that we live in now than the last quarter century. >> it makes us question what is the effect of pop culture and violent events being reported the same way, for example, that you can look at your apple news and it will tell you a celebrity break up right next to a story of a mass shooting. does it devalue every piece of information? >> what did you see in celeste that you can dive into? >> there is ways that young girls are packaged in the public
6:33 am
eye where there is this combination of like innocence and sexiness. >> portman was born? jerusalem and moved with her family as a young child. she was discovered at a pizza parlor near her home when she was just nine years old. by her early teens, she was sharing the screen with the likes of gary olman and al pacino. >> school is important to you and your grades were important to you. >> my parents were like education, education. i would come home with a 97 and my dad would say where is the other three points. i had a big life outside of my work and i was able to find safety and comfort. when i got bad reviews or could
6:34 am
not get jobs over the past 25 years that i have been working, there had been many, many times that has been the case. >> federation does not go that far. >> starting with a big role in one of the most iconic movie franchises in hollywood history. >> portman was in high school when she was cast in "star war reques s." >> you star in this massive movie figuring it opened many doors for you but it was tough after that. >> yes, the film got bad reviews and it was hard to get hired on things that i cared about after that. after high school portman put acting on hold for havard. >> what was it like to be a movie star. >> i was lucky to be there
6:35 am
before social media. i was really able to go about my business and not have it documented in the public. snoor >> after a second "star wars" film and some success, portman received her first academy award nomination and a golden globe win playing a stripper in 2004 "closer." >> but it was the 2010 film "black swan" that took portman's career to the next level. a dark performance as a ballerina earned her the academy award for best actress. >> i love all the preparations and the training and then when it came out to have people appreciate it was completely unexpected because i had been working for probably a decade
6:36 am
without having any kind of response in the same way. >> "black swan" introduced portman to her future husband, they have two young children together. portman earned another nomination in 2016 for her portrayal of first lady jacqueline kennedy in "jackie," how did you get into the character that people know so well? >> yes, it was really scary. i realized how fun it was and how lucky it was to have all of these materials because she was so famous. there is so much video image that you can watch, there is so many transcripts that you can watch of her actual speech. >> the white house tour was an exact reproduction. >> portman's impressive resume of challenging roles and her pedigree earned her a level that
6:37 am
does not exactly fits. >> i feel this image of me that was not what i necessarily felt like. >> there is a lot you don't know about me. i never said i was a role model. >> "saturday night live." >> what's the day and the life of natalie portman is like? >> do you want to know? >> please, tell us. >> is there something that you have not done, i have done a lot of cool movies but i have not done that. >> a proper musical would be really fun and animated, i would love to do a voice for an an mated films. >> have you not done it? >> i would love to. >> we'll make it happen. >> we just booked you, two new projects. >> that's obviously is going to happen now. "voxlux" is in theaters now and
6:38 am
to hear behind the scene story of how those "saturday night live" came together. don't forget to subscribe to our podcast to hear the entire interview with natalie portman. you can find it on tune in or where ever you get your forecast. next week a sunday sit down, andy sandberg, fresh off hosting the golden globes. we'll talk about that wild night and landing his dream job at "saturday night live" and the triumph return of the show "brooklyn 99." andy sandberg next week on "sunday today." coming up we'll answer your questions, use the #sundaytoday. dylan is back now with another check of the weather. >> the snowstorm over the weekend will exit starting tomorrow even as early as
6:39 am
tonight, above average temperatures begin to work in the upper plains and upper midwest. we are going to see on wednesday, the next storm system gathered itself back to the rockies and colder temperatures and fired back into the midwest. this will set the stage for the next storm system that's going to move through the country. this could also produce another round of heavy snow on friday and you'll notice an increase in cloud cover as you wake up this morning. we're expecting to see temperatures climb into the 60s, but as you head out the door, temperatures in the 40s right now for most of the bay area. santa rosa 42. oakland 49. in through mountain view 42 degrees. your temperature trend into the afternoon does increase into the 50s by about 10:00 a.m., topping out into those low 60s through the interior valleys, and you'll also notice breezy winds pick up as we track an incoming system expected to bring late rain throughout the bay area. >> that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, we'll see you in just
6:40 am
a minute. selfies and social media of all of those likes add to a flood of tourists to instagram's flood of tourists to instagram's hottest spot. sweat. dedication. cupcakes. i'm michael griffin. i'm brian orakpo. we played football together for the titans. now, we own a cupcake shop. we bake, we decorate. i love this new surface pro. it's light, it's sleek, it's fast. i'm able to draw what color frosting we want. we do a lot with social media. we have funny videos that we do in the bakery [laughs]. there's nothing that you can't do on this device. cupcakes are a great business. oh yeah, as long as you don't eat the profits! hey maya. what's up? hey! so listen, i was taking another look at your overall financial strategy. you still thinking about opening your own shop? every day. i think there are some ways to help keep you on track.
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and closer to home. i'm all ears. how did edward jones grow to a trillion dollars in assets under care? thanks. by thinking about your goals as much as you do. ♪ ♪ check the location tag and thought to yourself, man, i need to go there one day. that has a name in the tourism industry. it is called the instagram effect. more than 1 billion users and all their selfies have turned the quiet corners of the world into the hottest travel spots on
6:42 am
earth. keri sanders visited one of them on our "spotlight." >> reporter: the stunning light skies in colorado to key west, how all many players no matter where they are snap that selfie. >> it is just kind of like a digital footprint of where you are and what you are doing. >> reporter: the place to both these days is instagram which it turns out also drives tourism to remote locations and sometimes it is all about copying someone else's breathtaking pose. >> i love sharing a moment like that with everyone especially on instagram. to best understand the instagram effect, we come here to iceland. 142,000 tourists came to this country. last year more than 2 million showed up, mostly from the
6:43 am
united states. we are not big posters but at the end of an ice and adventure day, it is so exciting. >> on this island nation of dramatic contrast, no filter or photoshop needed. here, 1004 degrees bubbled to the surface. what's in more selfies per square foot taken here than anywhere on earth. >> i guess we did not know it existed until instagram. >> we looked at the images and hashtags and we thought well, let's go there. >> reporter: it used to be postcards but this is the game changer because it pinpoint the exact location of where you are and you can share that geo tag as it is called on social media which allowed this hidden beauty to be shared with the world
6:44 am
which is great until everybody shows up. >> we have seen geo tag playing a huge cultural. to the popular ones are getting over run. an hour hike, leads us to one of iceland's most unusual geo tag. the crash that everyone survived. >> it is not a natural wonder that every time somebody puts graffiti on. >> conservation around the world concerns of photographer of geo tags putting wild animals at risk. they are asking tourists to skip those geo tags. >> i really try not to spread the word out in the world to preserve certain spots. >> reporter: how bad has it
6:45 am
gotten? in some parts of the world there are talks restricting of how many tourists. >> it is a simple hashtag. >> reporter: back in iceland, a warning of something new over touri tourism, from "sunday today," keri sanders, no geo tag, just iceland. next, harry smith, on the 20th anniversary of "the sopranos," a life well lived. the trailblazer who used discrimination against her as discrimination against her as
6:46 am
well you can always i thibring it backy it. within seven days for a full refund for any reason. like if i become allergic to yellow? sure. or my turtle hates it? okay. what if i become a professional power walker? seems like a strange reason to return a car, but you can. what if the glove box doesn't fit my gloves? well you could try that before you buy it. what if the car and i just don't get along? whatever the reason, carmax will give you a full refund. that is good to know because reggie is very opinionated. i'm sure he is.
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6:48 am
a new tv show 20 years ago that little did we know would change the face of entertain. on hbo, we met tony soprano, the most iconic character on history on the show that ushered in the golden age of television, harry
6:49 am
smith has our sunday's closer. >> mr. soprano? >> yes. >> the sopranos was a tv show that defined convention. it was profane and violent and a comedy. >> i think it is time for you to seriously consider salad. >> it was a family drama. >> what did i do now? >> i will tell you what it is. the italian discrimination. >> centered on a sociopath who had serious mommy issues. >> no wonder network tv passed. david chase made it workweek after week. >> i thought this guy was crazy and i diplomat know what he was doing and he started laughing, maybe it is a comedy. >> chase had labored in television for years and
6:50 am
presented his predictability. "the sopranos" was either. the reason why it was unique because it was one man's vision which is not the way tv works. they give you notes on every single line you do coming from the studio executives. this is all one man's vision. once the music started, we were sucked in and we settled it for what was always a memorable ride. >> let's take them down a barrel. >> a big part of the show's success was casting. >> tony, over here. >> soprano, no character ever hit a sour note. >> and they call it charlie. >> every time she opens her mouth, it was like listening to an aria. >> i tempting uh-you mock your through this -- >> what is this?
6:51 am
>> this is a little snack. james gandofine. >> all of us together however many years ago it was, it is unusual that he's not here. i don't feel his absence the way i do right now. >> you people don't have any idea of great it was to work with him. he was the best. he would say you want another take. nobody does that. >> you want to screw everything up. >> when you trust somebody as an actor and you know you are in it together and when you know that person has your back, when you have that level of trust then you can make magic, i think. >> what are you? >> mr. type a personality. >> hard to imagine our current golden age of tv without "the sopranos" first setting the bar and the tone, ambiguity and
6:52 am
whoever says there needs to be a happy ending. well, thank you "sopranos," from sunday today, harry smith, new york. >> i have been watching reruns all week. it is so good. thank you very much. we highlight another life well lived. many culturals that have pushed america along greater equality between men and women. one of the most powerful is "title 9." berneice -- bernice sandler was turned away. she set out to change the culture that stood in her way. sandler found there was no loss barring discrimination against
6:53 am
women in education but president lyndon john sson issued executi orders prohibiting discrimination of sex. bunny had found her way in. she brought complaints against 250 public schools and many other women followed her lead. sandler studied and documented discrimination great and small across the institutions and pushing her findings to congress leading the campaign to change college life for woman. it was si title 9 has been applied to college sports and sexual harassment or assault on campus. >> she died last week at home in washington, d.c. she was ♪
6:54 am
at walgreens, we want you, to keep doing you... and we'll take care of medicare part d. by helping you save up to $5 on each prescription... so you can get back to doing the things you love. stop in and start saving on your medicare part d prescriptions today... walgreens. trusted since 1901. you'll earn unlimited double camiles on every purchase,. every day... not just "airline purchases". think about all the double miles you could be earning... (loud) holy moley that's a lot of miles!!! shhhhh! ♪ what's in your wallet? shhhhh!
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6:57 am
sunday mail where we take your questions from twitter and facebook and instagram. our first question, what is the coldest you have ever been. >> this is a good one for you. >> dave shire, one of our producers here, the big man on the show, he says there is this idea if you cover yourself in vaseline that you won't be as cold. here i am i am wearing a t-shirt with vaseline to prove the point that it traps in your warm body
6:58 am
temperature. >> look at this, i was so cold but here is the problem after my hit is over, i go to put a jacket on, you kacan't put a jacket on when you are covered in vaseline. >> i have serious questions about that story. let's move onto the next one. do you believe in guests and if yes, why? >> i do, not in the kind that's haunting us. >> the spirit is still with us. >> calvin has one in his room. it is the little thing that goes across the monitor. >> do you record it? >> i dismiss it. oh, there is the ghost again. >> brian in missouri, if you can travel bayy yu uni cycle -- >> zip line. >> dylan, thank you, you are the
6:59 am
best. thank you for spending parthere-
7:00 am
palo alto thanks for good sunday morning to you. it is january 13th. here is a live look outside, some low clouds and fog, from emeryville toward san francisco, seeing the lights of the bay bridge, and the sales force tower. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana is here with a look at our microclimate forecast. looks a little gloomy on that shot, but behind us, it looks a little brighter. >> yes, you could see off in the distance kind of a little bit of that fog. we have some areas with fog, but we're going to see an increase in that cloud cover. look how beautiful this shot of san francisco looks. absolutely amazing, but as we head in towards the afternoon, you will definitely start to notice the changing weather.


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