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tv   Today  NBC  January 14, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PST

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>> you can feel the changes in the air. thank you very much for joining us. we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. have a great day. test test te >> the biggest most insulting thing i've ever been asked. >> where does it go from here? we are live at the white house. pain and protests. with more americans feeling the impact of the government shutdown, a key republican tells the president, it's time to talk. >> open up the government for a short period of time. >> what it will take to strike a
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deal. slammed, tens of millions from the midwest to the mid-atlantic cleaning up from the powerful winter storm, nasty snow and ice closing airports and knocking out power. al is already tracking what could be the next big storm. all that plus united. 13-year-old jamie back in the arms of her family after her kidnapping deal. this morning, another survivor, elizabeth smart, on the young girl's road to recovery. overnight, superstar announcing his sweet message to his bride to be. the final four, tom brady and the new england patriots roll past the chargers. while the new orleans saints survive a scare from the eagles, as each team moves one step closer to the super bowl. today, monday, january 14th,
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2019. from nbc news, this is "today," with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today." thank you for joining us. good morning. >> well, well, well, well. >> congratulations on the saints winning. >> we made wagers depending who won the game. someone has to go down into the subway of new york city and put on a little show. >> and sing to commuters. i think we know who that was. >> what fun. >> meanwhile, so many people calling 911, who are these two crazy people in the subway. we'll show you more of that in a minute. first to our top story, the president facing new questions and possibly new investigations over his behavior when it comes to russia. this as the government shutdown moves into day 24, the longest
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ever and no end in sight. we have the longest on both. hallie jackson, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. new this morning, president trump is fighting back of the phi phish -- as the fbi says it was investigating him. that question is being asked of a sitting president, for donald trump, it is yet another extraordinary moment. the president, this morning, on his way to louisiana, responding to a pair of bombshell reports on russia. >> i never worked for russia and you know that answer better than anybody. i never worked for russia. not only did i never work for russia, i think it's a disgrace you even asked that question because it's a whole big fat hoax. it's just a hoax. >> mr. president --
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>> i haven't been following it. >> reporter: it comes after this extraordinary question to a sitting commander in chief. >> are you now or have you ever worked for russia, mr. president? >> i think it's the most insulting thing i've ever been asked. i think it's the most insulting article i've ever had written. >> reporter: the president is pushing back on a "new york times" report that the fbi opened an investigation into him in 2017 to determine if the president was knowingly working for russia or had unwittingly fallen under moscow's influence. critics arguing the president did not answer the question correctly. >> if you read the article, you see they found absolutely nothing. >> reporter: after firing former fbi director, james comey and tying that to the russia investigation. no evidence has emerged publicly that mr. trump took information from russian officials. >> the notion that the president is a threat to american national
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security is absolutely ludicrous. >> reporter: reports that the president worked to hide details of his talks with vladamir putin preventing even high ranking officials in his own administration from fully knowing what he told one of the united states main adversaries. >> he's president of the united states. it's up to him who he wants to read into his conversations with world leaders. >> reporter: democrats find it deeply disturbing. >> why is this president trump's best buddy? i don't get it. >> one of the president's republican allies and head of the senate judiciary committee, senator lindsey graham has plenty of questions for the fbi and democrats have plenty of questions of their own including wanting to talk to the interpreter in the room for private conversations. >> justice correspondent, pete williams. why did the fbi take this unprecedented step? >> one of the things mueller has
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been investigating whether he did anything to help. it came days after the fbi fired james comey. that was a factor and another the president's comments to russia officials the next day at the white house when he shade the firing took away great pressure because of russia and worried about the comment made to lester holt saying he fired comey because of the russia investigation. >> for those who don't necessarily understand the ins and out of how the fbi does its work, they're thinking there already was this criminal investigation. what's the significance the fbi was also doing what they call a counter intelligence investigation? >> that's right. it was investigating possible obstruction, a crime. counter intelligence investigations look whether someone is working with a foreign government and harming national security.
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the question of the fbi's former general counsel leaked, james baker said firing comey could obstruct the fbi investigation and that could threaten national security. some are saying that's a stretch because the constitution gives the president, not the fbi, the power to decide what is in the national security interests of the u.s. the fbi's defenders say if the president was secretly involved in helping the returns that would justify preliminary steps to find out and no doubt, william barr, the president's nominee for attorney general, will be asked about his opinion tomorrow when his confirmation hearings begin. pressure is growing on the president from members of his own party to end what is now the longest government shutdown in u.s. history. kristen walker is on that story. good morning to you. >> savannah, good morning to you. with the government shutdown now entering its 24th day, a new poll shows more americans blame the president and his party for
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this historic standoff. now, the message from some top republicans, it's time to make a deal. >> reporter: this morning, president trump speaking out about the government shutdown. >> many of the people that aren't being paid right now are in total agreement with us. you still have the border patrol agents, saw what was happening, they're in total agreement with us. we'll see how it all goes. >> reporter: it comes after senator lindsey graham on sunday pressed the president to open the government and make a deal on the border wall. >> i would urge the president to open up for like three weeks before he pulls the plug and see if we can get a deal. >> reporter: the president at one point seemed close to declaring a national emergency now backing away saying he too wanted to make a deal. >> presidents have called national emergencies for things of less importance than this. i'd like to do it. i would rather see the democrats
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come back from their vacation and act. >> reporter: democrats showing no signs of giving in. >> he boxed himself in a corner and didn't empower his negotiate ors. >> reporter: the majority of americans blame the president and gop for the shut down compared to 23% holding democrats responsible. on friday, some 800,000 workers didn't get paid, some of the hardest hit in western states that voted for mr. trump including south dakota, west virginia and alaska, where air traffic controllers are feeling the pain. >> it's hard to explain to your kids why you can or can't do something because you don't know when you will get paid. >> reporter: frustrations boiling over across the country, recent protests in boston and d.c. by federal workers. adding to the pain, some fda food inspections have stopped. both houston and miami airports forced to close checkpoints
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because of shortage of tsa agents and some relying on food banks. two small bright lights, the tsa sent workers $500 bonuses and one day's pay to help ease the strain and canadian air traffic controllers sent pizzas to their u.s. counterparts. >> the president continued to hammer his point overnight tweeting out a dire warning. america's southern border is eventually going to be militarized and defended or the united states, as we know it, will cease to exist. with no meeting scheduled, there is no end in sight. even if it was opened, there is a major snowstorm over the weekend, so the federal offices are closed today. >> we turn to craig for another breaking story. good morning. a meeting closely watched around the world. secretary of state, mike pompeo
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with talks with the country's king and crown prince. front and center, the murder of washington columnist, jamal khashoggi. here's andrea mitchell. >> reporter: secretary of state, mike pompeo and the saudi crown prince meeting today. the young leader close to the president's son-in-law, jared kushner and the president, who has not accepted the cia's conclusion the crown prince knew about the murder plot of jamal khashoggi. >> maybe he did, maybe he didn't. >> reporter: saudi critics say mr. trump's support has strengthened crown prince mohammed bin salman at home. he raised the issue with the crown prince today. >> every single person who has responsibility for the murder of jamal khashoggi needs to be held accountable. >> reporter: since the khashoggi killing there has been a backlash here. notable of expression of human rights.
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and human rights groups torturing protesters jailed since last may. being granted asylum in canada, escaping from what she claims was in a busive family, barricading herself in a hotel room and going on twitter. after not discussing human rights on much of his mideast tour, today, he said he did mention the women activists in saudi prison. andrea mitchell, riyadh. and winter is under way from the powerful storm that swept across the country leading to airport delays and accidents and widespread power outages. al has more on that and a new storm in the works. >> good morning. thanks for getting your first weather from us. in d.c. one of the cities
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impacted by this system, we saw a ton of snow and they will be getting more. biggest storm in st. louis in five years. in washington, d.c., it's been three years since you've seen double digit snowfall. some big totals, we're talking 20.3 inches in columbia, missouri. wilmington, ohio, almost 9 inches of snow. here comes the next big storm. after the west gets pounded earlier in the week. in the rockies, snow develops friday from colorado to indianapolis. it strengthens getting to the plains, making its way saturday to new england, kansas city, new york, all the way up to boston and storm threat and flood threat down to the south. here's what we're looking at into the weekend, too early to give you accumulations. we looked for a swath of heavy snow from eastern indiana and central new york and western pennsylvania. moderate snow, boston to new york and syracuse all the way back to st. louis.
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we will be watching this very very closely but it's the potential to be a crippling storm if this track proves correct. back to you guys. >> thank you. in the meantime, after her dramatic escape, wisconsin jayme clos is discussing her ordeal as her abductor is making a deal. >> reporter: good morning. we are expected to see the 21-year-old suspect in court this afternoon. in the meantime for jayme's family, they are focused on her and say she is in surprisingly good spirits. >> so good to hug her. wonderful she was back and i could hug her again. >> reporter: this morning, ja e
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jayme closs is safe and her grandfather saying she is okay. >> i will never erase those voice mails. >> she's alive. >> reporter: seeing her reunited with her dog, molly. >> she laughs and talks, not a lot, but she'll be -- she's off into another world. >> reporter: these images taken by "the daily mail" allegedly taking a look in the remote cabin where allegedly jayme was held, showing stuffed animals tossed across a crumbled bed spread and an exposed ceiling and wood stove. authorities have not verified the authenticity of the photos. after brutally witnessing the brutal murder of her parents and niece, and months in captivity. >> this was a shy quiet girl, a
7:16 am
loving girl. she became a fighter. she's brave and she's strong. she overcame tremendous odds. >> reporter: the man accused of killing her parents and holding her against her will for nearly three months, 21-year-old jake thomas patterson is now behind bars. patterson's neighbors shock instead. >> just seems like your average teen growing up. there was nothing different with him than any other child in the neighborhood. republican authorities say three years ago, patterson worked at the same turkey plant as jayme's parents for one day but authorities don't believe he had any other contact with the family before the murders. >> we didn't have the suspect on the radar. that's unique. saying he randomly picked her. >> reporter: patterson is due in court where he will be charged with kidnapping and murder, his lawyers calling it a tragic situation. >> we have a job to do in terms of representing our client and
7:17 am
his rights and interests. we understand the pain and emotion generated within this community. >> reporter: with signs of support all over her small wisconsin town welcoming her home, the legal battle for justice and answers is now under way as jayme settles into a life without her mom and dad. >> ron has mentioned this suspect will be in court later today. what do you expect? >> reporter: initially we were told patterson would appear in court via link from jail but his attorney asking he physically appear because of the seriousness of the charges. he will not enter a plea today. just a probable cause and bail hearing. >> thank you. just ahead, elizabeth smart will talk about the closs case and how survivors like her move forward. two big playoff games on sunday, including, of course, saints and eagles. we'll get to that one in just a second. let's start with patriots and chargers.
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new england scored first and they scored often. the patriots scored a touchdown on each of their possessions. tom brady and company could not be stopped. they took a 35-7 league in the locker room at halftime. chargers did score in the second half but too little too late. 41-28 was the score. they take on the chiefs next sunday in the afc title game. all right. to the late game. the saints hosting the eagles early on. this one was all philadelphia early on. nick foles finds jordan matthews for the 37-yard touchdown there. eagles go up 7-zip. later, they make it 14-0. later, saints take the lead, third quarter. >> who dat! >> on this drew brees touchdown, michael thomas. eagles had one chance but nick foles' pass is intercepted saints win it 21-14.
7:19 am
they face the rams on sunday back down in new orleans. >> this really all means, we had this chat, remember? okay. the loser had to go down in the subway dressed in the winner's gear. it was so much fun. we will see exactly how that went down in the new york city subway. >> on a monday morning. >> on a monday morning. a woman of my word. come on! >> oh. >> yes. >> at least i wasn't alone. hoda did it with me. hoda has a lot of energy. >> one of my favorite games ever. >> all right. al, you have the forecast. you said the snow might be coming? >> that's right. but let's see what we've got going on around the rest of the country right now. rain and mountain snow and we will look at that in more detail in the next half hour. sunshine in the gulf in florida and look for more sunshine but that will be changing with flurries in the mid-atlantic states. we will get to your local
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forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. -morning. -morning. -what do we got? -keep an eye on that branch. might get windy. have a good shift. fire pit. last use -- 0600. i'd stay close. morning. ♪ get ready to switch. protected by flo. should say, "protected by alan and jamie." -right? -should it? when you bundle home and auto... run, alan! get more than just savings. you get 'round-the-clock protection. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall on stormranger this morning we're tracking rain, light rain moving in and heavier downpours will be rolling into the bay area by this afternoon. we will see some waves of showers and a stronger storm system that will be here between wednesday and thursday bringing in high winds and heavy rain. that tapers off on friday. it looks like we'll have a busy week for the bay area with some
7:21 am
rain an gusty winds, especially for the middle of the work week. >> look. i got my hat. i'm ready. >> super bowl bound, right? >> there will be no living with her for the next couple of weeks. coming up, we'll talk to elizabeth smart. a really uniqu perspective on the case of jayme closs who went missing, and she'll talk about how survivors recover and find healing. new questions about amazon's future being raised by the future being raised by the pending divorce of ceo jeff
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this is a fight. not to the finish. future being raised by the pending divorce of ceo jeff but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning.
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you don't need to sell me. at carmax, they buy all the cars. that's helpful. yes, it is. this is just uh, taped on for show. i know. they'll still buy it. breaking news right now: and a live look in east san good monday morning to you. it's 7:26. i'm laura garcia. breaking news right now. a live look in east san jose where firefighters are at a house fire at fox dale lube, not far from san jose's raging waters. we don't have real details on the cause, but it looks like it was contained remarkably to that one unit. it started in the last hour or so. firefighters are still at the scene. don't know how many people live there, inside of the home, or if everyone made it out safely. we are reaching out to get more information. we'll post more details as soon as we get them.
7:27 am
monitoring the forecast for us. meteorologist kari hall, a change in the works. >> so far we've seen light rain moving through parts of the bay area. we'll track some of the heavier rain that could be here as early as late this morning. especially for this south bay and the east bay. hour-by-hour, more of that rain off and on throughout the day. it tapers off tonight. there will be another round of rain by tomorrow morning. it's going to be busy all week long with some times of rain and high winds. especially for wednesday into thursday. by friday that rain tapers off with a little bit of a break this weekend. we'll track that. mike, you have a look at the roads. >> looking at wetter roads, as you are following that rain. no major problems for the south bay. south 880 at "a" street, that crash did clear. looking at slowing on the peninsula side for san mateo.
7:28 am
richmond down to the berkeley curve slowing. and a stall behind the trees in san rafael. another local news update in a half hour.
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7:30 am
back now. 7:30 on this monday morning, january 14, 2019. check that out. a beautiful sight. the white house lawn covered in snow. there may be more where that came from. the forecast is coming up just ahead. let's get to the headlines. we start at the white house. two bombshell reports about the president's ties to russia. the president rushing back on a new york times report. the fbi opened up an investigation into the president in 2017 to determine if he was, quote, knowingly working with russia or unwittingly fell under
7:31 am
moscow's influence. the president worked to hide details of the conversations with vladimir putin. he calls it absurd and inaccurate. >> the white house, last fall, asked the pentagon for option to strike iran. a group of militants fired where the u.s. embassy is located. the request, led by john bolton, sparks concerns. it is not clear if president trump knew about the request or if attack plans were ever formlated. a piece of milwaukee's skyline went up in smoke sunday. that's the bradley center there, the former home of the milwaukee bucks basketball team. they used explosives to blow up the roof. they play next door. they hosted countless basketball
7:32 am
and hockey games, concerts, rodeos and circuses. >> fred, thank you. now, for the road ahead for jayme closs. >> elizabeth smart knows what she will face all too well. smart was abducted when she was 14 and held captive for nine months. now, she founded the elizabeth smart foundation to help people. good morning. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> i can't think of anybody who would be better to talk to and better help us understand what this young woman is going through and what she needs from her family and all of us. thank you for getting up early and doing this. >> first, what went through your mind when you heard jayme was found and found alive and she saved herself? >> i was so happy. it just, for me, it felt like a reconfirmation of my belief it's
7:33 am
so important we always keep our eyes and ears open because there are people, there are still children who are alive, who are missing. this seemed to be another confirmation. i'm so happy to hear that she is alive and she is well and she's back with her family. >> elizabeth, you were one of the few people who understand exactly what jayme is going through and may know what jayme needs in these early days. what do you think her family and friends should be giving her during these initial few days? >> honestly, right now, it's almost what i would call a sacred time. so much has happened over the last few months and she has been through so much. rebuilding that foundation is going to be of prime importance. rebuilding relationships with her family, reconnecting with her support group. support is everything, especially in the coming weeks and months.
7:34 am
>> it must be so shocking to suddenly have everyone in the world know your name and everybody wonder about what happened to you. how do you get through that? how do you begin to take the first step to kind of return to normal life? >> i think you just said it, normal life. you don't go back to the old normal. there's only a new normal. coming to terms to that and accepting that. for me, the biggest and hardest step was accepting there was a new normal, then coming to embrace it and making the new normal better than the old normal. >> you know, i'm looking at you, we're looking at you seeing this healthy, happy girl. you have a family. when i look at jayme, you hope she can wind up at the end of this road. take us through the healing process and how long it took for you to get where you are today.
7:35 am
>> i so wish there was a formula that could work for every survivor, for every victim. i spend a lot of time with victims and with survivors and the one thing that i have learned is there is no one size fits all. there's not a magic formula. each one of us has to figure out what works for each one of us. for me, it was support from my family, music, horseback riding. i felt like i had nontraditional therapies that worked for me. that might not be the case for her. you have to find what works for you. i think the important thing is so know that's what you want. to know you want to be better, to know you want to be happy and to be moving toward that. if something doesn't work, having the courage to say that doesn't work for me and trying something else. >> you are in a position, i don't know if you will speak to her, if you could, what word of encouragement would you want to give her about what the resz of her life can and will be?
7:36 am
>> first of all, i want to tell her, i think she's a hero. i think she's incredible, amazing. so strong. wow! what a girl. i want her to know that no matter what happens down the road, if anyone ever makes her feel guilty in any way, right now, you think no one could do that. someone who's survived kidnapping and spoken to countless survivors, a lot of times survivors deal with feelings of guilt. it comes from questions of others. know, first and foremost, she did nothing wrong. she did absolutely everything right. she survived. that's amazing. as big as this feels right now, it doesn't have to define her life. yes, certainly it has changed her life. certainly, it will continue to affect her life, but it doesn't have to define her life. she can choose who she wants to
7:37 am
be and choose where life takes her. ultimately, it's our choices that make us who we are. >> you are a shining example of that. you are so generous to open up your heart and share your perspective and wisdom you have earned. thank you. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we appreciate it. we are going switch gears and go back to al with the latest on the weather. >> let's take a look. storms in california. this is not how you sonic, okay? so much snow. one of the awnings dropped down, crushing a couple cars. thankfully, nobody hurt and no roller skaters hurt either. there's more snow coming. we have another big storm system coming in off los angeles' coastline up to san francisco. we have flash flood watches, high surf advisories, winter weather advisories and wind advisories with this system. as one system comes on shore,
7:38 am
wind swept rain, heavy snow in the sierra. the second storm is going to keep the rain. there's another storm off the coastline as well. heavy rains, up to one inch an hour. winds are going to be a big problem. gusts up to 75 miles per hour in the mountains. dangerous driving conditions and heavy snow in the sierra. strong winds creating whiteout so this is the first wave of those three storms that will be moving in to the bay area over the next few days. starting out with light rain. there's much heavier rain offshore. we'll see at times some heavy downpours of breezy wins, on and off showers as we head throughout the day. the seven-day forecast shows more rain in the forecast, the strongest of those storms moving in between wednesday and thursday, then tapering off friday.
7:39 am
saturday will be a break before another system moves in on sunday. and that's your latest >> that's your latest weather. hoda? >> thanks. the inspiring woman who made history in the nfl. can what you wear make you eat more? dr. oz has the toll your clothes might be taken on your health. kate middleton's brother revealing his long time battle with depression. why he thought now was the time to show his story. >> your saints won. that's all i have. a closer look at how jeff bezos divorce could affect amazon. hoda, over to you. >> back after this. and unlimited is better with a phone included. it's true. forty bucks with the other guys, doesn't include a phone. so, start the new year right.
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don't start humira if you have an infection. join over 250,000 patients who have chosen humira. ask about the #1 prescribed biologic by dermatologists. humira... and go. this morning on in depth, today what could be the most expensive divorce in history. >> news of the split between jeff bezos and his wife of 25 years has a lot of folks wondering what it might mean for the future of amazon. miguel almaguer has more on that. good morning to you. >> jeff bezos is worth $137 billion, the majority of it in amazon stock. washington state is a 50/50 state which means the soon to be ex-wife would be entitled to half of that. divorce expects say a split like that is unlikely. >> a tweet rocking the most
7:45 am
valuable company in the world, we have decided to divorce and continue our shared life as friends. jeff bezos and his wife mackenzie announcing their split after 25 years. the divorce potentially having an impact on who controls amazon and netting mackenzie bezos billions of dollars. experts say multiple scenarios are in play. the stock could be split 50/50, making her an equal shareholder in the company. the stock could be transferred into a single entity over which they would have joint control. a trust could be created where mackenzie and the children have ownership but not control, or the nuclear scenario, a cash payout that forces a stock selloff potentially putting mr. bezos' control of amazon in jeopardy. >> i don't think she gets 65 billion, maybe it's 10, maybe it's 20 billion, and it will probably be over a long period of time so it doesn't affect his control of amazon.
7:46 am
>> regardless of the financial split, the divorce has many wondering who is mackenzie bezos. >> even before she could say what's the internet, she said great, let's go. >> aside from her unwavering support an initial role in amazon's beginnings, mackenzie has mostly avoided the spotlight instead focusing on her passion for writing and raising their four kids. >> one of the fun aspects of writing fiction is the research because it's so different from the rest of the work you do as a writer. >> the couple promising an amicable divorce, though the labels might be different, we remain a family, and we remain cherished friends. but with reports of mr. bezos new relationship with former news anchor lauren sanchez and billions of dollars and control of amazon at stake, only time will tell. >> so a lot of people may be concerned about amazon as a business and what might happen to it. what do the experts say?
7:47 am
is this really something in play? >> most experts we spoke to think amazon is too big and too unique, they say, in what they do for a stock to take a significant hit. the only worry is the potential cash payout, they say. even then they only expect a short dip. amazon only released a statement so far, and they say jeff remains focused and engaged on all aspects of amazon. coming up, something new for fixer upper fans to get excited about. i can't believe they are actually doing this. is this even technology? did they just move a cpas in their software? genius. i'll never have to leave the house to do my taxes again. oh that's not good, man. you need your vitamin d. why does everyone keep saying that? double-checked all your expenses, and i found another deduction for you. oh my gosh, a cat. wow i've never seen you smile before. did i do it right? yeah. thank you. can i see? nice. turbotax live now with cpa's on demand.
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7:56 am
good monday morning. right now at 7:56. we're tracking some light rain across the bay area. as we get a look at it on stormranger, our mobile doppler radar, it's giving us good coverage. as you get ready to step out the door, make sure you're prepared for that. we have a lot more rain where that came from as this storm system moves from south to north and brings in a few isolated thunderstorms. our rain does become heavier moving over the santa cruz mountains, the peninsula and south bay before noon, there will be some breaks in between as we go throughout the day. a lot of this will taper off for tonight griving us a brief brea before the next storm system moves in tomorrow morning. our seven-day forecast shows the strongest storm will be here
7:57 am
between wednesday and thursday. we'll be tracking that. let's get an update on the commute from mike. >> the south bay shows the build, 87, 85, and 101 all slowing. we see the rest of silicon valley now seeing more traffic flowing. we have the problem also westbound 84, that's the dumbarton bridge before the toll plaza. there's a crash blocking one lane. northbound 880 around union city, there's a crash. the distraction is causing the southbound commute to slow. back to you. thank you very much. breaking news, within the past 15 minutes firefighters confirmed someone has died from a fast-moving fire in an east san jose apartment. it happened on fox dale loop near san jose's raging waters. it looks like the fire was limited to one unit. we don't have that confirmed. head to our twitter feed and we'll put out updates. pg&e announcing they're filing for bankruptcy after what
7:58 am
may amount to billions of dollars in payouts resulting from the wildfires. another update in 25 minutes. as here, kari finesses any overnight forecast changes. plus: the debate over a controversial north bay school s name heats up. the action one group is making to try to get it changed. join us tomorrow from 4:30 to 7.
7:59 am
if you want a car from a company that's been building them for 115 years, get a ford. if you want a car with driver-assist technology, get a ford. if you want waze and amazon alexa compatibility, get a ford. if you want a car that doesn't have any of that, get anything... but a ford. otherwise, you're gonna want a ford. ♪
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, the president's putin problem. >> are you now or have you ever worked for russia, mr. president? >> i think it's the most insulting thing i've ever been asked. >> president trump fighting back against two bombshell reports, raising questions about his possible ties to russia. >> if you read the article, you'd see they found absolutely nothing. >> democrats now promising more investigations. we're live at the white house. plus, star lord of the ring, hollywood superstar, chris pratt announcing overnight he's engaged
8:01 am
engaged to kathryn schwarzenegger, making it official. congratulations pour in. monday morning payback. >> now, i will go meet new york who dat. >> with the eagles taken down by the saints, time for the to pay up making good on our friendly bet wearing black and gold in the new york subway, january 14th, 2019. ♪ >> hi to our kids back home in vermont. >> shout-out to oklahoma baptist university, go! >> we love hoda and the saints. >> who dat! >> we're here today on the plaza. >> for my 30th birthday. >> from michigan. >> good morning to our kids. >> from delaware. >> my 18th birthday! >> welcome back, today.
8:02 am
what a beautiful morning. so happy to have you with us monday morning. we're loving the plaza video, keep it coming. >> just upload it where you're watching on instagram. >> it's so cold out today, savannah, i thought maybe you could warm up. >> is this show seven hours long today? >> it feels like it. >> best show ever. >> she's already making super bowl plans. >> i might. >> let's get to the news at 8:00, the president pushing back against two bombshell reports that raises new questions about his personal ties to russia. hallie jackson has the latest on this. good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning. new this morning, president trump on his way to louisiana for an event, pushed back hard on those new bombshell reports about his relationship with russia, including one story from the "new york times" that says the fbi opened an investigation into him in 2017 to determine if
8:03 am
the president was knowingly working for russia or had unwittingly fallen under moscow's influence. >> mr. president, yes or no, have you or are you now, have you ever worked for russia? >> i never worked for russia, and you know that answer better than anybody. i never worked for russia. not only did i never work for russia, i think it's a disgrace that you even asked that question because it's a whole big fat hoax. it's just a hoax. >> the "times" says that investigation was prompted by the president's firing former fbi director, james comey, and tying that to the russia investigation. the "times" adds no evidence emerged publicly that mr. trump was secretly in contact with or took direction from russian government officials. democrats are promising hearings into all of it. it comes as the government enters its 24th day of the partial shutdown, the longest ever. new polls show more americans blame the president than democrats for it. savannah, hoda.
8:04 am
>> hallie jackson at the white house, thank you. a federal judge has blocked new trump administration rules that would allow more employers to opt out of birth control coverage on religious or moral grounds. those rules would have taken effect today. 13 states and washington, d.c. filed a legal challenge and the judge agreed to put the case on hold while that case moves forward. it has been one year to today when police discovered a house of horrors in california. 13 prison imprisoned in their home by their parents. david and louise. today, 7 of the 13 children are adults. their lawyer sad down with miguel almaguer to talk about their life on the outside. >> they didn't have a lot of freedom, as you know before, they had none. they have been trying out new things. they've been trying out going places. they've been trying out public transportation. they have been shopping for their own groceries.
8:05 am
they have been dealing with simple things like what do you do when you get a cold? all of those are new experiences and things they are doing a great job with and enjoying thoroughly. >> we will have much more of the exclusive interview and how those kids are coping tomorrow on "today." teachers in los angeles have gone on strike for the first time in nearly three decades. some 30,000 teachers walked out this morning along with librarians and counselors. they had been working without a contract more than a year. networ negotiators say they are not far apart in funding. the district says it will remain open. boys in australia were told by their parents they're getting a big surprise so they started guessing. here's how it went. >> a helmet? >> not a helmet. >> water pistol.
8:06 am
>> a new swimming pool. >> that's not a present! that's nothing! >> i said, we have a surprise to tell you. >> that's not a surprise. >> and then the little boy on the left kind of gets up and walks out. they were not impressed. the older brother seems to get over it. he goes back to eating dinner. the little brother skulks off to his room. i guess he needed to think about that in private. >> i can't eat that. >> poor baby. coming up, history made in the nfl. not the saints. we have an inspiring story, the first woman to officiate a playoff game. we're talking fashion with dr. oz, how your wardrobe may be impacting your health. first, these messages. e
8:07 am
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8:10 am
plaza this morning on today' s talker. something special that happened at yesterday's nfl playoff. i wonder what it was. >> it wasn't the saints. we're not talking about the saints. we're talking about a referee who made history. >> she made history, she also made herstory. sarah thomas isn't your average nfl referee. she's a mother of three who tucks her hair into her baseball
8:11 am
cap to blend in when she's on the field. on sunday she added yet another first to her already ground breaking career. >>. >> how about a nod to sarah thomas. >> sarah thomas is no stranger to breaking barriers. >> she's well-respected in the industry, and i tell you, it's got to be a big day for her being out here. that's special. >> as the chargers and patriots faced off sunday, the nfl's first ever full-time female official added yet another milestone to her already impressive resume. thomas becoming the first woman to work in nfl playoff game as an on field official. with a whistle around her neck and a penalty flag at the ready, thomas achieved a goal years in the making. >> just to be the best official i can be on the field, and in turn that will bring hopefully a playoff game. >> tennis icon billy jean king tweeting out her congratulations
8:12 am
writing in part, you have to see it to be it, and little girls everywhere are watching, way to go sarah thomas. >> time-out, time-out! >> known for her competitive drive on the basketball court, as an accomplished student athlete, thomas turned to football officiating in the '90s working her way up the ranks as a peewee, high school, and collegiate ref. a decade ago thomas became the first female official to work a college bowl game, and in 2015 when the nfl came calling, the mother of three telling willie she jumped at the reaction. >> when that phone rang at 10:47 a.m. central time, i almost was speechless, and i know a lot of people that know me would find that hard to believe. >> thomas's weekend gig on the field is anything but ordinary. her role as a down judge has a lengthy list of responsibilities in every phase of the game. the mississippi native putting her toughness on full display proving herself week after week.
8:13 am
>> and sarah thomas, the line judge who hopped right back up. >> a trailblazer paving a path for others to follow. >> whether it's coaching, or the broadcast booth, or the officiating world, you're seeing more and more women get significant roles. i think this opportunity on a playoff stage is one of the biggest moments for women involved in the nfl. but she is not the only one breaking barriers on the gridiron. also etching her name, terry valenti, she became the first replay official to work a playoff game. >> i love billy jean king. >> i love that. >> little girls seeing that everywhere. >> let's get over to mr. daly. he is in the orange room for a different kind of record breaker. >> for nearly a year, kylie jenner has held the record for the most liked photo on instagram, it was this one here, the first photo of her daughter stormy, it's been liked 18
8:14 am
million times. that was before world record egg, an account with that very name posted this single photo. it's a picture of an egg. the caption reads let's set a world record together and get the most liked post on instagram beating the current world record held by kylie jenner, 18 million, we got this. while social media users accepted that challenge, the egg not only beat jenner's record it crushed it. the egg currently has 26 million likes and counting. one of those even from jenner herself who also in response she shared this video right here. it's her cracking an egg on the pavement using the caption take that little egg. writing i don't know whether to be proud or disappointed with the world record egg. this person posting whoever made the world record egg page on insta, we thank you. buzz feed tracked down the creator of that account. it was told that it's actually
8:15 am
run by a chicken. >> that's not true. >> named henrietta. and the chicken when asked for comment, and i quote, the power of the egg is strong. >> which came first? >> a little pop star for us. >> internet, right? >> some really exciting news we're going to share and start off pop start right now. that's of chris pratt and katherine schwarzenegger are indeed engaged. pratt sharing this sweet photo of the couple embracing. the actor captioned the photo saying sweet katherine, so happy you say yes. i'm thrilled to be marrying you. cat r katherine is the daughter of arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver. duchess kate 34imiddleton's brother is going public with a very private struggle. >> good morning, carson. james, kate's little brother is telling the world now about what he calls his secret illness, a
8:16 am
long-time battle with debilitating depression. >> he's zoo he's rich, royally connected but underneath it all, james middleton said he was suffering. in the "daily mail" going public with his mental illness writing i know i'm richly blessed and live a privileged life but it did not make me immune to depression. it's not merely sadness, it's an illness, a cancer of the mind. middleton said i spiraled into a deep depression shutting out his closest friends and family. he said his dogs helped him cope. now after a year of treatment middleton said he's talking publicly about his struggles because of sister kate, prince william and prince harry. the three royals have been fighting the stigma of mental health with their heads together campaign. i feel i have a duty to speak out james wrote so i can help others who are suffering as i did. middleton says his dog who helped him recover is now a full
8:17 am
fledge therapy pet. the two volunteer together to help others. james says since getting help he's a more confident person and has a new zest for life. and his message is already having an impact. his instagram feed has gone from about 4,000 followers to more than 100,000 justin last couple of days since he went public. carson >> that was very brave of him. in other news we got an exclusive announcement this morning about one of our favorite, joanna gaines who is coming out with her first children's book and we get a look at the cover and inside images. you want to see it? drum roll please? the book is called "we are the gardners" and it's about her family's journey to grow a garden. the task comes with warding off
8:18 am
hungry bunnies. she says it provides a great lesson in learning hard work. for more information go to one broadway audience got a huge surprise when carole king surprised the crowd by appearing in her own show beautiful for its fifth anniversary. ♪ ♪ beautiful ♪ you are beautiful ♪ beautiful >> how about that? >> wow! >> first time in the show's history that she stepped into the role of herself performing that last number. had a stand ovation. she took time to thank her fans for all the support.
8:19 am
>> you who have come once, twice, three times. i heard from people who brought friends, family. >> isn't that nice >> wow! >> go to that show on saturday. >> crazy. >> quick daily click today, shout out to ucla gymnast. this went viral. her stunning floor routine. wowing the crowd. nailing all her tumbling passes. adding her own special flare. the judges were impressed. she got a perfect 10 for her performance. it's been liked more than 300,000 times. so much fun to watch her teammates. they are freaking out with every tumble she did. there's the perfect ten. good on you. >> amazing. >> a lot of michael cohen. >> good for her. all right. carson, thank you. mr. roker, what you got? >> i'm tumbling over -- that could be ugly. we got a lot of wet weather
8:20 am
making its way into the pacific northwest and southern california on the dry side. calm weather across the mid-section of the country but we're going to see some changes happening. afternoon highs it's going to be 20s from the plains into the upper are midwest and northern new england, an awfully chilly day. 50s down through the gulf coast. only 70s in south florida. a little on the cool side there. for today you can see again we have the biggest activity going on in central and southern california. few flurries a good morning. i'm kari hall. storm ranger showing some widespread light rain across the bay area. there may be heavier waves of rain moving in. we'll be tracking this and a series of several storm systems that will be moving through. as we go throughout the day there will be breaks in between, but overall looks like a wet
8:21 am
day, and it tapers off later on tonight. we will see some high winds along with a stronger storm system that will be here between wednesday and thursday. >> and that's your latest weather. well if you're getting dressed for the day right now you might want to stop for a minute and listen to this. >> dr. oz took a look at whether the most popular items in your closet may do more harm than good. the results may surprise you. you broke it down into three things. shape wear, at leisure, high heels. all trouble spots. >> all trouble spots. all addressable. let's start with shape wear. if one works great two works better. a lot of women are doubling up. putting on two pair. the question for us what does it do to your body? a couple of things. it weakens your core muscle but more importantly i had one of my correspondents where a double layer of shape wear and then go
8:22 am
for 12 hours through the day. i looked at their lung function. their lung function was 20% reduced which is what happens when you're pregnant. it's hard with that big baby to take a deep brett. don't have to give it up because you're not going to. don't do this, doubling up doesn't make sense. >> i might get a smaller size to get it sucked in. >> little tip if it starts to roll over on the top -- >> mine does that. >> if it rolls like this it's not the right size. it should gently roll against your skin and not for the skin. >> once you take it off and go back to business your lung functions are back to normal. >> you don't want to wear them 12 hours a day. >> and don't double up. >> at leisure. >> yoga pan. >> biggest problem with at leisure people don't do athletic
8:23 am
things in them. two-thirds never doo gain yoga pants. have you heard of the s.o.s. problem, stretch out syndrome. these pants are designed to be worn for a couple of times. after a year of continuous wear they stretch out. about an inch bigger than when you bought them. the problem is they start to act like they are thin so they start eating more than they normally eat. did a little study. for five days they had to wear at leisure or jeans. people who wore jeans 300 cou calories. >> what about guys and sweat pants. >> same thing. sweats and scrubs -- the reason people wear scrubs you can't tell at the hospital how much you're gaining weight. you bloat or not. over time you put weight on. >> it's a matter they are big and stretchy and you eat more? >> that's part of it.
8:24 am
use them for sports. if they are stretched out buy a pair that's appropriately shaped for you. one other little tip, every once in a while put on real pants to make sure you're not gaining weight. when you go shopping people try them on in the dressing home and puts them back if they don't fit. we cultured ten different pairs of undergarments. always wash them before you wear them. >> like underwear basically. wash it. all right. high heels. a staple. >> i notice you both are wearing beautiful high heels. a couple of issues. first because of the way you wear high heels the physics you're putting on a dozen more pounds per pressure than an elephant walking around. >> why did you choose the elephant. that was unnecessary. >> it can cause knee pain and back pain.
8:25 am
you actually shorten your achilles tendon and the calf muscle behind it. less blood supply. you can get weak an tells. if you wear high heels only for part of the day don't wear them the entire time. less than three inches of height. wide certificate better. big takeaway, it is down grab a towel, pull on your feet. you won't be walking like this when you're older. >> you keep doing that. dr. oz thank you so much. see more on dr. oz on his show. coming up next how savannah had to pay off our friendly waggwag wager down in the subway. >> i had the best time. >> what few? i )m ...
8:26 am
good morning to you. breaking news to tell you about. nbc bay area skyranger flying over east san jose moments ago at the scene of a deadly house fire. it started a little before 7:00 this morning on foxdale loop. it's not too far from san jose's raging waters. firemen confirmed someone died in the fire. firefighters are not yet saying the age of the person or if it was a man or woman who phied.
8:27 am
mike inouye is standing by with the traffic. >> the traffic is flowing much better now that the trash cleared. there was a traffic advisory, west 80 at fremont, and san francisco has just cleared up. we see recovery from the oakland side. the metering light is still on, it's heavily impacted, but light rain right now, and watch for slicker roads in the east bay and many parts of the south bay. that's slowing down silicon valley. you see what kari is watching, so stick with her for changes. we'll have more local news for you in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
this is a fight. not to the finish. but to the beginning.
8:29 am
a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning.
8:30 am
it's 8:30 on this monday morning. it's a little chilly. great to see these smiling faces on the plaza. >> i know. great night. great morning out there. a little bit chilly. guys, we always love to celebrate a birthday out here. can i meet you, introduce you to my friend doreen. doreen, happy birthday. >> thank you. happy birthday to "today" show.
8:31 am
>> you're so kind. we have a happy birthday mom. how old are you? >> 60. >> 6-0. as your sign says today is also the birthday of the "today" show. >> i celebrate with you guys every year. >> 1952. 60 years ago a bouncing baby "today" shoves born. it wayed 10 tons and six ounces. have a beautiful day. happy birthday to the "today" show. >> that's awesome. >> one of our producers said zmoosh the only reason i knew is because of that nice lady. >> what do you get a 67-year-old that has everything? >> a new tv. >> just ahead, you know the eagles did give it their best shot. so sad.
8:32 am
savannah and i go down to the subway and pay off a friendly wager. we help you declutter your home. the team has some great tips to help you get organized. all-star tribute to the one and only icon willie nelson. i got to spend time with him this weekend in nashville where some of music's biggest games came together to celebrate the life of this legends. and some inspiration if you want to change up your life. this morning we'll introduce to two women who did just that. one a former ceo who trade her desk for turn tables. that's right she became a dj. a comedy writer who wanted to get rejected over and over again. >> there's a story there. first let's get a check on the weather. >> she should have become a weather person. as far as your week ahead
8:33 am
flurries in the appalachians. we're looking at mountain rain and snow in the southwest. into southern california. but as we get in the mid-week another big storm getting itself together in the rockies. a cold blast coming out of the plains. snow showers in the western great lakes. and then on friday we're looking at snow making its way into new england. heavy snow that's going to be developing in the rockies and the central plains and that's going make its way east into the weeken good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are track something rounds of rain right now on stormranger. that's it that's the red scan you're seeing there. we're tracking a bigger storm system that will be rolling through, bringing us rounds of rain, and the strongest system will be here wednesday and thursday with heavy downpours and gusty winds. that will be tapering off on friday. a bit of a break on saturday, but it still stays busy with
8:34 am
more rain in the forecast on sunday. >> and that is your latest weather. mr. melvin? >> mr. roker, thank you. nice hat. we've been talking about it all morning, savannah and hoda's friendly bet on that eagles game. >> who won again? anyway savannah and i had this bet. we had an early morning date. we went down into the subway to pay it off. >> that's right. >> check it out. >> you guys remember the bet, right in the saints won. that means miss guthrie has to don herself from head to toe and give out coffee and doughnuts. let's go. ♪ o when the saints go marching in ♪ ♪ o when the saints go marching in ♪ ♪ how i want to be in that
8:35 am
number when the saints go marching in ♪ >> is that all there is? >> no. get ready because people are coming. got to handout cookies and coffee. >> okay. >> all right. a bet is a bet. and now i'm going to go meet new york. ready. we need some commuters. >> here comes a wave. a wave is coming. >> a wave of people. this feels desperate. >> you want a cookie. hi. do you want a cookie? ♪ when the saints go marching in ♪ >> i lost a bet. i lost a bet. >> ♪ when the saints go marching in ♪ >> would you all like a cookie.
8:36 am
>> oh, my gosh. ♪ when the saints go marching in ♪ >> would you like a cookie? yes? i'll slide it right under there. can you say who dat. take two. i have to give them all out. who dat. okay. ♪ ♪ when the saints go marching in ♪ okay. wait a minute. you work here. and the saints in that number. blah, blah, blah. oh, gosh. who is going clean that you want. we can't dirty the subway. here i got you a cookie. >> you're a good sport. >> we didn't show all the
8:37 am
rejections. it's hard to give a cookie to new york commuters. who are you and what do you want >> they are like no, no, no. >> you got to pay off with enthusiasm. >> you were awesome. >> who your betting on next week. >> i'm with the saints all the way to the super bowl. you want to lose to the ultimate winner. i say saints to the super bowl. >> i like it. >> coming up next useful tricks to help you clean the clutter out of your home. but first t
8:38 am
8:39 am
we are back, kicking off a special series to help you declutter your life. we're going to help you clean up and clean out everything from your home to yes, your relationships. the mastermind moms behind the home edit and nashville based organizing business.
8:40 am
their celebrity devotees including mandy moore, emma roberts, reese witherspoon, it goes on and on and on. good morning. >> thank you for having us. >> so nice to meet you. i follow you on instagram and think i wish my house looked like theirs. you guys have three top rules about organizing. what are they? >> i would say the three general rules, number one, edit, edit edit. the more you can purge the less you have to organize. number two, the things that you have to organize create categories based on like items. pair them together. number three and this is really important, never let your home exceed 80% maximum capacity. you do not want to get up to 100%. you have no room to grow. >> you can't stuff it. >> when i open my closet and things fall out? >> right, that's a sign. >> 80% full. that's a good one. let's start in the kitchen. >> what are some of your tips here? >> we always love to maximize the space by utilizing a door. sometimes that's a closet door or pantry door, in this case it's a cabinet. we hung this two-tier spice rank
8:41 am
on the door. >> can it sit on the shelf. this is a great way. it's hangable. the tiered risers for cans are amazing as are turntables. you can actually see what you have other than this mess over here. everything's visible and accessible. the under shelf basket is a great way to maximize the height of each shelf. you have your turntables and you can use that negative space. >> what about down here? >> canisters, whether they're on the countertop, in a pantry or whatever it might be. we like to use them for staple items, dry goods and pasta, serials, snacks. what do i do about expirations? you cut it out from the box and tape it on the back. you can do that with cooking directions too. >> my spices are from the '70s. >> not all pantries are walk-s in. we use drawers all the time. >> we love setting up a snack station or a breakfast station.
8:42 am
>> i love this. >> it's your own little mini bar. >> if you fill up canisters, fill up your drawer, what do you do with the rest of the stuff? an overflow bin. >> it's a great place if you go to the grocery store, you have too many things, stick it right in there. >> over here is what? did we show the pantry? i think we had kim kardashian's pantry. >> khloe kardashian? that is chloe's. >> that's insane. >> we love all of them. >> just wanted to show that picture. let's talk about the bedroom. >> let's talk about the closet. one of our favorite tricks is using a magazine divider to store clutches and small handbags. it's a simple office solution but it stands everything up and looks great. >> and you can easily grab it. >> we also use a variety of special specialty hangers in a closet. >> we love a tote hanger or tie hanger. >> all your hangers aren't matching. >> different purposes are important. so the slim hangers are great for storing as many clothes as comfortably fit, and these blanket hangers are good for
8:43 am
linens or chunky scarves. let's move to the dresser. >> oh, yeah. >> whose drawers look like this? i know, khloe kardashian. for scarves that are lightweight, cottons linens, we love making these scarf cinnamon rolls. >> how do you do it? >> you roll and twist, roll and twist, and tuck it up the center. for the t-shirts we like the marie kondo method of folding. i'm going to do one side. you're going to follow along. we chose orange for today. >> fold one side over and make sure to keep your t-shirt sleeve tucked a little. >> just halfway. do exactly -- >> i really want to do this. how's that? >> great job. >> you're hired in your down time. so then what you do is take the bottom and bring it up 3/4 of the way, leave a little gap. and i want you to take this bottom and meet the hem. >> okay. great. you're almost done.
8:44 am
>> then you tuck it over, and you have a perfect little rectangle that can be file folded. >> and now you don't have to reach in the bottom of your drawer. >> and you see what you have. >> you take it out, and it's not going to make everything unfold. >> this is a game changer. it's a simple system, but i'm telling you it works. >> let's go over to kid spaces. that is always a tricky spot. >> it is. >> if you're like me, messy art is a scary situation in any home. i like to contain it on a cart, you know? >> like an art cart. >> who doesn't want an art cart? >> everyone wants an art cart. >> you can keep it stored away under lock and key if you want. it only comes out when the glue and glitter is under supervision. >> this is good for paint, things that you knit. >> slide it in, slide it out. >> out of sight, out of mind. >> and you can supervise. another thing we end up dealing with is easel paper, craft paper, we use an acrylic trash
8:45 am
can to store it upright. put it in a corner and it looks nice. >> and it takes up no space. this is a good space saving solution. >> seems like you guys are in the vertical. >> for over here, for art supplies that you don't mind your kids having access to, coloring, drawing spliupplies, love a divided turntable. >> where do you get something like this? >> the container store. whenever we have these drawing supplies. we like to have any kind of bin that you can throw your discards is what happens when your kid does one line, you don't want to throw out the whole page. they can reuse it. >> my whole closet is that. >> last but not least. you know we love a rainbow. it's not just for aesthetics, this is actually a system. color coordination is really intuitive for kids. they know exactly whether to put things away when they're done and find it when they need it. >> who doesn't want to put something away when it looks
8:46 am
like that. >> rather than all books and all cars, you're saying organize by the colors and the kids will get into it. >> they do. at least the kids we've trained. send them to our house. >> i'm sold on it all. i'm taking it all home and you with me. thank you so much. >> really appreciate it. >> if you want the inside scoop on the home edit team's celebrity home makeovers go to it's really cool. tomorrow we're going to show you how to handle and clean up toxic relationships in your life. how about that. talk about clutter. coming up, al's front row seat to the legendary willie nels. first tonhi
8:47 am
8:48 am
. we're back with a special event in nashville over the weekend celebrating willie nelson. >> and because we all know that al roker is such a huge fan, he dressed as willie for the halloween show two years ago. we decided we would send him down to meet the real willie
8:49 am
nelson. >> i got to interview him six months ago and again now. we got to sit down on willie's infamous tour bus and talk with the icon about his life and music. >> musician, singer, song writer and activist, country music legend willie nelson, an american icon. ♪ well the bottle is hall of empty ♪ >> 18,000 fans filling the arena in nashville for the texas native all star tribute concert. >> it really is a big night tonight? >> looks like it. >> i mean, you look at the list of people who are performing tonight. people said, yes, we want to pay tribute to willie, and we want to sing some of his songs. how does that feel? >> well, it's a great feeling to have all these great artists coming out and wanting to sing your song. >> how about a big nashville welcome for jimmy buffett.
8:50 am
>> a powerful cast of musicians paying homage to willie including jimmy buffett, sheryl crow, george strait. >> what does willie nelson mean to this country, and to music? i think he's hands down the face of it. >> i can't think of anybody who deserves to be honored for his body of work. >> willie nelson was born in abbott, texas, in 1933. in 1975 his first number one hit, a cover of the 1945 song "blue eyes crying in the rain". >> ♪ blue eyes crying in the rain ♪ >> and the hits continued over the years crossing musical genres. he's done duets with ray charles, even snoop dogg, today considered one of the greatest singers song writers. >> you've played country. you've played the great american song book. is the common denominator just good music? >> yes, absolutely.
8:51 am
that's what people drive a long way, pay a lot of money to come clap their hands and hear me or anybody singing good music, and it's therapeutic. it's healthy. that's why they do it. >> here's willie nelson! >> along with neil young and john mellencamp, he set up a benefit concert, farm aid in 1985 and has been a proponent for the legalization of marijuana. >> you know, i just instinctively knew that once they figure it out, compare it with dangerous drugs, that they will be the first to say, now, wait a minute, maybe willie had something. >> willie, a cultural icon, beloved by many. >> sometimes a lot of people say, well, you know, when there's a tribute concert that means it's all over. but you're going stronger than ever. what's the secret? >> i don't know. you know, when loretta lynn did her big movie about her life, coal miner's daughter, everybody
8:52 am
said, well, her career must be over. it ain't over yet. >> you ever think about that? who would you want to play you in the movie of your life? i don't know. you want to do that? >> now that would be interesting. ♪ >> the 85-year-old singer continuing to inspire with his music? >> he's really about as good as we have to represent what a singer and song writer should look like. >> he's always such a hero and a mentor. he's an icon. >> he's a true american patriot. he's outspoken. i admire him on so many different levels. when you hear him sing it, it's special. ♪ i can't wait to get on the road again ♪ >> what do you want your legacy to be? >> that the people got their money's worth. >> nothing more than that? that's pretty much a good thing.
8:53 am
>> that's a good thing to know they come as an add yeudience, heard what they liked, and they went home happy. >> last year willie released three albums. he's working on music. he's writing music right now for a couple more albums that will be released this year. >> i hosted farm aid years ago. there was a big line out the door. i thought this is cool, some fans are meeting willie. it wasn't fans, it was all the other artists on the bill in line just to meet him. >> that's why they all showed up. he is beloved for great reason. >> and his concert was good? >> it was terrific. you saw all those stars. that was crazy. you can catch the full willie nelson tribute concert later this year on a&e. >> cool. that was great. >> thank you mr. roker, we're back in a moment. first this is "today" on nbc. ♪ on the
8:54 am
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if you're looking for more stories you'll love all day, check out the secrets behind celebrity pantry makeovers. the latest on our get fit today challenge, al and i are trying to bike for 1,000 miles. al, how is your side going? >> we're not doing 10,000 miles. >> oh, we're doing 1,000. all right, good. >> good morning. 8:56. i'm marcus washington. breaking news to tell you about. skyranger flying about 30 minutes ago over a deadly fire in east san jose. this started a bit before 7:00 this morning, this is near south capitol avenue, not too far from the raging waters. about an hour ago
8:57 am
firefighters confirmed to us someone died in that fire. they're not yet telling us about the age of the person or if it was man or woman. still so far there's no word on the cause from the footage we've been able to see there, that fire may have been limit to do one unit. we're awaiting details. we're at the scene right now, and we'll have a live report, and we're posting updates on our twitter feed. pg & e with a bankruptcy plan. or bob redell is reaching out to pg & e. you did link to that story right now on our home page. and church leaders are getting ready to talk about the announce innocent naming priests tied to sex abuse. a very wet wo
8:58 am
as a series of storms heads here, kari finesses any overnight forecast a very wet workweek. >> as a series of storms heads here, kari will take a look at any overnight changes. >> plus debate over a controversial school 'names. join us tomorrow morning 4:30 to 7:00.
8:59 am
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otherwise, you're gonna want a ford. ♪ today, january 14:00, 1952, 7:00 a.m. eastern standard time. >> well, here we are. good morning to you. the very first good morning of what i hope and expect to be a great many good mornings between you and i. >> and good morning, everybody. how cool is that? back 67 years ago, january 14, 1952, our first broadcast. >>er with you wat >> were you watching? >> i was not watching. my parents weren't even married at that point yet. >> that's special. see that microphone though sticking out of his


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