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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 17, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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effect. take a look at our doppler radar. . welcome to thursday morning. 5:00, microclimate weather alert remains in effect. this is a look at our doppler regarded. most of that rain has moved out but now we're assessing the damage left behind including flooding in contra costa county. >> look at it. it's a mess out there. not just in contra costa county but also the santa cruz mountains. we have reporters spread out across the bay area this morning. thanks for starting your morning with us. we went on early at 4:00 a.m. to get you ready for that morning commute. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. we still could get spotty showers? >> we still could get spotty showers. now that the rain has moved on, what we see is rivers and creeks
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still rising because of water draining to low-lying areas. we have a flood warning in petalu petaluma. this is along petaluma river and tributaries. the water will recede. we'll see if this expires in 15 minutes. we are tracking a few thunderstorms in parts of mendocino county. we've seen a lot of lightning kind of becoming a lot less active over the past couple of hours. we get spotty showers elsewhere across the bay area. i will be watching out for a chance of rain throughout the day as a storm system works across the region. some of that heavier rain focused across southern california and moving away from the bay area. but our hour by hour outlook still shows some rain chances. even heavy downpours to the north, the rest of the bay area will catch a break here as we see the storm system dying down. some of the wind speeds were impressive. rainfall totals also impressive. we'll talk about how much snow
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we've also measured in the sierra. a snow report. all that coming up in a few minutes. mike, you're tracking a closed highway. >> we are. we're looking at a couple of closures. this is not weather related. this is over off the dumbarton bridge. you see the green sensors, that's great for most of the commute. eastbound, this is the concern, you're cut off from nobody 808 from the bridge. i suggest newark to fremont boulevard. that's where you can again access nimitz heading north. heading to hayward, the san mateo is a clear view as well. bay bridge toll plaza, we should see backups starting to form over the next couple of minutes. right now contra costa county looking great. you have a lot of activity in the south bay, closures we're talking about, problems, right over to you. >> thanks, mike. santa cruz mountains got hammered by that storm. people driving through them will be dealing with mudslides, even downed trees. >> be careful. "today in the bay" chris sanc z
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sanchez -- kris sanchez live on the 15. >> we have. rain at this point. we're at bear creek road which has a closure right now because of trees that came down and perhaps some power lines as well. we'll have more on that later in the newscast. we'll tell you this is just the latest hit for highway 17 commuters trying to get around this morning. highway 35 is shut down in both directions just west of summit road because of a mudslide. the chp just estimated the road will be shut down until at least 9:00 this morning. this is a big one covering lanes in both directions. the mudslide happened after 1:00 this morning. at this point no reports of injury or power lines there, but the cleanup is going to be a massive one. around midnight hour, there was another mudslide that had a bigger exact on late night highway 17 drivers. that mud came down on the southbound lanes between los
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gatos and bear creek road. we spotted it from the parking lot of the cats restaurant from you're familiar with the area. still ongoing as we passed by 15 minutes ago. because of that wind a lot of debris on the roadway. a little debris that can snag you up. crews out watching. do watch your speed even though rains have slowed down. near santa cruz mountains, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." a lot of concerns. some new video to show you this morning as well. this is out of santa cruz mountains. one of the photographers shot large trees downed, toppled around summit road west of 17 when our photographer was, in fact, there. there was some sparks flying as pg&e worked on some downed power lines. if you do head into the santa cruz mountains, as kris just mentioned, take your time and be extra careful. even though most of that rain has moved on, flooding always remains a concern. it was coming down in buckets.
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>> a lot of us experiencing that. "today in the bay" bob redell live in concord with new video we have. bob, it was really bad last night. >> fortunately the creek that overflowed along port chicago highway in concord has receded. let's take a look at the video, marcus and laura, a few hours ago. mount diablo creek overflowed because of the massive amount of rain. port chicago highway in front of old concord naval station was flooded 2 to 3" there. they had to have signs put up on the road. as i mentioned, that has receded. all you're left with are a couple of pultsddles. south of cop cord hill. similar situation, local waterway becomes inundated with the rain, overflows and heads out into the street. again, you have flooded roads
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there. no damage, not significant flooding in the sense houses or cars or anything like that are becoming flooded. just a couple of inches of water for you to know as you're heading out to work this morning on your morning commute. those roads, of course, are wet, slick. just want to watch your speeds out there. reporting live in concord, bob redell, "today in the bay." thanks so much, bob. we're also watching the creeks out there. take a look at this. this is san anselmo creek. in fact, live pictures. we're certainly watching this closely because it can be a hot spot for flooding. it in undates water from downtown. in fact, some of the business owners are always taking extra precautions. it's routine to get your sandbags out there. the good news this morning this weren't any problems. see the waters receding more. >> in the bay area, we were spared a lot because we had a lot of rain and know the damage it can cause.
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>> but it's early in the season and we haven't had a lot of storms like this. later in the season and rainfall this heavy, there can be more problems. you think about san anselmo, 3" of rain, that's quite a bit. we still watch areas we will have to monitor throughout the morning. green valley creek as well as russian river near geyserville. colgan creek, petaluma river. once again the storm totals were really impressive for parts of the north bay like san anselmo that this 3 inch rain totals. santa cruz mountains 2 to 5", el sobrante, 2", st. francis, 1.5". san jose getting 1.25". all of that, as we've said, caused some brief creek and river rises. but now things are starting to recede and so we'll continue to watch that as we still get a few spotty showers. overall things are starting to
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look much better now that that storm is moving in or moving out. we'll talk about what else is ahead. i'll have another update in a few minutes. >> kari, it will be nice to get a break from the storms. the ground is so saturated. our reservoir should go up. >> i think so. we've been doing very well as far as our rainfall totals and how we are compared to normal. hopefully we'll get close to 100% after this storm. >> not to mention the snowpack. >> i do have this new report for the squall valley. >> that will be good. >> thanks, kari. 5:08 for you right now. not much -- not just mudslides we're talking about here, property damage as well. one person also died because of that storm. downed trees killed a homeless man on an embankment near i-580 in oakland. they say the man was most hikely trying to seek shelter.
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the lapd and coroner's office investigated the incident. >> the weather is really, really bad. it's unfortunate people had to lose their life. >> no one else was hurt. in richmond the driver snapchated this video. this is a big rig on its side at the richmond san rafael bridge there. chp tells us that truckdriver was not hurt but high wind gusts contributed to the rollover. >> it's great to have free nbc app. you can track storms like the one that moved out, have our radar in the palm of your hand. great tool by tracking incoming storms hour by hour. it is 5:09. this morning the government impasse in washington, d.c., hitting a new level with a fight over the state of the union address. today marks day 27 of the shutdown. right now more than 800,000 federal employees still without pay. "today in the bay" blayne alexander live in washington with the concerns house speaker nancy pelosi is now raising.
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good morning, blayne. >> laura, good morning to you. she says this is all about security concerns. she says with something as big as the state of the union address, there are lots of logistics and a lot is required to secure all the people inside the chamber. she is pointing to the shutdown and saying because a number of people are furloughed or not getting paid, there's no way they can provide security. homeland security kirstjen nielsen is pushing back seeing dhs and secret service stand ready and perfectly capable to secure the state of the union as planned. speaker pelosi says she's not disinviting president trump but rather suggesting he move his speech until sometime after the government reopens or just submit it by writing. just kind of mail it in essentially. republicans are slamming this as a political ploy and say there will be a place for the president to deliver his state of the union address in less than two weeks as it's currently scheduled.
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keep in mind, laura, we have not yet heard from the white house on all of this, and we've not heard from president trump, but we are certainly watching his twitter feed this morning to see how and if he responds to that letter from speaker pelosi. back to you. >> we'll continue to follow, blayne, thank you so much. back to our coverage of that powerful storm now moving out. put a lot of snow in the series, a -- sierras. it continues to fall. >> this is san francisco. like most of the area. kari hall tracking that storm moving out of the area dumping so much water in the bay area. >> it moved through quickly with a lot of punch. we are seeing light rain as you step out this morning. as you mentioned we do have snow coming down in the sierra. we will also still have a chance of scattered showers. the focus starts to dip farther south across southern california. i'm also monitoring what's going on there.
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i'll also have your snow report after the break. mike gets you out the door with what you're seeing at the nimitz. >> moves nicely across oakland. you can see we're picking up more volume. if you're headed to nimitz, dumbarton is clear but once you get to the junction of 880 southbound you're forced off of the freeway. you have to get off of that area. northbound is not accessible. there's an overturned rig. the rest of the bay moves quickly but south bay does see activity off the roadway. flooding reported for 280, kris sanchez told you about the san jose mountains. i'll give you a work around coming up. thanks, mike. flooded roads lead to an expensive mistake in south bay. new for you this morning, the hard lesson a driver learned during the storm. >> plus if your kids play fortnite or you play fortnite, check your credit card receipts. i'll tell you why coming up. coming up at 5:25, americans killed overseas.
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new details we're learning about american forces targeted in syria.
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mike traffic tease right now 5:12, a blizzard warning continues for the sierra until about 7:00 and even through tomorrow morning, a winter weather advisory in effect. squaw valley and alpine meadows shows they got 2' of snow in 24 hours.
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they are still going to see a lot more snow coming down through tomorrow and saturday will look amazing. we'll talk about what's going on for the bay area as far as our rain totals an what's ahead in less than five minutes. >> great news for fremont drivers. if you're heading to fremont and newark, just got word they reopened access from dumbarton bridge. if you didn't hear about it, i'll let you know what's going on but it's clear. >> a very good morning to you. happy thursday. netflix reports its profits today. we may get a better understanding why the company had to raise prices. gymboree officially filed for bankruptcy. facebook says it's pulling hundreds of postings made by russian outlet "sputnik." facebook said it pulled down 471 facebook pages and accounts and 41 instagram accounts. microsoft says it will spend a half billion dollars to increase low and medium income in the
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seattle area, its home base. a company spokeswoman said it's the most money microsoft set aside for any community project. housing costs doubled in seattle over the last eight years. i mentioned gymboree. macy's says it's closing stores this week. an additional one in sunnyvale. 100 total will close. makers of fortnite warning bad guys haven about able to trick their way into accounts and buy in game materials using credit cards. you're going to want to check your credit card statements. it's more of a vulnerability or bug than a hack. epic games says it fixed the problem. but if you or your children play fortnite, and let's face it i just described every kid everywhere, check your fortnite statements. fortnite is free to play but skins and things cost money. fortnite the company, epic games, just sent me $2.5 billion
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on a free game. >> extras. >> just on the extras. i want the red helmet. >> remember farmville. people were into that. >> they sure well. >> yeah. >> i'm going to create an app. >> you absolutely should. >> all right. you do that. >> thanks, scott. >> take a look at this, new video into the newsroom. a maserati got stuck in floodwaters last night. rain off 17 off-ramp to hamilton, shut down the off-ramp to tow that car away and work to clear the road. we're told the driver is okay. probably a little upset. no word on how much it's going to cost to fix their sports car. >> marcus, have you -- >> i wish. that was a pretty one, too. a white one.
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>> they say turn around, don't flood your luxury car. >> i wouldn't go out. once you said that storm was going to come, i picked up the kids from school and that's it. >> it's a good idea to try to avoid being out there when the brunt of the storm is moving through. now as you head out this morning, we're just watching out for gusty winds, things that may have blown around on the road. still some puddles that may be standing on the roads. overall we're tracking a lot of rain farther to the lake and mendocino counties as the rain is still pouring in those areas. then also we are going to have a slight chance of a few thunderstorms. once again mainly to the north. the focus of this atmospheric river, you can see the connection across the pacific now targeting southern california, even some storms there as well. our hour by hour outlook still shows a chance of rain. once again for north bay and ukiah, still rack up rainfall totals. even to santa rosa, the
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afternoon hours, still rain chances there while the rest of us will take a break and have a chance to let the water-soak into the ground. rain chances early tomorrow morning farther north. we are looking at the possibility of getting very light additional amounts of rain. i really don't think we'll see anything more than a .1" north of us. north bay up to .5" on top of that. oakland hills 1.5" of rain, morgan hill 1.5, danville 1.75. campbell had 1.5". pretty impressive, these wind gusts. big rock ridge in marin county near novato, 98 miles per hour gusts. i know a lot of people were saying their umbrellas were turning inside out, this the reason why. we had gusts at the airport in san francisco at 61 and san jose airport measured a wind gust of
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44 miles per hour. now as we wake up and head out the door, you do want to make sure you have the umbrella. pleasant hill showing a chance of showers. may be dry as you head to the bart station now. later on today, breezy and a chance of showers. make sure you're following me on social media, @karihall weather. meteorologist kari hall. more updates to come, as we get ready for a lunar eclipse sunday. there will be clouds and rain chances moving in. on monday as kids are out of school for martin luther king jr. today, upper 50s and sunny. mike, you have some news for folks heading through fremont. >> you mentioned mlk jr. holiday for schools. kicking off tomorrow, remember to sierra, restricted for traffic because of all that snow. stick with kari, even though things are calmer around the bay. we have good news. foss folks in fremont, look at that.
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sensors around the bay including the dumbarton bridge. we have full access restored from a facebook side heading east over toward the nimitz. that connector has reopened after that overnight crash finally cleared the lanes. restriction cleared. santa mat bridge moving. watch the bridges. a wind advisory issued by chp. south bay clear, 287 we had a little bit of flooding reported most recently there. kris sanchez talks about lane restrictions. bear creek road where the trees are down blocking access on highway 17. mudslides. lots of activity for santa cruz mountains. be careful as you're driving. an easy drive through contra costa county. no delays for upper east shore freeway. no backups. just starting to form at the bridge. >> thanks, mike. coming up, los angeles teachers have been on strike for the entire week. now there's a push to get them back to school. who is stepping in to help the negotiations? a suicide bomber bp
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in a town in syria killing four americans. local officials and a syrian monitoring group said the 25k rig 5:25, a suicide bomber blew himself killing americans. officials in the syrian group said the bomber struck a foot patrol of u.s.-led members yesterday. the area was crowded with shops, street vendors at the time of the explosion. isis is claiming responsibility.
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>> 5:25. this morning we're learning more about a deadly crash in the east bay. chp says two car accidents on highway 50 near placerville killed three including a 1-year-old baby. this is on tuesday night. they were all from fremont. officials say drugs or alcohol were not a factor. happening today, the mayor of los angeles tries his hand help bridge a divide between schools and striking teachers. the mayor is scheduled to mediate contract talks with city hall. l.a. unified teachers walked off the job monday but schools are still operating often holding huge improvised classes just in school gymnasiums. l.a. unified is america's second largest school district. l.a. teachers certainly not feeling alone feeling undervalued and underappreciated, oakland teachers are enduring light contract negotiations. taking a long time there. so far talks have been fruitless. happening in delmar teachers at
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life academy school plan to stage a one-day sickout. along with that tomorrow morning teachers have organized a march and rally from oakland high school. 5:26. new morning, one of chicago's airports getting a makeover. five new designs for expansion of o'hare international airport will be unveiled. many include swooping roofs and unique features like hammocks where travelers can take naps before flights. just don't forget to wake up. you miss your flight. the project is expected to cost nearly $9 billion. 5:27. coming up our microclimate weather coverage continues this morning. we're assessing the storm damage after yesterday's heavy rain. big problems in the santa cruz mountains with mudslides. a live report coming up. flooding concerns across the bay area. places that are being hit hard. >> i'll have the very latest on the forecast. mike is taking a look at that morning commute. this is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning.
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all coming up in moments. stick around. a lot more news ahead as well. the latest innovation from xfinity
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the bay area is still under a microclimate weather alert after a powerful blast from mother nature. right now at 5:30 the morning of a the storm. bay aefr after a microclimate alert and a powerful blast from mother nature. as you can see from storm ranger, things are starting to quiet down but the aftermath is still felt. >> right now teams are hard at work assessing the damage. here is the latest we know at
5:31 am
this hour. at least five dead including a man in oakland who died after a tree fell on him. morning 28,000 pg&e customers without power in the bay area. at one point more than 80,000 were without electricity. it is a slow go in the sierra as a blizzard is now blowing through the area dumping several feet of snow. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia and i'm marcus washington. let's get over to kari hall. >> the blizzard warning continues until 7:00. i also have an update on the flood warning in sonoma county. it has been extended until 8:15 this morning as we are still seeing the potential of some of those creeks and streams and petaluma river flooding over the next couple of hours. so if you live in the area along a creek or a stream, anywhere from petaluma to roanoke park, make sure you watch that closely as there may still be flooding.
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we also have scattered showers farther to the north. there will be rain chances as we go throughout the rest of the day. mostly we'll be targeted across parts of the north bay as the storm starts to wind down for the bay area we'll keep a chance of isolated thunderstorms. we can see the steady stream of rain now focusing on southern california. we'll be watching that and also tracking our weekend forecast. i'll have more on that in a few minutes. mike you've been watching the road, now bart. >> not weather related. in fact, no weather related problems for transit agencies. we're looking at a ten-minute delay in west oakland, an equipment problem. the concern is west oakland is one of the hubs as you head through the system a lot of folks traveling into and out of san francisco, also traveling into and out of west oakland. that may be an issue we're tracking. meanwhile we have the build on the roadways, so metering lights turned on, expect any second now as we see the back-up. cars are moving relatively
5:33 am
smoothly for fasttrack and fast lanes. around the kufb getting details from chp as they arrive. no major problems for contra costa county. even damp roadways in many parts. be careful. a smooth drive for the rest of the bay. look how much green. little spots of flooding around off ramps. you have news of what's happened overnight. >> coverage of the microclimate continues. a lot of damage in the santa cruz mountains. that storm leading to mudslides also bringing down trees. >> "today in the bay" kris sanchez live near highway 17 this morning. kris. >> reporter: well, hi there, laura and marcus. this is bear creek road, a work around for a lot that commute through santa cruz mountains. it's closed because of power lines and trees down all across the roadway. we did talk with some folks who used the route before it was shut down. listen. >> it's a war zone out there on bear creek road.
5:34 am
for those of us that use it as an artery between here and highway 17, it's not advisable for anybody to drive. >> you can round a corner. before you know it, at least half the road is washed away, so you have to try to divert. there's downed power lines, trees, rocks, mud, just debris covering the roads. >> they say it's tough because a lot of information is updated until after folks are ready to leave for the day. the biggest problem will be a mudslide that shut down highway 35 in both directions west of summit road. the chp now estimating that the road is going to be shut down until at least 9:00 this morning. it is a big mudslide covering the road in both directions. it happened after 1:00 this morning. no reports of injury at this point. now, around the midnight hour, this mudslide had a bigger impact on highway 17 drivers. the mud came down on the
5:35 am
southbound lanes between los gatos and bear creek road. work was ongoing when we passed by just about 45 minutes ago. you could still see the mud along the side of the roadway. it is a food thing the heaviest bit of rain has passed through. clearly this ground is very saturated. those trees do not want to stay upright. there is a lot of debris on the roadway. be careful. remember there's a lot of emergency workers, california trans, chp lining the street to make sure you get where you're going safely. watch out. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks, kris. >> some video i want to show you from santa cruz mountains there. that storm sent two large trees crashing down. this is video into our newsroom. this happened after 12:30 near idyllwild road off highway 17. those crews using chainsaws to cut up the tree and clear the
5:36 am
road. >> 10,000 people without power at one point last night. more than 80,000 customers lost electricity. more than half that number, you can see the progress through the morning. this is pg&e's website, all the areas without power. >> thom is live in san rafael. i learned you have some new numbers to tell us about? >> reporter: we did, marcus. we got new numbers, first of all, talking about the damage, most of it, as you were talking about, from the high winds and falling trees here across power lines, we're at the intersection of irwin street and bell avenue in san rafael. you can see the power lines down in the street here. both sides of this intersection where two large trees went down. those new numbers, down from almost 80,000 now. this just in from pg&e, now 28,500 customers across the entire bay area.
5:37 am
so quarterbaite a bit better. that includes folks on the peninsula, in the north bay a little more than 13,000, another 1800 in the east bay and then the south bay more than 6,000 customers still without power, households and businesses. crews have been out here for several hours guarding this line where we are making sure no one gets near it as they wait for repair crews to get on the scene. repair crews have been strapped across the region because of all the downed power lines. they have closed this street for about a half mile. just 50 yards from here another tree just missed power lines, a car, and a house when the top of it broke off. there are limbs strewn across many of the roads here. we warned people about that. there's also a lot of problems with that. not just the power going out but so many branches and limbs on the road. you have to warn people as you get up and head to work, watch out. you may have to dodge trees and
5:38 am
may see downed power lines on roads so be careful out there. live in san rafael, thom jensen, "today in the bay" nf i know." >> i know a lot of people happy to have power restored. a car found floating away in sonoma county. normally busy intersection at schellville and highway 121 is flooded. it tends to flood during high tide when sonoma creek backs up. it's been happening for decades. local agencies have been working to stem that runoff upstream to try to reduce the problem. >> as always, though, we talked about this. kari mentioned it, when you see standing water, you don't know how deep. just be careful, guys. you have an issue. over here flooding for san rafael, no major concerns. the freeways open. still indicates rio vista, you might have an issue over the antioch bridge. a smooth flow of traffic, metering lights on but no
5:39 am
problems out of the maze. calming down after last night's big rain. flooding reported in some patches talking about santa cruz mountains as well. big time watching bear creek road, summit off highway 17. a clear view and drive across san mateo bridge. >> all right. here in the bay area, let's take it up to the sierra where a lot of folks in the bay area are. you may be familiar with this area, 89 at alpine meadows. not a lot of folks on the road. it is early, 5:39 as i mentioned. we've got that blizzard warning in effect. >> get on the roads. >> get busy to get on the slope. blizzard warning until 7:00 this morning. >> then a winter weather advisory which means visibility won't be near zero. >> will they continue to get snow throughout the day. >> off and on through at least tomorrow morning and then start to taper off. it would be amazing to be there and watch the snowfall and not have to worry about traveling.
5:40 am
we can see the radar right now showing snow coming down. as you step out the door this morning, still some rain chances. notice the rain just to the west of san francisco. that will be moving into marin county over the next few minutes. then as we head toward the weekend, our weather will be quieting down. we'll have a chance to enjoy some sunshine and warmer weather with highs in the low 60s for the inland valleys. on sunday, though, rain chances will be returning. we'll see scattered showers back in the forecast. i'll be mc'ing the women's march in oakland. a rally starts at 10:00. it's going to be cool. maybe a light jacket needed. we will have great weather out there. make sure you come by and say hi to me. also the last weekend you can go ice skating in union square in san francisco. good looking weather for saturday with sunshine throughout the day. heavenly racked up on rainfall -- snowfall totals i should say. it's going to be low 40s today,
5:41 am
mostly cloudy skies for tomorrow. then still a chance of some rain and snow on sunday. if you're heading to paso robles, it will be dry throughout the weekend. friday will be the day you'll get sunshine and warmer weather on saturday. i'll have a look at today's temperature trend. a look at storm ranger and we'll talk about rain totals. all that in a few minutes. >> that will be interesting to see, how much rain we got. 5:41, coming up, a dangerous situation in the south bay. the work being done after power lines went down on an apartment building. >> the president's lawyer, rudy giuliani saying something that totally caught us off-guard. we'll take a look when "today in the bay" continues.
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good thursday morning. right now at 5:44 we continue our microclimate weather alert. even though the worst of the rain has passed us, you don't want to walk out the door without your umbrella. in walnut creek we'll see the rain returning. gusty winds and rain chances continue through early afternoon. i'll be tracking how much rain we've had an sierra snow coming up in less than five minutes. >> right now looking at fremont, nimitz, taillights, northbound 880 once again accessible from the dumbarton bridge. the crash in the fremont north area cleared. we have a delay for bart. i'll see if i can find "the upside" on that one as well. new allegations against the
5:45 am
president's former lawyer. allegations michael cohen tried to manipulate the polls. worse, paid someone to do it. the wall street said michael cohen stiffed an outfit called red finch solutions which was going to help the trump campaign online by running up numbers in online polls. the journal said cohen only paid red finch half of what it was owed and paid in cash. then according to reporting, cohen billed donald trump the full cost of the service, $50,000. the president's new lawyer rudy giuliani said this proves cohen is not to be trusted. speaking of giuliani he startled everyone by saying on cnn it's entirely possible the trump campaign did collude with russia. >> winds up leading to the
5:46 am
coincidence. >> i never said there was no collusion with the campaign or people in the campaign, i have no idea. >> yes, you have. >> there is not a single bit of evidence the president of the united states committed the only crime to commit here, conspired with the russians against the dnc. >> russian collusion with the trump campaign, one of the most successful in history, is a total hoax. it's not the first time the president's lawyers caught us off-guard. last may in the middle of an interview on fox, giuliani told the world trump had been aware of the payments to stormy daniels and paid cohen back, two things the president had denied. our relationship with russia actually seems to be getting worse. russia has accused of violating nuclear weapons treaties. today the trump administration will announce new records to build an anti-missile system. it's day 27 of the longest
5:47 am
government shutdown in history. this is the new normal for now. we'll continue to follow what's happening in washington. as you well know you can follow me on twitter @scottmcgrew. thanks so much, scott. new this morning at 5:46, a south bay apartment building rendered safe following a dangerous close call. a tree and live wires came crashing down late last night in the parking lot of the complex in campbell on cass com south of union avenue. firefighters responded. they set up a perimeter to keep people away. pg&e workers showed up to make sure that building was safe and luckily no one was hurt. >> along the coast this morning there's also flooding concerns as those strong winds keep up powerful waves. >> they are picking up. pete suratos live with a look at current conditions there. pete. >> yeah, good morning to you. it's windy here at the pacifica pier. the good news for folks, no issues of flooding along the
5:48 am
pier area. you see behind me the waves picking up at the pacifica pier. there is a high surf warning under way. they haven't got hit by waves, so that's good news for the area. energetic waves peaking during the day and breakers anywhere between 25 and 40 feet along the coastline. as a result we're going to see coastal flooding advisory which is under way for low-lying areas along the coastline. i got a chance to speak with folks, here is what they are saying. >> i don't get the brunt of the ocean. i know it's bad over here. i'm over here because i have no power in the back. >> my aunt, she lives on the flat ground, so i know that there's always the issue of flood. they always come to my house basically, or our area. >> reporter: take you back out here live to the waves in pacifica that we're keeping an eye on.
5:49 am
that coastal flooding advisory ends this morning at 9:00 a.m. with the high surf warning ending tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. live in pacifica, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thanks, pete. talking about that weather, seeing those waves makes me think of all that rain we're talking about. >> you see waves that high and we put it on the news and people rush to the coast. it's really not safe to be out there especially close to the water, when we talk about waves up to 45 feet with breakers. it continues through 5:00 tomorrow evening. it's going to make it really dangerous. also those high waves may cause coastal flooding and also flooding in the low-lying areas. we are still tracking some rain. i am looking at showers just offshore in marin county and moving closer. this will start to make its way back into the muir beach area as we go into the next 15 minutes, mill valley has about 20 minutes
5:50 am
before showers move in there. san rafael if you haven't had enough rain you're going to see it within the next 30 to 40 minutes. we are going to track some of those showers and possibly a few thunderstorms. as you can tell by the long trail of clouds, the shift and focus of heavy rain is now across southern california. there's still some energy here in the bay area. some scattered rain will be possible throughout the morning especially for the north bay. the rest of the bay will possibly see quick moving showers. you want it make sure you're prepared for that. a lot of that winds down tonight and we'll keep rain chances farther to the north for tomorrow. take a look at rainfall totals. we have anywhere from 2 to 5" of rain. el sobrante measuring 2", san francisco, palo alto, over an inch of rain there. looking elsewhere with oakland hills and morgan hill reaching
5:51 am
1.5" as well as pacifica. danville an inch and three-quarters and campbell and inch and a half. sierra snowfall totals were pretty decent getting up to 29" in squaw valley. we still have snow on the way. you probably wonder why we focus so much on the sierra. this is so important for our summertime water supply. it looks pretty good. right now we're at 90% of normal. we'll see how we do after additional snow falls. we'll start to see rain chances winding down, dry for most of the day friday and saturday then a scattered chance of showers on sunday. mike, you have something reported at the bay bridge. >> a crash. we checked the camera. i didn't see any unusual traffic flow on either cameras. there you have the back-up. it's flowing but slowly. the back-up not extending past berkeley curve, smooth drive through contra county.
5:52 am
the rest of the bay, green sensors, that's great. standing water, big puddles reported, much more over highway 17 kris sanchez talks about one lane. bear creek, summit, sanborn, affected by trees down. be careful if you take west of 17. freeways moving well. bart had a 20-minute delay. they are recovering. equipment problems cleared in oakland. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now the partial government shutdown may be making robocalls worse. there's no one in washington to administer the country's anti-robocall rules and no one to warn americans about scams that are involved in automated calls. to make matters worse if you want to add your number to the no call list or check to make sure your number is on the list, you're out of luck. that website is shut down, too. the ten-year challenge has gone viral, then and now. next in the new hour, privacy
5:53 am
concerns one woman is raising. you may be giving away more than you realize with a simple picture. a furniture delivery leaves an apartment owner stuck with a $4,000 repair bill. i'm consumer reporter chris chmura. how we patch things up next. you weather alert.
5:54 am
5:55 am
this morning, we )re getting a look at the damage all
5:56 am
across the bay area. there )s also sever . now back to microclimate weather alert this morning. we're getting a look at all of that damage across the bay area. there's also several power outages being reported here. we're posting the number on the twitter page. follow us on the nbc 11 bay area for updates. >> we've been talking about it. you've certainly seen that ten-year challenge people are posting online, facebook instagram news feed. they are posting then and now pictures 10 years apart. >> i even shared mine this week. new for you this morning, some advocates warn that many participants are giving up valuable data. tech author kate o'neil says seemingly harmless games and hashtags can give information used for training data for algorithm-and -- ai, facial
5:57 am
recognition. >> asked to participate in a certain way, there may be a reason that's asked us. it's a great way to keep up with friends and family. we need to be aware of data we're sharing when we do so. >> critics say concerns are overblown and it's a fun game. we reached out to facebook. overnight a spokesperson said this is a user generated meme that went viral on its own. facebook did not start the trend. the meme uses photos that already exist on facebook. facebook gains nothing from this meme. >> you can do like you did and you got a different picture of you to post on there as well. i was going to post one but i was pregnant 10 years ago. i looked very different. >> you told me about the pictures. they are good pictures. you should post them. >> if i'm gutsy enough. some people remember. i was quite large. >> you had three kids. >> a litter. a delivery disaster in l.a. >> a family got furniture with a
5:58 am
hefty repair bill in their apartment complex. our investigative reporter chris chmura here to explain what happened. >> cynthia looking forward to the arrival of her new bedroom set. she didn't expect this. that is her balcony and damage the delivery truck did when it knocked several boards loose. the apartment management said she was responsible for repairs that cost $4,000. cynthia went ahead and paid it. they said they weren't responsib responsible. they said the delivery service they hired was. cynthia said she went back and forth to the furniture store for 10 months, then she turned to us for help. we called the delivery service directly. they told us, this was the first time they were hearing of the damage. we put cynthia in touch with the delivery service directly. the delivery service sent her a check for $3,985 she had been waiting for. thumbs-up to the delivery company for stepping up and to cynthia for snapping photos for
5:59 am
proof. she took pictures of that damage as well as the driver's license of the truckdriver and the truck's plate. side note. cynthia asked her renters insurance to cover the repairs for this damage right here. they turned her down. usually you'll find renters insurance covers from the walls in, not out. unsure about yours? ask your insurance agent to explain. if you need help with the delivery dud or any other consumer matter give us a call. 888-996-tips. or visit thanks, chris. >> 5:59, close to 6:00. microclimate weather alert in effect. after the storm, flooding in contra costa county at the former naval station. look at the rising water there. where things stand now all coming up in a live report. also overnight, mudslides,
6:00 am
rocks and mud coming down in the south bay. the status of that cleanup this morning. >> blizzard warning. a rarity in the sierra as snow keeps on falling as we speak. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. we wept on early at 4:00 a.m., in fact, just to try to get you ready for the morning commute. there was so much rain, we knew there could be a lot of damage out there. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. first i want to talk about the rain. is it gone? >> it's not gone and we still have residual effects because of that rain. i'm still tracking some flooding and the flood warning that has been extended in sonoma county until 8:15. any areas from petaluma to sebastopol, if you live near a creek or petaluma river, keep an eye on water levels. it will possibly rise offense the next couple of hours. then as w


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