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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 24, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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deadly tubbs fire wiped out parts of santa rosa and killed 22 people. tonight they are revealing what caused the fires. it turns out pg&e never deserved the blame. >> it doesn't matter who's to blame. a terrible thing happened. >> reporter: in this 80-page report, the cause was pin pointed to privately owned electrical equipment. they could not pin point the exact point of origin in the electrical wiring because the fire burned up a lot of the evidence. it was concluded pg&e made zero violations. >> in the back of my mind, i kind of felt like pg&e wasn't responsible. >> reporter: pg&e issued a statement saying regardless of the announcement, pg&e still fails litigation, liabilities and a deteriorating financial
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situation. >> it's still terrible, no matter whose fault it was. >> reporter: while this is good news for pg&e, it's unclear if this will change the company's plans for bankruptcy. they still face financial and legal challenges stemming from the 2017 and 2018 wildfires. that's the latest in santa rosa, i'm melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. let's go overhead, our skyranger is in the coffey park neighborhood. this is a live look. >> down below you can see the encouraging news. plenty of new construction, a lot of new homes being built amidst t amidst the ashes but it's a long way to go before it looks anything like it did before the tubbs five. governor newsom addressed some of the questions remaining. how doings this impact pg&e in the future? >> this begs the question now
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what? do we anticipate pg&e will move forward as they previewed this next week to file bankruptcy. that's an open question. >> state cannot make the decision whether pg&e will file for bankruptcy. not just on main street, this story stretches to wall street. pg&e stock soared today, near 7 nearly 75%, closing nearly $14. it has been in a free fall for weeks because of the wildfire liability and the plans to file for bankruptcy. a lopt of downward trend. it finished as low as $6 a share a week ago. >> the tubbs fire was the most destructive and deadly fire to break out that year, october 8th, 2017. and it wasn't the only fire that d that day. look at this map showing the
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largest of the north bay wildfires. pg&e has been fire in napa county. burned down 800 homes and buildings. this fire started in two different spots. in each spot, a tree fell onto a pg&e power line. there was also the nuns fire. this fire was actually a series of five fires that ultimately merged together. four of the five were connected to pg&e equipment. the coverage of the north bay wildfires continues online, that includes this video showing how the tubbs fire grew during the first several hours and the ferocious path to santa rosa. check it out at we're felling developing news in the south bay where police are on the scene of a deadly car crash at meridian avenue and kuzer road. that white bmw collided with a black suv. one person was killed.
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the intersection is blocked off, and police don't know when it will reopen. we do have a crew on the scene and will bring you updates as soon as we get them in. we have a break in a decades-old case. police made an arrest in the murder of jack upton found dead in his apartment three decades ago. they used the same dna technology made famous in the golden state killer case to make this arrest. robert handa joins us from the scene of this crime that happened so long ago with the details. >> reporter: that's right. we're here on tyson lane where this mysterious homicide took place oh, so many years ago. the area doesn't look the same, but no one wanted to see the killer get away it. carol bell is grateful a neighborhood murder was solved, even if it happened almost 30 years ago. fremont police announced it
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solved a 30-year-old case, jack upton found beaten inside his home. russell anthony guerrero was arrested on tuesday in arizona. he had never been contacted or interviewed by police before. >> and i thought, god, i want to finally say you know, we got you. >> reporter: at the time, investigators had traced the victim's stolen 300 zx to a mall in thousand oaks and took blood samples from it that matched those at the crime scene. but new dna technology that faces family trees got a hit and arrest. >> i can't go into specifics about it who we went through, but it was along the same lines of genealogy. >> you're accountable for what you do. and especially now with the scientific innovations that we've got and the dna. i don't know how anyone thinks that they can get away with it, that it's per crime.
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there is no such thing as a perfect crime. >> reporter: is slirn certainly more difficult now. police are working with authorities to bring guerrero back to the bay area. live in fremont, robert handa. the search is on for a driver who hit and killed a woman in the south bay overnight. police have released surveillance video. the white van highlighted in this video hit a woman around 12:30 in the morning while she was in a crosswalk. it happened in downtown san jose at tenth and santa clara street. the driver drove away without stopping. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. the third pedestrian fatality in san jose this year. a crime spree in mountain view all points to one suspect. officers are searching for a man who's connected to two groping incidents and a theft this week. they say they received reports from women claiming they were grabbed when walking on the
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popular stevens creek trail. the man is suspected of shoplifting at the walgreens. police are attempting to identify this man who in each crime has not been wearing a shirt. after 34 days of the government shutdown, there is finally movement on capitol hill. the senate took two votes today which both failed. but the democratic bill got more votes than the republican version. that got a lot of attention, prompting a meeting between mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer. president trump isn't budging, especially over proposals for drones and other electronics at the border. >> you need the wall. we can all play games and talk about technology. i know more about technology than anybody. if you don't have the wall, the technology doesn't work. >> with the government shutdown in week five, more than 800,000 federal employees are now going to miss their second paychecks. well, the tesla is creating a lot of buzz. last night we told but fremont
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pd adding this tesla to its fleet. today the community is reacting. and as you can imagine, it's a bit of a mixed bag. scott budman joins us. getting a lot of flak for adding this fancy car, what do you know? >> reporter: yeah, ill ta'll te you, raj, they are already getting electric. although it costs more for cost paye payers to pay up front, it will make up that cost in the future. the fremont police department is about to get quieter. >> we're really interested in testing the technology. >> reporter: the pd just bought this 2017 model s. >> the lights and equipment, you know, officers are rough on vehicles. you know, there's a lot of acceleration, deceleration. >> reporter: and soon, you'll see the all-electric model s roaming city
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>> is it one way. the officers will have fl they' much is that costing in total? >> reporter: it cost $61,000. that's about $20,000 more than a typical police cruiser. >> however, the cost and the cost savings with fuel, maintenance, things of that nature, we're pretty confident that, you know, it will be comparable in the long time. >> reporter: because, they say, the pd usually burns up to $7,000 a year in fuel per car. and this car will be run hard. >> this thing will be stopping vehicles for vehicle code violations. they will be going call to call, serving the community. >> i don't know. teslas might not be fast enough to catch all these criminals out here. >> reporter: the pd say it is will be fast up to a point. >> no ludicrous mode on this vehicle. >> reporter: homegrown technology right there. tesla iont. the pd says the tesla will be on duty in about a month. if it works out and doesn't cost
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too much money we may see more in the future. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> very interesting, thank you, scott. up next, rescued after 14 days. what a couple in southern california did to stay alive after getting stuck in the snow. plus, a dead shark mystery finally solved. the clues investigators used to track down a man who admitted to killing it. i'm jeff ranieri. clouds out here in the pacific. we'll let you know when this rolls in and the impact to your weekend in about eight minutes.
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visit your local chase branch. "elias ramirez" was last seen on well, take a look. have you seen this boy? 10 year old elias was last seen around 11:00 a.m. he goes by the nickname turtle. he is considered at risk. if you see him, contact sjpd. surviving against all odds. a couple and their dogs trapped in the snow for two week found alive in southern california. a lake county sheriff's deputy airlifted the couple to safety after they were spotted in their car on a mountain. they were camping when they got stuck and ran out of food and water. it was a challenge to reach them
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balls of t because of the conditions up there. they are expected to be okay. a man convicted in the killing of a great white shark. the shark was young so investigators had the body examined. x-rays showed it had been shot several times. a telephone tip led to a man who worked on a fishing boat. he confessed he shot it when it got close to his fishing net. he has been fined $5,000 and sentenced to two years probation. not everything in washington, d.c. is shut down. london breed is there talking about homelessness. she and other mayors were invited by the center for american progress. when it comes to housing issues, mayor breed sai is aggravating housing issues. >> my biggest concern right now is the shutdown and thousandhow impacting subsidies and rent payments. so we have to talk about a whole
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group of people and how to prevent them from becoming homeless. >> it's upsetting because it could be easily avoided by reopening the government. nathan adrian posted on his instagram page that he's been diagnosed with testicular cancer. pictured with his wife, a former stanford diver, they say he is undergoing treatment and is optimistic he can compete in the 2020 olympics in tokyo. he has won a total of eight medals. >> wishing him a full recovery. switching gears now. high school kids who aren't qui the rest of their classmates. >> but one east bay high school is showing how accepting differences can make a world of difference. let's bring in garvin thomas. sounds interesting. we all had checkered high school pasts, right?
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>> a junior named gus and a lesson he and his classmates are teaching all of us is one of simple gestures yielding big results. acts of kindness are not something you add together. >> tell me the number. >> reporter: no. kindness definitely multiplies. a less some 16-year-old gus might not think much about. but is certainly living proof of. gus, you see, lives with down syndrome. and for much of his life kept to himself. kept his world small. >> i don't want to say the word shy. >> reporter: at least that's what mom holly and dad tom sa t never engage. >> reporter: but things began to change in gus's junior year when the office staff welcomed him to help them out, delivering
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notices to teachers. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: the job took gus all over the school. and all sorts of classrooms. and gus's world grew. new friends. a new outlook and enough confidence for he and his dad to ask if he could be part of the school's basketball team. coach ron and his team immediately welcomed gus as one of their open. >> without hesitation, i was like of course. >> i wanted to see the team embrace him. >> reporter: gus has a spot behind the bench during games ang time-out. a scene that not long ago tom and holly couldn't have imagined. >> heartwarming. >> it's incredible. i mean, it literally makes me want to cry when i see it. >> reporter: the result, they say, of little gestures from others making a world of difference to their son. >> more than people realize.
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>> yeah. >> you saugw gus doing the hand shake line with his sweatshirt. tom and holly say he wears it to bed. he was so proud of it. we all know, there are other schools and other guss out there where this has happened, where they've welcomed in students. it's a wonderful example of how that works so well, a young manuel commentman, welcomed by the community of his school. >> he's just one of the guys now. >> yeah, one of the guys. >> thanks so much, garvin. as we bring in jeff ranieri, that is a stunning sunset. >> gorgeous. >> everything is rosie. starting to feel a little it's flowing. >> we have rain possibly coming, so i was ailible to shove that guilt to the back. this camera shows mostly clear
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skies tonight, right now, checking in with 62 degrees, so it was a mild day out there. but notice we're dropping down to 46 at 10:00 p.m. under clear skies and as cold as 44 once we hit midnight. we don't really see any changes into tomorrow morning. we keep mostly clear conditions and temperatures going down as cold as 40. this thing i want you to be on the look out for, we'll be watching of course closely is central valley fog that could be thick and may make it close to the tri valley. we'll be starting as low as 38. we'll also see central valley fog get near the eastdegrees. san francisco at 46 and the north bay starts at 39. we're going to keep that sunshine right through tomorrow, pretty much a picture perfect day. and my micro climate forecast, temperatures ten to 15 degrees above average. look at this, morgan hill and gilroy, close to 70 tomorrow.
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beautiful in the south bay. san jose, 66. the wind direction tomorrow is primarily out of the north, a drier wind for us, that's why we're getting sunshine and temperatures are bumping up a few more degrees and it will and little breezy outside. 62 in vallejo, mid-60s near the bay. hayward at 65. sunshine over here through the peninsula and san mateo at 64. san francisco even warming up a couple degrees to 64 in the mission. and right here across the north bay, warmest temperature in ukiah, 68. and napa, 66. so we get that sunshine tomorrow. and then we're going to see some changes. you know, weigh h had all of th rainfall last yeek aweek, and t thing that brought us changes this week has been high pressure. it's going to be kicking a little more off to the east. so the clockwise circulation
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will help bring up cloud cover from the south. we can show you a quick view of that. 9:30 in the morning on saturday, a little bit of cloud cover offshore. once we hit 9:30, there's those clouds moving over. that stays with us right through the afternoon on saturday. a partly sunny scion saturday. stay dry through next week with maybe a chance here of rain by february 4th through the 6th. look at this. we're up to 68 by shunday acros the inland valleys. i would like to get a system in here by the first week of february. it looks amazing tomorrow. >> better here than the east coast, isn't it? >> yeah, that's why we live here, warmer. thanks, jeff. coming up, kelly clarkson has a new gig. she tells us what to expect with her new, upcoming talk show. jud
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talk show host. kelly clarkson has a new gig. she's a singing superstar, judgment on "the voice" and now talk show host. she's hosting the kelly clarkson show this fall. i spoke to her about the show. she says she's going to start every show singing another artist's song. she wants to feature many of her fans. >> it's very musical, it's got a lot of heart, a lot of humor, a lot of team. i've never done it before, but i do know how to talk. so i should nail that part. >> clarkson, by the way, kicks off her new 28-city concert tour tonight in oakland, she's promoting her new album.
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the red carpet is being rolled out in san jose. the nhl all-star game is saturday night at the shark tank, but the festivities started today at roosevelt park near downtown. i was lucky enough to emcee the unveiling of a newly-refurbished outdoor hockey rink. >> so cool. >> joel pavelski, they have the big skcissors, did the unveilin. kids were also there from nearby schools. when there's a hockey rink they've got to play. >> just back playing the game for phon for fun. it's awesome. >> he is such a humble guy. he didn't bring his teeth by the way. burns didn't. doesn't wear fake teeth. i made new friends. the mascots from the st. louis blues, the colorado avalanche
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and of course sharkey. the kids loved it. >> beautiful rink. a local animal shelter asking for help because of an unusual situation. we'll tell you about the animal reptile that needs adopted.
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all while putting on a runway show for new york fashion week. ♪ ♪ he could. or, he could make it even easier - and set up recurring payments to his neighbor. for cat sitting. (meow) whoa. you've groomed her, too. (cell phone vibrating) and now she's ready for the catwalk. life, lived jason's way. chase. make more of what's yours. keep criminals tonight at 6:00, a computer problem in the heart of the
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silicon valley. the issue officers say might keep criminals on the streets. that exclusive story and more coming up on our 6:00 newscast. it's not just dogs and cats needing homes. reptiles are filling up the animal shelter. they've received movre pythons this year than any in the past decades. they are seeking experienced snake owners. they are two to three feet long when full-grown and can live up to 30 years. >> maybe we can get a nbc python. >> oh, my gosh. so much attention. >> look at the face on that. >> pythons need love, too. >> they do. >> thanks for joining us at 5:00. nightly news is next. enjoy this sunset. >> ooh. >> see you at 6:00. breaking news tonight. there's word of a
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possible deal in the works that would end the government shutdown. we have late details just coming out of the capitol. and president trump late today weighing in, all of it as the president's commerce secretary, a self-proclaimed billionaire, under fire for this tone-deaf response when told that federal workers are going to food banks to feed their milies. >> well, i know they are, and i don't really quite understand why. >> wilbur ross suggesting they take out a loan. tonight the nation's air traffic controllers working without pay, warning the added stress is creating an urgent safety risk in the the mystery after the bank massacre. five women shot and killed execution-style. horrific details emerging from inside that bank. shng


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