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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 24, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PST

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i'm raj mathai. >> saying pg&e is not the cause of the fire, but private equipment, not pg&e's. >> tubbs was deadliest of the fires in october of 2017, destroyed more than 5,600 structures and killed 22 people. started in calistoga. because of the vicious winds spread southwest, destroying entire neighborhoods of santa rosa. >> we have a team covering this. melissa colorado, big declaration for the company. what about for the people who lost everything? >> reporter: surprisingly many of the fire victims say this announcement doesn't change anything from them. still focused on rebuilding and hopefully moving into brand new homes in coffey park this year. >> i felt that pg&e wasn't
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responsible for the tubbs thing. >> reporter: hunch on the money says the cal fire investigation on the cause of the deadly tubbs fire that scorched parts of sonoma and napa counties, october of 2017. 80-page report identified cause as privately owned electrical kwoimt on a property in rural calistoga. >> we have to be 100% right. no outside influences, scientific, methodical. >> reporter: after the investigation, concluded pg&e had zero violations. >> doesn't matter who is to blame, terrible thing happened. >> reporter: doesn't mention if property owner will be fined or face liability. what does it mean for the victims who lost everything and hoped to recoup losses taking pg&e to court? >> not much you can do now. feel bad for them. >> reporter: attorneys say the
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utility is still to blame. >> they had opportunity to shut the power off knowing a spark would happen someplace. that hasn't changed. it's true today. we've told our clients, nothing's changes. >> reporter: city of santa rosa also fired a lawsuit against pg&e last year, city released statement today saying they're reviewing the findings from the cal fire investigation with the legal team. latest in santa rosa, melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. governor newsome wasted no time to weigh in on the announcement, how today's news will impact pg&e's future. >> begs the question, now what. do we anticipate that pg&e will move forward as they have -- well as pr to file bankruptcy? that's open-ended question, and question for pg&e.
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>> governor said the state can't make that decision whether they file for bankruptcy. >> now what, this is a company most of us rely on for power and gas. in san francisco, covering pg&e's troubles for decade. seems like huge win. what is the word behind closed doors? >> huge win based on stock price, just soared. but other issues. they have to convince a judge they can operate their system safely in coming wildfire system and senator jerry hill says they have a lott of work to do. >> not a day for them to celebrate, but looking how they can benefit and serve the victims that lost so much last ar. >> pg&e has $10 billion predict
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all the fires. that's why they're not calling off the bankruptcy plan at this point. >> jaxon, in terms of the regular citizen, rate hike anytime soon? >> anybody's guess. last year the legislature virtually guaranteed that state could be on the hook, that means rate payers, for paying some of this. liability apparently too big for the utility to handle on its own without going into meltdown. that's what happened with the threatened bankruptcy. >> what is next three to six months? >> in case of the victims of the north bay fires, in particular the tubbs, they have a tough row to hoe. they have to prove that pg&e is negligent, can't claim property da a to come, they have to prove they negligently operated the system and company has to prove to judge they've got to make sure
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they won't start another fire in coming fire season. >> jaxen, thanks for your analysis. pg&e releasing a statement, reads in part the devastating and unprecedented wildfires of 2017 and 2018 have had a profound impact on our customers, employees and communities. regardless of today's announcement, pg&e faces extensive litigation, potential liabilities and deteriorating financial situation, further impaired by recent credit agency downgrades to below investment grade. all big business as well. pg&e stock soared, nearly 75% up. stocks' three-month performance, finished low as $6 a share a week ago. today just shy of $14. story on nbc bay area only.
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officers say they could be at risk when they pull someone over because can no longer tell if they have outstanding arrest warrant. bl blaming it on a computer problem. damian trujillo. >> reporter: police say there's a glitch in the new computer program, warrants are not loading on to the system, worry they may be unknowingly letting violent criminals go. it's alarming even to veteran police officers. many just found out today the county court's database may not be telling them suspect they pulled over has a warrant for their arrest. could be for armed robbery or murder. >> needs a fix today. officers are absolutely in jeopardy. >> reporter: fired off this e-mail to the court administrator last week warning the glitch is putting officers
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and community in danger. this internal alert obtained by nbc bay area, warned deputies to be extra vigilant. >> ludicrous to think because of a flawed system and backlog that our members, officers in this county and people in this community are jeopardized. >> reporter: we broke the news to san jose residents today. >> it's really concerning, really scary. makes mie frightened. >> very. i have a young son, never know, don't live in best neighborhood. >> reporter: sent this memo saying working to fix the problem and in e-mail to nbc bay area, said public safety is paramount. court says it's implemented steps to make sure the officers have up-to-date info they need.
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officers are not so sure saying they're the ones who feel handcuffed. court tells me the software is not the problem but google search showed me that similar problems occurred in alameda county, tennessee and indiana, in some cases police arrested the wrong person. live outside the hall of justice, nbc bay area. >> cold case murder from almost 30 years ago has been solved. fremont police using dna decknology made famous in green bay killer case cracked it. suspect arrested in arizona, never contacted by police before in connection with the case. jack upton was beaten to death inside his home in fremont in 1990. had dna evidence from the stolen car but not until went to -- th
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match. >> similar to the golden state killer state. along the same lines, genealogy. >> reported missing by workers at safeway where upton was a manager. police declined to discuss motive behind the killing. said the suspect will be extradited back to bay area soon. driver hit and killed a woman last night. releasing surveillance video. white van hit a woman, in crosswalk at downtown san jose, driver took off, never stopped. victim died. third pedestrian death in san jose this year. nhl all-star game this weekend in san jose, busy time for sjc. today sent a message of support
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to furloughed tsa workers. protection from eviction, 30-day moratorium for eviction for workers unable to pay their rent. also a short-term no-interest loan program for what the city called vital workers. said right thing to do to protect them from the quote political dysfunction in washington. block the sale of two bankrupt hospitals. county is trying to buy a hospital in gilroy and medical facility in morgan hill but attorney general made several demands to protect civilian rights. say if blocks sale south bay patients may have to drive to san jose for medical care. >> 45 minutes or long are depending on traffic just to get to hospital. as parent distressing to have
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your child in pain during that time. >> will be a court hearing in los angeles on wednesday where the ag will formally request to stop the sales. half a billion dollars, push by mark zuckerberg charity for big problem. best hockey players in the world come to san jose, already having positive impact on one community. chief meteorologist jeff val areay, update in about eight
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half a billion make ? a major pledge and a major announcement, about what kind of a difference can half a billion make? a major pledge and major announcement about affordable housing in the bay area. this new effort brings a lot more to the table than just money. sam brock joins us from san francisco with the impact this money and initiative could have. sam. >> reporter: yeah, there is just an immense potential with this plan, jessica, a thousan 000 ho stabilized next five to ten years, collaboration is key word and new players from philanthropy groups and major
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players, one of the most diverse housing initiatives we've seen. heartbreaking signs of displacement and destitution all over bay area streets. >> no place to sleep. sleeping in car. >> reporter: come from all places and sectors. >> we're having trouble recruiting teachers to live in the bay area and serve. >> because they can't afford there. >> they can't afford it. >> welcome everyone. >> reporter: maybe a change of pace, partnership for the bay's future. >> imperative to move forward together in concert with one another. >> rte talking about sister thoughts, one dedicated to policy of keeping people in their homes and another investing $500 million in pledges for investment and land
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acquisition. using out of the box ideas like this one. >> designed to work with houses of faith and help them take land and assets they have and turn it into land we can use for affordable housing. >> chan-zuckerberg initiative provided the seed money. >> instead of funding same projects, fund things that haven't been done before. >> reporter: companies like facebook and jennin tech have chipped in. half of the money in the fund has been pledged, getting one of the community leaders to say we're looking forward to talking to a lot more.g for next big on. mayor london breed issuing executive directive to strengthen the city's high rises. will begin working with building owners to identify geotechnical
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or engine eagering issue. comprehensive earthquake recovery plan. san jose man convicted in deadly shooting of great white shark. nine-foot shark washed ashore last summer. it was young, body examined. x-rays revealed shark had been shot several times. telephone tip led to arrest of the man who lived on fishing boat. shot it when got too close t fishing nets. fined and sentenced to two years probation. backlash for new addition. fremont puteew tesla. in action in about a month. $65,000. used, not autonomous, always driven by officer.
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>> we're really interested in testing the technology, range, with all the lights and equipment. officers are rough on vehicles. there's a lot of acceleration, decelebration. >> $61,000 is $20,000 more than a typical police vehicle but department expects to gradually make up costs if fuel savings because all electric. made in fremont. troubling announcement from five-time olympic gold medallist and calm. testicular cancer. with his wif dive reatment and optimistic for 20. nathan adrian, represented team usa in 2008, 2012, and 2016
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olympic games in rio, which i covered. gracious athlete, won a total of eight medals, five gold. >> mike: wish him the best. all-star game at shark tank. festivities started today. i was honored to emcee the unveiling of the outdoor rink. brent burns, joe pavelski and erik karlsson were there, the all-stars and most importantly from nearby schools. not ice but players jumped right in. >> get back to playing the game for fun. it's awesome, great for the community, the city, this is where it all started. playing outside like this and sharing game we all love. >> asked brent where are your fake teeth. he said i don't wear them.
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anatural. mascots from st. louis blues, colorado avalanche and sharky. >> he's the best. >> hall of famer there. >> bring his teeth? >> doesn't need them. >> enough extra for everyone. >> fun event. great for the kids. >> it's fun. big weekend. people flying in from east coast and canada to enjoy the san jose sunshine. >> today was really good, tomorrow's going to be even better. looks good. this weekend a few speed bumps but not going to disappoint if anyone is from anywhere else this time of year, still really nice. live sky camera network. towards concord, mostly clear, 58 degrees, jacket weather again. 46 at 10:00 p.m., dropping to a 30s tomorrow morning.
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tri-valley, average of 38. thick central valley fog could make it close to the tri-valley. we'll monitor that. peninsula 43, south bay at 40. san francisco mostly sunny 46, north bay 39. morning commute tomorrow. then head through the day, this is nice. cruise control throughout afternoon, mostly sunny skies. close to 70 in morgan hill. san francisco 63, under that sunshine. next change is starting to brew in the pacific. no rainfall but this cloud cover to the south is moving closer to the bay area this weekend. we'll tell you wha t means for the weekend forecast and updated rain outlook and when we could see wet weather in bay area, 6:43 tonight. >> see youjeff. pays close to $10,000 for
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fridge and freezer. feels didn't get what he paid for. all that money. nbc bay area responds, next.
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walnut creek man who felt fooled after spending almost ten thousand dollars on a high- end fridge and freezer. consumer investigator nbc bay area responds to walnut creek man. $10,000 on fridge and freezer. >> come with caviar? it's just a fridge. >> most expensive appliance case we've ever handled, most blunt execution. james daley spent $9,400 on a luxury fridge a freezer set called the brand name, lead appliance. a but right away found troubles. unexpected dents and dings.
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$200 side panels were missing and not from 2017 but actually from 2016 and 2013. older than he expected. james felt misled, wanted to return them. but salesman refused. insisting floor model sales are final. he turned to us. elite appliance said -- this is the blunt part, not the fault of the customer aall, this exact situation is why the sales rep is no longer with our company. elite appliance. sent james new models, took the old ones back. done. one step however james could have taken, might escalate the we always think should give the store manager a chance to resolve issues. if they don't, call us. raj. >> thanks chris.
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up next at 6:30, rival plans shot down, senate rejects proposals from both sides of the aisle. knew that was coming. what's next? >> joe montana investing. at bayer our roots run deep.
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so chances are you've seen us around the house... or around the yard... on the shelf... or even out in the field. your mom knew she could always count on us, and your grandma did too. because for over 150 years we've been right by your side. advancing the health of the people, plants and pets you love. so from all of us at bayer, thank you for trusting in us. then and now. but it was clear from the start - those measures were goi right now at 6:30. first time the senate votes on options to reopen the government but clear from the start those measures were going nowhere.
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tomorrow marks day 34 of the shutdown. also the second straight paycheck that 800,000 federal employees will miss. >> that standoff over president trump's border wall appears no closer to end either. latest. >> reporter: all eyes on the senate, bipartisan group working on plan to reopen the government for three weeks and consider border securit issues. president trump only a downpnt >> reasonable agreement, i would support it. >> motion is not agreed to. >> after competing failed on the senate floor, first time voting to reopen the government. >> put the bitterness behind us, do what is right for the american people. >> reporter: wilbur ross, one of
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the wealthiest members of the cabinet suggesting loans to get by instead of going to food banks. >> government-guaranteed loans. because government is committed, will get backpay. >> reporter: later trying to walk it back. >> you cannot imagine walking in my shoes. >> reporter: president promising we will not cave on the border wall but rare retreat on a different issue after house giving state of the union him speech in house chamber during the shutdown, agreeing to delay address until after the government opens. >> we have to talk about opening up government, recognize the pain and unfairness of this shutdown. >> reporter: pelosi said will meet anytime but wall money still off the table. senate committee subpoenaed
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president trump's former lawyer michael cohen, said he will be there, one day after he postponed speaking before a house committee citing threats against his family. wants to question cohen about russian meddling in the 2016 election. senate and house eager to question him but racing clock. three-year prison sentence in march served for lying to congress. turmoil continues in venezuela, two political rivals claiming to be legitimate president. after protests and demands, pulling diplomats out of theus u.s. but trump administration
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refusing. opposition leader. angering russia, propping him up. new details in deadly shooting of florida bank, suspected gunman faced judge first time. facing five counts of premeditated murder in shooting deaths of four employees and customer. five women, 31 to 65 years old. one officer telling nbc news that the killings werarrest rep >> did he go in there attempting to rob the bank or simply to kill? >> we have no information there was bank robbery. >> could face death penalty, no word on motive in the attack. tense moments for sacramento uber driver, says the drunk passenger tried to crash the car. driver said he was driving down 99 when the passenger suddenly
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grabbed the steering wheel. can see castro struggling as he continues to drive. >> yanks car across two lanes of traffic. of course i freaked out, hit his hand, you stay there, i'll be here, get you home. can't drop him on the side of the freeway. >> officers arrested passenger at nearby donut shop, blood alcohol level of hall of fame quarterback joe montana is taemg up with former yahoo ceo to invest in san jose weed delivery service. marijuana buds, vape pens and edibles across the area. hopes brings health and wellness to people, make impact on opiate abuse and addiction. superstar singer and "the
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voice" judge kelly clarkson has a new job. >> how cool. seems down to earth and fun. >> going to be great for the gig. right now focusing on concert tour, kicking off at oracle arena, fans packing in. on top of filming season 16 of "the voice" and getting ready to host new talk show. >> kelly clarkson. >> rise to super stardom in 2002, won first season of "american idol," sold over 25 million albums, held multiple concert tours, sang at president obama's inauguration, hosted video awards and current judge on "the voice," now talk show host. spoke about new gig.
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>> really great team that knows what they're doing, i've never done it before but do know how to talk. should nail that part. >> called it dream job. have you always wanted to do talk show? >> for an artist that does nothing but travel for living, nice, we have four kids, in one place, get to sing every show, talk and hang out with fans. dream in the sense i can do it in one place every day. >> clarkson says she loves ellen, oprah, jimmy fallon, james corden, plans to incorporate favorite things from their shows and add her own twist. >> very musical, lot of heart and humor, self-deputycation. >> who would your dream guest be? >> meryl streep. but i kind of don't want her to come because would be so nervous i would vomit. >> okay.
6:37 pm
meryl streep, kelly clarkson wants you. >> you're on notice. >> for now. >> kicks off tour tonight at oracle arena, still tickets available. talk show this september on nbc bay area. >> old variety show with talk and music. >> got to go to the show? >> now you're tight with kelly? okay. reduce traffic and help environment, can it happen? new incentive to carpool on the peninsula. there )s a new incentu
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to carpool. the county has launched a new app called "carpool two- point-oh" if you live in san mateo county, new incentive to carpool. new app, carpool 2.0, use it to carpool, eligible for incentives like gift cards. goal to reduce traffic and parking congestion in the county.
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>> ideas are cool, one-offs are just one-offs. so if i carpool for the whole month and give me a gift card every day? or give me a gift card today and say carpool for the rest of the month? >> good questions, actually. more you carpool, more gift cards you're eligible for. not just dogs and cats need adopting, pythons filling up shelters. spike in -- at burlingame, more this past year than any in past decade. looking for experienced snake h available. full grown, two to three feet long and can live about 30 years. >> wow. that's a tough sell. strength, endurance and sweat. tonight a bay area woman in the national spotlight. >> emily with world records has
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a clear edge in power. >> she's good, emily wu, born in hayward, lives in san mateo, on the titan games tonight. three power lifting world records. look at that? >> she's good. hosted by the rock, pits competitors in intense, i mean intense physical competition. watch "the titan games" right >> love you emily. >> could see you doing that. want her to win, don't be angry. >> you could do it. not a good segue. >> i could see you. chilly weather now, live look, sky camera network. 55 in livermore, to 35 low. rain outlook in a few minutes. forgotten until the flames
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erupted, sift the ashes of mysterious building in the you don't think bay. fire in san josk
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park. it revealed the remains of an unknown house from the early we told you about a fire in san jose's park, revealed remains of unknown house from early 1900s. >> former forward. >> reporter: mystery born in flames. brush fire revealed mysterious remains of what park ranger believed was undocumented house. >> i think it's a hunting lodge, around the 1900s. >> brought in archeology professor. students helped sift the artifacts. >> story there. >> reporter: only clue was old
6:45 pm
map, davis lunde before the area became part of the park. meaningful clue found them. >> i believe my great-grandmother and grandfather's father. >> reporter: descendants came forward. remembered hearing about the ranch they once owned. >> would ask where in san jose was the farm, say the allen rock area. >> reporter: family historian whose wife is lundy descendant said came west by train. >> november 15th, 1852, farming horses up there. >> reporter: mysterious house buried in the weeds, centerpiece of discovery linking the family
6:46 pm
and park. through that connection the mystery of the site unravelled a little more. >> just being able to work with them and put the story accurate as best we can and have them part of it is huge. >> reporter: group believes the building was likely the lundys' home, built 1905 to 1920. bricks tell stories of the building, people tell stories of the home. >> it's part of the is today. >> lost history, fire hadn't happened, never would have found it. >> reporter: now will be pictures and names to go with the exhibit. story of lost building helping to find a family.
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nbc bay area news. >> i love those stories. specially the family watching the news saw that. >> crazy. >> so cool. weather answers coming up. next couple of days, changes in the forecast. temperatures will be comfortable but not as sunny as we've seen it recently as we head through the next seven days. san francisco, live, high definition camera, absolutely clear skies. nice night heading to the city tonight. 58 degrees, clear skies, temperatures down to the 40s once we hit midnight. colder for inland valleys. in the 30s for tri-valley, 38 low. watching out for thick central valley fog that could move closer through the morning. peninsula 43. south way at 40, also sunshine. san francisco and north bay, sunshine as well for morning and
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mix of 30s and 40s. east bay will have to watch out for the central valley fog in the morning. tomorrow, another perfect day for january. looking at sunny skies across the entire bay area. temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above average. sunshine will fel than that in january. 67 in morgan hills, 62 in los gatos. wind direction tomorrow is out of the north, drier, helps to clean us out. why we have all the sunshine, and little bit warming, bumping up. mid-60s, hayward to fremont. redwood city, 65 degrees. 62 in the marina, 64 in the mission, across the north bay.
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ukiah is warmest, 65 in novato. tomorrow is last full sunny day i can see. if you can get the day off, it's going to be the day for you. we'll see changes in high pressure which brought the dry weather this went from rainfall last week to sunny skies. helps to keep the storm track away. change i'm monitoring now, move a little bit more east. clockwise circulation will pull up cloud cover from the south as we move into the weekend. not as sunny saturday and sunday, partly sunny to mostly cloudy at times. i still think nice temperature-wise, little bit of wind monday, 10 to 20 miles an hour. stay dry, maybe rainfall 4th through the 6th.
6:50 pm
details are fuzzy. across the inland valleys, 68 the average. partly sunny, dry weather as we head through the next couple of days. if heading to lake tahoe, lots of fresh snow to ski on. couldn't ask for better conditions up there. >> not going to touch it, let it ride. >> it's good. >> we deser it. ks stars on the way to san jose, so are the f the nhl all-star festivities, next.
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world...are arriving in san okay. this is the hot ticket in town. >> big. >> this is a big deal. roll out red carpet, best hockey players in the world arriving in san jose. all-star game is saturday night at the shark tank. >> tonight the festivities are kicking off. colin rush from san jose, hockey central. >> reporter: it is hockey central. i have to do this saying job well done to partner in crime today, raj mathai, nailed in as
6:54 pm
emcee. nhl, sharks and city of san jose coming together to refurbish that outdoor hockey rink. commissioner front and center with sharks all-stars joe pavelski, brent bor a these guy going to grab it. joe in the mindset keeping it sharp, top shelf on the kid. while teammates are enjoying r&r, joe is happysts, guys in good spots right now. but this is going to be fun weekend and this was fun way to kick it off with nhl legacy event. rink looks tremendous, i think will be a lot of fun times out here for the kids. >> reporter: from the rink to civic auditorium for all-star media night, where we are now, pavelski, burns and karlsson
6:55 pm
with 30 minutes at podium to answer anything and everything. karlsson, sixth all-star appearance, first as shark. >> this is my home town now, this is where i play. i'm happy that i got the chance to play another all-star g in the home town. looking forward to it a lot. going to be a lot of our fans in the building. know how much it means f them. hopefully put on a good show and everybody's going to enjoy themselves. >> reporter: appearances galore for those three, but burns bearing the brunt tonight, just took off a few minutes ago, across from mchenry convention center, fanfar started. he's doing a q & a and activations with the fans. this is the jersey players are wearing for the game. made from recycled plastic from the ocean. very cool. made by adidas, and i mentioned
6:56 pm
brent burns, this is his jersey for tomorrow night. skills competition tomorrow starts with red carpet at 4:00, then the game saturday at 5:00. live at civic auditorium, downtown san jose, colin resch, banews. >> if brent doesn't have his jersey, we know who has it. thanks colin. >> that's it for us.ou a 11:00, bye-bye.
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♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, jason wu could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while putting on a runway show for new york fashion week. ♪ ♪ he could. or, he could make it even easier - d seup recurring payments to his neighbor. for cat sitting. (meow) whoa. you've groomed her, too. (cell phone vibrating) and now she's ready for the catwalk. life, lived jason's way. chase. make more of what's yours. ♪ extra, extra now on "extra" -- >> teresa joo dice telling joe, arrivederc arrivederci.
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and in a bikini. teresa's first time as a toe al bodybuilder. >> total change, transformation? >> yeah, amazing. >> jeff bezos and lauren sanchez moving in together? tay ear mo they're moving at lightning speed. and inside paris tags wefas an cpbell rocking the runway at 48 in a see-through shocker. diversity


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