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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  March 10, 2019 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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right now at 4:30, a bizarre scene at the oakland airport as a man with a knife walks up to officers and threatening them. >> plus, president trump wants more money, the whopping amount he's asking for now. >> the first wild day of weather in the bay area, what will the rest of the evening and your upcoming workweek will look like. >> the news starts right now, i am vickie nguyen. >> i am terry mcsweeney. we have been closing out on a wild note. this is what some of the hail looked like earlier today. am i right about that? that's hail.
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>> there is still more hail around the bay area now. it is interesting how these showers moving to the north and west. it is adding up on the ground in spots. right now this is the most widespread around san francisco and some of that involves some hail. we are detecting some accumulating hail and a little bit more here as we get over to vallejo and the canyon and the showers slowly drifting off the north and west. the area of rotation, that's the area of low pressure, the reason why the rain is making an unusual twist hitting towards the knnorthwest. how much of this will linger into tomorrow and we are talking some big changes that we have not seen in a while and that's seven-day forecast welcome
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change. a closer look coming up in 15 minutes. >> rob mayeda has been tweeting all day. terry mcsweeney is also tweeting. if you are always interesting to see the great bay, terry and rob has pictures for you. >> i didn't shoot this. snow at the mount hamilton. >> the rain pounded the bay area in recent weeks. it contributed a problem out on the streets, potholes as you probably know. public work crews are out trying to fill those potholes. nbc bay area joining us live from berkeley, christie smith. >> reporter: terry, this is a busy intersection of where we
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are at. there are potholes. there are also potholes over here. now we went to several cities today and just about every driver that we spoke to noticing more potholes or not seeing them until it was too late. the department of public works brought in crews over the weekend to work extra shift, twelve hours day, catching up with all the potholes that it opened up. they actually fallen behind with the recent rain. in the city, they focus on heavy traffic like gary boulevard and 19th avenue. >> there is plenty around the city, everywhere you go. the streets and city. >> in february, we had almost 2,000 potholes. on a typical dry month, there is about 350 potholes. >> reporter: now the potholes of course open up when water gets into the cracks and the road ways and loosen the surface beneath, heavy trucks and cars drive over and that's when the
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problem starts. in the east bay, a tire shop owner told us his two locations are very busy, lately about 50% of his work is due to potholes or bent rims . the problem is the passenger side where they may not have had the chance to see it. they're going to assess how many potholes they got done over the weekend and they may do another pothole repair blits. reporting live in berkeley, christie smith, nbc bay area news. crews are going to be busy. where he learning of an insidious plot of the oakland international airport. investigators say a man set out to kill an officer there. the alameda sheriff's office just released this video. this was just before 9:00 this morning. you can see the man there looking in and around patrol cars. the sheriff's department says
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the man was there looking for r a target. they have not said he's looking to hurt a specific officer or one at random. they confronted him. the man dropped his weapon, a gold knife, police arrested him and fortunately no one was hurt. new at 4:30. we are learning of the tragic killing of a councilwoman's son killed of night. he's the son of oakland councilwoman. he was also active in usc and central in students affair. we'll have much more of this story coming up at 5:00. a suspect remains on the run following a deadly man being shot. after 9:00 p.m., someone shot
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the two men during the intersection of west 19th, officers arrived to find the 25 years old and 20 years old suffering from those injuries. the 20 years o ld died at the hospital and other victim has non-life threatening. no word on what prompted that shooting. an important bit released, trash will be picked up starting tomorrow. you can see there is a lot to be picked up. residence should put the flood debris in three separate piles. you got appliances and metals and other recycles and in the third, other debris, truck will pick up the trash monday all the way into friday. residents will not be charged for the pick up. picking up the debris will cost the county up to $1.5 million. there is some apprehension from bart and bart riders. the system could shut down
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again. the entire bart system was shut down for hours yesterday morning. first the agency thought it was a computer or maintenance issue, now they're describing it as a mystery. an evaluation into the cause could take days. it could be much worst had that shutdown happening during normal commute hours. they don't anticipate any more problems during this upcoming workweek. president trump will now try another root to build his border wall. tomorrow the president will release his 2020 budget that includes another $8.6 billion in funding for the wall. democratic leaders say the strategy won't work and set up a possibility of another shutdown. >> jennifer johnson has the story from washington. >> reporter: president trump ramping up the border battle again in his budget to be released on monday, the president will be asking for $8.6 billion for the wall.
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>> the whole issue of the wall, border security is paramount importance. we have a crisis down there. >> the budget has to be funded before ok 1ctober 1st, or the government could shutdown again. house speaker nancy pelosi and chuck schumer warning the president, the same thing will repeat itself if he tries this again. the last shutdown costs the u.s. economy $11 billion. the funding increase for the wall comes as the senate is likely to join the house and rejecting the president's emergency declaration. even some republicans say there is a better approach. >> you can put what i call a smart wall along the border in all 200,000 miles and gain operational control of the border.
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>> the white house is asking for billions more for the wall while dismisi dism dismissing concerns of the rising deficit now approaching $1 trillion. jennifer zwr jennifer johnson. a brand new boeing 737 lost contact six minutes after taking off. it went down 30 miles from the airport killing all 149 passengers and eight crew members. eight americans were on board to naroibi, one man nearly missed being on the plane because he had to take the next flight out. >> no one was saying anything and they were going up and down. >> i can't imagine being him. it is not clear what caused the
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crash. the model in question is the same one that was involved in a jet crash last october, 737 also crashed shortly after take off, killing 189 people on board. tragic death at stanford, an olympic medallist takes her own life. what her parents are saying about it tonight. lending a helping hand to those without a home. the east bay program that put a lot of people to work today. and
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is dead of an apparent suicide. kelly catlin was a three-time world champion in cycling, and a student is dead of a suicide, she was a three times cycling, she won a silver medal. the 23 years old was studying mathematical engineering at stanford as a grad student. her roommates found her body on thursday night in a dorm room
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they shared. her father says, "there is not a second we would freely give our lives in exchange for hers." >> the young cyclist is due to compete with the road team this year. the close call for inmates after a fire broke out at the correctional facility in milpitas. that fire started about 10:30 this morning. crew were able to contain that fire. the sheriff says the fire may have caused by electric issues but they're not sure about that. officials say nobody is hurt. one tiny home at a time. youth spirit art work is on a mission to build 100 tiny homes for 100 teens in need. the group hosted an event in berkeley to create the prototype. the plan is to put a village of
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tiny homes to help those of unstable housing situations. >> in the east bay alone, there are thousands of adults are already in hesomeless shelters. when you count the beds in youth, is a handful. >> they'll have a common kitchen and community area. young adults will have access to support staff that can provide career and educational counseling. the project is the first of its kind. ysa is hoping the idea will catch on in other urban areas. >> a big rig filled with propane on its side shutting down the state's busiest freeways and tell you how long crews think traffic is a mess when we come back. >> still some thunder out of the north bay, petaluma, how much more of this will last into the
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workweek and the 70s in the forecast when we come right back.
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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bicyclists will soon board first. tomorrow caltran riders with bikes will be allowed to board first on the designated bike cars. programs aim to cut back on loading time and making it smoother boarding process. caltran workers will be present the next few weeks to enforce the new rules and make things go smoother. >> that helps. well, it was armagedon all over again. the 405 closed for a few hours today. a tanker truck hauling 10,000 gallons of the liquid propane over turned this morning about 7:00 in the sherman oaks area of the 405. the accident prompted the
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freeway to be closed for about 8 hours. the freeway finally opened backup about two hours ago, the cause of that crash is still under investigation. well, pespeaking of traffic this is what it looks like along interstate 80. perfect time to drive home from skiing. the interstate is clear and all controls have been dropped. things are changing, rob, i don't see any evidence that behind us -- is this going to be better in. >> later tonight. >> soon. >> is it going to end at 6:00 and 11:00. in the meantime until sun down, it is shifted because of the time change. we'll start you off with the view of emeryville looking off to the west. san francisco still have rain off to the north. 52 with currently mostly skies
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and san jose, not a lot is happening in san jose, most of the action is off to the east. still some snow showers around hamilton. let's take a closer look on our doppler radar. some of the most intense cells we are seeing over there in petaluma and highway 101. showing you the heavier showers up towards sonoma and straight downtown san francisco, not seeing a whole lot at the moment, where our storm ranger mobile doppler radar is scanning you from at the top of the san bernardino mountains, castro valley, west of dublin. there is the view, that's the wette wettest swath of moisture right now. still more showers. it is a little unusual that we are seeing more snow in mount hamilton right now than the sierra. the actual weather system is
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right off our coast, it is going to attract to the south. watch hour by hour and still seeing the chance for some thunder showers or hail through 8:00 and then winds changed. 11:00, everything disappears. it should stay that way until monday. clearing skies and better looking forecast for tomorrow morning. it will be chilly, 30s and 40s to start the day. highs with all day sunshine should be trending warmer. we are talking about low 60s around san jose. upper 50s around san francisco and sunny as you see in your seven-day forecast of things to come, one more system to deal with on tuesday. that's more about the wind. the available moisture for the next system, i think most of the bay area are not going to see any showers out of that. once we pass tuesday, here we go. high pressure starts to build back in, storms start to move off the north and get ready for some welcome changes i think for most and that's seven-day
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forecast moving forward. tonight things are active and tomorrow, they are gone. tuesday, some breezy conditions and those are san francisco temperatures, in the case weekend, upper 60s. what about in land locations? near 70s. san jose, low 70s. morgan hill, mid-70s. >> it is like an oasis. >> on sunday, we have got -- we have earned these temperatures. >> we love it. >> we need to break the hillside and the rocks and mud slides and you see the damage of the road. >> yeah, we can dry out. >> rob, thanks, we are happy. >> yes, we earned it. >> changing its ways one dollar at a time. a local bar is shedding its past to be a good neighbor, it is all for a good cost. it is a story that'll make you bay area proud, stay with us, that story is next. ♪ it doesn't matter where you are.
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been the best neighbor. but something clicked... and its working to shed its image.
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a known neighborhood bar that has not been the best neighbor. >> but, something clicked and it is working to shed that image. they are explaining how they use their past to signal the future for a good cause. it is this evening's bay area proud. >> for the first time in his life, hans understood how critical a piece of equipment of that could be for someone who needs it. he decided to make a donation to a group who provides wheelchairs to the poor. it is not the only good he's trying to do with that money. >> when hans bought the bar nine years ago, he could not wait to serve his first drink. hans did not wait before welcoming in his first customer. >> we were hours away. why don't we hang it up over the bar as a souvenir.
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>> that's what the customer did and a bar tradition was born. >> the organic tradition that took off. thousands of customers have written messages on dollar bill. >> i am going to put it right here, right? >> stuck it on the ceilings and walls of the place. over the years as those dollar bills were changing the decor, something else was changing at hans' bar. he says he's attempt a late night business and ended up drawing a rough crowd. >> fights and police visits became all too common. >> exactly. >> we had to make a change. >> it became clear to hans last fall that the bar he dreamt of owning was not the place he wants to visit. >> it is not something that the
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community welcomed. hans changed the name and the look and the feel of the place. what better than a clean ceiler and a charitable gesture. this path saturday, hans and a handful of regulars spent hours and untaping and ungumming and donated it all to wheelchairs around the world. >> how much money was up there? >> i guess $1,800. >> more like $6,000. which the bar and another company are matching. close to 20,000 sent to charity and hans hopes a message sent to his kmucommunity that this neighborhood bar wants to be a better neighbor. in san jose, nbc bay area news.
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>> $6,000. >> and they match it to $20,000. >> hans says new dollar bills are already going up around the bar. >> all right. still to come tonight, details unfolding around the death of on oakland city councilwoman's son. >> first, our micro climate, can we expect more hail or thunderstorms? rob will have the answer, next. ] remember the way we used to do things? hey man... like connect with friends? dig it! or get in shape? or sell a house and pay a real estate agent a big commission. [crash] at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee. and because is america's #1 brokerage site our agents get more eyes on your home so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent.
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the bay area. the weekend is coming to a close, with unsettled weather... the news at 5 starts right now: ism riepgt now. right now at 5:00, a live look outside. news at 5:00 starts right now. news at 5:00 starts right now. i am terry mcsweeney. >> i am nicvickie nguyen. we'll get right over to rob
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mayeda. >> rain and hail. those are little blobs of purple that you see around petaluma and fairfield and another one here. you can see this loop over the last hour showing showers generally weakening some what tensity and drifting from east to west. it is moving south to san francisco. we have more rain approaching out of the south giving freezing levels closer to 4,000 feet and snow on mount hamilton. you will see some of more intense showers and and likely dropping ice palettes. you will see more of that. east of san jose, mount hamilton seeing snow at times. it is the reason why the showers bringing that unusual turn up to the north and west. later tonight,


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