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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 31, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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a warm weekend across the bay. but some of you will need to swap those sunglasses for an umbrella-- we )ve got more rain on the way. some of you will need to swap those sunglasses for an umbrella. we have more rain on the way. the news at 11:00 starts right now. gee good evening, thank you for joining us. >> it lasted all weekend but more rain is coming this way. rob is joining us now. when's it going to come and how much? >> hard to believe given that it was 75 degrees today in san jose. still not too cold out there right now. 58 degrees and tomorrow morning's commute, i don't think showers will be a problem. 40s to low 50s and the day will likely begin dry but by this
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time tomorrow night you begin to see just enough rain to barely wet the ground. not anything in the way of heavy rain. we'll likely see maybe up to a quarter ichnch of rain come tuesday as more of the moisture starts to move into the bay area. catch it out later on this week. could get a rain totals up to an ir ism of ra-- inch of rain. >> when the rain moves in you want it a reminder before it gets here. our other top story tonight, another catholic diocese priest is in jail tonight accused of sexually abusing a child. he is the 46th priest in the diocese credibly accused of abuse. >> tom generjenson is live whery
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just learned about it today. what are they saying? >> i can tell you parishioners here were shocked and outraged by this news today. he has been arrested, accused of sexually abusing a child at another church at least 30 times. >> he says the latest allegations once again prove that his diocese and the vatican have not done enough to stop the abuse. >> it's been going on too long and it's going to continue unless stuff changes. you want to hurt an institution, hit them in the pocketbook. >> he's only been there a couple of years. he was transferred here in 2016
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from st. john the baptist agent lick churc -- catholic church. that's where a priest sexually abused a child dozens of times for a year and a half. a former priest was here for mass today. >> i saw the anguish in the faces of partioners as they left church this morning. he says the church and it's followers won't fully heal until they know the truth. >> he says this is all in the past. he said since 1987 there's been no formal accusations and we now know of three. >> the oakland diocese suspended
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him. he is scheduled to make his initial appearance in court tuesday morning in oakland. we're live in fremont, nbc bay area news. >> our investigative unit has been tracking abuse allegations in the catholic church since last year. he was sexually assaulted by another priest in 2017. police found sex toys and meth pipe in the room but he was never charged with the crime. to see more on that story and other investigations go to nbc bay and click on the investigative unit tab. another local man is accused of trying to have sex with children but he's not under arrest here, he's in a columbian jail. this is video of police in columbia confronting him at the airport. this was his 7th trip to columbia in two years. he was there to pay young girls to have sex. the victims were between 13 and
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17 years old. he used three facebook profiles and shared inappropriate photos and offered them up to $100. he's from fairfax. >> an outpouring of love, support and grief from fans of the rapper that was gunned down in los angeles today. new video right now showing a huge crowd of people paying tribute to him outside of his clothing store. the grammy nominated rapper was one of three people shot this afternoon. the suspected gunman got out of there in a car. tonight a massive outpouring of support. many see him as an inspiration as he tried to help stop gang violence in his community. he also worked to get inner city youth into math and science. >> he inspired everybody to different. inspired you to be your own boss. >> we have lost a legend. we lost someone that inspired
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others. that came from the ground all the way to the top. >> it's not clear what lead up to the shooting today but he is long associated with one of los angeles's largest street gangs. his last tweet is chilling. it read quote, having strong enemies is a blessing. >> golden state warriors paying tribute to the late rapper tonight at oracle. after the game steph curry was emotional. >> i got to know him last year and had a great conversation about who he was as a person, what he stood for, what his message was. how he tried to inspire people considering where he grew up and how he turned that into something extremely powerful chlts . he appeared on the youtube show to discuss a wide range of topics including fatherhood. >> democrats are on the offensive demanding that william
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barr release special counsel robert mueller's full report on the meddling in the 2016 election. a new poll shows many americans have a clear verdict on whether the president has been cleared of wrong doing. >> democrats ramping up pressure to release the full report on the russia investigation. bar says he will release a redacted version to congress by mid april. >> we have a new species of political dinosaurs called the barr redactyl. he thinks he can take his time and redakt tct the report. >> he found his campaign did not conspire with the russians to sway the 2016 election. but a new wall street journal poll shows americans don't see it that way. 40% say the report does not
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clear the president of wrong doing. 29% say it does. 31% are unsure. >> a lot of my friends in the other party are still upset that donald trump is president but it's time to move on. enough is enough when it comes to collusion and obstruction. >> mueller didn't reach a conclusion as to whether the president tried to obstruct the investigation. barr concluded he did not. he's attempting to strike down obamacare through the courts and threatening to close the southern border if mexico doesn't stop the migrants. >> it isn't a bluff. you can take the president seriously and here's why. what he's looking at is 4,000 migrants apprehended in one day recently. >> the president needs to help central american countries where most migrants are coming from. >> also this weekend the president pledged to cut aid for three countries. the move will only make the border situation worse. >> new at 11:00, someone got hit
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by a bart train this afternoon and survived. it's not clear how that person ended up on the tracks. >> chp is searching for a man that opened fire on a couple driving in the east bay. this is at least the 5th shooting on a bay area freeway just this month. two men in a small white car started tailgating a couple. the passenger in the white car started yelling at them. officers say the victims then pulled off the road. that's when the president's car pulled in front of them and someone in the car opened fire hitting the windshield. police say no one was hurt. the victim's described the shooter as a bald middleaged white man. >> a rally brought together hundreds from the muslim
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community along we elected leaders. someone left a rechs at the scene referencing the new zealand mosque massacre. they say the fight has to be waged by everyone including politicians. >> we all collectively have a role to play in countering the rising tied of bigotry and hatred that results in immediate violence. >> we say to others that will hurt any of us, if you come for any of us, you come for all of us. >> they want to find ways to protect muslim women in particular. women wearing hijabs making them the most visible targets. a full report on this story is coming up at 11:30. >> a well-known and well loved priest from the east bay has died. father jay matthews passed away from a heart attack. he served as director of the
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cathedral in oakland. he has been a fixture in the catholic community for decades. >> he was an ambassador and catalyst for a lot of love and a lot of care for people in oakland beyond the catholic church. >> he was the first african american ordained priest in northern california. he was 70 years old. >> this week will thereby will a pub llic celebration of life. his wife shot him during a domestic fight in their home. he was the principal of pittsburgh unified school districts adult education center and is the father of 8 children. >> also this week, lori laughlin and felicity huffman will appear before a judge. more parents could be charged
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soon. federal prosecutors are looking to expand the case which enters on a newport beach college admissions company that served more than 700 clients. hoffman is accused of disguising a $15,000 payment. laughlin allegedly paid $500,000 in bribes to have her two daughters designated as recruits to usc's crew team even though they were not rowers. >> two men took to the outdoors on this gorgeous day. they didn't know it but they were going to need help getting out. the story behind the river rescue. >> not your typical yard sale. this created a long line at a legendary restaurant but people were not there to eat. the special ingreed yepdients t brought out this cloud. >> a mostly cloudy start to your monday morning and likely showers before the end of the day. the time line on multiple rain chances ahead when we come right back. fools! how some of silicon valley )s biggest tech companies are
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embracing the day. plus, as you start your work week monday, we )re tracking yor forecast. join us monday morning from
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new video tonight of a dramatic rescue. two jet skiers got themselves into quite the sticky situation. take a look at this rescue mission straight from the mouth of the petaluma river in novato. see all that brown stuff -- that )s mud. a chp helicopter was on patrol when officers spotted the jet skiers stuck in the muck.
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the crew hoisted the two men up. both men were cold and covered in mud, but they )re o-k. the chp is reminding people that the muddy bay water can be deceiving. we )re following a developing story out of south carolina, where friends are remembering a college student who was we are following a developing story out of south carolina where friends are remembering a college student who was kidnapped and killed after she apparently got into the wrong car. she thought it was her uber. it wasn't. this is new video tonight from a vigil. samantha josephson. her death leaving students stunned. the 21-year-old student was last seen around 2:00 a.m. friday outside of a bar in columbia, south carolina. investigators think she got in 24-year-old nathaniel rolands car thinking it was her uber ride it was not. her body was found in a wooded area. he waived his right to appear before a judge today. he is facing murder charges. >> this week marks a grim anniversary for youtube.
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on april 3rd last year a woman walked into youtube's headquaters and opened fire. she wounded three employees before taking her phone life. the 39-year-old san diego woman apparently had a long running grudge against the company. her father reported her missing days before the attack and told police she might be headed to youtube. the three victims in the shooting survived. >> a man is on life support tonight after being attacked outside of dodgers stadium in los angeles. this is a picture of him that his wife took at the hospital. he had a fractured skull and needs help breathing. after the dodgers game about 1:00 saturday morning when another man approached her husband yelling at him. she then heard a crack and the screen wept black. >> i panicked. i'm screaming in the phone and nobody is hearing me and nobody is answering me and i can hear my husband moaning. how could you do this to my husband and leave him laying on
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the floor. you leave him laying on the floor like he's a piece of trash? >> los angeles police are investigating the assault but so far no arrests. the attack brings back frightening memories of the giant's fan brian stow brutally attacked in the parking lot 8 years ago today. he was there on opening day. two men beat him up and left him with severe brain damage. his attackers were caught and pleaded guilty and received 8 and 4 years in prison respe respective respectively. he now lives with his parents and reached a settlement with the donalders. >> a follow up a story we brought you last night. joe biden is responding to a serious accusation. a woman claimed biden inappropriately kissed her. she ran for lieutenant governor in 2014 in nevada. she says before a campaign eevet biden approached her from behind and placed his hands on her
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shoulders and kissed her on the head. biden is responding. he released a statement saying quote, in my many years on the campaign trail and in public life i have offered countless handshakes, hugs, expressions of affection, support and comfort. and not once, never, did i believe i acted inappropriately. if it is suggested i did so, i will listen respectfully but it was never my intention. >> hundreds of people came out to berkeley to own a little piece of gourmet history. >> alice waters hosted a yard sale outside of her restaurant. all kinds of things are up for sale, cook books, dishes, salt, famous salt available, the sale started early because so many people were lined up to check it out. it opened in 1971. >> well, the main spill way is about to face it's first major
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test this week. for the first time since it's reconstruction they plan to use the name spillway. with all the rain it's simply holding too much water. the plan is to release water over the spill way and into the river on tuesday. they were in february of 2017. it caused people to evacuate because of the catastrophic flooding. >> some nervous people when they release that water but they have to do it because as you mentioned before, more rain is coming. >> more rain and once we string together a series of warmer days, snow melts will be another part of the equation there. we had two warm days. it's about as good as we can get in our forecast. now we're going to get back into rain chances tomorrow. not a big drop in temperatures though. it's a little bit muggy outside for tomorrow.
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currently 58 degrees and as we head toward tomorrow morning a mostly cloudy start. might see a few sprinkles earlier in the day but actually monday's daytime forecast has trended a little dryer. we'll show you the hour by hour forecast coming up. highs tomorrow, upper 60s, maybe another day downtown san jose. cloudy skies, bay area standards that's going to make a muggy monday for you. here you go, hour by hour. notice in the north bay, a few stray showers. nothing really to see during the day and then as we head toward the evening and night, 9:00 beginning to see a few more showers. heading into tuesday morpg ning you'll be dodging a few scattered showers and more of that as we get into tuesday evening. by this time tomorrow night should begin to see a storm/a
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few scattered showers. not a whole lot. tuesday a little bit more but notice how the trend is coming downward. most of the bay area is seeing less than a tenth of an inch of rain. thursday here comes this system and our attention is focused midday on friday. tropical moisture to work with. so that combination, stronger storm system has a little bit more dynamic lift to it. it will bring us locally heavy rain from friday night sbo saturda -- into saturday. next weekend still looks unsettled. the chance of a few more showers as we head into sunday.
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muggy tomorrow with a few showers to get into tuesday. midweek break and then again thursday a few more light rain showers but right now friday into saturday looks to be the main event. >> that might be good. hopefully showers hold off. that's the case right now. mainly friday night into saturday morning. >> all right. thank you very much. >> thanks, rob rjs sti. >> still to come, listen up. before there was netflix, there was this and now there's only one left on the entire planet. where you can find that last blockbuster in the whole wide world. >> it's still open. functioning. >> return your tapes if you have some old ones. >> amazing. and free games can be fun to play but you're still paying a price with all the ads. how the video game industry is trying to change that to improve your gaming experience. this vide
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nostalgia. it used to be the hot spot to pick out a movie to rent. but now, there )s only one place like it left in the world. this blockbuster video store in bend, oregon is officially the >> now there's only one place like it left in the world. this blockbuster video show in bend, oregon is the officially the last blockbuster standing. there was a store in australia. it closed today. the manager of the oregon store said there's no plans to close the one in bend. locals still rent movies there. tourists come to see the last blockbuster so if you want to rent a movie, go to bend, oregon. >> i'm digging the merch. it is kind of nostalgic. >> video games used to cost big bucks and then all of a sudden they were free. here's how they're still making billions of dollars. >> one word, terry, ads as you
11:27 pm
know. but as jonathan shows us, some of the best minds in the game industry are coming up with different ways to get paid so that the players don't get driven crazy by all the ads. >> so quick context on how a fortnight character is set up. >> designers went behind the scenes of the most successful free to play game in history. >> but we have an additional joint here in between the knee and the front. >> they reported that fortnight helped epic turn a $3 billion profit without ever charging players to download it. >> fortnite has transcended just being a game. if you think about entertainment that's taken shape within the cultural fabric that we do every day, fortnite is that game. >> he's part of those that sold game studio kabam and if there's one thing he knows about
11:28 pm
fortnite is people don't just play it, they watch it. it's brought e sports to the forefront. e-sports are the next chapter in gaming. >> he co-founded gen g e-sports with a professional team in the overwatch league where team work and practice make all the difference. >> offense and defense and running plays and running strategies. >> e-sports are one way a game can be a massive commercial express. >> there's a nice stun. they're letting you do tournament from your phone. >> skills lets developers turn casual games into tiny tournaments and make money at it. let's say two players pay 60 cents to enter. >> the 20 cents will typically get split 50/50 between ourselves and the developer.
11:29 pm
>> they and an alternative where games spend money on power up items to help them win. instead it insists on an even playing field. >> we're matching players of equal skill. i'd like to say we match better than tender. >> that's another place fortnite has done things differently. you can't buy more powerful weapons or anything that gives you an advantage. you can only buy things that make you look cool. that's another big part of the future. >> suddenly it's wheels and spoilers and windshields and all of that type of stuff. >> custom skins are a big part of his company's new game but what's not part of it is the old secondary market for game characters and items. >> people farm gold in a game and sell it on ebay and that's usually against the terms of service but they find a way to do it. >> mythical turned to the block chain to build an economy where players can make and sell their own custom times right in the game. of course the developer gets a cut of the profits.
11:30 pm
>> streamers and influencers can have their own items. maybe as an incentive, the next 100 people are going to get an item. >> if streamers were porn before, they could be even more important now with the laumnch f the game platform. >> if we play this four to five years from now the entire gaming industry is going to be different. while they remain the leader in gaming youtube is catching up. to stay on top, it's parent company might just need a competitor. >> what we'll see is amazon probably be a little bit more aguess i have in the space and go head to head with google. >> still to come, we recap tonight's top local stories and that's not a boat out in the water in palo alto. it's a plane. the story behind this unusual si sight on the peninsula. ♪
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accused of having sex with a child. detectives arrested father david mendoza-vela. he is accused of sexually abusing a child for a year and half -- starting in 2016. at the time, mendoza-vela was working at st. john )s he's accused of sexually abusing a child for a year and a half starting in 2016. at the time he was working at st. john's catholic church and then transferred. police only know about one victim but say there could be more. >> a rally in san francisco brought out hundreds calling for an end to islamaphobia and attacks on muslims. >> they came from across the bay area to tack a stand against islamaphobia and the recent hate and violence directed at muslims. >> we can't keep quite. >> organizers said the rally was
11:34 pm
prompted by the attack on amos k just a week ago. worshippers put out the early morning fire but the suspected arsonist left a message referring to the massacre in new jersey -- new zealand where 50 people were gunned down. >> i call on all city leaders to counter the rising tide and call it out and take action. >> a hand full of elected leaders came out to take part in the rally and express their solidarity. >> we know in the civil rights movement in the 1960s we only prevailed when we all walked arms together, white, black, brown, yellow. >> in the face of all the challenges that exist in our country despite the people who try to divide us, we will continue to stand strong and come together. >> people who took part in the rally told us they welcomed that support and they hope it
11:35 pm
spreads. >> not only just at the grass roots level but also in the city halls and the state assemblies and the congress and all the way to the white house. >> time ran out for the tent city known as hope village. san jose forced the city to close this afternoon at 1:00. the faa deemed the area unfit for residential use because of noise from incoming airplanes. the city promised to find another spot. so far, efforts hit only road blocks. residents have been given 30 day motel vouchers. after that many will likely move back in along the creek chl. >> it's sad that they don't have a place to go. it's a pretty simple good idea. you have a way to get them out of the creek. stop polluting the creek. restrooms and shower facilities and give the people a lot of dignity. there's an estimated 43.
11:36 pm
>> hubert: -- 4,300 homeless people in san jose. >> we have a follow up to a wild story we told you about. police are looking for a man with a sword at the center of an attack at the roller rink. it happened friday night. witnesses say a man dressed as a pirate wearing a red maga hat was threatening people there. one customer made an obscene je gesture when he pulled out a sword and cut the victim. >> a plane stuck in the middle of the bay. you can see it there in the middle of your screen. it happened just south of the bridge. first responders say it was an experimental aircraft that was supposed to land on water and it did that. after that it mall fupfunctione wouldn't start again. the other person stayed on board
11:37 pm
and nobody was hurt. >> still to come, caught on camera. powerful quake and surveillance cameras. the story behind it, next.
11:38 pm
of ecuador today. security camera video captured it all. this is footage overlooking the shoreline in saint elena. there were a number of aftershocks re looking over the shoreline in st. helena. people are waiting them out on the street. that's a good strategy. nobody was hurt. we want to introduce you to a bay area couple that already saved a little girl's life and now they're working to do it again. >> it all started after their young son's unexpected death.
11:39 pm
it's an amazing story of sa sacrifice and generosity. >> jennifer fuller told me there was a time years ago when she was convinced in the awful case of losing a child she couldn't go through with organ donation. well, that awful case did happen and jennifer surprised herself when she insisted on it. literally a gift that keeps on giving. >> have you seen the one where we have my generation? >> blended families come together in all sorts of ways. >> oh, look at this. >> most often of course through divorce and marriage. but for jennifer and rick fuller and julie logan brooks, their two families are forever joined through death and life. the death coming 21 years ago when jennifer's son theon died suddenly from meningitis at the age of 4. >> i remember it was a female
11:40 pm
doctor and she said i'm so sorry but there's nothing that we can do. your son is brain dead. >> theon's heart valve went on to save the life of a 2-year-old girl in modesto. melissa logan. and though identities in such cases are often kept confidential, a donor and recipient celebration she put two and two together. >> i said my daughter has your son's heart. >> then she said the most amazing words, she said would you like to meet her? she's in the lobby. >> this is one of my favorites. >> it was the beginning of a 20 year love story. the fullers being there for every one of melissa's birthdays, graduations, and transplant anniversaries.
11:41 pm
reveling in the fact that deon's heart made it all possible. but his heart can do it no more. it is failing and melissa has been told she will soon need another transplant. >> i really don't know how long it will be until that call is made. >> and when it is, melissa has insurance to cover the medical costs but her family estimates they will need $100,000 for after care expenses. money julie says they just don't have. >> we were told right away that we needed to fundraise. >> but julie won't have to take that on, because once again in melissa's time of need, the fullers are there. >> so we called julie, that's melissa's mom and said would you be okay if we spear head this project? >> just because they saved melissa's life once, the fuller's believe is no reason
11:42 pm
not to do it again. >> i can't even imagine life without them. they're absolutely amazing. >> i think it's just pure unconditional love. >> when all is said and done, the biological link between these two families will be gone but their bond, will be stronger than ever. the good news is the fewers say they're about halfway to reaching that goal already. if you'd like to check out the fund-raising efforts go to my facebook page. >> coming up, amid all the ugliness in washington d.c., something very beautiful there, cherry blossoms. >> we'll save you the flight to the east coast and give you a long look next. >> after a weekend of 70s including san francisco with a high of 72 degrees we have a chance of rain showers and that's not part of an april fool's forecast for you tomorrow. we'll have more rain and
11:43 pm
possibly snow in the 7-day forecast when we come right back. cherry blossoms are one ofe
11:44 pm
11:45 pm
iconic sights of spring. and the cherry trees in washington d.c. are spectacular this year. the blossoms are in the "puff the cherry trees in washington d.c. are spectacular this year. the blossoms are in the puffy white stage right now. >> is that a botanical term? >> very scientific. next comes the peak bloom. that's going to happen any day now. the cherry trees were a gift from japan in 1912.
11:46 pm
japan sent more than 12,000 trees to the u.s. it brings in about 1.5 million people from all over to bask in the beauties. >> speaking of beauties, it was a beautiful day in santa cruz today. this is paddle fest 2019 and that man you see paddling there is the one and the only. it's an international eecvent. it looks like he is turfing. the crowd was digging on the man from attahiti. >> i have a question. we have rain moving in which we're a little bummed about but is it going to dampen all the pollen? is anybody else's allergies going crazy? >> that's the silver lining. >> i have been sneezing all day. >> personal request.
11:47 pm
>> tomorrow morning we have clouds and isolated sprinkles. i think the morning is going to be pretty dry. in the afternoon we're not expecting much. muggy conditions. highs in the 60s. maybe mid 70s south san jose. increasing chance of the showers later in the day. cloudy start tomorrow morning. a few stray showers at times but as we head through the evening and probably more so 9:00 to 11:00 tomorrow night we're beginning to see more of the showers starting to come on through and tuesday looks like a day you might need the umbrella a bit more compared to monday. so rainfall projections through 11:00 tomorrow night and a lot of it is starting to fall monday night. now notice tuesday we did have an evening model run update here. let's take a closer look at the numbers coming in. about a quarter inch to maybe a third of an inch of rain as you factor in tuesday showers.
11:48 pm
look at san jose. not a whole lot around the south bay but get ready for considerably more rain potential as we get into friday and saturday. mainly moderate to light rain at time but the stage could be set friday afternoon with a stronger storm system. stronger low off the coast that's managing to tap into tropical moisture. remember that term atmospheric river. friday night and into early saturday as the connection is made, this is the reason why some of our rainfall projecti s projections, we're just looking at thursday morning through early saturday morning and look at the spread of rainfall here. color coded for the bay area. looking at maybe one to three inches of rain. especially up here around the north bay and a lot of this is going to fall friday night into saturday morning. so by any stretch of the imagination, even by april standards, march standards, february standards, a storm that could maybe bring as much as 1
11:49 pm
to 3 inches of rain is a pretty big deal. both weather models generally thinking along the same lines and the north bay sees the most rain as we get through the beginning of the weekend. there's the friday night and saturday storm. but one to watch and as you get into saturday and sunday, more showers. so everything this weekend was next weekend won't be. the rain at times. could be stormy there. we'll be watching that closely as we go through the week. in the meantime scattered showers and at time muddy. that might knockdown some of the pollen so that's good news. that friday storm right now looks like a pretty good rinse cycle. >> i'm glad to hear the silver lining. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back.
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with that game behind them, they were back home and showed they had definitely moved on. three generations of curries on hand and cannon getting to see his dad go to work. his dad got it done tonight. first quarter up 3. he's off to the races. warriors up five early. second quarter, up 19. to thompson, warriors up 22 at the break. third quarter, warriors in transition. to the corner and splash. warriors win 137-90. here's steph talking about the family affair every time they play the hornets. >> it's special. every time we play the hornets it's always special ander is re -- and surreal. to have your family on the
11:53 pm
broadcast for the hornets and whoever shows up in the stands. pretty special moments. a lot of cool pictures that i dug up from when i was in cannon's position watching my dad play. passing the torch is pretty crazy. >> top seeded duke taking on second seed michigan state with the winner advancing to the final four. late second half, duke up one, zion williamson off the glass. duke got three. next possession, winston gets inside and finds tillman for the bucket. 40 seconds remain. drains a clutch triple. michigan state knocks off duke 68-67 and moves on to the final four. to the ice, sharks looking to build off of last night's win. taking on the flames first period, no score, from the right spot, sharks in front but it
11:54 pm
wouldn't last long. later in the first, now 1-1, he scores for calgary. the flames scored three goals in 1 15k sp 1:15 span. sharks trail 4-2. later in the third, flames were too much. he buries it. flames win 5-3. giants looking for a series split with the padres. second inning, padres with the bases loaded. paddock singles to right. he nails him at first base. fifth inning still no score. pablo sandoval drives one deep from center. crawford scores from first. giants up 1-0. 7 l 7th inning, bases loaded. the giants can't turn the double play. padres win 3-1. >> final game of the series between the angels and the as.
11:55 pm
fourth inning, no score. stop me if you heard this before. chris davis goes deep. his fourth of the season. 1-0 ace. fifth inning, runner in scoring position. a single to left. ninth inning now. tying run on second. he gets simmons to fly out to end it. as win 2-1. that does it for sports. more news after the break. [ loud traffic sounds ]
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get $250 back on a new galaxy when you switch and save today. say "get a galaxy" to learn more. transformers spinoff "bumblebee" is coming back to san francisco. bumblebee is a yellow v-w bug that turns into a robot. bumblebee is coming back to san francisco. bumblebee is a yellow volkswagen bug that turns into a robot. a 12 foot tall statue of it is going to be at pier 39 on
11:58 pm
tuesday. the movie is set in 1987 in san francisco. it's a lot of fun. it has a 93% rotten tomatoes score. >> that's good. >> can't go wrong there. >> tuesday and this is outside, how is that going. >> showers. bumblebee is not a convertible. you'll be fine. >> looks to be more of a soaker. that late evening model update brings in rain the beginning of next week. >> throw back newscast. we have blockbusters and transformer. >> we have it all. have a great week. >> have a good night everyone. thanks for joining us.
11:59 pm
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stories in our shows history. featuring brett favre. >> my calves were going to explode. >> charles barkley. and many more. >> i can't feel my right leg. >> plus, moments you didn't see on tv. >> i'm not sure what you're talking about, but. >> i went and did some research -- >> you're going to have to write a book. >> to the painfully awkward. all that's coming up right here on in depth.


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