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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  April 4, 2019 5:30pm-5:58pm PDT

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5:00. lester holt joins us next with nightly news. >> we'll be back at 6:00, hope to see you then. breaking news tonight, the std cang. the fbi revealing late today dna tests show the person who claimed to be the long lost boy who vanished eight years ago is not really him. a crushing blow to the family hoping timmothy pitzen has finally been found. tonight, the new mystery unfolding. also developing at this hour, the tense standoff, two police officers shot, the gunman barricaded in a ho new fears about the measles outbreak spreading across the country. where hundreds of people are being warned they may have been exposed to the highly contagious disease. an nbc news exclusive, the 9-year-old miracle survivor from a horrifying hit and run thanking everyone praying for her recovery.
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>> it's just wonderful and overwhelming that they are helping me. >> how her 12-year-old brother's quick action saved her life. hilaria baldwin, wife of actor eric baldwin revealing personal news about her pregnancy. why she's decided to go public. the big announcement from the world's richest man, amazon ceo jeff bezos and his ex-wife, the multi billion settlement to finalize the divorce. what it means for control of the tech giant. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening, everyone. there has been a major amevelopment in the we told you about last night that had authorities holding their breath hoping an eight-year long mystery has been not timmothy pitzen, a boy that kentucky yesterday is vanished f in 2011 but is instead this grown man so tonight, heartbreak and a new mystery. ron mott has the latest.
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>> reporter: 24 hours after getting word timmothy pitzen who has been missing for nearly eight years may have been found, heartbreaking news for his family. >> it's devastating. it's like reliving that day all over again. >> reporter: the fbi says a dna test proved the person who showed up in a kentucky neighborhood is not timmothy. authorities say he's 23-year-old brian michael rini and has a criminal record including serving time for burglary and vandalism in ohio. the family disappointed but not angry. they have dealt with false sightings before. >> i would reserve all judgment and pray for the young man involved. >> reporter: timmothy aurora, illinois. his mom took him out of school early. apparent suicide. a note said the boy was fine but would never be found. yesterday's drama unfolded more than 300 miles away in newport, kentucky. >> we have a child that ran away.
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he said he was kidnapped. >> reporter: the person told him he escaped from two men that had been holding him for years running from a red roof inn into kentucky. in timmothy's hometown, his bike sits at his neighbor's house given by his dad to a family who played with him. >> this was timmothy's house, and that was his playground. >> reporter: jackelyn lives in in the house timmothy onceallehome. his handprint cast in stone. >> i have hope that one day he'll pass by and say, you know, that was my playground. >> reporter: now the question, why would anyone impersonate a missing child. will never stop looking for you, praying for you, and loving you. >> ron, today we 4-year-old boy as we thought yesterday but a man. what else do we know about him and a potential motive and what happens next? >> reporter: short answer, lester, is we don't know much at all. police aren't saying anything about this guy tonight. we don't know if he'll face
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charges behind this, but authorities are saying that they will follow up on any new leads all in an effort to find timmothy. >> all right. ron mott, thank you. there is more breaking news at this hour outside of atlanta where a standoff is underway. police say a gunman is holding a child hostage after shooting and injuring two officer nbc's tammy leitner has the latest. >> reporter: a dramatic scene outside of atlanta tonight where police say a 16-year-old boy is being held hostage, barricaded inside a home with a gunman. >> reporter: that gunman opened fire on two georgia officers as they tried to enter this house earlier today. investigators say the officers did not return fire. both taken to the hospital and are in stable condition. >> two officers so our prayers go out for them. it was shocking. >> reporter: family describing one officer as a veteran. >> two tours in iraq, afghanistan and been on the force awhile.
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>> reporter: police domestic situation as a woman called police. she managed to escape. since then they have been communicating with the gunman that may know his teenage hostage. >> we hoped he would release the 16-year-old. he said we would. we're standing by waiting. there are new fears in the measles outbreak sweeping parts of this country. a medical center in california is warning hundreds of people they may have been exposed to the diseas. >> reporter: a major warning from u.c. davis telling 200 peop tafter a 7-year-old disease came to the e.r. of a sacramento area with the hospital two weeks ago. >> before they were recognized as having measles, they were then admitted to the hospital and then there are all these exposures occurring before measles was suspected. >> reporter: the exposure upsetting because it happened at a place where the sick and vulnerable come for treatment. >> i'm scared to take him out
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and go to school because you don't know what is around. >> reporter: she is worried for her 2-year-old son noah who had a liver a baby, preventing him from receiving several important vaccinations. >> i'm angry, scared, mad. i just don't get why people don't want to help save other people's lives. >> reporter: now a new effort to toughen immunization requirements in california by requiring exceptions that can only be granted by a public health official after some doctors were discovering giving bogus exemptions to tiparents. >> if you have a case introduced into the community, it can take off and be transmitted like wot fi measles outbreak in years. steve patterson, nbc news. this evening, we're learning more about the final chaotic moments before the deadly ethiopian airlines crash. investigators shared the first public findings saying boeing's pilots followed the procedures but couldn't control
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the plane. nbc's tom costello has the latest. >> reporter: within seconds of taking off, ethiopian flight 302 was in trouble. one of the plane's external sensors seemed to fail, possibly after a bird strike sending data suggesting the plane was nose up and could stall. the pilot's control column began shaking with a stall warning and the plane's system kicked in pushing the nose down and two and a half minutes into flight, the pilot's followed boeing procedures and cut the power to mcas. >> the crew performed all the procedures but was not able to control the occurrence. >> reporter: turning off mcas turned off the plane's electric a the plane was flying so fast they struggled to fly the plane manually and turned the system back on, which then re-engaged mcas putting the plane into a fatal nosedive. >> the fact they turned it back on again, was that the
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final nail in the coffin. if so, they should have followed procedure. >> reporter: the crew never reduced their speed. if they had, they might have been able to fly manually. were they overwhelmed by the on board emergency? >> the environment in that cockpit was one of chaos. it was complex. things were happening very quickly. multiple failures and they ran out of time. >> reporter: boeing recognized the sensors and crashes. >> most accidents are caused by a chain of events. this again is the ca re hey, we know we cabreak one of those chain links in these two accidents. >> and tom, we know boeing is working on this software upgrade you've been reporting on for the max fleet. is that enough or will there be problems that can't be addressed in this update? have identified a problem. they have to fix an integration issue between the system. this is the concern that there may be other issues that come up they need to address
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quickly. >> tom costello, thank you. in los angeles charges were filed against the suspect of the killing of rapper nipsey hussle. eric holder was charged with murder, attempted murder and possession of a firearm. authorities say the two men had some kind of a personal dispute before the shooting. a new war of words is erupting between president trump and joe biden. the former v.p. under fire over accusations of inappropriate behavior, firing back late today after the president tweeted a video mocking him. nbc's andrea mitchell has details. >> reporter: b set to speak in public tomorrow for the first time since the controversy over his behavior erupted. following the video he dehome. >> i get it. i get it. i hear what they are saying. i understand it. >> reporter: the video then parodied by a far right youtuber and tweeted today by the president from the white house on his official account reaching close to 60 million followers. always. >> like he's in biden ghthjob and kindergarten presidential as mocking others. we've seen that style
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throughout. >> reporter: one of biden's accusers now 22 first talked to the "new york times" about meeting biden at unlv four years ago when she was 19. >> he had his hand on my thigh and hugged me a little bit too long. >> reporter: she told nbc she didn't tell anybody at the time saying tonight it was just so normal, the way male are orkers weighing whether tomorrow's speech can get their campaign in waiting back obcac news, washington. as that plays out, the firestorm is growing over the mueller report. some members of e frustrated over how william barr presented their findings about president trump, not collusion but the question of obstruction of justice. nbc's hallie jackson has that story. >> reporter: nbc news learned some of robert mueller's investigators believe the i stronger than the attorney general has publicly suggested according to a u.s. official who has spoken with them. mueller never concluded either way whether the president
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obstructed justice, so william barr made a determination himself writing he and his deputy attorney general rod rosensteinndhe special counsel's investigation is not sufficient to establish obstruction. the details first reported by "the new york times" indicate mueller's full report could be more damaging for the president than it initially seemed as the white house dismisses those concerns. >> let's not forget that the people that have been involved in this process wasted two years of their life and they need to find a way to validate it. >> reporte dargue >> as discrete as the mueller team has been, the fact they are now so deshas created speaks volumes. >> reporter: but the justice department today points out barr needs to black out sensitive information which takes time and that he continues to work with the special counsel on appropriate redactions so it can be released publically. hallie jackson, nbc news the white house.
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the president backed off the threat to close the u.s. border with mexico if that country did not do more to stop illegal immigration. kristen welker has that story. >> reporter: tonight, border backtrack after threatening to shut down the southern border as early as this week unless mexico sts illegal >> reporter: in an about face, the president now saying he'll delay sealing it off giving mexico a year. >> we'll give them a one-year warning and if the drugs don't stop or largely stop, we'll put tariffs and if that doesn't stop the drugs, we close the border. >> reporter: it comes as the border patrol says the flood of migr point on pace for 100,000 apprehensions of migrants in march. the highest monthly tally in a decade. but the president has faced backlash from members of his own party to keep the border open saying a shutdown would be devastating to the economy. >> i would cause damage to the u.s. economy as much as it would the
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mexican economy. >> reporter: late today the president seemed to backtrack again saying he'll start with tariffs and see what happens. he'll visit a border town in california tomorrow. nbc news exclusive. she and her parents sat down with kerry sanders to talk about the terrifying ordeal. >> reporter: it's hard to believe six days ago 9-year-old laderihanna holmes, who loves sponge bob and writing stories, was in her front ride when a car ran a stop sign running into her. what do you say to the people that call you a miracle? >> thank you so much. >> from what happened to her, i'm surprised she's alive. >> reporter: the accident fractured her skull and crushed her pelvis. she's learning to use a walker. >> tell me about the walker. >> i've taken a few steps on the walker. >> reporter: i heard ten. that's good. >> reporter: and doctors don't want her to talk about what she remembers, which they say is little. the video so shocking, the
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family heard from strangers as far away as denmark. >> it's wonderful and overwhelming they are helping me and praying for me. >> reporter: the unsung hero that day, her 12-year-old if >> he was hysterical. something just came over him. he start pumping her chest. >> reporter: cpr he learned watching youtube. the driver 28-year-old gabriel fordom says he lost control of the car as he fought off a carjacker. that person that escaped the passenger seat, that alleged carjacker. before this happened laderihanna was about cheerleading. will we see you out there again cheering? >> mes deaf nitly. >> reporter: kerry sanders, nbc news, atlanta. >> we're happy to see her on the mend. still ahead, hilaria baldwin on a personal issue that affects a lot of families. also, the world's richest llns,
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what it means to amazon.
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next tonight, putting something in a spotlight many suffer with in silence. hilaria baldwin announce something al. glowing on the red carpet tonight after joining her husband at the tonight show. >> you got a giant beautiful family. >> reporter: 17 hours later, this revealing post. i want to share with you that i am most likely experiencing a miscarriage. i always promised myself that if i were to get pregnant again, i would share the news with you guys pretty early, even if that means suffering a public loss. the yoga and fitness guru lives her life publically. today she said the heart beat isn't strong and the baby isn't growing much. i don't want to keep this from you she wrote to followers. i have no shame or i have no shame or embarrassment with this experience.
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i want to be part of the effort to normalize miscarriage and remove the stigma from it. as many as 15% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, baldwin not the first celebrity to share a loss. >> it's okay to talk about women's reproductive health, the positive and negatives because it's a universal thousands. i'm feeling a bit fragile, she wrote, asking for support as she supports others by sharing her story. kate snow, nbc news new york. >> our thoughts are with the baldwins tonight. we'll be back with more of tonight's headlines.
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a chaotic and dangerous scene near tampa, florida today as a helicopter crashed on to a busy highway after the engine failed. two people were on board and they are okay but a passenger in a pickup truck was killed. the ntsb is investigating the accident. tonight, it's the split that has a lot of people talking. amazon's ceo jeff bezos and now ex-wife mckenzie announcing they here is miguel
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almaguer. >> reporter: jeff and mckenzie billions. bezos were the world's richest couple married 25 years, parent and partners in business. >> even she could say what's the internet, she said great, let's go. >> reporter: today they finalized their divorce making mckenzie the fourth richest woman in the world. she's walking away with 25% of the amazon stock valued nearly $36 billion. >> by far it's the biggest divorce settlement in history. she was eligible by law to get somewhere between $75 and $80 billion. >> reporter: still, mckenzie says she's happy to be giving jeff 75% of their company shares, along with her interest in the "washington post" and blue origin. the aero space company planning to take people to space. i'm grateful for her support and kindness writes jeff. grateful for the past as i look forward to what comes next says with a lucrative future. for jeff, even with a $35 billion loss, he remains the est main the
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wod. news. when we come back, we're going to raise a glass to a beloved member of our nbc family. an east bay man was hana
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shovel and told to dig his own grave at gunpoint. how that man )s wife saved him from a violent felon. and stormranger is showing some spotty rain around the bay area. when these showers make way for heavier rainfall. next. when it comes to daytime tv a relative handful have found the secret to success. one of them our dear colleague kathy lee gifford. after 25 years, 11 years here at nbc she's raising her glass to a new chapter. in a crowded daytime tv landscape, kathy lee gifford struck gold not once, but twice. first with regis. >> don't you give us any award.
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>>he >> we judoid i would love to work with you but i don't think it's possible for anybody to have success 10:00 in the morning. it was hard enough at 9:00 when regis and i did it. i didn't want to do something again and do it less well. >> she ended up signing on for just a year but then. >> we were starting to really grab america's attention. what works for us is the unpredictability of it. >> oh my gosh. ♪ >> we laugh at each other and with each other. everything comes out of a real friendship. >> oh, yeah. wine, please. >> about that ever present wine on the setcr wi cedian chelsea handler. >> it's never too early for a cocktail. >> that became a signature. >> you know what it did? it s t tone for n spirited. >> help me write the headline for this story. kathy lee is not retiring. you're what?
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>> evolving. >> i never thought of this but since there is two glasses of wine here, let me simply say congratulations. >> thank you, lester. >> and best of luck in your new venture. >> kathy lee, we'll miss you. don't miss the farewell celebration tomorrow on "today." >> that's nightly news for this thursday. what )s replacing "jack rose". right in and out at 6:00 a beloved bar shutting down in the south bay. what's replacing it. >> ta tracked him down. the teenager accused of a beating and carjacking ofs on ty in. >> the news at 6:00 starts now. good thursday evening. >> many people were already
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scared of the neighbor. after they heard of what he's accused of doing now ta are terrified. the convicted felon pulled a gun on a man and forced him to dig his own grave. we are in the neighborhood with the bizarredetails. >> he's in jail for a while and he's out. >> the cycle that several neighbors fear will keep repeating itself. 40 year-old jason crane is accused of breaking into a home and threatening to shoot the man execution style. police arrested a woman who says helped with the kidnapping. a neighbor agreed to talk about the past without showing her face because she's of him. >> he was trying to steal somebody's pot plants and g into an
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