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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 7, 2019 6:00pm-6:28pm PDT

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catholic church in the east bay for more than 30 years. right now at 6:00 -- he was a devoted leader of the catholic church in the east bay for more than 30 years. tonight, parishioners are saying farewell to the man they knew at father j. the news at 6:00 starts right now. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm vicki ngyuen. a vigil is under way honoring the beloved from a heart attack at 70 years old. father jay was the first african-american ortained priest in northern california. he's been a fixture in the cades.ic community for three we'll have an update coming up in a few minutes. police have arrested the man they believe stabbed another man
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to death in el cerrito. detectives have been searching for the attacker ever since. b.a.r.t.'s police spotted a man who matched the suspect's description. that is michael hill. he's now in police custody. migrants from cuba and afghanistan crossed into mexico today hoping to make their way into the u.s. the group traveled across the river that forms the border between guatemala and southern mexico. they are nou camped out at mexico's national immigration institute waiting for documents that will allow them to travel through the country. the latest wave of migrants comes just as president trump urges mexican officials to do something about it. mexico appears to have slowed its practice of awarding so-called humanitarian visas which allow migrants from other countries to travel freely an american tourist who was kidnapped in uganda this past week has been rescued. seri rescued kimberly
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endicott along with a local driver with her. they're both doing okay. police in uganda say four armed men ambushed a group of tourists in queen elizabeth national park on tuesday. endicott who is from southern california was held for $500,000 ransom. there are reports it's been paid. a spokesperson for the ugandan government said the kidnappers escaped and are still at large. happening tomorrow, the first hearing at the state capitol for a bill that would require hospitals to report allegations of patient sexual abuse within 15 days of receiving the complaint. senate bill 475 ames to close loopholes that keep state regulators inrk. tomorrow state senator jerry hill will appear at a news conference with three victims of sexual abuse who support the bill. all three say they were abused by ynecologist. a special honor for nancy pelosi. the san francisco democrat has been named the 2019 recipient of
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the john jfk's daughter caroline made that announcement today saying pelosi is the most important woman in american political history. reasons listed for giving pelosi the honor, her efforts to help president obama pass health care reform in 2010 and helping democrats regain control of the house last year. pelosi will receive it next month at the jfk presidential library in boston. people in and around milpitas are being asked to keep an eye out for a person at risk. he was last seen a month ago. he walked away from his house and never returned. smilpitas police department combed the parkt eahestfas various health condits and needs medication. he's 5'9", 165 pounds, 63 years old with blue eyes and graying hair.
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traffic right now moving smoothly on separate 880 in oakland. that was not the case earlier today. a live look at the area there. th mni all lanes on 880 south of 98th avenue were closed for a few hours after two crashes within minutes. the first accident happened about 5:00 when a car with a flat tire was rearended by a truck. a few minutes after that, another car rearended the truck. four people hurt. all lanes reopened by 8:30. oakland can now say aloha to southwest flights to maui. the airline launched its first flight to the isla landed in ma afternoon full of a bunch of happy people, i'm sure. don't feel left out if you live in the south bay. southwest will launch service between maui and san jose next month. w nation begins to say good-bye to what's been home for morthan 50 years. the final regular season game under way right now. let's check in with nbc bay area's tom jensen live at oracle
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arena. a lot of history happened there. >> nba action played here since 1966, terry. then called the oakland alameda coliseum arena. a few face lifts over the years and some name changes but this site has always been part of the d ubs family in the bay area. it's the final time these hard-core tailgators will be able to fire up the grill and crack a cold one outside a warriors regular season game at oracle arena. >> it's the definition of incredibly bittersweet. it really is. i mean, we've been coming to this parking lot for over 20 years. >> reporter: the teamam will at half-century old arena site this season. trying to win a fourth nba championship since 2015. >> i didn't get too sentimental or emotional or anything because hopefully we're going to be
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coming back here and playing a lot more games in the next couple months. >>oves intohe 18,000-seat chase center on the waterfront across the bay in san francisco. tonight, saying good-bye to this old regular season friend. >> so many people have to watch it from home now or local theetsertheets e theaters, whatever. >> sad. coming to oracle has just been easy and -- but it's just sad for me. >> another concern for those fans in that move to san francisco. that new site where there are only going to be 950 parking spaces, especially for those tailgaters who enjoy thousands of parking spaces here. thom jensen, nbc bay area news. still to come bay. it's commemorating a unique
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relationship between the u.s. you. and rocking and rolling and running. people lacing up their shoes and spent this warm sunday outdoors. we'll tell you more about it. >> 70-degree temperatures to wrap up the weekend. storm ranger relatively quiet. not the story tomorrow as clouds start to increase and showers make a comeback in your workweek forecast. a look at that when we come right back. top story.
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a vigil for father jay matthews in oakland. nbc bay area )s roz plater is we want to return to our top story. a vigil for father jay matthews. roz plater is there. >> folks have been turning out since 4:00 this afternoon. it's a packed out at the cathedral of christ the light to honor this beloved priest. officially he was james matthews but called officially and unofficially bak
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as father jay. he was 70 years old. a bay area native, born in berkeley, raised in oakland. ordained as a priest in 1974. the first african-american priest ordained in northern california. he pastored at st. benedict church for more than 30 years. parishioners described him as down to earth. a people's priest. someone who had been a part of their families for decades. >> he baptized my son. he married us. baptized almost everybody in our family. married my nephew, my cousins. he's been a big part of our family since before i was born. >> this has to be hard? >> n everybody in the in fact, representative barbara lee released a statement that said in part father jay lived a life of both faith and works. a lifefcommunity. now at this vigil tonight, we
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expect to hear more from congresswoman lee, as oakland mayor and others who will be honoring this beloved priest here tonight. live in oakland, roz plater, nbc bay area news. it's known as the cornerstone of the relationship between taiwan and the u.s. and it turns 40 years old this week. the taiwan relations act was enacted april 10th, 1979 by congress providing the legal foundation for american ties with taiwan. to celebrate the 40th anniver anniversa anniversary, communities came together. the anniversary party included performances, exhibitions, activities and a charity event. >> and it also allowed taiwan to blossom into one of the world's leading free markets, democracies. >> the event was heldra a count san jose. the price of fueling up is going up. take a live look at highway 101 in san jose.
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according to the lundberg survey, gas prices have gone up about 47 cen gallon since at th blamed on higher crude oil prices. in oakland, today's price $3.78. a penny more in san jose. in san francisco, gas is going for $3.86 a gallon. some brave surfers came out to ride the monstrous waves at mavericks today. one surfer we spoke with said the waves reached between 18 and 50 feet this morning. they were so powerful, he said they broke his surfboard. finish line tape. united airlines for our winner ston strum. >> there you go. sounds more like edm, electronic dance music than rock 'n' roll. music. a whole lot of running. the united airlines rock 'n' roll half marat i in the dark. pier 35 and the course took the
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runners through the city. finishing up at giradelli square. the winner weston strum. 27 and local. he's from san francisco. congratulations to him. >> did you run that one this morning? >> no way. too early. >> too cold. too early. >> too many miles. >> you could run that. >> no, i could drive. >> you're forever showing on facebook your weight lifting. >> but i'm staying in place. i'm not running. >> it's a skill-set. >> but the weather was nice for anything outdoors. 70s and 80s in the bay area. and speaking of san francisco, it's almost like we're fast forwarding to june and july. the fog is pouring back into the bay after 60so of the low cloud back into san francisco. 74 earlier in walnut creek. now somewhat overcast. 71 degrees. into san jose, 69 currently after a high of . year, kind of an interesting month. when it comes to rainfall, if you look here, on the wettehs o
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driest, april is sort of the transition month as we leave the wettest time of the year and start to transition into some drier days ahead. in the seven-day forecast, it's playing out that way. a chance of showers coming back tomorrow morning. we think maybe for the north bay. but this incoming same is not going to have a lot of rain to wo work with. the main impact from 7:00 tomorrow evening to tuesday morning. so, yes, showers in the forecast. mainly for the north bay tomorrow. temperatures mild. still a chance of seeing 70s around the south bay and into morgan hill. we saw temperatures today close to 80 degrees. not the case tomorrow. mostly cloudy. a few showers in the north bay. we head towards the monday evening commute now, a chance of seeing light rain showers. probably into ye afternoon, nort to pick up. which will start to clear out our skies and send the showers away from the bay area. so rainfall expectations low. most places seeing less than 0.1 inch of rain. some not seeing much of rain at all.
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what you'll get a taste of on tuesday is locally gusty winds. wind speeds picking up for the afternoon. the main thing to watch for tuesday could be some wind advisories maybe for the coast and the hills as the north winds start to pick up. another sign of changes out in the pacific is high pressure is trying to turn stronger off to the west. it's still too far to the west to prevent these inside slider or sierratems from north to south from reaching us in the bay area. we'll see one of those coming in thursday into friday. a chance of a few showers. more sierra snow possible heading into friday. but overall some good timing as we head toward next weekend. saturday and sunday looks like those rain chances will be staying off to the north. the workweek begins w which does look blustery. windy. cooler as we approach the middle part of the week. few more showers thursday and friday and next weekend, we hope, will be clear and temperatures back into the 70s by next saturday and sunday. >> feeling good. and behind you, the fogged out.
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>> thank you. stepping down. another member of the trump administration has just resigned. we have the details on the departure next.
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have more mornings. security security. the announcement follows a white house meetin kirstjen nielsen has resigned as the department of homeland security chief. the announcement follows a white house meet with president trump. the senior u.s. official says nielsen was asked to the white house after a week of president trump's frustrations on the situation at the border. short time after that, the president tweeted that nielsen will be leaving her post. he says u.s. customs and border protection commissioner kevin mcalenen will become acting secretary. expect a week of showdowns between congress and president trump. democrats want six years of the president's tax returns turned over by wednesday. they're also asking for the full mueller reporton has the shington. >> reporter: the white house pushing back saying democrats will never see president trump's tax returns. a house committee has asked the irs to turn over six years of his returns by wednesday, concern the president's business
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interests could impact his decisions. >> and that is not going to happen, and they know it. >> reporter: president trump has said in the past he'd release his tax returns but now says he won't because he's under audit. >> thi legitate authority that the congress has. this president, by the way, is the least transparent president we've had in half a century. he's broken precedent by not releasing his tax returns. >> this as the president again attacks the media over special counsel robert mueller's russia report. tweeting, looks like bob mueller's team of 13 trump haters and angry democrats are illegally leaking information to the press while the fake news media make up their own ly a fo report has been released by attorney general william barr. democrats want it all. >> the main thing here is what is the president hiding? how do we make sure that we get everything that was produced? we have not seen a mueller report. we've only seen a barr report. >> congress has a right to the entire report with no redactions whatsoever. >> reporter: barr is reportedly
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redacting at least four categories of information from the nearly 400-page report. he'll release that by mid-april. barr is scheduled to testify on capitol hill about the justice department's budget but will likely face extensive questions about the mueller report and what he'll make public. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. a possible presidential candidate is opening up about his own sexuality. south bend indiana mayor pete buttigieg is in washington, d.c., where he spoke at the lgbtq victory fund about his decision to come out as a gay man. he made the remarks as he prepares to announce a 2020 bid for president. he also addressed vice president mike pence over his opposition to gay rights. >> if me being gay was a choice it was a choice made far, far and that's the thing i wish the mike pences of the world would understand. if you have a problem with who i am, your problem is not with me.
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your quarrel, sir, is my creator. >> buttigieg, who is an army veteran also said there is only one way to find out if america is ready for a gay president. and that's by running. still hoping to create change, former president barack obama spent the weekend in germany working with young leaders. mr. obama wants to support europeans who are trying to tackle problems such as climate change and inequality. he spoke at a town hall meeting in berlin where he offered activists some advice. >> i believe clite change is an existential challenge for all of humanity. >> reasoned debate online should be a key task to keep politics from going in a mgative direction. phis zoos w 8-year-old giraffe wendy gave birth in the exhibit wahee the public results of a neonatal exam so they can figure out the baby's gender. both mom and baby are being
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watched for the next few days and the baby will be on display next week. they come out and they're ready to walk. >> ready to walk. they have a lot of practicing to do with those legs like that. >> no kidding. let's turn it over to sports. bonnie has a look at what coming up. >> both bay area baseball teams were in action. we'll have highlights from oracle park where the giants look for a series win against the rays. as well as the final from houston where the a's and astros lock up a wild one there. and the schedule for the stanley cup playoffs has been released. we'll get you ready with everything you need to know for the sharks first round series against thet in sports. even if no one in your home smokes secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter
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i'mlafl. the sharks have known all week they're playing the vegas golden knights in the first round of the stanley cup playoffs. and now we kno when. the playoffs schedule was released on sunday, and the sharks will host the golden knights for game one of a best of seven series on wednesday with game two set for friday. then the two teams travel to vegas for games three and four schedule forwad for april 14th 16th. here's our sharks pre
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more on the matchup with vegas. >> hockey's second season begins this upcoming wednesday. i'm brodie brazil. early this morning, the nhl released the game schedule for round one where san jose has home ice advantage against las vegas. this is the same golden knights club that eliminated the sharks in round two of last postseason so clearly a little history and revenge as part of this back story. as for the past regular season, san jose got the win last night and finished things up with 46 victories and 101 points in the stanng the as for the upcoming schedule, you see here pretty much every other day in this best of seven series which does start at sap center and you can catch all the games, including coverage before and afterwards over on nbc sports california. a'up, skied this one to left with a two-run bomb. eighth inning, a's up one.
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bregman hits a fly ball to center. lorigano with the fly home. springer just beats the throw to tie it 8-8. springer with the head-first slide around the tag. at the plate with bases loaded. walks him on four pitches to lose the game. giants with a chance to win the series against the rays. diaz lines it to left and gone for the s1-0. fourth inning, same score. christianrigh the throw home not in time. 2-0, rays. ninth inning, crawford representing the tying run but grounded into the forced out to understand the game. rays blank the giants. tonight we'll check in with the warriors playing their final regular season game at oracle arena against the clippers. that's all for sports. more news after the break.
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tuesday is free cone day at san francisco )s ben and jerry )s store. for this. tuesday is free cone day at beneats once a year. really just a way to say to its customers, thank you. the line is sure to be long. if you want to join in, show up to the one on haight street in san francisco. noon and 8:00 p.m. on thursday. noon to 8:00 p.m. on tuesday. remember it. >> how do we get an assignment
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for san francisco around the haight area. >> i think every day, any weather is good ice cream weather. is tuesday going to be warm? >> not too bad. might see a little wind but -- >> that won't stop us from getting ice cream. seven-day fo two chances of clear with more y for next weekend. so seven-day forecast trending warmer withor showers at times for the workweek. >> and fewer of those raindrops coming out of the >> that's true. >> thanks for watching. we're back at 11:00. >> have a great night. ♪ [ crying ]
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