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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 11, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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in san jose, you are looking at 20 minutes. nothing to stop your commute there. you have a slow commute in through the privileges, remember, carrie said it would be windy, be mindful of that. while you were sleeping, wikileaks founder julian assange arrested. we are learning london police arrested him in partly in connection with the extradition filed by u.s. authorities. the u.s. is asking him to have him extradited. it is fought clear when that will happen. as you know, assange has been hunkered down at the ba es in london for the past seven years after seeking refuge. they say ecuador agreed on the extradition. we will have another update at 5:30, on capitol hill, attorney general william barr says he thinks the fbi spied on the trump campaign. however, he is offering no
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evidence. tracie potts is live in washington where democrats are fuming. tracie. >> reporter: they are, marcus. they think if he's going to throw that out there, he needs something to back it up with. so now they're pushing the head of the justice department to explain why he is pointing fingers at the fbi. attorney general william barr tells lawmakers he's going back to figure out why the russia investigation started. >> it was started illegally. everything about it was crooked. >> reporter: barr says he's looking into the fbi's conduct. the summer before the 2016 election, whether there was unauthorized under surveillance on the trump campaign. >> i think there was spying that did occur. yes, i think spying did occur. >> democrats flabbergasted calling barr's comments, irresponsible, dangerous, reckless. >> the chief law enforcement officer of our country is going off the rails. >> it was yet another indication that the attorney general
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feeling it's his job to do the president's bidding. >> reporter: barr cited no every day. he did say there was some basis for his concern but wouldn't say what. republicans think he's on the right track. >> i think that has to happen. >> it is consistent with what we have long believed and trusted in, in terms of the documents we've seen. >> reporter: now with the nearly two-year russia investigation finally closed and the president urging critics to move on, his own administration is going back to the beginning. also here today, we are following that request from democrats to get the president's tax returns. the irs had a dead line yesterday. they missed it, turning over those returns. the secretary of the treasury, who is overthe irs says he's got serious issues with the request and whether or not it's proper. marcus. >> it's a topic, it seems like it's never ending. look, there is always a lot
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going on, on capitol hill. there is a lot of things happening, there is a hearing on robo-calls so what's going on with that? >> reporter: yeah. the fost is trying to figure out how do you crack down on those pesky robo-calls so many of us get, 26 million a year, about a quarter of them illegal. they're trying to give the ftc more power to block the calls, not ones you need to get to report giving them three times as long, three years instead of one year to try to prosecute people who illegally call you and they're cracking down on spoofing, where it looks like it's the same area code where you are. one thing that may have an impact. money. yesterday a senate panel approved $10,000 fines per call for these companies. that's not a done deal yet. it's working its way through the senate. >> that seems like you can hit, ignore only so many times. thanks, tracie.
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>> this one will hit a lot of people in the wallet. a shocking announcement by pg&e, your electric bills could skyrocket if we experience another wild fieshs. bob, what kind of increases are we talking about here? >> reporter: laura, we could see our pg&e electrical bills double if we see those wildfires we saw in paradise and the year before in north bay. this is a memo prepared for governor if yousome and the school of public policy. will you recall pg&e recently filed for bankruptcy protection because of the $30 billion it faces if potential liabilities for its role in sparking those previous wildfires. the chronicle reports analyst steve weissman predicts the costs of future wildfires of pg&e would have to be passed on to us, the rate payer. hence why he is predicting the doubling of those rates.
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he thinks it will hurt business here in california and harm the energy initiatives, for instance, electric cars would be much more expensive to charge and purchase. the governor's office announced plans tomorrow on how the state plans to deal with the cost of wildfires, incidentally that potential rate hike does not take into account any potential liabilities i mentioned earlier. reporting live here in san jose, bob rozelle, "today in the bay." chp is trying to figure out where a man ended up in the middle of busy route 4. the driver said the man wastalk walking in the center divide before he ran in the path of another car. chp would like this hear from anyone who might have seen what happened. this morning, palo alto
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police are investigating a late night smash and grab at an apple store on university avenue. you probably seen that here on "today in the bay." we usually cover that when apple releases a big new product. well, that's probably not what came to mind for the two burglars that worst into the floors early wednesday morning. police say they stole seven laptops valued at about $12,000. they dropped two while trying to escape. they got off the phone with the palo alto police who say the burglars have hit the stores several times in the past year. well, fed up with fed-ex. a woman in richmond is accepting us this video of a delivery man tossing a package over a 5 foot fence. look at that she says she gave them her phone number. she expected to talk to the delivery person into her yard so that her wicker chair could actually be placed inside that
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fence. >> it's a precious piece for me and after i saw the video, i was just you know very upset. yeah, just upset. you know, same thing. nothing has changed. >> look at that, right there. she says this isn't the first time that this has happened, fed-ex agreed to take the package back and file a damage report. >> it was wicker, not crystal. plans for a new four-level parking garage. san jose university causing controversy. this morning they are planning to build on top of bud winter field, a track used by olympians among others, alumni athletes are claiming it is stealing history. the school plans to build a multi-purpose recreation field across from the garage. it's time to run out to get your hands hon a san jose food,
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mavericks mexican gross ile i grill is closing on sunday. the owners are retiring. all if you for you this morning, a famous san francisco-based company is hitting the international stage once again. salesforce announces they plan to build a few to you fer tokyo. the city is home to the company's first international officer nearly two decades ago, salesforce says they plan to interfive new jobs over the next five years. this morning, a cyclone hammering the u.s., nearly 17 million people are being affected. blinding snow is causing numerous accidents. a semi truck careened off an interstate bridge last night. the driver, though, managed to walk away unhurt. winds were gust figure excess of 60 miles per hour overnight. take a listen. parts of the mid-west expected to see more than 8 inches of
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snow. a winter storm warning is in effect until friday. >> this is scary seeing all that. >> i know. >> you have to think about it. how calm is something like this? >> we normally see a couple every winter. usually they're on the east coast as a nor'easter. people are like, wow. cool. >> it's like 70 degrees here. >> it's actually a meteorological term, it means when an area of low pressure continues to drop, 24 millibars in 24 hours, which is an extreme. >> that means the air is rising rapidly. we get strong winds and in this case some cold air creating all of that blowing snow. so we are going to watch that, continue to make its track out towards the east, affecting more states as it moves across the plains. as we get a look at our weather here, fairly quiet. we will see more clouds moving in. a weak area of low pressure moves through.
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>> that will bring in additional snowfall totals, mostly one to two inches. mostly to make the roads slow if are you headed there. we will talk about what is ahead. viafey is getting you out the door. >> i haven't been very busy, the chp reports haven't shown big fender benders. let's get to tri-valley temps, all of our commuters, listen up. westbound 580, you are looking at 26 minutes, this is when we start to notice kind of the increase in the traffic flow around 5:30. southbound 680 to vargas road. about ten minutes, we'll have another update. hopefully. things stay quit out on the road. >> right now "today in the bay" changes are in you stay at a hotel lately? your personal information could be floating out there in the dark with eb there.
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so next for you, how many times hotel websites accidentally lead customers back up. if you are in san francisco? you may be getting what seems like a 5g connection on your phone? are you really? how many gs do you need? >> kim kardashian, an attorney at law? coming up, how the reality star hopes to bypass law school and become a lawyer with the help of a bay area organization. you are watching "today in the bay."
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mike traffic tease right now at 5:13, if you have plans to head to squaw valley, the lights are coming down today. there is still 227 inches of snow at the base and for a season total of 676 inches. it all clears out this weekend. travel conditions much better tomorrow. we'll talk about the bay area warming up. that's coming up in five minutes. >> and we are noticing no big traffic reports this morning. no major accidents. but the bridges, be careful. still a little windy out there. i will have a look at your drive times. i got you covered coming up. good morning, very happy thursday to you. foerm tomorrow is supposed to be the deadline for the second deadline on brexit. they set a third one in october.
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it priced its shares ipo. it will debut today. amazon says a plume berg workers are looking at amazon alexa. they only hear things after you say alexa, play taylor swift. >> that kind of thing. you can disable this if you choose too. at&t says it has connected it to its 5g network. some people tell us they are starting to see the words 5g on their cell phones my first time ever on 5g. not yet. 5g is rolling out.
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but there are no phones for sale right this minute that are actually 5g. at&t will have a samsung galaxy sometime in the spring. now your current phone will work, it won't take the 5g speed. to summarize, some of the questions out there. i see 5g on my phone, am i getting 5g speed? >> no. can my phone ever get 5g speed? not your current phone. no will my current phone work on the 5g network? absolutely. will i have to buy a gene no ento get the speeds? yes, you will. i did a segment on "press here." you can find it in our archives, i will tweet out a link as well. many asking if kids cell phone bills will go up. again. >> will it cost an arm and a leg for it? >> well, you are going to use more data. the data will be about the same
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price or keeper. you really, the more data you can get, the faster you get it, the more you use it, right? so their that. the bigger the fridge, the bigger your grocery bill, right? >> the bigger the waistline. >> we know a lot of people use cell phones to book hotels. if you book your next hotel, be aware of this two out of three hotel websites accidentally allow access to guest's personal data. in fact, 67 of hotel websites are unintentionally leaking personal information. they range from two star motels to five star luxury resorts. the first information leaked to third party services, full names, e-mail addresses, credit card details and passport number numbers. >> there with is nothing you can do about it? huh? >> they had a huge data breach
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with hotels a couple years ago. >> no more booking hotels. >> or the airbnbs have hidden cameras, what's left? >> you can stay home. the weather is great. >> all right. so, yeah, i don't think i want to do that. we are going to have great weather today. here's a live look outside in dublin. it is already busy, right now at 5:18, with a lot of people headed out the door. the seven-day forecast is up on the screen. as we get a look at our temperature trend in dublin for the day. we'll see those temperatures in the upper 40s at 6:00, mostly cloudy today. >> that will be the change. >> that also keeps our temperatures down. we will reach up to about 68 degrees in antioch. that's still comfortable. in san francisco, 64 degrees. half moon bay reaching 61. we will see more clouds moving in. we can see the rain staying off
5:19 am
to our east. >> that will affect the sierras for the most part. as we go through our forecast, high pressure moves in. >> that will cause our temperatures to heat up going into the weekend. we go from the 60s today to the 70s tomorrow. then as that high pressure starts to retreat back off towards the west, we get another weather system again. it moves inland and slide down the coast. so that one is only bringing us some slight rain chances early next week. as we get ready for the weekend, i have been talking about this, the autism speaks walk. i posted the details on that on my social media pages. we will see some mild temperatures heading into the low 70s for the afternoon. i'm at kari hall weather and instagram and sending out the forecast that will be mild over the next few days, look at these temperatures on saturday, 76
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degrees, slightly cooler on sunday. once again that slight chance of rain early next week. overall, it will feel like spring, our temperatures though, seesawing. as we head over to vianey, so far, no issues. >> no, that means you will be having a fantastic morning on the roads. the sensors are doing great. we're not seeing slow spots. let's go on 880, looking at ten minutes. westbound 580 to grand avenue from estudillo 8 minutes and i'll send it back to you. >> thanks. it's 5:20 right now. legally, kardashian? reality star kim kardashian says she now wants to be a lawyer. >> up next, a bay area organization that's helping her achieve that goal. >> who will be her first client? first, here's what we are talking about on social media,
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sean murphy stayed up late to go to the sharks' playoff game. he played against the vegas nooeths. if you missed the game, well, the sharks won 5-2. highlights coming ul for new just a bit. it's 5:21 right now. you are watching "today in the bay." firefighters in north caroa
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are investigating a deadly gas explosion that flattened a popular coffee shop. look welcome back, everyone, firefighters in north carolina are investigating a gas explosion that flattened a coffee shop. it happened yesterday in downtown durham. the opener of the coffee shop sadly died. we have like pictures to show you of the aftermath, what is left of that collapsed building. 17 others were injured. the line ruptured when the area was being evacuated.
5:24 am
investigators say work crews struck a line. well, 5:23 for you right now. a potential birth control revolution could be on the rise, researchers at uc berkeley creating product that could be used by both men and women. so the drug would go after sperm cells instead of traditional birth control methods. researchers are repurposing a drug to treat tape worms. >> it results in sperm cells that are deprived in energy, so they cannot swim from point a to b. >> interesting. so the sperm cells can't reach a woman's egg, they can't fertilize it. since this drug does not use hormones, researchers say the side effects are minimal. before they make a pill, they plan to create a gel that patients can buy over the counter. the hope is to have it in stores by the year 2025. all right, 5:24 right now. she's walked red carpets, produced tv shows.
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>> so what is next for kim kardashian west? what about a possible job as an attorney? she's not going to law school. she plans to take the california bar exam on her own. she says she was inspired helping alice johnson win clemency, kardashian's apprenticeship non-profit works on prison reform. she will be working closely with the director jessica jackson, an attorney and former mayor of mill valley. >> interesting. not far fetched. her father was an attorney, she has money to pay for tutors. the nba season is officially even. so are the careers of two superstars so lebron james on hand last night for dwyane wade's final fwa imif brooklyn, wade went out with a triple double. the night before fans gave a big hometown sendoff and dirk
5:26 am
nowitzki finished with a double, double, 20 points, 10 rewounds, the warriors by the way lost in memphis. playoffs begin saturday with the war yours hosting the clippers. happening today, it's national pet day. you may want to give your pets a little extra love and attention. it's estimated that about 85 million families in the u.s. own a pet. oh. there is my little pip squeak. such a happy guy. there is chip. he's not in that picture hey many of those, including our pets in that. there is rob with his cat. mollie. rabbits. a lot of fun. awe, we love our animals here. >> maybe next year i'll have a picture to share. >> we do the adoption in the
5:27 am
summer. we sponsor that with the humane society. i believe it's in august. we usually go live. their lots of selections. >> i know. i remember. >> okay. let's make it a go. >> i'm thinking about it. building up my responsibility skills. >> okay. >> 6:27 for you right now. comingp next, the top stories we are following on this thursday morning for you include that breaking news overnight. wikileaks founder julian assange, up next, the charges he's facing. >> a brand-new poll released on what californians think of a wide range of topics. we are live with the results of that new poll next. a live look for you right now at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on in a bit. kari will have a look at that forecast for you. all of that is coming up right after the break.
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let's take a live look outside. this morning from dublin. it looks like folks are up and out the door already early this morning. we will check that morning commute. kari has a look at that fast, hoping for a nice day ahead. good morning to you, thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm mike washington. take a look at this, the golden gate bridge makes you go. >> aah. >> now we will head up to kari. >> i think so. it will be nice today. >> a little cooler in palo alto san jose and livermore.
5:31 am
we will be at about 52 degrees. notice the clouds it's still going to be a pleasant day. gusty winds, high temperatures reaching into the upper 60s in the inland valleys. i'll be tracking that and the weekend forecast in six minutes. vianey gets you out the door in a few spots. >> i have been looking, monitoring it. things are still looking great out there. we have our speed sensors moving along quite nicely. i noticed slowing. still again, a lot of spots have construction spots from overnight westboundle 80, i did notice that starteding to build some traffic. this is when the metering lights come on. about 13 minutes and westbound 84. i'll continue to monitor the road. i'll have another update. back to you.
5:32 am
>> thanks. breaking news to tell you about while you were sleeping, wikileaks founder and fungtive julian assange has been arrested. we are learning london police arrested him partly in connection to an extradition warrant. they placed him under arrest at london police headquarters and is now asking to have him extradited. but it's still not clear when that will happen. here is a look outside of a london courthouse, this is where he is expected to be taken any time now. as you probably know, he has been living at the ecuadorian embassy in london. this looks like a press conference today. so you know that's assange. he sought refugee several years ago. london police says ecuador agreed tore asylum before officers arrested him. we will have another update for
5:33 am
you at the top of the hour. >> we are getting new poll numbers in the biggest topics in california when it comes to issues such as the death penalty, horse racing, even a sanctuary city. we are looking at the poll numbers. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning, those numbers are coming in on a number of hot button issues in california. this is a new quinnipiac poll that came out in the last 20 minutes. the first topic is the death penalty. you can see there that 41% of people prefer the death penalty for those convicted. 48% prefer life in prison, 44% support governor newsom's decision and 46 percent oppose it to halt the death penalty in the state of california. it grants a reprieve from 730
5:34 am
inmates. it doesn't change anyone as a result of the action so folks are kind of split on that decision. when it comes to governor newsom's approval. it's at 40% approval and 33% disapproval rate. november newsome previously served as -- governor newsome previously served as a mayor in san francisco. he hasn't shied away from the national spotlight on immigration and as we mentioned the death penalty. we want to point out, his numbers actually jumped by one percentage point since last month. now the next topic. this is horse racing. last month, there were major reforms put in place at santa anita park after nearly two dozen horse deaths were reported there just since last christmas. the reforms include the banning of drugs on race days and limiting the whips by jockeys, 55% of people want an
5:35 am
independent panel to investigate horse race deaths, folks want to see some types of changes done in this arena. the final point there, sank schuh wear cities, 46% want to leave the decision to the cities, 47% they say should be forced to work with federal immigration efforts. they limit cooperation between local law enforcement and immigration on the federal level, immigration and customs enforcement, that is. so some have blamed the policy for protecting criminals who should have been deported. you can see by those numbers, the state is divided only on this issue. we have more on this in the next hour, reporting live, for "today in the bay." >> thank you so much, pete. 5:35. we are expected to learn whether or not thousands of nurses at stanford will go on strike. the union representing them is fighting for higher wages, more
5:36 am
workplace safety and better opportunities for nurses wishing to transfer to part-time work. members authorized the vote to take place last month. the union plans to announce the results at noon today. >> it's 5:35. this morning, we are learning ability a reported rape on campus at sonoma state university. it happened early sunday morning. the victim is a student. the university sent out a warning to students about the crime yesterday. a memo says the suspect is not a sonoma state student and he has met the victim on a dating website. this is the second report of rape on the campus this year. the morning, a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman is expected in court. richard hernandez is accused of attacking a woman last month. he was released from jail just six days before the alleged incident. we have been reporting a judge went against the wishes of prosecutors to keep hernandez locked up, following another alleged assault involving large
5:37 am
sticks and rocks being thrown at a gas station a follow up on a massive yahoo data breach. a sunnyvalley company has agreed to pay $117 million to those affected and two years of credit monitoring and would reach an agreement last fall rejected by a judge. if approved this would be the largest payout for a data breach toping a $115 million settlement in 2015 involving health insurer anthem. major car makers like tesla, they are considering a federal tax program. the bill is called driving america forwarding a. it has support from both sides of the aisle. it would allow companies like tesla and/g* m to hand out $7,000 worth of tax credits for 400,000 cars on top of the 200,000 allotted to each car maker. the owner of the bay area's so-called flintstones house
5:38 am
plans to call later today about a legal battle she may be facing to keep her home the way it is, that home no doubt have you seen is more eye catching in the last year or so that's because the new owner, a former examiner, publisher made some changes, including a collection of dinosaur artwork outside, so the town recently sued, essentially saying yabbadabba don't. the home is a nuisance. she and her attorney plan to talk about the suit along with her koimpbt suit and why she feels -- countersuit and why she feels she is the victim. hoping to get more test takers, the palo alto schools are offering free buys for -- freebies. parent can submit a written test to opt out. according to examiner, the superintendent says students who take the tests will be entered
5:39 am
into a raffle fog parking permits, athletic passes, yearbooks and vip parking passes. the district says last year only 40% of juniors completed the testing at palo alto high school. a live look at the shark tank, all quiet right now. a frenzy last night. this is where they took a first step hopefully for a run to the stanley trophy. is this the years the sharks can when at all in. >> last night, need further proof? hockey players are a tough breed? slarks joe paletzky takes a puck to the face. he hardly flinched. what a tough guy. he was wear tag protective gear when he returned to the ice in the 2nd peters. pennsylvania ski loses two teeth. >> during the game, you can see, but that one --
5:40 am
[ inaudible ] >> oh, joe, this is defined with plenty of rough and tumble. game two tomorrow night at the sharks saying, oh, i don't know, that's tough to see. a lot of those guys don't have faith. >> i'm sure their dentist loves them. especially in retirement. >> the rumbling, all of that. if you will be hanging out in san jose at the shark tank, they get busy, they have a lot of parking structures nearby. they have san pedro's square set up cool. a couple of those restaurants, they validate marshall parking in there. so that's always a good deal. let's take a look at how the rest of the bay area is doing. >> that is actually really good. drive times, headed towards the bay bridge, that traffic is starting to build, you are looking at 15 minutes, 13
5:41 am
minutes, dunbar bridge about 15 minutes, the bridges seem to be the busiest this morning. cruising on into the weekend. >> it's moving pretty fast i think. >> it's going to be a nice weekend. we're looking forward to that. our temperatures will be warming up. we get sunshine, saturday, it will be a nice day to hang out along the coast, going to the beaches. temperatures in the upper 60s. the bay will be at 72 for the high, 75 inland. our temperatures come down a few degrees on sunday, still very comfortable. and mostly sunny skies. if you are looking for some activitys to check out, earth day on bay will be happening at the marine science institute. if you want to check that out, you have nice weather. you can even catch a live shark. also, cardinal palooza will be happening this weekend, all day long at stanford. we have a lot of activities going on, starting at 7:00 in the morning, upper 50s,
5:42 am
comfortable area with sunshine throughout the day, this sunday, we have the autism speaks walk. our temperatures will be in the upper 50s. we'll see those high temperatures reaching into the low 70s on sunday. we'll talk about what's going on today, that's coming up in about 3 minutes. >> looking forward to that. 5:22, coming up next on "today in the bay." thankful to be alive. two hikers in southern california found safe after being missing for days. what they did to survive all coming up next. plus democrats very angry about a single word that the attorney general said, i'll walk you through it when "today in the bay" continues. it's on! get to the ross spring shoe event to score the latest styles for the whole family... ...and something for you. oh yeah.
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yes. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. mike traffic tease . right now, it's 5:45. let's get out the door with a live look outside at palo alto, starts out clear. we'll see more clouds moving in today. our temperatures will be in the low 50, heading into the low 60s by noon. grab that lunch and go outside today. it will be nice today and throughout the weekend. we get a look at the rest of the forecast in less than five minutes. we may not have any hot spots on the road. there is a typical hot spot. the lights have been off at 5:26. we are starting to see the stack up. it's about a mile. i have an update on how the drive times are doing throughout the bay area coming up. a quarter to 6:00 right now, two southern california hikers missing for found safe and alive. it's new this morning.
5:46 am
they left last saturday morning for a day hike in the san gabrielle mountains, a search was launched when they didn't return. they were located last night. a rescue operation was launched to get them off the mountain. the pair was given a medical evaluation and eventually reunited with family members, they shared their fwrat tude with the rescuers. >> thank you to all the volunteers helping to look for us. we are very grateful to be found. >> he is actually an experienced hiker, the two rationed their food and say they drank water through a life straw, which can filter dirty water. you can call this a life lesson, on the top, one of those top players in an upcoming nfl draft cites one reason why they're cleaning up the twitter feed. the 9ers have a second feed. the ohio state nick boza may be
5:47 am
the best player and may fall to the 49ers. he decided to leak his tweets supporting president trump along with a negative tweet about colin kaepernick. he doesn't want it to be an issue for fans. 5:47. the president is calling the fbi, those agents there, who investigated his campaign dirty cops and traitors. >> in the meantime, the attorney general is upsetting democrats with his own choice words. >> the attorney general, laura, used the word spying instead of under surveillance. the fbi, law enforcement, in general, they get at warrant. they tap phones, they take pictures with zoom lessons, you seen this on every cop show. whether you saul that under surveillance or spying seems to depend on your politics and which end of the zoom lens you are on. attorney general bill barr chose the word spying to senators on wednesday. >> that enfurated democrats and members of the fbi as well.
5:48 am
additionally, many news agencies particularly conservative blogs treated what the attorney general said here as new information. it is not. we have known for months and months, the fbi has been surveilling members of the trump campaign. it's a fact. the fbi told us it happened. here's a fisa warrant i show you last summer on carter page and they were wiretapping mike flynn. the justice department warned the white house flynn had been lying with his contacts world trade center russians because they heard him talking on the phone with the russians. so it's not new, the question barr is asking is was the under surveillance or the spying he says legitimate. in the sound byte. he says he has no reason to think it isn't. >> so you are not suggesting, though, that spying okurd? >> i don't -- well, i guess you
5:49 am
could -- i think spying did occur, yes, i think spying did occur. i'm not suggesting that those rules were violated, but i think it's important to look at that and i'm not talking about the fbi necessarily but intelligence agencies more broadly. >> in other news, the irs missed a deadline to turn over president trump's tax returns. president trump i trump says he will not allow them to be released. the president of south korea in washington over a meeting on the situation on the korean pens louisiana we think after president moon meets with president trump, he'll schedule another meeting with north korean dig taltor kim. you -- dictator kim. you can follow me on twitter. >> thanks, scotts. in washington, spring is in the air, the us what gardens offering frya offering bright hues. the gardens are opened to the
5:50 am
public. >> that's a lot of tulips. >> it's a beautiful place. >> i think the mechanical guarden in golden gate park is beautiful this time and they have t spu lips. >> my blossoms on my front tree are gone, amazing. >> it happened early. >> it did there this weekend it will be really warm. i think whatever you have left in your garden to plume will be doing so over the next few days, our temperatures are all over the place. we have 46 in yukiah. it is cooler with lighter winds in our wind sheltered valleys, livermore, 46 degrees, as you make your way out the door in antioch, we will drop down to 64 degrees at sunrise, the clouds will be reaching 65 at noon, eventually reaching into the upper 60s today. will you see it won't be as clear as we've seen the past couple of days. >> that will keep those temperatures down as well, as a
5:51 am
weather system moves through, it will keep it windy, still a high amount of tree pollen, we're talking about a lot of those blooms are already gone. as we get a look at the weather system that's moving by, it will bring in light snow for parts of the sierra, i think most of the bay area stays dry, we will see high pressure building, keeping our temperatures very warm, a brisk northerly wind going into early next week as that high pressure movers away, we will see a slight chance of rain on monday. but most of our forecast still is very spring-like. still seesawing those temperatures, upper 60s today, upper 70s by saturday, upper 60s on sunday. you can see how those temperatures will be changing, vianey has been tracking the commute. how is it looking? >> 5:51, still no big accidents. look at our c centers, though, i
5:52 am
am seeing slowing on 880 and the north side. let's take a look at some of those drive times. the bay bridge metering lights have been out. 5:26. >> that is building for the fast lanes. i'll have another report shortly. back to you. >> thanks. happening now, south carolina police are investigating a shooting that took place at a hospital. officers say they were called to the hospital following a confrontation between a security guard and a suspect. both of them fired their weapons. they both were wounded. it's not clear what led up to the confrontation. this is the second shooting a at south carolina hospital within the past few days. >> 5:52. still ahead, a high profile apple store robbed at 6:00 a.m.,
5:53 am
we are getting our first look at the damage, what thieves took and what they accidentsally left behind. but first. >> is the stress making it hard to enjoy being a teenager? >> is high school harder these days? some sure think so next this hour the word they have about handling stress.
5:54 am
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. welcome back. it's 5:55. we are all on social media from my instagram account. laura garcia nbc. it's a big fundraiser there at state mary's college for the students. >> i hope they raise a lot of money? i hope so. new details this morning on one of oprah's first projects with apple. she is working with pins harry there to focus on mental health in a documentary. it comes one year, it's supposed to come out next year. prince harry is an advocate when it comes to mental health. yesterday, he called at this time key to powerful leadership and winfrey is slated to produce a new documentary and book club, all a part of apple's streaming service. new today, we are hearing from students about the stress
5:57 am
they feel in their lives. a recent survey found 44% of all workers say they're stressed more in the past five years. teenagers will tell you they feel particularly vulnerable. here's abc's kate snow. >> this is high school. >> it's hard, it feels like no one else is ac knowledgeing it. >> yet everyone is chessed out from some people are better at hiding it than others, when you see that oh, they're able do that, you should be able do it too. >> experts say stressed out teenagers have more likely to show more health problems. look out for more of this on the 7:00 a.m. "today" show. in the washington d.c. area, a woman died and six others were hurt. we are seeing new video of the moment of impact. tough to watch there. a driver stopped at the red
5:58 am
light and happened to have a dash cam. it turns out it was a tractor-trailer that came crashing into that lus. police said there were no kids luckily on board. robbed at gunpoint in the bart parking lot. the victim turned to nbc bay area after a bart officer he says tried to talk him out of filing a police report. >> investigative reporter vicki nguyen has the report. >> reporter: imagine you had your wallet stolen at gun point. instead, are you told filing a report would be a waste of resources, it happened to this young man, we are hiding his identity. he's a juvenile. he says he was at the fruit vale bart station in january when a man walked one a gun and robbed them. hear for yourself what he was told by bart. >> literally writing this report is kind of like thin air catching these guys, so that's
5:59 am
why i'm saying writing this report is like a waste of resources, the police chief says the officer is now facing an internal investigation for the conduct. he wants victims to know they are entitled to a report and be aware of their surroundings, hear more of the officer's response, that's all in our full report online right now at nbc bay right now at 6:00, breaking news, wikileaks founder julian assange arrested overnight, his long stay at the embassy coming to an abrupt end. the reason the police in the uk finally brought him in. doubling your rate, that's what pg&e may do to all of us. the company's reasoning all new for you this morning. who'd like to end robo-calls? lawmakers will end the security council of unwanted calls. we are live in d.c. with what
6:00 am
happens today. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. first we want to talk about the weather. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking all of that for us. >> it will be a few clouds, it won't be as sunny, the temperatures will come down a few more degrees, it's a little breezy out there. that's a live look outside at walnut creek. we will start to see more clouds moving in, we look at our high temperatures, back to more seasonable weather with upper 60s, still feeling like spring. there may be a couple more showers. vianey has a look at the morning commute. >> it's building. it is 6:00 a.m. so as you can imagine, a lot of folks know heading out on the roads, 680 starts to get busy for the east bay. i have


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