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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 22, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PDT

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allegations of sexual assault against former warriors assistant coach luke walton. walton just got a new job as head coach of the sacramento kings. but tonight he faces an uncertain future. a sports reporter is suing him for sexual assault. she says it happned while he was w/ the warriors. this story is trending on social media -- and has the warriors, kings and lakers -- all responding. nbc bay area )s cheryl hurd is here w/ the lawsuit -- and the possible impact to this popular, young coach.. starts now.
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>> an apparent road rage incident in chula vista ended with a man unconscious on the side of the road. the driver accused of attacking him got away. thanks for being with us. i'm kathericatherine garcia. >> i'm mark mullen. the precious car is another matter. nbc7's allison ash is live with why this may be a tough crime for police to solve. allison. >> reporter: yeah, it happened on one of the busiest roads in the city and on a road where people drive fast, so fast, in fact, that we're here at the chula vista instead of doing our live report from there for our own safety. now, even though olympic parkway was full of cars on saturday evening, nobody stopped to help nor did they stop to tell police what they saw. >> the car has over $20,000 into the motor itself. >> reporter: his audi a-4 is fully loaded with the bells and whistles.
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it's the owner's pampered baby kept in tip top condition until now. the back window is shattered, the paint scratched. >> he scratched all of this from his footprint. >> reporter: sam asked us to protect his identity because his attacker is still out there. he was driving west on olympic parkway saturday evening when he says a blue mustang cut him off. sam laid on the horn which may have made matters worse. >> he was all flipping gang symbols and flipping me off, cussing at me. he told me to pullover. i wasn't going to pullover. i acted liked i was going to pullover and kept on. >> reporter: the audi sped off, but the mustang followed. anor another car, the mustang rear-ended him. the mustang driver didn't give him his insurance information. >> he wentent for the right side of my face. >> reporter: sam wound up in the bushes unconscious for a moment.
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>> when i came to i noticed he was on top of my trunk and he hopped on my window and barbed after he jumped. and he went over to my side mirror and barbed out my side mirror. >> reporter: the man in the mustang got away at least for now. >> he needs to go to jail for consequence, at least pay for my car. >> reporter: sam has a split lip and a concussion, and sadly he was not able to get the license plate number of that car. he says the manacked him then jumped in the car which was then driven by aat now, the attacker is said to be a man in his 20s, heavy set, about 230 to 250 pounds, with a beard and he's about 6'3". reporting live in chula vista, allison ash, nbc7. >> thanks, allison. the police if they find the suspect could face charges of assault and battery, vandalism
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and hit and run. happening now, a scripps ranch neighborhood is slowly getting back to normal after sdg&e secured a gas leak. here's a live look at spruce grove where it was reported just after 8:00 tonight. some 10 to 15 employees which is a recycling company had to be that's what it looked like earlier tonight. you could see all that black smoke seen for miles, in fact. fire officials say the high winds made it difficult to contain those flames. >> sick and wrong, walnut creek police arrested this man with a camera on his shoe inside of an apple store.
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they say he was trying to take video up the skirt of a little girl. the father of that girl confronted the man. among the questions this evening, are there other victims? jean elle joins us with details. jean. >> reporter: raj, police say the man was using the camera inside this apple store when a girl's father told him to stop, he took off running. a good samaritan helped police make an arrest. shoppers at the apple store in walnut creek had some unwelcome company easter sunday. police say jacques bloxham taped skirt.a to his >> he said he could see a camera on his shoe. >> reporter: a woman chased him into a parking garage and pointed him out to police before he could drive away. >> in his car we did locate a
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camera that matched the description of what the dad had seen. and we also found some other recording devices, and we are still going through with that. >> police are reviewing the recordings. people who say they know bloxham say he's a former personal injury attorney. parents say the incident at apple is concerning. >> to be able to record that and no telling where that information is going, who else -- i mean, people -- somebody else could have been looking at it at the same time with that person. it's horrible. >> reporter: she is grateful to the woman who helped police make the arrest. >> i applaud heror because i think too many people are looking down at their phones. they're not paying attention to >> reporter: bloxham posted bail this morning and is out of jail tonight. police say this is an ongoing investigation. reporting live in walnut creek, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> new video into the newsroom,
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the sweet managed to take video of this car. they are targeted after a string of robberies including the store owner who says thieves ripped off a huge box of scratch offs right off his counter. >> you guess, you come from out of town. they get behind your car invisible, guess what, it's gone. >> san jose's police chief says he's concerned about the recent rash of burglaries in the city. >> some tragic news in oakland. an 18 month old boy died after falling from a second story fire scape. we first told you about the story last friday. authorities say the boy's family lives on the third floor of a building on mlk way. the boy somehow made his way onto that fire scape. you can see some of the fire scapes there on the side of the building. before falling onto the sidewalk. a deadly crash along the coast involving a-tim hang
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glider, witnesses say they saw christopher cree owe in trouble yesterday over the water near devil's slide. they say by the time a coast guard helicopter found him, the 44-year-old had been in the cold ocean water for more than an hour. paramedics were unable to resuscitate him. he took off from fort fun aniston. >> it came out of the sky, a sky diver's prosthetic leg loosened at 10,000 feet and fell to earth over sa un. nthoug he lost his left leg a second time. tonight he's laughing at how wrong it actually is. nbc's terry mcsweeney has more. >> it's in good shape. >> reporter: dion callaway of santa rosa is amazed his $15,000 prosthetic leg looks exactly like it did before he and friends went skydiving in clover dale on sunday. he was 10,000 feet in the air when his leg fell off. >> i ran out the door, i felt it loosen up, came off about 6 inches. i reached back and pulled it up.
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i thought it -- i flew up to the circle and, boom, watched it take off. >> reporter: gone and lost callaway thought. itop of a soft berm at a lumberyard right next to the airport. they said a man with a prosthetic leg had jumped on sunday. >> this morning about noon i was getting all these calls, they found your leg. >> reporter: this is where it gets weird. callaway lost his natural left leg during a high speed landing. >> came in too fast, it exploded the heel. >> reporter: i asked after losing a leg and prosthetic leg if he's ever going skydiving again. >> absolutely. >> reporter: during the jump he said he'll take precaution s to keep his wit and his legs about him. >> at nor cal skydive, the
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tether goes around my waist, around the leg and lower leg. >> reporter: he wouldn't want to lose his left leg a third time. from santa rosa, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> very good sport. thank you, terry. muni is trying to make its train safer after a woman got dragged into the track. our investigative unit started digging after this woman tried to free her fingers after they got trapped in the door of a train. it pulled her right onto the tracks. thankfully she survived. muni's acting transit director tried demonstrating how the alert system for those doors is supposed to work. here she dr closed right on her hand. we asked the mayor about this. >> safety is the most important thing, and so this is have and i have different information, that the trains that we have in service are trains that actually work
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effectively. >> here's some of the information that we have. muni says it's disabling those rear doors on the newer trains for now. it also wants to put off a vote on its own $63 million plan to put 150 new cars into service. >> well, the days of driving down lombard street in san francisco for free may be in your rearview mirror. they took a vote to tack a toll on it. it is one of the most famous streets in the world, but neighbors say traffic has been a concern for years. in fact, in the summer nearly 6000 people visit the crooked est street daily. they are expected to vote on the toll as eay >>p next, the troub encounter with the car caught on camera. a girl stalked on her way home from school. what she did that has police praising her actions. >> plus elon musk making a bold announcement, his big idea that could revolutionize the way you get around. >> a cool 62 in san jose. i'll show you where we reach
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90s tomorrow. we'll have an updated report coming up in 8 minutes.
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the threat remains in sri lanka tonight, after three more bombs detonated near a the threat remains in sri lanka tonight after three more bombs detonated near a church earlier today. this time no one was hurt in the blast, but it d tension following the deadly easter sunday bombings that killed nearly 300 people including four americans. the government says the sri lankan islamist group carried out those attacks and it appears hey did have outside help. admitted they did have advance warning that potential attacks were being planned on sri lankan churches. >> a nightmare for parents to see. this video here, a car driving -- you see that car backing up there, following a teenage girl as she walks home earlier this month. that girl then takes off. she became so concerned, she initially tried to hide. we see the car come back. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez went to vacaville where this all happened to see if the driver of that car has been spotted again.
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>> just, wow, you know. very, very concerned. >> reporter: that's how people who live in this quiet vacaville neighborhood are reacting on seeing an alarming surveillance video of a neighborhood teenage girl being followed by a man in a car. police say he followed her for several blocks before she tried hiding behind a parked truck. as estopped. >> we're very curious to know by an adult male attempting to contact a juvenile. after several passes it was clear she didn't want to talk to him, he was persistent. >> reporter: even backing up before the girl hid before she finally made a run for it. police say she did just what she had to to stay safe. >> you can imagine as you get in close proximity to a car, anything can happen. she distanced herself from this situation and she absolutely did the right thing. >> neighbors say nothing like this has ever happened there before. this man says he's not letting his daughter walk home from
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school even in a group any more. nobody wants any more children to experience what this girl did. >> he could have turned out to be a very ugly scene obviously and we're very grateful that nothing, nothing actually came of it. >> we're very proud of her awareness and the way she responded that day. >> reporter: jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> it started as an argument, but it escalated to murder. police say two men who nooe knew each other got into an argument near willow pass road in pittsburgh. one pulled out a gun, shot the other several times. the shooter tried toth victim d. >> a tense situation in fremont. our sky ranger was overhead. a man got trapped in a trench on lo lopes court. it is unclear how it happened, but we do know he was stuck from the waist down. firefighters were able to pull him out. no word on his condition tonight. >> elizabeth holmes, the founder
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of the failed start up they ara is accused of fraud. holmes who was once named one of forbes rich est women is accused along with her partner of committing fraud by telling investors that the technology to conduct inexpensive blood tests existed. both have pled not guilty. >> the move to pass a soda tax in california hasn flat for now. 2 cent taxed stalled. they are fighting proposed soda taxes here in california. >> tesla says it is taking all the work out of driving a car, but is everybody ready to ride? nbc bay area's sky ranger captured the self-driving car giving investors a left today. computer going into every tests built from now on.
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it will allow the car to steer, accelerate, brake. it allows you to request a ride from one. now everyone may not be ready for this, but c.e.o. elon musk says whether you like it or not, it is the future. >> a car that does not have the hardware necessary for self-driving is like buying a horse. >> a roadblock? california allows companies to test drove those cars, but hasn't paved a lane for people to buy one yet. >> i like horses. >> yes. a really nice horse. >> a blunt statement by you've got no matter what kind of car you have, we have nice weather. you have a sun roof, you have windows, you may have been shut for a little bit as we do have some higher air coming in. but who knows, maybe you'll have the windows open and you'll be feeling the nice toasty air. i wanted to start off with the only problem we can find in the forecast, and that is with the pollen. you might already be feeling it if you have allergies. trees in the high category, biggest irritants, oak and cedar. if you have lots of oak trees around your house, you know what
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i'm talking about. you get these brown-like pollen pods following down. it's like sea weweed on your driveway. that's going to be a big problem all week long. if you can handle this, we have a nice day coming our way. it's all from high pressure. it's keeping the storm track, rain off to the north. second thing it's doing is importing this warmer air from the south. this is in place the next three days, but i ry the xtforecast. this means for tomorro sunglasses to keep that sun from blinding you on your commute. otherwise it's not going to be too cold. 58 for the south bay, peninsula 56, and the tri-valley at 59. east bay 57. north bay also looking good there at 58. so it's going to be a fast climb with these temperatures as you move into the afternoon. we are back up into the upper 80s for a lot of the south bay. you got east san jose at 88. gilroy 89. not quite as hot in los gatos, but warm at 85. warm est weather tracked right back into the inland valleys
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where the ocean and the bay breeze has a hard time getting over those east bay hills. so that's why the hottest here in concord at 90. danville 92. and pleasanton 90. here you go as you get closer to the bay, a bit of breeze off the water will keep youle 81. big temperature extremes for the peninsula. 67 in half moon bay. then you go to palo alto, you're a 87. san francisco warm est 77 in the mission. closer to the ocean 69 in the outer sunset. north bay also getting in on the heat. i have napa at 90. so the hot weather for san francisco or warmer weather, let's say, stays for one more day and we'll start to see it drop system on friday will increase the cloud cover and we'll see some showers well off to our south on sunday that we'll continue to monitor. an wll let you know. dry the next seven days. inland valleys the warm est in the low 90s. then we are down to 83 on friday.
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check out sunday, back down to 76 closer to our averages. so a little short stint of summer, but it's going to feel good. i know, well, i think both of you are looking forward to this heat. >> we'll take the heat. >> it will be fun. a going to be fun. thanks, jeff. >> up next, i stfreeway. >> guys, pitbull is my guest >> and we have jimmy. tonight. that was him. plus made to lane. senator marcus. the cast of avengers "end game." stay tuned. he just walked by. >> happening now, a new waterfront ballpark for the oakland a's is closer to becoming a reality. a legislative delop the land near jack london square passed unanimously today in sacramento. city leaders say the privately financed ballpark will generate more than $3 billion in the first ten years of its existence. we're back in a moment.
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these two men started fighting last night on 101, near morgan well, this is a bizarre sight. these two men started fighting last night on the freeway. they stopped the cars and started swinging at each other. this is on 101 near morgan hill. by the time the c.h.p. showed up, these two guys took off. the woman who filmed this video saw it all go down. >> at that point the pontiac was next to me and he just like put his car into park and jumped out. that's when the guy in front of him jumped out, it's go time. they started wailing on each other. >> not sure if they knew each other, road rage. we're not sure what started the fight. the c.h.p. said if they are caught, they could face charges of battery. >> okay, it may not be mainstream money, but the guy convicted of elg stealing
11:25 pm
cryptocurrency is going to mainstream prison. he hacked phones of two in santa clara county. they say he spent most of it in clou on clothes and other lavish fir of stealing cryptocurrency. >> samsung is putting the phone on hold. we told you about the new galaxy smartphone. it has a folwi space than any other phone on the market. a cool idea. supposed to come out this friday, but people who are testing it says it keeps breaking. samsung says it will announce a new release date very soon. it keeps breaking. we're back in a moment with news from the warriors and the sharks. stay with us. [phone ringing]
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the clippers wednesday night in oakla okay. the warriors have a chance to close out their series against the clippers on wednesday night in oakland. >> tip off is at 7: now, if they win -- if, we're not putting the cart before the horse here or is it the horse before the cart? whatever that is. if they win, they'll face houston or utah in round two. at the coliseum tonight, some baseball a's and the rangers, hello to old friend barry zito. he along with a girl's choir
11:29 pm
singing the national anthem. unplugged, no microphones or speakers. all for earth day. pretty cool. as for the game, big night for steven piscotty, drives in thre oakland's three-game losing streak. can you handle it? game 7 between the sharks andne. fresh off last night's dramatic double overtime win, the sharks returning to the 408 today. some of the guys going through a light skate around at sharks ice. that's their practice facility. it's pretty simple. the winner tomorrow night goes to round two. the loser goes home for the summer. the puck drops at the shark tank 7:00 p.m. can we go to this game? >> potentially. it's going to be nice outside, too. >> if you want to go, leave work early or go leave school early for game 7. sharky has got you covered. the mascot has a note you can
11:30 pm
fill out to give to your boss or your teacher. >> or your wife. >> or your wife. you're suffering from game 7, you know how it works. >> yes. and it will be for fan fest. it will be nice outside. >> fan fest and the game is at >> that's true. >> we'll be right back. ♪ ying ] ♪ you protect them at home. we help protect them online. this is beyond wifi. this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome.
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california but there )s still problems with it )s profits. the south bay lawmakers push to make it easier for marijuana businesses.
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wo week. join us tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7. okay. seems every day is earth day. at u.c. berkeley's chu hall, walk-in side the door you'll get an education of sustainability. it is so green it is now the only academic building in the world with a platinum certification. meaning it generates zero -- zero waste. no trash bins in the building. everyone who walks in has to think like a camper. pack out what they bring in if it's not recyclable. so whatever you bring in, you're going to take with you. >> i can't leave my wrapper there, my napkins there? >> nope, nope. you have to bring it in. >> and don't leave your food, all your other things. your containers, you have to take them with you. >> we're very clean -- yeah, are you calling us -- >> i do sit next to him. >> we have a clean -- >> you would know. >> that's it for us here at
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11:00. thanks for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow. >> bye-bye. t, jimmy fallon! ♪ [ cheers and applause ]


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