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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 9, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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he was left with two broken legs, a broken arm a bndken shoulder and briefly in a coma, one of eight victims police say were intentionally run down. >> saw a vehicle appearme, and i know what will happen. >> reporter: lu says he only learned two days ago police believe the suspect targeted people in the crowd because of their perceived race and religion. what are your thoughts about him? >> i don't hate him, actually. i have no hatred at all. i feel sorry of him, actually. he didn't accomplish anything. >> reporter: as you can see from a go fund me account set up by friends, l us an avid runner, marathon runner as he lies motionless, he says he's trying not to be bitter. >> i wan people help each other instead of hurt and hate each other. >> reporter: lu just moved to
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silicon valley temporarily in january from canada. right now the family plans to move back but as you heard lu say he's in quite a bit of pain and right now will be in therapy indefinitely. r robert handa. we're following breaking news in the east bay. this is a live look at the pass on 580. our sky ranger is overhead what you're seeing down below is the traffic and the remanence there of a crash. eastbound traffic almost at a near standstill for about 12 miles. that the the backup. this is backed up for about 12 miles. the evening commute really a nightmare for thousands of people. here is how it happened. two big rigs crashed around noon today. the chp says the big rig, one of them was on the shoulder when hit by the other one. i can see it went down the ravine and started a small grass fire. earlier this afternoon, three of the four lanes were blocked but
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it appears one lane remains blocked. that the good news as traffic starts to move slowly now heading eastbound. no word when that final lane will reopen. also on 580 the chp is investigating a shooting. it happened earlier this afternoon on eastbound 580. bullets blew out the windows of this black car. nbc bay area mielissa joins us where she got an undate on the investigation. what happened? >> reporter: well, i can tell you chp says they don't have enough information to tell whether the shooting was gang related or not. let's show you video shot today from the chopper sky ranger hovering over the scene. chp says just before 12:30 they started getting calls that someone was shooting at this nissan maxima driving east on 580 near the 164th avenue exit. two men in the car were hit and rushed to a nearby hospital. chp says it's likely they will vantage point,
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you can see the car has a bullet hole in the windshield and passenger side windows are shot out. one driver we spoke to says it's unfortunate driver haves to add freeway shootings to the pile of things they need to worry about when they get on the road. >> i'm more concerned about a car hitting me than someone shooting at me. >> it is unclear if any of this is related to gang activity. if this is a previous incident of highway violence or whatever the case. it is unclear and too early to say. >> reporter: chp says investigators are interviewing people but say they have very little information about the shooter or the car they were in. at this point, they are asking the public if you're driving along 580 and you saw anything suspicious or heard anything suspicious, chp officers want to hear from you. we have their number on the screen. for evening commuters, 580 has been cleared so that's a bit of good news for the commuters heading home tonight. guys, back to you.
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>> melissa, thank you. another emotional day of testimony in the ghost ship trial from people that once live in that warehouse in oakland. jose avalos said he kept his art and work tools inside the warehouse including paint and other flammable materials. a woman also testified she moved out after only living inside for three weeks. she was concerned about fire safety and strangers so she started sleeping in her car. derrick and max harris are accused of involuntary manslaughter for the fire that killed 36 people in december of 2016. facebook is under attack from a very unlikely source. one of the original founders, not mark zuckerberg but chris hughes says the company is too powerful and he's calling on the federal government to break up the social network, especially in light of the recent security breaches nbc's kate snow sat
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down exclusive ly with hughes that left facebook and sold his shares for $500 million. >> he is extremely powerful because he has no boss and there is no regulatory agency. >> the argument hughes is making is economic. this company is so big it essentially has a monopoly and no one else can compete. when people try to leave facebook and to delete their account, they don't have anywhere else to go. >> facebook said they aren't breaking up the company but more regulation. you can watch the interview on "nbc nightly news" at 5:30. in other bay area news, uber is about to haul in a whole lot of money and san francisco wants a piece of that action. the san francisco ride share company priced at $45 a share and makes its debut on the new york stock exchange tomorrow morning. that puts the value of uber at
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$82 billion. the ipo come s as supper vervis have an ipo tax. >> i commend these companies including uber, lytf and air b and b for success but their success doesn't only belong to their executives and their investors. >> reporter: supervisors say the tax would raise up to $200 million. we'll take you live to uber head quarters for a look how the business community is reacting to this proposal. the fbi is on campus in san ramon after a person posted a series of threats to shoot up a high school. it was in a bathroom at california high. today a heavy police presence from local officers and the feds on campus. n brks krrk christie smith join where a lot of students decided to stay home. >> reporter: you could really see the difference.
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there were hardly any students out here walking home. a spokesperson said 20% of the students who actually go here came to school today. today we saw officers stationed over there and the fbi says they are involved because they were asked to be. a show of force by san ramon police, officers drove around the campus of california high school and even walked the halls, all in response to three separate threats of violence in a matter of days. >> there is a lot of people that didn't show up today. >> reporter: this junior showed up knowing police would be here but she was still concerned. >> yesterday someone wrote in a bathroom stall they would shoot up the library and courtyard. >> reporter: kids say there were also racist slurs. police say they have no clear evidence of a credible threat but not taking any chances, even calling in a new unit at the fbi that helps investigate school threats. >> we've had a steady stream of
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threats this year. it happening in our area. >> reporter: police say two messages were scrolled in pen and another in blue painter's tape. parents said the school kept them informed but most had mixed feelings about kids coming to school. >> i knew my son was staying home and it was very decembsserd there was a lot of police there. >> i'm comfortable with the administration here and police presence. i doesn't have any concerns for my son. >> reporter: police tell me they have good leads on thedent i'm told there have been five incidents through the school year and that tomorrow there will also be an increased police presence. reporting live in san ramon, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, christie. for president trump, power struggles at home and abroad right now for the second time in less than a week, a north korean
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missile launch is stroking tensions. at the u.s. capital, unexpected pressure from the republican-run senate intelligence committee demanding more testimony from his son donald trump junior. >> for my son after being exonerated to knnow get a subpoa to go again and speak again, yeah, i'm pretty surprised. >> and when the world series winning boston red sox went to the white house today, the head coach mvp star pitcher and others boycotted opposing the president's treatment of people of color. >>. he's delivering on a campaign promise. today, the governor unveiled his revised budget plan. there is additional money for k through 12 education, wildfires and like governor brown before him a rainy day fund. $1 billion is designated for homeless services including meant the health and transition
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housing. the governor was stern when he called it out of control. >> the homeless issue is a crisis. this homeless issue is rightfully top of mind for people all across the state. they are outraged by it. they are disgusted by it and wondering what the hell is going on in sacramento and they sho d should. >> today's announcement kicks off negotiations with lawmakers that must pass by june 19th or lose pay. >> kevin durant sprained his right calf. durant grabbed the back of his leg after hitting a mid range jumper in the third quarter. he left the game and did not return. the warriors today said it a mild trastrain but he'll be outr the rest of the series with the rockets. recovery time could be days or weeks. durant will be reevaluated next week. up next at 5:00, oakland base blue bottle coffee is recalling coffee. the freak accident with the can that prompted this decision,
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plus. >> it's an american store. >> his family made a request to find out more about his great grandfather. the discovery so amazing he decided to make a movie about it. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ra ne . i'll show you what is new in the forecast as we move through tomorrow. that's coming up in about eight minutes.
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's crepe day. a family tradition we started about twenty-two minutes ago. and from the looks of it, this tradition is going to last awhile. denny's has new crepes! see you at denny's.
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breaking news we )re following n the east bay. this is live look at the we want to update you on breaking news in the east bay. take a look at this backup. this is eastbound 80 before the altamont pass. 12-mile backup into dublin because of a big rig crash from earlier today on 580 eastbound. it backed up for 12 miles between livermore and tracy. cars barely moving. we hear most lanes are reopened right now but the residual delays are still bad. one driver was hit but they in the process of removing aboue most popular coffees in the bay area. oakland base blue bottle coffee is recalling all varieties of its 6-ounce cans of whole bean coffee. the coffee is fine, the problem
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is the can. blue bottle says it's received 13 reports of the pressurized lid opening too fast and firing out beans. one person said the lid blew out their can with so much force it cut their finger. blue bottle says if you opened the can, enjoy it but unopened cans should be returned to the store for a full refund. berkeley commuters are one step closer to getting an option from the city. the city will have ferry service from the berkeley marina. they will decide if the pier needs to be restored. city leaders say the ferry is crucial for development. don't get too excited, the service may be more than a decade away. >> tomorrow marks 150 years since the creation of a product that changed transportation and the face of san francisco.
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>> there is a ceremony in utah for the trans continental railroad that relied on immigrants to do the back breaking work. we have the story in tonight's bay area proud. >>janelle, raj, i sat down with glen that said it was an uncle that first asked him to track down a bit of family lure. two houses the family believed they once owned. they didn't. glen says that one lead led to a fast -- to a fascinating story. >> this didn't exist. this was basically sia path. s ano much about his san francisco roots, he can tell you how far down into the ground those roots go. >> about 16 to 20 feet below where we are. >> reporter: in the late 1800s, 16 to 20 feet was how much lower
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minnesota street was in the dog patch neighborhood. >> it was rather extraordinary. >> reporter: near the corner of minnesota and 23rd is where glen's great grandfather built a ranch and settled his family. >> he must have been incredibly smart. he was incredibly entrepreneur. >> rte is at the heart of glen's newest documentary tracing his family's story back to li m's arrival to the quite. >> he came to america when he was 12 years old in 1855 and sent by his family to earn money and send it back. >> reporter: just a few years later, lim was one of the very first of what will become thousands of chinese immigrants to work on completing the first chan trans continental railroad.
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glen believes lim was changed by his b why settling in san francisco lim didn't move to china town but built that ranch in dog patch to keep his horses and wagon. though, one historian gave glen a different theory. >> she said, you know, you need to understand that your great grandfather, your grandmother did this deliberately because it meant they understood and wanted their children to live in a different kind of america. yes, this is the picture of the last family reunion. >> reporter: that is what happened. des descendants count themselves in the 100s these days. an endless variety of life paths starting from the same point. in a sentence, what is your
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family's story. >> it an american story. >> that was perfect. >> yeah, it's a fascinating story. obviously, glen put an hour long documentary in it. a lot of information. just that fact to hear a chinese immigrant started a ranch and what is a dog patch and all that flowed from that family history. it's fascinating. >> it is fascinating. i'd love to watch that. okay. thanks so much. >> thanks, garvin. let's take you outside and turn things over to jeff ranieri. the flag is flying and the traffic is somewhat moving. >> not a bad day. we did have a little cloud cover out there for you guys. also sun mixing in. not a bad way to start off the day as we move through tomorrow. we'll see changes. let go ahead and get you into the micro climate forecast on this thursday. closer to the weekend and you can see a live look outside in san jose after fog this morning. we saw the sun beginning to come
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back out really a short window of it but certainly a sign of changes starting to come our way. the other thing you probably noticed is a fro tch the south today, probably felt it outside. not extremely humid but enough to notice right now relative humidity at 68%, also a temperature of 68. as you move through tonight, mainly looking at that cloud cover starting to increase and temperatures dropping down to the 50s by 10:00 and 11:00. all week long, i've been talking about a storm system that's moving close to the bay area and the possibility of shower chances and what it will mean for us. i want to spend timall will be . let look at the satellite radar picture now. as we get this wide and paexpan view, you'll see this circulating, spinning. this count eer clockwise nevada is thesystem. the new update today has this moving more off to the south. so overall this is helping to
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lower our chances of getting any kind of rainfall with the main storm track over central and also southern california. so let get a current look at the radar now. you can see the heaviest of the rainfall is there across the sier sierra. there is a slim chance we could see some moving into the bay area tonight at 11:30. the possibility of spotty showers but the trend as you see into tomorrow morning takes the bulk of the wet weather and pushes it down towards central and southern california with a spotty chance at 7:00 in the morning right near the south bay and maybe up towards san francisco. it continues to look very similar as we hit 10:00 tomorrow morning with a slight chance for the south bay but heavier rainfall towards southern california. another way to look at those rain chances through tomorrow is take a look at my rainfall estimate forecast. this will spell it out. you'll see across gilroy, looking at .1 but bakersfield .85. again, the more south you go
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tomorrow, if you're heading ochoenochn a trip, the better chance of rainfall here in california. tomorrow, mainly going to be dry with the best possibility, spotty showers down to the south bay and early clouds and temperatures in the low to mid 50s and right here across the east bay, san francisco and north bay we'll have more 50s coming back and those low clouds. we'll have sunshine by the afternoon. you'll see in san francisco we'll warm up to 62. we're dry through this weekend then clouds increase by next tuesday and wednesday and possibly a few more shos f im 75 on friday up to 77 on sunday and you can see as we move through next week, we have showers possible again as we head into next week. so still several changes over the next seven-days but it still looks good. >> really nice outside. >> perfect. >> thanks, jeff. up next at 5:00, amazon flying into the moon.
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the ambitious plan just annou e announced by jeff bezobezos. alright, you excited?
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but things might be getting worse. yosemite began limiting the number of hikers on half dome in 2010. it started afte things may be getting worse. yosemite is limiting hikers nine years ago. it started after four people died in four years but a study found that rescues per person doubled after the park started requiring permits. one of the researchers on that study says there is apartmentpa no safety measures for preventing crowd. jeff bezos is going to the moon. he's the founder of a space exploration company called blue
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origin. he announced plans for a lunar landing. he says his company has been working on the space craft for three years. they will be able to take scientific equipment and humans to the moon and bezos says he has six customers. it could take place as early as this summer. >> are you one of the six? >> no, i don't have the money for that and i would not do it. all right. next, not one, but two baby deer rescued. we'll show you. stay with us. alright boys, time for bed. listen to your mom, knuckleheads. hand em over. hand what over? video games, whatever you got. let's go. you can watch videos of people playing video games in the morning. is that everything? i can see who's online. i'm gonna sweep the sofa fort. well, look what i found. take control of your wifi with xfinity xfi. let's roll! now that's simple, easy, awesome.
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. we have some breaking news in san jose. police sources tell us that three armed men stormed -- someone inside that cafe shot at the would be robber the fire department posed these photos on instagra
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instagram. >> good night. lester holt is next. breaking news tonight, new questions about a letter sent months before that colorado school shooting. a parent warning of fears about a repeat of columbine at that school a claim the school at the time called outrageous and tonight, chilling new details emerging from inside the attack a student telling nbc news he can hear one of the shooters singing while opening fire. a major escalation as north korea fires new ballistic missiles as the u.s. seizes a north korean ship. and president trump facing foreign policy our nbc news exclusive, the first tv interview with the co-founder of facebook mark zuckerberg's harvard roommate now calling for facebook to be broken up, in


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