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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 14, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. kari, we will get to the weather in a minute. but mike, you have a problem? >> a big truck fire. this is a shot from emeryville where we have the rig. it is 80. the rig was filled with cooking oil. but still there is fuel on that rig. the fire is out. but they're still dumping water onto the scene. a cooloff, i'm sure. i'm not sure about the other cleanup that has to go off. no traffic slowing off west 580 into this area. these folks are going down the berkeley curve, into the bay bridge as well. sky ranger is overhead. the scene is just easing off. jamming up traffic out of the maze. it's actually not really causing a huge issue as far as the lanes blocked off the east shore
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freeway. wee get back to the maps. traffic slowing from the berkeley area. we had an earlier problem on the span itself causing early backup at the maze itself. look at that. that is because traffic is held off into the area. 24, be very careful. you can't access the bridge right now because of the speeder routes. 880 northbound jamming up. getting through the city streets, major streets. this could have a major effect on the surface streets for berkeley, oakland, emeryville. another crash getting away from the bay bridge toward the the richmond-san rafael bridge. a couple lanes blocked there. that's better news. a bigger issue at the san mateo, another alternate. two right lanes blocked for 880.
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overall the volume is lighter. >> a new storm will be moving in as we head into tomorrow. we're already starting to see the rain popping up as we track that storm and the arrival as we go into the forecast. so looking at what to expect, rain tomorrow. and the potential of some storms. that will be two storms moving in. and then a third moving in for the weekend. so we will talk more about the timeline, what you can expect where you live coming up in a few minutes. 6:02 right now. breaking news. a live look at a stockton five-alarm fire that's burning at a pallet yard. a school and church are nearby. take a look at the flames. firefighters trying to attack it from above. if you live in extreme eastern contra costa like brentwood, you
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may encounter smoke walking out the door. it is very thick out there. there was another five-alarm fire three weeks ago, also at a pallet yard. 6:02. developing in washington, president trump is warning of major consequences if iran is found responsible for an attack against four oil tankers. "today in the bay" tracie potts is live on capitol hill with more. tracie? >> reporter: hi. good morning. so those attacks, iran said they're regrettable. but the u.s. and allies want to know is iran responsible for those attacks. we had intelligence they were planning something in the middle east. the u.s. concerned those attacks could next be our people in the area. president trump is considering a plan, or at least presented a plan to spend up to 120,000 troops to that region. that would be a mass escalation.
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we know they have already sent a carrier group to that area. and our allies are concerned. they expressed that reluctance at a meeting. mike pompeo was there yesterday trying to reassure them, give them the intelligence that we have. they think this could become some sort of accidental war. russia is telling the u.s. they poked the bear with iran, pulling out of that nuclear deal. the europeans want to try to salvage it. marcus? >> all right. tracie potts in washington. thank you, tracie. new details now pg&e leaders may soon be legally required to tour the destruction caused by the camp fire in butte county. this is a proposed agreement submitted yesterday to a judge by pg&e attorneys. the department of justice has already signed off on the deal. it would require the chief executive and board members to visit the town of paradise by july 15th.
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it is tied to the yon going investigation and the possibility pg&e may have sparked the fire which became the deadliest in california history. a mountain view man is accused of using a dating site to have sex with underaged girls. police say shawn mullenberg and a 12-year-old girl from sunnyvale met online and exchanged phone numbers. he drove her to his home and sexually assaulted the girl. they are not saying which dating site was used but are concerned there may be other victims. 6:05. teachers in one east bay school district are prepared to hit the picket line. they are planning to box up and remove personal belongs from the classroom ahead of a strike expected to get under way on monday after mediation talks failed. teachers are asking for higher pay and increasing class size.
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two of america's biggest retailers considering bringing cbd oil to the store shelves. they do not get users high. walmart and target are quietly exploring organizations right now. one major supplier has been in talks with several big companies. >> i would say i'm talking to a lot of retailers. you will see cbd products in a handful of those stores in the next six months. >> it announced in march it plans to sell cbd products in nearly 1,500 stores. none in california. it has been touted as a treatment for anxiety, pain, inflammation and cancer. however, little reliable research has been done to conclude its impact on humans. today is an exciting day for morgan hill and bay area cycling
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enthusias enthusiasts. kris sanchez joins us live with what you need to know if you want to get in on the action, what what road closures could be happening as well. good morning, kris. >> reporter: those are particularly important if you want to watch from a far. this is an exciting day. the finish line is going up now. they are putting the finishing touches on that. and a lifestyle setup right here at the "sportscenter". this is where the most exciting action will start here in stage 3. 32 elite cyclists started sunday in sacramento. today's stage starts in stockton. city leaders could not be more
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excited. >> stage 3 is particularly exciting because it's a long race but it also has six independent climbs. 10,000 feet of elevation. so the riders will be coming in to morgan hill tired. and they will be coming in to a sprint at the finish line with very sharp turns. and they're going to be racing to the finish line. >> check this out. you can expect these stretches of monterey, cochran, butterfield boulevard, main avenue, and condit to be closed for about an hour between 2:45 and 3:45 or so this afternoon as the cyclists make their way through. to accommodate the road closures, morgan hill unified changed their bell schedule. so the kids are getting out early today, tuesday, instead of wednesday, which is normal. they can get in on the action or avoid some of the tieups. the lifestyle festival begins at
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noon here at the morgan hill outdoor "sportscenter". lots of activities from noon until 4:30 after the race is over. if you have never seen the finish of one of these stages, it is pretty exciting. you can find all the information, the information, the maps, some of the setup happening on my twitter feed. i'm krisnbc. planned closures because of amgen. this was not planned, this closure for a major important connector for the morning commute on west 580. three lanes are currently closed. a critical three lanes off west 580. traffic held back. there's the tow truck, which i
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guess they will try to help out. they will have to clear the tanker as well. over here off the merge. they will funnel you off toward the east shore freeway. folks coming out of emeryville. that is a continued problem. folks coming into the maze i was. berkeley curve itself, moving smoothly right here. 24 and 580. an easier route over to the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic slow. we are showing you that with skyranger. the rest of the bay compared to the maze looks just great right now. we'll accepted it over to you.
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>> we start out with clouds this morning. we were just talking about the amgen tour. they do have nice weather. they will appreciate the cloud cover. highs reach into the low 70s there. we will stay mostly cloudy. a milder one with upper 60s at 1:00. the timeline of our incoming rain after hitting a mild day. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. thank you, kari. right now it is 6:11. parents may have seen this type of thing before. you're at an athletic event and someone runs onto the field. how this little adventure ended. it will make you smile. . a bay area company slumps as the stock market moves lower as well. we'll have that coming up when "today in the bay" continues. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present. it's no ordinary day at denny's it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about twenty-two minutes ago. and from the looks of it, this tradition is going to last awhile. denny's has new crepes! see you at denny's.
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(time check ( all right. tanker fire caused this traffic alert and closure for a major part of the maze. west 580, bay bridge toll plaza currently closed by all of this activity. causing a major reroute. we will show you the effects of what's going on into the maze and give you some options on your commute towards san francisco. >> a cloudy start as you get ready to head out, a live look at san jose.
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low to mid-50s as you get ready to step out the door. 66 at 1:00. the timeline of the rain in less than five minutes. and a very good morning to you. a very happy tuesday as well. the markets sank again in reaction to china's new tariff. but also the white house saying it may, indeed, put a tariff on everything coming out of china. apple would be particularly badly exposed to that threat. apple lost an important argument in the supreme court after justices ruled iphone users can go forward with a lawsuit over the apple app store. the plaintiffs claim the app store is a monday nonly. it is an extremely significant decision that could dog apple for years. to be clear, the high court didn't rule on the actual anti-trust issue but will allow the suit to go forward. the animal store doesn't violate
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the anti-trust law and says most apps are free. security researchers warn there is a flaw that can allow hackers to install spyware on your fee using whatsapp. intel was done. cisco systems fell. tesla. anything with exposure to china. uber not in trouble for tariffs. but it has never had a positive day ever in its three days of trading. president trump tweeted this morning when the time is right, we will make a deal with china. >> this is a very positive step. i love the position we're in. there is some retaliation, but it can be very, very substantial by comparison. >> a live look at the futures where the dow industrials seem to be gaining or will gain the bet 92 points on the open. the other thing to watch out for is oil prices. we will talk poll licks in just
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a bit. there is talk of moving more military men and material into the persian gulf where there could be accidents or conflicts and oil prices on their way up. >> something to watch there. it is hard watching your kids sometime as they love to run around sometimes. the moment a toddler wandered onto an am fer football match. a 2-year-old wanted to get in on the game. shortly after, the player picked up a little girl and carried her over the boundary lines there. the two teams just went on to finish the game as normal. we are guessing the girl's parents were feeling pretty thankful. >> yeah. i imagine that's a scary thing when you notice, hey, that's my daughter. >> the huge guys smash together. >> yeah. you have had a busy morning.
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>> not a smash but a fire involving a tanker. this is the maze. the tanker truck was filled with cooking oil that you don't want to cook. fire crews have addressed that. they have taken it out. they had to approach as quickly as they could. folks traveling right to left, they are going down the east shore freeway. that is a distraction for folks in the area as well. as you approach coming off one of the routes, which is 45 minutes, coming through to the backup. major city streets by two different avenues. it is taking twice the amount, almost three times the amount of time. save a little time getting into
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situations like this where waze will tell you into alternate routes. waze is the application at nbc bay area wazers where we can share information and help us to get around. the big backup you see, the east shore freeway showing less traffic flow. recovering from an earlier crash. ended on the bay bridge. . northbound 880, more folks through oakland, taking 980. telegraph, san pablo, likely seeing more traffic flow on westbound 580. southbound toward the san mateo, a crash on the right shoulder. it's a lot easier to get through the area.
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anything south is fine. same for the peninsula. the sun is starting to shine on the roads now. >> yeah. good thing we're not having to deal with rain today. that may not be the case tomorrow morning as we track this new storm system moving in. unusual to see a storm this strong in the middle of may. it starts out with cloudy skies. leave the umbrella at home. the timeline through 4:00. we start to see some of the showers moving from san francisco northward. the rest of the area may not see it until noon. look at that. 6:00. we're pretty much all covered with rain. and this is what it can look like. we see the yellows and the oranges indicating heavier rain over parts of the peninsula, south bay, east bay as well as the north bay.
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it starts to taper off. another disturbance could bring us scattered showers and possibly thunderstorms by thursday afternoon. a lot to watch here. rainfall totals could reach over two inches in parts of the north bay. this is unusual to see this much rain and in parts of the south bay, rainfall totals closer to half an inch in the south bay. when is the last time we had a half inch of rain. check this out. 52 days in napa since we have had a half inch of rain there. even longer in livermore. it's been 73 days. that was back on march 2nd when we had 3/4 an inch of rain. it is looking very likely we could see this heavy rain and thunderstorms on thursday. not only that, but we will have gusty winds picking up and sierra snow dropping down to 6 of,000 feet. squaw valley, we will have a
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winter storm watch in effect. we could see possibly two feet of snow the next couple of days. i will watch with more updates throughout the next couple of days. marcus and laura? >> thanks, kari. next and new this hour. the effects gender discrimination is having on women's health. i just started a facebook live. get a little sneak peek behind the scenes as you watch "today in the bay". i'm on instamm gram, twitter and facebook live right now as we go into the commercial break, join us. see what happens behind the scenes. around the nation and th:
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6:25. now the headlines around the nation and the world. wide epping fallout in the wake of the $2 billion verdict handed down to a livermore couple blaming roundup weed killer for their cancer. it is a huge defeat for bayer which purchased it from monsanto last weekend. virginia believes they have a serial killer. a traveling circus worker is under arrest, accused of killing three women. in "usa today" story, north korea calls betrayal between
6:26 am
president trump and kim jong-un. maria shriver is examining gender bias against women when it comes to health care. she sits down with a doctor to talk about the issue. >> the biggest gender and sex differences when it comes to medicine? >> every cell in our body is different. it has different genetic makeup. so we're looking at an emerging field in medicine, which is women's health. >> exactly. this is an emerging area of medicine, women's health. >> a survey found many women with illness go undiagnosed because symptoms were dismissed by a doctor. you can find out more about this new project coming up on the "today" show after "today in the bay" at 7:00 a.m. new at 6:30, we continue to follow breaking news. what a mess on the maze this morning.
6:27 am
a tanker fire happened at the maze. mike is keeping tabs on all of it. >> also breaking, a massive fire burning near a school and a church. the updates we're getting from our affiliate on the scene. a deadly plane crash involving a cruise ship and passengers in alaska. new overnight, the local people on vacation and the updates on the victims we just received overnight. and should police be able to use facial recognition? the big decision san francisco leaders will make tonight for the future of privacy in the city.
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roxana: when i got into teaching, it was this idea of really transforming our schools. marisa: one of my biggest responsibilities as a teacher is to serve as an advocate for my kids. newscaster: hundreds of teachers are hitting the picket lines. newscaster: thousands gathered here. rosanne: we need smaller class sizes. angelia: more counselors and more nurses. roxana: we have to be able to invest in our young people. angelia: every student has a right to quality education. ever: no matter what neighborhood you live in. roxana: our students don't have part-time needs, so they can't have part-time solutions. rodney: because we know quality public schools... roxana: make a better california... marisa: for all of us. roxana: make a better california...
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street. markets opening now. right now at 6:30, hoping for a better day on wall street. the market is opening right now. the dow jones industrial dropped 600 plus points yesterday. we need a rebound. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. mike inouye is tracking the tanker fire. >> that's right. behind you on the screen, it was filled with cooking oil. from what i understand, you're not supposed to cook it while on the truck. we have to address that after they get finished they were
6:31 am
addressing the fire. now there is cleanup going on. this is the connector west 580 to the bay bridge toll plaza. folks have distracted by the activity. it is less of a distraction as things change. the 580 approach. we just showed you the activity in a tanker. funneled back over here on the east shore freeway. and back out to shell now. that is flooding the city streets through emeryville, denny's, the shopping area. san pablo a very popular route. that will be one of those off 580, 24. 880 approach is moving well. it jams up at the bay bridge
6:32 am
toll plaza. overall, a lighter volume of traffic than we tend to see this time of year. you have an option to get down to the san mateo bridge. on the nimitz, a crash may be blocking the slow lane. it slows you down towards 92. anywhere south or west of there looks great, though. >> yeah. very busy start to the day. and so at least the weather is nice and quiet. looking live in san francisco. this new storm system moves in. we are starting to see the rain on the radar as the storm moves closer to the coast. as we go through our hour-by-hour outlook, we will continue on with mostly cloudy skies and rain developing for san francisco on northward by tomorrow morning at this time. so i'll have a closer look at the timeline and some of the hazards we can see possibly with this storm system coming up in a
6:33 am
few minutes. thank you, kari. breaking news. a live look in stockton and a raging fire burning at a pallet yard. we are learning that the fire is spread to go a tire yard across the street. thick clouds of smoke there. the fire started about 90 minutes ago. discovery bay, brentwood, you may smell that outdoors. you may even see some of that smoke. all of this is happening three miles away from the start of the third stage of the amgen tour in california. >> two sight-seeing planes collide. >> bob redell joins us with more information of what we're learning. frightening trip for so many of these people. >> reporter: very sad, laura and marcus. two float planes carrying 14
6:34 am
passengers on a sight-seeing excursion from an alaska an princess cruise out of vancouver yesterday afternoon. this is video from inside and outside of one of the planes. a few days prior to yesterday's crash. a tourist posted this video on facebook when he realized the tail numbers matched the plane that crashed yesterday. otter flow plane had 11 people on board. this is a stock image of the second. beaver float plane. this plane broke apart. all five people on this plane were killed when the two collided midair. eight miles outside of ketchikan, alaska. another person is missing from the first aircraft. a passing ship did rescue 10 people, a few of whom were in
6:35 am
serious or critical condition. a bay area couple was on board. they recorded this announcement from the captain shortly after the accident. >> i'm deeply saddened to advise four guests along independent tour, along with the pilot, did not survive the accident. an investigation by authorities is under way to determine the cause of the accident. clearly having a delay from getting ready from catch can. we are ready now to depart the port. >> the pay area who recorded that video put out a message on twitter. everyone on the ship is in a somber mood and in shock. they are all waiting to hear more about the people in the hospital and hope they pull through. they do not know what the circumstances were surrounding yesterday's midair collision. reporting live here in the newsroom, bob redell, "today in the bay". >> very tragic. thanks so much for the latest. 6:35 right now. a live look at san francisco
6:36 am
this morning where there is a big vote coming up later today. privacy experts are watching closely. the city could be the first to ban facial recognition technology. in the past, san francisco police used that technology to find criminals and prevent identity fraud. supporters say the technology poses a threat. a scary story out of berkeley. gabriel amare is charged with kidnapping and sexual assault. earlier they say two women coming forward saying they were recent victims. police believe there could be more victims out there. earlier this month one of the victims said amare picked her up on the way to work. to escape she actually threw herself out of a moving car. she ran to get help at a gas station. the manager telling us that victim was nervous and scared.
6:37 am
>> as she got into the car she noticed something was off with the driver. >>. >> two hours later a woman claims amare touched her on her thigh. this was in oakland. both identified her in a photo lineup. he was arrested last thursday and will be in court later this month. 6:37 right now. happening today, san jose and at&t will announce a new partnership aimed at bridging the digital divide. the company will donate $200,000 to help bring wi-fi to seniors in and low-income residents. a large technology conference begins tomorrow. >> a live look at the sap center. it is possible a little air may have come out of the shark tank last night. many are probably singing the blues. st. louis blues came out strong
6:38 am
in game two of their conference series. late in the third period sealed it for the blues. they won 4-2. the team now heads to st. louis for game three tomorrow. and there is no shortage of story lines into tonight's game against the rockets. a live look outside oracle arena. everyone is watching steph curry take on hill brother seth. which jerseys will their parents wear? there are reports they might flip a coin to decide. and the other big story is damian lillard, well, he started at oakland high before becoming a bay area superstar. he will be playing today. they are picking the trailblazers to win the full series there.
6:39 am
>> all right. let's go, warriors. >> all the action in oakland right now. this over here. the traffic jamming up from west 580. sky ranger over west 580. what you see is unusually empty. it is closed in fact, as you get over toward the approach and the merge toward the bay bridge toll plaza. folks are now on the east shore freeway. westbound 580 to eastbound 80, or continuing west 580 toward berkeley and emeryville. the truck fire has closed the ramp. the fire is out. as you get through the area, right there is where we have a jamup. right back at broadway is probably the best area to get off. you can take 980 and transition to 880 and onto city streets as
6:40 am
well. lighter volume overall. 880 through hayward is jammed up. tough place for another crash. >> oh, my goodness. what a busy tuesday. >> light traffic around. but the areas are bad. >> do you know what we need? >> some rain. >> no. >> rain before we get there. >> rain before we get there. rain when we get there. it will be great spending time with family. we have this storm system moving
6:41 am
in. that will bring us some rain by tomorrow. some storms. and also into the weekend we have a new round of rain and showers. you know what this is this weekend? beat ta breakers. we will see what the race officials call for that one. if you're making plans to head to heavenly, we have the potential of a couple of feet of snow by the weekend. it will be very unsettled. we're talking about chain controls in the middle of may. we will be watching out for that. if you plan to go to russian river valley, we will keep the rain chances in the weekend forecast. we'll talk about the day planner for today and the timeline coming up in three minutes. all right. thanks, kari. 6:49 right now. amgen tour is riding into the bay area, compacting families. what you need to know if you have plans in the south bay today to watch all the fun.
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plans to send 100,000 troops to the persian gulf if necessary. but what will they do there? let's take you out to the big board in new york city. [ dramatic orchestral music ]
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6:45 am
despite lighter traffic overall, a major problem. we will show you how things are starting on it. and i'll try to talk you through some alternates. >> the clouds linger throughout the day. walnut creek, upper 50s. reaching upper 60s today. we'll talk about the timeline of the rain in less than five minutes. we look forward to that. thanks so much, kari and mike. quarter to 7:00 right now. a live look at more gone hill. the amgen tour is expected to race through the south bay. city leaders expect 2,000 spectators. >> staupblg three is particularly exciting because it's a long race. it has six independent climbs. 10,000 feet of elevation. so the riders are going to be coming in to morgan hill tired.
6:46 am
they will come into a sprint at the finish line with sharp turns and blazing to the finish line. >> good weather for it as well. morgan hill unified will have early release to make it easier to pick up the kids and watch the race. >> developing now in downtown sacramento, firefighters are trying to figure out what started a massive fire that heavily damaged the blue diamond almond factory. this started 9:00 last night. this video showing flames shoot up from the building. 250 workers were evacuated. two sent to the hospital for smoke inhalation. blue diamond is the world's largest tree nut processing company and serves more than 3,500 growers statewide. >> the first pardons issued by governor newsom include two bay area refugees in a move to raise
6:47 am
eyebrows in the white house. they are accused of crimes committed when they were young adults. pardons don't automatically end the deportation effort but eliminate the criminal conviction judges often base their divisions on. he pardoned seven people in all yesterday. the whose will send more than 100,000 troops to the persian gulf. >> the pentagon didn't seem upset by the publication. in fact, officials confirmed most of the information. we have seen the defense department publish a number of videos as well for news agencies to show you. this is a very public show of force. the british foreign minister warned u.s. allies were very worried about a conflict breaking out by conflict that escalates.
6:48 am
they have happened in the tight confines of the persian gulf. a u.s. navy cruiser thought it was under attack in 1998, shot down the airplane it thought was attacking it. turns out it was an airliner. the president was asked about a plan on monday. >> it's going to be a bad problem for iran if something happens, i can tell you that. they're not going to be happy. they are not going to be happy people. okay. you can figure it out yourself. they know what i mean by it. >> other news, attorney general bill barr has appointed a u.s. attorney to investigate the genesis of the fbi's investigation between the trump campaign and russians. the explanation up until now is
6:49 am
that george papadopoulos told an australian diplomat in a bar room with beers that the campaign had been approached with dirt on hillary clinton. he was so alarmed by what papadopoulos told him, he contacted u.s. officials, including senator john mccain, and they alerted the fbi. the governor of montana joined the race for president. we will talk about that on twitter. you can join me there. @scottmcgrew. >> thanks, scott. this morning mike has been tracking a tanker fire there causing an issue for a lot of commuters this morning. >> it sounds alarming. the tanker fire did not cause any injuries. this is 580 westbound. they are inspecting the damage and trying to find the strategy what they need to do to clean up the roadway. that is 580 getting to the bay bridge toll plaza, the connector that is currently closed.
6:50 am
we will show you what's going on. folks coming off the berkeley curve, in toward the berkeley curve. instead of going this way on westbound 580, the fire and the tanker. on to shell now. jammed up. they make a loop around, the east shore freeway, berkeley curve, and the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. san pablo will take you around the area. considering the critical point in the maze, it has been closed for a while, this is not so bad for the east shore area. we're looking at overall a nice flow of traffic. except for the closure at 580 and the maze and the san mateo bridge across the peninsula. south bay, no surprises, kari. that's the better news. >> yeah. we also don't have to deal with the rain today.
6:51 am
tomorrow morning, a different story. the new system moves into the pay area. really unusual to see a storm this strong in may in the middle of may. this is more like a february kind of storm. let's talk about the reason why. we do see the cloudy skies today. and cooler temperatures. scattered showers in san francisco on northward before sunrise tomorrow morning. but most of us won't see that rain until tomorrow afternoon. here we are. tomorrow at 12:30. we see some of the scattered showers, mostly light starting to work into parts of the bay area. yellow, oranges, indicating heavier rain. we will all see that in time for tomorrow evening's commute, especially for the santa cruz mountains, east bay into the north bay. there we go to wednesday night. rounds of heavy rain. this is when it will be adding up. it tapers thursday morning with scattered showers. but then we could see some thunderstorms firing up for thursday afternoon. so a lot to watch here.
6:52 am
in terms of our rainfall, our computer models are tkpraeg we could see anywhere from about three quarters of an inch, maybe less for santa clara valley. we could see over an inch of rain over a wide swath of the bay area. north bay, we could see over two inches of rain. when we think about how much rain we normally see during the month of may, ..8 to 0.4 in san jose. the last time we had a significant rainfall in livermore with 73 days ago. everything turned brown. then a very heavy rain in the forecast. what we are expecting here once again anywhere from half an inch in some of our valleys up to over two inches of rain. thunderstorms likely thursday. gusty winds wednesday night into thursday. and, yes, see air va snow. a live look at heavenly. still 133% of normal. and we could get another two
6:53 am
feet of snow above 5,000 feet. so i will be watching that. more updates to come, marcus and laura. >> gosh, you can go skiing again. just have to worry about driving up there. >> disgraced congressman anthony weiner is free. hours ago he was released from a halfway house. he pleaded guilty to sending a i series of sexually explicit messages to a high school student. . and next here on "today in the bay", a quick look at the top stories, including breaking news. a five-alarm fire continues to get even bigger in stockton. it is spreading fast. live pictures coming up next. >> plus, do you use it? more and more people turning to cbd oil even though there is no proven benefit. 7:00 a.m. for you, the major retailers who could make the trend even more mainstream. it is 6:53 right now. you are watching "today in the bay". welcome back.
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before you head out the door, here are the top stories on today 6:56 on your tuesday morning. here's the top stories we're covering on "today in the bay". first we want to get you to breaking news. a major traffic alert we have been closely following 90 minutes now. a live look from skyranger flying over the maze in emeryville. a cooking oil truck caught fire. it closed the ramp connecting 580 to 80. that's from oakland heading toward the bay bridge. we don't know when things will be back to normal.
6:57 am
but a tow truck just made it to the scene to assess the situation. mike is all over this story. another update from him in just a minute. more breaking news this tuesday morning in stockton, a raging fire at a pallet yard. it is spreading across the street and to other warehouses. this could last for quite some time. we're told a school and church are very close to that area. thick black smoke billowing into the air. the fire itself started two hours ago at the pallet yard. we're told all the firefighters in toc ton are there battling this fire. also new, many city police crews have been called to help with traffic control in that area. all of this happening three miles from the start of the third stage of the amgen tour in california. so that could be very concerning where the air quality conditions for all the bikers
6:58 am
>> and following a developing story out of alaska. at least five people are dead and another person is missing. this is after two sight-seeing planes crashed midair. it happened in the southern part of alaska around 1:00 yesterday afternoon. new for you this morning,s here's video from inside the plane a few days ago from yesterday's crash. the man realized it was the tail number of the plane that crashed yesterday. this was the otter float plane with 11 people on board. after it collided it stayed mostly intact. this is a stock image of the second aircraft. a pwraoefr float plane. it broke apart. all five people on the plane were killed. a live look at oracle. tonight it is game on with a spot in the nba finals on the line. they start their western conference final series. no shortage of storylines. curry versus curry.
6:59 am
steph taking on seth. there are reports the parents will flip a coin before each to decide. >> or flip them inside-out. >> i love all of my professional basketball players. >> okay. kari has a look at the forecast. clear today. but the rain is moving in tomorrow night. >> most of us won't see it until tomorrow afternoon. for the evening commute. and then scattered showers, possibly thunderstorms on thursday. friday is dry. saturday, more rain moving in. that will continue into early next week. all right. that update and freeway closures in oakland. >> still closed westbound 580 out of the maze and heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza. the problem is you can't clear. the cavalry arrived. the tow truck arrived. look at the middle of the
7:00 am
screen. it looks like they are slowing on westbou 580. i think they are just reopening right now. >> local news update at 7:25. the bay area is bracing for a breaking overnight, midair collision. two sightseeing planes carrying more than a dozen cruise ship passengers collide in alaska at least five people killed and this morning a frantic search for survivors is on. we'll have the latest in a live report. seeing red wall street in a tailspin over the escalating trade war with china, the dow tanking in its worst day this year. the president shrugging it off. >> we are in a great position right now no matter what we do. >> just ahead, when americans will start feeling the pinch and what's china's next move. misery in may. the east coast walloped by a nasty nor'easter frigid temperatu r


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