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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  May 19, 2019 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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and get your dreams right. fast, easy and all online. get your money right with sofi. coverage starts right now. good afternoon, i )m terry mcsweeney. i )m anoushah rasta... we )ll have all the day our close game coverage starts right now. good afternoon everyone, i am terry mcsweeney. >> we'll have all the day's headlines and wild weather. first we'll send it over to the sharks tank. a tough afternoon for fans. raj mathai. >> reporter: there is a lot of cheering behind me and today everyone is just walking by. you saw the game right here at nbc bay area. the sharks have all the brakes in hockey. that first round against vegas and the second round against colorado, they got a lot of breaks and they looked really
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sharp. things started out pretty well. let show you the excitement downtown san jose. it was pretty fun. a lot of shark fans, this was fr breakfast or brunch with the sharks. a lot of fans showing up and not just san jose or the east bay but in san francisco as well. today is a big sharks hang out. people were pumped. back here at the shark stank, the dressing room doors, this is always a big honor. the captain for the day. remember him? the cheechoo train. he got the party started. take a look and you saw it here, you are pretty frustrated. second period, this is emblemmatic of the afternoon. that led to a penalty shot. the sharks never really
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recovered. st. louis, they looked short. latimer shenko. st. louis wins. the blues take a 3-2 series lead. a lot of story lines for the game, what's next for the sharks, ian cull. >> reporter: the zamboni just came out right now, fans are basically wiping that game right off the ice of the 5-0 loss. when the serious and the conference final ties to the team, fans are not going to like. the momentum came to that period. but seconds later the blues are going to have this slow shot
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that looks like a pass but instead bringing it into the glove. martin jones missed. the blues would go to score another four minutes later winning 5-0. >> well, you know you never know what to expect. we came here and we plied haray. now, we are trying to look pass. >> reporter: the first consecutive playoffs losses for the sharks since april 14 and 16. they went down 3-1 and had a come back. game six is going to be tuesday in st. louis. they're going to have to win there if they want to play another game seven back here at the shark tank and we'll hear a lot more from the team in the locker room in just a few minutes and have some interviews with the coach coming up later
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in the highlights. raj the latest from the ice, sending it back to you. >> reporter: it is not a funeral here, the sharks season are not over. they'll have to do a lot of work. let's bring here, you do it all. it is among the ugliest playoffs we have seen brett. >> tonight you get shut out on your home-ice. you have to look at each series presenting itself within each serio series. they came back-to-back with game seven wins. >> reporter: vegas and colorado and now here. >> here you are in st. louis committed to a physical brand of hockey. game one, didn't really matter if they won game one. st. louis didn't care so much. what they did do is they were physical in that game one and maybe we see the results from that fiscalty in game five.
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>> reporter: very good insight there, brett, that's going to happen going into game six. we saw carlson off the ice for a while. >> three of their top players did not show up in the third period, you look at all those went off the ice. now you have to go into a hostile environment where some of the best players doubtful. >> reporter: you're a stanley cup championship yourself i in '06. what do you tell them in the dressing room how to respond to this because st. louis looked pretty good today. >> they looked great. the young rookie came to play, for the sharks, it is about trying to get new guys in the lamp that'll be able to fill the holes for some of the players that can't play. don't try to do too much. it is about using each other and trusting one another and chipping away one goal at a time
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tch . >> reporter: would you be available there? >> i would love to be available. sharks have to keep the series going. >> reporter: hopefully we'll see you back here for game seven, what do you think? >> we have seen so many dramatic things for the sharks for this playoff run. maybe they can find lightning in a bottle one more time. >> thank you raj. reporter: brett here. the party will continue here in downtown san jose, let's bring our marianne, a great start to the game with all the excitement but a depressing finish for fans. marianne favro. >> reporter: instead of coming here to party, a lot of them are making a b-line right to the parking lot. a lot of long faces today. even though the sharks didn't
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win, they are still hopeful. they came to watch the men in st. louis at home, it did not quite work out that way. they have faith that the sharks can beat the blues in game six. >> i mean i am a sharks fan regardless. you have to have positivity and optimistic of the playoffs. >> of course hopeful, there is more chances. after this, a chance to come up. >> reporter: sharks fans here say they are used to riding a roller coaster ride with their team and today was no difference. they are hoping for a turn around where sharks go for game six. this time it will be back on blu blues' ice. some shark fans are deciding to hang out and come over here at san pedro square and have a beer or drown those sorrow one way or
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another. some are celebrating, still some die hard fans. back to you. >> reporter: marianne favro here in downtown san jose with us. >> the party may continue a couple of nights. back in the giants when their world series, guys baseball was torture, in a way that's what we are seeing with the sharks. we'll see what the ultimate outcome is. just in case this season ends a couple of nights in st. louis, we saw a touching moment this morning. a rare new start, this is what we saw, first player on the ice, 8:24 a.m., that's joe thornton. 39 years old, this could be his last time arriving for duty. he gives the puck to her mom. his own mother before the game, pregame warm ups, he sends the puck to the kids and the kids give the puck to mary thornton. touching moment before the game
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with the thorntons family. hopefully that's not the last time we see jumbo joe here. that's going to do it right now. we'll check in with other players to see what their response is moving for ward as we go into game six. the sharks lose 5-0. the blues have a 3-2 series lead. terry, back to you. >> there are still hope though. we are not throwing a towel yet. >> it is going to be insane again. >> raj's friends will come back. >> his friends will return. >> okay, raj, thank you. the weather, it was an absolutely wild day across the bay area with thunderstorms and hail and less than two weeks away from june. check out this video of hail taken from one of our viewers. this is san jose, thunder boomer wakes up some people this morning. this storm is active right now. let's check in with rob mayeda
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and see what's going on. >> we have dreary skies much like the finish of the sharks game that we just watched. 62 degrees at walnut creek. that's some of the most intense showers firing up here at the northeast side of mountain diabt diablo. now more intense weather is going to crack in land. that's the trend we are seeing for our future cast. 11:00, showers really beginning to shut down. that's a pattern that should take tomorrow morning commute. chilly temperatures to start. get ready for more shower charncharn
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chances and more chances of thunderstorms in our workweek forecast. >> we'll check in with you rob. thank you. >> make sure you send us your weather pictures or videos by tagging us on facebook or twitter. you can download our nbc bay area app. for detailed forecast for your community. delays and cancellations. graduating seniors of cal state had been dealing with because of the weather. the commencement ceremony is set for 5:00 this evening. that including students had their graduation called off last night. it is like they are on call. christie smith is joining us live. >> reporter: we are experiencing dry skies right now. some rain earlier. this commencement ceremony is a go at 5:00. what's happening right now is that crews are clearing the water off the seats that have been set up here. the ceremony was already pushed back from 10:00 this morning because of the rain. they are expecting about 50 students from the concord campus
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to take part in the commencement ceremony here and be recognized along with 750 other graduates from cal state and east bay in hayward. that's much different than the concord campus where the venue has real grass. the university cancelled the ceremony yesterday because o f the weather, created potentially unsafe condition. students and their families were disappointed. >> the decision to cancel's yesterday evening, those decisions are not taken lightly. there is a lot of discussions that goes on before those decisions are made. we understand families are traveling out of town and reservations being made. first and foremost our concern is for our graduates and their guests and their safety in light of the weather. >> okay. a handful of students from that concord campus decided that they
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will go ahead and put on their own commencement ceremony, just a few of them. someone brought out a pa system and a microphone and about 50 again we are told have decided to join the ceremony here today where they'll be recognized. again this gets underway tonight at 5:00. reporting live, christie smith, nbc bay area news. thank you, christie. nbc bay area news at 3:00. a mother plunges into a pond with her two granddaughters stuck in their car. the dramatic rescue. the markee event. runners at the bay to breakers break had to dodge the rain drop today. we'll take you there, next.
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the north bay, a grandmother and her granddaughters saved from a car submerged in a pond. it happened just before 9:00 at rohnert park. the grandmother made a wrong turn and drove into the pond. by the time she realized what happened, it was too late. that suv submerged into the roof. police jumped in and help the 7-year-old swim to the edge and the three-year-old out of the opened window and helped her and her grandmother to safety. amazingly everyone is okay. >> i thought it is not that deep but there is a lot of sludge or whatever in the bottom and so it just sunk and sunk but luckily i called 911 and they came, they were so fast. >> yes, so fast. police say it does not appear drugs or alcohol was a factor.
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the dmv requests the grandmother's driving status to be reevaluated though. the threat of rain and thunderstorms did not stop tens of thousands of people filling the streets of san francisco today for the 108th day to breakers race. they took off at the embarcadero on sixth street. saw a lot of ponchos and future ca fantastic array of costumes. >> change together makes it a decision play of team work. it is a lot of team work going on here and while trying to run fast. >> that was notorious. >> the winners had impressive
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time. the women's winner was caroline. >> our own melissa was out there, too. >> she was not dressed up as any -- new york ci. >> no, she was not dressed up. >> still ahead. >> raj mathai is joining us again. >> reporter: good afternoon, who says we all can't get along. we have blues fans here and some sharks fans. we'll check in with some of the players and head coach. stay with us, we are coming to you live at the sharks tank. >> we are tracking showers and thunderstorms in the solano and contra costa county. more of this of your seven-day forecast coming right back.
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. all right, let's get a check out with raj mathai, fans are joining you i can see. >> reporter: well, they are. we'll get to them in a moment. the sharks, the sky is not fallen. the sharks did not look good today. they lose 5-0. if they lose on tuesday night, the season is over. there are still hope. behind me there are some sharks fans och fans. nicole is a blues fan, she came up from l.a. to watch the game. congratulations to you. >> thank you very much, it was a great game. >> what about you? are you okay? >> we'll be back here at game seven to take care of the blews. i ain't worried about that. >> reporter: that's a playoff beard. we'll show you what happens this afternoon. let's bring you to ian cull.
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there were a lot of story lines. we want to hear from the players and coaches as well. raj, you know every playoffs series, the sharks played their best hockey, they won their first two games so far. today with that earlier than usual start at noon. jonathan cheechoo opened the door and entered the tank. six minutes, karrlson. who's going to take that lead early. the blues had a slow shot. three minutes into the second. seconds after a shark missed the post, martin jones deflux it and makes it 2-0 blues. 13 minutes left in the second, brett burn is going to stop that break away attack with a trip
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leading to a penalty shot. blues are going to go 3-0. they win it at 5-0. here is sharks' coach peter debo deboer after the game. >> i thought we played well enough to come out of that maybe first when we started, started taking on some water. they took over the second period and you know when powell got hit high, we lost composure there, another finest moment. >> reporter: they got game six on tuesday in st. louis. fans and players in tmay like. that's the latest from the ice raj, i will send it back to you. >> ian, well done. who knows what to expect in game six in st. louis and possibly
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game seven back here in san jose. that's going to do it for now. there is a lot of injuries for the sharks. just a few minutes ago, it will be interesting to see some of the younger players who steps up in game six because of so many injuries for san jose. >> this one is not over yet. >> more chapters and other chapters to be written. >> raj, thank you so much. those going to the sharks game had to deal with some rain as they got to the arena. heavy rain fell for the day t in downtown san jose. >> hockey fans don't mind. >> around us it means something. >> hail and thunder, snow, everything we saw outside today, still ongoing for a few spots. we'll show you that on the radar view. you can see showers here posting the coast, notice the majority of the lighting bulb there. the future cast has been
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tracking now. we should see more wild weather heading off to the east. you are still seeing the downpours and hail producing showers around brett wood and concord. you can see hail producing showers around milpitas about an hour so. morgan hill is dealing with some hail. few more scattered showers moving on through which you see right there. the trend we think at least for the next few hours. this moisture starts to move to the east, we'll begin to see less in terms of coverage of showers in the intensity should drop off at 6:00 tonight. notice how the skies start to clear which will set the stage for a chilling start tomorrow morning. we'll see low 40s and those north bay valley and highs tomorrow, breezy and finally dry for your monday. highs in the mid-60s. here is the reason why we can see the pattern resets beyond monday.
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notice what was here. the area of low pressure pulling low and bringing another chance. we are seeing a few showers here and there is a chance of a cool air aloft, a chance of hail producing showers. tuesday, from there we have to watch the area of low pressure. the model kind of keep it apart of southern in evidence and california, with that could be a slight chance of showers again around thursday. so the extended forecast starts to calm things down. not late mayweather, you can see temperatures are still below average. trending a little dryer certainly for your monday. ba we'll have a chance of hail i think on tuesday and another chance on thursday. memorial day weekend, we are talking about unofficial start for the summer. that does not look like the unofficial. hopefully we'll get the showers off to the east. we'll be watching it closely. >> thank you very much, we'll be right back.
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welcome back to our sharks post-game coverage. they lose to the st. louis blues, 5-0. they trail three games of two. that's a river thornton as in joe thornton's son and brent burns eas burns' son. bring your kids to workday, it did not go well for the sharks. right now it did look good. there is some hockey to be replayed. what did we learn of the playoffs so far? anything can happen. while i am here, i may as well do my rob mayeda forecast. we are under a tenth. it is off and on showers, i will be bold and come out of the element and it is raining. let's send it back to you guys. >> raj, you are doing everything
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here. >> that's your job rob. >> i will get out there and try to do some sports, bringing game seven back to the bay. >> there you go. >> see you again at 4:30. [music] >> the james brown show is brought to you by geico. >> at the age of six, today's guest dreamed he would be playing for the dallas cowboys. unlikely, you say? he was drafted by dallas in 1990. then, the rookie set a goal of passing walter payton, of all people. the nfl's all-time rushing leader are youed 125 yards a game for 13 years. impossible? it was, but he did that, too, while breaking many other records as well.


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