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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 30, 2019 6:00pm-6:58pm PDT

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to entire cities in the name of fire prevention. critics worn the outages could be risky for the poor and elderly and for small businesses. nbc bay area sam brock is in san francisco with both sides to the delicate story. sam? >> reporter: raj, the plan isn't any one thing. there's free trimming, there's equipment upgrades and yes, deenergization which in plain english means blackouts that can last for days or weeks. for those disabled or unable to pay for another power source, that's problematic. coming off of fire season, that saw nearly an entire community, paradise, burned to the ground. outgoing utilities president michael picker unleashed a red >> nobody lives in -- should count on a warning or should count on having your lives with no electricity. >> reliable electricity that
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might have to be cut preemptively if conditions demand it. >> this provides an opportunity the next time there's a wildfire for the utilities to point to the plan and say, well, we trim the trees, we did some things that we said we were going to do in the plan, so not our fault. >> will abrams says what he wants to see in the plan, scientific benchmarks for reducing risks never made it in. >> part of what puts pressure on them to do the right thing moving forward is knowing there's a financial price to pay for what they do and what they don't do. >> pg&e issued a statement saying it plans to keep regulators, the public and other stakeholders in the loop as they execute their plans. for some of the disabled community, those words rang hollow. especially when the warnings of a blackout come from a robo call, then ahen a what that person is going to do when nobody answers the door? leave the door hanger on the door letting them know they were
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there. >> the deenergization is an option of last resort. >> through all of this, raj and jess, no mention in that pg&e statement of how surgically or not the blackouts would be applied. so if pg&e chooses to cut transition lines, that could open the door to thousands and thousands of customers losing power. reporting live from downtown san francisco, sam brock, nbc bay area news. >> certainly controversial. thank you, sam. a notable departure to tell you b michael picker shall the head of the california p.u.c. is retiri retiring. he oversaw a tumultuous era. then governor jerry brown appointed picker in 2014 in the wake of the investigation into pg&e's role in the san bruno gas line explosion. after that, picker's mandate was safety. picker says he'll stay on the job until his successor is winter, we may be on the verge
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of a fire season. 3500 goats busy grazing the grass of the oakland hills. the rain helped ensure there's no shortage of food for them to chew on. the contra costa county, they have until june to clear up vegetation around homes and businesses. after that shall the county will hire contractoo do the work and then bill you. >> the work that the property owners are doing in these next two weeks, if they haven't already done it, to create defensible space, may make the difference between life and death. >> the devastating fires that hit northern california the past two years should be motivation enough to get you to make sure your wildfire -- you're wildfire ready. let's go to walnut creek, lots of clear skies today. that's the way it will stay for a couple of days, too. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us now. obviously with the increased heat, sparks the fire danger we're talking about. >> we will see lower humidities
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that will gradually increase the fire. we have beneficial news due to the late season storms that we have been getting in may, look at these totals here. santa rosa, 4.41 inches of rainfall this month putting us at 356% of normal. livermore over 1.5 inches at 272% of normal. a lot of our vegetation right now is still very moist and wet from all of this may rain. that is the good news. i want to take this one step farther and get a look at the fire burn index. this is what fire agencies use to rate the fire danger and across the bay area right now, you can see we're at a 25. look at the key over here. that is considered low on my map in the green level. 162-plus would be extremely high fire danger. even into tomorrow we're still expected to be in the low index. again, this is good news. he ds numbers are based on fuel you could be doing to keep that ahead.
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we did hear about some things suspicious activity. no burning as we head into this time of the year. outdoor burning. cut the weeds back. make sure your tools have a spark arrester, a lot of new tools have that. it keeps sparks flying out from any weed whackers or lawnmowers, things like that. and no evacuation routes -- meet with the fire department. they're usually welcoming to come and talk about things. we'll have a full forecast in 15 minutes. a sobering statistic in san jose. the number of reported rapes have more than tripled in the last decade. south bay leaders are demanding that more be done to solve this issue. nbc bay area, amy trujillo is at city hall where he spoke with a group and a sexual assault victim. >> reporter: raj, these numbers are disturbing, especially since the county says there are still significant delays in processing rapeer daily walks, devin cable
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still has flashbacks of a physically and sexually abusive boyfriend. >> i'll tear up and think about everything because three years is a long time to be abused. >> for devin telling her story helps a lot. >> he forced me to do sexual things i had no intention of doing. >> today she told her story in front of the five female members of the city council. the councilmembers say reported rapes have tripled in san jose over the last ten years and now they're pushing legislation to find solutions and deeply examine the root cause. >> my council colleagues and i have joined forces to address this issue head on. >> numbers recently released by the d.a. shows that last year his office resued. 1,070 rape cases. they prosecuted less than half. >> our decision to file criminal cases is really hard because we need to prove each cas reasonable doubt to
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jury. >> there is also a persistent backlog in processing rape kits at the county crime lab. as of last month, more than 100 cases were still waiting to be examined. >> we need to address strategically the issues that we see in those stats. >> if he even saw me speaking to a boy, he would call me a shut. >> she's moved on with her life stronger for speaking her truth and hopeful that no one else has to endure her pain. >> reporter: just last week the board of supervisors approved $5 million to help combat a sexual assault. they hope it eliminates the backlog in processing rape kits. live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. we have the ay bridge that triggered hours of traffic delays. we know the name of the person who died. gentleman many crane of hayward. he was a passenger in the box truck that rear ended a golden gate transit bus yesterday morning. you see the crash scene there.
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two other people in the truck were pict lines for an 8th straight day. that has california's top teacher calling for the strike to end. state superintendent tony thurman wants both sides to figure it out immediately. teachers in hayward originally wanted a 10% raise. they've come down to 7%. however, the district says both side are far apart. thurman released a statement saying in part, quote, this has gone on long enough. >> stanford university wants to expand. santa clara county wants the public to weigh in. stanford is proposing a nearly 20-year long development project that calls for more than 2 million square feet of academic buildings. also more than 3,000 housing units for students, faculty and staff. there's a public meeting happening right now at palo alto city hall. it's the first of six public sessions. the president picking a new fight with mexico. a little more than an hour ago,
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president trump announced a new 5% tariff on mexican goods. his goal, he says, is to pressure the country to help stop the flow of undocumented migrants into the u.s. meanwhile, the other trade, the one with china is about to hit the bay area wine industry hard. nbc bay area anoushah rasta is live. local wineries are dreading what could come at the end of this month. >> reporter: jessica, they sure are. once he tells us that china imposed three tariffs and the third is the nail in the coffin for their wine sales to china. as washington and beijing keep raising the stakes in an ongoing ry is cou becoming ahostage, we feel, is unfair. >> vineyards like this family in livermore have stopped exporting wine to china after doing so for years. the decision comes as china is raising tariffs on june 1st for $60 billion of u.s. goods,
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including wine. the new tax means many brand got a lot more expensive in china. that means it's much harder to compete against rivals from places like chile 57bd australia who have free trade agreements with china. >> short-term, these retaliatory tariffs, we're not going to ship wine so lost revenues are the biggest impact we feel right away. long-term impact, it's the fact at that we've lost opportunities to ship wines. >> meanwhile, president trump's tariffs on china are making other products more expensive for millions of american customers. >> these are toys. this is food. this is clothing. this is baseball bats. things like that. you wouldn't even think about t now, and another casualty of the trade war, other local vineyards told me that they're on the hunt for a new place to buy wine bottles because their main supplier was china. but the price for those bottles has now skyrocketed.
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reporting live in livermore, anoushah rasta, nbc bay area news. up next, charges in the kids that -- one of the pedestrians run down by a driver talks to us about the new twist in the case. packages tossed out of a delivery truck in the south bay. you see the video right there. tonight, ups is d over northern california. we'll track where this is headed and what's next for tomorrow. that's coming up in about seven minutes. delirately drove into
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pedestrians in sunnyva suyvale. man deliberately drove y hate is the that officially became a hate crime. robert handa joins us from the scene with more about the accusations. this really has been disturbing to the people who got run down. >> reporter: yeah. it really has been. we're here at el camino real in
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sunnyvale avenue where police say in april, isaiah peoples ran down pedestrians in a hateful rage. now, one victim we talked to who was seriously injured said the hate crime allegations makes it all hurt even more. >> everything i suffer -- >> while 34-year-old isaiah peoples was in a santa clara county courtroom today hearing hate crime charges added to the other charges, one of the victims was in physical therapy for the numerous broken bones he suffered when he was intentionally hit by peoples' car on april 23rd. ping believes all the victims are following what happens in court. >> i understand the other people, they are suffering every day, too, like me. so i think that additional charge is appropriate. >> peoples showed little emotion in court today. they say he suffers from ptsd from military service in iraq.
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the two hate crime enhancements are for the two targeted individuals as well as an important symbolic message of support to muslim and indian communities and the victims. >> i pray for the strength that we will need to hold this perpetrator accountable. and i pray for the strength to bring healing to all of the victims in this case. >> four ping lieu, healing will take a long time. but he still holds no hatred himself. >> i'm not with any -- it's not mine. >> reporter: what does bother ping is the court process may take as long as the healing process. peoples is not scheduled to enter a plea until july 11th. live in sunnyvale, robert handa, nbc bay area news. on the coast now, a local teenager is in jail after posting a chilling threat on social media. on may 17th, jessica joy turla posted thee got a gun and
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planned to shoot 12 classmates in pacifica at ocean a high school. she listed the students by name. they promptly arrestedher. they didn't find any weapons. may have to inspect their boxes. we obtain video showing a u.p.s. worker tossing the boxes out of the truck. he keeps throwing them faster and faster. a viewer sent the video. u.p.s. says it does not tolerate the mishandling of pack ajts and is investigating. a safer san francisco, one beat cop at a time. today, sfpd brought together officers who walk a beat with the people they're sworn to serve and protect. it was a chance to talk about what's getting better and what isn't. in the city. christie smith is in san francisco for a look at this program. christie? >> reporter: well, the goal is to bring together foot beat
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officers and people who work in the stores encore dors like this so they can identify the problems and real solutions and workers we spoke with say it's really important because they deal with everything from grab and runs to people harassing them. >> everything going okay? >> yeah. everything is good. >> officer steve haugh makes his way down union street popping in and out of shops. >> looking at all of the people, looking for people to do criminal activity. >> he checked in at the sun glass hut where the worker says they've become the problem. >> people want to come in and like grab and go. >> part of the foot patrols in san francisco's northern station where joseph en gler is captain. he says much challenge is quality of life issues. opioid addiction. he believes the foot beats are helping. >> we've dedicated 21 officers to our foot beat program and it's very, very simple. it's not magic. if i have a commercial corr on,.
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now, each officer works a 40-hour workweek. so i can't cover everywhere. >> on patrol today in upper fill more, officers responded to a battery call. the department's nonprofit arm that helps with crime prevention. she says a few changes are under way. >> now, there is a more dedicated assignment. each foot beat officer is assigned the block that they're workingnd there's a leader on the block with the merchants. >> at just jewels, they say knowing the beet officer makes a difference. they keep a phone number behind the counter. >> we've had quite a bit of problems out here since they cleared the tenderloin. incredible. >> good, positive. >> reporter: theapta says they deal with serious crimes but a lot of calls are low level and people who are calling don't want to call 911 or the nonemergency number and they really like to have basically a
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direct line to their beat officer. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, christie. san francisco ans can be be sentimental. when the cable cars were headed for the scrap heap, people rallied to save them. again, they're rushing to the rescue. this time over a muni bus. it was headed to the auction block along with retired muni buses. members of a group, nor cal bus fan say a 1994 new flyer double length bus resemble this one is a rare model. the management agreed to remove the new flyer and a couple others from the auction and they may join 's that ends u burng man. >> it will be a -- >> that could be interesting. >> it will. >> they don't need to do anything to it. >> they can hang out in the muni. >> hanging outside and enjoying the sn shine today. a lot of you may be wanting to soak in the blue sky and how
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nice it was. a view of that inside of the sky camera network across san jose. looking off towards los gatos, also mt. -- also the santa cruz mountains. you can see a little bit of cloud cover up there at the ridge top. currently, we have 63 degrees after a high of 70. as you move through tonight, we'll see mostly clear skies and temperatures dropping down to the 50s through 9:00 and 10:00. looks good down here across the south bay. i want to take you to the doppler radar. we were tracking some thunderstorms close to the north bay this afternoon. a lot of this really has fizzled out and is moving away from the bay area. our chances really are decreasing at this point. we're going to keep a close eye on thunderstorms off to the north near chico. if anything gets close to us, we'll bring that coverage to you. we'll move it into tomorrow morning's forecast. i still think we'll get foog back at the coastline, the peninsula, low clouds towards the east bay and a little bit there for the north bay. once we hit the afternoon, sunshine returns but notice we
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might see a little bit of shower activity popping up over mt. hamilton. also close to the north bay. we'll be following the thunderstorm possibilities. temperatures are going to warm up again tomorrow. it's going to feel hotter. 5 to 7 degrees hotter. up to 86 in antioch. 80 in san jose. closer to the bay, 79 in palo alto. pretty much perfect. 63 in san francisco. we'll talk more about 90-degree heat in the forecast and show you what's ahead for the weekend in about 25 minutes. >> thank you, jeff. up next, taking on tesla. a pregnant woman says it forced her into premature labor. how tesla is responding. each morning,
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people wake. and smile, when they see the sun. not that one. this one. it makes knowing when to take your prescriptions clear as day. up to fifty percent of people don't take them properly. so at cvs pharmacy we got up early and built a system that helps calculate each person's ideal schedule. it's great for doctors. and caregivers. at cvs pharmacy, we're just trying to help more people have more mornings. facing new sex-related charges tonight. kelly is now charged with 11 additional felony counts of sexual abuse. embattled singer r. kelly facing new charges. kelly charged with 11 additional felony counts of sex abuse. court documents show they involve a single victim under 18. kelly already faces ten counts of sexual abuse involving four
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women who were minors at the time of the alleged abuse. kelly maintains his innocence and denies all the accusations against him. the fresno grizzlies minor league baseball team is paying a steep price for the video on memorial day. a major sponsor has pulled out. sun maid raise since, stopped its responsible shop after they played this video of a speech by president ronald reagan. it included a video of ocasio-cortez among the so-called enemies of freedom in the video. the team apologized saying the edit was a mistake. a mishap with a tesla forced a woman into premature labor. that's what she's telling us tonight. in a lawsuit filed by mallory harcourt of santa barbara says she was 8 month pregnant when her tesla accelerated forward. she went into labor. the car had tesla reportedly looked at the car data and believed her young son may have caused the car to
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accelerate. it was sitting in the driver's seat at the time. a young sea lion is recovering after an unusual rescue in southern california. it happened tuesday. they spotted the male pup struggling to breathe. seaworld rescue crews found it with a diving mask wrapped around its neck preventing the sea lion from breathing. they saw the pup had a gash on it neck. the sea lion, we're happy to report is recovering at the rescue center at seaworld. once he's okay, he'llal catchin lot of attention with new comments about the investigation. what the a.g. says mueller could have done but didn't. i'm scott budman, the unhappy, the happy and the protesting. we'll give you the report from today's facebook shareholders meeting just ahead. ne's got to .
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when it comes to reducing the sugar in your family's diet, coke, dr pepper and pepsi hear you. we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar.
6:28 pm iteeing off on the "special
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c > teeing off on the special counsel. the president ripping into robert mueller and lobbying new insults in front of the press. the president not holding back. angry about mueller's news conference. >> the president triggered a new debate. does he agree with the central finding that russia helped him get elected? let bring in janelle wang with some answers. >> raj and jessica, the president started the day with a tweet. in it, he said he had nothing to do with russia getting him elected. which kind of suggests and admit
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that russia did interfere but he wasn't involved. later in the day he said he got elected on his own. case closed. speaking to reporters outside the white house, president trump trashed robert mueller calling him a never trummer. >> i think he's a total conflicted person. i think he's a never trumper. he mueller declined to exxonerate him during his remars yesterday. >> russia did not help me get elected. you know who got me elected? i got me elected. russia didn't help me at all. >> mueller's investigation revealed russia did interfere in the election favoring the trump campaign. mueller's remarks on obstruction have more democrats calling for impeachment. >> to me it's a dirty word. the word impeach. it's a dirty filthy, disgusting word. >> there are 46 democratic house members and one republican
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pressuring nancy pelosi to begin the impeachment process. >> nothing is off the table. >> in a new interview with cbs news, attorney general william barr threw the responsibility on obstruction back to the special counsel for not reaching a conclusion on the charge. >> i personally feel he could have reached a decision. >> charging the president was not an option because of a long-standing justice department policy. >> yes, william barr reiterated you cannot indict a president in office. but you could still reach a firm conclusion whether there was criminal activity which mueller did not say. jessica? >> okay. thank you, janelle. zienlts on twitter tonight, president trump releasing staggering images in what he says is crossing. the gain i video shows what the president described as they illegally -- it happened near el paso, texas. nbc news reports nearly all were families from guatemala, honduras and he will valve dore.
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it is the longest single capture of migrants. it was released hours before increased tariffs were announced. the tariff hike meant to pressure mexico to do more to stem the flow of undocumented immigrants. this is going to be a big few days in politics locally and national nationally. here come the presidentialthey'e democratic convention beginning tomorrow in san francisco. senator kamala harris and eric swalwell will be in town along with bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, cory booker, kristen gillibrand and amy klobuchar. pete buttigieg and beto o'rourke will also be here to speak. it's a crowded convention. in fact, the main no-show is fornler vice president joe biden. who is leading in the initial polls. the former vp leads the pack in the most recent polls. many democrats say they are giving him their top choice.
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a busy day for facebook. on the campus and in the sky. it says break up facebook. it happened during the annual shareholder meeting where people were in silicon valley. our business and tech reporter scott budman was in menlo park with more on the demands of the shareholders and how facebook responded. scott? >> reporter: as you can imagine, the meeting was about a lot more than just facebook stock price. share hold ergs airing their grievances inside and outside on the ground and through the air. >> as protesters took to the street sporting an angry emoji. >> facebook is completely unmanageable and out of control and they have enabled a violent community to find one another and radicalize. >> someone paid for a protest plane complete with the sign that reads break up facebook, save silicon valley. the company's annual shareholder meeting was almost as fiery as
6:34 pm
the year in social media. >> fake news is still on there. >> that's a legitimate concern. >> absolutely. nobody even addressed it. they still have the thing about nancy pelosi that everyone knows is fake. >> i would like to see a little bit more of the conservative speech. it's quite a bit of liberal speech there. >> many worry about the power ceo mark zuckerberg holds over the company saying it's led to unpopular decisions and policies. >> i think it's important that the entire company not be on one person. and the entire decision, every decision not be based on one person's power. >> ultimately, facebook executives listened but didn't approve any new proposals. despite the protests, not much will change at the company, leaving investors with more questions. >> facebook put so much pressure on the communities with the jobs and housing imbalance. what are they going to do about it?
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>> share hoilders brought up the idea of breaking up the company. but executives didn't go for that either. to be honest, many shareholders told us they were happy, especially about the stock price up 40% since january. at facebook headquarters, scott budman, nbc bay area news. scott, thank you. the latest flash point in the renewed battle over abortion is in missouri. abortion opponents say they'll close the state's last remaining clinic tomorrow. protesters on both sides spilled into the streets of st. louis today as a legal fight plays out in court. planned parenthood is fighting to keep that clinic open after the state health department denied the clinic's license to renew. the governor claims the license couldn't be renewed because it violated numerous state laws and regulations. >> missouri politicians and missouri government for weaponizing the licensing and regulatory process. >> more than 2 dozen states have or are considering new strict anti-abortion laws. last night louisiana passed the
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so-called fetal heartbeat measure making it illegal to terminate a pregnancy after about six weeks. ohio, kentucky, mississippi 57bd georgia have similar laws in place. all are being challenged in court. no more death penalty in new hampshire. the governor there vetoed the effort to end capital punishment. today the new hampshire senate voted 16-8 to override his veto. the authors argued that the punishment is too costly and archaic. new hampshire is the 21st u.s. state to abolish the death penalty. sales forces raising the stakes in the debate over gun control. the san francisco-based company says any company who wants to use it software must agree not to sell certain kinds of guns, including a 3d printed guns. marc benioff has been an advocate for gun control. other tech companies, such as amazon and e-bay have taken similar action.
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critics warn it sets a dangerous precedent when companies dictate the sale of legal products. a bay area lawmaker is leading the charge to put an end to surprise emergency room bills. assemblyman from san francisco wants to limit how much hospitals outside of patient's insurance network can charge for care. they unknowingly find themselves in an out of network emergency room and later receive bills for thousands of dollars. the assembly bill cleared the floor today. like thousands of students across the bay area, san josetu destroyed her home. last week we showed you the surveillance video of transient. you can see it there. the flames erupting behind him. neighbors surrounded the man until police arrested him. the home is where armani pa lie as lived. thee graduates from notre dame high this week. neighbors, classmates and
6:38 pm
teachers have donated food, clothing money to help her family deal with the setback. >> we're still very happy. so not going to let this ruin that for us. still excited and we're still going to try to make the best of it. >> sheila tend the university of red lands in the fall she wants to become a veterinarian. up next, a local student in the national spotlight. his quest to win the national spelling bee. we'll give you an update. thieve
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targeted a popular beauty store. gilroy police say the people shown here stole ne ziefrls thieves in the south bay targeted a beauty store. check it south there. gilroy police say the people stole nearly $4,000 worth of perfume from ulta beauty. a woman and a man entered the store before closing. they loaded perfume bottles into three shopping bags and ran. this is a series of retail thefts of stores across the bay area. a teen arrested after police caught him driving a stolen car. happened saturday night. a police officer recognized a
6:41 pm
rav4 that had been reported stolen earlier in the month. the officer pulled the driver over and arrested 18-year-old anthony james hernandez. that's him there. also in the car, a 13-year-old boy from san jose and this. a bb gun. police released him to his parents. steph curry looking to bring national spelling bee. yes, the final round. 16 kids remain. one of them is from here in the bay area. here he is. he's a 13-year-old from a middle school in san jose. he's a 7th grader and plays three different instruments. his favorite is the saxophone. but tonight we're not playing music, we're spelling. >> yes. >> all things s. saxophone and spelling. >> all right. >> we can't spell saxophone. we'll get to weather. what do you got, jeff? >> i've got a fog storm happening in san francisco. yes. we've got the clouds moving in right now.
6:42 pm
even some drizzle heading into the city. you'll need the wipers for a little bit. we'll talk more about some thunderstorms, where those are headed and big-time heat all coming up in a few minutes. a b one get one free offer with $700 on the line. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next. sunn
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
was getting a free i- phone. when she ended up p nbc bay area responds to sunnyvale woman who thought she was getting a free iphone. >> when she ended up paying for it, she turned to us and our investigators. >> pat chow took advantage of a buy one get one iphone offer from at&t. she says she had to buy both phones up front. but at&t reps assured her she would get a $700 credit for the second iphone within two months. well, that didn't happen. patty says she spent the next ten months trying to get the $700 she was promised. finally, she turned to us. we asked at&t to take a second
6:45 pm
look. and two days later, patty got that $700 credit. we asked at&t what happened. but it didn't get back to us. when you hear buy one get one free. say buyer beware to yourself. in patty's case, there was a disparity between what the salesperson told her and what the promotion rules actually state. when a salesperson offers up something enticing, don't just ma type to make sure the offer is in writing and ask questions before you commit. call us any time. 888-996-tips or visit >> always about the small print. that's for sure. star wars fans, get ready. a new section of the galaxy about to be explored. galaxy's edge is a 14-acre immersive experience to transport you to the land of batu, it took years to create. it opens tomorrow at disneyland.
6:46 pm
the hands-on ride is the centerpiece draw for the billion dollar attacks. on top of piloting hahn solo's ship, you can hang out with storm troopers, eat food rld. >> once they walk away, they'll feel they were transported. they're able to live their own star wars story here. >> if you think you can go down and get into galaxy's edge, think again. you need to make reservations at least for the new first fehen t potter opened. you had to wait a couple of months. >> it's a big deal. doing that intervurks the storm troopers were the -- >> i like that front view where you can see all the stars and everything coming at you. >> that's going to be a huge -- almost a game changer for disneyland. >> and everyone loved it. >> it's great. >> she doesn't want to go. >> there's a bar there, we can relax. >> all right.
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weather forecast always changing lately here across the bay area. let's take you to the microclimate weather tonight. i want to take you back to the fog storm happening in san francisco. we've got drizzle and low cloud covering part of the transascreen, you can see an the embarcadero plaza, a dubs flag flying high tonight. pretty cool. we'll get you into the mor temperatures in the 50s. now we're seeing this fog so aggressive right now from a storm system that's continuing to develop. the other thing that this storm system once it gets parked down here in southern california will do is continue to push up warm air, also bring thunderstorms to the north and the east of us. we think we'll be stuck with a pattern similar to this. let's show you the thunderstorms. this storm system right there is already producing as it's making its way across california. you can see how active it was in
6:48 pm
the central valley. we saw some activity here in the north -- near the north bay earlier today. that has since fizzled out. but i'm going to keep a close eye on the thunderstorms that hit chico and moving toward yuba city. anything close to us, we'll bring it to you on nbc bay area. now as we move into tomorrow morning, that system, again, is going to bring the fog back here towardhe area. pretty thick at times. temperatures in the 50s for the south bay peninsula and the friday valley. expect the low clouds to start. of cour, bay, san francisco and the east bay. now, once we get over the morning hours tomorrow, i still anticipate a lot of sunshine in the forecast. that's the payoff in your friday forecast. as the storm moves into position tomorrow, it's going to help to fuel in more heat. that will bring us up to 80 in san jose, 82 in morgan hill. the east bay, you'll be close to 9 o in a few spots. in the sun, it will feel like it
6:49 pm
in concord and antioch and danville and walnut creek. oakland, you're at 73 degrees. 76 in hayward because of that slight bay breeze, it will keep the numbers down. no 80s for the peninsula. you're close in palo alto at 79 degrees. san francisco, i have 60s from the embarcaderoesidow looking pretty much perfect in mill valley. 77 degrees. 79 in santa rosa and 81 in napa. i think we're going to see similar weather like this the next couple of days. san francisco, eventually, it's going to get in on 70s. you'll have to wait for it. once we hit next tuesday and wednesday, there will be mild days for you. otherwise, lots of 60s. for the inland valleys, we'll keep this chance 50% possibility for the north and the east bay mountains, friday, saturday and sunday for the thunderstorms, low to mid-80s into the weekend. look at this. i can feel that heat off the map next tuesday and wednesday. i got low 30 eads coming our --
6:50 pm
90s coming our way. by next thursday, we drop things down. that's the way we like it. little taste of heat and push it out of the way. >> we like it. thanks, jeff. how is toronto reacting to hosting the nba finals? colin resch takes us on a tour of the city next. a little bird told me you have the fastest internet and now the best mobile network too? yeah and get them together and save hundreds on your wireless bill. wow, that's great. oh, and this looks great. are these words for sale? no. go, go, go, go, go. now the fastest, most reliable internet can help you save on your wireless bill. that's simple, easy, awesome. taxi! should i have stopped her? save hundreds of dollars a year when you get internet and mobile together. plus ask how to get $250 back when you switch to xfinity mobile.
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hello bruce bochy. he )s retirng at the end of the the giants wrapping up their series this afternoon in miami. bruce bochy is retiring at the end of the season. it's been a long season. today, good news. top of the -- clutch rbi single. in the 8th inning, brandon crawford comes through with the two-run double. the giants beat the marlins and snap their 7-game losing streak. the nba fienlts are north of the border for the first time. the raptors campaign is we the north. >> we the west. are there any fans making the road trip? if so, how are they acclimating up there? here's colin resch in toronto. >> we came to the heart of toronto, nathan fill ins square. this is city hall behind me in search of fans. warriors fans mainly. look around. not a lot of red and black to be seen. totally different than the bay area where warriors attire
6:54 pm
dominates on aike today. we definitely need a toronto perspective and a new location. tell me where we are right now? >> we're in the square. the heart of toronto. this is where people come to celebrate. they came up here to celebrate after the raps beat the bucks. people hopefully coming up main street when we beat golden state. >> we're talking, we're next to the possible parade route for toronto. >> we see the tourist bus behind us. that is the parade route. >> haven't seen a parade in a long time. >> my city news friend is right. in the major sports leagues, toronto hasn't been ichampionship since the blue jays in 1993. the raptors could change that. again, the fans, few and far between. at least midday. >> i feel like in the bay, everyone wears their gear and every season. i actually can't tell there's a game honestly.
6:55 pm
>> she and her husband live in manhattan but she's from vallejo and he's from south san francisco. they flew in thursday morning andhe warriors bench. their only concern now, the self-imposed heckling they might receive as the day goes on. >> raptors. >> i do get nervous. i've been to other games and they have been aggressive. i do like -- i don't think it will be that bad, right? >> we do feel foreign right now. coming to, i guess, hostile territory. we'll see tonight. it's a different kind of atmosphere when we're close to the arena. >> anthony was referring to this. we found them. thousands gathered outside the arena. this is jurassic park. quite a scene. in toronto, colin resch. nbc bay area. >> that's pretty cool. >> that was fun. that i'll go to. >> pretty cool.
6:56 pm
the canadian fans are so nice. there will be no ,ck sir, after you, ma'am. >> i will say the warriors fans, they put that littleup shame. >> hopefully we'll win the series. t, right?you. >> we'll see you at 11:00. >> good night. deal talk. my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants deal is back. with grilled ham and hickory smoked bacon or grilled sausage on a warm, buttery croissant, it's way better than dry cereal. i wish i was warm and buttery. aww man. download the jack app and order my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants.
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lies" take over new york. reese and look alike daughter, meryl streep, secrets spilling out from season two. >> my son is dead. nicole and keith revealing rare moments at home before the red carpet. why


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