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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  June 26, 2019 11:34pm-12:35am PDT

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forget this, we're going swimming anyway. >> not right now, though. it's too into the high 80s and 90s -- >> not exactly beach weather. >> not right now. >> windy with cloudy skies. coolest days of the next seven arriving tomorrow and friday. a little bit warmer for the weekend, but even for valley temperatures that's fairly cool for those first full week of summer. we'll get mid 80s back and better beach weather by the middle of next week. >> and then 4th of july next week. okay. thanks for joining us here at 11:00. we'll see you back here tomorrow. >> bye. have a great evening, folks. . live from 30 rockefeller
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street in new york plaza, it's "live with jimmy fallon. ♪ hey hey [ applause ] >> jimmy: oh, my goodness, look at you look at the crowd. thank you very much. please, enjoy yourselves welcome everybody. welcome, welcome to "the tonight show." thank you very much. i'm so excited about this year coming to you live. and this is very special our entire audience is fill would democrats running for president. unbelievable fantastic. congratulations. just like the debate, everyone
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gets 10 seconds to talk. if you go past your time, you're going to hear this the debate was right here and there was a lot of excitement in the building it felt just like a super bowl it's 20 teams played the game over two night the winner wasn't decided for another year bebut it's true we're live and we just watched the first democratic debate in miami if you missed it, there were ten democrats on sdaj atage and alla candidate needed was to poll at 1% or higher that's it? i mean even o.j. got 2%. once it got underway, something very interesting happened. in the first question of the noigt night, beto o'rourke started speaking spanish >> it's going to take all of us working to together to make sure it does.
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[ speaking spanish oh, cory trump was watching like crap, did i hit the sap button what is this what is this [ applause ] then when they called on bill deplauzdde blasio, they were like i'm happy to be hero and cory saw beto speaking spanish and decided to join in too. [ speaking spanish >> he sounds like arnold schwarzenegger trying to learn rosetta stone. meanwhile over on telemundo they
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were speaking english. it's unbelievable tonight. beto and booker both spoke spanish but miami has a large spanish-speak community. i just hope the next state is in boston so we hear we need a college plan on who is wicked smart. and former maryland congressman john delaney take a look at this guy. he looks like a talking thumb. as expected elizabeth warren and cory booker did well tonight i thought bill de blasio did a pretty good job too. and new yorkers are like where the hell has this freakin' guy been >> welcome back to "today". >> please turn the microphone off. thank you. during the debate there were technical difficulties >> should there be a role for the federal governments -- i think we had a mic issue in the back
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we have the audio -- >> what's happening? >> then vladimir putin is like it's too easy. it's too easy. get this trump tweeted and called the debate boring but he still watched even though he said it was a quote very unexciting group of people, as opposed to the rock stars he usually hangs out with like steve mnuchin. they got to be in florida and talk about themselves. my three favorite things a lot going on in the race and there are so many democrats running so we thought we'd help you out. enjoy. ♪ >> bernie sanders, detulsi gabered. >> ebgt warren >> cory booker
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approve this message >> i'm john hickenlooper >> now who the hell is going to beat me? their policies are the same. >> climate change. >> campaign finance. >> living wage ♪ do not deny social justice ♪ join the fight ♪ we can't afford to lose democratic kand dt democrat democratic candidates are here to change the world today ♪ ♪ democratic candidates are not afraid of donald trump >> when people come after mex that's really, really dumb ♪ ♪ democratic candidate will never defeat donald trump extreme, radical democrats ♪ ♪ thank you very much and did you see the stage tonight? all the candidates were standing in front of the state white house.
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meanwhile, inside the real white house, trump was looking out the window like why can't i see that are we on upset down earlier today each candidate got to spend a few minutes doing a walk through on the stage. ohio congressman tim ryan did things a little differently. >> 2010 contender is doing his walk through that's going to be happening through the kos of the day >> he's are like i got to get to the quad for frisbee golf. what's going on? it seems like there's so much going on in the news the democratic debates are this week everybody's talking about toy story 4. and kfc announced a new chicken cheato sandwich.
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it's time for a news smash first up democratic debate 10 went head-to-head tonight and tomorrow 10 more will go you know what is popular "toy story 4." these movies get you so emotional, by the time you leave the theater, they're an absolute mess speaking of messes, kfc 's new cheeto sandwich drenched in cheeto flavor sauce. you know what you probably won't be doing if you order this competing at wimbledon you know who shouldn't wear all white? anyone trying to eat kfc's cheeto sandwich. the number of calories probably goes all the way to infinity and beyond "toy story" movies have introduced us to so many great characters it's hard to keep up. you know what else is hard to? you know what else
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tennis it takes years of blood, sweat, and tears. "toy story" these movies cause a lot of heart ache. why not cause kfc's cheato sandwich in conclusion good luck, good luck, good luck. good luck. all through the debate people were mooeming. so you've got to be careful.
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let me explain when you're running for had white house and you want to get ahead, you got to get attention or else your campaign's dead iowa, new hampshire, it's always been your dream. and it might work out just don't become a meme. don't become a meme. you got to keep your -- don't become a meme. some things can be unseen. don't elbow your wife. don't scream for your life don't fall off your chair.
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eat a corn dog at the fair don't try to high five don't drink water live don't open your jaws don't ask for applause >> please clap >> everything you do ends up on youtube. everything you do ends up on youtube ♪ ♪ everything you do ends up on youtube ♪ ♪ everything you do ends up on youtube ♪ ♪ everything you do ends up on youtube ♪ ♪ everything you do is up on youtube ♪
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♪ everything you do is up on youtube ♪ ♪ everything is you do is up on youtube ♪ ♪ everything you do is up on youtube ♪ and if you want to be sure th that your supporters do not vanish ♪ ♪ keep this in your hair don't ever try to speak spanish ♪ ♪ if you don't know how >> hombre del pelquin. [ laughter ♪ you got to mat. ♪ don't become a meme ♪ don't become a meme
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>> thank you, roots. give it up for the roots [ applause ] guys, the cast of "stranger things" was just on the show we want to do something fun with those guys we got guys to come to madam tew sos and told them they were getting a picture taken with a new wax exhibit. only thing was there were no wax statues. ♪ >> hey, guys we have fans who think they're r
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let's surprise people. everyone get in the zone no laughing. >> can i just sit down
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smile. 3, 2, 1. >> can i get a tissue? that is what i'm talking about >> 3, 2, 1 >> hey, guys
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♪ ♪ >> jimmy: the cast of "stranger things" on netfled wixulre doina live show. and everyone's at home watching but that's why we do this show it just means a lot to us and thank you so much. it's a big opportunity for us and it makes us feel good and kind of fun to do a live show. and facebook during the
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our first guest is a fantastic actress you know from "star wars" the force awakens and the last jedi. you can see he movie, ophelia, in theaters this friday everyone please welcome daisy ridley ♪
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[ applause ] >> jimmy: oh, it's so good to see you. thank you for coming back to the show they love you, we love you es for i want to talk to you about "ofeelia" and of course "star wars." and you're probably not going to give me any spoilers but this is the last of the franchise. this is it there's no more "star wars." >> there's "hans solo" but more of this one. >> jimmy: but this is major. did you get the script that's my question >> no, j.j. was like, hey, do story. t director, j.j. abrams >> yeah, my friend now. this was a few months before we started and we were in a public cafe and he fully told me the story start to finish and he was
11:57 pm
speaking at normal volume and i was like people can hear us. but regardless, the story changed. so he told me the thing and a few months later it changed. >> jimmy: and were you happy with the ending? >> yeah, it's epic >> jimmy: we like that there's no bigger word than epic did you weep >> i wept. i was an embarrassment i can't remember a thing because everybody had to do a wrap speech and john wrapped just before me and i was like, oh, oh, no >> jimmy: like a rap sheet >> no a wrap, not like a rap and j.j. gave the mic to me and that's all i can remember because -- for a while >> jimmy: the reason i asked have because i heard you're a pretty good rapper >> i have a good memory for
11:58 pm
strongs. i wouldn't say i'm a rapper. >> jimmy: a rapper are you a rapper >> i'm a rap peer. >> jimmy: but you memorize the thing and how many songs do you know >> i mean if you want to hear one. >> jimm . >> jimmy: we would love it what song?>>ot sure if you reme "lady marmalade" epi ♪ soul sister hey sister soul sister go sister ♪ ♪ yeah yeah you're going to do with the money and the guarder belt ♪ ♪ we independent women so i'm
11:59 pm
going to take it and when i can stand yours ♪ ♪ dis gree well, that's you and our sdory ♪ ♪ high heels you getting the love from the bad chick from the moulin rouge ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: you just happen to do that oh, my god, thank you. thank you for doing that s it's based on "hamlet. you kind of compared to "game of thrones. >> i started watching it this weekends >> like the last season? >> no, first season. >> jimmy: you just started the first season
12:00 am
>> seconds season. i love it. i still know what happens in the end. >> jimmy: she knew what was going to happen in star wars and she lives in that world. >> love lust, people going crazy, a bit of insestgot that one, check, we got that [ british accent >> jimmy: who do you play? >> i'm ophelia i'm a mere low maid in waiting lady in waiting. the queen is played by emily watt, fantastic. we have clive owen in a wig. drako malfoy and george -- played hamlet. >> did you get behind the bar at
12:01 am
the rap party at this one? >> i actually didn't make it to the rap party. >> jimmy: it's a pub and you pour a pretty decent beer? >> i haven't poured one for a while. i'm not one for small talk . >> jimmy: you don't want to socialize? >> no. pour some pints. >> jimmy: you want to pour some pints right now? >> absolutely. >> jimmy: let's do it. here we go let's pour a beer each and see -- well, what's the secret to a good pour >> i would say with slightly darker loggers, they're bitter so they require a head because it counteracts with the bitterness of of the beer. so there's a steady angle as you well imagine >> jimmy: you don't turn the cup? >> no, no. slow and steady. >> jimmy: already i'm too foamy. >> i'm actually pretty foamy
12:02 am
too. >> jimmy: i might out pour you with this thing but i've been drinking for a lot of years. it's petty good. >> that's arbig head but look at that that's pretty good, yeah nice >> jimmy: i think -- >> i mean that sort of looks like an old schooly beer >> jimmy: mine looks like a scented candle or something. let's watch a clip from your movie. here's daisy in "ophelia." >> you're the first -- >> i was mother to you and you turned my son against me >> forgive me, my lady you raised me.
12:03 am
>> i think you pretend too much. >> i know what it is to love yours. >> jimmy: my thanks to daisy ridley ophelia's" in theaters friday. stick around ♪ the pink? let's go mets! go time daddy! [ giggling ] ohhhh man. took my hat off. [ "to love somebody" by bee gees playing ] that's crazy!t's go me! ♪ [ cheering ]
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♪ our next guest is a very funny actor and comedian his new special "colin quin red state blue state" will be streaming. it's currently on cnn on demand. please welcome colin quin.
12:08 am
♪ >> jimmy: you can't handle the applauserish we can't handle that i'm not a great actor. ium r i'm a comedian let's keep it at that. i do want to start off with an argument >> jimmy: what's your problem? >> my problem is it's a live show -- >> jimmy: yeah, yeah the debates, it's a big deal >> so i'm on the live show and i'm excited. and they say get there at 10:45. so i guess i'll watch part of
12:09 am
the debates alone myself in the apartment and come sit in the dressing room. you could have made it a party atmosphere with pajamas and pizza. >> jimmy: you want me to wear pajamas and watch the debate with you >> you've changed. >> jimmy: i would never do that. >> i saw you on snl all innocent and happy and now what you want to wear pajamas yeah, i want a playful attitude. it would be a fun night. >> jimmy: you have not changed at all you're exactly the same. >> a fun party night by mire sf myself like an idiot >> jimmy: what did you think >> well, beto o'rourke when he pulled a tony montana. >> jimmy: say hello to my little friend >> and i feel bad for the candidate, the guys on the side
12:10 am
that no one's going to notice. if i was there strategist for tomorrow night, you know, you want to go in so people remember you. nobody's going to remember that guy. wear a track suit or something wear the same suit and tie i like the guy with the track suit neck tattoo or something >> jimmy: really >> smoke >> jimmy: what are you talking about? i like the guy that smokes >> talking rebellious and you're like tralts rr youli >> on. >> it's a physical thing >> jimmy: i liked insly wore a shirt and tie. he had like a teal tie the other guys wore the same tie. >> i don't think it's appropriate. i don't think they should be allowed to make teal ties in
12:11 am
society. but miami, teal is down there. folks, i don't know. i didn't know he was going to bring up teal. a lot of pressure. >> jimmy: you seen trump was tweeting >> if there pajamas or pizza >> jimmy: there's no pizza party tomorrow but we're going to his apartment afterwards >> just -- >> jimmy: you're not over. the debates or live tweeting do you do that >> no, i only tweet to harass friends of mine. >> jimmy: i've been on the other end of that. >> social media is our down fall here's why i think the country is so divided because year disappointed in ourselves. we thought social media was going to elevate us and make us
12:12 am
evolve and we use yelp reviews, that's what we use our freedom of speech for and freedom of assembly, we line up for sneakers >> jimmy: that's our freedom of assembly oh, my god >> eliminate plays from dancing with thor stars. eliteracy, we don't read why do we karb about literacy in the country? we don't read. we just go on youtube. toll stoi probably sold 10 a waiting party fall off a dock in the waterer >> jimmy: i've actually seen that one pretty funny >> it is kind of funny >> jimmy: but you said freedom of speech also, we've taken too far. >> it's not that great of an idea we can name 30 great speeches since the party began. mart
12:13 am
martin luther king, john f kennedy and the rest were end of the season monologues on the "bachelor. i feel like i can be me but with her i feel like i can be the man i'm supposed to be some day and i do see myself with a wife and kids and it would only be with you but you're so perfect it scares me. that's why i'm giving the rose to her and i'm sending you home. he goes in the back of the limo. i put myself throughout. what did that speech mean? and they're like don't worry you'll be the "bachelorette" next season. >> jimmy: let's talk about red state, blue state. congrats on this you had a good run >> you said that like you didn't believe it you had a good run >> jimmy: and i was about to look up. that's the reaction i wanted so i go, yep, you had a good run.
12:14 am
>> we should make pajama fraz people frors you sell everything else in that store. >> jimmy: hey, get a life. speaking of that -- >> let me get a piece of that. you need a new manager >> jimmy: i don't have a manager. >> a new agent >> jimmy: i should get a chunk of that. i'd love to see you in a jimmy fallon shirt that would make my day >> get some doctor dentons like the old days >> jimmy: if you're playing the drinking game -- oh, my god the first time you've said that on television it's on tnn on demand now. er >> i'm political >> jimmy: and then this summer it would be on netflix when >> you never know on netflix they're too cool
12:15 am
they don't have to give their date anymore you know you're going to be looking. you'll find it unbelievable they think they're who they are, as we used to say. >> jimmy: basically what everyone is going to see is your take on politic the state of the world. >> and it's how the country is going to break up and how i'm scared we're go having to a civil war. you don't want to see a civil war, fat refugees. it will be the first time in history you have fat refugees. just refugees in flip-flops and shorts >> jimmy: which is available at the nbc store right now. it's perfect >> jimmy: oh, my i do want to show a clip of your special.
12:16 am
this is on tnn on demand now or be cool and wait for netflix to tell you it's on "colin quin, red state, blue state" >> and now we're at the risk of a civil war and we don't want do see one in this count rae. it's going to be the first time in history you see fat refugee that's not a good look refugees in shorts and flip-flops and dunder miffline t-shirts and pulling coolers towards the canadian border. it's going to look like a giant cattle drive from nowki are in history class reading about the baddal of the six flags.
12:17 am
the siege at dave and busters. >> jimmy: you just said that can exact bit when you were here why did we even have a clip? we just did that bit in here why did you make us watch it twice? it's a freakin' rerun. >> hey, i said it's a live show. >> jimmy: colin quinn, everybody. red state, blue state. look at that a standing ovation coming to netflix this summer. little big town next we are really excited to share some important feedback with you about your product. thanks for being here. what you guys are doing is incredible.
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welcome back everybed ea performing, please welcome little big town. ♪ ♪ oh girl wash your fac before you come to the table girl know your place be willing and able ♪ ♪ take it on the chin let the best man win ♪ ♪ girl shoulders back andtrght girl watch your mouth an watch your weight ♪ ♪ mind your manners smile for the camera ♪ ♪ and pose like a troph on a shelf dream for everyone
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♪ for the daughters i'm just looking for a god for the daughter for the daughters ♪ [ applause ] we'll be right back everybody. ♪ we're the slowskys.
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my thanks to daisy ridley, little big town and the roots right there. stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers. we'll see you tomorrow thank you so much. .. live from 30 rockefeller
12:37 am
plaza it's "late night with seth meyers." jokes that can tell, plus terry crews. and john listenerer. ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers [ applause ] >> seth: i'm seth meyers we're live it is 12:35 a.m. this is "late night. how's everybody doing tonight? in that case, let's get to the


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