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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 1, 2019 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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nobody knows how things turn out, but certainly this was a great day. this was a very legendary, very historic day >> president trump takes a historic step into north korea, but will it be enough to make strides at the negotiating table? a fiery plane crash claims ten lives on a texas runway this morning. new details on the investigation into what went wrong a rebirth of the birther movement the growing backlash after donald trump jr. questions senator kamala harris' race. catalog. why bad blood with the buyer means she cannot just shake it off. "early today" starts right now very good morning to you, i'm richard lui in for frances rivera
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>> i'm phillip mena. federal investigators are in texas searching for answers this morning after a small plane went up in flames at an airport north of dallas. the fiery crash killed ten people two crew members along with eight passengers just hours ago, ntsb officials shared an initial assessment of the crash. nbc's dan sheneman has this update >> reporter: sunday morning, shortly after takeoff. investigators say the beachcraft twin engine plane slammed into an unoccupied hangar at the addison airport north of dallas. in just moments the aircraft was consumed by flames, and the faa says destroyed a spokesman for the town of addison says ten people were on board the plane, no one survived >> we know that there were two flight crew members, and that there were eight passengers. we don't have a lot of detail beyond that at this point. >> reporter: the hangar was left with a massive hole in its roof and outer wall the plane was based in addison
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and traveling to st. petersburg, florida, scheduled to arrive about three hours after takeoff. >> preliminarily we've noted that the airplane was damaged by impact forces and a post-impact fire information on scene >> reporter: the investigation my team is starting to gather now in the hands of the national transportation safety board will try to determine exactly what happened and why dan sheneman, nbc news now to north korea and what is next. this weekend president trump became the first sitting commander in chief to cross the demilitarized zone sharing a historic handshake with kim jong-un. supporters say it could jump-start stalled talks with north korea while critics called it a glorified photo op. nbc's tracie potts has the latest from washington, d.c. as they look to the plan ahead, two to three weeks is what the president says they've got >> reporter: that's the big
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question, richard, was this a pr move tha korea or scaling back on nuclear programs president trump stepping into history. the first american president to stand on north korean soil shaking hands with north korea's leader kim jong-un >> an expression of his willingness to give a new future. >> reporter: it is historic, but is it symbolic could it lead to north korea giving up nuclear weapons. >> to see whether or not they can do something >> it's a tall order. >> reporter: north korea wants relief from economic sanctions and the u.s. wants to end their nuclear program. two summits produced little progress, going for a third.
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>> we want to make sure japan is safe >> reporter: president trump is downplaying recent tests >> it's just not feasible to imagine kim jong-un dismantling his entire nuclear and missile arsenals just on the promise of economic sanctions relief. >> reporter: the small step forward and the impact unknown so president trump has also said that he invited chairman kim to visit him in washington. at some point we could see the leader of north korea at the white house. >> thank you so much, tracie potts. the 2020 democratic candidates are rallying around kamala harris this morning coming to her defense after the president's son shared a tweet concerning her race. >> reporter: riding a fresh wave
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of popularity, senator kamala harris rallied supporters at a parade, a racist tweet about her. she is not an american wlak. she's half indian and half jamaican the tweet then retweeted by the president's son, donald trump jr who added, is this true? wow. harris' father is a black man born in jamaica and her mother was born in india. in a statement, his spokesman tells nbc news, once he saw that folks were misconstruing the intent of his tweet, he deleted it the same type of racist attacks used to attackobam it didn't work then and it won't work now her democratic rivals rushed to
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her defense. >> it's disgusting and has no place in our politics. >> reporter: cory booker responded saying kamala harris doesn't have anything to prove the issue of race takes center stage in the 2020 campaign frontrunner joe biden found himself a target because of some of his past positions and meet aim. someone who can talk openly an e debate as the campaign intensifies.n florida have released some terrifying dash cam video. the officer pulled over the driver for dark, tinted windows. when the driver got mad, thing
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>> reporter: this routine traffic stop in florida on saturday quickly spiraled out of control. >> put your hands up >> reporter: body camera footage from seminole sheriff's deputy aaron blaze shows him ordering the driver, rocky rudolph jr., to turn off his car several times. rudolph refuses and lunges out the window toward the deputy's gun. seconds later, the deputy's dash cam shows rudolph racing toward the interstate with a deputy still holding on dragged, authorities say, 200 yards before being thrown off. the deputy's injuries were nonlife threatening. nbc news has not been able to locate an attorney for rudolph who was arrested after an eight-hour manhunt and treated for a gunshot wound to his leg >> he's going to be locked up tonight, and he needs to be in there for a very long time >> reporter: the encounter seemed cordial at first. after the deputy pulled rudolph
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over for tinted windows. >> rocky "money" rudolph jr. >> yes, sir. >> that name is awesome. >> reporter: then turned combative when the deputy said he smelled marijuana in the car. >> listen -- i'm telling you right now, you stop you stop stop stop put it in -- put it in park! >> reporter: over the last year, similar traffic stops have turned violent across the country. in april, an officer in georgia was dragged by a driver trying to flee. back in florida, rudolph faces charges of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer while a deputy is lucky to have survived this traffic stop that was anything but routine kathy park, nbc news we're about to see plenty of old faces in new places as the nba free agent period started off with a bang. two-time mvp kevin durant is moving across the country
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announcing via instagram signing a $164 million deal with the brooklyn nets. the former golden state star is coming off an achilles tear and is expected to miss the upcoming season he wasn't alone in choosing the nets he will be joined by irving and jordan the six-time all-star signed a $141 million deal to be in brooklyn boston already found their man to replace kyrie, signing hornets guard kemba walker to a similar contract taylor swift says she's sad and grossed out after learning , someone she accuses of bullying her. braun bought the label big machine for $300 million which swift was signed to from 2016 to 2017 now he owns her first six albums in the catalog she posted, "this is scooter braun bullying me on social media when i was at my lowest point," adding, "scooter has
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stripped me of my life's work. this is my worst case scenario." >> sad and grossed out, it's like knicks fans this morning. that's kind of crazy our big nets fans. >> we'll wait and see what laker land looks like. that could be the big shoe to drop today >> we'll see >> you can see what we do in our sp are looking pretty stormy this morning flash flood warning in areas of minnesota. a small spot there in the s area and odds are if you get wet weather in portland, you'd be unlucky wednesday a big travel day they call it the busiest day on the road ohio valley with showers and thunderstorms and little bit in idaho and montana. clear in many areas of california and up to the pacific northwest.
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fiwork forecasre expect it to be this time of year almost up to 110 possible in phoenix and yuma we'll take a little closer some areas of the country could be up to meet the women blazing new trails in the military thanks, bill why keyless car starters have unlked toda ." i'm jimmy dean and uh,
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in iraq. jaeger will now lead 10,000 soldiers a consumer alert regarding the wireless key that allows you to start your car. >> reporter: for tabitha, the tragic news came as a shock. her father dieafter accidentalls car with keyless ignition running in his garage. >> there is apparently a huge number of people out there that think their car will turn off on its own when they walk away with the key fob and that is not the case. >> reporter: the culprit, carbon monoxide poisoning as it filled his house overnight. one of such death this year and the numbers are rising >> it's colorless, odorless and tasteless and hard to detect without proper equipment. >> reporter: keyless cars are increasingly common, but without a physical key, drivers may forget to shut it off.
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shawn cane president of research and strategies believe while human error plays a role, the real issue is the car manufacturer's design. >> the best thing is to have an auto shutoff feature so if the car is left unattended for a certain amount of time, the engine will shut down. >> reporter: this car beeps if you walk away while the engine is running and idles for 30 minutes and then shuts off that shutoff feature is not standard toyota whose vehicles make up half the fatal incidents announce all 2020 vehicles will have an auto shutoff feature and it would force automakers to implement shutoff technology that would cost an additional $5 per vehicle. ford and general motors say they support the bill the national highway traffic safety administration warns about the dangers of leaving a keyless car running but does not mandate cars to shut off automatically while running. for tabitha, it's about
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everyone, i want you to meet forky. >> look -- >> look how long his arms are. >> that is "toy story 4. it held on to the top spot at
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the box office this weekend taking in just under $58 million. in the second place is the horror movie "annabelle comes home" with over $20 million. and "yesterday" surpassed expectations with $17 million. >> sounds interesting. >> i want to see all of them >> "toy story's" pretty good took my niece. nice to see. much the futures pointing to a major rally on wall street after the u.s. and china agreed not to impose new tariffs for now let's get to cnbc for the latest good morning, julianna >> good morning, guys. well it has been a tremendous rally for global markets on the back of the temporary trade truce that was reached in osaka, japan. chinese stocks off to a roaring start overnight. here in europe we've seen stocks hit the highest level in a year. as you said, in the u.s. we're looking at dow futures surging more than 200 points at the open now in terms of why the market
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is so excited, not only has the u.s. promised not to impose more tariffs for the time being, but they've also offered a softer stance when it comes to huawei, the chinese tech company at the heart of the u.s.-china trade dispute. this was unexpected by the markets and has led a strong rally in chipmakers and huawei suppliers. we'll keep an eye on the u.s. open it looks like it's going to be a positive start in some company news i want to highlight to you, walmart is in focus starting today, walmart will raise the minimum age for tobacco products and e-cigarettes to 21 in most cases the previous minimum age was 18 this move comes on the back of the food and drug administration's putting walmart and several other retailers on notice for selling tobacco products to kids this is part of walmart's efforts to try to combat tobacco sales to minors. back to you guys >> all right thank you. much more ahead for you including making what's old new
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again. and how crumbling graffiti in detroit has turned lesrod.iv aun you're watching "early today." uh-oh, looks like someone's
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storm. tomorrow's forecast, not much changes. a little cooler, though. the pacific northwest. seattle only 66 degrees. you're by far the coolest spot on the map still warm and nice in areas of hawaii if you have been paying attention to alaska, near record highs last week and not bad today and tomorrow temperatures near 76 near anchorage. ene mewh wco back, will smith reacts to "aladdin" becoming the highest grossing movie of his career. works better or feels so good. clinically proven helioplex® provides unbeatable uva/uvb protection to help prevent early skin aging and c all with a clean light feel. for unbeatable protection. it's the one. the best for your skin. ultra sheer®. neutrogena®. see what's possible. finally, an eggo thick and fluffy waffle all to myself, whoa.
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karen, karen you've got to try this. breakfast in bed? major. husband. points. would you l'eggo your eggo? i get to select my room from the floor plan... when i book at free wi-fi... ...and the price match guarantee. so with hilton there is no catch. yeah the only catch is i'm never leaving. no i'm serious, i live here now. book at pricgematch guarantee. after years of decay, detroit is a city moving toward recovery help is coming from a lot of places including one small business devoted to changing the lives of some women who live there and need the help the most here's rahema ellis.
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>> reporter: in detroit these walls, so many crumbling, but they hold potential. how some women here are finding their way out of the cycle of poverty. >> that's my piece >> reporter: they're sifting through, searching for bits of color. remnants of graffiti unique to the city for amy peterson, it's a way to build something beautiful and lasting. >> i was really -- it was a journey inspired originally by the women that i would meet who were living in the shelter >> reporter: the former sports attorney polished her idea turning graffiti chips into jewelry and started a nonprofit called rebel nail. >> i noticed underneath were all these layers how could we expose the layers, what would it look like. >> reporter: the gold creates something unique and empower women to overcome barriers while teaching them about money management and work skills so far 22 women have been through the program. >> the women that i've been able
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to be around on a daily basis are so incredible and uplifting. >> reporter: business is growing. jewelry sold online and now in retail stores in 11 states helping women like michelle thompson how much experience did you have in making jewen't beve any expe. the most i had was putting beads on a string. >> reporter: in less than two years promoted to assistant manager. >> i love it >> reporter: with the help of rebel nell, she moved into her own home >> i never had a group of people so proud of me, you know, outside of family. this is my family. >> reporter: designing a future, turning one art form into another. rahema ellis, nbc news, detroit. >> you know, this is an amazing story. this is an amazing story it took will smith 23 years and
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numerous blockbusters to star in a movie bigger than "independence day. >> "aladdin" just passed "independence day" as the highest growing film of my entire career. to have my biggest movie at this point in my career, i want to say thank you. >> how much? with the 50-year-old smith as the genie, "aladdin" has made $874 million at the box ofce surpassing the $817 million "independence day" that it earned in 1996 he's done it again >> he has. now with that kind of money made we can expect a sequel for sure. >> there you go. my voice is gone. >> that's richard lui. i'm phillip mena keep it here the news continues
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stepping across that line was a great honor. a lot of progress has been made. a lot of friendships have been made and this has been in particular a great friendship. so i just want to thank you. it was very quick notice and i
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want to thank you. >> president trump steps across the dmz and into the history books. but now the question is can the administration turn show into substance by striking a deal with north korea >> on the runway, a fiery plane crash kills ten people at a texas airport. we'll have the latest from the investigation. >> danger lurking at the beach, a florida family's dire warning after losing a loved one to a flesch-eating bacteria >> and the nba free agency period opens up. it is nothing but nets ho


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