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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 11, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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fire's growth and evacuation recommendations. >> closest to the fire to be notified first or you end up with gridlock. >> if we can identify a fire's location early, we put it out before it becomes big and a catastrophic event. >> reporter: now this is where those sensors were tested out today. you can see the charred field and the sensor's position in that field. the fire chief said they worked perfectly and the sensor's designers said they should be ready to be used in all nine bay area counties within the next four to five months. live in contra costa county, i'm jodi hernandez. >> thanks so much, jodi. a big win for governor newsom. his plan was passed to change the way wildfires are paid for in the state. the bill creates a $21 billion fund for people who lose their homes to wildfires triggered by
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power lines. about half that moan comes from customers and the rest will be paid by utility shareholders. the plan requires utility co pmpaniee to g it comes after the utility filed for bankruptcy after power lines sparked some of the largest recent wildfires. >> just in, a warning of a great white shark sighting. the sheriffs department sent out this tweet. this is your half moon bay near the ritz carlton hotel. you can see the photo of that shark. pilots flying over the area reported this to the sheriffs department. sky ranger is also en route. we will update the bizarre high police through the airport and we obtained camera footage. that stolen car goes airborne at
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more than 60 miles per hour and sheriffs deputies were right behind him. >> the suspects led the suspect into a high speed pursuit and various neighborhoods and going through red lights that could easily injury themselves or someone else. >> when the chase ended in a neighborhood, an 18-year-old boy and underage girl were arrested. tonight they are looking for one more man. inside that car, there were stolen driver's licenses, passports, id cards and a pistol. coming up on the newscast, more video of this chase and the latest on who police officers are looking for. mass immigration raids are back on. isis cracking down in 10 cities this operation was supposed to happen last month, but the trump administration postponed it at the last empty. protests against the operation already going on. this one happening right now in san francisco. it's a live rally and about 50 people there already. team coverage of how this is
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impacting the bay area. let's go to scott budman live in the newsroom. >> we heard reports as specific as saying the raids will happen in the mission district. here's some of what we heard from local politicians and academics. >> bay area politicians are ready to resist the raids that are set for this weekend. >> we don't cooperate and collaborate with ice to try and go after people -- >> mayor london breed said the city set up a hotline to track concerns and complains. >> we know that there is going to be a lot of fear, unfortunately. we stand by our commitment as a sanctuary city and what will happen in the federal government. we will do everything we can to support and protect our resid t residents. >> sources confirmed that ice plans to target as many as 2,000
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people. law and immigration studies said the fear extends past the people isis is targeting. >> it's not just the individuals they are haul away, they will ask everyone in the neighborhood and at the workplace. >> we're heard from the mayors of san jose and oakland on the ice issue. oakland mayor said know that you are in a community where you are supported, respected and appreciated. the may is mayor insisted that local police officers will not aid ice in any way. the agency said they cannot discuss or confirm ongoing operations. raj? >> thank you. citizen or not, this impacts a lot of people als on the story for us in san francisco. that protest against the raids has just begun. sam? >> reporter: at the immigration services and u.s. citizenship services, there has been quite a lot of history of protests. just in the last year or two and
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tonight we appear to be seeing a repeat of that. if you look around me, this is the stages of this protest. there are probably about 100 to 200 people here right now. the coalition of folks from all different kinds of groups from just cause to the san francisco labor counsel and the inner faith movement for student integrity and the organizing groups as well. truly a coalition of people. at some point in the next 30 minutes or so, they are gathering up the protests and blocking washington which is where we are in the financial district. this comes on the heels of huge protests last week as well in san francisco. thousands of people coming out and detention center continues. now the ice rate is the issue of the day. we will following this closely and have updates throughout the evening. >> as a reminder and warning, if you are in the financial district, we could see street
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closure. a new clue in the shooting at the taco bell in livermore where a student at livermore high school was shot dead. investigators released this photo of a white vw. see that volkswagen there, they believe the driver of this car was in the parking lot and may have witnessed that shooting. police believe jorge, seen here, shot and killed emmanuel moss bee at the taco bell. he is on the run and credit armed and dangerous. he was a popular student at livermore high. if you have information about this case, you are urged to call police. >> the parents of this 9-year-old boy from the south bay devastated after he died suddenly. he was healthy and active and everyone thought he was only suffering from a cold. the doctors say a rare complication to that common cold may have killed him. nbc bay area spoke to the child's parents about their heart breaking loss. >> mark and bell have been living in shock for the past two
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weeks. >> it happened so fast. >> the couple's healthy, vibrant and athletic 9-year-old son tristan died suddenly and perhaps the most stunning part of the story is why. doctors think tristan may have died from a rare complication of the common cold. >> unfortunately one of the complication that is it can go to the brain. >> waking up every morning, it's a struggle for us. you cannot sleep at night. >> it started a week before one of tristan's competitions. the third grader who went to marshall pomeroy elementary is a black belt. tristan became a little weak and tired. with a headache, fever, nausea and vomiting. doctors sent them home, saying he was just dehydrated. a few days later, he started
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looking daze and struggled to say his own name. >> we're went to the emergency room again. >> tristan's brain started swelling and soon after his heart stopped. four times. >> after the fourth is when the doctor told us that he is dying. i said i know as a dad i don't want to believe it. >> within three hours, this beautiful boy his parents describe as kind heart and generous passed away. mark and belle, both nurses themselves, couldn't believe it. >> we blame ourselves. what did we miss? >> god loves him so much that he wants him by his side. >> the family friend set up a go fund me page for two other chil. we posted a link on our wane website. live in milpitas, nbc bay area
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news. >> after four days on the stand, testimony was wrapped up and he said he doesn't blame anyone for the deadly fire. prosecutors said he is the to blame for the fire in 2016. even though the official cause is unknown, prosecutors say he and his right hand man turned that warehouse into a death trap. defense attorneys argued the owners and the city officials should be to blame because they were well aware about the set up inside that warehouse. the victim's family members thought his testimony was laughable. >> at a certain poin answers were laughable. >> my clients come out pretty well. there is going to be reasonable doubt in the case. we are almost finished. >> closing arguments begin on july 29th. >> up next, why it took so long
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to determine what happened to a plane that disappeared from the watsonville airport. >> plus, a close call on the golden gate bridge after a surfboard flies off a car. >> i'm jeff ranieri. this area of high pressure is going to warm up to let you know exactly how hot it's going to get in about nine minutes.
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surf's up, but that's not necessarily a good thing. the chp marin facebook page shows cars zooming by the golden gate bridge and a surfboard that was not tied down flies off that car. thankfully no one was hurt. here it comes. there it goes. a good reminder to make sure you tie down everything on your car or truck. a bizarre case of a stolen plane that ended up crashing after spending two weeks trying to track down the plane. 64-year-old hugo mar stole the plane from the watsonville airport off the coast of santa cruz in the mountains late last month. the wreckage has still not been found. surveillance shows him taxiing towards the runway, but they don't have video of him getting into the plane or taking off. the faa said he tried leasing
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the plane, but was denied. he has not been seen or heard from since yell 1st. it's unclear why he stole the plane or where he was going. >> joe biden and senator elizabeth elizabeth are leading the pack according to the "wall street journal" poll in the 2020 presidential race. biden has the support of 26% of likely voters. 19% back warren. followed by kamala harris and bernie sanders who are tied at 13. while many say their minds are made up, there is lots of room for movement. >> they could require that presidential candidates should release their tax returns if they want to be on the ballot. it requires that candidates including president trump file the last five years with the secretary of state's office. governor bridgestone who declined to release his tax
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returns vetoed that proposal and gavin newsom did release his. opponents claim the law is unconstitutional. >> apple park in cupertino is officially one of the valuable buildings in the world. the space shift headquarters is assessed at 3.5 billion dollars. apple shells out about $40 million a year to sant clara county. >> all you need is love was advice from the beatles and now behind a san francisco woman's growing company. >> it's creating good vibes and jobs across the world. all you need is love. >> chrissy lam said when she was growing up she had an aunt in hong kong who worked in the fashion industry. she thought it was a dream job and it turned out to be one for her until she started dreaming bigger.
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>> each comes with a little pouch. >> spreading love around the world. it's a wonderful idea. >> these are the ones from oaxaca. >> the basis for a business? hardly. unless,s that, your name is chrissy lam. >> i make bold decisions sometimes. people will think i'm a little crazy. >> she was spotting current trends and predicting future ones for abercrombie and american eagle. >> to have the opportunity to travel around the world and do forecasting. >> it was during that that chrissy became passionate for helping in less developed countries tabbing marketing skills so locals could profit from their artistly. the idea took root in kenya. was trying to come up with something marketable that creates great j women red beaded
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bracelet. >> that original idea has now spread to bracelets made in 10 countries by 1200 artisans with sales topping $2 million. still, that original bracelet did even more. it was on a flight from new york to moscow that she met two women and came up with an idea. >> tell me what love means. i will take a photo when we land at the airport and i will do it for the rest of the trip. that sounds great. and that's how everything started. >> chrissy called it and later the company, the love is project. >> this is my shop when we were in bow ton. >> thousands of photos have bee idea of what love is. >> this is recently in kenya. >> and chrissy just reached her kick starter goal to publish a book. the greatest love story ever
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told. her business and itses the time. >> people are searching for something more. i think love is the answer. >> love is here to fay is. love is the answer. >> chrissy has the experience and the connections to get this going. i have to say, i meet a lot of people. her force of personality. she has a great sprnlt that they like and i can see how she can make connections and this is the perfect venue. >> the pictures make you happy. >> i have the best job. >> she has a good job. >> she gets to travel a lot. >> thanks, garvin. let's take you outside on this foggy sfo day. thursday evening. jeff ranieri is here with us with the live cam. >> we got that little bit of fog. >> look at the golden gate
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bridge. it's clear. >> the is to thank us for not getting into the 100s. that's the good news and into the forecast right now. we will get you to another vantage point. we did imagine blue sky in the city today, but looking towards the golden gate bridge from the twin peaks tower. they are rolling back in as the flag is blowing from the west off towards the east with wind gusts at about 25. currently a cool 65 degrees. we havehe fog staying in place in san francisco tonight and temperatures dropping eventually down to the 50s as we move into early tomorrow morning. it was warmer inland, but no one 00s. we will take you out of concord and it's a warm 86. notice the humidity and air is drier down to 36%. the fire danger is starting to increase with these temperatures warming up. we will stay with 80s through
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7: to t. we move into tomorrow morning's forecast. i do see a little bit of fog off to the coast. it's not expected to be super thick. expect that sunshine to return. i got you at 68 in the peninsula. we will start off with the coolest weather through the north bay with temperatures in the 50s. cloud cover at all will clear out fast as you move through your friday forecast. we have a lot hotter air. 3w5069ing the temperatures as we head into your weekend. you will notice it's down in the south bay tomorrow. you might be annoyed with the forecast how beautiful it has been, i think we can handle it. 84 degrees and morgan hill at 89. we are at 90. we are going into the low 90s
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here for a lot of antioch and concord and canville with humidity down to 29%. closer to the bay and it looks good at 75 degrees. the peninsula at 72. going to make it a beach day in half moon bay. san francisco i have you in the 60s from the embarcadero. mildest at 67. for santa rosa, sonoma and napa. mill valley at 82. extended forecast, keep san francisco with upper 60s this upcoming weekend. that's the best thing about this lately. it sticks around for a or two and we get changes on in here. we will talk about the tropical storm barry coming up at 6:00.
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>> we thank the fog for not getting into the 100s. >> elon musk may be going to court over a flame thrower. what the problem really is, next.
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>> we are following breaking news in santa rosa. we just ghot videot this video guerneville and edwards avenue. you can see the jcpenney in the background. the child was airlifted to children's hospital in oakland. the driver apparently was in a white van. we will continue to follow this story throughout the evening. >> he stole my idea. that's what the brother of
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deceased drug kingpin said about elon musk. he claims the entrepreneur stole his idea for this. a flame thrower that started back in 2017 when an emergency went to video roberto escobar in columbia. he claims the two talked about a flame thrower and a year later musk launched what he called not a flame thrower. he has his own and thinking of taking legal action. musk responded saying his product is not a flame thrower. he got his tweet out before the twitter outage that went down around 12:45. it lasted about an hour. the san francisco company said problem. twitter tried to make light of the outage saying miss us? the ceo apologized and thanked the engineers for fixing it. you probably noticed that facebook and what's ap also
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experienced outages. >> what happens if it goes down? it's the end of the world. >> back in a moment with a special birthday in san francisco. would you believe 113 years young? show me the crown. show me homecoming. baby sloth videos on youtube. amy, do you uh mind giving someone else a turn? oh... yeah i made myself a little comfortable here. i got a pizza for amy! yes, that's me! xfinity lets you search netflix, prime video, and youtube with the sound of your voice. and i don't have my wallet, so... that's simple. easy. awesome. experience the entertainment you love on x1. access netflix, prime video, youtube and more. all with the sound of your voice. click, call or visit a store today.
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thanks for the ride-along, captain! i've never been in one of these before, even though geico has been- ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years? i have to say, you seemed a lot chattier on tv. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. you ok back there, buddy?
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tonight at 6:00, a new fare gate from bart. will it stop people from jumping the gates? tonight at 6:00. >> happy birthday.
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would you believe 113 years old? san francisco's lucy mari gi an. cheers to you. her family celebrated and that's the mayor. willie brown was there. lucy can no longer speak, but you can see from her facial expressions sheer s she was enjr special day. she was born in 1906, a few months after the bigrthquake. the oldest person in the world is believed to be 116. so lucy is right there at 113. >> happy birthday, lucy. we should celebrate her this entire year. she deserves a party every day. from all of us here at nbc, thanks for joining us. l lester holt is next with nightly news. tonight, the hurricane warning just
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issued as tropical storm barry churns toward the gulf coast. millions now watching and worrying the storm expected to become a hurricane by the weekend with more than a foot of rain in some places. mandatory evacuations already under way for thousands with warnings of life-threatening storm surge. >> i stuck around a little bit too long during katrina and don't want to make that mistake again >> the latest on when and where barry will hit. the terrifying flight over the pacific as a flight with 300 people on board hit severe turbulence >> it went bg,leust shot up >> dozens injured, the plane forced to make an emergency landing in hawaii. the president alters course on a citizenship question


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