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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 17, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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reflect the municipality. >> he asked the city manager for a plan to remove the pronouned and words and replace them with gender-neutral words.refiter. out with brother and in with sibling. forget manpower. it's human effort now. >> language has power. >> some say other issues matter more. >> i think they should put their time into figuring out homelessness. >> there will be a second reading of this ordinance if the city counsel approves it. it will go into effect by late august and will cost around $600 to update and reprint it. lissmelissa colorado. chairman is chair person. man made must be human made or artificial and pregnant woman is
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pregnant employee. pe list goes on. ted the new changes on our website on >> a heart dropping moment for a son who got lost at summer camp. thankfully he was found by a good samaritan. >> from the popular camp galileo with the details. >> reporter: that's right, the family is grateful their son is safe and if it weren't for the good samaritans, something terrible could have happened. the family said they are disappointed with the camp because they don't think they made the right changes quick enough. >> what have you done? >> she and her husbandp galileo june 24th. the summer camp operates out of the middle school with other locations across the bay area and southern california. the family said their son is not
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going back after he went missing on his first day and nobody noticed until his mom went to pick him up. >> the counsellor came out and was checking the roster and looked up at me. i walked over and said is there a problem. they said no and walked away. >> right then by coincidence, her husband call and said the police sergeant said their son was picked up by a pair of good samaritan who is called the police. she was confused and angry her son was lost and found at the same time and nobody at the camp even knew. >> we couldn't be more sorry this happened. this is inexcusable and a failure to implement the ways that we have set up the camp. it was a failure to deliver on the safety protocols we put into place. >> the camp founder admits the boy wandered away through an open gate and the adults were not watching so nobody noticed. >> there were several miracles that happened that he was
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stopped by two good samaritans and someone was able to reach my husband. >> they fired the director and hired six people to stand at the entrances and exits to the school's campus and marked the boundaries with orange cones and retrained staff regarding safety. they are working with the security company to see where they can make even more changes. >> it's the camp's responsibility and the adults and the training is supposed to be in place and it wasn't. >> camp galileo said they sent out a letter to parents informing them about the incident and the changes they have made and they are making. the founder said they have been in business for 18 years. nothing like this has ever happened before. repo live in menlo newsroom, te moments in san francisco today. two window washers got stuck 10 stories up. firefighters were able to safely get them down to the ground
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unharmed. disgraced ceo elizabeth holmes was back in court. the counter of the blood testing company got help from the judge in her federal case. holmes needs millions of documents from the fda and agencies to prepare her defense against r against the fraud charges. the judge agreed to accelerate the process. the regulating agencies claimed the start up's technology was a threat to patients's health. the company's $9 billion valuation dissolved in a matter of weeks. >> he is saying enough to stand trial about a man accused of killing a teenager in an east bay bart station. it was a high profile case. a man stabbed nia wilson on the platform at the mac arthur bart station in oakland. the man is a transient named john lee cowell. there was substantial evidence that he was mentally incompetent
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to face a criminal trial and the judge said a doctor's report said he is competent and the trial can move forward. he can be back to enter a plea. >> san jose drivers could be at a higher risk of getting in car crashes at intersections. they put together this map that shows 8,000 car crashes that occurred within a four-year span between 2014 and 2017. the thousands of yellow circles are all car crashes and some were deadly. the most dangerous intersection is mac laughlin avenue. there were 34 crashes in this intersection alone. the study ranked the 62 most dangerous and the second is almaden expressway and blossom hill road. the 30 is capitol expressway. a popular bay area restaurant is closing down. the reason is the rent is he cot
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in san francisco. we told you it was closing because of soaring rent that is about to double in september. the chef said business is booming, but he couldn't afford to double up on his rent. he tried to negotiate with the landlords, but failed and now the restaurant will close its doors august 26th. >> the newest candidate is campaigning right now in san francisco. billionaire tom steyer is meeting voters in the mission district. the hedge fund manager and san francisco native broadcast opposition to the trump white house in a series of paid tv ads. yesterday andrew yang met with supporters in san francisco. while not the best known, she outearning bigger names, raising nearly $4 million and qualified for the next presidential debate at the end of the month. a campaign fund-raiser for president trump is set for tonight, but the location is a
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secret. donald trump, jr. and his girlfriend, kimberly guilfoyle are expected to be the headline guest. it's a cocktail reception and tickets range from $1,000 to $35,000. a move by the democrats to impeach president trump was derailed in a house vote. house members voted to table or kill the issue. the vote was 332-95. two thirds of democrats voted with the republicans. partly because the grounds for impeachment were narrow. peninsula representative jackie spear said she favors impeaching, but on broader grounds. she wants the american people to hear from robert mueller next week. >> it may have been the world's largest explosion before the nuclear bomb that happened in the bay area exactly 75 years ago, most african-ame
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sailors lost their lives at the port chicago naval base when the cargo they were loading exploded. jodi hernandez is live where friends, family, and fellow sailors mark the somber anniversary. jodi? >> reporter: that's right, janelle. the explosion that took place on the base was so strong it shattered windows all the way in san francisco. it's a tragedy that can never be forgotten. >> there was no flag for my father. there was no burial for my father. there was no head stone for my father. >> for 75 years, rae lived with the loss of her father. he was among 320 men killed ee instantlia at the naval magazine in concord.
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it sent a three-mile long fireball into the sky. >> there were no body parts and so no effects were shipped back to my mother. there was nothing that this little baby that came into the world could hold on to. >> today adkins and others gathered at the site to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the deadly explosion. nearly all victims were african-american. never trained on how to handle explosives and forced to work fast. >> white commanding officers oversaw the work and directed the loading operations, but all of the sailors were black. >> 96-year-oldlm boyd did similar work at a naval base back east during the same time. the veteran has always felt a connection to the victims. >> we were not allowed to serve on navy ships during the war
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unless we were servants. >> loved ones through flours into the bay and the navy rang a bell to commemorate the lives lost. they also lowered the u.s. flag and gave it to adkins, who after 75 years, finally has a symbol of her father to hold on to. >> i am honored to be the daughter. >> nbc bay area news. >> special event today, thank you. up next here, millions of people are having fun with this app. it shows how you might look when you get older. you might want to think twice before trying it out. >> a public message to tourists. stay out of big sur. the consequences people could face if they ever get caught. >> i'm jeff ranieri. that fog is rolling in right now. we will show you how that
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impacts our forecast tomorrow in about eight minutes.
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we have both seen it. i look like my dad, basically. the hottest app in cyberspace has been used more than 200,000 times to make you look older. >> a lot of celebrities are using it.
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it is also taking your data. scott budman is among the first to warn people about this app and the app's company not telling you what it is doing with your data. >> it can be fun to see what you look like a decade or two older. we have dwyane wade with the before and after. ing it's pretty impressive technology, but it comes with a privacy price. we found this woman downloading face app. the super rapidly adopted smart phone app that uses photo editing to make people look older. almost like a glimpse into your future. drake likes it and he ages well. face app is a russian dhauchlco that is getting your data and raising privacy concerns. >> it's definitely a concern for people like me and especially people of my age.
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it's fun. >> if you agree to the terms of service, you are giving your name and photo to a russian company who can do whatever it wants to do forever. >> if you are the jonas brothers, you are probably okay. but for you and me, this could be dangerous in an era where our faces are our passwords. >> you have given them keys to your account. through a smart phone. >> privacy experts say be careful no matter how old you are. >> it is interesting, but i'm not going to try it. >> is it a privacy concern? >> yes. >> he's got a point. the company making face app said if you request it, they will remove the data from your servers. that's not an easy task. senator charles schumer is asking the fbi to investigate what the company is doing. a big twist in the case
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against kevin spacey. prosecutors decided to drop sex misconduct against him. he was accused of groping an 18-year-old bus boy in 2016. the accuser invoked his right and refuses to testify about deleted text messages that could show the actor's innocence. the accuser's mother admitted to removing information from the phone. >> data she said altered said was frat boy activities. >> i didn't touch anything relevant to the case. >> you are not the gatekeeper. >> that are cell phone is now missing. >> spacey repeatedly denied all allegations. it has been three years since roberts gunned down a man in a pawn shop. this is the surveillance from 2016 of the men robbing a pawn shop on springs road. they ran into the store and shot and killed the owner and shot
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the clerk who was in a wheelchair. while leaving the store, one shot and killed the owner's dog. these men have been arrested in connection with the shooting. cassias nelson and amani and a liegia summerize. >> a big message to tourists in big sur. overtourism is killing big sur. the same slogan is spray painted in gold at the parking lot. the chp said removing the grafiti is costing the state roughly $1700 and those responsible face felony charges. this video may help explain the frustrations. this is from the july 4th weekend and shows how busy the area can get. a local group claims it hung the original sign, but did not spray
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paint the parking lot. >> local animal rescuers are trying to save dozens of birds that lost their home. we told you about the story last week. a tree broke in half and there were dozens of nests in the tree. they managed to save 89 birds. they are recovering at the san francisco bay wildlife center in fairfield. many need surgery and around the clock support. if you want to help, we put the direct link on our website at abc bay partake a look at the difference a few months makes. the pictures were posted by the national weather service. a picture from april this year. you can see lots of snow. so much, people were still skiing until the fourth of july. this is the picture on the right and most of the snow has finally melted, but we are in mid-july now. >> the fact that there is any
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snow! that's insane. >> a lot of water for folks to do their recreation on. >> lake tahoe is full. >> no doubt to worry about. >> let's go into the microclimate forecast. hope you had a great day. we will get you outside to something we never get tired of looking at. that's the fog rolling right in through the golden gate gap, we call it. there is the golden gate bridge. as we take a look at the current temperature, we are at 62 degrees as we move in tonight. 50s coming back and no chance of the fog moving out. the fog tomorrow is going to come into play in a big way to keep the temperatures down. other thing that is at least keeping temperatures out of the 100s is the storm track. it's real close to the bay area with milder air. we can thank that for not having 100s today. i know it was warm, but at least it wasn't at the century mark.
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through tomorrow morning, i see a really nice refreshing start. upper 50s and low 60s. right here through the trivalley. fog near the coast and 58 and the south bay we are at 60. through the north bay and san francisco will be the coolest and 50s. through the east bay starting off at 62. let's get a closer look at the fog. we will show you how it impacts the forecast. 7:30, we have the thick cloud cover and low clouds. down to san francisco and berkeley and oakland. here's the change. by noon, they are going to hang out in san francisco for a cloudier day. that will be good enough to help to drop the temperatures. the result on my forecast is only dropping it by about two to four degrees. it will still make it here in the south bay. a little bit breezy and winds at 14. we will have 83 in san jose. 81 in cupertino. over to the east bay, no 90s
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tomorrow. you are still warm at 88. at least it's better for you. 86 in danville and right to hayward. the best weather at 75. through the peninsula. 79 in palo alto. san francisco we have 60s from the embarcadero. remember that lingering into the afternoon with winds up to 18 miles per hour. right here through marin, 79 in sonoma, 74 in mill valley. my extended forecast is steady in san francisco over seven days. afternoon sunshine and 60s right into next week. inland valleys, 84 for the next two days. bumping up for this weekend and more 80s through next week. i think this is weather everybody can handle. it feels a little warm at least lately, but we have been spoil and this is a beautiful summer forecast. >> someone just got air conditioning in the house.
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>> i spoiled right now. up one week in the hundreds and i didn't have ac. >> the complaint department is closed. >> thank goodness for you. >> up next, anything to beat the traffic. even a dummy riding shotgun. this didn't turn out well for a driver in the east bay. just give me a racquet and watch me go.
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accused of taking millions in bribes, u.s. marshals took alejandro into custody yesterday. he led peru from 2001 to 2006 and he lived in southern california and worked as a
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professor in stanford. the government claimed he took bribes from a construction company and in return the company built a high linking peru and brazil. he denies all charges, calling them politically motivated. >> par canyou can't pull a fast the chp. this is a dummy they met on the carpool lane crack down on highway 4. she looks pretty real. they stopped the driver for using her as a passenger. she was not very talkative. that was their lingo. this was part of a larger effort. officers said they nabbed 35 drivers for cheating in the carpool lane. >> the next installment of our series. we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first man landing. >> one small step for man.
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one giant leap for mankind. >> still chilling all the years later. neal armstrong's words were heard around the world on july 20th 1969. the first to land on the moon. they became global heroes and inspired a new generation of astronauts. >> i remember running outside and i wanted to look at the moon because i wanted to see it, knowing there were humans on the moon. >> it was almost hard for me to believe the voices were coming from something i could see in the sky. it was so inspirational for me. >> inspirational for so many people. set your dvr and bay area revelations and exploring space. it airs this saturday evening at 8:00. >> looking forward to the documentary. we'll be right back. show me the crown.
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tonight at 6:00, what's on the menu at the chase center. we have an exclusive chef at the warriors arena in san francisco. here's a clue. it will be fancy food. coming up on our 6:00 newscast. >> our jessica aguirre is there. >> she got the good assignment!
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>> if you don't have tickets to the game, just hang out and eat. >> just eat and drink wine. lester holt is next. breaking news tonight and it's a bombshell, the sexual assault charges against actor kevin spacey dropped after the young man who said spacey groped him in a bar refuses to testify about a key piece of evidence why prosecutors say they had to drop the charges. the brutal heat wave bearing down, 170 million people now under heat alerts from the midwest to the temperatures near 100 and oppressive humidity >> very, very hot outside. it is hot. >> dangerous, potentially deadly conditions that will only get worse into the weekend. how long will it last? al roker is here breaking news. the house thwarts an attempt to impeach president trump as he holds a rally for the first time since his racist attack on four democratic congresswomen. the newly surfaced video showing a much younger donald trump


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