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tv   Today  NBC  July 19, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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us out on twitter and have an absolutely wonderful friday. good morning. good morning weekend scorcher one of the most dangerous heat waves in years about to get even worse. >> feels like i'm sitting in a sauna. the good morning weekend orcher one of the most dangerous heat waves in years about to get even worse. >> feels like i'm sitting in a sauna. >> from the midwest to new england, some of the highest temperatures seen in a decade. al's forecast just ahead. tensions rising. the pentagon says the u.s. navy has downed an iranian drone in the middle east after a close encounter. iran denying it ever happened. what's the next move we're live with the very latest. tale of the tape chant, directed at a democratic congresswoman. >> i didn't like that they did >> send her back send her back.
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>> president trump now saying he tried to stop this rally chant, directed at a democratic congresswoman. >> i didn't like that they did it, and i started speaking very quickly. >> straight ahead, what the video from the rally shows about those very moments. all that, plus, new protests erupt in puerto rico overnight, with more expected this weekend. lunar lessons. >> t with more expected this weekend. >> and from memories to maverick the world gets its first look at the new trailers for "cats" and "top gun," today, friday, july 19th, 2019 >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza >> hi, everybody good morning nice to have you with us on a friday morning when i look at some of the numbers we're going to see this weekend in the forecast, i kind of can't believe my eyes.
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>> it is going to be crazy hot across much of this country. >> yup and it is a concern, as well we want to get right to al's forecast al, good morning what do we have? >> guys, basically, we are looking at some very toasty temperatures we're going to hear from blayne alexander in a second. 31 states under heat alerts. 153 million people from the southwest all the way to new england and all to the canadian border here's what we look for today. now, the combination of heat and humidity your ability to evaporate heat and sweat is what we see with the heat index it's going to feel like 105 in minneapolis. 111 today in chicago feels like 106 in memphis. 108, wichita then that heat and that heat index moves into the northeast, as well. 110 it'll feel like in norfolk 102, atlantic city new york city, 105 same in raleigh. then it gets even hotter tomorrow
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the last time these cities saw triple digits, chicago was seven years ago. three years ago in d.c philadelphia, seven years ago. new york, seven years ago, as well here we go this weekend, look at this, temperatures getting up to near 100 degrees. factor in the humidity and, again, it is going to feel like 111 all weekend. washington, d.c. 111 in norfolk 104 in charleston. the good news is, we're going to finally see some relief, but it is not going to come until monday minneapolis and rapid city, monday, you see the cooler air, but it is still hot and humid in the northeast. monday, we'll finally see cooling in binghamton, pittsburgh, cincinnati by tuesday, everybody is finally either at or below average we have to get through the weekend first. craig? >> buddy, we'll come back to you in a moment. there's a lot of red on the maps right in the middle of the brutal heat, chicago that is where we find nbc's blayne alexander on this friday morning.
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blayne, good morning >> reporter: craig, good morning to you you're absolutely right, the heat wave is hitting full force here in chicago. i can tell you, it is certainly warmer today than it was yesterday. expect it to get to the mid 90s, but it is going to feel more like 110 and above the east coast is really going to feel the hit this weekend, as cities are scrambling to get ready. few are happy about it. >> it's miserable. >> reporter: and nobody can escape it. >> feels like i'm sitting in a sauna. >> reporter: this morning, two-thirds of the country, 200 million people, are bathing in a blaze of heat, with temperatures hitting potentially dangerous highs. >> we encourage family members and neighbors to check on seniors, particularly those who may be isolated. >> reporter: the city of chicago is sending robocalls out to seniors, explaining how to spot signs of heat exhaustion >> heavy sweating, muscle cramps, feeling weak, take that seriously. get into a cool space. if you start to have more concerns, call 911. >> reporter: the heat is not enough to stop some people from
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going out, but only with the proper tools. >> i see you guys are out here working out. has the heat gotten to you yet >> a little bit. i started sweating two minutes into our walk. so, yeah, sunscreen on, so it helps. >> reporter: more than 100 heat records are on track to be broken this weekend, and some cities coming close, including new york city. the mayor has declared a heat emergency and officials have cancelled sunday's triathlon but the heat is also bringing out plenty of helping hands. >> you guys want a popsicle? >> reporter: volunteering helping keep people cool. >> here you go. >> reporter: at walmart. cole is going door to door with a special delivery, relief >> thank you so much. >> no problem. have a good day, okay? >> i just was so grateful. i feel so blessed that we still have good people in the
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community. >> reporter: this morning, much of the region is under an excessive heat warning cooling centers are open around the clock, and we cannot say it enough, drink water. overall, probably the best advice, guys, this is probably a good weekend to just stay inside >> amen to that. blayne alexander in chicago. thank you. also this morning, there's fresh tension between washington and iran after the president announced that a u.s. navy ship downed an iranian drone in the middle east. "today"'s senior international correspondent keir simmons has the details on it. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this morning, once again, a war of words between iran and the white house. iran's revolutionary guard rejecting president trump's claim that an iranian drone was brought down by u.s. forces. the iranian military claiming all its drones are safe. another tense incident off the waters of iran a ship encountering an iranian drone, bringing it down with technology, the president said.
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>> the boxer took defensive action against an iranian drone, which had closed into a very, very near distance, approximately 1,000 yards. >> reporter: the escalatio coming after a measured u.s. response to several recent all tanker incidents in the strait of hormuz, a critical waterway yesterday, iran's revolutionary guard saying it seized the ship, accusing the 12 crew members of smuggling oil, iranian state tv reported last month, iran shot down an unmanned u.s. drone, saying it entered iranian air space, which the americans dispute. president trump tweeted at the time, we were cocked and loaded to retaliate last night, but he called off the military strike at the last minute u.s. sanctions on iran are described as economic terrorism by the foreign minister. he appeared to offer a nuclear concession this week the offer this week is less than u.s. demands, as iran bolsters its uranium enrichment program
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u.s. sends hundreds of troops to saudi arabia, reports say. the aim -- deterrence. the fear, a conflict with iran with devastating consequences for the entire region. >> keir, obviously, that's the fear, of an escalation what's happening on the diplomatic front is anybody talking >> savannah, look, the key question has always been what is president trump's strategy ever since the president walked away from the iran nuclear deal associated by president obama. the strategy has been maximum pressure on iran to force a long-term deal and more concessions. since president trump decided not to launch the strike against iran, effectively pulling back from the brink of war, there appears to be renewed efforts by some on both sides to talk again, savannah, there are real hurdles. tehran and washington are a long way apart. one event could easily spiral into conflict.
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right now, any deal available to washington might look a lot like president obama's deal savannah, would the white house stomach that >> keir simmons on the breaking news out of london thank you. now the war of words between president trump and the four democratic congresswomen he's targeted on twitter and the campaign trail this week the president now trying to disavow the "send her back" chant that broke out at his wednesday night rally. peter alexander has the very latest on this one peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, craig, good morning to you congresswomen omar went back to where she came from last night, her home district in minnesota, where she was greeted with a hero's welcome it followed president trump disavowing the behavior of his own supporters and claiming that he tried to stop that "send her back" chant, despite video that shows otherwise. less than 24 hours after that incendiary chant by trump supporters -- >> send her back >> reporter: -- punctuating president trump's complain of
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omar, whose family fled as refugees. >> i'm not happy when i hear a chant like that. >> reporter: the chant was inspired by his weekend tweet, calling on omar and three of her democratic colleagues, all american citizens, to go back to their home country the president also falsely claiming he tried to cut off the chant. >> i was not happy when i heard that chant i didn't like that they did it, and i started speaking very quickly. >> reporter: an assertion contradicted by video of the moment the president making no effort to silence the crowd instead, waiting 13 seconds until the arena quieted down >> omar has a history of launching vicious anti-semitic tweets >> send her back send her back. send her back. send her back. send her back. >> i see talk about the evil
7:11 am
israel >> reporter: overnight, omar returning to her home state, greeted by a rousing welcome another trump target, alexandria ocasio-cortez, blaming the president. >> he is creating a volatile environment in this country. violent rhetoric. >> reporter: some republicans criticizing the crowd. >> the chant was offensive it is just wrong. >> reporter: the president's re-election campaign is arguing too much attention is being given to that new chant. comparing it to "lock her up." >> lock her up lock her up. >> 2016, it was hillary clinton, and she's still not locked up. >> will you agree this chant is racist >> it does not convey the spirit of the campaign that the president wants to see brought forward. >> is it racist?
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>> i'm not going to say it is racist. >> peter, you've covered the administration from the beginning. what are your sources telling you what's behind the president's backtracking on the chant? >> reporter: sources familiar with the conversations tell us that republican leaders, some senior republicans, uncomfortable with that "send her back" phrase, told the vice president, mike pence, that they thought the chant was not helpful and should be discouraged. the "new york times" this morning is saying the president's own daughter, ivanka trump, expressed her discomfort, urging her father to say something about it craig and savannah >> peter alexander at the white house for us on this friday, thank you. now the political turmoil engulfing puerto rico, where more protests are expected new allegations of public corruption that's fueled some of the unrest have surfaced, as well gabe gutierrez is in san juan again for us good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there is significant security presence here outside the governor's mansion, and volunteers in historic old san juan have been frantically trying to repaint graffiti before the next round of the vandalism hits more protests are expected later today.
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the sixth straight day of demonstrations here. overnight, more protesters sounded off outside the governor's mansion, but no violence unlike the previous night, when police in riot gear lobbed tear gas. in a written statement, the governor says, in part, the demonstrations have not gone unnoticed. he's not resigning i have come forward to face the people of puerto rico and beg for forgiveness. i continue to reiterate that plead, he says i firmly believe that we can restore trust. >> we want him to go out of office, and we're here to fight for that. >> reporter: last weekend, puerto rico's center for investigative journalism published private chats between the mayor and aides that included homophobic and vulgar comments there is a new comment from the group, alleging corruption involving billions of dollars. the spiraling political crisis is reopening old wounds, almost two years after hurricane maria, one of the deadliest natural disasters in u.s. history. katia owns a coffee shop in old
7:14 am
san juan, and windows were shattered during the protests. >> a lot of us are recuperating, getting back on our feet after the hurricane. then to be, you know -- to experience this is, i have to say, pretty, yeah, disappointing. it's challenging and hard. >> reporter: businesses in the historic neighborhood are rushing to clean up. how crucial is the tourism industry to puerto rico? >> it is vital i mean, it is completely vital to the total economy of the island, even in old san juan we're seeing thousands of people coming through every day that are feeding off of our restaurants, going into our shops. they're expecting a certain standard. >> reporter: for the first time this week, a royal caribbean cruise ship made a stop here in san juan. >> it is beautiful
7:15 am
i feel safe. >> reporter: despite the hurricane recovery, tourism officials say puerto rico raked in nearly half a billion in the earliest part of the year. it hasn't discouraged tourists from visiting the island. >> gabe, thank you. heart-stopping moments in philadelphia a man scaled down 15 stories on the outside of a high-rise building there, all in an effort to escape a fire there he is right there. witnesses say he grabbed on to a chain-link fence and railings as he made his way down other residents were evacuated using the stairs it only took the guy three minutes to make the descent. once on the ground, he was greeted by police before walking away thankfully, he did not appear to be hurt. >> very courageous. al is back with the rest of the forecast it'll be a busy weekend for you. >> it is it is going to be a warm one we have some other weather to talk about across the country. we are looking at hot, dry weather out west seeing the same stuff. the heat wave in the midsection of the country severe storms firing up in the
7:16 am
upper midwest. we'll look at that in the next half hour. plenty of sunshine down through hawaii showers throughout alaska. wet weather in the southeast that's what's going on we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. who used expedia to book the vacation rental that led to the ride ♪ which took them to the place where they discovered that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. ♪ flights, hotels, cars, activities, vacation rentals. expedia. everything you need to go. good friday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. our inland areas stay very nice and warm this afternoon, reaching into the mid 80s. it will be slightly warmer tomorrow as well as sunday, and that warmth continues into early next week, even reaching the low 90s by next wednesday. and for san francisco, we're going to keep it cool there. a little bit more sunshine in
7:17 am
the forecast for this afternoon, and it will be a nice weekend ahead. it does warm up into the upper 60s by next wednesday and thursday. >> that's your latest weather. >> that's a beautiful suit i like that. >> you two want to be alone? coming up, guys, we're going to talk about the heat wave and, in particular, the hidden toll on workers during weather like this why some ups drivers claim their company is putting their health at risk. also ahead this morning, the new streaming wars amid unexpected subscription woes for netflix. what it all means for your business and your viewing options. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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mhhm. that's wonderful news. home insurance trusted by more people than any other. state farm. a very good morn to you. it is 7:26. i'm laura garcia. a four-hour standoff ended dramatically overnight in the south bay, when s.w.a.t. teams tossed flash bang grenades into an apartment near north temple drive in east calaveras boulevard in milpitas at about 3:30 in the morning. police say it started when a woman was attacked with a large knife just down the street. when officers arrived at the suspect's home, he refused to come out. officers used a flash bang grenade to stun him and eventually arrest him. police say the injured woman's life not in danger. they don't know the motive for that attack. let's check in with kari hall, she has a look at our forecast. looks nice. >> it will be a nice day, a lot of sunshine. here is a live look in san jose
7:27 am
and checking out the south bay, with a nice cool start, headed up to 84 degrees today for the high temperature. antioch will top out at 86 degrees and some upper 70s for much of the north bay. it will be hot in ukiah, reaching 90 degrees, while san francisco stays in the 60s. in the inland areas throughout the weekend, temperatures come up a few more degrees but really not extreme heat going into the middle of next week and for san francisco, we're not going to see any changes here, but maybe just a little bit more sunshine today and extending into the weekend. let's get an update on the commute now from mike. >> there's none at the bay bridge. there's no metering lights, no backup. that's great! a slow drive, the upper east shore freeway coming down into berkeley. this is one problem we have a traffic alert because your fast lane's blocked by equipment that couldn't be cleared from overnight construction west 580 around high street. the focus really from highway 13 clear by the time you get past high and slowing headed to the
7:28 am
peninsula for the san mateo bridge in the middle of your screen, recovering from another crash around oakland. watch for water in the fast lane. back to you. >> thank you very much. another local news update in half an hour.
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we're back at 7:30 it is friday morning 19th of july, 2019 we're back at 7:30 it is friday morning 19th of july, 2019 we're an hour away from giving those folks exactly what they want, an unforgettable citi summer concert kacey musgraves. i've had this one circled on my calendar for a long time she's a six-time grammy winner one of the biggest stars in country music. a great songwriter obviously, a beautiful singer. i can't wait to hear her. >> perfect friday morning concert. album of the year, grammy winner album of the year. we're honored to have her. we start this half hour with a check of the headlines heat wave scorching two-thirds of this country is about to get even worse officials from the midwest, new england have declared heat emergencies in anticipation of soaring temperatures more than 100 local records are
7:31 am
expected to fall over the weekend. places l city leaders in places like chicago, philadelphia, boston, new york city, they're all telling residents to take the extreme heat seriously, encouraging them to stay in air-conditioned buildings and drink plenty of water. and drink plenty of water. a federal judge yesterday a federal judge yesterday ordered jeffrey epstein held without bail, siding with prosecutors who had argued the wealthy financier poses a flight risk they called epstein, quote, a e danger to the community. the defense danger to the community. the defense proposed a $77 million bail package epstein faces up to 45 years in prison on allegations that he sexually abused dozens of of underage girls from 2002 to 2005. he's pleaded not guilty. underage girls from 2002 to 2005 he's pleaded not guilty. a video posted on social media shows a frightening, close call on a new york subway platform watch as a guy nearly gets swept into a moving train after the platform was flooded by rushing waters there waters there. it happened wednesday during the it happened wednesday during the severe thunderstorms thankfully, the man was able to
7:32 am
stop himself just a few week away from the train. transportation officials say the flooding was caused by inadequate drainage from a nearby construction site. inadequate drainage from a nearby construction site. quick programming quick programming note, on an exclusive interview we'll have for you monday here on "today," i had the chance to sit down with the parents of 18-month-old chloe wiegand, the little girl who died by falling out of a cruise ship window. they want to share chloe's stor out of a cruise ship window. they want to share and cruise ship safety we'll have that conversation monday morning on "today." now more on the extreme heat felt across much of the country. imagine if you had to go to work and your office didn't have air-conditioningn't have air-conditioning. nbc's senior correspondent cynthia mcfadden discovered that's what thousands of ups workers are dealing with good morning. >> it is worse than no air-conditioning they say they're struggling especially during sweltering days like this we talked with ups employees across the country, and
7:33 am
something has got to change. >> i am a nurse, and i was terrified. >> reporter: teresa's husband jim has worked for u.p.s. for 15 years. one dreadfully hot week in august of 2016, she says, he nearly lost his life because of the heat >> my vision was blurred i was seeing stars i was throwing up. i just honestly could not drive that vehicle safely anymore. >> reporter: ups package trucks are not air-conditioned, and the cargo area can get blisteringly hot. >> it is like opening up a big oven and walking into it >> reporter: jim ended up in the emergency room wonder what would have happened if you had delayed a half a day before going to the doctor. >> yeah, yeah. >> he wouldn't have made it. >> reporter: are you sure of that >> he would have died. his blood pressure in the doctor's office was 70 over 30 >> reporter: this was in new jersey, but it is happening all over the country
7:34 am
drivers say the cargo area can reach temperatures of up to 152 degrees. >> i didn't want to be, you know, the complainer, so i just worked >> reporter: even though you were lightheaded. >> yeah. >> reporter: he's not alone. an nbc news analysis of federal and state data found 107 reports in 23 states of ups employees being hospitalized for serious heat-related illnesses since 2015 ups declined our request for an interview, but in a written statement, told us, this is a small percentage of their work force. says some injuries are caused by workers' personal medical issues but two former department of labor officials say they believe the actual number of injuries is much higher. >> it's clearly a big problem. >> reporter: david michaels ran osha, the workers safety agency, for eight years under president obama. >> obviously, americans want
7:35 am
their packages delivered, but they don't want workers to be hurt ups is a large, profitable company. they can make sure the workers aren't hurt. >> reporter: he wasn't able to pass a national workplace heat rule while he led the agency but says it needs to happen, now. >> if nothing is done, we'll have workers working harder and faster in hotter temperature more of them will be hospitalized. >> reporter: we spoke to 20 ups drivers in 11 states who were injured or spoke out about the heat while many told us they like their job, they feared retaliation if they complained or took extra breaks in part, because they are constantly monitored >> the company knows when you have your seat belt on the company knows how fast you're going >> reporter: ups told nbc news it believes air-conditioning would be ineffective in the trucks it encourages drivers to drink water and rest, and provides employees extensive health and safety training. >> it is easy to give that advice, but if an employer doesn't say, you have the time
7:36 am
to do it and we won't penalize you for taking that time, some of them are going to be hospitalized and, sadly, a few of them may even die >> ups made nearly $5 billion in profit last year but says it has not calculated the cost of air-conditioning in the packaged trucks they say it wouldn't be effective because the trucks make frequent stops and doors are often open now, experts say there could be other solutions, like allowing more time for breaks when temperatures rise to dangerous levels now, as for jim, he's considering retiring early he knows that means he'll take a pension cut, but he says he just doesn't know if he can work for the compy anymore. >> a lot of people will have their eyes opened by this story. is there anything being done to address this
7:37 am
>> funny you should ask. just last week, congressman from california has a bill that would mandate osha to come up with a heat standard. it was interesting when we talked to the former osha director, he said osha is underresourced they could visit every company in the country once every 160 years. >> wow. >> he says, yeah, congress taking action is really the only way to go. >> osha being the occupational safety and health administration cynthia, thank you. speaking of the heat, let's get another check of the forecast al, what ya got? >> we're looking at severe weather. we have a risk of severe weather right now in the upper midwest, from minneapolis to green bay. we expect those strong storms. damaging winds can't rule out a tornado or two. rainfall from 1 to 3 inches of rain, especially from central minnesota to central wisconsin we've been seeing more heavy rain and downpours in fact, the last 12 months, from july 2018 to june 2019, wettest all time in fact, in the last three years, we have set consecutive rainfall records we've been seeing more and more as our climate is changing we're seeing heavier rain. and this corrido from texas to new york, the rainfall average, anywhere from
7:38 am
20 to 40 inches above average. wetter weather coming over the last three years, and we don't see any signs of that stopping that's what's going on around the country. here's what' good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. skies are starting to clear over the golden gate bridge and we'll see a little bit more sunshine today. we're going to see that high temperature reach 66 degrees in san francisco, and 79 in napa today. antioch reaching 86 degrees, while san jose tops out at 84, and 81 in palo alto. it will be slightly warmer for the weekend, reaching the upper 80s in the inland valleys, and we're going to see that weather continuing into next week with san francisco staying in the 60s. weather. >> al, thank you coming up, an interesting take on the apollo missions and the first moon landing 50 years ago. harry smith sharing how they changed the astronaut perspectives of life on earth.
7:39 am
also ahead, we'll head to northern ireland where dylan i taking in the sights and sounds at the open championship she'll join us live. plus, the new trailers everyone is talking about. first looks at "cats" and "top gun. first, the surprising hit netflix took in the streaming war as the competition for your business heats up. that's right after this. that's r type 2 diabetes- why think about your heart? lower a1c helps, but type 2 diabetes still increases my risk of a fatal cardiovascular event. and that's why there's jardiance- the first type 2 diabetes pill that offers a lifesaving cardiovascular benefit for adults who also have known heart disease. it can significantly reduce my risk of dying from a cardiovascular event. and it lowers my a1c, with diet and exercise. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration, genital yeast or urinary tract infections, and sudden kidney problems. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. a rare, but life-threatening bacterial infection in the skin of the perineum could occur. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of this bacterial infection,
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7:43 am
the battle for your viewing time and your money. >> netflix reported a surprising slower than expected growth, and it's led to questions of how prepared the streaming giant is to face the new competition coming its way, and what does it all mean for us? jo ling kent is here with that good morning. >> good morning. it is really all about choice. the streaming wars are officially on. netflix has announced it actually lost subscribers here in the u.s., leading its stock to plunge by more than 10% bad news is coming with other names like apple getting ready to jump into streaming, hoping to steal away your attention >> reporter: stranger things are happening at netflix. >> i don't know what that means. >> reporter: the streaming giant revealed over the last three months, the number of subscribers in the u.s. dropped for the first time in eight years. adding insult to injury, netflix only added 2.7 million new users outside the u.s. far below the 5 million the company expected
7:44 am
the problem? some say it could have to do with a price hike back in may, when the cost to stream your favorite netflix shows went up to $13 a month the premium plan rising to $16 the bad news comes as new competition is gearing up to enter the ring disney plus launches this fall it packs its own power, with "star wars," marvel and, of course, all the disney animated hits. >> hands down, this is the best day of my life >> reporter: tech giant apple is getting in on the streaming game, too, with the new apple tv plus stars reese witherspoon, jennifer aniston, big bird, and others are putting out new shows on the platform this fall. >> they don't know we know they know. >> reporter: "friends" will be there for you, just not on netflix. you can find it or warner media's hbo max, rolling out next year, joining "game of thrones" and "veep."
7:45 am
>> i'm not superstitious, but i'm -- i am a little stitious. >> reporter: and nbc universal is taking "the office" back from netflix, with its own streaming service launching next year. what does this mean for your monthly bill well, that's up to you disney plus comes in just under $7 a month, with estimates for some of the other new platforms anywhere from $12 to $17 a month. with most homes in the u.s. utilizing at least one subscription, and the average american using about three streaming services, the monthly fees could start to add up combine that with a monthly cable bill, and industry experts say it could mean more households opting to cut the cord in this battle of the streams bandwidth, there's still one thing viewers can control. how much they're having to spend for modern day channel surfing.
7:46 am
>> apple and disney plus, those are the latest to get into this crowded field. what's the likelihood we start seeing companies create bundles, similar to what cable companies did in the '70s? >> doesn't that feel it is inevitable you want to save a little money. so far, that is not happening. industry insiders are telling us that they may -- you may see that coming down the pipe. netflix is still the global leader they have the most customers worldwide. frankly, they're expecting a better second half of the year, when "stranger things" comes out and all the new seasons break open and people get back on netflix. >> "orange is the new black" will come back. >> yeah. >> thank you, jo. >> happy bingeing. >> exactly "cats" and cruise. the must-see trailers out for two of hollywood's most anticipated movies first, these messages. hollywoot ♪ i have heart disease, watch what i eat, take statins, but still struggle to lower my ldl bad cholesterol. which means a heart attack or stroke. could strike without warning, pulling me away from everything that matters most. (siren) because with high bad cholesterol, my risk of a heart attack or stroke is real. ♪
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7:50 am
♪ she's playing my song. kacey musgraves on our plaza the crowd is there she's been doing sound check and
7:51 am
sounding really, really good can't wait. >> one of the biggest stars not just in country music but all music. currently holds the grammy for album of the year. she is going to grace our stage on the plaza. >> carson is out there with her. >> just sitting here, chatting with kacey musgraves and her fans outside, eagerly awaiting the concert series how are you feeling in new york city, kacey? >> it is an early morning, but i'm excited to be here. >> we're excited to have you in a bit, we'll catch up with kacey musgraves. first, a check of your local news and weather [alarm beeping] {tires screeching} {truck honking} (avo) life doesn't give you many second chances. but a subaru can. (dad) you guys ok? you alright? wow. (avo) eyesight with pre-collision braking. standard on the subaru ascent. the three-row subaru ascent. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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7:56 am
right now at 7:56, we start out with sunshine in the south bay, and we have another beautiful day ahead. our temperatures are nice and cool now, headed up to 84 degrees for the afternoon high temperature. the high in the tri-valley reaching 86 degrees, and some upper 70s from napa over to santa rosa. san francisco stays in the 60s today. our inland forecast warms up just a few more degrees. as we go into saturday and sunday, we're looking at highs in the upper 80s and that weather continues into next week, for san francisco, staying cool and breezy but there will be some more sunshine today as we top out at 66 degrees and some mid-60s from saturday to sunday. it will be slightly warmer by the middle of next week and we're going to see that even from the coastal areas, extending inland. we'll continue to keep an eye on that. let's head over to mike for an update on the commute. >> kari, we see slowing on the
7:57 am
nimitz which is what you would expect this morning. high street northbound your commute slows right where i circled it and still slow west 580 past the earlier disabled construction area. now slow on the approach to highway 13. overall oakland seeing more traffic. no major problems. the south bay the continued build and 101 may be a crash on the shoulder just about shoreline. there is the bay bridge with no metering lights all morning. back to you. >> thank you very much. happening now an overnight standoff in the south bay ends with a flash bang grenade and arrest. police say the suspect earlier attacked a neighbor with a knife. they say the victim's life is not in danger. on our home page, you can read the full story including some dramatic video. oakland is squaring off today against the raiders, not on the football field but in court. oakland is hoping to keep its $240 million anti-trust suit alive despite the doj coming up this week on the raiders' side. we have a crew at the courthouse. check our twitter feed for the
7:58 am
latest updates. another local news update coming up in half an hour. have a great friday.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today. coming up -- summer scorcher two-thirds of the country waking up to unbearable temperatures this morning >> it's miserable. >> officials urging residents to stay indoors how bad will it get this weekend? al's got the latest forecast plus, honoring apollo. harry smith shares his take on how the historic mission to the moon changed our world just ahead, the lessons we learned from the one giant leap. and musgraves moment grammy-winning singer kacey musgraves is kicking off your weekend with a live summer concert that will give you butterflies.
8:01 am
♪ you give me butterflies >> today, friday, july 19th, 2019 ♪ why don't you giddy up >> here to see our wonder woman. >> kacey musgraves >> drove nine hours through the night. >> from columbus, ohio >> we love you, kacey musgraves. >> we're celebrating their. >> 13th. >> 15th. >> 50th. >> birthdays. >> it is my fifth kacey concert this year. >> hey, kacey, your golden hour! >> good morning, everybody welcome back what a crowd >> i was just out there hanging out. let me tell you, folks out there are excited on this friday morning for kacey musgraves. >> why not she is one of the biggest stars
8:02 am
in music right now she's got a great story. she's out on tour. she has a big announcement coming up. >> this morning she'll make the announcement by the way, share your shoutouts with us. #mytodayplaza we'd love to hear from you. let's start the news at 8:00 and what could be the most dangerous u.s. heat wave in years. it is growing more intense by the hour al has the latest numbers just in good morning. >> thanks so much, savannah. you can see, we have a wide swath. 31 states, 173 million people under some sort of heat advisory, watch, or warning. it stays hot into the weekend. it's a combination of heat and humidity that's so dangerous it'll feel like 110 today in st. louis. 111 in chicago with an air temperature of 98. d.c., 98 with air temperature of 109. index, i should say. new york city, 111 feels like 112 tomorrow in d.c 107 in cincinnati. sunday, the heat stays on. 107, feels like temperature in new york city. 106 in raleigh cincinnati, 103.
8:03 am
the relief comes sometime sunday, starting for the upper midwest. cooler and less humid on sunday for minneapolis and rapid city as sunday moves into monday, we will start to see cooler weather for binghamton, milwaukee, st. louis. tuesday, the northeast at or below average from atlanta up to boston we have to get through the weekend. take it easy take it slow light colors hydrate often. check on the young and the elderly and your pets, as well craig? >> thank you. this morning, iran is denying president trump's claim that the united states forces destroyed one of its drones. the president said thursday that the drone had flown to within 1,000 yards of "uss boxer" in the strategic strait of hormuz he said it ignored multiple calls to back off.
8:04 am
u.s. marines used electronic jamming to bring down the unmanned aircraft. the president came within minutes of responding to a military strike when it happened a month ago. president trump is distancing himself from the provocative chant from his rally wednesday night. the crowd chanted "send her back" as he described omar, a former somali refugee, as radical and un-american. the chant echoed his earlier tweets to omar and her colleagues to go back to where they came from he insisted he tried to cut the crowd off. >> thank you very much i didn't like they did it, and i started speaking very quickly. >> the video from the rally shows the president waited 13 seconds after the chant began before resuming his speech the house of representatives passed a bill that would gradually raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025 thursday's vote was largely along party lines with three republicans voting for the bill. the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour has not been raised in a decade senators said it'd lead to the loss of many jobs.
8:05 am
a lot of hospitals have a bell that cancer patients ring when they've successfully finished their treatment watch when the former kansas radio host darla jay got her turn to ring it. [ bell ringing ] >> whew! >> do you blame her? darla was diagnosed with breast cancer in february she had her final radiation therapy this week. she said she's very, very grateful, and she showed the bell who is boss. >> darla deserved to break the bell. >> she did our best to her. coming up this friday morning, thought you were excited for tom cruise's "top gun" return? it until you see the trailer we have that plus the trailer for "cats. something for everybody. plus on the eve of the first land v moon landing 50 years ago, harry smith with unique perspective on the importance of the moon moment. the lessons learned and lessons missed from the men who were there. first, these messages. drive safe & save discount? yup, using the app. i've been quite vigilant.
8:06 am
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8:09 am
man. one giant leap for mankind >> we are back at 8:08 with more of our special "one giant leap" series, celebrating the 50th anniversary of apollo 11. >> this has been really fun. the historic mission to the moon and neil armstrong's first step on the lunar surface captured the world's imagination 50 years ago. it also forever shaped the apollo astronauts' perspective of earth harry smith joins us with more on that. they got a view few of us will ever have. >> you think about almost everyone who has been to space has a similar view go back to the soviet, the first one to orbit the earth he talked about how beautiful
8:10 am
the earth was. one of the soviet officials, who was in charge of the space program, said, you know, maybe instead of a pilot, we should have sent a poet take a look. >> reporter: the earliest americans, native americans, used the moon as a calendar. it kept time the ancient greeks, romans, and egyptians all believed the moon was a god. for as long as we have looked to the heavens, the moon has engaged our imagination, our dreams >> we choose to go to the moon not because they are easy, but because they are hard. >> reporter: when president kennedy said this, no american had even orbited the earth yet, before the decade was through, this. >> three, two, one, zero. >> reporter: going to the moon with the apollo program would require the resources of the most powerful and technologically advanced nation the world had yet witnessed. and a price tag of a then staggering $25 billion an 18-year-old i know had just graduated from high school he watched that summer night and believed anything was possible the greatest generation had won
8:11 am
a world war, then lifted up our broken enemies, and beating the russians to the moon was a big darn deal. a battle won in our long cold war. but it did nothing to heal our broken cities, which were bleeding from riots, and did nothing to stop the u.s. from digging deeper into the trench of despair that was vietnam. 50 years later, our mother earth is burning up from abuse and neglect. those men who left earth's orbit, the apollo astronauts, they learned something from their perch above the planet they saw what we could not mike collins was the pilot of the apollo 11 command module >> i said very casually one time, hey, houston, i got the world in my window that leads me to think we all have the world in our window we should look at it as a fragile object of great importance to us we are somewhat responsible for what we see and the good and the
8:12 am
bad of what we see >> reporter: neil armstrong once said, it suddenly struck me, that that tiny pea, pretty and blue, was the earth. i put up my thumb and shut one eye, and my thumb blotted out the planet earth i didn't feel like a giant i felt very, very small. bill anders in apollo 8 said, they had gone to study the moon, and they had really discovered earth. he took man's first whole earth picture. >> it was nothing but blackness around it. it sure showed that the earth was a very beautiful but quite fragile place. >> reporter: did we miss something 50 years ago perhaps the heroic effort required to get to the moon should have been less a tah-dah moment than an ah-ha moment. it proved that imagination, determination, and money can get big things done, but maybe space is just easier to conquer than
8:13 am
our problems here at home. poverty, inequality, disease, climate change we wonder, 50 years later, what big thing could we, should we, accomplish now >> well, harry, you always put it in perspective. it is easy to romanticize this accomplishment, and why not? it was incredible. >> exactly. >> also to look at the work that's unfinished in this beautiful place. >> without question. also, to think of the determination of this country, to say this is this thing we want to do, and that, as a people, so many pulled together. tens of thousands across the country, in all different kinds of walks of life remember the women the other day? >> yeah. >> sewing the space suit margaret hamilton. there was no such thing as software they're inventing science as they go along, in order to achieve this goal. in u.s. dollars, it was about $25 billion back in the day. probably today, more like a quarter of a trillion. what could that do now >> also the vision, the daring
8:14 am
of it. we're doing it not because it is easy but because it is hard. >> audacity. where is our audacity and sense of common purpose? >> yeah. >> you know, we see the technology created out of that program. >> without question. >> every day. >> computers the size of a bread box. phones now are a million times more powerful. >> gps. >> exactly right. >> i thought -- >> the laser beam that can get shot to the moon because they left reflectors up there we still use them. >> this whole experience has done nothing to diminish carson's crush on you. he's looking at you with stars in his eyes. >> we want you to hold us, harry. >> i did the voiceover work for the rocks piece yesterday. i shut my eyes, and it was my best harry smith impression. >> we loved the journey. >> i'm the fortunate one.
8:15 am
>> thank you so much for reminding us, that we are capable of doing big, great things in this country. >> why not >> big, great things. >> thanks, uncle harry >> thank you. >> my pleasure. >> thanks, uncle harry. >> these two. what ya got, al? >> harry, can you read the phone book to me people in the audience are going, what's a phone book anyway, let's show you what we have happening for today we are looking at this oppressive heat wave the heat and the humidity making for a very dangerous situation severe storms pushing across the midwest and the upper great lakes. the good news is, that will bring cooler air by the time we get in good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. live look outside in san francisco as the clouds pass by. a few breaks in the clouds, too. our temperatures stay cool along the coast with some mid to upper 60s. meantime, oakland will warm up to 72 degrees with some mid 80s for the inland valleys. in livermore, antioch, and
8:16 am
concord we'll reach up to 86 degrees while san jose tops out at 84. it will be slightly warmer for the weekend with some upper 80s and staying hot through next week. >> >> all right time for the best time of the day. come on. bring it. >> i wish i can be as enthusiastic about pop start as harry smith is about the moon. >> you are. >> we have a movie lineup on pop start. we need a little music, appropriate music for our very first story. ♪ danger zone >> time for "top gun" news, al in a surprise move yesterday, tom cruise debuted the trailer for the upcoming sequel of "top gun. it was at comic-con. people felt the need for speed >> you should be at least a two-star admiral by now. yet, here you are. captain. why is that? >> it's one of life's mysteries,
8:17 am
sir. ♪ >> i mean, come on. it has to get you a ♪ >> i mean, come on it has to get you a little excited. >> i have chills. >> that's a trailer. >> tom known for doing his own stunts the film confirmed in an interview with conen o'brien, he said the flying was real it was crucial for the actors to train in the jets and sustain the gs they didn't want to create that stuff with computer-generated imagery. everybody was flying there was a nod to the character goose in the trailer fans noticed a photo of goose up in maverick's locker in a particular shot. summer isn't over yet, but we have to wait until next summer for "top gun maverick" hits
8:18 am
theaters. up next -- "cats." yesterday we saw a backstage look of the film featuring taylor swift, idris elba, judi dench and more the trailer has been released. as promised, we'll give you a look on pop start. ♪ it's so easy to leave me ♪ all alone with the memory ♪ of my days in the sun ♪ if you touch me ♪ you'll understand what happened ♪ ♪ look, a new day ♪ has begun >> that's jennifer hudson singing "memories. one of the most iconic broadway numbers. "cats" from universal pictures hits theaters before christmas
8:19 am
yesterday, it was mixed. it was trending on twitter. >> they look like cats. >> maybe it was the way -- >> they really look like cats. >> i know. i mean, the stage costumes were like that, too >> yeah. >> jennifer hudson sings that song. "once upon a time in hollywood" starring brad pitt, leonardo dicaprio, margo margot robbie. the trio sat down in an interview and made shocking confessions. take a look. >> is there a movie you'd be sad to say you've never seen >> "gone with the wind." >> i haven't either. >> are you serious you guys have never -- >> you have an excuse but i don't. "gone with the wind" or "sound of music." >> i have never seen "sound of music. >> what? i remember "wolf of wall street," you'd get angry when said anything i hadn't seen. how can you work in the industry and not have seen "citizen kane
8:20 am
>> margot robbie has never seen "star wars." >> wow. >> what? >> let's quickly go around the table. what is a classic film you've never seen savannah >> i haven't seen "casa blanca," "citizen kane. >> those are a couple. >> i haven't seen "casa blanca." "sound of music" either. >> what? >> i haven't either. >> you haven't seen "sound of music" >> i have seen a couple scenes. >> never the whole "sound of music. no. >> you -- i'm sorry. >> "singing in the rain" >> i've seen that. >> "citizen kane"? >> how many "godfathers" are there? i've seen one. >> there's three i saw the first two. >> i didn't see the last one. >> this is shocking. i can't believe you haven't seen "the sound of music. >> eh. >> what do you mean? >> i'm sorry >> listen, it was the austrian navy it is a landlocked country why do they have a navy? what's the point >> that's why you haven't seen it >> you can't make that joke unless you've seen "sound of
8:21 am
music. >> i'm going to tell her >> you have another one? >> saving it for 9:00. >> tease. >> "once upon a time in hollywood" comes out next friday. >> wait until you hear the movie al roker hasn't seen it'll blow your mind. >> what decade did it come out >> '80s. >> "breakfast club"? >> i've never seen a brat pack movie. >> i feel i was too old. we should go across the pond, i guess. this is up your alley. >> i love it. >> the historic open championship, dylan dreyer continues to draw the lucky straws here. she is at royal portrush in northern ireland, golf's last major of the season is taking place. d. dryer, how is it going over there? >> reporter: well, good morning, guys my summer of boondoggles continues. it has now taken me to northern
8:22 am
ireland. yesterday was day one of the 148th open, or the british open as it is called, although never call it that here. it hasn't been held in northern ireland for nearly 70 years because of decades of fighting and conflict some wondered if it'd ever return but it's back, and a record number of spectators are expected this weekend to take in the majestic views, as the cliffs meet the sea here at royal portrush, and to watch some incredibly difficult links style golf the open, golf's oldest tournament, back for its 148th edition. this time at royal portrush in northern ireland it's the first time the major tournament has been played here since 1951 now it's back. >> rory mcilroy. >> reporter: with all eyes on northern ireland's own rory mcilroy, hoping to lift the
8:23 am
coveted claret jug despite a rough first round, he's grateful for the love and support of his hometown fans. >> i think the support that i've had, not only this week, but every time i get up and play, is phenomenal. >> reporter: it is also a special place for mcilroy, who set the course record here as a teenager this is a course you are so familiar with. the course record when you were 16 years old with a 61 if anybody can turn this around, it's you how are you going to do that going forward? >> i'm just going to have to play better. i'm going to have to drive it better hit the ball in the fairway. >> reporter: walking around this vast links style course isn't easy, but the challenge has its payoffs. this is a tough course to walk, but check out the view when you get to the top the sun reflecting off the rocky coastline. if you look way over there, the castle there was one of the locations for "game of thrones." just like that, it's pouring weather the proving to be a factor on the links for me and the fans, but not everyone is complaining. >> it's fun. i enjoy it i enjoy it when it gets tough, when the wind blows. >> must have had ten showers come through there
8:24 am
>> reporter: brooks koepka, the american and world number one has help from a local. your caddie is from this area. is he giving you the inside scoop? >> come up with a good game plan, being from here. played this course thousands of times. >> reporter: there's plenty of fun, too the sun is out, but the day is over only one place to go, the 19th hole i'll have to learn some skills from the fans. they're glad to see golf's oldest major being played again in northern ireland. another challenge here is what time the players tee off for example, brooks koepka keyed off at 8:03 this morning it's been sunny and dry so far today, but rory doesn't tee off until 3:10 this afternoon. that's right when the wind and the rain are expected again. it seems like all players are up for the challenge in northern ireland. >> we saw your insta post yesterday, hanging out there at the pub. how hard was it to hang out at a pub in ireland, and because of
8:25 am
the baby, not being able to toss a few back >> reporter: yeah, the most crowded pub here in portrush i got an official pour from this guy who worked here forever. i'm holding this delicious guinness, freshly poured, and i can't even take a sip. i shouldn't. i mean, i didn't take a sip. >> which is it >> thank you, dylan. thank you. >> are you excited, carson >> i am. tiger is on the course now, seven holes to play. he has to birdie at least three to stick around for the weekend. that's another story they're watching speaking of tiger, there is a documentary film golf channel is premiering on monday the record is sam snead's record, 82 pga tour wins there is a great film documentary i got a chance to narrative monday at 9:00 p.m. eastern about tiger woods chasing history. we urge you to watch that on the golf channel if you get a chance we'll watch rory later today and all the coverage for the open. >> did you see what he just did, grew up playing golf with tiger
8:26 am
woods. >> i know. >> like forrest gump. >> never won a masters >> forrest gump. >> carson has had ten lives that are interesting. we're about to go to the plaza. kacey musgraves is there and will put on a good morning everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. a four-hour stand-off ended dramatically in the south bay when s.w.a.t. teams tossed grenades into an apartment unit in milpitas about 3:30 in the morning. police say it started when a woman was attacked with a large knife just down the street. officers arrived at the suspect's home. he refused to come out. officers used the grenades to stun him and arrest him. police say the injured woman's life is not in danger. they do not yet know the motive for the attack. it has been so far a pretty good day on the roads. let's see if it sticks out? >> oh, scott, exactly. any car stands out at the bay
8:27 am
bridge. no metering lights all morning. this is the lightest we've seen. 8:26. it will build toward midday, folks getting into san francisco. that tends to be the trend. right now the big slowing is getting into and out of san francisco on the peninsula there, 101, 280 the most pronounced areas with slowing in the south bay. silicon valley moves nicely northbound all of the slowing pretty much out of san jose up toward santa clara, sunnyvale. no real surprises except how very light it is. someone tapped their brakes right here five minutes ago. it took five minutes for the one lane to get back up to speed right there. back to you. >> all right. thanks. we'll have another local news coming up in a half hour. see you then. show me the crown.
8:28 am
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experience the entertainment you love on x1. access netflix, prime video, youtube and more. all with the sound o. click, call or visit a store today. . we are back now. it is 8:30 on a friday morning. july 19th, 2019. this is an impressive crowd, and why not? ladies and gentlemen, she won all the grammys. kacey musgraves is in the house. >> good morning. >> hi. she won everything. everything there was to win, kacey won, and for good reason. we're so happy you're here. >> thank you for having me. >> also want to congratulate you, the country music museum just put up the kacey musgraves exhibit. >> wow. >> i have some detention slips from high school. >> the paper you wrote
8:31 am
"butterflies" is there with all the scratching out. >> all my favorite moments. you have to see it. >> such an honor. do you mind if we take a walk? you have so many fans. there's one lady over here, her name is alicia, from little falls, new jersey. inspired by you, kacey, she taught herself to play guitar. kacey, alicia. alisa, kacey. >> how are you? >> i'm good. >> you have your beautiful guitar. maybe a little in front of kacey? >> i'd love to hear it. >> okay. ♪ >> how about that? is that the right cordhords? >> i wanted to hear you sing. >> oh, no. >> she taught herself to play gi cz guitar. >> amazing. >> you were the international
8:32 am
yodelling champion as a kid. now the guitar. would you sign this guitar? that'd be a cool moment. >> yeah, where do you want me to put it? >> we'll go back to you. >> you play on a guitar. could you play it off? >> i'm impressed when people can do it in front of their favorite star. a lot of nerves. she did a great job. we'll have more of kacey and her music in a moment, first, your weather. tomorrow, the dangerous heat, steamy down into the gulf. sunshine, hot and dry out west. look for strong storms firing up around the upper mississippi river valley. on sunday, sunday, the heat wave continues in the east. strong storms in the mississippi river valley. the western third good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. skies are clearing in san francisco and away from the coast line and we're going to see much more sunshine today. but it does stay cool with high
8:33 am
temperatures there in the mid 60s while the north bay reaches into the upper 70s. yukiya heading up to 90 degrees and in san jose expect a high of 84 degrees. going through the forecast it will be slightly hotter in the inland areas this weekend and the heat continues into next week. san francisco holding steady with those highs in the mid 60s and times of sunshine. >> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> we are just about ready to get this concert started with country superstar kacey musgraves. before she takes the stage, her rise from nashville darling to one of music's biggest stars. >> reporter: kacey musgraves is flying high as one of music's brightest stars. ♪ you're my golden hour >> reporter: her latest album "golden hour" skyrocketed to the top of the billboard country charts, making it her third number one album. >> one of the best albums of the year. ♪ you give me butterflies
8:34 am
>> reporter: musgraves winning album of the year at both country music award shows and the grammys. >> oh, my god. i don't even know what to say. >> reporter: her big wins launching her into superstardom, from the cover of magazines to the pink carpet at the met gala. ♪ oh, what a world >> reporter: now, kacey is traveling the globe on her oh, what a world tour, and she's bringing her act right here to our citi concert stage. >> ladies and gentlemen, here she is, kacey musgraves. in the born in a hurry, always late ♪ ♪ haven't been early since '88
8:35 am
♪ texas is hot, i can be cold ♪ grandma cried when i pierced my nose ♪ ♪ good in a glass, good on green, good when you're putting your hands all over me ♪ ♪ i'm all right with a slow burn ♪ ♪ taking my time, let the world turn ♪ ♪ i'm gonna do it my way, it'll be all right ♪ ♪ if we burn it down and it takes all night ♪ ♪ it's a slow burn, yeah
8:36 am
♪ oh, oh ♪ in tennessee, the sun's going down ♪ ♪ but in beijing, they're heading out to work ♪ ♪ you know the bar down the street don't close for an hour ♪ ♪ we should take a walk and look at all the flowers ♪ ♪ cause i'm all right with a slow burn ♪ ♪ taking my time, let the world turn ♪ ♪ i'm gonna do it my way, it'll be all right ♪ ♪ if we burn it down and it takes all night ♪ ♪ it's a slow burn
8:37 am
♪ whatever feels good ♪ ah, ah ♪ whatever feels good ♪ ah, ah ♪ ah, ah ♪ old soul, waiting my turn ♪ i know a few things, but i still got a lot to learn ♪ ♪ so i'm all right with a slow burn ♪ ♪ a slow burn ♪ a slow burn [ cheers and applause ] >> kacey ♪ so waiting my turn ♪ i know a few things but i've still got a lot to learn ♪
8:38 am
♪ so i'm all right with a slow burn ♪ ♪ a slow burn ♪ a slow burn [ cheers and applause ] >> kacey musgraves just getting started. we have a lot more music from our citi concert stage first, on a friday morning, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ i gonna do it my way, i'mt'
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ we are back on our citi summer concert stage with the great kacey musgraves. she didn't even sweat. >> her latest album, "golden hour" crushed it at the grammy taking home album of the year.
8:41 am
>> now, kacey is hitting the road for her oh, what a world, tour good morning. >> thank you for having me good morning. >> we are your super fans. you've been here singing a couple times can you believe this crowd >> this is amazing y'all woke up early for me. >> by the way, there's probably a lot of people here who wanted to come see you in concert, maybe it was sold out, but you have some good news for them this morning. >> yeah. y'all can come because we're adding five more days. it'll be the last five we're adding it'll all wrap up in nashville in october radio city, we're going to play two nights there dallas, going back home to texas. be sure and hop on the presale that starts today. >> starts today, okay. >> you've been doing this since you were 8 years old going back to your roots in texas, what a journey it's been, getting to nashville when you're 19, and now "golden hour." looking at your career, what do you think? >> oh, gosh, i take it one step at a time. i get excited about what i'm doing then, and i focus, then
8:42 am
move on. i rarely have time to, you know, step back and look at everything it's been so much fun. just the love everyone has, you know, given me with this music has been amazing. >> speaking of love, how about the six sexy men behind us. >> i know. >> love the uniforms, too, guys. >> carson mentioned earlier that you yodelled you were the international yodelling champion. >> let's not bring that up i was explaining to our friend, elijah, her music career will take different paths are you writing on the road for something beyond "golden hour" >> it's hard to write on the road because there is so much going on i have a couple songs i'm excited about. i'll look forward to kind of jumping back into all that next year. >> what are you singing for us next >> next, i believe it's a song called "lonely weekend." >> perfect.
8:43 am
♪ it's a lo, it's a lo, it's a lonely >> kacey, take it away ♪ it's a lo, it's a lo, it's a lonely weekend ♪ ♪ it's a lo, it's a lo, it's a lonely feeling without you ♪ ♪ monday, i was gone, and tuesday, you were working late ♪ ♪ wednesday went to hell, and thursday kinda had to wait, yeah ♪ ♪ friday, you were leaving, going out of town again ♪ ♪ i should see what's going on, only got a couple friends ♪ ♪ it's a lo, it's a lo, it's a lonely weekend ♪ without you ♪ ♪ it's a lo, it's a lo, it's a lonely feeling without you ♪
8:44 am
♪ i guess everybody else is without tonight ♪ ♪ guess i'm hanging by myself, but i don't mind ♪ ♪ it's a lo, it's a lo, it's a lonely weekend ♪ ♪ i got a million things to do, but i haven't done a single one, no ♪ ♪ and if my sister lived in town, i know that we'd be doing something fun ♪ ♪ i keep looking at my phone, p pu putting it back down ♪ ♪ there's a little part of me that's got the fear of missing out, yeah ♪ ♪ it's a lo, it's a lo, it's a lonely weekend ♪ ♪ it's a lo, it's a lo, it's a lonely feeling without you ♪
8:45 am
♪ i guess everybody else is out tonight ♪ ♪ guess i'm hanging by myself, but i don't mind ♪ ♪ it's a lo, it's a lo, it's a lonely weekend ♪ ♪ oh, even if you got somebody on your mind ♪ ♪ it's all right to be alone sometimes ♪ ♪ sometimes ♪ it's a lo, it's a lo, it's a lonely weekend ♪ ♪ it's a lo, it's a lo, it's a lonely feeling without you ♪ ♪ i guess everybody else is out tonight ♪ ♪ guess i'm hanging by myself, but i don't mind ♪ ♪ sometimes lonely weekend ♪ it's a lo, it's a lo, it's a lonely weekend ♪ without you
8:46 am
♪ it's a lo, it's a lo, it's a lonely feeling without you ♪ ♪ i guess everybody else is out tonight ♪ ♪ guess i'm hanging by myself, but i don't mind ♪ ♪ it's a lo, it's a lo, it's a lonely weekend ♪ ♪ it's a lo, it's a lo, it's a lonely weekend ♪ >> more music from kacey just ahead, including the favorite our viewers picked our viewers picked first, this is "today" on nbc. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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our summer concert with our summer concert with kacey is not done yet. >> she has one more song this half hour, and you picked it. >> that's right. we gave the kacey fans in the world options on twitter we had them vote on what exactly they wanted to hear. choices were all great
8:49 am
high horse, happy and sad, merry-go-round, and space cowboy the winner, ladies and gentlemen, is "happy and sad." so, just for you, take it away, ♪ it's not you, it's the glow of the party ♪ ♪ the way that kacey musgraves. ♪ it's not you, it's the glow o the party ♪ ♪ the way that you got me lit u inside ♪ ♪ it's the song that they're playing, the words that you're saying ♪ ♪ it's never felt so right ♪ and i'm the kind of person wh starts getting kind of nervous when i'm having the time of my life ♪ ♪ is there a word for the way
8:50 am
that i'm feeling tonight ♪ ♪ happy and sad at the same time ♪ ♪ you got me smiling with tears in my eyes ♪ ♪ i never felt so high ♪ no, i've never been this far off of the ground ♪ ♪ and they say everything that goes up must come down ♪ ♪ i don't wanna come down ♪ so is there a way to stop all this thinking, just keep on drinking ♪ ♪ cause i don't wanna wake up ♪
8:51 am
♪ cause it ♪ when they're turning the lights on and it turns out the joke's on me ♪ ♪ cause it feels so right ♪ and i'm the kind of person wh starts getting kinda nervous ♪ when i'm having the time of my life ♪ ♪ oh, is there a word for the way that i'm feeling tonight ♪ ♪ happy and sad at the same time ♪ ♪ you've got me smiling with tears in my eyes ♪ ♪ i never felt so high ♪ no, i've never been this far off of the ground ♪ ♪ and they say everything that goes up must come down ♪
8:52 am
♪ i don't wanna come down ♪ i don't mind at all, no, i'm used to falling ♪ ♪ i'm comfortable when the sky is gray ♪ ♪ but when everything is perfect, i start hiding ♪ ♪ cause i know that rain is coming my way, my way ♪ ♪ cause i'm happy and sad at th same time ♪ ♪ you got me smiling with tears in my eyes ♪ ♪ i never felt so high ♪ no, i've never been this far off of the ground ♪ ♪ and they say everything that goes up ♪ come down
8:53 am
♪ no, i don't ♪ goes up must come down ♪ and i don't wanna come down ♪ no, i don't wanna come down ♪ oh, no >> way to go, kacey musgraves. she's just added more dates on her tour we're back this is "today" on nbc ♪ you've got me smiling with
8:54 am
8:55 am
♪ ♪ kacey musgraves. this woman has the bes description of this weather ever you said >> we're basically inside of a big mouth. it feels we're in a mouth. >> steamy, little moist. you sound so good. >> thank you. >> how good was kacey? [ applause ] >> best part, by the way, you're coming back third hour "today" for one more performance stick around for that. >> also, don't forget to check out for more stories that we know you're going to love.
8:56 am
>> kacey, i'll be drinking my tequila to you tonight about 5:00 wonderful to have you here. >> thanks for having me. i appreciate it. >> ladies and gentlemen, one more round of applause for kacey musgraves. [ applause ] >> the third hour is straight ahead, right after a check of your local news, your weather. stay cool this weekend and have a great one. good morning everyone. 8:56. i'm scott mcgrew. this morning the city of oakland squares off against the raiders. last year oakland filed a $240 million anti-trust suit against the raiders and the nfl. this week the doj argued oakland should not be permitted to recover lost tax revenue through anti-trust laws.
8:57 am
they argue anti-trust laws in general don't apply to host city commercial interests. the nfl asking for the case to be tossed out. whatever happens, this will likely not stop the raiders from leaving to las vegas next season. happening now, we'll have a live report in our midday newscast. we'll also post updates on twitter. an overnight stand-off in the south bay ended with flash bang grenades and an arrest. police say the suspect earlier attacked a neighbor with a knife. they say the victim's life is not in danger. on the full story including the dramatic video. tomorrow marks 50 years since man first walked on the moon. today the u.s.s. hornet hosted another event commemorating the walk. we'll take a look at 11:00 as well. see you then. this is fred. he's dancing like nobody's watching.
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live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> tgif. here we go. >> this is the third hour of "today." i'm al with sheinelle and craig. of course, dylan is over in northern ireland. it is just as warm there as it is here. no, not really. we're going to check in with her in just a minute. how about -- >> kacey musgraves? >> -- kacey musgraves. >> what i noticed, out of the crowd, she has the young girls and boys, whatever, but when she performed, i noticed, one, they know every word. two, unlike a lot of


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