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tv   Today  NBC  August 3, 2019 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning. deadly collapse, a cliff of a popular surfing spot near san diego gives good morning, deadly collapse, a cliff of a popular surf spot near san diego gives way, trapping people in tons of sand and dirt. at least three people dead, others yi others injured: we're live with the latest. rocker asap rocky back in los angeles after a swedish court let him go free when it decides if he's guilty of assault. celebrities, even president trump pushing for his release. he's not out of jeopardy yet. intelligence failure,
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president trump's pick to be the nation's top spy chief out. >> i felt that congressman ratcliffe was being treated very unfairlily. >> representative john ratcliffe out of the running the latest trump nomination to go up in flames. bizarre appearance, kevin spacey who had been keeping a low profile after his groping case reemerges in italy reading poetry in public >> i'll say it again, if you'd like, or save your breath. holding on for dear life >> officer down, officer down, 1080. >> a police officer dragged down a busy highway, all caught on camera and long horn on the loose, a cow breaks free after a parade in colorado, and after a chase through a bank lobby, a cowboy lassos her in. the video you won't want to miss today, saturday, august 3rd,
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201 2019. >> from nbc news, this is "today", with sheinelle jones. >> welcome to "today", thank you for joining us this saturday morning. we've got the band back together for the first time on saturday >> good to see you guys. >> we start with a busy saturday morning and a heartbreaking story on the west coast. >> it is our top story, that deadly cliff collapse at a beach in southern california, it came down without warning, burying five people in tons of debris. nbc's molly hunter is following the overnight developments for us molly, good morning. >> reporter: hey, guys, good morning. that's right a summer beach weekend turned deadly that beach was packed friday afternoon when the cliff side suddenly gave way. this morning, a popular surf spot in southern california, now off limits. >> we have three immediate patients, one minor.
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>> reporter: after a cliff collapsed. >> about the size of two vehicles >> reporter: killing three people just north of san diego the collapse happened without warning when a 30 foot by 25 foot section of the bluff located about 15 feet above the beach gave way, trapping people in the debris. first responders including life guards on duty jumped into action >> we were able to rescue five people from the rubble pile. >> reporter: dozens of firefighters surrounded the scene as beachgoers looked on in shock. >> you could see them aggressively doing cpr in the back of the truck. it was really hard to watch. it was scary everyone was very concerned. >> one woman died on the beach, four others were taken to nearby hospitals and two succumbed to their injuries officials say the cliff was unstable due to natural erosion. the houses above the bluff are secure but the beach is still closed and beachgoers are reminded how
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dangerous the bluffs can be. >> people put their chairs and stuff up against these cliffs and they're not conscious, you know, that these cliffs can slide. >> reporter: authorities say there's no rhyme or reason to why this happened. it's partially how beaches are made with this kind of natural erosion. it's really scary as temperatures aheheat up and so n families head to the beach. rapper asap rocky is back in the united states as a judge in sweden decides whether or not he's guilty of assault after a brawl on the streets that has attracted the attention of celebrities and even the president of the united states nbc's kelly cobiella has more. >> reporter: good morning to you. asap rocky was seen smiling as he got off a private plane in l.a. early this morning. clearly relieved to be out of the swedish jail his legal troubles may not be over yet this morning, asap rocky is back home after a celebration in sweden on friday just moments after being told he was free to
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go while a judge decides the assault case against him the rapper who's real name is rakim myers, seen in a video, throwing a 19-year-old to the ground during a street fight he was arrested july 3rd and has been in custody ever since swedish prosecutors accusing him of cutting the alleged victim, showing pictures of his bloody arm and stitches the rapper claims self-defense his team saying the alleged victim and another man were following and harassing him. >> we said we didn't even want to fight nobody wants to fight. we just was like please just leave us alone. >> reporter: online, fellow artists pushed to freeway asap rocky. kim kardashian reaching out to president trump, who piled on the pressure, with tweets, a phone call to the swedish prime minister and sending his envoy for hostage affairs to the swedish capital. in the letter, the envoy asked
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the swedes to free the rapper on humanitarian grounds, to avoid potentially negative consequences in u.s. sweden relations. that request was denied. late friday, the president reacted to asap rocky's conditional release. >> they're going to be making a final decision, i guess, over the next ten days. i won't interfere with the process. >> reporter: on instagram, asap thanked supporters, saying his month in a swedish jail had been a difficult and humbling experience now, waiting to hear whether he's left his legal troubles behind him a person close to asap rocky's team tells nbc news, the rapper will get the judge's decision by e-mail, and may not have to go back to sweden legal experts there say releasing a defendant in a case like this is not necessarily uncommon and may be a sign that the judge is leaning toward a not guilty verdict or possibly guilty with a sentence of time served sheinelle, peter. >> kelly cobiella, thank you. president trump today is looking for new director of
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national intelligence this morning one day after his pick for the job abruptly dropped out of the running amid concerns he padded his resume. congressman john ratcliffe of texas becoming the latest trump nominee forced to bow out amid controversy. hans nichols is near the bedminster estate. >> reporter: the challenge for the president this morning is trying to winnow down that list of three nominees to be his next spy chief after he abandoned john ratcliffe. >> president trump ditching his pick to replace dan coats as director of national intelligence citing negative media attention. >> i felt that congressman ratcliffe was being treated unfairly days ago, the president praised john ratcliffe, but lawmakers quickly pounced on the texas
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congressman's credibility. nbc news was first to report ratcliffe falsely claimed he had put terrorists in prisoner, and "the washington post" said he did not arrest 300 illegal immigrants in a single day as he claimed. ratcl ratcliffe joins a growing group of trump picks who caught fire on the launch pad including the defense department, united nation and defense affairs and two dozen sub cabinet positions. the president yesterday insisted that pulling a candidate after publicly announcing one was part of the process >> i give a name i give it out to the press, and you vet for me the lot of times you do a very good job, not always. >> reporter: the president also tweeting about congressman elijah cummings after a report that his home was burglarized last saturday. really bad news, the baltimore house of elijah cummings was robbed too bad.
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nicky hally tweeting this is so unnecessary. adding her own dose of sarcasm with an eye roll emoji the president calling him a racist before departing for his new jersey golf course trump said he was simply misunderstood. >> that was not meant as a wise guy tweet. his house was robbed, and it came over the news >> some other news we have learned for the first time that a majority of house democrats now publiclysupport an impeachment inquiry into the president. i guess the question is does this change the calculus for house speaker ncy pelosi who we know so far has resisted those calls. >> reporter: it puts a little more pressure on her peter a lot of ways, pelosi's rhetoric has been the same. she will continue to investigate the president. he needs to be held accountable. she said this comes down to whether or not you think there's a material distinction between an inquiry and an investigation.
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pelosi is firmly in the investigation camp but some colleagues are pressing her to go more towards the inquiry route. >> hans nichols in new jersey this morning, thank you. a major new development in a case that drew national attention. the death of eric garner as he was being arrested a judge recommended that the officer at the center of it all should be fired. nbc's kathy park is here with the latest >> good morning. a lot of reaction. the recommendation is a turning point in the case that has captured the attention for five years now. in just weeks, we may find out whether officer daniel pantaleo gets to keep his job this morning, eric garner's family calling for justice commissioner, fire pantaleo. that's all we ask. >> an administrative judge recommended friday that officer daniel pantaleo be fired for his role in the death of eric garner, that decision drawing divided reaction from lawmakers to law enforcement. >> found him guilty on
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recklessness because the community called and we responded and someone resisted, that's reckless? that's asinine. >> pantaleo was seen here in this july 2014 cell phone footage, putting his arm around garner's neck in a choke hold, pa banned maneuver garner was being placed under arrest for allegedly selling loose cigarettes, while being wrestled to the ground, garner gasped for air >> i can't breathe, i can't breathe. >> the medical examiner ruled his death a homicide, and the family was awarded nearly $6 million in a settlement with the city >> i can't breathe i can't breathe. >> reporter: protests and unrest would follow during the five-year investigation putting the national spotlight on policing and use of force against unarmed black men. the garner family expressed outrage with the department of justice and a grand jury declined to file any charges against pantaleo >> this has been a long battle five years too long.
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and finally somebody has said that there's some information that this cop has done something wrong. >> we saw a process that was actually fair and impartial. >> pantaleo's attorney says his client was doing his job. >> he acted the way he was taught to act. >> and per department policy, officer pantaleo has been suspended for 30 days without pay following friday's recommendation both sides in this case have two weeks to review the decision before the police commissioner makes a final ruling, guys >> kathy park, thank you. we turn now to another heartbreaking tragedy for the kennedy family we're learning new details this morning about the shocking death of robert f. kennedy's granddaughter earlier this year. the tight knit family together again this morning as they honor her memory nbc's anne thompson is outside the kennedy compound in massachusetts. good morning >> reporter: good morning peter, the flag at the kennedy compound flies at half star this morning
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as do many flags in hianisport to honor saoirse kennedy hill who died at 22, a life with so much promise. >> this morning, a few more clues about saoirse kennedy hill's shocking death. an autopsy revealed no signs of trauma on the 22-year-old, found unresponsive at her grandmother ethel's home in the kennedy compound the reports say an overdose is suspected. the official cause is waiting on the toxicology report. the shattered family led by ethel kennedy said nothing returning from a sail friday afternoon, gathering one more time to mourn a family member gone too soon. sharing pictures and happy stories of saoirse on social media. her uncle, robert kennedy jr. remembering a fearless adventurer, whose greatest gift is to find humor in everything and give us laughter aunt kerry kennedy posting smiling pictures of the boston
6:14 am
college steeenior, and maria shriver writing she left a gaping hole in the lives of all those who loved her dearly an advocate for women, she did not hide her struggle with depression she described her bad times writing, toor often it feels i' drowning in my own thoughts while everyone else seems to be breathing comfortably. >> she opened the door for her peers to come out and not feel shamed by this illness, and she's a real hero in my family she broke the silence. >> reporter: her death, the latest tragic episode in this family's history, great uncle president john kennedy and grandfather robert kennedy assassinated uncles, david, michael and jfk jr. died young, david from a drug overdose, michael in a ski
6:15 am
accident, jfk jr. in a plane crash, and now saoirse kennedy hill now, it will not surprise you given the kennedy's family history and their political leanings that kennedy hill was a member of the college democrats of boston college and there she is being remembered today as a bright and beautiful soul. sheinelle and peter. >> that's heartbreaking. >> heartbreaking loss. anne thompson, thank you very much. let's go to dylan with a check of the weather you have some startling video to show us this morning. >> good morning, guys, we certainly do we have moved into august, but scientists say july may have been the hottest month on record ever, and that's been felt globally, including in greenland where 11 billion tons of surface ice melted in just one day that's the equivalent, to put this into perspective for you, of about 4.4 million olympic swimming pools it melted parts of half of the biggest ice sheet and the biggest single day melt. it's much more rapid with record high temperatures and making the
6:16 am
melting season last a lot longer in another part of the world, here we are in hawaii where two tropical systems are affecting the island, not so much with heavy wind or rain but we are certainly seeing the rough currents because of these two storms we have tropical storm eric and flosy. both will continue to stay away from the island. the seas will be rough because of that. we have in the southeast of the united states, a lot of heavier rain this is continuing kind of tropical in nature, so it is producing some really heavy downpours, especially down across south carolina and parts of coastal georgia we could end up about a half inch up to an inch of rainfall that could lead to some flash flooding, also across southeastern florida, we could see some of the flash flooding as well. we could see as much as about 3 to 5 inches of rainfall. also want to focus on the tropics in the atlantic, too, we have this one little disturbance. as of right now, there's a 20% chance of developing into anything over the next two
6:17 am
and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. still to come, two terrifying events caught on camera in and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. >> still to come, two terrifying events caught on camera, including a charter boat captain chomped on the leg by a shark. he'll tell us how he's doing. and a georgia police officer taken down a terrifying ride on a major highway after a affic stop trbu
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who's that? that's a baby? >> it is your baby. it is my baby. five babies? >> just one. >> you heard it here, dylan is having five babies. >> exactly. >> a medical miracle. >> kids have a sense about things. that was a big moment around here, dylan making an exciting announcement she's expecting her second child, another boy. >> we haven't been together since i made the announcement, like two weeks ago. so, yeah, surprise. >> is cal excited?
6:31 am
>> he's so excited. he has no idea how his world will be rocked. he has to kiss the baby and you -- if you ask him the baby's name, he'll give it away. >> really? >> yes. >> we'll have to get cal on set. >> we had a name, we ran it by him, so -- >> now he says it all the time. >> yes. >> if you say who is that, he'll say the name. he's got the inside scoop. >> that's good stuff. congratulations. >> thank you. we're very, very excited and feel so bless. we'll begin with news now, the california bluff collapse that killed three people, a cliff fell on to a beach near san diego, trapping several people under tons of sand and debris. other beachgoers and first responders quickly worked to try to dig them out. officials say homes and staircases above the bluff are stable, but the beach remains closed to the public while rescuers there continue to search that debris after high tide. and just an hour north of that collapse, this morning, crews in orange county, california, are working to
6:32 am
restore power a day after a massive outage left john wayne airport in the dark. look at this. officials there were forced to divert all arriving flights and to cancel all departing ones. some emergency power did kick in, but flight operations there remain grounded. the outage in the region affected more than 28,000 customers. here is something you don't see every day, come to your screen for a second. this is a long horn on the run in colorado springs. this cow got loose after escaping from a parade and made a run for it, right into a bank. how is that for a deposit? there was some cowboys nearby, they were able to rope the cow and get her back to the cattle drive. fortunately nobody was injured during the long horn's run through the wild west. >> my goodness. speaking of animals gone wild, a summer of the shark and now a charter boat captain is recovering after an angry shark he was bringing on board his boat decided to get a little revenge, taking a big bite out of his leg. morgan chesky has more. good morning.
6:33 am
>> reporter: sheinelle, good morning. you can imagine the shock on board that boat when they realized the danger definitely didn't stop when the shark came out of the water. and all the way down here to south florida, the increasing number of the shark encounters is causing everyone to think twice before they head into the water. this morning, the video capturing a fishing trip turned first aid course. a black tipped shark turning the tables on captain rick caden who came close enough for the fish to bite and clearly it do not want to let go. >> like a dog with a big stick in his mouth, seemed like an eternity when he was holding on, we couldn't get him off. >> reporter: the out of water encounter, the exception to the rule this summer. in cape cod, beaches closed after more than 100 reported shark sightings in the month of july. video shows how close others have come to shore. swimmers keeping an even closer eye on the water. >> we swim in waist deep water now, feel safer in waist deep water. >> reporter: the timing couldn't be more fitting.
6:34 am
>> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: discovery channel spent the last seven days getting up close and personal with the underwater predators, during their highly anticipated shark week. but recent encounters are anything but entertainment. so far this year the u.s. has seen a reported 34 shark attacks. one of them deadly. 65-year-old thomas smiley of california killed while swimming in maui. in the waters off north carolina, paige winter lost a leg and two fingers after a shark attack. the 17-year-old still upbeat. >> i want people to see i'm doing all right. >> reporter: just this past week in florida, 18-year-old reed zipper ended up with 19 stitches after a surfing trip turned into a fight for survival. >> i got on the board, it bit me. like, wow. >> reporter: experts maintain shark attacks are usually a case of mistaken identity, but say the safest bet is to keep your distance, no matter where you are. >> we got hit pretty good. but not as bad as it could have been. >> reporter: and marine
6:35 am
biologists say one thing they're looking closely at is sea temperature with the increasing number of attacks, saying that as water becomes warm, t could increase the length of time that swimmers come into contact with sharks, saying they'll be out even earlier in the year and stick around even later. peter, sheinelle? >> have to be careful. morgan chesky, thank you. >> a trooper there. now to a scary scene near atlanta where a police officer is recovering after what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop. it turned into a highway chase with the officer hanging on for dear life. the entire episode captured on police dash cam. bla blaine alexander has more. >> reporter: it was the routine traffic stop that was anything but. pulled over for being on his cell phone, the man behind the wheel of this chevy malibu suddenly speeds off, with officer nathan daly in tow. >> officer dragged. hanging out of the car. 285 east. >> reporter: this stunning dash cam video shows the malibu
6:36 am
entering a busy atlanta highway, throwing officer daly against one car, then another, before slamming him into this white van and on to the pavement. officer daly survived. >> officer down. officer down. 1080. 1080. >> reporter: but it didn't stop the runaway driver. >> 90 miles an hour, third lane, weaving in and out of traffic. >> reporter: eventually, another crash. suspect derrick simpson tried to make a run for it, but failed. this morning he's in jail on a host of charges including drug and gun possession. and officer daly -- >> you know me, i will bounce back, ten times stronger. i love you guys. thank you so much for your support. >> reporter: still smiling after a truly unbelievable ride. foralexander, nbc news. >> another reminder of the dangers the officers face every day. dylan has another check of the weather. >> good morning, guys.
6:37 am
i'm out on the plaza. you think all these people knew each other, you all don't know each other, huh? what are you here for? >> i'm here for barbara and the "today" show. >> you're all going to barbra? are you all going to sit together? >> we're a big family. >> that's so much fun. they're going to have a great time at the concert. having a great time on the plaza, it is a beautiful morning. a little humid, but it is august after all. if we look at what's going on in the middle of the country, that's an area we're going to see a lot of rain it is going to continue really. we'll see heavy rain south of wichita extending down through south central, oklahoma, to the dallas area through the day as well. so flash flooding is possible because a lot of this rain is coming down at a -- in a short period of time. so we could end up with 3 to 5 inches of rain in some of these areas. very slow moving system, just sagging its way down into texas. that's why the rain going to stick around through the day
6:38 am
today and tomorrow will shift down more into texas. but we could see a widespread 1 to 2 inches of rain with isolated >> that's your latest forecast. guys? >> thank you, dylan. ahead, an epic showdown at the cross fit games. can the so-called world's fittest man hold on to his title. kevin spacey emerges from months out of the spotlight in an unusual way, reading poetry outside a museum in italy. we have t it's tough to quit smoking cold turkey.
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6:42 am
us for this story. molly, good morning. >> reporter: hi, guys, good morning, again, today is day three of the cross fit championships. cross fit says it's the ultimate proving ground for the fittest on earth, and one american, matt frasier, the three time defending champion may be on his way to prove it for a very very impressive fourth time at just 5'7" and a solid 190 pounds, matt frasier is in a league of his own, he can lift more, push more and throw more than just anyone else, attracting big time sponsors and earning the highly coveted title of world's fittest man three years running. it's day three of the 13th annual cross fit games in madison, wisconsin, and if he's crowned again, he'll be tied for the most decorated cross fit athlete. >> we have one competition every year, so it's like your entire year revolves around that.
6:43 am
>> reporter: cross fit pairs a seriously healthy diet with serious training in the gym. >> every person showing up to the competition, i get butterflies about competing against. >> reporter: they train for everything, unlike other world championships, the events are kept secret until the day of, ranging from gymnastics to power lifting, running, rowing, you name it. competitors might snatch dead lift, climb lift, scale obstacles in events like rogue worm, big bop and the snail. >> having guys on the heel gives him motivation to get back up. >> reporter: this year another american, noah olson is giving frasier a run for his money, beating frasier head-to-head on friday a packed crowd going wild and with two days to go, anything can happen with big prize money at the finish line and new this morning, noah olso is in the lead, matt frasier had a penalty to his score whoever takes home the top spot
6:44 am
will be pronounced fittest man and woman on earth and each take home $300,000. >> that's amazing for the year of work you come. >> i was eyeing the bagels and cream cheese upstairs. >> when can we have a cinnamon roll a great story about realizing your dream. >> i certainly do. a viral video of a major league baseball fan has helped him reach his field of dreams. that's coming up right after these messages conditioner that helps protect you from wrinkles all day. just pour the dye free liquid into the rinse dispenser. after a day of wear, pants washed with downy wrinkleguard and detergent are virtually wrinkle free. it even comes unscented. if you don't love downy wrinkleguard, we'll give you your money back. ♪ ♪
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giving up on your dream. >> at least that's i love this story. we are back on a sord morniatur morning with a story about never giving up on your dreams. >> that's what one lucky baseball player was saying after he was spotted throwing fast balls outside a major league game. >> this is such a cool story check out this video that's 23-year-old nathan patterson trying his hand at the speed pitch challenge outside the colorado rockies coors field back in july just one of those fun pop ups for fans to enjoy before the game as you can see, nathan is pitching in the ballpark of 96 miles per hour that's not just fast i mean, that's major league fast and it's especially fast coming from someone who hasn't played ball seriously since high school as nathan later told he says he wasn't throwing anything close to 96 miles per hour back in high school anyway. here's the best part, you might spot the golden arm sooner than later. nathan has been signed by the oakland a's.
6:48 am
apparently the teamnoticed nathan throwing fast balls at a similar pitching challenge last year and began talks with the newly minted rookie this february the recently viral video showed them they should seal the deal nathan announced on instagram, words cannot describe this feeling, for those who cantell u you can't achieve your dreams, use that to work harder. it goes to show you, keep following your dreams, and anything can happen. >> really? >> isn't that wild >> i wonder if i can be beyonce's background dancer if i keep trying. >> i was growing up in oakland, throwing like 56 that was like my dream to be an oakland a. i love that story. >> i can throw faster in those pop up things. it doesn't show they're watching >> a little pop start for us. a big one today. let's start with kevin spacey, the embattled actor made his first public appearance since sexual misconduct charges were
6:49 am
dropped against him last month overnight, video surfaced showing the academy award winner in front of the greek statue he did not speak about his personal life. he read a poem about a boxer, about a fighter at the end of his career take a listen to some of it. >> they use me for their entertainment, fed on stuff, life was over. >> some are weighing in saying the location and the poem seem just like random choices, but hmm. a little bizarre anyway, moving on to jerry seinfeld who introduced us to a ground breaking show about nothing 30 years ago lately, he's been keeping busy by getting coffee with comedians in cars, and now that thhis sho comedians in cars getting coffee is in its 11th season, seinfeld is looking back, how does he prepare. he said his favorite guest to
6:50 am
date was eddie murphy, i feel like we brought a certain perspective on eddie that people have been missing. when asked about how he prepares, he says he doesn't no preparation, just a hang. >> it's very intriguing and you get to see part of him that we have never seen. and he does that with a lot of comedians. they open up. >> i love that show. now to ed sheeran, the grammy award winning artist can add an accolade to his impressive resume. his divide tour set the record for the highest grossing tour of all time so far it has brought in $736 million, breaking the $735 million record previously held by you tube for the last eight years. >> wow >> that's amazing. mpl a bonus pop start, sheinelle jones is bracing the pages of parade magazine, and the
6:51 am
purchase that changed her life. >> i'm dying to know what that is i haven't read it yet. >> life changing for 20 bucks. >> tha you very much. nk>>
6:52 am
6:53 am
we have rock stars on the stable who a table. you celebrated a birthday on monday. >> monday, 43 years young. >> 43. and dylan, yesterday. >> i was yesterday. >> and your mom the day before. >> a couple of days before. >> we have something special for you. and there is a double meaning to it. first of all, it is for you. and then i hear a little birdie told us that fudgy the whale ice cream cake from carvel -- >> i'm obsessed with ice cream cakes. i don't have a carvel near me. i had an ice cream cake, but -- but still, fudgy the whale.
6:54 am
>> i've glad your craving is ice cream and not guacamole at this hour. >> kara is celebrating a birthday also. >> kara. >> happy birthday to you. >> a whole bunch of leos. that's a lot of big personalities. >> what does that mean? >> a lot of personalities. >> that will do it for us. >> thank you, guys. this is so sweet. >> tomorrow, a sit-down with oscar tony and emmy winner viola davis, inspiring conversation about her rise from the depths of poverty to the pop of her profession. >> and monday on the third hour of "today," tori spelling and jennie garth here for the reboot of "beverly hills 90210." that's monday on the third hour of "today." >> need to bring brandon walsh back in too. >> enjoy the rest of your saturday. have a great weekend, everybody. >> happy birthday. let's have some birthday ke. let's have some birthday ke. >>ca l if you have moderate to thsevere rheumatoid arthritis, month after month, the clock is ticking on irreversible joint damage.
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on this saturday in the english countryside, 48 miles north of london, the woburn golf club is the site for the fifth and the final major championship of the season on the lpga tour.


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