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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 7, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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it's wednesday, we'll take you out to the bay bridge toll plaza where things are slowing down a bit. that's not the bridge with all the problems. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew for marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. we have some breaking news in the traffic department. >> this sounds dramatic. the san mateo bridge, a tow truck overnight went off the bridge it sounds dramatic, but the san mateo bridge touches land and there's a marshy area as you approach the hayward side
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just past the toll plaza. there's a hayward interpretive center, on the eastbound side is where the truck went off the roadway anded into the m into t area. it had a vehicle on the back of it. right now one vehicle is getting by, but right now traffic is so light folks are able to make their way by without problems. just a distraction. heading to hayward now, getting off the san mateo bridge, you have to clear over to the left shoulder because the right two lanes are blocked. we have a crew heading out there to get the best pictures as they can while maintaining their safety. at least the weather not complicating things. >> as we start out the morning looking nice and quiet. live look at san jose. as you head out the door, we have low 60s.
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it will be breezy and cooler as we go into the afternoon. temperatures about 80 degrees. morgan hill today reaching 85. we'll talk about all of our microclimates coming up and look ahead to the weekend coming up. the investigation is now coming no focus in the gilroy garlic festival mass shooting. >> that focus increasingly pointing to hate as a primary motive. the fbi yesterday announced the shooting is now a case of domestic terrorism. investigators say the teenage gunman had a list of targets including places of worship and political organizations. the fbi says it's now reaching out to those listed, but the groups are not being publicly identified. >> we're striving to find several things, what if any ideology he settled on. who, if anyone, he may have been in contact with regarding the ideologies. who, if anyone, helped him or had advanced knowledge of his
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intentions. >> at this point, investigators say it's too early to know if the gunman should be considered a white supremacist, but they say he was interested in violent ideologies. happening today in the east bay, a discussion about ending gun violence and domestic terrorism. east bay congressman eric swalwell is hosting that forum. he will talk about what local and federal law enforcement along with congress are doing to protect americans from gun violence. also happening today, a lot of folks may be headed to gilroy for the first day of the rodeo. police are promising extra tight security there. all perimeter fences will be watched closely. today and tomorrow games and competitions will take center stage, on friday the main attractions begin including bucking broncos and bulls. last year's rodeo was gilroy's first in 62 years. roz is at the rodeo arena and
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she'll have more in the 5:00 hour. today president trump and the first lady plan to visit dayton and el paso. in el paso last night at least not everyone is thrilled about the president's visit. el paso's democratic congresswoman veronica escobar refusing to be an accessory to the president's visit. 22 people died at the walmart in el paso. police think the gunman was fueled by hatred, he used several key phrases that the president also uses. el paso has been the focus of much of the president's rhetoric against immigration. the former girlfriend of the dayton gunman is speaking out about what she said were red flags during their relationship. among them she tells nbc he showed her a mass shooting have on their first date. she says the two bonded over their shared struggles with mental illness. >> this is a man who was in pain
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and didn't get the help he needed. people go every day being perfectly fine, having mental illness, me included. and he just -- he got the short end of the stick. no support system >> as we have reported, the gunman's sister was among the nine people killed. investigators are still working to pinpoint a motive in the shooting. a warning coming from government leaders and countries around the world, america may not be safe. the escalating numbers of mass shootings has a lot of countries urging citizens to skip the u.s. for travel. jean elle reports how tourists are reacting. >> reporter: tourists are digging in at fisherman's wharf in san francisco. for many seeing the sites in the united states comes with a warning from loved ones. >> just be careful. my family was worried about me. >> reporter: international visitors are worried about gun violence. >> it did cross my mind.
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they did tell me to be safe and everything. >> reporter: after recent mass shootings here in gilroy, in texas and ohio, some countries are now warning citizens about the possibility of gun violence while traveling in the united states. japan, uruguay and venezuela are all issuing alerts. venezuela suggests delaying travel to the united states and points out what it calls dangerous cities including oakland. oakland's city councilman says tourists should feel safe. >> we have problems all over the world. you're welcome to the city of oakland. >> reporter: after so many mass shootings in the united states, visitors say they don't need a warning. >> it's bad, but because it happened so many times, people when they come to the states, they know they have to watch out. >> jean elle, "today in the bay." >> those warnings did urge
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visitors to avoid large crowds, but visitors say while the gun violence makes them nervous they won't skip the big attractions. new this morning a car fire spread to a home in the east bay. this happened in livermore overnight. the homeowner says they finished work on that car. flames spread to the side of the home and a balcony on the second story. firefighters were able to knock it down after that. everybody got out safely. no verdict in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial. today marks one week since deliberations started. the nine women and three men are deciding if the defendants are guilty of 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. if convicted they face up to 39 years in prison. happening today at 49ers outpt in saca cca camp in santa clara, they will
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celebrate dwight clark. niners fans happy to see this guy back on the field. running back jerick mick mckinnen signed a free ajen deal last year but missed the season because of injury. >> football is back. >> doesn't feel like football. >> no. coming up on "today in the bay," disney fans hoping the new streaming service will be a fairytale. we're learning some new information. the price viewers could pay could open up a whole new world. plus ever wish you could silence someone on twitter? you can. the new feature that the social media site is testing. let's take you out to the richmond-san rafael bridge. we're watching all the bridges today. mike will tell us about some problems on one of them when we come back.
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san mateo. santa clarita. i'm rahel salomon. wall street could see a pull back at the opening bell following yesterday's rally. stocks recovering half of monday's losses the dow breaking a five-day losing streak closing up 312 points. that's the best performance in about two months. signs that china is stepping in to stabilize its currency is soothing invests conce s inves
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concerns about a global currency and trade war. disney's ceo, bob iger, says the company will offer a bundle of disney plus, hulu and espn plus for 12.99 a month. the bundle price is cheaper than or on participant with rivals like netflix and amazon prime. it's also cheaper than the priss of hbo max, which is $16 to $17 a month. hulu is currently 5.99 a month with ads, and espn plus is 4.99 a month. and twitter is testing a snooze button feature. this feature will mute the app's push notifications for a time. you will still see new replies and tweets in the notifications tab where they will gather until you're ready to look at them or swipe them away. this could be twitter's answer to other social network
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offerings relating to user burnout. >> we were talking about the fact that you can unfollow somebody or mute somebody, but snooze is an interesting option. sometimes you don't want to hear one particular conversation. >> i have a friend who will drive tweet baseball games, but otherwise is super interesting. that would be helpful in that case. >> perfect. >> i like it. coming up on "today in the bay," kari has the forecast that's no snooze. >> it will feel nice today. as we get ready to head out, this is a look at fremont. let's look at these temperatures. start out at 60 and staying in the 60s throughout the morning. we'll reach the low 70s in the future. i'll talk about that and what's ahead for the future coming up next. lots of folks away on the san mateo bridge. eastbound you have to be aware because two of three lanes are blocked because of a crash.
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i just got an update, we'll share that information with you coming up.
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good morning. we're looking live at the san mateo bridge, it looks like things might be normal but there's a traffic tie-up that could last for the next hour. we'll check in with mike inouye in a bit. trending this morning, neighborhood drama over this hot pink home with emojis plastered on it. the shows blocks away from a
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popular l.a. area beach neighborhood. the homeowner says it's work of art. some neighbors are rolling their eyes saying the neighbowner is g a message. that's a shade of pink. >> yes, that is. >> i used to live not far from manhattan beach. >> it's in manhattan beach? >> yes. >> hardly the weirdest thing. >> not there. >> they have a quiet but strong-willed homeowners group that says that wouldn't be good for the area. >> is that why you live here now? >> they collectively paid for my plane ticket. >> mike is rowdy. >> your purple house would not fit in there. >> i added stripes to tone it down. much better. this morning as you head
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out, we'll feel some cool air. it will be a cooler day. it's also a little breezy as you step out the door. we're keeping the fog near the coast, san francisco at 61 and 62 in san jose. santa rosa, 52 brentwood, we're about 64 degrees. if you're leaving later, still the low to mid 60s. the sky also stay mostly clear with a slower warmup happening today. in downtown san jose we're slightly below normal, reaching 80 degrees. 84 the high in gilroy today. and we're looking at 86 degrees in concord. we're coming out of those low 90s. in oakland, 69. half moon bay, 61. palo alto reaches 79 degrees. on the embarcadero, highs there up to about 65 degrees with low
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80s in santa rosa today. you need a jacket for the start of the day and maybe all day long in san francisco. it will be windy and then short-sleeves. going to the rest of the week, the humidity will be decreasing. it's been interesting seeing the sunrises and sunsets. going into the weekend, there will be an area of low pressure that could develop rain just to the north between saturday and early sunday. so i'll be watching that. it looks like it stays around mendocino northward with the rain chances. temperatures heating up on sunday once that low moves on. look how hot it will be next week. upper 90s inland. san francisco, they'll stay in the low 70s. mike, you're trafficking that traffic alert heading to the east bay. >> i had an issue with mymaps so i will run over there. what's going on on the san mateo
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bridge, eastbound 92 flowing smoothly here. you can see the traffic volume picking up. that's an issue, east 92 on the hayward side, we have the issue. i will get these maps going in a second. here we go. the control room, we're good now. thank you. east 92 at the exit is where the crash blocks two right lanes. a tow truck went off to the road in the marshy yeah off to the side. department of transition saport will be there at about 5:30 to assess the damage to the chain link fence and possibly the roadway. we have a crew also there, positioning, trying to get a good shot and more information. the change here is i saw traffic slowing on the approach off the san mateo bridge and heading over to the road, folks are funneling over to the left lane to get by. that's getting into hayward. after that folks shuffle, get
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over towards san leandro heading north, and on to hayward city streets. that will be a bigger issue if this lasts longer than 40 minutes. overall speeds are looking great around the bay. at the toll plaza, more cash lanes opening up, everything here is on pace. eastbound 92 on the hayward side of the san mateo bridge, that's where the crash is blocking a couple lanes. >> thank you. a lawyer representing a bay area teen accused of killing an italian policeman wants all the surveillance footage. finnegan elder reportedly admitted to stapi instabbing thr 11 times last month. the two are from the north bay and they both are still in an italian jail. downed power lines last
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night caused a small grass fire near elmwood jail. firefighters quickly put it out and power was restored. for the next few days firefighters are paying attention to an area where the weekend grass fire burned near clayton. 750 acres was burned. the cause has not been determined. this story hit close to home. this happened outside our newsroom. firefighters had to put out a small grass fire yesterday in what is a vacant field. the fire burned about five acres near nbc bay area's studios in san jose. not far from component and orchard parkway. the cause is under investigation. i think safe to say we were first on the scene. all right. coming up on nbc bay area, nbc bay area responds. >> their phone line is down for week after week after week. the outage costs them $3,000.
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i'm consu nbc bay area responds is next. first, hundreds of lawyers are marching peacefully in central hong kong. it's one of many demonstrations happening now in the city. protests are against a possible new extradition law that could have wide-ranging affects. oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. . nbc bay area responds to a north bay doctor with a problem in his office a phone problem. >> he asked chris chmura and his team to help him find a cure. >> good morning. dr. jack waxman operates a clinic in santa rosa. late last year he moved to a new location a few miles down the
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road. but the at&t phone lines at his new office didn't work. it took a month to get them ringing again. while he waited for the phone to fix dr. waxman and his staff hired an answering service and that cost $2,800. so dr. waxman asked at&t to pay for that service since the phone company took so long to transfer service to his new location. dr. waxman didn't get an answer, that's when he asked us for help. it took four months of back and forth, at&t agreed to credit the clinic $3,036.11. that's the cost of the answering service plus at&t's charges for the month the line was down. we asked at&t what happened, but it didn't say. got a problem with your phone carrier, call us any time. 888-996-tips if your phone doesn't work, go online to
4:57 am the giants this afternoon wrap up a three-game series against washington at oracle park. it's so hard for me to think of oracle park. there's something missing. >> the team yesterday designated joe pannick for assignment. he may return on a minor league deal but his time in san francisco is likely over. without him the giants yesterday put on a smile for picture day but suddenly there was less to smile about because they're falling back in the playoff race. a two-run home run pushed washington to an early lead. the nationals held on to win 5-3. the giants are four games back in the wildcard. they have to be glad that series is over. >> for sure. coming up on "today in the bay," kari has your forecast. >> can you believe we're getting ready to kick off football season? we'll talk about that and the cooler air that will move into the bay area today. i think you will like it
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martinez in the mid 70s at noon. more on that and the weekend forecast coming up. >> and we have our pictures. over on the right, that's the tow truck. the flatbed tow truck with a car on the back of it. it's off the road. these two lanes are blocked by chp. crews are trying to clear this vehicle and check out the fencing. and all new this morning, a teen says juul's e-cigarettes almost killed him. what he says he will never be able to do again because of those products.
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. presidential visit. in the wake of the mass shootings over the weekend, president trump plans to visit two cities where gunmen killed dozens. the reason some local leaders are not welcoming him with open arms. and a new dire e-cigarette warning. a teen says the san francisco-based company juul products almost killed him. he says there's something he could never do again. and all new, the battle between the white house and china on tariffs and it may have an impact on shipping here in the bay area. the local port that says the policies are making their outlook look foggy. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning. i'm scott mccrgrew in for marcu washington. >> i'm kris sanchez in


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