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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 12, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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a live report just moments away. plus -- >> i am absolutely confident in our medical examiner's office. i am not confident at all in the justice department's. on many levels. >> awaiting the results of jeffrey epstein's autopsy after he was found dead in his jail cell over the weekend. and this morning, president trump is getting involved. much more coming up in a live report from capitol hill. get ready for a spectacular show in the night sky. where you can catch the best view of the perseid meteor shower. >> usually you have to get up in the middle of the night for that one. like us. >> welcome to today in the i bachlt i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. back to school for some kids. yours later. >> a few more weeks. >> mine already started. >> they have? >> yeah. >> mine have a few more days but summer is hanging on. >> it is going to be so hot the
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next few days. temperatures ramping uptoday. every green will have a start in the 60s. before noon we will be at 84 degrees. we will talk about that and what's ahead for the rest of the week. mike a major problem on the pens will. >> everywhere else is clear. north 101 picking up the cones now all lanes are stopped on 101 approaching march. may want to exit willow and use surface streets. this will last another ten minutes. they can clear the traffic lanes we are told. this morning police are looking for more answers after a ride share driver is suspected of driving a woman 60 miles away to sexually assault her. >> this happened in a lyft driver's car? do they have a response yet? >> reporter: they do. lyft the ride sharing service says it is cooperating with authorities and it has blocked this driver from ever driving for them ever again.
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the driver in question, you can look at his mug shot. it is on the tv screen. a 46-year-old man who was arrested on saturday who is still in the san mateo county jail awaiting his course appearance which could be later today or tomorrow. sources say he was working for lyft when he picked up a 25-year-old early saturday morning after she had become intoxicated. instead of dropping her at her home he allegedly took the woman who was passed out in the back of his car took her an hour away in tracy and raped her. his neighbors say they have never seen police activity at his home and don't know much about the man who lived there since 2017. lyft tells us three do strict criminal background checks on drivers before driving and updates that information daily. they wrote safety is fundamental
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to lyft, who is being described is terrifying. the driver's access to lyft has been permanently removed. we responded immediately and reach out to the rider since the incident. we are working with the authorities and will continue to help in every way week. reporting live, bob riddel, today in the bay. it is 5:03 right now. the national story over the weekend, the death of jeffrey epstein. this morning, there are certainly a lot of questions. the billionaire was an accused sex child trafficker and disgraced financier who hob knobbed with presidents. we could learn more today. we go live to washington as the justice department investigates, and president trump is spreading conspiracy theories as well, craig? >> reporter: laura good morning. epstein' death has triggered multiple investigations and conspiracy theories. an autopsy report is expected to reveal more information about the death of jeffrey epstein. epstein was facing federal charges for sex trafficking. he was found dead in his manhattan jailset saturday in an
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apparent suicide. the new york city medical examiner's office said it completed the autopsy sunday but delayed the release of the report saying it needed more information. >> i am absolutely confident in our medical examiner's office. i am not confident at all in the justice department's. on many levels. >> reporter: the attorney general general, william barr says mr. epstein's death raises questions that must be answered, among them, did guards conduct checks every 30 minutes as required. >> presumably, that means potential charge koss come as well. >> reporter: epstein's apparent suicide sparking conspiracy theories. president trump retweeting a baseless theory implicating the clintons. >> you know, this is more wreck itsness, what he's doing is dangerous. >> reporter: epstein had ties to the clintons and president trump. >> i think the president just wants everything to be investigated. you know, trying to connect the president to this monster from
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years ago where they are seen dancing in a video versus other people who were actively i suppose flying around with this monster on his island which was known aspy pedophilia island, perhaps there is a public interest in knowing more about that. >> reporter: epstein was on suicide watch but was taken off in late july. epstein' death came a day after new details about his uncase were unsneeld court. laura back to you. >> an interesting one. looking for a lot of answers. thanks craig. more than a week after the mass shooting in dayton, ohio, two more victims will be laid to rest. funerals are scheduled today for lowist oglevy and thomas mcnichols. the shooter fired into a crowd on a busy sidewalk. this was outside of bars and restaurants. six of the nine victims in the dayton attack were laid to rest on saturday. meantime, a true sign of
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resilientsy, peace in gilroy. white doves were released at the gilroy rodeo over the weekend in honor of the three people killed in the garlic festival shooting. those birds rose above stands filled with crowds of people. >> that's nice. it is 5:06 right now. new details now on the peninsula. san bruno's police department debunking rumors involving the tam fran mall. and a person on social media threatening to shoot up the mall. police say they know where the threat came from and don't believe it is credible. they are working closely with security at the mall and they have a uniformed police officer there as well. just last month that was a shooting inside that mall. it left two teenage boys hurt. authorities say two groups got into some sort of fight before that shooting began. it was not a random shooting. police arrested two teens in that shooting.
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the jury goes into the third full week of deliberating in the ghost ship fire trial trying to find out if the two defendants are guilty of involuntary manslaughter. each man faces one count for each person killed in the warehouse fire. 36 people died. we will bring you the verdict live as it happens. 5:07 time to put away the video games, forget sleeping in. happening today in some districts, it is the first day of school. among those, oakland districts. teachers had a big strike last year. now teachers have a new deal. but they have double the normal attribution. starting today the city will have a months-long test to see the effectiveness of a clean up san francisco plan. the program will feature three public toilets to not only be
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open 24 hours a day, also seven days aweek. one will be in the tender loin, the other, soma, and the other at castro and market streets. the program will cost $300,000. >> the perseid meteor shower happens topd. prime minister viewing at 11:00 tonight until 3:00 on tuesday morning. the space and science center in oakland is hosting a viewing party for the public. they will be there to answer questions and visitors can use the observation deck. at its peak, the shower could have up to 70 meteors in the spachb just an hour. the thing is, are the skying gob clear enough to see them? will it be cloudy? >> >> no, we will have all clear skies. i actually saw one this morning. >> i love this time of year because you can make a lot of wishes. >> you can. i did. we are still going to have the clear skies sticking with us. even in san francisco we are
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seeing clear skies. as we head inland to the south bay checking out our temp trend for cupertino. as temperatures go up our skies do clear. that's the case w 80 there. south bay high temperature up to 89 degrees. livermore reaching 94. really hot in some areas. not as hot as it will be mid week. more about that. you have a crash now in menlo park. >> that's right. more flashing lights heading over probably along the surface streets to see how things are handling this at the marsh on-ramp. north 101, police moved the vehicles in the crash to just the right lane. three lanes open and traffic starting to clear north of willow. palo alto into menlo park you will see that slowdown. north of marsh you are inconfuse. the slowing is just from willow up to marsh.
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everything else looking really good. we will check on the the bay bridge coming up. on today how san francisco compares to other cities when it comes to work/life balance. here's a weird idea. money is never lost. why does it feel like you are losing yours in the down market. the people of guatemala has a new leader. how he plans to stop violence and stop the flow of people into the united states. you are watching today in the bay. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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good monday morning. right now as we come up on 5:13 it is a clear start to the day. this is your view on palo alto, highway 101. our temperatures are going straight up today. from the low 60s to the low 80s by noon. we will see how high those temperatures go heading throughout the week. we will talk more about that in less than five minutes. i am showing you the lows. right there, very slow speeds approaching marsh from north 101. it is less of a he slodown than before. we are tracking the progress on this crash and what else is going on never to the east bay. good morning, very happy monday to you. markets are in the red again. comcast, the owner of universal, says it will spike a movie called the hunt after recent mass shootings. comcast is the parent this tv station too. investors have all but given on a trade deal with china. in fact they worry things are going to get worse. when we look at the stock market
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keep in mind this money isn't lost. it just moves. you might have lost money, sure. but the money itself flows like a river. in this case, out of the stock market out of equities into safer vemts like gold and u.s. treasuries. so u.s. government bonds are considered ultrasafe. but when investors are worried they buy bonds and the yields on those bonds get smaller. i don't remember yields by the way are a possible sign of a coming recession. congress may be out but sacramento is in. the california state house will take up ab 5. that's a bill that looks at labor laws. lyft drivers and oou uber drivers, employees who are independent contractors could be turned into actual employees. this is past the assembly and headed to the senate. on a different subject i had an interesting talk with a linguist yesterday morning on our show "press here" she studies the use of language on the internet, how the internet
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is changing the way we speak. she has a new book "because internet" linguists love this sort of thing, studying the change in linguist. i had a professional linguist sitting in front of me. i got her to selling an argument between my sister and me. i say super. i say super when she texts me, hey, let's have lunch and i say super. my sister hates the word super, so my sister says i shouldn't use the word super. should i use the word super, you are a linguist. >> i don't know. i don't want to get. >> the middle of an argue meant between you and your sister. >> it is my show, remember. >> you are right. >> what ds your sister say?
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>> i have no idea. i am going to keep using the word super into he will get her on the phone. >> 5:15 right, san francisco has one distinction to be proud of. it has one of the healthiest work/life balances in the country. according to a you had the study san francisco joins san diego, portland, minneapolis and new york for that health distinction. america's top city still trails 16 international cities on the index, held sinky, munich and oslo won the top spots for the work/life balance. towards the bottom of the list, washington, d.c., houston, and atlanta. >> a lot of people in those cities want to tie the knot. how much does it cost these days? a new study shows $34,000 on average according to bank both finance and wedding experts say think twice before taking a loan out to pay for the big party. borrowing can have a long term financial stress on marriages. what do you do?
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scale things down, avoid the country club wedding, invite fewer guests. this next one i don't want the say because i know many bride -- maybe a cheaper dress. i know a lot of bride are saying no. they said yes to a certain dress and that's the one they want. maybe you can do it cheaper. >> we had all the family pitch in with the photographer and the food and all of that stuff. somebody knows someone who does something. >> then you are like uncle larry, over here. >> you have got to have somebody and make sure they are reining everyone why. but it all worked out. >> you have a talented family. >> and a good marriage. this morning as you are thinking about the future let's get out the door. here's a live look in dublin. a lot of people already up and out the door. at least we have clear skies and it starts out nice and cool. the seven day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen. you can see it is going to be a hot week. let's look at your workout
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forecast for concord. if you are going out for a run or you have outdoor activities to do, get it done above 10:or 11:00, after that it is heating up with low 80s. kids heading back to school. eastside union school district in san jose will see temperatures for the morning walk to school in the low 60s. then later on today in the mid 80s as they get ready to head back home. we are going to start out cool and have a wide range in temperatures as we look at all the micro climates in the day ahe ahead. concord, 87 at lunchtime. 85 in livermore. san jose, 84. san francisco is in the upper 60s, eventually reaching the low 70s today. we will see even some low 90s in parts of the inland east bay. it heats up as we go into the next several days. high pressure builds and inland valleys will really feel it. by the end of the week we see low pressure dropping in from
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the parkt northwest. for us it doesn't bring any rain but it does bring in gusty winds and much cooler temperatures. we start out with low 90s today. we peak wednesday with 98 degrees. coming down heading into the weekend, low 80s by sunday. san francisco mid 70s by the middle of the week and mid 60s for the weekend. mike you have a look at the bay bridge. >> we are seeing the backup filling in all of the lanes. looks like they are ready to turn on the metering lanes on right now. now, nothing unusual really about this pattern. oakland unified as we have been talking about is one of the school districts that starts this week. also pleasanton over here in the tri valley. keep that in mind, as schools start we start to see the first week shift it laer. by the end of the week we will see an earlier build over at the toll plaza likely. the rest of the bay shows a smooth drive. my eye is on the peninsula.
5:20 am
another spot with slowing. north 101 approaching marsh. the right two lanes i am told are block. not just the right lane but the right two lanes are blocked. as you enter the freeway from willow you will have to jam on the brakes. by the time you reach marsh, everything is fine. the crash is over on the right side. it is 5:20 right now. there has been a shooting in the bay area's biggest city. the clues police are releasing this morning in its latest homicide. plus, guatemala's newly elected president promising to end violence. what he says he will bring back in the form of punishment. coming up next for you. you are watching today in the bay. nonprofi
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t. visit
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5:23. continuing coverage now of a deadly weekend shooting in san jose. police are still searching for the gunman. it happened saturday night near the corner of story and king. the victim was shot in his car. he died later at the hospital and so far no suspect description and the man who was shot hasn't been identified. this is the city's 22nd homicide this year. new details on the escaped inmate captured over the weekend after an intense manhunt in tennessee. >> state agents yesterday captured curtis watson about ten miles from the prison where he
5:24 am
escaped wednesday. investigators believe he killed a prison administrator of a his escape. she lived right across the vita from the facility. a couple in tennessee noticed watson season morning on their home security cameras. agents captured him hiding in nearby field. attorneys for bill cosby asking a court to overturn his prison sentence. his legal team will argue testimony by some of the victims was not relevant to the case. cosby is serving three to ten years after he was convicted last year for drugging and sexualing assaulting a woman. in china 3 people now confirmed to have died from a powerful typhoon. wind and torrential rain pounded the coastal region near shanghai over the weekend. some villages in the storm's path suffered major damage. the storm was china's ninth typhoon just this year. meanwhile at least 93 deaths are confirmed from flooding in southern india. this year's monsoon season in
5:25 am
south asia has been a severe one. at least 160 storms -- storm-related deaths were reported last month in northeastern india, nepal and bangladesh. guatemala has a new president. he is 63 years old. he won on a campaign to get tough on crime and reintroduce the death penalty. many believe guatemala is being overrun by violence and poverty. some 16 million people left the country this year. most of them headed to thes. switching gears now. it is a special week here at nbc bay area. we along with our sister station telemundo 48 are teaming up to help clear the shelters. >> it is our annual campaign to help find forever homes for animals in shelters. last year's campaign was a massive suck sells. over just two days 2,800 animals in bay area found a new forever home. across the country, more than 100,000 pets were adopted over that same period.
5:26 am
we hope you will come out and help us again this year. 90 local shelters and rescue organizations are taking part. most of them will offer waived or reduced adoption fees. for more information, go to our website,, click on our clear the shelters section and finned out where you can go to find a new forever pet for your family. >> there you go. cute face there is. coming up next, the top stories we are following on this monday morning. >> including developing news overseas. overnight more protests. these are live pictures. look at this. flight cancellations at hong kong's airport, one of the busiest in the recalled would. still ahead the latest on the protests. plus we are checking for impacts here at bay area airports. we are live at the fully functioning transbay transit center in san francisco after buses return after a long closure. how are things going on this monday morning? we will have a live report. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning.
5:27 am
look at that. a lot of people up and out the door already this morning. the metering light is on. mike has his eye on the morning commute. and carry hall has a look at the forecast, 5:26 right now. a lot more ahead. from the couldn't be prouders
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a good monday morning to you. taking a live look out at downtown san jose, getting started with the week. this is a beautiful shot here. >> that is nice. >> what a way to wake up. or if you have been up since 4:30, what a way to continue with today in the bay this
5:30 am
morning. >> we are here. >> we are back all together. thank you for joining us this morning. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. we are all refreshed, back from vacation. >> yep. >> we will see how long that's going last. >> it is going to be hot. you are bringing the hot weather back to the bay area. we are going to see those temperatures in the low 60s to start. and then heading into the upper 80s. concord, are you ready for this? look at this temperature trend. i know. all right. it is going to be warm even during the early hours. 94 at 3:00 in the afternoon. let's get look at all of our micro climates. there will still be a wide range in temperatures with san francisco in the mid 70s today and livermore up to 94 degrees. we will talk more about that. mike you are tracking two early jams. >> up with we redakota. the other one not so much. this is north 101, unpredicted. the slowing north of willow as you are approaching marsh. still down to only two right lanes. you have only three left lanes to get by a crash. activity is over there.
5:31 am
i think a tow truck just arrived. i saw what looked like a traffic break but i don't think it was. and of course the bay bridge toll plaza has the predictable backup. we begin with breaking news out of hong kong. >> that's right. all flights going out of the city airport, they are canceled because of more protests. these are live pictures from the airport. you see people that are just gathered there. we have got overnight thousands of people gathered inside of that terminal. it is the fourth day of protests at that airport. now, here at home we actually checked with sfo. so far no, impact there. earlier today, riot police shot off water capons at protesters on the streets of hong kong at one of the city's main shopping districts. here's what protesters want, democracy in hong kong and an investigation into the city's policers to. they are also asking for people who were arrested in previous protests to be released. best way to say this is
5:32 am
ready to roll. this morning people will have full use of the $2.2 billion transbay transit center for the first time in a year. cracked support beams were covered weeks after a grand opening last september. >> we go live to the transit center this morning. it has been a disruptive 12 months for some commuters. >> reporter: that's right, good morning to you guys. we moved to the upper level of the sales force transit center where ac transit service will resume later this morning. buses will be arriving shortly, within the next hour, guys. it is been a long time coming getting to this pointed. remember, it was back in september of 2018 when infrastructure issues shut down the center. specifically fissures found in two beams on the third level bus deck here on freemont street. it took several months of review to finally reopen the sales force transit center.
5:33 am
now, the center reopening this past june. but it was only the roof top park, the grand hall, and then the food trucks. in july you had muni and golden gate transit resuming service on the lower level of the transit center. this morning, ac tran it resuming full service on the upper level. i want to point out the bus rack reopened yesterday but today is the first day of full service. i got a chance to talk with a spokesperson about the full day resuming service at the sales force transit center. >> we had been operating a of the the temporary terminal for quite a few years. despite the fact the transit center shut down quickly we were able to revert back to those existing routes as well as the stops. >> reporter: take you back out here live to the upper level of the sales force transit center where ac transit service is resuming full service this morning. i want to point out all 26
5:34 am
transbay lines will be as well as the four early bird lines will be available for riders all day. today in the bay. >> pete thank you. 5:33 right now. meantime, starting today and for the next two weeks, catching a muni train may be trickier. each night muni will shut down some of its light rail service for maintenance. the closure start at 9:30 p.m. and run until 1:00 a.m. the entire undergrun between embarcadero and west portal will be closed. and the l tearo vaal will not run as all. muni will dli work any night inside a giants home game. another pedestrian has been killed on a san francisco street. now there are more calls for change. video of the aftermath of the crash that happened saturday night a. woman in her 70s was hid and killed by a taxicab near fifth and market streets. police say the driver did stop and is cooperating. another person was hit and
5:35 am
killed in that same area last month. while there are many unnopes with saltd's crash, supervisor matt haney says the area needs improvement. >> it can be dark at nighttime. it is hard for drivers to see people in this area. we can think about ways of increasing the lighting, improving the lighting and improve how turns are happening. we go narrow the lanes and do thing to slow down the traffic. >> haney pushed for a state of emergency for traffic safety. according to the group walk san francisco this is the 15th pedestrian killed this will i don't remember. happening today a veteran sheriff's sergeant accused of secretly recording juvenile suspects is due in court. investigators say last monday the alameda county sheriff reported four robbery suspects as they conferred with their attorneys. he now faces felony eavesdropping. >> chas but hasn't entered a plea. the cases against all four juveniles have since been dismissed.
5:36 am
another meeting a set for later this week concerning a homeless navigation center in freemont. last month hundreds turned out to show their displeasure over the navigation center coming to their neighborhood. a public workshop will be held this wednesday between 5:30 and 8:30 p.m. to continue the discuss the matter. the city is considering two sites for the center. one is next to the reagan nursery on dakota road. the other at the back parking lot at city hall. possible shark sighting prompting a warning at half moon bay over the weekend. pacifica police sent out a text notifying people through its alert system. they say a great white shark was spotted a quarter mile south of pill lumbar point harbor on saturday. they are warning everyone in the area to be extra careful. caught on camera. another mountain lion spotted walking flew a backyard. it happened on the peninsula. we got a look at it. recent video from san bruno's rolling wooded neighborhood. the big cat jumping the fess,
5:37 am
prowling around right in front of the camera. police radio reminding people to keep an eye on pets and small children especially at dusk and dawn. don't leave food outside. avoid hiking jogging or biking alone. good news if you are planning to fill up your tank this morning. prices are falling, dropping 18 cents from this time last year. increased production is helping drop down the prices. the national average is now $2.74 a gallon for regular. good luck finding that hair in the bay area. aaa putting the average at $3.72 in san francisco, 3.67 in oakland. and $3.58 in san jose. >> san francisco's largest music festival was a success over the weekend. tens of thousands showed up for drinks, food and music. for the officers time attendees were a i believe to smoke marijuana legally. not only that, it could be purchased on site for the first time. marijuana vendors and attendees
5:38 am
tell us they are excited about the change even if vendors had to follow stipulations. >> you have to smoke here and smoke over there instead of smoking wherever you want. but it is part of the process. >> it is the best thing ever. >> just what our doctor ordered. >> really? who is your doctor? if you want an inside look at the history-making event check out or video journalist's story on our website, i suppose some people actually went for the music. >> it is a music festival. >> i am interested to see the numbers on pot sales as well as snack sales to see if those numbers improved as well. >> that's the kinds of vendor you want to be. let's look at the traffic flow. a smooth rye ride for most of the bay. we are looking at the expected backup at the toll plaza. many school districts are coming back on line, including oakland
5:39 am
unified. we will see a change in the flow in the east bay. this is no change. everything moving smoothly in the south bay. in trivalley, south 680 irheard about a brushfire. concern because of the dry hills. peninsula, north 101 slowing toward willow and marsh because of a crash over on the right shoulder. >> that's our start to the monday morning. temperatures this morning starting out nice and easy. we are going to get ready for warm ones. >> it is going to be hot by mid week. >> all week. >> not all week. by the weekend it is going to start to feel better. >> come on weekend. >> oh, wednesday. >> temperatures peak on wednesday. by the weekend we will be like thank you. it will be in the low 80s for the inland areas. then for san francisco, some you arer 60s for the saturday and sunday outdoor activities, whatever you have planned. let's head to the trivalley because even though it will be hot by the middle of the week this weekend is looking pretty
5:40 am
good. some upper 80s for friday. a few more clouds, breezy winds and mid 80s for the rest of the weekend there. we will see in santa cruz our temperatures staying right about 70 degrees for both saturday and sunday. if you are planning to go to the sierra -- that's a live look by the way at squaw valley, we will be in the upper 60s and lower 70s. we will talk about what'sing go on today with our temperature trend coming up in three minutes. >> looking forward to that. it is 5:40 right now. coming up the first day of school for many bay area families today. up next the school district that's beginning the day with talk of a teacher's strike. president trump making big promises about gun control. can he keep them? will he keep them? she did it again. simone biles dominates yet another gymnastics competition. no surprise. they are up next. the move everyone is talking about this morning. many already calling it the biles. yeah. we are back with more right after the break. you are watching today in the bay.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. good monday morning. right now it is 5:43. we have a clear sunrise over the south bay. it is going to be a hotter day in south san jose. santa theresa starts out at 61 at 6:00. goes from 61 to 82 by noon. we are getting ready for more of this hot weather through at least mid week. we will talk more about that in less than five minutes. the traffic going smooth relight here.
5:44 am
this is your dublin shot. look at the sunrise just at the top of the screen. we are seeing a build for the traffic flow here. this may result for more slowing. school began today for someplaces in the bay area like oakland. one north bay district is hoping to avoid a teacher's viking. the forestville teachers association will meet one last time this morning the try to reach an agreement. if the deal cannot be reached be7:30 this morning it will mark the first time since 1980 that the teachers in sonoma county striked. the teachers want a two year contract that gives them a 5% annual increase and better health benefits. fighting fire when it comes to forested areas with high fire danger. a new studny the journal fire concludes west states don't do enough controlled burns on forested line to clear undergrowth.
5:45 am
opponents point to poor air quality and fires that can grow out of clear. it is clear that removing invasive shrimp would be a good place to start to clear water in take la ho. they found removing the shrimp along emerald way resulted in dramatic improvements. they are now hoping to expand that effort. some important state measures hanging in balance as california legislators return to the state capitol today. the session is expected to run four weeks, ending september 13th. once it ends, lawmakers adjourn for the rest of the year. among most significant bills to watch, forcing uber and lyft to treat drivers like full-time workers. and capping the rent hike at 7% annual
5:46 am
annually. now to decision 2020 and the race for the white house. the latest quinnipiac national poll shows massachusetts senator elizabeth warren making gains and kamala harris losing ground. joed bien remains the democrat front-runner with 32% of the vote. warren now at 21%. harris dropped to just 7%. two weeks warren had 15% and harris was close behind with 12%. 5:46 right now. the president retweeted a conspiracy thoerl blaming president clinton for the death of jeffrey epstein. >> it is adding to the confusion. >> there is no question epstein's apparent suicide death needs to be investigated and the attorney general is leading that investigation. but to have the president of the united states just casually retweet an accusation that the clintons are somehow behind the death is unprecedented and objectively irresponsible. the tweet was isn't out by a
5:47 am
comedian. president trump's spokesperson claung was asked about the president's action on fox news sunday. why the interview asks, would the president retweet such a thing? why did the president then retweet that clinton suggestion? >> i think the president just wants everything to be investigated. >> in this morning's "new york times" calling for the reinstitution of the assault weapons ban. we did once have a limited ban put into place after the 101 california shooting spearheaded by dianne feinstein of california. president trump is startled gun rights organizations by saying he supports widening background checks, putting in red flag laws, something the nra opposes. you about he has gone this direction before exciting liberals and progressives with talks. watch dianne feinstein's face
5:48 am
when she thinks she has trump on her side. >> i think you can enter the bill. can you do that, joe? can you do that pat? can you add. >> congress is on recess. the president is on vacation. so much that any president can ever take a break. a president is really never on vacation. we are never on vacation. we are here for you. on twitter find me @scat mcgrew. gold medalist simone biles adding to his legend in the gymnastics world that she dominates. look at the power house there. last night at the u.s. championship she became the first gymnast to land the triple-double twisting summer salt. three times around with a double back flip. sheep does the move at an international meet. it will become known as the biles. it would be the second maneuver named for her in international
5:49 am
competition. last night she won her sixth u.s. gymnastics title. amazing to watch. slow motion it is even crazier. >> real life slow motion. >> can you imagine us trying it. >> long legs and old bones. no. >> that makes me really excited about the olympics, too. can't wait to see here. let's get this morning going. >> wow, beautiful. >> gorgeous. >> hashtag, no filter. that's looking down from our san bruno machine camera. we are all clear. it is right red. getting ready for a hot day. some kids are heading back to school. pleasanton, 0 degrees walking out the door. they may be wearing a jacket but they will not be wearing it by the time they get out of school. make sure you write their name on everything this morning. temperatures going from 60 to
5:50 am
90. it is going to be hot today f. the kids are still out of cool and you have a day off, head to the kroech. santa cruz is going to be so much more comfortable with some upper 70s today. maybe you don't have to fight the weekend crowds. we are going to see high today up to 90 at cupertino. 92 in gilroy. for the east bay, up to 94 in danville. voyage reaching 92 degrees. hayward we are going to see a high of 84 there. 86 in redwood city. in the north bay, santa rosa heading up to 92. 92 also in clear lake. we are going to be heating up over the next few days. temperatures peak on wednesday as the high pressure continues to build and we get that really intense heat for the valleys. then it quickly backs off as a storm system moves into the pacific northwest and brings seattle and portland some rain. for us we get the cool breeze omg off of those showers, much more of an on-shore wind flow
5:51 am
and temperatures wedding way down for the weekend. the hottest day will be wednesday. up to 98 in the inland areas. low 80s by the end of the weekend. while san francisco will warm it up to the mid 70s there and then come back to the upper 60s starting on thursday. mike it is clear for the peninsula. >> it is, but it is an issue -- we will start with this. look at north 101. all clear here, the construction as well as the crash activity. no slowing. everything is fine on the sensors as well. great stuff. as we look at the rest of the day we zoom out and it is pretty much clear. packup a of the the bay bridge toll plaza. at andrade, reports of several smaller fires starting in the grassy area. with dry hills in the area a big concern for fire crews. sky ranger heading out to check
5:52 am
things out. a distraction for folks south 680. it will see the build coming off 84out of pleasanton and livermore. a crash on 680 past highway 4. in to details yet. we will track that and the metering lights at the bay bridge. happening now, amid recent mass shootings across the country police say they plan to charge a man for causing a weekend scare at a houston mall. they say he jumped onto a table at a food court yelling that he was going to kill himself. this happened yesterday. then he dropped an unknown device on the floor. it sent hundreds of shoppers running. a mother and her 16-year-old boy were trampled in the chaos. police plan to charge the man for making a terroristic threat. next and new this hour a hollywood movie suddenly being pulled. the controversy in a spraining up this past weekend. what the stars and studio are saying. and why some people were so upset at the film's premise. you are watching today in the
5:53 am
bay. ♪
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here is a little bit of zen for you. a little bit of the experience of my beach vacation that i took over the last week. it was very, very nice. when i get stressed-out at work i just play that video. i put it on my facebook into you
5:56 am
look nice and refreshed. >> it was very nice. in movie news, a controversial film about people hunting other people is cancelled. >> universal pictures owned by our parent company nbc universal will not release the hunt. that decision comes in the wake of three mass shootings in the week, including at the gilroy garlic festival. the movie is a satirical social thrill better wealthy people who hunt and kill poor people for sport. universal says in part we understand that now is not the right time to release this film. the star of the movie, actress hilary swank says she fully supports the decision writing in part i can't comprehend the violence happening in our country right now. we should focus on healing and above all else, kindness, sensitivity and humanity. saears will start liquidatin in 21 stores including here in
5:57 am
california and 14 other states. the company says it is filing bankruptcy and changing the business direction. we are waiting to hear what sparked a deadly fire that killed five kids at a 24 hour child care facility. investigators must determine the cause of the fire. firefighters found four kids inside. a fifth died at the hospital. they range in aim from 8 months old to 7 years old. investigators say they could hear their screams. >> i tried to go inside. i made it to the open living and i couldn't go any further. >> unthinkable. like i said it is beyond comprehension. >> the father of three of those children, a firefighters himself. and this is in a nearby township. according to reports, the house
5:58 am
was registered as a day-care center and was inspected within the last year? so sad. health news for you this morning. depression is the biggest predictor of substance abuse during pregnancy. that's according to a new canadian study of more than 15,000 expectant mothers. it showed women with depression were two and a half times more likely to use marijuana and twice as likely to smoke or use alcohol while pregnant. depression was the biggest factor for substance abuse then education, economic situation or age. a study looked at women who were part of the enhanced recovery after a surgery program. the program focuses on using alternative pain methods and getting women out of pain sooner after surging. the women were more alert and
5:59 am
engaged while caring for their baby. the sexual assault claim against a lyft driver. what the company is saying. what neighbors of the suspect are saying about him. back to school. many districts returning to class this morning. some after massive strikes last year. plus -- i was down on myself. >> a story that is sure to make you smile. new at 6:00, the california basketball player lighting up the court and social media. today the bay continues right now. a good morning to you. thank you for joining us i am laura garcia. we have some breaking news right now as we are brifg you live pictures from nbc bay area sky ranger. a fire near the grade certainly is going to cause a distraction this morning. >> we have seen the frames roadside. it is a smaller fire looks like right here. but i heard a number of spots actually caught fire in the grass in the area on 680
6:00 am
southbound at andrade. this is causing them to close that exit from 680. that's a factor in your commute. look at all the dry grass in the area throughout the hills and the trivalley. we have a number of fire crews scrambled out to the area. more are arriving now. it looks like they have closed one lane of southbound 680 causing a backup coming out of pleasanton and send ole. two hot spots in this shot. chp heard about three spots with fires. there may be more or they are actively putting them out as we speak. the live shot shows you two lanes blocked approaching andrade road from south 680. no injuries reported, no crashes. a big distraction during the


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