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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 13, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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thank you so much for starting your morning with us. >> 8 pair the air days so far this summer. >> and it's summer. all those things tell you that it's summer, but for some kids, it's back to school today. and so we are getting you all ready for the day. here is that live look outside in san jose. every now and then you may see a meteor streak across the sky spare is air means if you can catch a car pool, help us out with the air quality. now we're looking at the crew in pal alto, mike. >> that's right. crews are picking up right on time. you see the flashing rights there. southbound we'll start to take up the tones around the university. this whole quarter showing
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slowing from 580 eastbound as well as the 880 both directions in through downtown. we have crews, as well. no problems like at the bay bridge. bay to you. developing right now, a wile fire burning in mendicino county sending dozens of people from their homes. overnight, evacuations are under way in hopland. here are the latest numbers that we know so far from cal fire. structures are certainly threatened. cal fire says it is 25% contained. we will keep you posted on any changes. these are live pictures from the east bay where we've been monitoring a space the air alert day. some of that smoke is moving into the bay area. overnight, we've been hearing from people calling 911 because they were smelling that smoke.
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again, that smoke is coming from the north of us. there's standard, there are more precautions in place to prepare for the heat here. good morning, pete. >> good morning to you guys. pg&e will conduct power safety shut yo shutoff drills in parts of oakland. power will not be interrupted during these drills. i'm going to give you the details. pg&e willractice the time how quickly it takes to turn the power back on during a wildfire. today's drill will include oakland, san leandro kb castro valley areas. you will probably see pg&e
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trucks in the area. these drills are timely when you consider the incoming heat this week where the elevated fire danger, but not quite a red flag warning. as i mentioned, this drill will not interrupt power in these areas. it will take place between 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. 5:30 right now. the investigation into the death of accused second trafficker jeffrey epstein is continuing. craig, what is attorney general bill barr saying about this? >> good morning, everyone. attorney general bill barr slamming the federal facility where epstein was found dead. members of congress will demanding answers, too. >> the federal jail in new york where 66 yooerl-year-old sex trr
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jeffrey he te jeffrey epstein handing himself is under scrutiny. >> lawmakers question the termination of epstein's suicide watch. it's among many questions outlined in a letter to the federal bureau of prisons. and nbc news at learned epstein's cell was not checked every 30 minutes as required. >> i think we're going to find that there's a series of inappropriate procedures followed that were a violation of their own policies. >> while the justice department and the fbi dig deeper into the correctional center, investigators raided epstein's private caribbean island off the coast of st. thomas. epstein is accused of trafficking girls as young as 14 for sex. >> they're asking for any additional victims who have not yet come forward to continue to come forward. >> the victims deserve justice and they will get it. >> despite epstein's death, the case against any coconspirators and possibly his estate
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continues. >> lawmakers want to know how long officers had been at work when epstein's body was discovered. >> there are still a lot of unanswered questions there, craig. back to our big story this morning, the death of a chp killed in the line of duty in southern california. this happened during a shoot-out on the freeway in riverside. overnight, we've learned the officer who died was andre moye, a husband and father. he died after the suspect was pulled over and there was a shoot-out. mye was killed and two other officers were hurt and one critically. the gunman was also killed. late last night, a procession took moye's flag draped casket to the county coroner's office. tributes are pouring in from around the country and across the state including from governor gavin newsome. we will hear more about officer mye's life coming up in the next hour. the waiting go from the
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ghost ship travel continues. a jury must decide whether to convict the matter and his associate of 37 counts of involuntary man slaughter. the jury has more than 100 exhibits and three months of testimony to go over. his attorney says he's been mulling over what he did and did not say to the jury during the trial. the prosecution's closing testimony which included pictures of the victims left an impression on the jury. >> are there things i didn't do? yes, i didn't rise to the level that the prosecutor did. it's a negative appeal to emotion which could back fire. >> a jury will be back to deliberate this morning. now to a warning when it comes to your dog. city officials in san jose are calling on you not to allow your pets to jump into lakes and
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ponds with blue green allergy. there are multiple reports from texas, georgia, north carolina of dogs dieing after coming in contact with the algae. we spoke to one dog owner whose dog died nearly 40 years ago from the same problem. >> she is drinking a little water. we didn't think anything of it. then she got really sick in the night. took her to emergency hospital. and the vet said it was drinking the water with the algae in it. sets say there is no antidote. sd today is a good day for sight seeing in downtown danville. these are very colorful dog sculptures. in a month, the dogs will be auctioned off and the money will go towards funding more public art. >> pretty cool there.
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if you take a stroll out today, sometimes you might see a little fan. we're doing whatever we can to stay cool today. especially in these inland areas where we're talking about temperatures reaching the 90s and even to 100 degrees in san jose. it will be warmer than it was yesterday. then we head to san ramon today with some of the kids heading back to school today. if you're up early packing the backpack, getting that lunch ready, making sure everything is good, it's going to be nice and comfortable on the way to school. it will be that last school bell where it feels hot reaching into the low 90s eventually. we will see our temperature reaching 100 degrees in concord. 100 in antioch. 92 in san jose. san francisco in the upper 70s and low 80s and 99 today in clear lake. heading over to mike, you've been tracking the roads. do we have any major issues? >> no major issues.
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we are seeing the toll plaza start to build up. so we're tracking this. nothing dramatic, but it's only 5:08, 5:09 a couple of seconds ago. we are looking at a smooth drive, slowing in both directions right here as you're heading down either direction towards 23rd. overnight crews there as well as stanley ander. stanley anders shows no slowing. it's time to check your refrigerator again this morning. coming up nn next, the popular brand of baby spinach under recall. >> rough days in the stock market. scott will have that coming up in just a bit. but still ahead, a bay area man shot in the philippines. why his family says that he is being targeted.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. ing. right now in oakland, as you get ready to head out the door, expect some low 60s and we will see some sunshine all throughout the day. those temperatures start to warm up fast. we'll see some low 80s by early afternoon as you head back tomorrow, but some spots are going to be extremely hot today and the next few days. 340r on that and the forecast in less than five minutes. and a live look at fremont,
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we are looking at two crashes. i have them for the east bay tri valley area. we'll show you who that might affect, coming up. and a very good morning. a very happy tuesday to you, as well. cisco and nvidia report their profits this week. markets keep looking for a place to stop. much lower again on a variety of concerns. no deal with china. hong kong is a mess. argentina and its debt now a factor. futures calling for yet another lower open. as we've discussed before, the news tends to focus on equities. the stock market. real danger signals are coming from the bond markets. yield on the government debt is fading. meanwhile, there's a lot more government debt. the latest figures from the treasury department show the budget deficit is $866 billion. that's up 27%. from this time last year. that's what we're overspending. what we owe is much more, around 22 trillion.
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candidate trump promised he would use his business skills to balance the budget. he said they would get it done within two terms, eight years, and start working on the deficit. when he made that promise, the deficit was $4 trillion less than it is now. back here at home, we're waiting on an invitation from the next apple event, traditionally takes place in september. new iphones, this would be iphone 11. unless apple stopped using the number convention, which might be a problem if it comes to iphone 13. "the wall street journal" says verizon has sold the blogging side tumblr to the company that owns word press. there was very little interest from tumblr from competitors. yahoo! bought the site back in 2013. yahoo! sold to verizon, remember vison told -- i'm not
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criticizing marissa for that purchase. she had to do whatever she could figure out. that didn't work. >> and here you go with history now. >> exactly. check your produce drawer. the fda says you should throw away dole baby spinach. once again, some salmonilla concerns here specifically dealing with the clam shell variety. the use by date is august 5th. if you're making a grocery store run, you won't have to worry. buyers market in the south bay reports homes in san jose are no longer getting multiple offers. last year, 80% of the homes sold got several bids. but this year, so far, only 13% of thoughts homes sold have multiple offers. hack an iphone, get paid $1 million. the cash prize will go to any hacker who can get into an ios system without the phone's owner having to click something like a
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link or an email or an app. the $1 million pot is by far the highest bug bounty offered by a tech company. and happening today, steve wozny act kicks off comic con in san jose this week. he is the founder of the event. comic con officially gets under way friday. plenty of celebs will be there including arnold schwarzenegger and jason mamoa. this weekend, at&t says the amount of cell phone data use, equivalent to 44 million selfies. did you go to the concert? >> no. i went last year, but not this year. >> so marcus has taken 26 million selfies. >> and they're all fabulous.
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>> uven what the good thing is that festival was this past weekend and not today. it's going to be hot. >> and we're all saying take it easy when it's like this outside. in dublin, already a lot of people getting started with the day. maybe you'll want to do the same. get things done when it's nice and cool. we have a nice start to the day. and it's the first day of school for some pal alto students. it will be a great start to the day. make sure that if they're wearing a jacket in the morning, you write the name on the tag so that they bring it home because they won't be wearing it. it will be in the upper 80s by 1:00 this arch. we're heading up to 100 in some
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of our inland areas. 96 in napa. san francisco seeing some upper 70s. as you check out that seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, it won't last too long. we just need to make it through these next couple of days. our tree pollen is really what's been registering here on the pollen report today. and we won't see any changes in the air today, meaning there won't be much of a breeze because of this high pressure that's hitting right on top of us. as it does so, it keeps us some getting any movement in the air, so our hot temperatures, stick with us through wednesday into thursday. and after that, it starts to cool off. we get more wind. the storm system moves across the pacific northwest. change our wind direction. and it will feel much cooler going into saturday as well as sunday. but our forecast looks like this. we have to put those triple digits on there. dangerous heat, spare the air from now through thursday.
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and then it gradually comes down for the weekend. we're looking at 85 on saturday. that's going to feel like wintertime around here. after this hot week, san francisco also seeing those temperatures heating up. and mike, you're starting to see things heating up in the tri valley? yeah. over here, i'm showing you 580 up to dublin, a smooth drive for folks into that critical interchange. coming in out of the al at this mont, we have a crash. details are a little different, so i'm going to say possibly two crashes to the shoulder. the rest of the bay, though, at speed as you're coming down the south bay. the peninsula, a little slowing here. this continues for southbound. overnight, there was road crews
5:20 am
in the area. we have a backup at the bay bridge here. coming up, a journalist shot in the philippines. the crew he was working with that some say make him a target. and nbc bay area, clearing the shelters. up next, how eddie the dog changed the lives of his owners and how you can do more to help save precious pets. time.
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concern is growing for the man who is recovering after being shot in the philippines. his family believes that he was the target of an assassination attempt. >> brandon lee's family says he started getting death threats in the country when he began working with the cordoleria human rights alliance five years ago. the group helps indigenous people protect their land. loved ones are still concerned about his safety. >> there are suspicious people who have been going to the hospital asking about brandon and his condition.
5:24 am
>> lee's mother wrote letters to u.s. officials in 2015 asking for protection for her son. san francisco supervisor gordon ma calling on elected officials to make sure the u.s. embassy in the philippines investigates the shooting and gives lee protection. investigators are preparing to file federal charges against the man accused of a shooting at a federal hospital. police say the suspect, who is not a veteran, began firing yesterday outside the facility. he then entered the hospital with an assault rifle and started shooting. witnesses say that he was quickly detailed by police and no one was hurt. the fbi is now working with chicago police on the investigation. 5:24 for you right now. this is one of our favorite weeks here on nbc bay area and telemundo 48. we're working to clear the shelter. it's own annual campaign to help find pets their forever home. >> this morning, we profiled a dog who likes to eat a little bit too much. jeff and joanne bonefe wanted a
5:25 am
companion for their dog, einstein, they looked at puppies in the alameda animal shelter. that's when they came across eddie. he was a dog that loved a good meal. he weighed 22 pounds and the couple knew it would be a challenge. >> we said you know what? we should really take him in because we need to give him a better life. >> when they brought eddie home, he could barely move. certainly couldn't get up the stairs. they put him on a strict diet and helped him lose weight. now eddie loves his ten-minute walks three times a day. so much healthier there. this saturday, 90 rescue motions taking part in our clear the shelter campaign. go to nbc bay for more information. >> it's a great event. you don't want to miss it. including when victims of
5:26 am
wildfires can get some money that's owed to them. that's next. plus -- horror on a southern california freeway, a shoot-out with a gunman leaves one chp officer dead and two other wounded. coming up, new details we're learning this morning about the fallen officer. and more weather and traffic coming. carrie has a look at what the weather will look like and mike has a look at this. much more ahead on "today in the bay."
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a good temperatures morning to you. let's take a look outside at the
5:30 am
bay bridge this morning all lit up. it is a spare the alert air day today. no real concerns here from the smoke, but it's coming from the fire in mendocino county blowing over to the mountains. >> right 2340u, we want to get over to carrie hall. it will be hot today. >> not only that, but when you add in a wildfire nearby, we see that smoke getting trapped in our inland areas where we will have the most unhealthy a quality today. if you can car pool or catch public transit, help us out with our air quality. as we go through the day, it will be unhealthy to be out there. i'll have more on that. mike, you're seeing something curious at the bay bridge.
5:31 am
>> over here on the right side, the cash lanes are open. everything else is filled in. so just that one section is faster right now. we don't know why. there is a crash 588 and 24 that just got called in. that may be holding up traffic. directed towards 43rd, we've been seeing that through the overnight road work andlty 680, no problems there. a chp officer was killed in a wild shoot-out on a california freeway. new this morning, me with he now know the victim's name. he is andre moye. another officer was critically hurt. new overnight, a procession for officer moye.
5:32 am
the fifth center to die in california this year. today in the bay's chris sanchez is monitoring the overnight developments and what led up to this. chris. >> really big question in the investigation, but we do no that there was a heroic effort to save the two chp officers who were shot. officers pulling one man into the hospital and the other to get him into the helicopter. this is 33-year-old andre moye. officer moye was caught into what turned into a shoot-out with a suspect. chp and other law enforcement rushed to the scene. the suspect was in a white pickup truck when for some reason he pulled a rifle and started firing.
5:33 am
as the bullets are still flying, officers run in and officer moye was flown by a helicopter where he later died. >> loved it. that's all he kept talking about. wonderful person. he had a good heart. he was so caring. if you knew him, you would be like, wow, he was such a nice, good, kind hearted person. >> they led a procession when officer moye's body was trchted. the other chp officer who was injured is expected to survive. the gunman was killed in the shooting and his family said
5:34 am
they're in shock, they have did he tell devastated and playiray for the officers. later this morning, santa clara county will honor the lives of three young people who were shot and killed at the gilroy garlic festival. >> and police are changing their tactics to prevent mass shootings, not only at big events, but at schools. this is important as many schools start back this week. >> yes. you have a couple things going on. you have this new effort by san jose police. they were be raising a flag to honor three victims. a gunman shot and killed those three young people last month at the garlic festival in gilroy.
5:35 am
san jose police have come up with a you in -- new plan to respond to mass shootings. this is the new so-called guardian program. it's been started by san jose police chief eddie garcia. he is adding new daily patrols assigned to specific parts of san jose. so the city will be divided into nine zones. each zone will consistent of two officers and a patrol car specifically assigned to active shooter scenarios in schools or other violent crimes on campus. >> ultimately, it's to engage the suspects. we've seen that the quicker officers engage the suspect, you know, we save lives. officers save lives. it's our new reality. >> to know that you have sapd within arm's reach is critical. and i support the plan 100%. >> chief garcia said he could
5:36 am
not wait for new gunl legislation and had to xwrumt his new program now using the department's overtime budget. the same strategy will be used during sharks and hurricanes games and during big downtown festivals. reporting live here in san jose. and since the deadly mass shootings two weeks ago, toughy packs says it is seeing sales spike at least 200%. a bullet blocker, anothermaker, says the sales have doubled. but can these backpacks make a difference during a school shooting? the found ur er of toughy packs spoke today on the "today" show. >> oush panels are similar to the vest that a police officer wears. it's designed to stop virtually any handgun round. it will not stop any assault rifle round.
5:37 am
it's not designed to. that's a heavier plate that you need for that. >> too bad we have to think about that. the "today" show will have that full interview for you on "today any bay." we showed you an east pal ato entrepreneur who is selling bullet proof hoodie. that woman says she created them after a recent neighborhood shooting. breaking news for the second day in a row, hong kong's international airport is at a stand still right now. all departing flights are canceled. yesterday, a similar protest shut down the airport and caused the cancellation of 150 flights. the protesters are angry over a bill that would allow extradition to mainland china. hong kong international airport is one of the busiest in the world handling more than a thousand flights a day. new for you this morning, victims of california's wildfire can soon ask for help from pg&e. a bankruptcy judge just approved a $105 million fund to help with
5:38 am
relief efforts and will cover the victims of a series of fires including the atlas, camp, nunn and tubs fires. go to pg&e's website and file for housing assistance and other immediate needs. hold on tight. the oakland a's driving over the bridge today to take on the giants at 6:45. the first two games will be in san francisco and the giants head to oakland for the last game. the orioles will play at the chase center september 24th against kawhi leonard and l.a. clippers. you better know somebody important or save a lot of money for that. so another marquis game will be the warriors hosting the rockets on christmas day. >> that will away fun one. yeah, but kawhi leonard, it's just enraging my head.
5:39 am
bad memories. we'll see how it goes. all right. you guys would love to be at the chase center, right? >> that would be wishful thing. >> wishful thinking for most of our commute. >> we are looking at a slower drive and that crash on 508 was getting away from the bay bridge. eastbound 24 at 580. so that is not affecting the crowd over at the bay bridge. a smooth drive and a little build. people are getting up and getting ready for the weekend. >> after this hot week, we are going to have a nice weekend. look at these temperatures going
5:40 am
from the triple digits to the mid 80s. isn't that where we should be? and so as we go into the weekend, it's going to feel much nicer. we're coming back to the 60s in san francisco as that returns. are you heading out of town this weekend he? if you're going to yosemite, that is where you can feel some nice, comfortable air. lashg that toe is ing to have some great weather there. warm and 80 degrees on saturday and 79 degrees on sunday. monterrey keeps it cool all weekend long. we will see more clouds and follow returning on saturday and sunday with some upper seconds there for the weekend. we get from 93 on friday to 78 degrees on sunday. let me know where you are
5:41 am
headed. and also always keeping you up to date with the latest weather information. we'll talk about what's going on today in the east bay coming up in three minutes. >> we will look forward to it. 5:40 right now. coming up, who did it? the search continues for the person who broke into alex r rodriguez's suv. and more about hong kong and washington's reaction. and flying solo, how one man got an entire delta flight all to himself. that's still ahead. you're watching "today any bay." humira patients, you inspire us.
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it is going to be a hot day. we're starting out in walnut creek with clear skies. that's a live look this morning and our temperatures at least start out nice and cool with the low 60s. but then, by noon, we're already in the mid 80s. we'll talk about how high our temperatures go and then when it comes back down, that's coming up in less than five minutes. and right now, this stretch of 101 recovering. there's a little slowing through san ohio say, but overall, these travel looks look really good. the highway 101 has one crash. we will check back with you.
5:45 am
it sounds like it could be worse than expected there. right now, someone on the run with half a million of electronics. >> baseball legend alex rodriguez says his suv was broken into in san francisco. it happens to a lot of people this happened sunday night outside of a restaurant where rodriguez was reportedly eating. he had just finished up some color commentary. baseball fans we spoke to say leaving all those valuables inside his car probably wasn't the smartest move. >> he leaves -- >> that's like the most idiotic thing to do in san francisco. are you kidding me? >> welcome to san francisco. >> you're not feeling story for him. >> no. >> san francisco police beale very tight lipped about the investigation. a-rod says he's encouraged by the police doing all they can to get the items back.
5:46 am
five oakland police officers involved in a deadly shoot rg suing the city to keep their sxwrobs. the thought comes months after this body cass was released showing what led up to the death of this man, joshua pollock. an investigation shows police shot him as he was waking up. even after the officers were cleared of wrongdoing, the civilian commission determined the officers used excessive force. >> they were investigated for over a year and exonerated and then near noticed they lost their job? i think they're headed in the right direction, shoeing. we're learning new details about the charges against a dozen california marines. they're accused of human smuggling and drug charges. the marines drive migrant toes a
5:47 am
heavily secured border zone once they entered the country illegally. at last check, all 12 remain confined at camp pendleton following their arrest last month. president trump has described the unrest in hong kong as riots. >> but the protesters see themselves as pro democracy protesters. they're upset hong kong is considering allowing china to extradite citizens of hong kong accused of crimes in hong kong to mainland china. here is official state run media responding to downtown's comments. >> the chinese foreign ministry spokesperson welcomed these remarks by trump and the spokesperson reiterated that hong kong is part of china and
5:48 am
any issues there are internal chinese affairs that no other countries should interfere with. >> hong kong airport shot down and reopened for a period of time, but is now packed with proteters. china is signaling this morning it's not going the push up with this much longer. here is a sweet that says in preparation for large scale exercises. what the global times is not telling you about its exclusive is the global times is also run by the chinese government. that tweet never mentions the protests, but note it mentions hong kong and the message ask pretty clear. remember hong kong is not the only place with pro democracy protests. moss cue and putin also dealing with unrest. protesters there demanding free and fair elections. senate majority leader mitch
5:49 am
mcconnell is among the members of congress who are speaking out. mcconnell says any violent crackdown would be completesly unacceptable. as i have said on the sfleet flo senate floor, the world is watching. we will be watching, too. >> thanks a lot, scott. new this morning, if you've flown recently, you know how crowded commercial flights can be. you might be a little yellus of this experience. the director was the only passenger on a delta flight from salt lake city, utah. >> good evening. and welcome aboard. >> thank you. >> we will be tear care of you today. >> thank you so much for flying me today. can't wait.
5:50 am
>> the flight, in fact, was so empty that crews had to load sandbags into the cargo hold of the plane just to make up for the lack of passengers. >> i'm surprised they even kept the flight. >> i am, too. >> i want to know how many drinks he got. >> probably whatever he wanted. >> all the bretsels? >> wow. i think that would be so expensive. what a bargain that might have been for him. >> next time. a lot of people today are not alone with dealing with these temperatures. take a look at this sunrise. that clear, bright red sunrise. mike pointed out that it looks like my dress. i'm going to come over here and step in front of the screen. yeah, when you dry to match your background, that's what happened. so we are starting out with some
5:51 am
nice, cool temperatures now even though it doesn't look like it. we have some smoke in the sky and we know that can make some colorful hues. as you head out the door in pleasant hill, it's in the mid 60s and we're going to see the 60s sticking with us for the next couple of hours. and it's back to school for some kids today in san mateo, foster city. you're getting ready for a beautiful day. nice, cool start, but it will be warm as you head out of school with our temperatures today reaching 90 in pal alto, 92 in san jose, 100 in concourt and in antioch. and clear lake, up to 99 degrees. so as you're getting dressed this morning, wear something cool that will help out out today. even in the mid 70s, it will feel cool out there at oracle park. so our temperatures are heating up and we're going to have this
5:52 am
stagnant air that's creating this spare the air alert day today as well as tomorrow most likely. but then by the weekend, we'll have some breezy winds and cooling temperatures. so look at this seven-day forecast. big changes ahead. we have to make it through this extreme heat. for san francisco, we will be heating up there, as well, into the mid 80s. you have one crash that may affect silicone valley. >> and it's holding folks up on the north 101. 101 through san oh say. this is way down gilroy north 101. there is a crash. only three lanes of the highway there. hopefully they will clear some of that debris quickly. meanwhile, the tri valley, they all are moving very quickly.
5:53 am
it's only 20 minutes from highway 4 to the back up at the bay bridge line. >> thanks, mike. happening now, the area around notre dame cathedral in paris, workers are apply ago special gel to absorbed lead particles. the cleanup work inside notre dame was suspended last week, a month after for safety reasons. it will resume next week. restorations for notre dame is expected to take years. next and new 24 hour, how early is too early to
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it's tsleep numberbiggest sale360 smart bed.n the you can adjust your comfort on both sides your sleep number setting. can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep us asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. so you can really promise better sleep. not promise... prove. and now, all beds are on sale! save 50% on the 360 sleep number limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 24 months on all beds. only for a limited time. welcome back, everyone. this is the scene at mike's house over the weekend. follow mike. he's on facebook, instagram,
5:57 am
switer. we're going to have to follow you home if you've got a pool. >> new today, another warning and reminder for people not to take health advice online. >> drinking miracle mineral solution and similar products are the same as drinking bleach. some people online claim the solution can cure autism, hiv, aids, cancer, other conditions, but there's absolutely no truth to that. don't do it. the fda first warned about the products back in 20 on 1. check out your produce store, as well. fda said you should throw away dole baby spinach. once again, salmonella concerns. this specifically deals with the clam shell variety. the use by date is already old, august 5th. check your fringes. some california families are upset by a handout one school teacher gave students.
5:58 am
this is in san joaquin valley. parents complained about a gender unicorn graphic. they gave it to seventh graders to explain that the teacher did not identify as a male or female. the principal happened to be in the room and stopped it saying that it was probably the wrong tool. some parents complained online. still not clear if that teacher will be punished. now to a kontd versesy of a different kind. some beatles fans don't love drake's new tribute. >> so he tattooed the band's famous abby road walk on his arm. but look there, you might notice a slight difference. drake added himself to the lineup and he put himself in front of the band. here are the two scenes, side by side. the raps once remarked i have more claps that the the beatles. that's a reference to the billboard records drake took from the fab four.
5:59 am
he has warriors themed ones, as well. he certainly didn't make any bay area fans during the playoffs this past season. you look up and you think you know what the moon looks like, right? >> yeah. but you one amateur astronomer giving strangers on the street an entirely new perspective. >> have you ever found -- oh, well, they react to it one way here or they react to it a different way there? >> there's no difference. it doesn't matter where they come from. it doesn't matter what their background is. it doesn't matter if they're rich or poor. the reaction is the same. it is something that is truly human. that is what i think is so magical about it. >> this morning on "today," see the view that is making people feel like they're seeing the moon for the very first time. 6:00. smelling smoke. a fire burning in mendocino county and people reported that smell right here in the bay area. where the battle to fight the flames stands right now.
6:00 am
deadly shoot-out. a southern california officer is dead after an intense gun battle. the new details overnight about who he is and what happened. then later, big business. are you ready to upgrade your iphone? what to know if you're considering that change soon. >> we say continues because we're up bright and early in the morning. 4:30 when we start we're so happy you're joining us right now. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm mark in washington. mike will have a look at that commute in just a bit. but first we want to talk about the temperatures and a lot of kids heading back to school today. >> it's happy first day day of school, kids. this has been a v


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